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S1E20: Queensland


The investigation continues as Payne Lindsey uncovers new details and circles back to old evidence. 

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Hey guys if you haven't heard yet we just released two new plot cast called sworn hosted by defence attorney in urban vast contributor, Philip Holloway sworn they'd use our wins they June fourteenth and you can subscribe to it on Itunes right now. So, press pause and search for sworn in your Pakistan and check out the trailer and stay tuned at the end of the Epp, so for some more insight from Philip Holloway about the new pie cast subscribe, sworn now on Itunes and be the first to hear it a Wednesday June fourteenth. This episode of up and vanished contains explicit content that is not suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised. You have to separate the speculation for, something. The naturally has an origin for somebody supposedly witnessed some dinner was told something by somebody who had some involvement in something We heard a lot of noise in the beginning when Randy was arrested,
some of my dear dismissed out of hand because, in my view, there is no way that many people knew about it. There are now, I think at least twelve people knew about it. Deanna story, I've been told the tv as intervene at least one person involved in all this I'm sure probably then read all of em
more than forty gee. I Egypt, swarmed African Orchard and then get carry this happening around one dollar, two former students from that's under arrest, Wiki Anti Anti. Indeed, how serious bodily harm to the parsonage tear Grainsack charging Ryan Alexander do with the murder, tear breeze from tenderfoot tv and Industrious Atlanta up in bed, the investigation of Terror Grinstead and your host team Lindsey I've become emotionally attach the story, but every day my blighters on stay objective, The point of this plot was to find out what happened: it's here, Grinstead and now that we ve disco that something evil and heinous has happened. A terror by default. This podcast is now an advocate of justice for what the terror? I myself what the person or persons
possible for killing terror Grinstead in covering up her murder to pay for their actions. But this is not a witch hunt. This is not about seeking vengeance. This is about justice and finding the truth. This is about holding people accountable. Every person accused of a crime in our country we'll get to their data courtroom in their own chance to defend themselves? One of the most instrumental rules the media plays in America? Is transparency, checks and balances for years this has existed and in many cases throughout history, it serves as a catalyst for change in our society. Its help, shape us who we are ass, a nation, a nation that demands. Mobility for each other's actions. In all around us the different forms of media news reporting and the methods of getting and information to? You are constantly changing Inevitably, over the years, traditional media outlets had become a part of a giant industry. When this will by millions of dollars in one that's divide
by their own unique political views. Each with their own agenda in strategy. And for the new generation. This is now an era of heightened awareness, a new instinct now quest what your hearing and see all the time Carson, seeking journalism that is unbiased in this chain: happening. All around us has opened the door for people like me and you to challenge what we see in here to stand on their own two feet and have a voice of your own in right now a case of terror Grinstead. That's exactly up and vanished. Is it's a new form of media, its anew. Form of delivering information and, most importantly, its own voice, a voice that is bound to unwritten rules or standards, a voice that isn't filter shaped bigger agenda. A voice and scared, a stand alone in question the authority and will stop at nothing an attempt to find the truth. Not because the park ass is only me, I don't have a dog in the hunt. All I have on my conventions, is a person in my own moral compass
unadulterated, search for truth and for justice, jeweled only by passion, insincerity, In the way of reported, the story of terror, Grinstead has been what's evolution when I've talked to people like Brook, though dukes girlfriend these are one or one phone call That often last four hours, the furthest thing from a traditional interview setting and most of the time it's just a conversation between two people and because of this much more personable that I could have ever imagined. I found myself talking to people like they're, my friend or somewhat closer to me, not just the subject of an interview. One of my last phone calls a Brook Sheridan, after a heat about disagreements discussing both actions. The conversation went like this as someone who was very tough position. All right there in his dreams.
Used to feel that at this point in America, nothing really work How would you handle the backlash from all this I would tell my story and trust in the fact that you told the truth. That's all that matters. Where's heard any last bitumen now, really it you know We want an ironic. And our conversation to say the least, but at the end of the day, that's what it was. Just a real conversation between two people. The point I am making is in every single way, whether I've like it or not, my reporting case in our relationship to it is something completely different them
it was when I started this protest as I dig deeper for the truth, I become entwine with different people, created countless relationships that now extend far beyond the case of terror Grinstead, and it's all a balancing act of sting threw to myself. Keeping my way the others and always challenging what is out there is standing up, What I believe is right as a person so Listen to the rest of this podcast on unfold. Just remember. This is no you're, just a story to me. This is not a random coal case that I googled anymore. This is something much bigger and much more important to me No continue to see this as the last chapter, The story unfold. Several ports of both story, according to a brook told me, seemed stream. I ask Greece Gawain to give me his own analysis of Brooks phone calls with me and here's what stood out to him.
