« Up and Vanished

S1E12: "I Love You Too"


We find out who George Harrison really is and we talk to several new people with some very important information in this case. 

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It landed Georgia, nineteen, seventy nine. Are you scared? Yes, one by one, kids are going missing, but no explanation of black. Ten year old male who lived in the same area where three other children have disappeared. There was a real life monster on the loose, if you have it demanded answers in a city, kids get killed unfortunately nobody cares, nineteen eighty one, the f B. I was involved in one of the law just men, Hudson: U S history and eventually they pulled. When man behind bars, but nearly forty years later, this cases left more questions and answers in what maybe it managed is secret. I don't know they wear these aims. All deal and the producers of open, vanished and Helstone It's you present in all new podcast Atlanta monster,
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the clap now manage calls dude and
died in ten years ago. Today morning, a landslide anybody inefficiently. Recently, this missing persons, you guys, aren't as sound ass, a diver where it is terrible, continue. Fatiguing it later. This is up and vanished. The investigation of terror Grinstead on your host team, Lindsey. Since last episode, some people of asking whether this short Harrison thing was real. Suggesting that maybe I made it up, but I can assure you not the case. I can totally see we are coming from and all this stuff was happening. I was little thinking the same thing nobody's even gonna. Believe me, the soldiers Harrison thing was real eye opener in the beginning. What, Getting myself into this idea
Somebody associated with the case knew me, but I didn't know them was a creepy feeling for a while. So I was thinking about this case. I've found a way that you can. You can search for the heart he had read under your chatting with them. Ya bad burn her, but I had to give up all night. I found a vain, maybe tat had just pasted in there. And I can get us something sent to him, but they don't stay on long enough even called my mom to get hurt, thoughts on it and he deactivating your would like completely nodded lobbying people like deactivating. Can you tell me about an amateur? Nearly nine? We call that's the way I would feel made my love. My friend, maybe somebody who knows lane or not banner daily. Somebody hit paranoid thing. I've always thought that so many people, like you like an arrow it back to life,
Billy do I talk to you. Even though we have been trying to find out every year, water blocking oilily certain people there not only was the situation crazy but with no pocket not at all. In fact, no spinning. My time doing with this and talking about it? Who is making me sound, crazy, the conversation with my wife and my little brother whenever it all started that person is still missing domestic the investigator about painters, all this still twenty years ago. Yes, it keeps deactivating scale which makes it disappear, and maybe we does. The annexes comets disappear to every personal, many reactivated. I guess the check is messages. Goblins message M or somebody else. I'm a stateless persons to kill, I hope I will know giving one other good reason why some of us reconnect?
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Slash, cadence So my little brother, but I was silly, but I was still here- finding out who this guy was one of the biggest mysteries, the current explain one of them that makes a story sound, so unbelievable was effected, Lord Harrison knew the name up and vanished. Before even announced it reason more thought into it. It technically wasn't it possible for someone to find that name they are really looking for it. I mean really looking for it see right before it all started. I shot a trailer for up and vanished fuses.
Over the past. My frank Christian help me shoot it. We had, Christine Michel playing the role of terror notion. This. That morning I took a picture of the film camera posted on Instagram I didn't Putney captions on it, but if you look closely at the film camera, there was a small strip of people. The film magazine that said up and vanished, I sent some still shots at the shoot. The actress she asked you post them on Facebook, so I said sure, but when she did you take my name to Grinstead S. Name. Name up and vanish in the post, so if somebody typed in the name: Terror, Grinstead on Facebook and clicked search. This pop up in the most recent posts And you would learn not only my name, but also the name up and vanished, but here's the thing I really is very quickly set about twenty minutes actually now take it down but technically, if George Harrison Search for terror Grinstead on Facebook during that time period, he would have found that post, but only during that twenty minutes.
