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S1E15: Older, Wiser Fool


Payne takes a look inside Tara's house and visits Irwin County High School. Could a new break in the case be old news? 

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It landed Georgia, nineteen, seventy nine, are you scared? Yes, one by one, kids are going missing, but no explanation of black ten year old male who lived in the same area where three other children have disappeared. There was a real life monster on the loose. If you have it landed, demanded answers in a city, kids get killed. Unfortunately, nobody cares nineteen. Eighty one, the F B, I was involved in one of the law just men? Hudson? U S history and eventually they pulled when man behind bars, but nearly forty years later, this cases left more questions and answers in what maybe it managed is secret. I don't know they wear these aims. All deal and the producers of up and vanished and Helstone it's you present in all new podcast Atlanta monster, subscribed to Atlanta monster right now. One apple podcast be the first to hear it. On January. Fifth,.
Many have endured so does require sparking a compliment. Walk up there was that wasn't from countries a frontrunner, sandal Eliza Yeah
Have you dude, I'm tired and died in ten years ago today, working the land arrived. Anybody would raise this missing persons. You guys down ass, a diver where container for tv any later. This is open, vanished the investigation, here Grinstead? I'm your host, Payne Lindsey. the new year is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve
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slash cadence. Was a scylla, I drove bite There is house, I driven before, but this time I decided knock on the door I had idea what I thought would happen, we seem like something I should do at least once I wasn't expecting that I'm paying Documentary Frontier Grinstead. I had this pie castle You ve heard of it. That's got weird me being in here just cause. I've talked about so much ever seen inside the house. Inside there was an odour black lady sitting on a car
watching tv in complete darkness turns out tears. Houses being lived in again through was really nice and did my me looking around for a minute. A friend Donal was a little more hesitant. She's actually be nice to us. Sort of lurking in the doorway halfway hiding in other words the criminals like we think overtime and then went out the front yard the gear, from Mozilla Police Chief Billy Hancock description. Precisely where that latest glove had been found in your yard, said they would have been an pastoral right here in between the house still. So we analyzed the area ourselves. The gloves placement just didn't make any sense, it seems to be heading away from where any perpetrator would have put their car almost going. Straight into the neighbors yard. If someone
wrapped in a rush or an accident. This is didn't He may be. The likely place has as a glove accidentally get their Bobby Ass when you walk up nor national first time I was nervousness whole. It's all part of the first, I'm nervous we ve been detours. House now only seem right to visit. The second place, no Scylla most closely tied to her own county, high school being at the high school, was surreal you're reading by the schools principal, maybe China given to the library, is somewhat easier because we hope to obtain some yearbooks. Of course, it had been years since tear worked here, but it was still
he being there. May I forgot is brought about bad. It was a friendly guy, He had known to you personally because he started just after her disappearance, but he let us It's a multi yearbooks for investigative purposes here, in hands were pictures of terror as a teacher and pictures of those possible for her death. To the same keepsake book. Shortly after arrests were made in tears case no silicon instituted a gag order. In order this, it's a case may not be discussed in public categories, this to maintain integrity of an investigation and to ensure a fair trial. The Rhine, Dixon Ernie file the gag order, preventing law enforcement from speaking further about the case
Several media outlets filed a lawsuit opposing it. Not lawyers, file, emotion. Learning asking I should be in the court's lawyers representing eleven alive and various other media outlets arguing Thursday in an early county court when their case that gag water in the terror, Grinstead Death investigation, prevents transparency and unjustly silences details, and perhaps the biggest case this Tony has ever seen. The media outlets have challenged the gag? the gag orders very broad. It covers many people who were. Actual witnesses it covers people who, might have known terror, for example- and I really don't know this boy who could be a witness, so it's like a judge, pre emptive, He's telling somebody you can't use you're right to free speech on frowsy gag orders have to
balance on the one hand, the needs of the defendant to get a fair trial in an impartial jury, but It also has to protect the rights under the first of the public to discuss the case, but this order says to them before their even on a witness list: hey you can't talk about it and the media has a first amendment right, the right to a free press Their actual unease be clarity, and I think that, if anything changes it will be some verification of what the remit maybe a new order. That's not quite so broad. The judge now has the unenviable task of deciding a balance between the. First and sixth amendment does the public's right to know and talk about this case jeopardize the defendants right to a fair trial. I think, a person or have a right to state? This is a free country.
