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S1E7: Phineas Gage


We explore the man who committed suicide and the circumstances leading to his death. Plus the mysterious suicide note. 

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It Lana Georgia, nineteen, seventy nine! Are you scared? Yes, one by one kids are going missing, but no explanation of black Ten year old male who lived in the same area where three other children have disappeared, there was a life monster on the loose the Atlantic demanded answers in a city. Kids get killed, Unfortunately, nobody cares Nineteen. Eighty one, the f was involved in one of the law. Just men, Hudson, U S history and eventually they put one. And behind bars, but nearly forty years later, this cases left more questions than answers in what may be managed is secret, I don't know they wear. These aims all deal in the pretty there's a up and vanished and health of workers presented all new podcast Atlanta monster. Subscribe to Atlanta monster right now. One apple pie cast be the first to hear it on January. Fifth,.
This episode of up and vanished contains graphic in sexually explicit content that is not suitable for children. Listen. Discretion is advised. I will half a mile
As you have just given you pick, it makes you feel like yeah, you could get you disappear area after dark place,. Dude, I'm tired and died in ten years ago today, working the land arrived anybody, this missing persons, you guys been sounding disaster, die where terror from tenderfoot tv and later this is up in vanished. The investigate
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Last month, the streets of a silver packed with people for the fifty seventh you'll see potato festival hunters. Billions gathered and celebration as a parade marks. Downtown streets It was on this same weekend. Eleven years ago, the Terek Grinstead disappear. We Something was wrong immediately. She was not the kind of teacher that would not show up without alerting somebody exposure love any time. What are you guys know that my hands they didn't have, I think, about terror. Virtually every day and I certainly think about her. When October comes around. For now, I'm stand still Grinstead spreads family, the town still held captive by the unknown for many people. Water with Johnny this weekend brings back painful memories that fateful nigh on October, twenty second, two thousand five within the community. For over a decade dear,
Missing posters still hangs over the police station is now aided and hard to read, Priscilla still holding on for an answer. In the last episode. Maurice with the new lead. Me about a man who committed suicide in Knoxville Tennessee The man also wrote a letter in it said he never themselves any longer. Because he knew it happened. A terror Grinstead. There are also listed twelve people's names. They have to be very sensitive because I have been dealing with this drought family for two months.
I am dead, their family and I'll just one person from the family, but the rest of us are so still destroyed. Did they refuse everything and they were mad really in beginning that? That's reason I'm telling you paint is very, very very sensitive man. You won t, but I love a swift and now that that the old familiar penguin Absolute put a stop to he's trust me that this is a very sensitive situation. This not a rumour or hearsay, A real person committed suicide out of respect for the grieving family I was asked not to say his name in this park asked the very confused. Every story. I'll do my best to explain it. He lived in future euro, but he was a went our one county and because it right there on the land, lotta people do that he would have been thirty one. Thirty two now seventeen years ago you had been twenty one and twenty two he was abbot.
From one hundred to these came to me by an anonymous somebody. Creed. If a gmail account, ah about two and a half months ago. More, I don't know who seem to me, but it was a female and she was it from a sailor. She was given and she was in college when this happened. She dated one of the guys whose name was on the list. This is new information, but this individual wrote a letter and secondly, what has happened more And there he arm, he knew what happened to tear up those. Twelve people were holding him by the GDR. And they were all swathed. They were our swathed but see. That does not necessarily mean a bank There is no use to search the internet. There is nothing I mean just You wanna bet you're at it, but
the men, the internet, about that's what they kyoto. Seventy unsafe progress Europe, but do not mean an intimate by any of it other than a bitch worry there's nothing on the internet about suicide. The question is, why did he do it? Well, it did. What are the is is that he was threatened, he was threatened and he saw something that he shot and have seen. They was ice with written. He had told family see, he didn't say who, but he was written in, is eager to things either there and he saw something- or there were a great problem, so you couldn't, you could have tea and people standing around one or two people palm in some body, and you could at least those him people's name them in a letter and swap woman. You won't get any here. The suicide note didn't give any details about what happened to terror. But he knew what happened and then he would
the twelve people's names. The letter was given the gb I they brought the all twelve people for questioning, They also got a dna swap from each individual resource, the, even though these people's DNA presumably didn't match the glove found, volunteers yard, it didn't really mean anything. He saying if there was a group of people involved and they were standing around watching then their dna? What beyond the glove anyways. But the main thing is: none of the families have the note de GB? I have the letter, so I have submitted a record request for that letter. Two gb. I made the argument that none of this was TAT the terek case, so I dont know if they are bad or not but I have a copy of the letter. I cannot see why we, as you know, are if something is active, investigational open, you don't get it. I just like Georgia, but the thing is they don't have the letter in Indiana Z
