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S1E16: Conspiracy


Payne talks true crime podcasts with Crimetown creator/host Mark Smerling. On a trip to Ocilla, he also visits Marcus Harper's mother. 

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Dude and died in ten years ago. Today morning, the lantern I've anybody efficiently, this missing persons you guys been sounding is ass. It where it is terribly from tender for tv any later. This is open, vanished. The investigation here, Grinstead, I'm your host pay Lindsey set out to make this tie cast iron idea, do what I was doing or getting myself into there has been a roller coaster right of twists and turns, and also an emotional experience. Unlike anything, ever been a port of. I told you guys so one that I too am a faint other true crime tie Cason, documentaries, one of which was HBO Series called the jinx this this is one of my biggest inspirations and trying to solve the mystery of my own. You haven't
in the jinx, yet I dont want to spoil it, but my friend that describes the best. It's like that Bigfoot show if they actually found bigfoot at the end Jeanne without a doubt, has the most climatic impact for ending of any true crime series ever a few months This shows creator marks Merlin reached out to me he was a fan of up and vanished and, like me, He was also a filmmaker Turnpike Astor. His pack has called crimes this fantastic there was also his first time taken on the medium over the past few months. We kept in touch not a day of rye induce arrest. He called me coming every one I told the story we all now know and for on how to proceed with the past. It was a huge break in this case, Entire trajectory of my investigation had changed. The story was over, not anymore and insurance.
And then you will have your right now, but I'm not having a lot longer evening after the dust of settlement that a call mark again to talk about where things will go from here Inevitably, you become emotionally entangled in the story, not just about telling you. Great story anymore. It's about you know, sort of being part of story, even though sometimes I don't put myself in the story, the jinx was unique that way, but the mentally year your emotionally entangled with the people who are telling you their stories and that's a powerful relationship, and you become an expert, because you're talking everybody, you become an expert. I talk to people all day, long about Providence, Rhode, island. It kind of crazy, and some of these people are not in the show or their interviews are in the past, but they're they're still giving me information in these conversations are still in a sort of.
Influencing the way the shows developed in the story were telling you know, but- and sometimes it's just two guys talk Ghana girl talking about they really know. Well, I was frightened for most Scylla, South Georgia last night like one in the morning. What am I doing here. Am I right now what what the hell am I doing? What was I doing down here is like a big. Such a fog of just you know, going back and forth, and If you have a moment where you're like what the hell, My doing I feel very much the same way I mean. I think. One thing that attracted me to you show is that the way you are treating your sources and how yours listen the people and how you re, telling the story it was extremely empathetic you. You have her away. With dealing with sources. I think opens people up rather than closing them down, and that's what I try It was well so I saw a sort of fellow traveller and you know go through the roller coaster of talking to people in I've. Had people in this story
in past stories that were crime story said I talk to you. A very long time built a real relationship with and was never able to get them to sit in front of the camera or sit for an audio interview that happens that's part of it, not rollercoaster right. It is emotional. The only thing you learn from doing it. Where, then, once is that time is your friend, so you know time eventually all the bumps in the road, but it's a journey and every time I sit down to do this and I get or I get together with a broadcaster somebody in their like. We want at this think, delivered in six months three months. Some, like that's, not possible. Because the relationship building take so much time and that's where you get a good story by building those relations, you can learn as you go. Navigate through the case can become friends with some of these people and trying to find a way to get these people to talk. But after a certain point, you feel like you're close to them
do what you you're looking at going into? It was not the same halfway through yeah yeah. I noticed I mean paying its all about like em this looking, the story. The answers of the the obvious story like who did what the who and what crime was was committed and how committed and all the sword, ins and outs of the Sherlock Holmes part of the story, but there also this underlying story that much more important and that's the emotional connections to the material to this Ray itself. You know the people who are affected and the people who work genuine to be effected. That's where you get there really good story. And that's what cereal does? That's what you're doing you know that's what the jinx did it it. And since the mere mystery of it the idea tv of it and it tries to build a story out of the emotional connections, with characters who were telling their stories. I'm that's huge you now
and that that only comes from building a relationship over time I remember him, some you're telling me once said. You know that once you do, one of these shows you're gonna be in these people's lives forever and that she is part and parcel doing what you're doing right now and that's true that can actually tested that you know you did these people, are part of your life forever. Is the spinning experience. Honestly, I mean in a way I kind of knew what I was giving myself into, but sometimes I really didn't either experience first hands is extremely different how you and vision it I get tons of emails with, people ask me how to get nor if they want to do something similar to this, if they want to make a documentary on a cold case, or anything in this John Investigative Journalism, so this is hard to give them the answer to that, because I just picked up and did it
