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S1E24: Black Out - Part 2


Part 2 of 2: After 2 years investigating and bringing weekly updates on the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, Up and Vanished Season 1 is coming to a close. Payne Lindsey takes it back to the beginning, bringing the case full circle, and uncovers a new theory in the process.

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Do do the a while back I was at the store with dusty vassiki any share with me. New information. He heard a nurse a friend of mine, contacted me and told me that a nurse and Iceland model they. Multiple people tell me the story, but this for the first time I heard it was a friend told me that a nurse head.
Spoke to Ryan I've since learned he was having blood drawn and she knew him separately from. I guess before all this happened in ass. You know what happened and He said apparently, that she did not die then she was not did she died with you. She was not murdered this. She died. Delay from an overdose now, obviously hard to believe, because the she didn't even drink enough what will they will tell me that she never ever do so the idea that she was doing drugs at a party which, apparently you that's what ran said. I believe first really begin orchard. Now I don't know what begin orchard but obviously model they will have have contacted me out. I believe that the conversation happened on this road believed that the
the story that was told us trade on an assembly that I believe that that is the story ran, told or at least close to it, just don't believe that deafness surgery did no matter how I try to frame the story or how? What which way try to look at it. This problem, there there is some flaw. Its You no apparent couldn't one story of heard. You know he is was messed up. The whole time And the situation with the hard journal I need you know it. Do not come to your senses cyber up some day. You know that its? It didn't happen in the house or of problems for the bad there's problems with everything I hear. I haven't heard one theory that the decision to gather like like a lego will the indictments a very vague and there's debt, used his hand and to me, because I've heard where the shore I believe it
IRAN has said that he hid her. That's multiple stories of said that and from what bow spoke seems to be tat, saying? Is that at least one conversation haze, firstly, said that he's dead bronze order well, which when was it, must be clear about some things: tear it didn't do drugs, tear it didn't even drink. How could any of this be true, even if Ryan did say these things to a nurse. How could he be trusted after all, Jill for murder propose any other scenario of her death, but obviously being best interest. A few weeks later, heard the story again this time from someone different Maurice guy when talk to somebody learn how many seconds but before I guess I'll see you somethin on and said that, while he was there, he had told a friend the bears his burden of the story of what,
happen during the first one and then letting go story, because I wanted to see what he did say before I say anything he arm. Then he gave me the providers, she. Basically, she basically she's dead. You write what the hell out of a single Ryan or in the valley then here IRAN and be thanking him told her they're here all day and see was set at first. She was this alcohol inserted put her in. Her heart this name until today. Ah you have her in his trunk and western, they continued their against drain party, However, I wonder when they went on her bed down in it.
What are they hid her body in a year and then later when he did say that wine drive, you call her car back in both picked him up, and wine told her that the goal of boys, you wanting a good point out years, I made a comment seated parts. There could be no one problem that I have heard this story here that most of the time, one, a prisoner or someone is in jail. I guess I How about a new made whatever instead reported anywhere. They have a guard with them and are concerned what we need is a recipe for about very seriously that everyone who gave him a wall. What I see now provided the mail but eventually a female. I would imagine that in iraq- and he would have said very quickly- there are very closely related to the guard was at the door
What are you have been a worker pretty much wavering ran the information was interesting briskly the unverifiable? For all we know, Ryan do didn't even say that in it one of those white ravaged I've been chasing since day, one in this case so I said all this aside, based on solid information obtained straight from the sources, one, and then I could never figure out in this case was one Bowen Ryan lived during this The tear went missing. It's easy to whom the based on all the stories you ve heard. Born Ryan live on the peak on orchard. Well, they didn't not only that, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Not a single friend of Bowen, Ryan or Brook herself, could clarify where they lived. Why was that? Even a search through property wreckers turned up Absolutely nothing brook. Now that there were seventy, eight people at their house in the night tear went missing. She said the guys drinking. Eventually they all left in the bow was asleep.