I don't think any judge that have a right to sit up there and see. Keep your mouth closed. You can't talk right. Defense attorney claimed that the extensive media coverage was posing a threat to us its right to a fair trial. He even specifically mention the pie, cast as an example to the judge in the courtroom podcast there's been an international national local coverage and all of its elements should be included, of seventy nine examples of this unjust media coverage, many of which four coach from news articles and even thing that random people said on the up and vanished discussion board, one percent of the eyes. This is just an example of It was like copy, tasting mean you tube comments. By anonymous people- I mean
two thousand seventeen. You can try people say on the internet. I quit Nobody being here today and I have not heard she has to look at all the zoo. I will take some time to do that force, but hopefully within them, we will have in the world. The judge says it'll take about a week or so for her to review new evidence in this case and come to a decision. Meanwhile, the media attorneys or taking that as an optimistic sign that perhaps there gag order was filed without enough is in the first place after hearing heard my own attorney I submitted a formal letter to judge Cross expression, concerns about this gag older people- do for details in this case for over ten years, why this what's now after a full weak
the judge, finally made a ruling on this and for the most part it was in our favour. We just received word that the Irwin County Judge has narrowed parts of the gag water. In this case the court will allow documents to be unsealed. It will also witnesses and relatives to speak to the media about the case is also permits potential witnesses as well to talk, basically, I think, modified order, was the right thing to do, and I really think the judge. I got it right. She reference to that gag orders are not nest early disallowed, but they must be narrowly drawn, so what she did. She went back and near lay druthers this, so that it only applies to the parties the case, people that work for the lawyers offices current and former members of law enforcement, who may have knowledge of the case specific, Lay the judge says that the order does not apply to members of the public and does not apply to the media. So this is really
a victory for all media, including the podcast. In fact, pain, Linsey, the host of up and vanished devoted to it. That decides to Grinstead s disappearance. The judge specifically Rep this is that in this order one thing stands out to me. That's very interesting is that in this didn't really have to go into the order. In my opinion, she says, its ordered, among other things, that the people describe like the police, etc? Cannot? mention the possibility of a plea of guilty to the offence charge. That's now it may like, while one to one it's in there because she already said that proceedings that may happen in the future and court would not be closed to the public, so that was a great victory. Referencing the possibility of a guilty plea to may seem like it was maybe just a little bit much information. I don't know It seems that
I was just something that maybe didn't need to be in there because it could have been covered with more general language. As I said all along- I don't expect there will be a trial. But the thing to remember is that even though the court room is now not closed to the public and court documents are now not going to be sealed unless there's some specific reason in the future for ceiling them. It doesn't mean that a court hearing such as a play hearing or a motion hearing has to go. Any kind of public calendar it doesnt mean that there are, to be noticed, sent out to the media and the public beforehand. So pathetically. If there is some resolution that reach to this case, it really very simple thing to schedule. It yet put together very quickly, get him and a court, and in reply and of course the defence can still stipulate to a factual basis without action.
Going through any other details of whatever offence may ultimately be charged. Should he played to one Of course, there's no way to have a trial if it does go to trial. There's really no way too hard that and of course the public will have the right to be there and see what happens, but any a guilty plea, it really could be. Something that had been put together and schedule very quickly and very quietly without notice to anybody, just because this in open court doesn't mean, there's necessarily going to be people there to watch it with Could you please and and other routine court Europe's is all about notice. All the time is simply a matter of calling the judges office to say: hey. Can we do this tomorrow morning or this afternoon, or whenever it routine, very simple, and if the parties we want to do this secretly or more. They secretly it would be an easy thing to accomplish
but on balance I think the judge got it right. I think that this order is What it should be, it allows the public. About the case, it allows the media to talk. The case it less the family ties. About the case and it. Stand in the way of the pod cast continuing on to report We learn about what happened to terror it does. Stop the podcast from talking to people, it doesn't stop body from talking to anybody separate only limits what law, enforcement and the parties to the case. Can say about it. One more. Same thing that this order does is it brings into the car of affected people, the people that are bound by the gag order. It brings both dukes and his law. Lawyer and into the coverage of who can't talk. Now, he's
a party to this particular case where it's the state Georgia forces Ryan Duke, but he is specifically reference in this order- and that is a I'll bet unusual, but under the circumstances of this case, not unexpected, and I think it's something that everybody, the district attorney and defence and probably boat dukes wanted in the order gives them some cover so that they can answer questions or can't, say things publicly that I like it. I think it's a good were so interesting, tat bit it, but it's the right thing to do yeah yeah it's that time of year again,
