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S1E4: Snapdragon Road


The biggest lead yet takes us underneath a home in Ocilla. We learn more about this mysterious fire on Snapdragon Road.

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Previously on up in vanished. I had never heard that she went to a student's house in between the pageant in the barbecue. I've heard that in their programmes tire is there any way to find out who that suit. It was good gracious that in ten years, more go but found full profile. Male dna on the glove and has been entered into Georgia DNA base and has been entered into coding. Ten years and has never been a match. You know there was a sign of terror dead. I didn't know bays free with man, and one of them was still Dacres every bakers, pay is anti their fires just now about adopting a proper
Did you have any involvement in tears? Disappearance, railroad was or someone else and terrorist house thirty year. There will be some gap and airy detective he's, dykes, hurry police department, so he drove there with the sole intent of checking on Oh yeah, do you think it's that he's dykes didn't see the glove on the ground? I thank you. Some unusual you're dealing with a veteran detected. Is there any chance she might have left under her own free will was someone that she knew. I think that's it started out and then something went very wrong after that. I really do feel like that is an objection at this point, the one person who has been buried the most correct, both ram walkers Harper, It was absolutely time. However, he was crime upset about some he's very rational and
She told me that she found out. I was burning someone. She would commit suicide. The only thing that the dogs showed any indication to burn a burn house that had burned down Iceland. When we were down there in the situation, we determine that they will be. Funding to synthetic lines are sewage. When I'm about to read, you has never been released to the public terrorist emails. On October, Fourteenth terrorist Marcus's moment, email, terrorist is this. Just from my mark is what I said about something happening to me or even him. He leaves it like this in something may happen to me.
Dude I'm tired and died in ten years ago today, working the land arrived anybody incessantly, please this missing persons, you guys down ass, a die away from tender for tv and later this is up in vanished, given to of terror Grinstead. I'm your host pain, Lindsey. Yeah. yeah The new year is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve
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Slash cadence During the last six to eight months, I've had my fear share of white rabbits in this case. Dead in aids have sent me on countless tangents. That would last four weeks before realise there was nothing to it. It's made me look the phrase if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is, I think, the horse. What about the whole thing is separating what could be what an information from what is clearly meaningless to solve something you have to follow. Every single led, regardless of your. Suppression sometimes completely meaningless in meaning everything in a court case a few weeks ago, The private investigator received a new Tipp, which is shared with me. This is by far the biggest unlikely the craziest tip. I had heard yet
stuff was. It seemed in the beginning, actually met up with several accounts, that I have received from separate people over the past couple months. The Tipp suggests that we search underneath a home and oh Scylla. We had reasonable The terrorists body was once there for me he still wants for now. I have to keep the details about the location confidential, but I can assure you this place is very this whole thing started with a phone call from Aris just a few weeks ago. I gotta be up tonight heat american measures love the air conditioner went out on that house. He house under the house recently where's, my man he said back? There was my own, the dirt there solid the paper. Is it in a corner? Was a shovel due to proper playing and you have to do a chemical analysis of the soul. The neighbour
and the guy on the house to dig in the three one gallon paper bags allowing debris like I need rugged before they dig it up, tell them that I want to come down and that will be arranged problem tomorrow.