Now that you put on the back story a little bit. What's pick up where we left off I episode
Was this gas, nine plus rennet guys information gives us hope for legal and safety reasons. I have chosen the sensor his last name. He's a real person is a very complicated situation. Who is this guy? Do we were verify if he was really terrorist student incline day that he knew her? It was either in the cemetery. Cried. He just came here. She filled him with English, English. Yes, it seemed genuine. What was his demeanor when you like yours, mean truthful ban that wasn't true for ages, fell off the face of the earth
I call this number. It didn't work. I didn't even get him talk, calling I think, as mother and I said what what is going on board his motive in coming here. In the first place,
you weren't a higher ass to investigate the case. He darted out a lot investigation himself. Gonna trouble. Don't worry area people talking to people, I mean I don't know, I don't get it beyond, then that he was interjection himself hissing very suspicious. If he always look at the motive, if he was genuine, any care he's gonna jump in all over me call in, and what do we do when it did you find anything? That's what somebody I guess. Generally cares for noise, radio silence, then radioset for awhile, along while the snowy disconnected is found to the piano still there, but he was always saw because he thought was the first time that he had been calling people going to say people at almost like a beyond himself had stopped. I can't keep doing that smell
had George Harrison's real name Jose. Well, at least I thought so so far I was basing this determination, mainly off my gut feeling that is typing matched up, perfect We, as online behaviour from I could tell resembled this Jose guy in real life, but I needed something more concrete than that undeniable proof this guy was George Harrison if you some by George Harrison's account, remained inactive we no longer online. You pretty must stop face of the earth when his face was deactivated. And he looked at his messages. His profile picture will be blank and say something like Facebook, user, the one day all the sudden race was looking at the messages in the profile. Page was back, and so was the name except for this I'm the profile picture was of a woman, was no longer George Harrison it was Julie, Sickly George Harrison reactivated the Facebook profile than change his name in his picture on the account to a person named Julie
Here's what things got interesting. His new facebook profile was based on a real power a lady who, in real life, was free. Terrorists sister, when you search please name or Facebook. Both the council pop up summaries, good aplomb, Sultan message: the real Julie, informing her of the fake facebook profile. He told the whole story about George Harrison. Then he asked her. Have you ever met a person named Jose? the real Julie, responded and said yes, I met him once you the town I live in. I thought he had done. Something to my account. What persons that she met Jose one time how in the world that happen either way it didn't matter. Because now more recent, I had proof that without a doubt, Jose was one hunter percent George Harrison
about it that he was Harrison because her profile picture was a deeper profile picture. Then the one day he was using off, but it was still her ass in our messages which he I teach you the job. There is no doubt about it. Yeah it was him, remember that copy of his driver's license. I Senator Maurice reported it when you get it I'd rather blossoms and armed, and I won't do it I mean you ve. Never let me end by pointing out that, but I guess I just I just did it eliminated, but I'm sure the question is: are you told the guy had apparently about him a number that differ tops, but the idea of an atom bomb are either by the go. Only when I got that Roma love, I had something to go on that thing. Slow down which were chosen is the council and a wig,
At this point, the park ass was out and I shipped it my focus on other people worry so his input of the GPA, so if they felt to investigate him. They could at the time, but I have bigger fish to fry. So just sort of moved on, but throughout the course of my, astrogation was always back in my head, who this Jose. Guy owes its motive. Was he just a troll? bring a joke on me worthy have more information since last. Episode went back to the same. Private investigators- and that was six months ago to see if we can make contact with him and put the the rest once a brawl. All this happened. A few days ago, I was here last I spoke with Maurice the P North Carolina again, because he was the one receiving the messages from towards Harrison. The fake facebook out there were about me, but they were to him Is why I share with him the details of, Jose who came in here. You know he was pretty stressed out about it at the time
he felt like he had to get this off of his shoulders it. This have to do something with the case. He had to do something about it and get an option so he on his own account, since this This idea here too the gb I do. We have a new number on almost column similes doing. I think we should call. Does he know you're? No, he knows you're number is Evan Travel. Still member. We try to take them back and forth. How can I want entrusted whistling. The army is lawful. The answer is what I want to ask to say: what do you know? Why have you been doing this? Why are you doing? Why are you doing why obstructing he's absolutely obstructing? Ireland, you guys get connected longer. No surprise of courses number didn't work, research to more
If there were more number on. Maybe this is it a I'm trying to reach Jose? I'm trying to reach Jose. Ok? How long have you had this number about three years? Ok, I apologise. Thank him again, no surprise, but right before we left this happened, so Jose mom, hey we're trying to find yes, hello, Werner, Madam
I know a little bit, but we're looking for Jose gotta, be kidding me. Here they lag yes, he knows me something. I've been calling. You are there won't or number do. You have is number Food and that's his mamma. She was still a ghost, but I was over it Then two hours later actual at the office, the p- I call me back now Why right a girl,
