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S1E19: Brooke's Story


Bo Dukes's girlfriend finally tells story.

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This episode of up and vanished contains explicit content that is not suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised dude. More than forty g, I agents warmed up a con orchard and then he'll county. This happening out one daughter of students from that's under arrest, Wiki Anti Anti, indeed, how serious bodily onto the parson tearing her insane charging Ryan Alexander do with my dear rings centre for tv anyway. This is open finished the investigation of Terror Grinstead by your host payments II. In today's episode. Are we playing my phone calls with Brook Sheridan, though Dukes girlfriend A couple months ago she reached out to me on Facebook
They gave her a call. This is our first conversation together, hey paying you can contact me months ago. You have let people the same my character, my professional life, all over that discussion board appropriate discussing what etiquette, especially if you're, trying to solve a murder case. I don't think so. When you gonna get you You want the territory are you, you want. What's gonna sell, sell writings, you want the truth, here's the truth! I found out on January pinch what what happened: corrupt local! Probably everything my mother contacted an old friend of hers who used to work for the day, In order, because I'd known for a month before I went for the idea that when our broken up in time, when he told me When you're living, where has pardoned stress,
and you know you know that you have nothing to level, and I see that you now I'm a local professional. I can see that people are like he's he's a hit upon a battle he's not he's a little with us, a long long time. The weight of this effect on him was not something I'd like to speak about a get personal Parker, because this is somebody out of line What I'm talking about, but let's just say that I was not a good voice both on me everything he tell me everything took me out here everything that has been telling people throughout the years. Exactly what happened There was a thing over the course of our pleasure that I knew were off and basically, he felt tat. He heard me an explanation because of the way that he had tried to basically shut me out of the water without anything, good would come to him because of earth
Try to make himself by over the years I let it sit with me for a couple weeks, because I mean Yes, I guess that's not something you say. Oh here, what's gonna talk about it, the guy and a cup, sluggish as a Balin I broke up broke up than a week in a relationship is perfect and you know. I then sat down with my family, and I told him I said you know tell me something I need to get it to the correct people Mama. I called her already. That was a retired district attorney. To find out. You know there will be a legal ramifications for me having known for a month and not saying anything, showed her district attorney, but her in contact with the e, the idea that then on the case and
How did you be when they contact her? That you know, though, has Tobruk someplace. The director and I don't know That was what she said to the GDR, but she said tight with them and then I said I told her I said and monitored, You got to get them, you know to the house, do something because I was at work. I couldn't talk to her couple De Ruyter agent, Fidel contacted me. He came over to the house at night I sat down with him for a couple hours. Took him out of the orchard and I told him everything and that in turn started the cycle. Avoiding to run around the place, Why? Because I could not remember his remained name being I can remember I am in their tax. I suggest that you know I can do. Between me and you guys,
told me that basically, the following on the Sunday ever gone missing. I guess you went missing on a Saturday night, the sun next Sunday early afternoon that. Bow had gone, bow had been a homeless later. I'm getting out of the house. And the next morning Ryan COM to bow and likes him up and killed. Your Bernstein And he looked like and then embargo to the other, remained who I'm sure you know come now. It's Ryan's brother. A number of them asked. Even did you did your brother title finally, if I get well by them,
anything of it because you know I'd wherever then one day when she goes missing, that's one, those like crap What happened we have to remember that ran, did not have a vehicle at the time, He was using as they the following lines. Ryan says: hey man, come on man? I gotta run. And that is where Ryan hold up onto tariff body with both the truck, and it was only one that has finally arms. I mean what do you want to know so you're saying that bow was happening. Get together at his house? Where was Ryan Rhine was there? but when they all pass out, that's when Rhine effect, those truck and laughed People were there
Maybe that summer I do know people's needs. I would have to I'd have to get back my memory about paying, because on Hey I'm not from us all. I don't know these people I did. It was Ryan Bow. Ryan's brother and then some other people that were there they after they had all pass out you know I'll guarantee that summer nine had taken her car and done whatever he did to this day, I cannot tell you arrange matters was nobody knows much rain. Has both didn't ask them? Why did you do this area as in several found several times and what was rife response
you would have to take that from both mouth but he's not about, but he would never say I mean honestly, that's what has that's the big nobody knows between, but God and run, and hell it's not out to you that it is very on. It is very odd. I mean you think that If you were to go to the links that both did to help covered this up, you would get some one of definitive answer out of them. And he said well, one he's my truck, male defiling gonna been, I dont know if Rhine said something that day, who by were not saying by schools, depend on you, man. I don't know the thing that and hour. You know, and I tried and I've tried, no trial tried. I what why do you think he did it? Why do you think he did and he seems to think it was too
from him. Knowing ran off you dear me, because they were better and you never saw without their industry. You bow basically think said it was some kind of sexual bang What it was he wanted to see what it must feel like now, a foreign happened. The night the terror was killed, I dont know bout doesn't and that's the truth, That is, we got on Austria. Did Ryan Use both struck to take her body to the people in order yeah, yeah. What time did they pass up at night. But when everybody else, How I would say one is wireless. They are now isn't there.