Starting to sound out repairs, murkily got on an errand lot worse, I've been buried the rest. I asked split the dirty as my own, where it would have my younger brother with me to help bring the audio no stone. It was my camera. We were on our hands and knees inching our way through the cross base. Our goal was to fill several brown paper bags full soil. Then we would vote for it. Successes of bodies ever been there local from help us with the dig, but to remain anonymous across in general is free spooky, but this one in particular was very easy. It was dark and we can only
in front of us with our head lives back corner was a huge amount of soft dirt. This is why we came here in mound of dirt right here. It's pretty soft. Looking nor was it does that work. Can I drew attention to this area of dirt was about six inches above the rest of the ground around it, and I kiss you not. Look like the exact dimensions of the human body about feet long briefly wide And the door was soft soap after your hand would sink down up to your elbow when you were digging in every sector I feared I would see something that I would never be able to unseat happily battle of natural, or flashlights aimed towards the shovel if you count the soil sifting through
retorted, the bags, little books, a white lobby. That looks just like that. Other people, it's hard. Is the inside trend of assurance where's. Whether parliament has three paper bags of Andrew about thirty minutes be filled. The bags now is really get the hell out of here. Once you are back in the sunlight, grew able to take a closer look at the soil. We can't find little pieces of white chalky material What is wrong- and I agree with that Well like an Islam when one I'm not sure, but I guess the hill process of decay in a body. It did look a lot like based on pictures. I saw an internet commerce,
Tell the job was done, my short, I Stacy, or send it without return receipt for making a stand board. There follows the chain of custody and say, bags, allowed a dark to breathe, make sure that the bags or tape and sealed an input with timely anti across to take to the bag? You have maintained the chain because me because of some of the council for their people, some. Are your turn on pieces? I asked him about that white chalky stuff. They look like lime. Proper lammle bodies to make it the faster, but the truth is the opposite occurs. It preserves them interest. Just two days after asserts the what County Sheriff Department caught winded it miss their own search team to the same location, with the help of local were able life updates on the search as it was happening, and I literally could, believe what I was hearing? He said that Damn, I think what I'm a there they found. My bones: in a pair of pain, we still find
bones and a pair of pennies, how, in the do we miss the retailers almost there- and he said that there will be no lapse into someone. Anyone that Lukashenko by their now just tell you what he told me about changes in the measures decided they were, they were put my watch you, don't think. That's what I do. That drawback a few hours later to unmarked you bees with government plates pulled up. It was the GPA by thanking the animal they send it out. My experiences. Law enforcement also now about life, and they made no difference between animal Bowman even bone. It just odd that they said they to have been wiped out. Your body and about it or and a or doubt. How are you today that sort of morbid candidate Now that other bay, they would never been. There is no doubt about it. I think the problem
We ended end up what we were doing there. They were just come under, but I guess we just have to wait until you. I'm surprised immediately pick it up. He has a point. Where is the media and she doesn't fifteen the gb? I dreamed upon to search for evidence linked to terror and they made a huge deal about it in the news they found absolutely nothing. Now we have five bones and a pair of paintings and there's nothing about it anywhere. I originally and to keep this whole thing is secret, but I was getting impatient then, finally, almost three weeks later, the GB I made a statement, WS be Tv Atlanta, but only because I mention it to the new station myself. We're doing a story on the past and that a filmmaker turn. Pod castor, is on a mission to solve the two thousand five disappearance of terror Grinstead and his new products it is getting a lot of people talking. Lindsey says his new podcast up and vanished is generating new information. The GB, I is the lead agency investigating the case, but nearly eleven years later, no sign of Grinstead her remains or and arrest. This is never
before seen video of Linsey recently searching underneath a home after receiving an anonymous tip Gb I've searched the same area and a source told channel choose more money. They found animal bone but Lindsey says, he's doing some tests of his own. That could provide a newly. So there was heard through the grapevine, B I determine they were animal bones. We still have our own soul samples, detested. Currently waiting on the results of crises, whole was. It was time to move on, at least for the time being at that episode three. I mentioned that I obtained some of tears emails other than to his family and presumably the gb. These have been held confidence for over a decade today. I am going to share them with you, these emails are one of the few things out there to provide a true insight into terrorist state of mind before disappearance. Before that, that I wanted. Maurice the share his insight about terrorism, emotional state. She was worried distraught emotional. It was completely over market up.
So prior to her disappearance. She obtained a bad tears with her boyfriend, Marcus Harper and she wasn't taking it very well, resubscribed, an emotional breakdown she hadn't car, so bad your friends and neighbors had to calmer down she along all the way to school terawatt and she received a call for markets and- and he told her, that the relationship was completely where'd. She became very historical while an emotional to the point that you can drive She had an emotional breakdown and mom on the way to go. She had to have someone gotta pick her up and she was not able to or walkest after she had to have armed daughter, Davis. Carrying the house on Friday of timber at six. Three, a m terrorists Marcus, Harpers, mother and email. If I did not get a crap about as you are in his feelings, I would not be in this thing. This we're all about me. I would not want markets I would want to see her I would not even love him.