Why I'm using them Why and you ought to be really really care about. What you tell me
Crazy everything you do to me complicated thing about this. Was it they came to them first, but a year ago, so in their eyes, he still their client have relocated done. My unless he has some not to say there was. Me to meet you call me back the next day I mean has set up a has work, teepee Asher. Six months ago. I guess interrogated swap him. You gotta make fake profiles, just like you said nobody else, besides propulsion, so there was final com. Nation whose they admitted that it was him. I wanted to make sure that I found the right
person before I even said in his first name, so I was in fact being truthful, and I had a gut feeling I wanted to see all the way through. That's why I'm here you guys again to see if we could make contact and affirm that that was the case. Our strategy to the bottom of who is sitting those messages and looks like a hand. I have no evidence that says that he was actually a student of hers. I think he's just somebody who has become upset with this case, for whatever reason, maybe not in wishes way, but in a way that's not helpful, probably not a suspect here, some guy who got himself in a mess that happened to evolve me chapter, doing some serious digging with Marie's. You found supporting the who is? There was a student of tears, Reuben fifteen at the time of tears disappearance, territorial limits great history, she was an old enough to be in your class if he, in fact, with the school there, which we all
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Audible, dot, com, slash up or tax. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p or tax up to five hundred five hundred. Why. Not too long ago. I got a call from a man named Robber Preston, Irena Local NEWS, four Nero Scylla at the time of tears, disappearance
one of the sheriff me some the things he learned as in all imported back then I was the editor of the thought was daily news at the time we had been at this very long, maybe six or seven months or so, and it was there was a need experiment for our community. We never had a daily paper. We were five days a week, so we obviously had had the fire. Who's in a hurry to put out five newspaper the weak- and I remember when we heard that that terror had disappeared. None of us knew terror had never heard, care before, even though, where you know we're twenty five miles away, we want familiar with her at all and we began getting. Phone calls that offers that morning tat this young, attractive teacher and a seller haven't shown up for work and people feel
the worst and normally in all honesty we probably wouldn't have pursued the story is quickly and we did it. We ban, You know a wants replies. Weekly newspaper, we probably would have just gotta, sat back to see how it develop, but again because there was a Monday morning we needed news for the week. We jump down a pretty quickly and it didn't take us long distance, just a matter of hours, to see that there was a lot of interest in the case that a lot of people they call you count. He did know her an inward, my particular people in the pageant were familiar with her. You know we stayed with the story for as long as we could involved when, in some of the television stations, the national media really start paying attention. When Nancy Grace picked up on the story, that was when we really talk more about
the role of the case. The NASDAQ ratio called our offers, one they want. The producers did in this was several months after care had disappeared and they ask They speak the someone all the air about about the case and why we tabled. I looked at my orders, said love. You lazy, grateful somebody from It was daily news on the air somebody from our papers. Gawain wants it and what I wanted to do it and ass. I said I'm not giving you one more opportunity because If you don't do it, I am what I got up this opportunity and ass lasted. Ok, I'm gonna tell em out. You guys, have to read me almost all again. I just thought I knew what I had read in the paper. I made a few
call them, and then we we found out the details of the natives grace appeared that actually, on the show, with terrorists, gesture in front of terrorist house, the one thing tat, we couldn t figure out the same. Think people still can't figure out a day. What you're trying to get to the bottom of is how to something like this happen. How does a person completely vanish ya know you podcast is enough in the attitude that exactly what happened. Terror was here in terror was gold and there are a lot of coups in between not not anything that has really pieced together exactly what happened there, gaps in her movements that day and those gaps obviously aware the clothes
but we ve never been able to fill in those gaps and of all the cases that the G be investigated in Georgia. The greatest case is the thickest file that they have there's more information, more note more papers in that fight, than any other file that they ain't. Nobody saw anything or people were too scared to tell. But obviously somebody knows so my knows exactly what happened at somebody know. Somebody who knows exactly what happened before talking just feel ten years later it model does now and then I think that people automatically key on the fact that it was a jealous lover who might appeal her again. I'm not so sure that that is the case that much sure that that it was someone in under was having an affair with her who killed him, maybe someone wanted to have a fair weather and she Woody reciprocate thought the lie that but
You know, I don't know that the glove has anything to do with it. I don't know why the glove was there. I dont know that the door is necessarily a clue. You would think with people close to her as many people, I've been slop if the glove was directly involved, something would have shown up on that. It would be interesting to find the poorest.