I didn't really read anything about it. I was a fan of shows like that. Thanks and cereal, and I just can't took what I've learned from being a fan of watching, the mystery unfold and turn into the creator. In a port me, Sir, says just pick up and do it, but beyond that, in what are the rules here? What were the guidelines? What are you looking for? I mean when you set out to do something you had a moment along your way where you know, I think, did no, regardless of whether you guys ended up now pulling the curtain. On who murdered terror. You certainly had a huge influence on on the entire story. Right that the reality of it that's one when he gets really interesting right. When you start your story telling starts to effect the world outside. You know and which happened in the tanks and certainly happening without and vanished, and is
sort of happening Providence to because you know, there's a lot of talk up in Providence about it. Show its extraordinarily popular up there in its. People are really really talking about it, so it's it's, hopefully, is making people think about community they Levin, but at that- interesting moment his when it crosses over to reality. You know back from reality those two storytelling and then back to reality That's that's! When you know you really made an impact. yeah, It's that time of year again Time to set new goals and resolutions that easy to make, but their harder to stick to an audible. We
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Audible, dot com, slash up or text, you p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p or tax up to five hundred five hundred. if you haven't already need a chicken works. Podcast called crime, sound, it's a captivating portrait of organs, crying and Providence Rhode Island. The question has been growing in the back of my mind is the arrest is where we go from here the goal is to make sure we can bring justice for terror and to tell the whole story. Having no stone unturned, terrorist superior effective, so many lives of the past decade, not just that loved ones and the Taliban Scylla, but
those who are accused and through All of that. Everyone was wrong the names of Ryan and bow and net even been mentioned, but now The truth is emerging in this case. I felt it was time to retrace our steps into here. First, and from some of those have been affected by all the rumours over the years terrorist ex boyfriend, Marcus Harper. Arguably endured a lot of scrutiny and possibly the most in sum of tears last document a communication was to his mother Nancy in those email sent just days before she disappeared There were just so many unanswered questions, but today we can finally get some answers, while it was still a last week, market harbours, mother Nancy Redmond, invite into her home and told me story about everything. All of my memories of her a very precious
and it's really hard to sit here and say all the memories of her are precious because there are no more she's gone and they now have those, but she was a beautiful person And I enjoyed all of my time swifter. We had lot of time when it was just she and I because my husband would be working in a way Of course, my son was away so we would do cooking and we have energy together with put in a movie and in just a girl talk just talking and laughing. You know because I don't know some people knew this, but she's very humorous. She laughed alive and so We talk about some things. You know that was fun here. Watch some comedy. I could tell was very organised person and a good school teacher. She talked about her students what they meant to her
how hard she worked to teach her classes ass. She went beyond and respected her for that admired that she described to me the last time she had seen terror. Just before she went missing. Over to her house that day stuck with her forever. I stuck with her forever. Looked out the window, and I saw her standing out in my hard, and so I went to see her and in height, you know and ass. She said I came to her to say goodbye, Nancy and, I said to say goodbye. What do you mean I just need to say goodbye to you, the same one another again we live in a small town and I'm sure will run into each other and when we do or say hi to your house, things go in limbo, each other things always be the same there and she just. Really wanted me to know that she needed to put closer to it and maybe
she did need that closure, but to me. What I heard was. It was something final. It really frightened me. I've never heard her speak in this way before they frighten you, then or no. I didn't understand. Then it was strange I just felt something different. It just felt strange and I didn't understand it, but now when I look back- and I think about that time- it may sound weird, but it gives me a little comfort to know that actually she did get. Say goodbye to me, even though that's not the way she meant that day, you think she trying to move on from markers, maybe probably, but you know I really don't know. I can't explain it I can only tell you how how I felt that day. But I did embraced her and you know I told her I loved her and said I didn't know what it really mean it. It's just that