Are somehow she said that they were having a party at Bows house in rhombus. Dire kinda, roommate was Stephen, which is rather brother is why she said, and it was a football game where someone and she said that when other people they are passed out- and I assume from drinking is Win- ran to the drug and winning Kyoto era. But when they all pass out, that's when Rhine, Recompose truck and left. I believe this will one minute he didn't pick. The name out of a hat. And just choose that person there had to be something trawling, him any did just ran around the neighborhood
it just happened upon Tara. There was something that drew up straight from Fitzgerald two three hundred park street. He drove rushed right to the address. There were some that drew him to the address Her clothing was removed between their sandy and that Wednesday, at some time, their net a clause was removed for what purpose. What's your clothes remote that she was lying face up to that, She looked like bluish bruises around her neck tat. She did not have on Unclose could be for sexual purposes. Personnel sexual activity, did I can only assume because may view com destroy embody,
take it that far and bury it toss the clothing into a trash dump or somewhere like that, because they could easily be traced or found by someone when you try to all your best to try to destroy the body and hide it, but that's per I did on give wash you say was true about both lay under the body was Every Tom. He asked Ryan about it or talk to him about it. It was a look of shame. He was showing it wasn't like you know, last snap were it was a look of. Shame knows the motive behind terrorism, however, to keep himself out of prison and to live in
maritime he has to minimize is involvement which, Why has been going on with a narrative it has been sell. Em over the past months, He knows why terror was killed even RAM told bone details about the crime. We don't really know. If they are true, we don't know if one is true but when they are passed out, that's when Rhine have second, those truck how many people were there,
maybe that centre right. I don't believe the story about the gasped ass now ranch still boast, trust it travelled to facilitate chemotherapy and he used a credit card to get your home sleepers. Yes, cherished all was the answer. Dog with terror was home. If Rob like him to her house with a credit card, it not wish. Would sleep Dolly would have Bart with some one statement on the front porch. I am not convinced that ran gain entry to terrorist house using a plastic card. The porch lot was own Halloween Lass were own, IRAN would have
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audible dot com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p or tax up to five hundred five hundred. how'd it go no every detail about the crime, except for how Ryan kill Tierra or why Mulder in all the hours that I talked to book on the phone. She never said: the Ryan told BO what happened, but both did, however, no countless details about the crime where terrorist person keys were there. And use this truck, and even how Ryan got into her house with a credit card, but according to breathe,
but never knew. I Ryan did it because supposedly Ryan would never tell him. It was a complete grey area, a huge hole in the story. Those admitted to doing a very often heinous thing burning terrorists body, please. Number. The beau admitted this, so it's safe to assume that at least that part of the story is true. But to have so many holes and all the other important parts of the story leads me to believe. Be severely minimizing his role at the end of my last call with Brook she pointed out to me which that we're discrepancies in the states indictment against Ryan, Duke the indictment of is that right and Duke killed terror with his hand, singular every entered her home with the intent to commit a theft in ass part of our conversation? She told me that the indictment was different from what Ryan told bow. That's not what he come back when he fell back. Do you think you don't? I
I don't know about you remember when I told him how he acted. Everytime you asked about it, Remember what I told you about said? Her body was like that's. Why he's he's trying to he's not he's not say he is trying to ask? How do you know what you tell me? What happened I tell you he said because I know how unless the Earl, The only other person that wouldn't tell me, again exactly what he said. How are you
What did I tell you when I told you about the march on her mind, does not reflect this was after we had taught for hours, and she told me the Rhine, never told BO exactly what happened so ass to her again, Well, what did Ryan tell Bow wow know their rights and use the cord to get into your house held view that ran up, and so in the plaza. Why and tell him that with yourself and use the call to get her out what is really happening bag. She didn't really have an answer again, but I held on for a few more minutes. When rise, then he had put your tour to tear. It happened and I use the card begin to her door. Woody.
He had been there. I don't want you to pick up on some of the compensation that has thereby pretty big deal like hey, I'm looking to help with this card. Why did you go there or what were you doing? So? Hardly comprehensive did the great over. This is real. Don't you read this period? It is very weird, to be honest, a lot of a book told me was weird. She seemed to tell me things a little bit differently each time she told me something, for example, asked her about her relationship with both the first. She told me this mariner were broken up and can help me Then the second time, like I told you before Now, when I found out, we were still together. We broke up shortly thereafter in the third time a couple weeks.