His dna, then that glove and find out what information they have. But I say it seems unlikely. You know a lot about the breaks in these cases come from the most unlikely sources, unlikely places you. U, somebody gets arrested for something else and moved to cut a deal and have some information hey. You know I can t look a bit more about the great stair case and in that that might come another ten years down the road, but at what what what everybody his keen on is the glove and the black trot and remember harmonised immigration being asked about the black trot. You know what significance that may or may not have had no obviously suspicious that some ones
the bar in a vehicle like that all your data vehicle period along that voting time at the same time with as many relationship disturb reportedly had no what how people hard I area. It would be that unusual for somebody to rob our house looking for he told me an interesting story about a Nancy Grace Interview. There was, No, sir, He was in the room when it all happened. I was sitting in the interview and then turn that fortunately review at it- and I didn't have a lot to say- and I was listening to the exchange between may- have seen the other S and they basically accused Marcus I feel there are all that broadcast any day now to show you know what her own persona here and I was sitting there. Listen to that end You know as rapporteur. I would not dare to get into the territory that she was getting into
but I guess she could be liable for these statements that they're making and apparently the hot for family was watching it as well, and they called the attorney was Thomas very well known prominent authority in our area, listen observer and wants the shop made a media lady after we went off the air he walks, and now I come from a family of authorities, and I have heard talk of jobs is not a mention. Many many years in my family. I never stating before dinner who this gentleman was, but he won't be in. There was a Friday night and he was there
Similarly, it is the job was, but he won't be in very confidently and with an air of authority about him and he went up and demanded to speak to the producers and assault and talk about it and he exactly what was said it, but they came back to listen said as we way into the next show, which we were gonna. Take it play later that we couldn't get answer markets during the next day.
I don't know exactly what was said, but there was a threat of legal action and that you should some kind of apology and then didn't discuss that again. The harmful travelled to very swift action. That night, then, to my knowledge, they see never took that same town about mark is on over showed in the spotlight, always seems to come back to Marcus Harper. But I think that that you stated this on. The Pollack asked that nobody has been that it took a degree that he has an but ass far. Nothing has been less than here. You know I mean everything at least on the surface,
seems to point back to him his military training, the strain nature of their relationship. There was obviously some generosity issued go on own terror was evidently seeing more than one person and they're just seems to be a lot that could call someone in his position the fears of the drastic but he's been bad it up and down to the bottom brought back and everything seems to check out. I wonder if, while the investigation focused on him and while officers and agencies work their way through the very process with him, is that it give some one was, if not equally clause time the cover their tracks, the smile. I was definitely immediately on him from day one and asked me to focus our markets. Harper
he or she the opportunity that they needed to make sure that they cover their tracks and he's been very more than anyone else has- and things have been thirty consistent with him at some point, if your line you're gonna, say about and give By the you know, you have to keep telling laughter laughed aloud to cover everything up either he didn't do it or he is a very good, very good luck. When the news about terrorist disappear spread through the media, it quickly gain national coverage one of the most consistent reporters on the case in those early stages was Nancy, grace, she's, actually,
the few reporters that were allowed inside terrorists house. At that time it was interviewed, countless people in this case sorry shelter and sure enough. She was down to talk to me I recall first hearing about Terek, wednesdays disappearance. The moment I heard about I knew something was off this woman, not leave on her own volition. She was just too close to her. On family and I guess I projected now. I would feel because there's no way in eighty done, while that I would have liked my mother and father worried sick about me. There's no way he would leave her at sat, wondering hurting. I knew immediately turned, was dead, I'm from making Georgia the really big county out in the middle of really
Nowhere where I could see were tall pine trees and soybean feels that's where I come from an hawkins No, it's just a hot, a job away from where I grew up, says very, very familiar with Hawkins still having Heaven with my mom and dad those back roads, All throughout Georgette Hawkins Deal is here very rural, gonna, vibrant will town the county seat. But beyond that dairy rural and you start getting into a lot of unincorporated area, her body could be an me where I want the money I than it was expertly hidden. I remember meeting with tears mother in going through her house. The impression I can give you it was the doll House, it was small,