When Ryan, allegedly stolen truck and drove the tears house, because normally boys would ever talk to me. Be certain. Who else was there that night or any knight for that matter? I can do go off the facts, pictures old. Myspace accounts reveal very clear: who is in his friend circle. It was the same guys everywhere I looked in the more people What you on the outer circle, this friend group, the more Information I began to receive a few episodes back, What did I recently received? Threats and nasty? else from locals. This is true. Georgia, this anger stemmed. From having mentioned this group of friends on the Pike S mind you, not by name but literally ass, the words group of friends, the rest of the dots people connected on their own, but just so we're clear. I'm not saying these guys did anything or even knew anything for that matter. I've been all count was rumours and theories about nearly every person in this case, including this friend group. There are fewer broadcasts, anything without vetting it, We ve learned from the horses mouth. Let us
was conducted on its peak and orchard. Just too much frontier went missing all based on a tip their Ryan. You at a party one night that he killed terror Giving born Ryan's friends the benefit of the doubt. Let's say that only one person heard that it may be that person alone went to law enforcement with the tip is probable, maybe even likely it may He wasn't a close friend, but somebody didn't hang out that often and just happened to be there that night. All these things are possible based on the limited information I have, I can't rule it in or out and as I've two round for the answer. I've been shut out repeatedly and harassed. But nasty emails and messages. This seems so disproportionate unless you did anything. What? If Marcus Harper, come out of the what works in the very beginning bombarding, with angry words before I and set his name, there would be a red flag. Would it not I'm telling you all this to give you some perspective and, though I will do my best to call things how I see it another, regardless why anyone is doing anything in this case. This is,
highly emotional experience for everyone to says disappearance his home, the town of a silver over a decade. It remained open wound, and when I came into the picture in some ways? It's like a ripped off the bandaid select. Clearly understand why some of you, what I'm doing negatively but I also know that one day people will see clearly again and look. Back on everything that happened in learn from it before it sidetracked. I want to bring you back to my main point I have an interview with one of the friends in the circle and I've had it. For months this person was very reluctant to meet, but he felt compelled to clear the air. I recorded this interview with his permission but per his request. But using his real voice in his name we remain anonymous for in this clip not to hear his voice has been written? by someone else, but my The conversation has remained the same. This is a verbal copy of our real record, Conversation When did you first here about what happened to her?
you mean about this parents Bower laughter. We gotta think ten days before pressure, lace and checked my voice, my own, it was a J B eyes and ask in nor She won't he want to meet up this me and talk. So I called him back and told him. That's fine!. As they will whenever they Susie was ready and we actually we met in this room. And I came out here that next morning, in nets first thing had. I don't think I could wait before the garden door. I was like. Can you up Please tell me what this is about. First, when you say it well, we got to do with a homicide. Investigation knows. Well. Let me mention noted the tire terror case. So that was now was a day for a press release.
