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S1E2: White Rabbits


We learn that everything isn't always what it seems in this case. New figures emerge, and the people of Ocilla are finally talking.

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eighteen. Ninety nine, during the January sale only at asleep number store or sleep number dot com, slash cadence, again go check out asleep numbers, or her visit sleep number dot com, slash cadence yeah. Putting the land arrived anybody efficiently with this and missing persons, you guys aren't ass loud ass, a diver where terrorists from Tenderfoot TV in Atlanta, you're, listening to up in vanished the investigation of Terror Grinstead. I'm your host pain, Lindsey, Person talking in the first segment is dusty, vassiki. The lead rapporteur for the local newspaper called. You fill a star, he reached.
To mean offered his help. It took me to an old office in downtown of similar. The door had markings are signage and we the huge dimly rule. There were buckets on it. A pool of water Cannon leaks from the ceiling you could tell was a place didn't have very many guess: on the back war was a show full four bound newspaper archives. He was looking for two thousand five people, please bound volumes. You stole the paper system certificates. Wednesday dear, was reported missing, eight fifty a m on Monday October, twenty fourth that Wednesday she was already in the paper.
Did he tell you really worry people work, whether stuff, like there's a teacher than he did. He tell you, for example, and this is more than just concerned, it was like the exact point. They realize some bad happened when just she's got off Does he went to his just for a minute? Let me alone with markets, as I was. Through, I noticed a small piece of paper wedge between two pages. It looked like a makeshift bookmark. When I pulled it out, I realise it was actually a piece of terror is missing, poster that had been cut into force and the print day on the bottom was October. Twenty fourth day she was reported. Hold. The sudden I felt like I was in a movie seen night found some big clue. I was positive. It was nothing but I call Hosty over any was one of them. Terrorists name on it, probably not the nefarious right, probably nothing the fairy, but then we found a whole bunch of like a lot more home again
It's weird is idiot. I'm up a little. I would give up what turns afford it. When their priority or another page, you do it I was gonna, hear the people that could have done my predecessor to Christie. He stood the porter she's. The Christie prove at her story. He called Christie and it wasn't heard my boss. I mean it was probably nothing but still who would expect to find chopped up. Pieces of terror is missing, poster scattered throughout the two thousand five archive kind of weird right. We both agree, for I left does he said he has a for me front page the pike ass. It made the front page of the latest paper this kind of weird actually seen my name and Terror Grinstead s name on the front page. So stop at this point. I can understand why the fuck up
a part of maritime law, something the were was getting out if people were finally talking and investigative podcast about the disappearance of an affiliate teacher is set to prepare Monday titled up and vanished the story details the findings of Atlantis Filmmaker Pain, Linsey, as he makes a documentary on terror, Grinstead upon calf will be released and every other week ass, Lindsey, worse on the documentary was picked up. From the last summer, grimace friend Melba told her. The terror went to a former student self, its Gerald before going back to the border few that night in the cellar. This is true. It's a major discrepancy in Tears Timeline, Sir another person that we just never known about a written question stone and it gave Milburgh call my grandma said the
Saul terror that Saturday, at the beauty, pageant direct aid for several years. I am said Albert Beauty pageant, since I don't do that anymore, but I was right in the pageant the afternoon. He disappeared that night, but she always had he thought school and he always helped the girls in the pageants with their maker, their hair in choosing guy on Sunday, Saw the treaty and as I was leaving, she and all the girls were there at the back as I was leaving. It was about six o clock this afternoon because I had at their date- and leaving a desktop and spoke with just a few minutes this Vienna. How are you in that sort of thing for hours really really surprised when I heard the news on Monday, Bitch
he was near things. What did you guys talk about when you talk to her? What did you guys say again pass hiring you today, it's good to see you and adding stay there more than five minutes out there, because I was on my way and I certainly would have stayed long and taught law. If I had known what was gone gone, happen, but nobody knew that you know where she go after the pageant water steered. It's that she had taught in times past now lives in Fitzgerald and longstanding he with his file for just a short while just visit and then left there and came to one of the principles houses which is of a couple of blocks for me for cookout. They were doing and understand. She left flare up, probably around in thirty eleven o clock that night, and it was evident that she got
how her car was tired. I believe she had taken off some of her clothing and so forth. So the monster that I've written from people- I told you- I didn't were heard that she went to a its house in between the pageant in the barbecue. I've heard that, in the talk around tie on that she went to the friends have in the short time is there any way to find out who that suit it was drawn. Like what his name was one. She had talk, good gracious in ten years or more go, and I'm really