I'm already confirmed bad. They ve got the original letter GB. I have it and that's what they thought of the boys about just Georgia's record law. Tennessee doesn't have to give us a letter either you have to deal with the family, see chorister still hurt and after five years of their guilt is that he was a young. He went to Georgia for one year. And then he in old man he was. He was honour student at the community college. There was pretty good guys in luck. I say: there's about four or five people I don't have. The names I have five their hour of only one or two out of her terror. As a teacher, I'm we're back. They were all on one and two or three graduates american again, I don't have the letter. I just know that the twelve individuals on the letter they were all swathed this they gave him. This information only told five. The names and the list sources
missing half of them, but it still good start This was able to contact one of the names on the list and he told me about The conversation mapped out a wanted one person that was on the list. You know the question that I ask this individual is this: what do you think you were listed on Harry said? It does not mean that the family that my while these people on the list- I asked him. He said he doesn't know, that's repeated dogma, gossip rewarded, GB outside he said. Well, they mentioned about the glove and dna in the glove and then they ask if any of us had had sex with terror. So I don't know the source of the DNA owned a glove. Could it be body fluids rather than saliva or swear or skin sales, or something bad ass? I did so. Could it be body fluids or something
the glove. So I don't know why they asked in that question. The temperature was his girlfriend for two years, it was given to Maurice by an Ex girlfriend of one of the main listed in the suicide note. The marine corps and this man about the letter, he told me how no idea why his name was in there. He had no clue. The GPA supposedly asked him and the other men in the letter if they had ever had sex with terror, and they were all swap dna. This is very confusing, seemed to imply that a glove with some holding back to terror. The whole thing me an uneasy feeling and the whole night, for if this thing aware goes, is honestly pretty uncomfortable to talk about is this. The answer is solving the case. More modest be down another rabbit, hole, that either way this was an area needed to tread very cautiously escaping the names he knew from the list, and I try to reach out to them, but they ve all ignored me I decided to do some more research on the main committed suicide. I hoped that maybe
urging to his friends and background would turn up something, and it did. It turns out the disguised brother. With friends with someone I knew when that you know too, I decided to payment No Scylla in person It is the french Oliver dusty Assay reporter from those Scylla newspaper. He knew this guy's brother. You have everything. There is much that is dying. We went to one of the local restaurants for lunch at my friend dollar. With me too. I like dusty Alot we had no clue, I was going to ask him about the suicide. I hope it didn't catch far too much you are using a famous, eminently sensible way down at the table,
I told him I wanted to ask about this person, to my surprise, story of his own. Come said. One of our France brother was freaking out because the people to kill, dare Grinstead retraining it. This was They probably two thousand seven. And it is. Why should we do? You know what should I do and outside the police, need it now. Icon and thought to lose our Morgan deputy, I don T and told him immunity Basically what what I've been told, which wasn't much, he was very upset and there was something was was after and three years later, if companies committee I don't know much about it at the time it was until years later after he shouted. I guess I heard it that he left a note. Apparently had indicated some people were involved in terrorist Asmara. You knew and he was a kid I knew. I would ask, though, with his brother is much
further, and he told me more of something about the story, something about an Irishman fears, but something about said he encountered somebody on a dirt road. I gathering pace More than one person in it somehow or another they were connected to the death of terrorism is a really mister, this guy in another guy encountered this budget killers and then slowly a girl with them and they made in carbon, your initials into it and put their dna honour so that they could rather feeble out. This is Finally, graphic terrified. The uneasy feeling I was getting earlier came right back. I ask him what Please did that day when he was free can now what do they think about this
basically that he was, he was just to start like there was a bill that there was any truth to it. I'll talk to his his brother- and I actually talk to somebody- went to school with him. If I said that it here? A rank? Some point: with some other guy, which will, I think, I'm under oh there's, some speculation that maybe adsum some damage from the red that may have contributed to this cause of after the wreck that he started withdrawn from his friends and started saying on the stuff on a really know they stand of the injuries or other, but just at these claims started coming after he said you know. Sometimes he would say things in. It would seem crazy in and sometimes he would say things it seemed like a make sense. This is one or two things, true or force. We know for sure this guy killed himself and left. Bout terror, but is up to us terminate the truth to it as creepy
messed up, is this story just was I find it comforting might be an explanation for all this, and maybe. Story along with the contents of the suicide. Note. Simply just aren't true apparent this. Guy I've been in a back car wreck a few years far too a suicide. It was after that, when his friends started noticing his beard behaviour? He became more inclusive, in telling crazy stories about how you knew what happened: a Tierra net, the person or the people responsible route to get him It seemed like whatever the car injury was headed. Severe enough for someone to start acting like this. I am thing, close to a doctor My best friend, that is a doctor I wanted him to wait on this theory. Was this debate? or of a deranged person, or some with a traumatic brain injury number. I was talking to you about that. The guy who kill himself enough that note yeah, I guess told me that he got in a car wreck or something basically ever since the car wreck. He wasn't act and write like
is there any sort of injury that he could have sustained. That would make him like that all is on yeah, but is it have to be like or to have like? I really like a cute personality change. You have that damage like Lord particular part of the brain. The famous example you look it up is this guy Phineas gauge was his name, is a railroad worker and he set off of stick dynamite. It blew up a piece of the railroad, went flying up to the roof of his mouth and care on the top of his head Damn it didn't, kill him, it didn't, kill him, but you forever after that was a different person a while I mean how different. How did he asked, I think was angry? Is I just can't desert? Is family gotcha, that's kind of how this guy