and it's always gonna thought one of the biggest thing discussed over the course of this pike, ass were tears those two Nancy and one in particular seem sort of alarm in an email terraces. This tenacity just Before she went missing different Marcus what I said about something happening to me, or even him. Either as this Something may happen to me. I asked Nancy about this. What you mean by that think? Well I can really tell you what I know she met ochre. She just yet more things to stay the way it was. She just wanted one more last chance to say something: nice whatever it would be. I dont know what she would have said, but but that was not in a threatening manner. That was not in a dark manner. I feel that that statement was just so
sounds like. We hug our family member before we leave in the morning with some of us do that, because we don't know what the day's going to hold. You don't know if you're going to see your loved one when night falls and I think that's sort of what she meant, the knocker said only terror really knew what she meant, but I don't take that. Isn't a dark in a destructive over a plan that she had or anything that nature. It is seen as a whole, most of the emails that she had sent to you in the weeks of October, just seemed a showed that she really was upset she really and she really was a man. Finally, the straw about the break up and trying to get over it in figuring out To do it, she was really confiding in you with a lot of that stuff? Well, We didn't have a lot of contact with her. You know when you read were
it's not quite, as did it is when you sit in it, crossed the tables from someone wrote, but I feel like she was hurt. Of course, many of us would be you know, but I feel it There was gonna, be ok, it was just go take some time like any office. This type things happen, all the time they do break herbs and hurt, but you know we and we move on, and so I thought that I was gonna, be ok, one day the he found out about the the arrest of Ryan. Do he described that day for you, in whatever way you can. When I first heard the news My knees were weak, it was just in credible news that I just did not believe what I was hearing. It was unbelievable at me. I went to the press conference. But I remember sitting there in and hearing the words and I thought it is possible for a heart
to feel too emotions at one time, we rejoicing one side of my heart and the other was morning instant morning. Because all these years hold on the hope. This um wear out there she could be just now. Starting a new life minutes not to bizarre. In this day it was all final that was it. There was the answer, and so something that I had never been able to do personally was to grieve, because held onto the hope and then of course- here. The ones that had been accused now was innocent because those words Terrorist case solved unbelievable. It was a miracle how did you feel when you saw Ryan do in the courtroom we'll hit Many questions as the first thing I thought about it.
My goodness theory is why. Why did he kill her? what in the world happened. I know we're all think in this, because we can't know the answers to these questions. Yet I was disturbed. I was disturbed If I like a dream of looking at him ass, he was standing there and, of course, was steady and all the mannerisms and everything anti terror there he is that's what happened to Tara some businesses save money with energy, efficient ideas the new year, is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve.
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slash, cadence Back in Nancy's home, Sir one more important question before I left? What kind of impact has terrorists disappearance had on Europe Emily's life! Well, I want to say you know, have a lot of faith in. Intro to be strong, but, worse still, human in online, I told you before my dad passed away and twenty fifteen and it would have been wonderful if he could have known The same goes for terrorist mother. Of course it would have been wonderful if her mother could have actually heading answers, it was devastating absent
Thirdly, devastating is all I can think about. I don't know how I used to say it s. Waken day, every waken. Our I mean it was there every day and the other thoughts were Is she what happened? still holding onto the hope, maybe some you'll, see or some way or maybe they will find, or maybe she's gonna be ok. That was the hope that it didn't turn out that way. It's horrible in a word grieving we're grieving, because We have the answer. How does it feel when people tossed round Marcus's and you knew that your son was innocent. Very hurtful your helpless. There's nothing. You can say, there's not anything that you can do this gonna make it I'd into the for the people that wanted to think that way that they were thinking to have to live every day even to go into the small town were so
business would have to be conducted and you may be would have heard, this one saying that this person saying that be quiet you just try to keep moving, try to keep surviving, but it hurt. I would happen hotel. Art me when there was gonna be a show on television and naturally its liking, to begin to build. Heart, restart racing and everything I don't wanna watch it because I know what it's gonna be about. Gonna say something about my son and said the time I didn't watch it. Sometimes a wood how'd you keep from this year on. This Reach that my son is Edison is trying to Control is trying to do. What would be better just trying to make a good decision that one day, hopefully The faith that I had that it will all come full circle one day answers would come then I'll, surely hoping that they would come before I passed away in
It's already gone terrorist mom skull, but hopefully there first would come soon, but it was who would have ever imagined that we would have answers now? I mean it's unreal though we may have all the answers now, but we know I trust GB. I do think that just the not knowing everybody in this town wanting answers in the blame on markets or anybody else to think they can have made a divide community at all with. Oh, yes, sir, no know who those teams are so to speak. I don't know who the sides are. I could feel it, but just try to keep to myself to tell you that no, I didn't like myself and my home now, but there are other they seek to travel. There are other places to visit. The other wasn't reason like I said a lot of time. Go back? Another choice to go, the opposite direction is sad to say, but that's what I did lots of people just wanted to talk about. It wanted to talk about the negativity,