So from the moment. I was interviewed by them. Well, they didn't start to the day after I guess, but no you announce it. There was gonna, be a press release. In autumn roamer start a fly in the names were coming up. There Why do I talk to you somebody else it tell the interview that said that our supposedly new sound in war, I was wondering party issue where Suppose I wore bragging about it, nay, nay, were braggin but saying they knew what happened to her about later, went back and looked in finally figured out weakened party supposedly happen. Actually Jack's bill to Georgia floored again this morning. Jackie, Spry out was very shock, and It's just that. I don't know how to describe it. I mean to guys that I once considered friends of mine- or you know, still do
Lace wanted them nurse still. You know considered a friend. Are they in Nepal cast or heard a couple different places? It ran these just not that tab person and bow neither am I. Or else different personalities bow is, I don't know he's not. Despite what play who was heard. People say when he's not A person may need not a crazy psychopath killer. I mean- It is just not he's just now. I know a man, I know we, he ate that not dying here. Well have driven them to do this lacks did earlier, only seen sack make of it only saying it will make, If may use it to some sort of accident Acheson
Don't do you want to do in that kind of hormone paupers, never work the expected it ever was complete. Shop when their names were released, Minos in the balcony press release. And when they said, runs, nay, mouselike, there's no fuckin way. I don't believe it. There's more to theirs, Gatt residues and more to go well monsieur le, more people lol but more to an embargo, gone wrong because bullshit and if that turns out they true I may now will be. I will be shocked. They are still might not believe it because I may not just That's not now that does not make sense. Like aside, I could decide the almost thing net the scenario that I've been, I think that makes It to me. Was. There were some kind of accident down Rome. You know, but
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even six months after Ryan Dukes arrest. It still feels like we know little to nothing about. We all learned our fair share about BO dukes mostly thinks to himself, but because, when I lived it much more quiet life and can't roll the discussion boards from inside jail, you remains a mystery. I reached out several times the members of the Duke family, but I never got a response until a few weeks ago. Action If you messages on Facebook with Ryan's mom for about a week or so she, To do an interview, but under on condition that dusty vastly comes with me. She a day in time to meet with us, and she gave me your address. All I had to do now is get dusty on board, which I knew he would be. I talk to Ryan Dukes mom. Yesterday, and she said that she wants to meet me on
Saturday at one o clock, but she wants you to come to look a lot. I noted that you could buy one d like fair via fear that you wouldn't not do that. But yes, I wanted to make that was cool but she's down to me, Adam at their house, and she gave an address just gotten sick about a month ago. One day, The blue? You woke up in his voice was almost highly gone, he could barely speak here. Grinstead investigation has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone and dusty, especially she too someone has been reporting on this case on a regular basis, but dusting I have had to vastly different experiences I have and always will be an outsider of this community other, My grandma, I have no family ties, are close friends in the area, but dusty lives here. What is his home, so his approach and the waste Beckett, his daily life is completely different than me on the June the issue of those so star, dusty road and
call titled. I lost my voice. In my opinion, it is best Oracle. Yet the opens. The article by saying I lost my voice. It's been guy nearly two weeks. Now some worrying. It may be permanent. Maybe that's a good thing if it will stop me from being recorded. Seeing some of the things I said in last week's episode of up and vanished. He goes on to say I reckon I want my voice in more ways than one the truth at any cost. Is not my motto, but many people seem to adopted that motto in the online community devoted to this case. They should not be looked as an indictment of the pack has, though I think pain is helpless. Understand this case. There's been all of us for a very long time, and I think there is more good. Like ass may yet do but is kind of like if someone fishing with dynamite. I respect that he catches all those fish. What the heck of eating them. But personally, I prefer fishing with a cork where the fish bite when they want.
Some gonna get in another boat of all the people. I've met throughout this podcast. No one is supported me more than dusty vassiki. Over the past year we built a friend. A real friendship, one that will live on for a lifetime after the black ass, is over he's one of the kind of human beings I've ever met and he's one of the most tactful Well spoken journalists. I've ever encountered dusty agreed to go away me for the interview with Ryan Dukes mom. But on the morning of he message me with some frightening news. Dixon have worsened overnight, to give immediate medical treatment with that being said, I wanna take this moment. I ask you to keep dusty vaccine your thoughts and prayers this matter race me from the moment I stepped put an ermine county and if it weren't for him, I don't think I could have made this podcast at all Ryan do live in an area called pleasure lake about fifteen minutes outside downtown o Scylla. The lake itself is actually a swamp en route to Pleasure League
the minutes of travelling down Tipton Highway the terrain. The change rapidly. I was nervous this time. I was going to do this alone. Starting route to pleasure leg
I arrived at a small house. I send the cor for a few minutes gather my thoughts Whenever the questions I wanted to ask for a dozen times, but in this moment my mind was blank. I was greeted. Ryan's mom Karen his younger, the James and for dogs without the presence of dusty
there there a little uneasy, but after a few minutes we sat down at the table, we began to talk. What do you want people the world about. That is not the person that is being portrayed be, and is can't move in person. May I thank you, boys. He wants to treat. Everybody else ages. It comes down to it. One day, whether it for better or worse, we find out what will happen. What I saw you know
finally know more about. There is and and and no better romantic. Flower view times. I did, you know seen with a girl a lot of time. She'd have candles made overran room, no longer let us any breaker with that a faded in we say a toy was they was down about it Setting new sad by economic good. You don't want to see the bayonet reminded personally time. You do you say some nevermind, gentlemen. You know Mr Santer, You know illness. And what does seem like the same sand, You weren't much talker.