the very small, but it was practically fur attention to detail and ass. She did herself to your idea. Hurry did beautifully. She had won all hanging and objects of art just very beautifully done? It looked like I remember when I walked in. I was first strike, didn't look like a doll house. She it clearly reflected who she was to me when we both others like very little evidence in this case and besides the latex glove, but the condemn of the house inside. Did it present to you that there could a struggle there or do you remember it was in sight, and I didn't see anything of a struggle, but, of course, if a man had kidnapped her, especially a man, she knew There may not have been struck the men out of
but she may have opened the door she may have stepped outside at another thing about terror. She went to double. To state. Now, that's where she got our masters, she's a teacher, as we all know now jostling Male George, a college if an EU with those, because I went about Astor rejoining that's right my fiance Jake. It was later martyred and in fact, the baseball feel their dedication playacting still sitting there, the blazers so that caught my attention as well. It's close to my home, where I was born. When I met her mother, I became totally dedicated to try find the answer to the riddle of her disappearance. Many people saying should believe they need the killer. Is gossip remind anyone there was rife. Ah around town. Now everybody did degrees
now we know from suddenly one killer. They can all be right, but I You agree with them is spent, Finally, to the extent that I believe I know I know, on a killer, knew him well. Where she lived at the time is now On a busy thoroughfare, it's not you walking in the streets of men had nor the Bronx or Hong Kong in your surrounded by millions of people. Anybody could snatching now not so where'd year went missing it. Somebody does she mean a local that was in her life? That's what happened. She wasn't the victim of a hidden wrong. They feared the body it wasn't. An accident was targeted and murdered. Now, that's the easy part Harper. Is proving which arson that new her wanted to martyr. I think that you ever
murder terror in here body despise. Everybody knew very well what they were doing. I hate to say criminal, smart, because if that smart not be credible, that you ever more tiara knew what to do and what not to do anything relate to bear. Her body is totally decomposed by now, or possibly even I hate to say this, because I want her mother feelings, but possibly even dismember as strong, a different part. The main issues with this case, especially if you're me trying to dig back into it in Georgia the Georgia, records law maistly locks up case files, so the GB. I has this huge Kay file which has now grown to the largest this file in the history of Georgia. How do you feel about that? Do you feel that data?
limit access like that, or should people like you and me who want to solve this, have access to that. I think that we have closed, invest here. Files. For reason. However, once case goes cold and police aren't getting answers. I really don't see why the entire case file is kept secret. Now certain things, France, if they added the interest and day investigated and they eliminate that first, as assessment That would be in the file and do not want that released, because that person is innocent They will be forever sneered by. That association to a martyr. So get why some things are kept secure and secret, but for the ball
investigative material. I think it should be realised even as a case to be made here for at least some of the records to be made available to the public. Absolutely guess we're not getting any more forensic evidence. That's over that's possible however, the night they realize she was missing, it maybe when he been hidden or disposed off, but what we have now is putting together a puzzle because there's no more physical evidence to behave and that puzzle would be bolstered by the time line a potential mountains. Then you start with the time rolling out anybody. That's got an alibi and I mean an air tight alibi. I dont mean I was in her reading a book. I myself alibi. I mean it a witness or a phone call or a cell phone triangulation place you at a certain spot, ban if you don't have that you're in the past. As far as I'm concerned with, how do you feel
the latest glove found in tears, yard based on what I saw in her home. He would not have had any piece of trash in regard her car was immaculate, homeless immaculate. She was always theory could gather, and They should have had anything regard if she had seen that the day before the night before she got up and run it trash which leads me to believe that was not there the day before, which clearly connects it too. Time of her disappearance. And what do you think it s a mesh anybody's dna? room the same reason that german underwear doesn't necessarily match: nobody's dna. You know and the job any Ramsay case detectors reported lake when in bar underwear, girls, underwear, somebody's underwear at a store ass. It immediately. And it on it from
I guess the factory where it was manufactured so debt somebody else's dna on that really does not have ass may now that I know that I think the gloves should be rejected. All of the developments in dna testing specifically the wifi our dna technique, which they are reportedly using test pieces and Germany Ramsay evidence. It's a whole new thing. There's a lot of me developments, Tierra went missing, I think all the evidence they re testing, I mean that's start there something about the entire house too. I never really discuss it, because I don't have any efforts to base it on site when your psychic into a woman is just a harsh willing, something saying amiss: there were some hanging in the air. At that was just wrong. She's super busy and she had a