in half they may not have mentioned certain names, but it was still negative. I was trying to keep us. This positive, as I could praying in Bali being in faith and just hope that one day this would all come full circle. There's nothing, you can do what there's people do in all that type talking what this television programmes that are on occasionally innocent, especially every fall, you know it kind of like you dry out, even though follows one of my favorite seasons, but annual this common, so you dreaded it she could had a good life. If the horrible had not happened. A really that she would have been ok one day she could have had a feature right we'll, never know that like a serious hard, is hard to sit here and talk to you about this, because is over she's, not here, she will not be with us anymore, it's all truly memories. Now
It was always hope, and now there is it that was taken away in there. When the grief started was the same day that I had the rejoicing cause those innocent? Emma son were cleared, has up you owe that feels absolutely amazing- it is eight really amazing, as it is, and the other being devastating is amazing. It was just a miracle I had imagined it happening in my mind. I would imagine how it would happen, but I'll tell you this one of my little thoughts. I had one day was that she came to visit me and she can inside her house, of which she did I locked the door. There was good sure she stayed with me until I could let someone know that she, here ass, she see her like a setback,
imagine what her dad or step mom feeling- feel really feel for her dad or stepmom her dad. This was her daddy what she called her daddy pain. It would be so nice. This is just a statement coming from a mom it would be so nice and I know we don't live in a world like I'm about to say, would be so. Nice of people did not talk ill will against another, especially when they're in. There's so much harm done there in its law throw in a pebble in a brook in the ripples, just continue to go in anyone that's been guilty of
I really don't know just how deep the hurt goes and I really hope it stops now that we have the truth and we had answers, because now what it's about out. It's only about one thing now: justice for terror. She deserves that she's at peace, but we all have closure. Twelve years later, we, when there's two around everyone's in shock. They can't believe it's to this right. I've never heard of them until this I've never heard their names. I dont know them How I felt when I saw Ryan Alison shock. Terrorist because of you. He kept that secret and others probably kept that secret. We don't know how many kept that sea
maybe, and it went on for years and years and years and it did not have to, and people suffered terror suffered Ultimate, but we have suffered a cassette through my faith in just the strong and happen hope. Then it all came full circle. What do you want to happen now? I want all the truth to beat old about what happened. I just wish that there were more freedom to speak about what information, as probably already been found. Course. We can't know that right now, but that would be wonderful, but for that to happen is is what I'm looking forward to justice for terror We all know this dinner made, so I'm just waiting for the whole story for everything we can all get closure if there is The thing you'll always be in our hearts, but
have closure in our minds. That would be peaceful, too many sick, its. We know she's at peace now, but this too many secrets she deserves that we deserve at everyone that loved her deserves all the truth. And I couldn't imagine if I was Someone out therein. I had a bit of information that was holding it back in it could help to fit that piece of the puzzle. So I hope that every being in every one that can help to paint this picture in its complete.
last week- tyrants Paris release a statement to the media. It said the following week: waited a long time to get to this point. Focus and our efforts have always been about getting justice for terror Our priority now is to protect the integrity of the investigation. For that reason, we have to did not to comment on the case at this time. We are grateful. For the coverage tears cases had since you disappear Two thousand five appreciate. All the support has been shown to all his family and friends. During this very difficult time, we realised the public. It's more information, but we do for your patience and understanding at this time. As the case moves forward, we will have more to say at a later time. We do you keep us in your prayers billion honey. Grinstead
It was charged with Grinstead murder back in February and next week a grand jury will decide if dukes case should go to trial. Grandeur. He's determine if there's enough evidence to indict a criminal back, that's based simply on whether they think this aspect problem we committed a crime at a trial. Jury would decide whether Duke is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The grand jury indict Duke you would have to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty before the case can move forward. Also, grand jury proceedings are secret. Behind closed doors, unlike a regular trial on April twelfth. The grand jury hearing in the Grinstead case I caught up with color Miller from undisclosed to break down what we should expect when Prosecutor charge the defendant with crime, we want to take the prosecutor at their word. We want to make sure that, in fact, the charge is based upon problem will cause, and the price, mechanism to determine that is the grand jury and the prosecutor.