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Audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p, or tax up to five hundred five hundred. One thing I've been desperately trying to figure out is what on Earth Ryan Duke doing it. Terrace house that night, a burglary, it's not buying I thought the several Ryan's former classmates and friends based fulfilling a new, absolutely nothing about him. I knew that, unlike his, but he bowed. Dukes Ryan did not have a criminal record. But what about any other run ends with the law over the court? twelve years did
if any at all well turns out, he did on the night of February, twentieth two thousand ten Priscilla police pulled over vehicle on attempt in highway. The driver was Ryan, Duke he was speeding and driving without a licence, When the officer proceeded to talk to Duke he noted his slurred speech and the smell of alcohol on his breath Duke deny drinking but failed the breath Eliza test. It was subsequently charged for. Do you I but was released on bond to his mother, I to thirty five, a m approximately three hours after the deal I incident Ryan Dukes mother called the seller police with an unusual request. Gene is did that she wanted to come off the bond for Mr Duke and if the police pick up her son immediately deputies picked
Duke and returned into jail. The reason for dukes mothers change of heart is unknown. The fair He declined to comment both in terror, Grinstead murder. This is dukes The other arrest. In the days after Ryan Dukes arrest and for the record, before the gangway was in place. You got coffins. But on the inside someone who had interactions with Ryan Duke while he was in jail this person, I didn't see four main anonymous and their voice has been disguised currently honour, who work more worthy dont work through what mercury We heard nothing, but just to name a young girl,
You're wrong. My wishes cannot lay down, and I asked him what he read you pull one he promptly bad along com about him with a long story. You now transport. How do you feel better one on one watch Somalis watching my torrent rulers the day when he came in for the work he was poised on two thought. What did not, of course, there's three level What will be the moment to make you do nothing but the truth that boy, Thirdly, I am level story you on. Did you call me when you properly, but you don't have any problem?
We were not really nothing, but luckily, for you right now, Duke was currently on suicide watch. Not only in two thousand seventeen, but also back at you wasn t in Bucharest for his de why I found really strange, z, paranoid getting caught. The first time, surely fingerprinting and when he was arrested, scared of a match an attempt to gain more insight on Ryan. And just who he was. I spoke to another former friend of his. Left muffled here had just taken started, work easier, the only one day that I we re emerge
and may be Baker the next summer around probably where are you staying where evil, probably bad? I got a little with policies through our work with this rule that do very, very close. Proximity about their wild Gilbert hang out in both animals is a little different level with drawn Then found more arrive in both whenever we are going out together. You Jason Fraud, but and then a rail, sometimes Jason had come up,
Really I'm not really what happened, but they had a falling out. Never really had a lot of money, never really had a close laffer. Similarly, heavy I get going way, but he was a real. Gal. More duties, agree drought coming out, Shortly as high in Rome at the ball was essentially two to three blocks from here, both Bob without having a core imploded held there. In an hour, I thought about a man like that. Really really odd did it. It will even more to me was that
the world is Ryan end up over territory with both couple the freely the lived there. The summer uranium random area there like three girl, and they rounded by may submit a lot of people around today. The graduated bidding the Saudi between a half mile after mile radius, where where about mom will come across half a minute that all that's like right. Next to Turkey, you're, not open up a couple of chromium, thereby with these life, because they both more power without having persuasion as well, not know about it Ryan with better wait for another way, but he was agreed
He didn't have it out with all that. That is what I was prepared to be tackled. The boat out needed candidature I will move I've never heard of terror is happily either. Do you know anything about her big said why tabled in regulations apply state? I think her with her have been pushed the boat house and that he would like to say he had together these people to be supporting. I felt like I made
Putting together shop and have got a grip, live in a treaty now run was there with him, and I don't run with the word back away from a fight with a scream so for he proved to be the he uses their aid to kill. Somebody like active castle told us that it is true. Just like this meeting. We have to wait for someone else to come out with other took something happened or other people about said Mama immediately together, we put him short, like with your brought into the innocent and being there to help someone, because he was that there would be almost like a bull and after why
oh maybe a freak out after whatever happened, happen and didn't know what to do, and there can be no you're here. They're gonna play you just as much leave. What do we do and then I get paid it would have. They did it without with. For everyone's dream, like the others, are still applies. Why is being charged with murder and though, as an accessory after his bag, and that is just the current links? Everybody I'm trying to figure out? If that's because there was a died of Why is that Nobody knew there was capable of doing this or, if he wasn't the person who desert it. While you have that the only other, firstly, that had seen it
never given by he removed the automatic Never like he never even got violence. We were almost like a group by because business why Weekly began but each other than anybody else from out of town come together. We're gonna, get a garden and Brian we turn around beggar like he was, Let's do it or I got your bagger heated I've, never five minutes as application letter asking about it. Do where'd you go away We thought we were about to set a third round. You weren't. There is an for you jerk. Tomorrow, the eighty to boost their answer that why I got out, they gonna do not happen again.