This truly does not believe anything I say and does not care. I've tried to remain positive, but at this point I cannot of course Marcus obviously does not care and makes it worse. Since he is ignoring me. All I can think of is the had bad words. He said to me in the past now. I'm beginning to think he meant. I need to know what I did. People just do not hate folks for no reason I need to know what I did or whoever it hurts upheld in my heart and soul and honest, I do not think that anything wrong and he hates me so he has heard or something that is not true and soda rest right now, but Marcus The lucky one He has his shell to protect him like the crab. He strong and tough while have become weaker
This does not mean I'm a bad person. It means have to put it first in my life, and I was happy having at that I just remind Marcus what I said about something happening to me or even him. He leaves it This is something may happen to me. This you was sent just eight days before she went missing is very. Here that terror was an emotional wreck over Marcus according to almost everyone, but the next Saturday at the pageant and the barbecue. She was perfectly normal girl who attended the pageant. That night told me otherwise. He did not want to use her name in the park ass call her Mary, I am actually was judging tragic, and here I would what are the judges and I was involved in Pakistan, but not the pair introduced without people and she wanted even having coach, though we started off with that, and he actually happened
relay for life project one year and I decided to enter while I in a wedding and I was one of reporting and we want all these a bed and she's. Always it though barbary into it, though much and Europe had an attitude of no being so welcome to everyone. She was a great personal and this with the title badger you obviously, though, about that she was added that night light, unlike what everybody else is telling me from what I've heard of There was something about hurried that would get right on you. She was right, you know normal or anything like that that night she was backing really hide, and If only that, I know that just because she was always, though, globally and we talked to everybody that an ice you just don't you hurt Bell, I just remembered so vividly likes you just stay out of it.
Did you see more sad, like it's really hard to describe? I mean images like she knew something was going to happen in my opinion, it just one more morning that night it was used, though it did not really want to talk about people in training savagely, let the powder keg of one and the same person figure it. I've always known here that we actually want Para few her car from the debate about yours. You is part in front of the data that it was that in Europe there is anything wrong because, like us You could tell them what exactly you at any time with here. There was something about her and you like Marine, I'm, ok, and ok. You know, and I hope there, and that was the last time I bidding her and she way to my mom across the street. You know got her car lamp in. I hadn't had no idea what
after that, I just you know like the two weeks before the yet we actual have parade, though the relay for live in early in county bid. I had worn out with the pack it in Dallas little. I think one of the last time that I saw her, but she had a boyfriend there with her. I'm not sure what you say more than remember he was tall. I know she had a boyfriend that, within the important, but apparently a new point brown. Did this pointless learned a bunch of different managers life, but who is this? said she couldn't remember his name, but if she ever did Let me now! You know, I didn't see him. My brother, the Mammy, nothing. That was the only time I saw him, but he heard ex boyfriend was very unhappy about it. The Madrid already of people around here believe that her ex boyfriend did something and that cop. Who were involved in it and that's why alot of people can't put anything again,
because somebody on the inside the trumpet especially sent her boyfriend had so many friends in that field and had a lot of knowledge with that around here is so small. The terms for money would know something and somebody died, and they do not saying anything like a shadow. The knight of the sweet potato pageant there's something was going to happen. I'm I'm really positive about that. She knew something was going to happen. She do was not her normal self and everybody can tell you that she will, where I know that she would not acting your mom, yeah yeah It's that time of Europe. Time to set new goals and resolutions that are easy to make, but their harder to stick to an audible. We,
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Library you keep forever, even if you cancel I've been listening to your a bad ass by Jensen Shiro, which is an awesome audio book. The keystone, motivated and positive about the new year start listening with a thirty day. Audible trial choose one audio book in two audible, originals, absolutely free visit, audible, dot com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, Slash Europe or tax up to five hundred five hundred In the last episode, they interviewed a lady. In short, if the cadaver dogs during the search for terror, she told me that the dogs only hit once on a burnt house near the area, but it turned out to be a setback
a sort of researching more to the fire and obtained. We, the fire, Marshal Board everything about it seemed really suspicious. On November, eight, two thousand five in alarm was received by Erwin County Communication Centre about a fire located at for twenty five snapdragons road. Just outside of O Scylla, the name The person there reported the fire is unknown on November, eight, two thousand five at the seven fifteen, our dear when County Fire Department, responded to the fire the fire occurred and re bedroom one bath. Would construction single family residents all utilities were connected at the time of the fire? The owners lash argument had not been living in the house. Also destroyed by the fire with two thousand for the expedition.