At this hearing, will present the case to the grand jury and at the end of that either the grand jury will vote on what is known as a true bill, which means they found probably cause and He can be bound over and taken to trial, or they could is which known as in no and that, bill means they found like a probable cause, meaning the charge had to be dismissed the prosecution. I'll be calling witnesses and presenting documentary evidence. The prosecutors obligations present exculpatory evidence is not bound by the rules of evidence is not bound by the constitution. He can present based the anything he wants to the grand jury other than perjure testimony the rules of evidence don't applies. There is no rule against hearsay, there's no confrontation clause, so he could call live witnesses to have them testified directly in front of the grand jury he could present Witten. Statements he can have witnesses describing statements by other people who are appearing before the grand jury. These gradually hearings. They happen in private No, what happens in there some way, you'll
the result, but you won't know, should have had a sausages made so yeah grand jury proceedings are secretive and what happened for the grand jury is not some thing that the prosecutor can explain to the public unless an exception applies, which is pretty rare, the people in the Jerry these people? Are they allowed to talk or do they have remained silent about what they ve heard? they had sound, so they can ask questions during the proceedings and, of course, the deliberate and issue a verdict, but after that there, allowed to go on Facebook or social media or even talk their friends and say: oh, we heard from John DOE or Jane DOE and they said X, Y and Z. They had to take an oath did Is there not going disclose what happened before the grand jury discreditable Wednesday Should we know so they all Wednesday or could it be dragged out even longer it could be either in entirely depends on how much evidence the prosecutor hasn't once presented this point in time. So some grand
proceedings are a matter of hours, some extend dough weeks and even months. So the question here simply how much the prosecutor has and how much you once presents the grand jury day must always indict out did in George lights about ninety percent, which is actually a little lower than nationwide, where it's closer to I, ninety five or ninety nine percent, so is exceedingly likely in this case we're going to see an indictment unlike a tattoo Oh, it's not the requirement of a unanimous verdicts, its majority. So there's going to be, and twenty three grandeurs in the case and as long as twelve them fine problem will cause the issue a true bill. So again exceedingly likely. That will have an indictment here. The question is simply when that's going to come the first time I met with Maurice carbon about this case. He review with me
this finding from inside terrorists, home. The GPA, seem to think that there were no signs of a struggle inside our house, but Maurice disagreed now bay. Of what the state is claiming Ryan do did in fact courtiers inside her home, maybe, two goblins discoveries gradually clues happened that night, overlooked: for them to go over the evidence again, give it a fresh look now. Originally, it was said Bathsheba in and law enforcement that they were. There was no signs of struggle, but when I arrived there in March of six, ah I talk to family France to try to get an assessment of the location of Arabs and stuff, so I can take the consideration. After I did my overview and walked through the house
An examination that close examination of the lion there was under way at our table. The lamp was not just broke a little bit that the plastic base was actually broken were two hands. I mean you would have to take it and actual bright. The plastic with two hands, so they're just didn't happen by some cat, knock it off, and then I found a necklace clasped. The happy pulled apart with I don't get pulled apart I'll just but no force. There were some force there, and then I knew that the chandelier hearing that she had on were missing.
And then I knew about it. The necklace tat she had made the based on that were scattered on the floor. This tell me that some tamper altercation occurred between terror and her attacker in that backward, and this appears to be now that that is the case. Another thing I found it's never been really thought about it. I found the nail a broken off fingernail land between the crevices in the floor and then was turned over to the gps. Where was it? It was at the foot of a bad word. A class was here's. Today, the ear rings we're missing. Now she didn't go to bed with the hearings on how hard I doubt that so She had time to change and clothes, but the allocation must have occurred this force
was able to remove the ear, because unless that your rates, which stolen does she was attacked before her Areas could be mood. She would have not slept with the on so that your reasons was I'm her when she was attacked. Another thing, Maurice noticed inside terrace home with something odd about the window by our bed. Then the wind latch, this one's group is completely out. It was hangin after the sad others group just move it up or down in that in the so that when the latch as far as keeping the window safe, alarm was no good fiercely. Same our live in all. They have looked down that member on a daily basis. Do you play that? She saw that when the latch with screws pull out or a daily basis,
didn't think about. It asked Maurice how is doing now about the case going on twelve years. Man has been emotional, I'm completely exhausted from this case, not through with it, but it is, is exhausted. A few days ago, one of rain His friends were previously talk to the Pike asked reach back out to me, he said he remembered something up, that it might be important. Lifestyle. Really I was new thing before me. My mom said job. She listened saucer there Decided listen to the whole thing. I got loose to deal end of he had different side of right into the Facebook messages sent in two thousand fifteen to another. Former teacher.