Ryan Withdrawal Mary, he wouldn't girl justice. Like he wanted a girl there Y all Friday and and could hang out Hey. I listened to the stone whatever per day He would make me the earth at a day like a lever to strike around hey. I have feelings for you. I, like you, got a date of moral he's. Gonna make it oil it away by all I got a lot. You thought all, but that really was in here, like your friend but replay with girls. Would I get asked whether they have completely different desolate
is it to be like a poorly? Nobody? Can no girls like me. They, of course our own catches are able. You hurt you guys, developing and at China, IRAN. Led by their blue supply, that afforded Davy It is all about omens, David their date is bright here, whether seventy five. Third here Jack what they were. I can't believe Beggar thy ready, you're, the guy. He was a he's, not more of a person who commit the crime favourable and three previous somebody to be an accessory after the bad said to arrive at all
He's not do very, very straightforward, nor are they set out given run out. He told me he did it. We had everything in dignity that you tell me what you're taking happily dead, Alfie David there they eat is breaking whatever seventy eight
I urge you Jake what they were brought by the beggar thy rat eggs or about rejecting it s boy, maybe a little bit like ever so huge that publication factor cannot fathom. He, like everyone else, I didn't see it The rain was capable this either the right Just now support for this pod cast, from pico pico is helping homes and businesses save money with energy, efficient, LAPD's alleys. Last up to fifty in times longer than traditional bulbs, Andy's up. Eighty, five per cent, less energy, so they're good for your pocketbook and the environment Ellie these come at. All.
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Well, maybe a myth, I think the difference is like wanted. Some really aggressive, love mouth of noxious violent person. It is not so surprising, above it's the quiet, sweet, person or someone who just sort of unassuming and not really standing out. This is more surprising and I think maybe that accounts for now that said, There is a kind of psychotic processor cycle, pathology, the pulls the present outside of society and we can make someone well loners that they had very strange thoughts and people keep their distance. They pull back in the last episode in a called for Ryan, dukes friends. He coming, but a strange foam. I got from one time very basically confessed about looking up with some girl. You told me struck him his odd and I thought the same thing so ass to about it here in that, as a forensic psychologist, It would be relevant to be relevant in the sense that
it's not gonna tell us much about his frame of mind and the time of the crime, though, if he's evident saying some very bizarre behaviour, after the crime, and you can Show similar types or the same type of behaviour before the crime and then really the important pieces showing it around the time of the crime, to show that maybe he was in some kind of altered state one way or another. You want to put the cart before the horse cause before a fact. Now, where we are assuming that, Why in the committee, I wasn't release them very heavily involved. How that affected him and his behaviour afterwards, like I'm aware of the fact that he fortunately is added drinking problem for many years was so that conversation that he had with that friend that you just brought up,
You know that a drunk I cawing, someone hinges babbling about random stuff. That may have bothered him a little bed or collectively or who is there some guilt that this guy he's been carrying he's just trying to leave himself in this cannot sort of symbolic way by talking about the other thing that he felt at about. You know I win that comes into play or not in the trial is clear, but just a kind of show you the kind of thinking that can go into that kind of peace data. What I was alluding to override. I gave that example as representing is what you might call symbolic expiation It is a symbolic act that its symbolic and the fact that it may be related to the murder. Briefer leaf A confession is an expiation release of guilt, but it's only symbolic because it's actually bought something else that maybe another person might not have carried
Had they not had the original the major source of guilt. They can't talk about it because you get trouble if it wasn't just random, basically like, should they knew each other? But then the question is: how much do they know each other, because you asked what causes as requested. Causes this kind of behaviour. And, of course, Most people go well was there's something going on in terms of an intimate relationship and in that communication, able thing to bring out for the victim's family are just in general, you know what people are well aware of, of crimes of passion and and when emotion gets involved, I've worked and other capital cases were husband, call a wife and the husband was actually very dependent on the wife, a low I q and she care of business and it was an emotional support the passion took over and resulted in really grisly murder, and so on. These
Christian's with their only questions- and I haven't heard anything yet and I don't that you have yet that they had any type of Rome, personal involvement, and I just want to say I really do appreciate your sophistication and and sensitivity around all the kinds of tough issues that this all brings up for everyone, some people and sometimes for everyone So does the relationship thing and That's kind of an easy one right, Dustlike simple: we got it. Ok, that's ok! I guess you must. Let me just take another angle on at night and again total conjecture by Most of us, like a crush on a teacher at some point in our school scurry and its conceivable, that Ryan may have. Held some kind of feelings that he never communicated to determine and