I would say if they were going to football game that day, I'm assuming they're drinking all day, I mean so I don't know. This is the right time would sneak out, presumably sort of early in the notice. Well, I mean, I don't know you know don't know what harm he laughed but now that he didn't come back until later that next day now I do know that. I mean what have you been told and I can justify until tell you? Yes, when Ryan Closing the body is bo by himself is someone else with bow? what's going on there and you baron rhyme itches Valentine and then what happens apparently.
Now I dont have fun. I need but I'm gonna give you the best finances, but I can't. And this is all going from my memory and what I've been told and Also. What has then you know back that by what the debate by the GDR, he was when I heard the GDR out that muttered I there was about corner but that he took me to but apparently she had been moved back in the cut like off the path with like it, wouldn't it what not Manoa order that make sense oh and where I lad did you into the first. You know that ere I so.
I wonder whether she was there on that she had been there. A couple of days. If you could tell you know Without going into glory, tells me you're united constrain Livermore, doesn't automotive, Anthony. They moved her and the they disposable body. Do you know her bonnet, You know you have to remember that is during peak unfailingly perfectly do control burns. Behind there, there was palm trees winner took her off. The impassioned did what they had to do. I don't know how long it took
I don't really want to go into detail. They stayed out there for weeks what he thought than his truck and stay out there for weeks. Because he was, he had, we ve come to terms with it and make people, because I can't believe what he had done and he was trying to apologize. What Myrna body yeah. I don't know a few, the kid you know he was a kid. You have a gift well. I don't know. I can't speak for what you know. That was my first book called Brook, I still never mind around the idea that both had no clue awry had done. This does seem incredibly odd in
The other boat went along with this heinous acts because Ryan inadvertently threatened him. That's sounded fishy to the next summit. The brook I ask for some more hard pressing questions and she's. Giving more details. Into that call? Next, after a quick word from one of our sponsors. Yeah. the new year is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve, they pertain becoming more mindful and creating a healthier lifestyle through diet, exercise and, of course, improved sleep. The sleep number three, sixty smart bed helps everyone get the proven quality sleep that will change their life used to sleep. I q apt to help create your routine.
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because of the good thick and sensitive nature of the next part. This episode, I wondered If you a heads up there, is not at all suitable for children, so please use best discretion? Were you ever prairie? you what actually happened to her person her case they were thrown into dumpster and fixture behind a laundromat. Now I dont know if, when this happened, the laundromat was there because for my understanding, the city, if its daily know that will strip
that. However, whatever is then more developed than it was back then, but if I'm not mistaken, I believe that his aunt actually owns a laundromat there. Now I dont know if it was there, then I noticed there now. From what I understand that you have from what, though I said like he doesn't know. If he tried to put her body in the damp stirring to do it and he just tossed her person, her keys there,
and then took her to the water, but I dont know why he just like you just want to get rid of him, and that's one thing in that probably biomedical nation that he probably trying to dump her their first and he couldn't you know, because I would assume that lifting a body into adopts your over your head were doing quite difficult and he used a credit card to get your home Yes, why? Your guess is as good as mine.