What about it made me think of it, but that night he was at my House bow we were drinking and hang out images open about other matters. That he'd went to a place and Thomas Ill to stay for a little while maybe see. I guess inter sooner, to see what we re looking at, I will sleeping just see, I could get the sea, the current stairs leading to wake up and kind of four doubt for a minute the contradiction that we had at my house while we're just hang out, as I knew you'd like to, people. Those in the house would lead him talking the weight to was that he's like. I had stack up on our heads. They Llewellyn Council because I was having not tears, not couldn't sleep at will. Slowly, but surely beginning to see what may be a different side of right into. The message sent in two thousand fifteen to another form. A teacher calling her sexy and now
a friend of his revealed that just months after tear disappeared he told them use having night tears. Couldn't sleep then, Act himself into some facility and Thomas still, Georgia, Caesar. May have been a sight of Ryan. No one really knew. In the last episode I mentioned be and terrors yard and thinking to myself, the placement of the glove seemed all There is still so much we don't know about this glove was planted to someone drop, it did it belonged Ryan, Duke is. It is dna on the glove. If you go back to a glove, was bad for place that whatever then the person had to be walking were directly house watch train over that tangible, bad beside creed and rushed toward me
like I'm going to work or to driveway amended report. Yet there is a matter not Bob and whether he dropped out is important. In some way, but I'm going to rest, and what have we done? Would it points the way The gloves may indicate a one or two things: the crime was pre planned oars. They returned back to the same going to live by there's, because if the com is point plan, you would want to care gloves which, because you want me to leave everything appointments away. But you would have to go out with you, but I have a car like a warm. They win back might do the same so Baden already. I have a time. Com have been committed in the day will believe evidence, so they prepare them by not to leave any by everybody here after the crimes committed about,
I am style, wouldn't suggestion from winning one. He had my box or like a his gloves, Norma and I don't like good lobbied by a bit suggested to it that the fight bed, the partially. In the first place is very important because it goes to pack legally goes to interfere in mapping, because she didn't have gloves in the house at this video and gloves Eddie and look up under the same course outcome of. After all, your ears and globally. Are you sure you like tat your clothes and a lot of places? You know how the probably on bees or even receives a word, but still there the gps climbed able not greater Saddam must not be an easy, come up with foreign workers. We were just randomly
No, I do know that she was home must be watching her somehow disobeying, thereby randomly souring or they were watching as Europe home. I guess you could add on pay. We go out with you like AIDS, but we live in random. I just ran around the block. He ran away run around her to Kabul in technical. You could do that road, but so the whisky thought about the whole thing was risky and especially a risky. If only one person did this. That would be a big task. You have a glove, is innovation, but a last resort
places him out of the house? But I don't know anything. Throughout this pie. Cast latest glove is quite possibly been the most perplexing element in this case from the I perceived the color to who found it first and why just one glove, nothing ever quite added up to me. And to make things even more confusing. I recently
You d call from a woman with a brand new storybook disclose. How can you say were tears, houses there's a house on the current one blocker by you know just an xbox and again by the name of Norman, reduced to say style. His daughter in law had a flower shop within an flower shop one day and Mister Norman came in there and he had a little dog will show our seven and eight would, while back out every guy grand same time. Will it was in that large shot that day, and he told me he said there was another glass and what are you talking about? They set out my gown the same guy there when they found out that she was miss than he would, while Babylon like round from elsewhere, have ground here, and he said he found another like what covered Bangalore worse than he did it with another waiting was, and he said he gave it to the com on player from here. Time
I am one blonde back and here I am not sure exactly where it, with Diana becoming he stared area. While shopping help me- and he said he gave it to the maybe this is something the GPA had all along the second liters glove Ryan Dukes DNA is not a match on either of those gloves. Something seems very off here, one love in the yard seems like it could be a plant, but loves in different places. Like it belongs to the perpetrator. You can pay a word on there. You can have a message in it. It'll go away and like ten seconds or two days or whenever you bet it gave him ass green, try the first time he message me and then he went message me back like he met the thing him, I mean I was about the whole question of everything I long and I got a hundred information