Guess cowboy fighter Balin I broke up after these phone calls Brook which CBS show forty eight hours the Arusha. Interview clip with Brook and then the the morning show reacted. Then she still whipping. That's what I will bow did confess he told his deep dark secret and that led to Ryan's arrest and yes, they are still together so which one was it I was trying to over analyze everything, but one more thing fleece it out to me after they all out. In an apparently that phone line had taken her car and done whatever he did. To this day But I cannot tell you around my boy. Money. Apparently that had taken her car She Ryan had taken her car as in terror. Remember terrorists, car had muddle. The tyres in the driver's seat was pushed back. Was this just a word slip or two conflicting stories?
what she said was when they all passed out. That's when ran had taken her car and done whatever he this either to things she energetic her car to purposely mislead or she let slip out new information if it is true about her car is that puts a new twist on the original narrative that RON took most truck without permission and travel to Esila Hill Tara. The big problem that she's creating for yourself is that by saying different things to different people at different times is it shows the jury that she's capable of talking out of both sides of your mouth. It really gives a good defense attorney a lot to deal with
cross examination to show that she's not a credible witness to show that the things that she says should not be believed by this jury and at the end of the day, this trial is really about reasonable doubt and if her multiple prior inconsistent statements are sufficient to give rise to reasonable doubt, that's really all it takes for the delay, to get a not guilty verdict every time she makes a statement to anybody, whether it's too, Vision network news to a friend Thirdly, member to anybody at all. Really, if she says anything different on the witness stand, they can use those prior inconsistent statements against her to basically you let the jury know that she is not to be believed, is classic impeachment of a witness, has done
by a skilful cross examiner when their intention is to raise reasonable down in defence of their clients. Oftentimes witnesses talk to different people and they forget exactly what they said to one person and they say it to another person. Another way, and even a slight difference can give rise to a big question about the witnesses credibility. She really is playing with fire by making multiple prior ecosystem statements, because play defense attorneys really going to be able to dig into her on cross examination and if it rises to the level of reasonable doubt, then guess what the defendant is found not guilty. Anytime of witness sets foot in a witness by anytime a witness witness chair their credibility immediately becomes an issue in the case and if they ve made prior inconsistent statements, then a skilled
examiner, can bring that out and show a jury that hey this person doesn't remember what they said from one time to the next there talking out of both sides of their mouth. At the same time, you can't believe them it's classic cross examination, and I would expect nothing less. If she's a witness in this case, yeah. The new year is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve
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slash cadence If those meeting certain parts of the story- the Messiah Ryan Duke himself, who can know what really happened that night after supper, months of research? I think I may have found these for that question. It's a long story and it all started back in order. The two thousand, sixteen right after I posted the very first episode. Was given a name by someone, a name? I don't. Comfortable mentioning yet, but a name. Eventually led me to a picture of eight boys in the back of a black pickup truck. This unnamed person, who I will call Jim Deal, was in this. You're two amongst seven other boys. I sat and stared at this point,
for several times during the month of August, but ass for its significance, I was absolutely clueless, but then a few months later, I learned from Maurice Godwin the infamous story of the suicide note. A story that, to this day, has always perplexed me. To refresh your memory back an episode. Seven Reese told me. The story of a kid who committed suicide in Knoxville Tennessee that I'm going to pay you something now and two thousand and ten, this individual, he drove to Knoxville Tennessee and he got in the praying position and he shot himself in the head and killed his xpro2 letter. He said that he could not live with himself anymore, that he knew what happened to Tara. He was threat
and he saw something that he shouldn't have seen their sights on to their you're. Not gonna, go meet your maker lie in the letter he lifted. Twelve in Tibet George names. They were all on one and two or three graduates american game, but each one these individuals needed rather than the name and the person riding a person right straight out. Could he have said here are twelve people? Hopefully one of them will tell you it. In my opinion, this is big. Maurice, eventually landed upon the full list of names. On that suicide. Note on that list was Jim The same name, they have led me to this picture in the first place, so now I had two reasons to hold onto this picture, but only two after the arrest of Ryan and Beau. Did all the pieces begin to fall into place among those boys in the picture right there in the middle
was twenty one year old, both dukes with his armor, Round Jim Deal now. This have my full attention. Since stories of a party at on the peak. In order begin to surface, I shifted my tension back towards this picture. Was this. Seventy eight guys that broke was talking about how many people were there. Maybe that some right, so I kept digging and I kept finding more and more pictures often seem I'm period of late, two thousand five and all the same exact guys in the pictures. This was the click that boat dukes hung out with, on a regular basis, and often times at parties out there on the orchard. So what's the point, the point is that Brooke told me there were people out there in the orchard that night, the night Boo claims Ryan snuck off on his truck broke into Tara's house and murder,