Our workforce. I, like you, the burglary charges or the you know. I don't think he went there. Like I said to rob. You said I'm saying I was more the sexual saying I don't know, I don't know what his motive. Any sort of ass, a wire something I can imagine no for an answer. Well, from what boat whole me a few months ago I believe what he asked him. An archaic. Don't call me word for word
ass. The Rhine basically said you know it's your truck, ensure families land. What are you gonna do like? Like you know it's like someone, you it's it's you you. Yes, he did. He said that she was lying face up on that she looked like bluish and she had bruises around her neck. That. She did not have on employers on.
She had no clothes are now well. I don't know you never said. What did he say? Ok I'll help you out. Probably a one Ryan said, you know what you're gonna do sharp drop your land, your family's land. In a I mean it at twenty one years old. If you think I'm orders about to get better you know, I don't know I wasn't there? Wasn't I'm not him better? Imagine being a young twenty one year old, you just kind of act. On On that I don't know, I can't explain it. I don't know what he thought and he was scared me
If you were twenty one years old in your friend it someone got you up, I think you were anybody would be scared to death. Who else knew about this? Over the years? Has ex wife And I know that there was he never Anybody in his family, I dont believe he had told. An army body of hers he had told his best friend he had told. I mean, I don't really know other people that is told, but that's just the people that he mentioned to me. And his ex wife. I've had threatened
for years. I go on to the she basically blackmail them. You know saying if you leave a girl, the cops- and I tell him everything. That's why they were together longer than should have been. Every time he asked Ryan about it or talk to him about it. It was a look of shame it. It was. He was shameful, it wasn't like you know. Oh I snapped were. It was a look of shame. Which I think and may make sense a while he went there with an chance to do something. You know like Sexual assault or rape, or something like that, because he was ashamed to tell anybody that. That's why he did it. So why I'm going over the past back then he was scared.
He was gonna get turned on him. Ass, he did it. After now it was promising his land than in those terms. A bangs. His grandfather, you know, was the centre a representative in words. The backlash, I guess would have come back Can you know I don't I don't know. I don't know. Why did I can answer that Can always say that what he's told me that he was scared Why did you do it now? Why do you come for now. Because I made him confirm how do make on earth I told you before you know when I found out. We were still together. We broke up shortly thereafter. We aren't. You know when I found out January tat.
And I'm like I was trying to get their tax measures and stuff. Today, when I told you know my sister to condemn mom's house and you know I need to sit down and talk. Of wine that date was, I believe it was probable early February when that happened. When I told my family and a man Mama made the call, because you know I need to know if there I ramifications for me knowing for much. You know a new thing. But when I found out, we are still together. You know about it. No if he knew that what the ramifications from him one day I didn't think any good. He would have done anything to me, but you know that just the kind of thought, the ghost in my head, I d make sure that I was
And away from their when others came up so at all, Mama sheep. A her gesture to anybody and he put her contact with a gb and she had the GDR. You know within at least they may have not even been a day from the term rattled. She gave him a contact number in order for me to talk to them, because I was at work when she had called him then, the Gbi agent came to my house. We sat down and talked, I'm out of the orchard. All my staff was still because, following our living together, when he told me All of my belongings were still at his place me most. My.
And so you know I'd ask: did you guys well, I do you now. I saw him Governor and get my star- and he said- I had always had that Wednesday and Thursday off, and so he data we sat by Friday? You know you need to make range has to go there and get all of your staff because Back Roddy, it's gonna, hafta now, like we're gonna, go question that Said would you be willing to where a wire and go over there and talk to or record a phone conversation, you know what are you going to do and you know me thinking as a woman
I didn't really see bow and that kind of white where he would do something to me, but one is upset over the break up to you, there were other than that have gone on between us when that large. While we broke up so I don't know what kind of state of mind then, and I didn't want to go over there wearing a wire. You know, really see having to be moving of getting where in my car and to me, but What, if it's leaped out of my pocket or were you know because it is like a reporter and then whatever so. I don't know what kind of state of mind he was in and I didn't want to go over there wearing a wire. You know me having to be. And then I went over there to get the rest of my staff and.