one from the oven, vanished discussion board recently had a private conversation with some. Claiming to be both dukes. It was in profile as last time, a a and all calves. After some chatting, he invited her to private message him on an app called wicker. What use is encryption automatically? deletes the messages after a sort. How much time thousand great you at Harrow Game There's a lot, an aim that ain't a clear how he says. Yes, I asked him: do you just get on this discussion board He went out and theories are, and then he spent this on paragraph, which I said was really strangle. You said, that's what Ryan told me he said hitherto, either other remain and a brother were they. Air, whenever all this talk about her being killed, that nine astronaut United sister he said, was it there was something you I had planned to tell he said no,
Did you lay her god he's been out with them or when I had to withdraw when I realized tat, it would be a circus, as indeed it laughing at her how he said. Yes, though, he told me as a lawyer? I am I with her. Did he know her? He said I don't know, I don't think he really knew her before that night. I see have you continue our Ryan life in a year? This is why we have spoken to many years. I hate Ryan. I said what is it the ever come out for everyone else, the now he said yes and I asked him- here as body been an honest families lan ever since and he spent years he's gonna? Let me spell it out for you hypothetically imagine your roommate case your truck out, you wake up, to them, telling you I killed her for reasons tell the other remain. Rather, he don't land? You a later and you get a blank. Their remit
in two days later on Wednesday. They show you the party, For hearing this call, I did my own research into the to my knowledge, was most certainly boat. Duke she was talking to this is not the first. The second time produces done? This is third time for some reason for not looking at all for twelve years. He suddenly has the urge and he's with a sense of pride this. Comprehensible wish What this guy just can't seem to stay out of the spotlight For some reason. He seems to think that the gag doesn't apply to him. He takes it. Of every opportunity confined to tell a story. Went up and vanish listener, but that would be indirect Violation of the gag order just cross put in place be posting this entire conversation on the up and Dennis Discussion Board. You guys to see a talk with Column Miller again,
this. You are typically happens when someone violates a gag order. If someone highlights the gag order. They can be found in contempt of core and they could be fine Jura, possibly even imprisoned the judge, and initiate contempt proceeding and that attempts preceding it could be as minor is just giving a warning to the individual and assign them to refrain from discussing these matters in the public eye and it could be. As extremists, finding contempt ends possibly having criminal sanctions. Over the past month, we slowly learned a little bit more about Ryan, Duke in both dukes. We learn that like Ryan those a former criminal. An alleged criminal, but an actual criminal who stole nearly one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from the? U S, government for that's done. He served time in federal. And it was also ordered to pay back the money, and he said
Those them well overall, the grand which incidentally, is the same amount as Tear Grinstead Reward money when Four thousand dollars information leading to an arrest. So just who was the tipster well There is definitely been a fair share of speculation. So far, the names of two women keep coming up both girlfriend and its girlfriends mom in just a few days, ago, at a very enlightening call with someone used to work with both girlfriends mom. I think she tried to lawyer up first and then the matter the tap, and I think that at the Tipp, the she's down affirmation a long time before
That meeting by one we're gonna have an appointment time. She made a comment for me: oh you use a person as long as I need you, then I'll get rid of a mud, no problem from these as she's, not about ass, my while I'm a new time behind, oh broke up like oh, you know. If you come back to me, I'll tell them ass because they thought tat. He had caught money and he doesn't whenever she, but now I need her to be married to him. I mean they for listening guys. Today's episodes makes him mastered by resonate recordings. You can check the now resonate recordings dot com. Not a good time. Come back later, though, he went back later to take Romeo. She got I'm about to tell you something. You cannot tell anyone, not even your wife and carbon said: okay,
I was involved in the terms that case and he helps conceal the body and now, and then money I think the clan wise to turn him. Maybe I'll wait I am pleased at the time why These are listening guys today, Officer was makes him mastered by resonate recordings. You can check them out the night recordings, dot com Thursday. We have a new q and a episode with myself. Philip Holloway. If you have any legal quest, about the case just leave it?
We smell at seven, seven, no five, four five, six four one one, thanks guys I'll see you soon.
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