I recall that was there in the mean time I'll drop rabbit, who she based didn't it stirabout ratify an arrow liquor. All did you give it please let me know his name will probably come to a member but I'll pay, and I don't remember but, like I say, pain, I hope you can can get some new information or come up with the workers and though her parents and I know her devastated, they. Were and had devastated, they steal law. We have no idea. What happened was that strategy You know we always feared is no perfect evident bid, one big, partly so far, no indication that could be there was sure to make a noble seem to think
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is our leads or any information that in a criminal investigation that lead you down rabbit how to nowhere in a member state. It was true in- and you still may be true, but we just don't have any information to take that Father, then it is right now right so really Eugene have to set it aside and let it go because otherwise it just be wasting time until you can get a further information to say is legitimate. You just have to refute it and that it would be very useful if it was true, would have to know the name how the individual so pretty much without their name. I had nothing Maurice four brought up another good boy. If you remember tear it did make one more stopped before the barbecue. That was. Confirmed she met her landlord Son Robert the curve of the road only for about fifteen minutes before heading over the barbecue was now
confusing this with some students. Vis journals just very possible that shit on vat rate robbers, but he's not a former stupid. Ok, a writ was not a former student of tears. Now they were by the same age ass. She got to reds around what time I would say a round on twenty minutes to aid the quarter day. She said The time gap is pretty small for that to happen. Yeah inside the whole time of this entire cases pudding narrow, what's the earliest terror could have left the pageant? You think I would say I would say seven fifteen. So does terrorist stopping at a student cells for a minute cell forfeits for the time line or is it still possible, ah well in unknown case, unsolved cases they, as with the twists and turns in it is useless, is possible, is probably not
It's really aspects where one had that name. There was really no further way to verify this ever actually happened. Even if I could prove was true, would it need to what happened. A terror. The term white I bet with bouncing around my head for a couple days and just like clockwork white rabbits were in my lap ban chile for you The regulations will make us more about it. You sure got any right, but there is a lot of gold he's here harmonizes within about here in an idyllic reports, I have answered another call, candy bars par with member states. You got a new invention. Obviously it's related Nobody'D involvement about it, not even our shock regarding information. Like did you be asked
allow me market live here, how boldly bravely one arabic dance like their God gave me a job to do, and I'm gonna Little is known and unknown bragging about deep analysis. I need the investigators first impression was that the whole student, was probably a white rabbit is, must I believe them through the investigative might have mine, just couldn't let it go that that we didn't have a name for this guy? He also- at the time I was really near. Over territory have gone anywhere else that night, but It is completely ruled it out detested myself, this time. The route the terror most likely took that night either way I figure to be useful information. I started that the Fitzgerald material. If the pageant from I let the theatre sorted driving towards asylum. Really to a cell
First, stop was Brett. Robert cells, which I found out, was only a couple blocks from the barbecue actually had to drive pass the house with a barbecue was held to get to read. How's the destination is on your right. Didn't just see, read at the curve of the road, likely that they had planned to meet there. Thirteen minutes and seven seconds ticket to red cells from the theatre, one in twenty two seconds to get back to the barbecue. Stop, which is a lot closer than I thought it was so after Let the pageant at seven fifteen droves nature, s house date for fifteen minutes. Then, when the barbecue should have easily arrived before some forty five. Assuming that all accounts of time are true should have at least fifteen minutes. There was no time for care to go somewhere else for quick. Think so was it likely? I dont know I decided to
the whole student theory arrest for now there were some other prominent figures in this case that I really needed to focus on. It's not about two weeks since a former beauty queen disappeared in Georgia. Thirty year old, high school teacher tat, Grinstead was last seen at a dinner party with friends and need a goddess joys. This morning, she's terrorist sister good morning, good morning, Hannah I'm sure this is just a terrible time for you and your family. Can you fill us in a bed on this story? Maybe reviewers will be able to help you out time? Your sister was saying was about eleven p M on October, twenty? Fourth, what it police find when they went to her home well, but and find a lot. The house was locked. Herself, was back in the char char. She always takes her cell phone with our everywhere chagos, her purse Edward. Things were missing, the car was but it was on law, which is very unusual. Terror always kept her car lot. Is there any chance she might have left under her own free will was someone that she knew. I think that's.