I told him. Basically, brain up right then, but I was just having cattle conversation. You know how Dan region? Ok, because I had spoken with him on the phone before that? But I call them to ask him if it was ok, if I came never get muster and he was very upset, He was crying, he wishes not. He wasn't himself basically. So I went out of there. I can't remember someone else in urban over there, but I will never get my staff asked her how are you doing whatever and I said and Green had? I was angry with with that Because of all this, and because you know it. Rough patch, our relationship. I was angry and that's when I was. Finally, I was doin.
You know- and I was mad because I had moved my life and my career down there, so I store bought up stuff and always like this is what I said you can hang on to all of this for the rest of your life, because I knew what had already put him through and you know dealing with that dream. It was it was awful- and I went over Here- and I told him- I sent you need to complain about all of this. I said you can't put on my conscience. I said then that family deserves to know. I said how would you feel if it were? me I said, and nobody has taught us that a new and you knew somebody knew what had happened and, yes, it helped. You feel any burgundy started crying
and he said I know I know you. I said you have to confess. I said there is no option because- and I told him master look, I have already talked with the Gbi. I said you have to keep I think you need to tell them everything. I said you make this decision A long time ago- and I still do not understand you were scared, and I understand that You know whatever one on your head of the, but you have to come forward ass. If it does that family needs closure and the people s it need to be, there needs to be cleared and he's in ok. Ok, she said. I know, I know I don't I know what would have happened if he had met.
Ford- and this happened while cannot yet he would have committed. How do you know because this was the first I mean it was the first time that you talked about it. I mean you if you do with a demon like that for so long and it just I've a hold of you and eat at you and you. You have, you don't deserve to live, but you can't mean because this was the first I mean it wasn't. It if come forward with it mean, and he knew he wasn't stupid. You said You know I'm a convicted Phelan, you know this is, a completely me.
Back up under the jail I mean. All of that was just a snowball effect. You know, if you just he thought about all of it. I guess he just just take quiet and he also loyalty to friend. You know. It just all been coming to a head. He knew that I was over some of his behavior He knew that I was just over the relationship and I told him I was like what is it and I said whatever it is. I you need to tell me you have to tell me what it is. But I made him tell me everything. Yeah, It's that time of Europe.
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Then took me out to the orchard, and this is kinda. Scary plagues is its very scary. Lookin He took me out there and then he suddenly the path they had taken her down. That David, he alone when Odin, because it was play timber and pine trees by there, just like in the orchard If you weren't there at night, you get lost, you would have to come looking at during the daytime to go to that Two about corner, but I remembered in theory they delay when I took two gb eyes back there you can do the coroner said. That's the path he went on. He did not take me to the actual spot back in the back our main islands. I wasn't doll about air at our scare me. I wish I'm not the time to go. And back in the words in the middle of the night.
Then he showed me tat. It was premature. And I knew that there was something about that were birthday. You never liked, because you know when he worked for the has them his pagan company. He never like to go out there. No one, they sprayers the tree, These are when they no whatever he never liked to be out at that particular region, and then it kind of sensors actually told me
now, what do you mean like legally at all, because I mean I hope the justice is served, Where is justice to you I don't know like Andrews. I can't tell you what justice is to me because I'm I'm in a really really tough spot. I'm not selfish about it. Where's your feelings for Cyprus, about justice,
You know, Ryan as where he is supposed to be in prison. Do I agree that he got off was nothing at all. I don't agree, None of this would have had to happen. You had Ryan not done what he did. Think about how many more people affected. If I just told the police, what happened twelve years Harry people who are accusing James are names on Facebook for a decade feel about I'm sorry,. Angry I mean I'm hungry for them, but you know I'd I guess that unkind to put myself in the sun, why shouldn't have, though you know unknown. Does this thing for us over a decade? I said I don't want you
this news toward me back down when I'm not about it. You can't go issue. Apology he's already said that he wants to see me. That's been something. Nets thought about for a long time that you know. Is it something that they want to hear? I don't know I mean this is something that has to be done. I am in that. Just as something that he thought about for a long time? that today that I went there and told them You know he was up about our family. I mean he always has been, and I think that through the years he's always felt that he deserved whatever the storm came as why you know he wishes waiting on something