Stuff out there. You know many was going through something you want to be alone. You told me one time that you have to understand the way he is he's just a sad. New every well, what I mean by that is is attributed to the Our searched cvs, girls greatly, when you're done. Yes, you do there and just brings you Further down, he did and still at times, struggle with depressed, and anxiety, looking at it No, I can't
They ran a lot of people because literally panic tat was always like that just developed over time, because heaps Hurry Moscow I mean: Allow me is popular. You know we had a lot of friends. I can't believe they did is one night there able break into her eyes. And you are. And he's never got any does it make any sense at all. It's just not the type of person, but in there tell me that well he's just Besides, he's gonna break in two of our people school teachers. Tiles.
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take me back to when this all started about six months ago. Whenever she was rigged out how to proceed. They came out here. older than the order there, and and I realized tat. There was no one on course. I was there and. They really have much to say: may they said they would come and talk to me at the very top wrong, yeah, they want Hampshire, come to play station They said they had some questions for wine and, that out and well. We didn't have a license. I would bring up there tomorrow and much more
Wednesday. And so check him out there, the tomorrow here this is too late for Christmas. Yeah I mean I just said they had This forum will take very long. And then they came out in a volkswagen in the lobby. Guiding said you know what I'd better men? It would be right back. I didn't I but man it then they came and about what was it twenty
Without minutes later they murder wouldn't use. No reason why this first keep your mouth shut. Try to avoid any media, let them do their job in and that was evidently this website back in. The first day at fifteen minutes, and then God, what's it right up there to know a lot more So when did you last year with Ryan? Why do you ask what shall we say? What was that about? Oh yeah, of course, asking one was about. They said I wanted to ask you some questions about terror and
So why are they want to ask you something and he did not in a similar way We thank empowered somethin. You know like everybody s over the years, and so that's what we figured it was, in one simple question eyes, engage you kill. Said: no man did not No, I didn't ask you must do you know you did. And he said no That was good enough for me. Soldiers of absolutely do and he was scared. You mean scared. Normal people, United GPS, coming out here
we're just so out of the blue and Do you remember that begin is investing backing over, for you Where around that I'm, I was in tears enters class. Nation went missing. School that mornin everybody was written because she wasn't there. Nobody From but is far the weak Ngos and what I did I know flew and I play football It's really had a football game that not next Normally hung out with my friends I didn't really see round a whole lot. Weekends unless you hadn't nothin to do. He invited me over for a football game or something like that I was normally would my friends and I will get the day. Monday went schooling,
You didn't show up, the timeframe is very much more. I can remember where you rightly it fits tonight. The driver was friends remember here, for Stephen IRAN live here for it had moved because they gather job our four somewhere if I know exactly where they made their house, but if mistaken when they live in a trailer almost outside Jerome Atwater Sunfish tomorrow, but it's gonna categories of ass little house it is now time, will tell you something here
I believe that the three zone some mayor mag about Antonio was right of all. Their idea was deserve teams for those involved. I heard that you know you got a blight now. You know and something happen and then we'll get the next day both tell anymore I mean you don't nursing happy do this and will be good, but in a body whose ever like that for has no way to know what you know. I've cities aids
many times very regular, say all the time, but if he got a hard one life where he would, who knows what they do, what they mean to you know anybody up, hopefully bettering due to be openly, but how do you feel about the loss of terror? What may happen to this? This, outside of everything else. Yes, he's trading is unbelievable, really well like I said, I was in her class when, when all that happened at an event that a lot of my friends invaded make receives my teacher, I knew very well. I wasn't it in that time donor known year talk to her and then I was in her class, but that's great Jeter, you know, so it is To me still is I can for the love me,
Imagine what her family is going through, going through a lot of course, but I can imagine What am I gonna do the things that are arrived Currently a letter, the things I said, and there was some I feel like. I have one man to your now mayor of achievement live in for, over eleven years now, and now I'm right in the middle of it. And I don't know how I don't know how she I don't know how she deals with it, and I think That's a lot of his death, the boughs saying that people live They forget that terror was debate let's talk like any more victims added the You know it's bad enough already
so that's were, in truth, comes in some some family name. They deserve true. The other day you son,. I feel like IRAN, haze involvement whatever Maybe he needs to be punished, definitely definitely most definitely if he had any involvement whatsoever and it needs to be held again before I think Are you sure about anybody, the symbolic in it? So what do you want. What I want, I want somebody truth.