A little bit and let me just say a complicated love life. Every have a single beautiful woman. You has dated several people folks Well, I guess on her love life, and there's a reason for that. I know it seems unfair and in some ways it is but statistically that is where all sides are born. You look first at the lover, the husband, the axe. And then you move out from there to France, relatives family. You move out from there should the grocery boy to the clerk Jane, the guy, station to the delivery guy, the male man, the Fedex They are man demanding you move out from their until you finally get to A stranger attack not connect to which, in my mind, the hardest this case is to solve a random tat. Usually killers are caught because of their relationship to the victim overwhelmingly
and I think that this case is unusual on that aspect, I think that the is close to home. Cell phone was inside on the charger by her person or keys were missing. Do you think that let your house willingly that night. That makes me, thanks, she may have gone willingly all though I dont believe it was like or not to take her sulphur, and that makes me think she'll have suddenly without the tent. Way. European cast has been a real aspiration for me. It really has, although it has brought back the whole term, Grinstead murder people say missing, she was murdered, she's dead. She met up horrible brutal, ending our family. Still, Greece sources not make a mistake about that. Podcast is crime stories with Nancy Grace and we are creating a feature where we can act take calls from listeners I'm super
excited about it- and you can reach and, of course, in on your cell phone by getting at on our new website crime online dot com with chimes soap. Now you know it's interesting for the end of my time. In each a lamp I tried for several years to launch a crime website. I noticed that the cases that we help saw, were also because of the internet, and I got to thinking about you know the show basic rights, I talk about like it's, not me, you like it something else snakes, he fixed air at eight o clock live Eastern and then it repeated so that information went out for just those two hours during the day. Crime is on twenty four seven, three sixty five and so does the internet. You get action get results and that really, Sir may I never thought
in my wildest dreams, I would be anything but a Shakespeare in literature, professor, that was my dream, really never planned to become April the keeper that only happened after my fiancee was martyr? Well, I never plant or even consider getting on tv with Mercosur. For in his history he used to be. Police officer and of Scylla. Torvus alibis riding around with a police officer, in a cellar at the time then you have the whole possible affair going on with another caught from a different tat. You ve all these men in badges. So do you think, has any sort of effect on. Why does cases unsought? I think that you may have any embedded believed that a friend or coworkers innocent and you may take their statements it its value. I doubt pretty seriously. There was an overt cover up such as
they know the boyfriend did it and covered it up, and I believe that you know his lips, sank ships and My people. They can really keep quiet. I think are ex cops may now the deal that was recently in person we discussed in detail. Cinemas findings will use, side. On the skids over eleven years ago now, when I was in March of six to car was still there. They ripped that car out to pieces ass when I found that stuff under the fronts Bower debris stuff is losing marigolds. It looked like com march or something, but it would solve basis, got it down to look in the mirror goes as a flower tat flower
the seeds and the sticky thanks as governor stuck. There was actually an hour in the smaller underneath the end in the cup of smaller. So that's something that was in her the yard or her driveway from a tree or something order that come from some other place. It must come from some other place for that to be spoiler. How would you get there would have to be run around throughs, marigolds stuff it and some got got trapped in there. You still have the actual. Oh two years ago I met my wife evanescent just Ordway. Now at the idea, TAT just quoted in Alaska man. Another problem is that you got two people
Some would lower force. My experience one and the other one is a detective, so you deal with people who promising, or at least no law enforcement procedures. Wrought, say really, there's just no crime scene, there's no body and there's no crime saying so. Mason. Double whammy here, promise obvious case she was not abducted from around now do nobly land is This is a bad situation, because a lot of people got two fingers point. Madam suspicious and now that an end in an that's bad because these people got loves. You ve heard that state Moran there's no such thing as a perfect. Without of some errors made my love. I think it was a crime. In the heat of the moment, but planned afterwards Something brought up recently by one of our listeners was that Jim Hickey, the guy, receive a text message from terrorist thing. I'm cold is long about the timing,