happening, and sometimes he would put rented here. He had a self destruct button all the time think that without him coming clean about it. That was his way of paying his drew's. If that makes sense, when I start paying his do, he's never allowed anything did happen and sensors. If you really truly felt that way and was except in effect- he could move a terrible undeserved, terrible life? Then he should have walk ass in jail. He was planning on three main I mean when I told him he was ready to go to jail. He was ready to that when he had to you know it all, it's not like The policy has to call him back the Presbyterian. Really he chose to leave a free life, verses pay for what he had done. Grand life isn't free out
prison cautious decision every day when he woke up to tell what happened to terror. That's correct, he did. He chose to be selfish I mean he's and thought about becoming. A soldier for higher like a mercenary. That's that's a devilish about it. Contract error, the military? That's a devilish you're, not protected by the EU not her. That's what you want to do. There was a point in time when he was ready to go like he was half past four areas: America, because thus wishes I guess that was his way in pain. He was married Heaven has on why? Because you know if it wasn't taken, And the line of duty, if it wasn't taken, you have taken his own even more so Nuclear saw the nocturnal tears perish, Are
I am sure that he would have said something I mean I try to empathize with people. I see manifestations of PTSD in people all the time. I see manifestations of drug addiction and people all the time and they like John mistakes and no one ever come sober again they dont, who they were at the time I'm saying driving in two thousand. You know, I don't like it somebody who has a drug addiction. As you know, oh they're, just an attic. That's all they are it's a disease I try to be, and in two thousand- and I guess doubts guess who I am I don't know, and at night in name any awful person. I try to empathize with people and all parties involved. I don't think that, because somebody makes a mistake, a great mistake that they should be deserted for the rest of your life. I don't I don't.
Empathize with withdrawing, because what he did was out of malice. What he did was awful If we arrived, there was all wet boy, What was that. Not at all it's because innovation. I mean it's self preservation, Bernie buying. Ok, so if it happened, if it is a wonder, then burned if it had been disposed of some other way, that wasn't the spokesman away. First of all, both burn her body, does not solve presentation, but if bow had gone back to the police back down, I guarantee you the way that things have worked help us property would be on death row, right now. Why would they believe why? they believe bow wow. They believe run over You're, putting all your trust in two into a cop into law enforcement. Ok up until this point
let Robin somebody headed from them, but back then If he would have gone and said hey it wasn't me, it was my body who was incur all american guy but yeah, it was my truck and yet it was put on my family's lad. I know it doesn't make sense, but hear me out. You know it if you're martyrs, Harper, fewer hypnotizer, fewer people there. And accused of a murder for years and years and years you're in your own hell. If you are presenting the evidence, the like a pike has like you do, believe what you say. People believe the media. People believe what you said: because you are their only source. What's your point. My point is: is it you can a picture have ever you see fit if you're going to preserve,
Like this is real life, has you have to see both sides of the story? That's not easy to think that I don't have anything to fear because the people, judging you and that are going to have your life, your faith in your home are just people, you know, don't know you're, not a prosecutor, I'm not a prosecutor. The It is, but we have not known anything had right that pulled her up on her body. That did he make a great decision. Yes, it was a heinous awful decision. He said it's Europe, it's your truck. Is your family's lan? What are you gonna do you really trust me. They didn't know that in the house that downs along horsemen legalities, all he says, is Am I gotta use my truck on my guard from a family, but it's not like. I did it work as do the right thing.
And now there is so much about your damn himself. That's big problem for twelve years constantly worrying about himself. Just tell the truth, I've never agreed that he did not go to the cops I had hall but from a selfish persons perspective because we're all all creatures were all about ourselves, I everybody is but he is out for their own reason. You know I could see at twenty one years old, I know what any of us would have gone I can tell you right now: go to the policy, you just say on the other side of the fence is easy to say also easy to do no one wants is three digits. It's called weighing the odds and he didn't. He didn't make the right decision. He made the wrong one, the matter, is about.
He did something that was very wrong. Let's just agree With that in mind, even try to splain why he made this decision is only about here. And you can do the right thing by issuing an he can't because he's under the gambler Oh that's! Just super convenient about for five days and do that guy was in place. How are you what it of her the family or help them. A very serious question. Yes, if a serious question apology for your John, you can't do you and have twelve years a feeling. On paper. No, that's his job figure. He said here's the rationale. Well here's to figure out how to apologize he doesn't know how to do it. I don't think that he's been thinking about years ago.