Closure in know, Sarah's, family tears, family or friends it listening. What want to know about your family? what one on the night, I'm very sorry for what happened with terror. I really am and another We don't want to hear that. I don't IRAN in it. Because they are only other ended there. You know that guy GPS go in. We regarding know what to say, While there. Other than this. Believe my son did it. I just don't believe it that
some way. Somehow the truth will come out for everybody. Everybody say confirming that history is spent too until all ready to consider if any involvement This is due to be held accountable and was whores. There's family goes said, truly, cannot imagine what they ve had go through and I wouldn't. In a dream that happen in anybody I'm really sorry. I had to do with this and I even more sorry run the thing to do. I agree with Someone is, if brought in,
you do with it. Yeah he to base tat. I I had my real failures by those in every other self. Listen, I wasn't size. He's scared, the divine in this way collapsed and when I got em blue backer back against a coward. There was no damage done to his feet, so we a permanent nerve damage nets, wise weapon, campaigns. They never did say, but
Oh yeah, listen and whose lives remains vigilant, laughed no blood money through just not be enacted. A government is organ failures, organs shutting down and they transferred into Douglas, and Labour has gained shut down and realise that the other stopped drinking. You name it in and started taken with medicine like issued. Dialysis do sound eyes, yeah and then we had to go away like that, I got it
He responded to it, but I told him then that he was gonna. Stop drinking. There is gives them. The library his kidneys we're shit now in Kosovo. That's what I said in the Douglas and once they got is labor in his guineas back going it alone dialysis in hospital for some on how this help now as it requires it, set sail. Is gotten better in its However, it off He's gabbler pressure was arrested. Was I was itself Because only suffer from chronic ages from his feet, You know, and I haven't circulation like issued and. Nor is constant
she's got a blood pressure. Is labor guineas. You know they were you still here now they're, not is good and what should be done pretty good at taking care of herself for the most? After all it to have happened, drones who's going to shut down in realising the other, stop drinking your name, ideas and started, taking the medicine like issued knows, wise using a lot and what was worse than they were
We don't believe he did this and we're have supporting more binding one hundred percent rule. Do we respond within this as much as we stand with aviation do with it, then we wanted punished, decided and we also justice for terror to whoever them is to be brought to justice this. So they know exactly what happened and this is what it all boils down to. Who knows that they do closer and that this is over for them and then that they got the right man, men, whoever's involved. We all want the same thing Fran
know something then yeah he's come forward and say so, but you know in the same since he's got to be help for what he done of the many questions I had about Ryan, some of them. Answered one of them being we're right, in both live at the time in a little house across from a gas station called tailors like that, of us. Rhine, dukes family seem to have little to no inclination of how long this might take it's been six This room was arrested, but a trial or please, seem nowhere in sight. I asked.