It started out and then something went very wrong after that. I dont know if it started out to be an abduction and she was just lured out of our home or she would was somebody and then something happened, I'm just not sure but when they feel like it is an abduction at this point, but these are really frustrated because they say they haven't come close yet to calling anyone to suspect, but they have questioned a couple of key people, one of them being a form boyfriend of your sisters? What can you tell us about him that broke out It's not like nine months ago. He has been question many times at length. They has obtained an attorney, they had had a very bad argument. I just found out several days before she went missing concerning eighteen year old that he was hiding, and my sister did not think that her parents would approve of a thirty year old, an eighteen year old. I was told that she thought in detail the parents and they had a very heated argument over this. Shortly after tear went missing the first major powers
The interest in this case was her ex boyfriend workers Harper. To get you up to speed on Marcus I'll. Have my friend rob He tells background His harbour was Tara's long term boyfriend of five years. They met eighteen ninety nine through mutual friend named John David Anderson. Around that time, Marcus was an officer Theo, Scylla, police department, more join the army. After the nine eleven attacks in two thousand one, he went on to become an army ranger and served in Iraq in CEPT. Or of two thousand five Marcus was still serving overseas, October. He returned home to a seller for three weeks more is in terrorist relationship, had become pretty rocky. At that point, and when Marcus arrived back home he didn't Altera. He was there was during those three weeks back at home and oh Scylla, that terror disappeared.
Marcus told Fox news commentator great events, Austrian, that terror had ended their relationship well before she went missing He said he felt a little rejected at first, but that we continue to be friends Harbour and the televised interview with Fox described is relationship with terror, as a commitment did not date, other people, he said But I was honest with her when I said I had no intention of marriage after they broke up, Marcus said in the interview that she was very rational and she told me that if she found out, I was dating someone he would commit suicide Atlanta, Georgia, nineteen, seventy nine! Are you scared yes, one by one kids are going missing, but no explanation of black thirteen year old male who lived in the same area where three other children have disappeared. There was a, life monster on the loose
Do you demanded answers in a city? Kids, get killed, Unfortunately, nobody cares Eighteen, eighty one, the F B, I was involved in the law just men, Hudson, U S history and eventually they put one. Man behind bars, but nearly forty years later, this cases look more questions than answers in what maybe it manners. Work is secret. I don't know they were. These aims deal in the pretty there's a up and vanished and health of works. You present in all new podcast Atlanta monster. Subscribe to Atlanta monster right now. One apple podcast be the first to hear it on January. Fifth, right away, Marcus did look very good, but despite everyone, suspicions whose very open cooperated with the investigation He also did several nationally televise interviews, the big thing to me was the timing. He was
overseas for several months. Then, when you come from those seller for three weeks tariff was originally disappears Marcus did have an alibi. However, the checked out pretty flawlessly but before we get into that there was one more person that really struck the interests. Investigators also questioned? Is a man who apparently stalked your sister was arrested a year ago? Is that right well actually happen? It was more like forty six months ago she had taught him when he was in the ninth grade. He had just recently ground why did I think They are after her and the boy friend broke up. He kind of solid window of opportunity. Although terror would never ever died a former state it and he was arrested, attempting to break in her house and she was at home at the time were students there was walking her then arrested for trying to break it her house red flag. Everywhere. This person's name Anthony vicars. He was the second person please were highly interested in the hole didn't thing. Had me from the gate go and I started.