completely undetected. It wasn't just Ryan Dukes roommates. It did notice him leave that night. It was also the Seventy eight guys, too likely the same. Seventy eight guys in this picture staring at right now and what about this party that was rumored do have happened. The following weakened, one of those army bodies told me, that, in the version of the story he was told but was burning, tears, body out on the orchard, at a party with people around again likely the same people that are in this picture. The question is it they know what is happening at the time or we're. Bowen Ryan, destroying tears remains right there in plain sight, and they were just none. The wiser the bottom line is that either way there is now more people to talk to more people that may possess the information we need to fill up, all the gaping holes and Bo Duke story. My gut told me that more of the truth lies in the picture of those
boys, the eight boys were out in the orchard. The night terror was murdered in the same people who were like their when Nolan Ryan, we're still destroying her remains in the fire. The following weakened to disprove. Validate any of this I had to start with some of the basic elements of the story, literally was after Ryan Dukes arrest. A few months ago, I got a call from someone I play a part of it, call for you in episode. Fifteen. You might remember me the day here. Did you call me as she says, the big story Do you know about this ten years ago yeah. I said that his name name had never appeared on their right on that is not accurate. He has been questioned the tv,
have the exact scenario that played out two weeks after tear to spear. This group of people had engaged in quite a bit for bad behavior of the year and they were used to cover each other the way. This all ties together if the story that local law enforcement receive additive back in two thousand five research, a peak on orchard is true. There has been some serious credence to the story. Dylan, Ryan, destroying tears remains the next week in a fire with numerous people around Billy hang on very well. I may I gotta know really. Allow me really want. No mom had never been waiting
that leaves county deputy Menu, Catalan Mega Video games and they went on what they did look round and began. A further either Ryan Bow, or both of them had mentioned two friends at a party. I want the orchard one week later, but they killed terror in some They taught took a serious enough to inform local law enforcement and Ryan. Was then interviewed in circles cut it out in the orchard. If law enforcement did in fact perform a search on the there would almost certainly have to be a record of his somewhere right, Cypher starting with the basics, to the oh, so star, with dusty vassiki, to look through the old newspaper archives. Dusty mentioned to me that you recalled asserts that was performed back in two thousand five by local law enforcement.
That took place in an area near Fitzgerald called Queensland, and he believed that it might be related, but every went missing. There were several. Articles about search is conducted by early county, sheriffs, deportment deputies, Morgan and Nelson Pork recited officers in charge after a few more lives to the archive I found. What does she was talking about? that could have been. The original search is that the airline companies are often said had been upheld, but wherein Vinho County. Queensland was an unofficial district near Fitzgerald, but does he didn't know exactly where it was so we decided to ride out to the gon orchard ourselves If Google MAPS could help us find Queensland.
It was almost midnight at the time There was not a single street lie on the road. Senator was creepy, complete understatement oh my god, This is super. Made a really is here. I pulled out: Google MAPS and search for Queensland in reference where we were according to the pin drop. That's planes
You are basically right on top of it ass. It was nothing completely definitive it was plausible that the articles referencing searching Queensland, where, in fact, right here on the peak on a larger. After dusty, and I got back to those who store. He began to not to me a little about what he had learned about the local law enforcement search, something he hasn't been very comfortable talking about when we invest France. He follows the case and thank you would consider yourself real and he tries to like stay very grounded with his ideas. You no sacred. He tries to comes Razor defined. The simplest explanation he said Why don't you write a blog post about how the craziest stories show how crazy the things are out there and I said Daniel. I don't know that Easy stories are true and early,
feel that way I mean, I hope they're not. I hope it's something simple, but the simple stories that I've heard don't make sense and you have to separate the spectre. Ocean from something the nicely has an origin for somebody supposedly witnessed some dinner was told something by somebody who had some involvement and something we heard a lot of sorts, I said again and again when Randy was arrested and Some of my dear dismissed out of hand because of my well there's no way that many people knew about it but right now, I think at least twelve people knew about it, but, worse off, several, When you, whatever it, was born Rodney Southern about it most, two people from my so he said a cousin, he said his wife run and his partner That seven people there, for
People, I know, came forward with a tip to law enforcement. Two thousand five! So that's another s. Eleven have told the two people who to a dutch people. They do not want to go there, and why is that? I would assume some fear. Fear of of law enforcement of you, know possible retaliation. I dont know that there would be. Another thing is, even though I think the people the came forward, the Tipp did the right thing. I think there be people that might would blame them for not say and more, even though I think did the right. They did. What what you're supposed to do? The story is that I guy was told I believe he overheard ran say somethin any came forward to some friends and they came for to local law enforcement and said a yawning to check out this big in order
and I do believe rendezvous name was said specifically through that- actually. But they were not insert the began order and invaluable now deeply counter the one in us and north of history, the one where they were two gb. I was certain to much GB additives, historic I've been told the dvr, as interviewed at least one person involved now. This, I'm sure, probably then read all of em. Now, don't they do about new back in two thousand five, every at a communication from two thousand six? Where so many talks about it said what happened mentions Randy, nay, I cannot more firmly believe that it is true that at least for now.