carried out with him and then he always drugs were involved. In the movement of a man's mind in a man's heart well in the drugs. That thing could become even bigger grown overtime and, and he may have gone to her in some passionate stay as well. A person that actually had a relationship with someone had and she responded negatively are confusedly at least, This is the scenario shore, and maybe in his. If he wasn't a deranged stay, that's how the whole thing went down in that. The possibility- and you again maybe the psychologist and evaluate him. I m pretty sure this will be a case that gets evaluated by a psychologist offshore and may find out that something else. The other thing is. He went to her house what
during a burglary was its merely for self game in money and then in turn bad and it turned into a murder. Those are all kind of aggravating circumstances. No, another thing. Is afterwards the kind of planted this. The way Then they systematically covered things up could be an aggravating thing in that, while it was kind of cold blooded, it was planned. They were in their right mind as this is not a random violent, active, impassioned person. This was article crimes All that may come into play as pantings negative picture. The defended on one thing methods offence is gonna, consider is, and insanity defence is possibility that it has to be considered is serve responsible practice to take a look at that and This just things that seem Ottawa about this whole, the whole crime and who did it and who the victim? What rate is,
something doesn't seem right not at any murders ray what it means. This just seen something strange happened here: yes, and everyone shocks that it was the disco has been finger. This point insanity is not guilty by reason of insanity Angie I and There are two standards for that in Georgia and that's operating under a delusional compulsion, and that would be something like the devil came in and told me he was gonna, kill everyone in our Scylla, If I didn't kill time, and so I was doing it to save everyone and really believing that sir, a delusion. It psychotic please lack of attachment to actual reality, This second standard is the inability to distinguish right from wrong.
Psychosis it's the end or the inability things rife among us of your operating under delusional compulsion than you assuming right is doing what these Laboratory hallucinations told you in the belief that the devil is gonna, kill everyone else right, but the inability distinguish right from wrong can emerge from a number of factors, including, like intellectual deficits, momentary state of confusion, other kinds of false beliefs that maybe not reach delusional levels, there's a whole range of ideas that things that can disconnect someone from their ability to distinguish wrong. It's wrong. It's rare in our society depends on that ability that we all act in a way that that is right and not wrong. Ensure people take low privileges here and there with it. But murder is Substantial one now both of those standards,
very, very high legal standard. In other words, there has to be some serious heavy evidence. Disappoint! You, the one of those or both. Lovely can? I talked about was just speculation the idea that Ryan me have developed some sort of unhealthy obsession with teachers or just terrorist specifically seem to fit better ways been described to me. The burglary theory just wasn't cutting it. Thousand Scylla? Last week I paid a visit to deceive assay over those superstar just to catch up and talk about everything. I feel like I was wont or woken up by this all right, I don't mean I was not expecting that anything that happened like as happened here about where we started mysteriously term picture
I hear you're willing renovation of the first time ever came here. What the hell do you think I was in Heaven be honest with me at all: even the that you do like ten upsides and then it will be ruined. Town that there's a bike about the Hare Grinstead CASE and knows that, be it Dance around got, arrested, there's a lot of speculation going around about who else might get arrested and I'm sure a lot of people got all the sudden rap in that Mcguinness money I care about. You talked about in a Courson, one person did get written, arrested, do better by dukes and their press conference. When I when it sunk into me, she's really did I felt like light headed. I hadn't really felt like that. My whole but the time it Prescott come around at already heritage, where we are now ready internationally renouncing did you say I was free certain that women, be it
scared. I was excited I was in disbelief. This is a story to me. Yes, a pike ass, but I feel like I'm a part of this, because of the pike, as I personally feel like I'm part of this, or you are, I think, you're. Yes, that's what is different about it. It's not what it started out to be. No, I was just trying to tell a story in the bay. Any. But now I'm trying to see justice beyond. Just finding out what happened. The terror in That's for personal reasons, and that's what's crazy about this whole story. I always thought that somebody did murder terror. But we didn't know our meeting. I know that I couldn't come out and say with one hundred percent carpet is opera. I always thought it oh yeah. I think most people don't want somebody else.