Is a written apology I mean just because he didn't issue or written apology, a formal powers, Apology This is why and how, users to get a move on to say, while he just ok and he has done if he's gonna, write or public apology. How does he know give that to the family and the Look look. Try it figure out how to follow this system. It's not something that he hasn't thought about. You know I can't say but he didn't start writing one either you if I did, I did see where he started writing letters. I am two pages, this the cry of family convention time, but you have to understand how this is affected.
Alas, I am only doing Emma position what I have prayed about, what I have sole searched, because I wouldn't be able to handle on my conscience, knowing what happened to terror and also knowing that I deserted me, but his brother and his mama. Really the only people he has factors and his father. He does it talk to people I'm feeling person that he's ever find it? Everything in an I wouldn't have to live the rest of my life, knowing than he
that's something to himself and along with the fact that tear out something happened to tear? How does that make you? Ok, I'm an understanding about terror that they're all of innocent people involved here and things that have been said about me. You know I didn't serve should be put in the spotlight like that. How many people listen to your pocket, thousands millions yeah? I mean money was mentioned in the last episode in a conspiracy, your your pockets will total conspiracy. Mother's name, the Russian, your name whereby I don't even know it was now, but you played your interview with Rebecca on your pack ass. You gotta chose not to drive
Two plainer ascribed. So that is an extension of you. What you person on your package is an extension of you it your work right. You are the creator vanished. What's your point and here they are monitored is now you can't control what people say on your description boards, but you can't from what you playing your podcast? I really try to give broke the benefit of my own doubt, but it was clear We have some disagreements. We continued to communicate for weeks often on she was to me text messages and sometimes call me and I often wondered why she doing this. It seems obvious to our first conversations that broke was concerned, in both reputation and all
but that of her own and because you, the people have the wrong idea about her and bow. I gave her the opportunity to clear things, up but ass time went on. I began to question her intentions even more. Why what she still talking to me. In episode. Seventeen are released, segment of audio from both friend that I called daring dear. An old army body of both dukes and one time in the army, but would told Darren that disposed of a body. When the GB begin investigating bo they reached out the daring to healthcare great, both story over the course of about two months differences, screenshots of his text message conversations with bow also affording the same information to the GPA. Came time for me to release my phone calls with Tehran. The pie cast, he got cold feet in it, first,
only agreed to. Let me use a distorted transcription of the conversation or in other words, not his actual voice. Durham was communicating with, though at the time in trying to do more information on this. Free will and when release the first segment of our call, together with the distorted voice Brook began, questioning its validity, daring denied to both Brook and bow the he had talked to me at all. For his own reasons, brute became very frustrated and call me again This has happened. Therein has agreed for me to use his real voice and his real name, which is Dustin. This was my last phone call brook lesson we can learn from one another. Compare that with an attitude that he didn't come from. Testing
I never have the wine trying to get people to go after him I'm trying to get a drink While I understand the men, Gunnar Y know. I don't. I know what this man he the further attacks. We can talk about it. To teach him in the picture, but he's not because you got him during the call. My spider since it started going off, I had the feeling that she was recorded. Phone call from her into which perfectly fine and legal, but they also she was. The catch me in some sort of lie the problem was, there was no light. Let me in the phone call in the text, messages with daring whose real- This Dustin in were,
completely real and legitimate, but apparently dusting kept denying it to both bow and Brook and later that same night Brook applauded. Phone calls. You reported with Dustin up embarrassed discussion board, doesn't all both brew, And bow there wasn't fiancee, they sent me all the text, messages and Brook believed him She thought the pushing this phone call. What may be discredit me But I'm not sure if you called the struggle, here's the call with broken Dustin the she recorded. You be the judge, balance the knife you and tried to protect your identity because you back stabbing because you, your fiance, for your phone show those text messages Senator Paine Lindsey. No, we did it
no. We didn't talk opinion today. You said your crazy? You don't know who he is anymore and they You couldn't believe he was troll in the boards. you are told him to death and you do not origins how the damn through. Yeah. Well, it's topic amount will be under my body way answer. And why is that when he beheld a million. I am all in a nice guy I want all fighting, we will see, put you in this mess. And you're doing everything for including lying Why a liar and a situation? Now? Maybe you do what this army cheerfully body airlines on.