To add even more confirmation to the mix, I received a call from someone inside law enforcement, whose voice has been altered in also had knowledge of this My father got it What about you? I got a bad a big bang Pretty dark about eleven years ago gave a playing. There was an arbitration body, What they got me I was digging in order, then I beg to differ They are either because one of you can also there was nothing to three criminal body.
I'll go three hours, and even large, by welcoming basically about her What did not appear oh get a higher and near Stout Dublin. Many a time long at all and would add after day was completed. They re just talk about it, However, my word yet again a junk instead Programme I like it the evidence of the search
was piling up, which only may my suspicions of the eight boys that picture even stronger theirs is way too many people to know so little Try to reach out to these boys to hear their story. I was shut out. They would block me on Facebook, nor my calls, but eventually a more distant friend of these boys decided to open up with me and tell me what he knew. You told me about a friend of his that had told him the same story of hearing about there is murder at a party out there in the orchard. A week later, actually saw this guy knows Scylla the gas station on the day of raw. And dukes arrest any minute, again, there was a day later, data
he was talking in the seller, is like a volume of bone from others will do your dad. We burner suddenly nature from, I told you to pursue. No baby, I want to go over the other. He was really friends without eleven. We can be seen in this light. It is telling me, don't kill nobody wanna see my name in it. Three two one. The name I censored is Jim Deal, the guy from the picture of the eight boys with his arm around the one whose name was on the suicide note this longer felt like a white rabbit, they listening guys
Episode was made him recorded and industrious Atlanta plus city market check them out and industrious office dot com slash vanished for two hundred fifty dollar disk on all the space. Today's episode was mixed, mastered by resonate recordings. If you want to improve the court, leave your podcast or sort of pockets of your own go to resonate recordings dot com you get your first episode produced for free, the concept of sworn was really born. Out of the question and answer session then began the time of the arrests. It was apparent that Lotta people really wanted to know more about the way the criminal justice system really works, and this is a great opportunity to develop. That interest and to help people understand what I live and breathe on a daily basis. Can't say enough: how
excited. I am to bring this part of my life to the listening public, swore will they be with a two part Series Premier June we're teeth. Here's a sneak peak, will cover your boy? Do you were appointed man, quietly. No every human being why that's just the details of it were? We know enough this couple that in this case community a wealthy couple with no paired enemies or anything that been brutally murdered.
What's he looked more into it and found it more details, its became more and more of a mystery this is the Dorman rest Carolyn drive in great waters, section of Runnels plantation beer, impertinent canny out like oh Oconee, we use this with other law enforcement agencies. Only. This has never been shown to the public, the Kapital, Action is a rare murder and America. What that letter and I saw the body there and then I didn't see the head. I was scared. But I was going to sit near three years later, not knowing who did this the gorge raincoat said many years ago, that the office of fear of carries with it the duty to preserve the peace, but tat allows persons property pale. For the people of Afghanistan is now that your duty,
I'm not some hard city police officers that has the authority to do so. Modestly patrolman, that has the authority to do something old, public roadway. The sheer with the duty to protect this commit. Where's your left hand on the day of viable and raise your right hand and repeat after me, you solemnly swear Argus an ant around the country makes no sense judge. You are the last line of reasoning. Everyone can also offers numerous orange upholds constitution
thanks for listening to the sneak peak of our new plaque, has called sworn subscribe. This war now on Apple pie CAS the first to hear it on Wednesday. In fourteenth.
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