Charging as much as I could do for you. On his background, fears again. Anthony vicars was a former student of terrorists who was engaged in some sort of relationship with her in the months prior to her disappearance shore after terror disappeared. And then he would speak briefly on the Nancy Grace and discussed their relationship over the phone. This was the only interview Anthony has ever done He said very few people knew about our relationship, there's probably three or four people that actually knew, and we that they would not talk at all. Well, we see each other, I would usually go over to her house would be the easiest thing to do. She would pick me then we would go over there and just hang out, you know, watch a movie or something that's kind We did it. Like to help. You know if you try to help a lot at times you just get scrutinised, aghast march 30th two thousand five about six months before terror went missing.
The police officers were despatched to tears house for disturbance com. They received report that someone was trying to break down the owners door The individual was Anthony figures. Based on the incident reporting Anthony, very agitated Easter. Cussing and shouting at some of the neighbors who were watching digging. He held so loud than a neighbor outside doing yard. Work about two blocks from terrorist house could hear shouting. The officers asked Anthony to keep quiet, but he refused to cooperate. It was then handcuffed and arrested and taken to the Urban County detention Centre I made an open records request with yourself police Department to obtain a copy The japanese arrest report, with all the was flying around this town. I live here, this incident myself, Chief Billy here not with your seller pity, was very helpful and getting
this information in the report Tierra had made a hand written statement of police, some of which said this he's behaviour was abnormal was very aggressive on this day. I was very care for my well being as well as you're about Anthony Anthony My privacy in my home for doing so when a raging in out of control manner, Anthony's statement seem to tell a different story. He claimed that actually getting in his car to leave. When the police arrived, screamed at him to step away from his vehicle. He also stated that an officer ran towards him, just chest bump was knocking him over and that you know once try to resist arrest according to tears. Friends and family, then his relationship with her with some sort of delusion or fantasy, but I wondered, if maybe with some truth to it I reached out, several times to Anthony for an interview, but no luck in the same for Marcus Harper tears Ex boyfriend. These two were very tight lipped about this case. And obviously I could totally see why
In the meantime, I was able to get a hold of somebody. His name is no, a Griffin tear for several years and worked very closely with her and all the pageants. I was just thankful. Somebody close to her was willing to talk to me we'll just amateur chair was driven. She was very determined to succeed at whatever she set out to do. I knew for TAT. She would never leave about it. She's, gonna run out and out another and asked no. She wouldn't do that. I want to say it: I'm not good right, but I want to say six months passed before I was ever questioned by the GPS. I told the gps. How did you know after the winner
asked it to a clock in the morning and not from her door, and she opened the door for me yeah. You know, and why was another says eight from the gate go when the GDR talk to me. They wanted to know if anybody has video. Take that path, that bad a body at the party that now that she went to the state when she lay out the two going home to watch the video of detention and access to this data heard. There was a video of that with you that it is just that one knowledge is hit me that a distant cousin of mine that dollar within the pageant- and he was to the leftovers up against the wall with a video camera. Could this be the pageant tape the terror was talking about and if it is done, They help us at all, regardless, if he still has it. I want to copy. This is a sad day there has been so much small town,
The latter did. The trees will never be no. I'm just I've just been constantly reckon membrane. There's not a dagger bad. Did she get one across my man in our power to relieve that day and that time and what should have happened there? You know there was a sight of terror that I didn't know. You was very well hidden if it was in fact true. I try not to believe that it was in a happy to talk another got, but other people say they sing dismissing that, while I didn't see it somebody to see it, I don't know what you're saying: what site are you talking about very free with man and one of them was a student?
and to be because I heard his mother casually say you the crowd one tab. Then she calmer clamour now he's didn't wounded. He is amply there Thank you guys for listening to episode to above and vanished the response episode. One warm was really awesome. I won't take everybody there is listening, asked my was cowboy cookie contest I'll, be announcing. The winner of their on my website up and vanished dot com just go to the site and click. Page called discussions on the top right employ. If you haven't already rate this Pike S, honor and leave a review that's a lie, and I would like to ask again
anybody who knows anything at all about Tara's disappearance to please come forward. Thank you see you next time.
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