When the GB. I tells everybody publicly, that this is who murdered terror and there's a face to the person. And I can see him and he looks at me- I'm we're looking at each other. I found out that she was really dead at Donovan. That's best! That's what they invest. The things you is that ok There is always a you know. They thought he really seem also adds that she's out there, as a part of it is Andrew when I'll drive and work that day, was really like daddy crossed my mind that she man they might be Nelson. He's alive, who do not? It was good news something good news. Maybe they found her alive and so Any idea, man, but the Atomic Prescott Physical, I'm not already earlier. We are now at the international year. Announcing did you say I was pretty certain that one can be it, but when they announced that he was charged with murder, there was a part of me, the disk,
became really sad sadness. It does turn a nigger cause you. what say it just in the last few days we have started combating some interview, and that led us to do, and his name ever come up. I had not had not
This gentleman never came up on our radar through me the day to day she says more about this We said that his name had never appeared on their right off, for that is not accurate. He has the question exit scenario that point two weeks, since the day of Rhine, dukes arrest. I have for more than one credible source that inside capacity law enforcement knew about this twelve years ago
I followed up a dusty again, and this is what he told me now the day before the press conference started. I got a call from somebody to specific, call said that there was a party back in two thousand five and I believe IRAN was talking and had said something about killing, DARE Grinstead, Sir somebody came forward and supported it in two thousand five and gave Someone in law enforcement branding stay I've sent found that it was investigated. No, they didn't find anything investigated as and went to the began order. I've heard this from multiple sources. More than One person that makes me believe it's true. So that's true Then why did the GB? I say that Ryan Duke was never on their radar or from a local agency somehow Nick. To tell them about this.
No carry civil law knew about this location. Was there ever supporting orchard, the boys got drunk. I was talk a lot about what was cultural, whether they were too, though Scylla. Please and somebody from one of those moments when now through the pig in order to despise did he say tibia, meaning that there is really nothing do just disregarded way. That would be a huge mistake, sending the entire telephone, Scylla and the GB.
Themselves on a wild twelve year, goose chase. I have been treading very softly and Syria now I've been here. Into share anything. Until I felt The information I was getting was indeed the truth. There is clearly more to the story. And I'm avidly investigating a right now. Who else is at this party told the local law enforcement about this and what was actually done. I hope that the Pike Ass, like is done in the past, but bring those who know something forward at first up in Vienna. News about figuring out what happened to terror safe to say now that we're much we're getting that answer. But beyond just solving the mystery, This is also about justice and seeking the truth, all of the truth. No matter how ugly it may be so, but that being said, I continue digging. Now I would like to encourage any one else. Who knows something come forward and show that information we ve,
by now the many stories from former friends and classmates of Rhine and bow that right. This doesn't fit the bill if we believe what the state is saying that Ryan do killed terror by him help with his bare hands, then, what are we missing here?. What do they know that we don't and trust me. I thought a lot about that and up until this point I have found nothing at all about Ryan, that's just any sort plausible motive for her murder, but the other day I found something there really got my gears. Turning what to read. You is a facebook message sent by Ryan Duke to another former teacher of his on for twenty seventh, two thousand fifteen. Six. Twenty two, a m. The message reads: how are you, just an odour, wiser food, seeing how you were doing got gotta admit, thought you were sexy. Things or a great for me, but it's ok.
Life is the singularity we all share. It is the last. We speak once you do know, you're wonderful teacher in a kind person, Thank you for allowing my stubborn self to learn. I wish you the best Ryan, a Do they stood listening guys. Today's ever I was makes him mastered by resonate recordings. You can check them resonate recordings dot com before in this Thursday, for a new q and a episode with myself and defence attorney, Philip Holloway if you have questions you submit, does give us a call.
Seven hundred and seventy five hundred and forty five six thousand four hundred and eleven thanks guys I'll see you soon.
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