football game in his interview. Reese come in on this, where he was wrong about Zimbabwe. They was actually in Athens in the Georgia. Football game was actually dared to daytime started, the twelve, probably a moon, probably ever forward terror was at the barbecue eight o clock when she sent the tanks to Hickey. If she sent the text Hickey, eight o clock or after eight o clock, mad there's. No. Way he could have been at the ball got it. You kind got a text message from terror. When you read in Georgia, game Sane is Co. It was encouraged by Troy Davis to see that message because she wasn't Davidson House into after eight o clock pm, and you were long gone from the George again, an interest point for sure, but in his defence it's been over eleven years, since I happened, respect out the gym. Hickey about this
you didn't have time for another interview on the talk ass right now. He told me on Facebook. We just had its times mixed up, Football game was at noon that day and would have been over by four p m. He said they that using state in the box for a little while after the game, so it could have nighttime when he got the message. You seem sincere when you talk to me I was with Maurice I a very important question who was ass person. The sea Tierra alive, but you know about art, Troy Davis usually in law enforcement. You look at the people who first found em, who probably teacher to centres were found something found a body whatever and the last person to see him alive, but the last person to see her alive that I know of was Troy Davis. To refresh your memory, Troy Davis had the barbecue that night and from what we know it was the last person to see terror alive for was also-
friends with Jim Hickey. Encourage her to send that text message. That said, I'm cold for walked here. Your car, when she left barbecue now last time she was ever seen. This was very port and information in somebody that I needed to talk to reach out to him on Facebook. We eventually agreed to meet up at a local born South Georgia for an interview was pretty Loudon there, but I did my best to clean up the audio hey. You know what George
you know each other, then, but then he played library. So I watched him play so we were there at the same time, sir, so I do not mean about cars liar Jimmy you all going. He said, then that night you received the text frontier and I say I'm looking up about. The whole thing I remember suited water was come for supper.
Probably pushed through their girl dares to about thirty so by right of doom person, because I had introduced them when we were off she S. Stables like us, four bedroom condo tower playing this conference. You know so she stayed with us in the evening a lot better than I do
I call on all colleagues as issues Jackson which he said tell her illness. She tells you still owe me a guess what the Americans? all right so whose at all I dont asked and more about Barbecue winter arrived that night. What happened? She was there Everybody had wrapped up the eating part of it, the game. The game actually was auburn versus, and I could have told you this town paint years ago, but it was all. Somebody- and we had a day, tell these bacteria. We roll out everybody else we It's finished whatever deserve. What was. I was out and run off.
Terror came rarely how's the beauty pageant. Finally, thirdly, duration is huge, and so that we have here real jobs, I grilled stay a new. Did she probably would be covered bass, and so I would sell above which you can see why like apply a governor sales, as you go in there, and likewise you needed I wish my dollar here. She sat down here and I'm still here,
you tell them it. I know it. She had better leave here. I said I might stay over. Others will do so. I said ok able to live so you could be a ran losing it. But terror did something out of character that night by eating pork, when she never report nobody, at least according to Troy, nobody wasn't sure what it meant, but was interesting without she get their evening of arson It was obviously not going to be some thirty, eight o clock and the game started. Yet you have
You had started yet nobody was wrought early, so it had to be far she's day to the local area. Does that she helped us to This issue was always while ago. Some said that our people- our about now do so there was a false wall, goes down the stairs. Did you take her out on an open, a corresponding values? Baldos did go back, look down on major issues in the car.
So now next week is flawed. Again, sir will be doing Florida. Yet so you come on come on down. Well, you know I can't figure out by persuading so that we can. I think it was no that was withdrawn for games next weekend, go too far
huge. Yet always I live in an act of GMO have Kyle Yo Yo, see you come on over to us and I go to sea. Faxa turns rock to go home from two to three boxes. City blocks from biomass assume its lifetime sought the great Amazon so attending that? What did you do that? the same issues such as such but I'll have a job and watch the hedges. Video also remember: the infamous pageant
This is where it came from, but also remember. They never found that patenting. Did they never found a really She may have been the practice type of food Like said she may just been say: is this one I asked you about tears, behaviour at the party and, if anything she did set out to him, he did there is one thing he found very odd. Terror was getting along. Phone calls that night and one called particular really stuck out to him over the years.
I'm so severely powders and followed. It got to say this to their target. I've talked to where she also without she'll, take it, and she tells me it is about this, so somebody called about the beauty pageant which girl called some girl out about being told me that you just tell him and she got a college. You talk like this person or I'll call me luck. Meanwhile, she said
is allowed to know about this a little louder than the rest of the council's decision. That's an old friend he's. A place off here who
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