Apology for his thoughts on this in the future of this case. What's gonna happen. Next and more importantly, when the first thing that I want to think of- and I want everybody to remember- and hopefully they will is that An innocent person lost her life and she lost her life in the most sensible. Sort of away, and for undoubtedly a senseless reason when we first learned of the arrest of Ryan, Duke in connection with terrorists murder. I would bet my last night, or that there was not gonna be a trial in the case that certainly some kind of pleading would be reached in some hasty resolution of this would take place in the courtroom and the case would be closed and everybody could victory but ass. We learn more about the case. I'm not quite
Certain, as I was in the beginning that there will be a swift pleaded in this case, and I guess it sort of fifty fifty with me as to whether or not there actually will be a trial. But I'm leaving more more that way. The more I think about the case and the more I think about what we ve learned really is now going to be a big hurry to have a trial, because there's only three possible sentences. One is the death. The next worse is life without parole and the The other remaining possible penalty for someone convicted of murder is life in prison with the possibility of pearl, so, unless there is some sort of a really sweet deal that Ryan's offered, it makes sense to try to do everything they can from the defence sad to protect his rights, which include a right to a trial and to avoid a conviction that but the defences job is every member of society. Has an interest?
and seeing that justice is not delayed, but primarily the right to a speedy trial belongs to the accused. Like any other right. This right can be waived. I hope that the b, I didn't blow it back in two thousand and five and let the statute of limitations start to run as pertains to state of Georgia versus BO dukes. I think this case is a textbook example that highlights the problems that exist in the criminal justice system all too often the left hand doesn't know what the right hands doing, evil really does exist in this world monsters are real. When vanish changed. My life is affected the lives of hundreds of people, its brought truth. It's exposed secrets most of all its share with the world. The story of an inch Annabelle person named, Tear Grinstead it's hard to find a good news story like this I think the underneath all the wise deceit and the heinous taking someone's life, there's something
Can all learn from this paragraph says: disappearance hadn't downing ripple effect touching the lives. People all across the world, she was a beautiful person whose life in dreams were taken in the decade of searching for Ruth revealed many dark secrets about the town she lived in, enforce people, including myself, to look in the mirror. I want Thank all those who have listened to tear Grinstead story, and I am honoured to have had the it was to share with you my terror Grinstead rest in peace made those responsible face the consequences we, the greens, that fact we hear it. May this community and South Georgia become whole again as tough as it is, is tat. Let the justice system run its course and for all the healing to begin, but before I conclude this scene, I want to share one more thing with you. Not too long ago, I met a man. A parking lot, but an outside of Ocilla. We spoke for nearly four hours that night
no direct connection to terror, the accused killers or any one else, but he had a story that he was compelled. Me even his own position in his job in the community. Yes, that I keep him completely anonymous call him about the play you his voice has been changed, but the words are exactly what he told me at a relative set passed away. That is to go to the white horse and Fitzgerald on a regular basis about the friends what the guy that played a ban down there. They were kind of like the House ban. They were playing. There are not just every other week andor once a month, but they were literally playing their every week at bottom, a brother, social laugh. He was there every time they played, he would just go there. My relative was one of these guys he's never met a stranger, he felt
it is pointless. Purpose in life was to help other people if he saw somebody that needed a damn. It gave them, madam, if he saw some by the needed arrive or whatever he would help them. He was very outgoing. What that type of thing he trusted people and was just giving type person he had been in the white horse and was leaving and went out the gun his vehicle. He said that he looked across the parking lot no, if you ve ever been to the white horse and know where the white horse is the parking lot and I runs EAST and west there he went to his vehicle got in his vehicle was leaving getting to pull through
and he saw somebody in the parking lot, but they stood up on the vehicle him being the type of person he is. He drives opens his hey. You need to mail, he said this kid, he got him again. He said this. Kid is in the truck and had sought on it trying to Craig it until he had killed the battery battery was clicking. At this point he said the guy was yeah. My trucks torn up. I need a job. Somebody jump me off my brother said. Well, I got jabber cables out jumpy off, so he pulled the nose of the vehicle up and got out and raised. Is it said, while the guy got out of his vehicle and was walking around it, he could noticing stumbling real bad cannot wobbling. He was like okay, so the guy comes around and they raise their goods and my brothers making small talk with the guys, not really like focusing on him. You know, like ok, you're, making a connection. Obviously he was impaired in some way.