Which was parked behind and near the house, the vehicle. Long to Michael Length, effort I go Linford claim that he was looking after the property for the who lived out of state Mr Lange, for lived on snapdragons road just down from where the House fire occurred upon arrival by the fire investigator, the scene was not secured by local officials yet Oh crime. Scene tape had not been installed completely around the fire, the investigation involved and in depth fire seen investigation. The residence was completely destroyed, the only remnants of the house with a brick pillars, a fireplace and chimney due to the amount of damage to the house and ass, you re. The fire investigator was not able to determine if the fire originated at the residence or the vehicle
our detection canine examined the scene and made one indication on the ground beside the driver side of the vehicle. However, it was determined to have likely come from the vehicles gas line the cause of the fire was ruled undetermined. And remains the same to date, to determine if the fire was connected to the disappearance of terror. Grinstead differ cadaver dogs were used on different occasions to examine the burnt house, the dogs it in the front part of the house. The investigators determine that the dogs were hitting on a aseptic line at the house and not a dead body. Fire Marshal report that I have re here says the cost. The fire, is unknown the report. Was filed by a man named Vernon singly. The farmers the time of tears disappearance I was, lucky to get a hold of him. Last week
but to know what they couldn't figure out. What caused the fire? I've got together and they let you out day what mayor, what led to that european aid the God. We have had to say that for you now We arrived at a degree, it wouldn't them with one big black spot, inadequate I remember had one came: they stand in the Middle EAST, this desire. Well, you put charcoal burial. Are you just let him run out on your real talk or Google state that, basically, what we got would yet we didn't have a coal, it was completely bark all dropped, it all members and there was like a country of by catch. You home, you know, push him always like implored dynamic treat people do it, but since there is no activity is kind of like a loser suspicious. You know there's, while certain within this house is pretty far no bad weather, no lexical problems and they
You have a fire, this house's committee, on what we decided to do. We brought news dull and they ran NOS three witnessing it cool enough with adults. I'm already run the dogs through their the dog. He out. That's we got something that we have what we are basically doing. We got guardedly hang out with flexing its whole plan out We got it. I always did those ashes. Looking for any Turner remains virtues, o t anybody, we re about nothing like a limited, some understood they dollars all the hottest places in the house that attracted a doubt the most important of our basic. You know somebody could get hurt. You look at your hand and bread on the poor water in that protection.
And then there were so many different scenarios if they were still in this, I thought one of the Ladys who had the dogs He told me that the dogs he'd honest septic line. Do you remember the obvious? Actually? Not, although that is she said about romantic, are to blame this is what she told me. She said that her dogs made a hit, like you said, by the fireplace for what Be human remains, and she said that one of the GB I people or whoever was there said that it was probably aseptic line. Judy. I was there, I don't know what they told him, but I know I don't know shit what I thought I heard about knows it with them What do you make of that car that was found on the property? Would you like a forward global or if you don't like what you make that was set in motion? I got a fire, I mean I don't know. I don't know
Did you ever remember seeing the owner of the vehicle? Did he ever come up there when you guys were there and get your money out of it? It broke through a guy named Michael Links, on the vehicle? It was not the the homeowner did. Not only that, but I don't remember, there will be persuaded we're married nobody, nobody saying that what would you say if I can't breathe somebody come a day a jealous. Why was it really good at what I'm getting nowhere? Maybe nobody governed by we repudiate guy would have a gaping. Sooner or later. Now you get me to you, sir. I hope someone check into a burning building. What are the fire marshal not know about? The subject was that ever really a thing
Michael link, furred. Why would they leave out the fact that the car belong to him and not the homeowner Marshall should know that I was the currently part there in the first place. Ok again,. What do you know about this Michael link for a guy former police officer, I'm so happy day he lived out. Will you cloud snap, again, he lived on the first house on the right is issued. The expedition was found very closely allied seventy six feet from the back of the house. Marcus Hopper, end macro, lifeward, work, setup, CD, together, was Morgeson friends, yeah, I'm Morton, I saw a pity. God, no region, they, our brains,
guess, listened episode, forbidden, vanished story. Next Monday, each week between a new episode and releasing a smaller at the so called case. Evidence where break down all the finer details about the case calling and leave her voice. Now want a number we set for the talk ass, you can lead a question. About the case to answer and next week The phone number is seven, seven, zero, five, forty five six, four hundred and eleven again, seven hundred and seventy five hundred and forty five six thousand four hundred and eleven I've decided to make the up and vanished podcast a total of twelve episodes which will be split into two seasons with six episodes each. That means there's only two episodes left this season in the season, one finale, October. Twenty fourth she's until MID January. Picking geysers for listening to see you next week.
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