Don't worry about what people would think cuz. She went to pay rent me of all people. Actually she didn't Dustin did and Dustin called me right after Brooke uploaded this phone call just to set the record. With me ever everyone out, there is listening to them There was not the truth I trying to put in place and one for measurement that vital about ok, she's, just lose proving achieve as indicative crazy, lady we're doing a private trying to help you you anything. I wait. I'm just trying to help man and alpine both eyes and all the point. I thought how they got some fucking. While I failed man might Michael. I never told doesn't allow to anybody. To do that on its own. The trunk
more information from bow. After this call, you feel bad Maybe he jeopardize my integrity as a journalist. I told that he didn't it was then but he gave me permission to use his real voice. In my conversations with Brook she kept telling me you, the victim in this situation and that the placards brought her unwanted attention, even though the time. Name is that her name yet, but now just days ago, Brook didn't exclusive. Televise interview, but CBS Bs Shoe forty eight hours taking credit for having solve this case. CBS release a short segment of books. Interview on their website in the full episode was support. The air this past Saturday, but it didn't several up in there- Facebook groups were outraged by the representation of Brook took it upon themselves to do something about it. Hundred up inverse listeners in countless emails and messages to the producers of forty eight hours. Expressing
Our concerns. I didn't ask and to do this they Falcon I'll do on their own and one later, the forty eight hour, episode. Bookstall interview, no one. Appeared on the tv guide and instead played a re run episode by Now I've listened in real, listen to all my phone calls will brook a dozen times, several things Alchemy one on the world is bo not know why Ryan kill terror. You seem to know just about everything else, including details about here is person keys, even our Ryan got into her house with a credit card. You would only know these details if Ryan told him so Why was right there in the first place, the fact that both could answer? This was a huge red flag of me and what about this?
Seventy eight people there were at Bowen, Ryan's House TAT night, who are these people and why would you tell me who they are hard to believe that every single and passed out in rice all truck twenty or more minutes the terrace House on a whim unseen and undetected by ten or more people. Working to produce arrest warrants the crimes committed occur between Toby Twenty third October, twenty Eightth, two thousand five, so it produces is telling the truth. Then the first time Saltier his body was that Wednesday October twenty six, but Restaurant state that these crimes happened, although it the October twenty Eightth, meaning that it those stories true, they were destroyed there body the following Friday night October, twenty Eightth I've talked to multiple people of this We ve all told me that Boeing Ryan routinely through play.
Out there in the orchard, even on out of terrorist disappearance? Brook told me, but there were seven to eight people there that night. If these points he's happened every weekend. Doing this on the night of Friday of twenty Eightth, then there may have been people there. Potential witnesses or even accomplices, It book would never reveal their names to me only. Added to my suspicions, who was there, what did they know. Right before it you're this episode, I gotta run a phone call from another friend of both dukes who served in the army with him. He just like boys, friend Dustin. Told a similar story. He and I were in separate units, but there were different units in the barracks out there. It up
he's on the bottom. What I remember is that he helped get rid of a body on the peacock. Any burned it, my order white, knowing that big secret. You know he said that he bought body was brought to him and he said the doktor fire and then used? Do you thought you because it might wander, bow Mention like Latin that fire like burn like all night. There was a party spot. I guess they talked about Kinderman both said that they had a party out there. It would be a real haunting enough reader Remember if you haven't parties out there will be keenly.
Gives you a way that conceal you know a fire just burning out. There is going to raise questions, but a fire out there were a bunch of people are partying, that's not as peculiar, and I think that could have even been don't plan things the listing the episode Nightsy this Thursday, having a culinary episode, so please call any questions you have. Seven seven and seventy four five, six, four one one just a heads up: Are we taking out this coming Monday from Memorial Day Bobby again the following week with episode. Twenty km one day June. Fifth majority this Thursday virtue in episode in a teacher. What's the come and the rest of the season. These episodes mixing mastered by resonate recordings. If you want to
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