My brother said: ok, you hook your jumper cables up and other manner, so it was a fair deal. It's gonna like what people do well, the jacket and git for some reason seem like he couldn't get either his hand on the jap or cable or could squeeze the jumper cable or get it on the jumper on the post on the battery. The thought that went through my brother's head was that this gap is messed up and does not need to be driving. Because the guy was bumbling around stumbling around, he just didn't know what condition the guy was in I've told
he was my brother now said a relative earlier, but it was my brother anyway. The guy gets in. He tells him go ahead and guarantee a vehicle interact. Cranking. My brother purposely took it up or cable of wooden crank because he didn't want this guy getting in the road. He said. If I get this guy off in this vehicle in this condition, he's in and he goes out and kill somebody, I helped the guy gets a and click click, click, click, click click, nothing happens, long story short, he tells the guy. He says I tell you what your vehicles not running. He said you live around here. He said he mumbled. Something in my brother said well is there's someone I can take you or you can come back and get your vehicle tomorrow or some other time the gas it gear you could give me my brother didn't remember the names ever this was over. He was supposed to be taken My brother said far lock your vehicle up make sure you got everything and I'll carry their the kid gets
the vehicle with him when they're pulling out of the parking lot. My brother was make small talk with him. They talk about football, that's how I made it relevant to how remembered when it was because my brother, in telling the story he and I had been talking about football. This was in two thousand five, the best I can tell it down during the holidays when he- and I had this conversation- was because he related it to Florida, beating Georgia. He said, oh yeah, let me tell you about this kid. I met that was a bulldog fan, anyways partner. There was the kid, was a bulldog fan and because Florida had beaten Georgian he was Kherson and care, and on because Florida had big Georgia in going, my brother carried this guy every once in a while. He would just keep silent and he dropped out
his head would drop my brother. He said he was sleepy or totaled out, drunk or high as a kite. Something got him in paired. My brother took this opportunity and pulling over to give him parting words of wisdom of saying you don't need to be getting drunk. You don't need to be out on the road, something bad could happen. Said the kid looked at Madame said: yeah. When I get tore a pass out, at one time. He said someone told me I killed someone, he did say: pastel not killed somebody. He said some want
told me that I killed some one now relating meant being any person in particular, that would have ever been in the parking lot at the one horse. Salute it could have been one of three thousand people, so no way of knowing and printing it down We point clear out of thin air there, because my brother's, not here retailing by monsieur bite or anything. I was so or to ask a friend the plate there in the band ass? It did my brother. I will tell you the story, but the kid in the parking lot. He said. Maybe he did. I can't really remember gosh. It's been eleven years ago, Oh brother mentioned it to Twitter, probably we times in the years. Then he and I would be sitting around talking. He would retail it, but he said then Canna giving the gas supply.
The words of wisdom, saying you don't need to be out drinking, you don't need to be added, not driving drum you need to get somebody else to rob. That's when the guy yes, when I get drunk I pass out- and I don't remember- I don't remember what I did he didn't say I passed out and I kill somebody. He said it's someone told me that I killed someone. I asked them. Whereas brother dropped the men, often there the coroner, Tyler's rat their work Ours is. Dear,
Every story has an ending, sometimes their puzzling or even unsatisfying, but in life you can control the narrative. Sometimes you only get bits and pieces of the trail. But my story, I hope, one day we get the whole truth,
hello. I think that the carbon here he was a man. You know I didn't, I didn't think it. We give some really good work on terrorist case. You know, another case I had in mind. I've been looking to it for years. Maybe you and I should take a look. To it. This episode mixing mastered by resonate recordings, The quality of your reply cast Org
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