acting can a deserted his friends and didn't we hang out anybody anymore was real reclusive, it's interesting you to take it out there I got an actual like in the head, injury, chronic concussive injuries or a one time. You know in the brain injury would make it more realistic that he would just tariff go off the rails and am safe. So do you think it would be more likely that he would get in Iraq and knock a screw, loosened his head and start rambler off crazy stuff or start telling? The truth, I think of aging. If using our rack, that was particularly bad. I think it probably makes you contemplate life a little bit more like specially like end of life stuff, and so maybe that brings our feelings of guilt from her like a site, active, but I don't know, I think if you can tell the truth, he was gonna. Do it anyway. I don't think belated correct. But since you off the rails, speed right, ok, but it's possible out there that he could have
damage, something in his brain to where he just became simply crazy person. I Minos put it yeah me, I think, like you said, it's happened before yeah. It's it's deftly within the realm of Austria, loaded as happened before you actually Emmy yea, it could happen sometimes with a bad head injury, especially inside the brain, the per second go complete personality change. The first in the case of this was the man named he's gauge also the american Crowbar case in eighteen. Forty eight, this man was working on a railroad. Dynamite went off in a piece of the RO the size of a crowbar which through his head, but miraculously he survived. But from that point forward he was forever a different person. He was an isolated and he eventually sorted acting crazy. Could this happened to the man who committed suicide in this case is heartily for sure at this moment, but the experts
for his behaviour, seems plausible. GPA investigated this thing too, and I guess they felt it. Nothing to it, regardless? Even if this We were true them. Who committed suicide, never implement who terrorist killer actually was. So in my opinion, it could have been anybody, it doesn't change. We're looking for yeah, the new year is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve.
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Slash, cadence Anthony figures was charged with disorderly conduct for trying to be terrorists door down because the terror was not answering your phone, so became upset because she would not respond deal The police were com and sergeant Sean Fletcher was one of the officers who responded the call Sergeant Fletcher notice that another vehicle was parked in terrorist driveway, which may and the real reason that Anthony became jealous after he saw the vehicle a terrace house at the time of the incident. No one except Terran knew who was in the house with her.
It was later learned that the individual, with terror that day Detective nights, a detective with Perry, Georgia, police Department, the day after the vicars incident- terror, Wintermute Scylla Police Department to get a restraining order against Vigours dykes urging because he told her the boy was apparently not in dangerous. John Fletcher was the Ocilla police officer who took the report. You would not give terror the restraining order until she told him who the person was at her house. That name Kara didn't want to tell Sergeant Fletcher because she knew he was friends with their ex boyfriend, Marcus Harbour I was afraid you tell him. You're, a her he wouldn t but had The persons named file the report terror, told him it was. Dykes a police officer from Perry, Georgia morgue harbour was in Afghanistan at the time the report was filed,
a couple of months after the vicars incident. When Marcus came home he angrily confronted terror and told her. The entire incident saying Fletcher had told him: filed a complaint against Starch Fletcher at that time for telling Marcus about the incident after assuring her, he would not tell- and he was splendid from his job and almost got fired. He's, dykes Police officer was inside terrorists house from the day of the Anthony Vicars incident and Sean Fletcher was one of the arresting officers. That day, Fletcher is the same guy Marcus Harper was running around with in the cop Cora. The knife, terraces appearance is a pretty strange thing. A circle different persons of interests. In this case all Often this little incident happened six months prior to her disappearance,
terror, Ashine Fletcher to not till Marcus Harper that he's taxes in her house. The question is: why did you want to keep it a secret John Fletcher, Brute Protocol and told Marcus always the almost lost his job over it shortly. Frontier went missing, rumors. A wild about an affair she may have been having with Heath dykes. Some painted him as an innocent family friend the guy to go check on her left his business card, but some people claim that there and a heated affair, and that there is much more to the story like I said before, to solve this? We need all the facts matter small insignificant, we're uncomfortable they might be. So or this idea that terror and he takes were having an affair, has just been hearsay, but if there is any truth to it, he would definitely change things very crews. Yeah cleared out of this area right here of frame Satterfield, wrote about twenty minutes ago an cat
and HEAT Dyke says nothing showed up on their search. Today. I just spoke with SAM's Father Christian pass about an hour ago. He says it's nothing shows up on the search today. There is really nothing left to do, except that cheap, hoping in key spreading the word about site. This is a local news report from Perry. Georgia, Heath takes us now police, captain and period crews. Please don't click internet search took me to this video. This is for two weeks ago. There's a creek area name runs through this property. They waiver Our group is takes little bit more time to get through a dyke says. Every time they received has come up. Hold me the chance to interview he takes in person back in two thousand six, a friend of his energy, be agent help set it up. I had the opportunity to interview and goes on. Your cousin retard you bad Britain, but briefly set it up the thing Is she said that he can't do it? I can't do it. We can because his work,
I wouldn't alarm believe that she was my keep an eye on it that he can't make when they all weekend. Two thousand there was there was married. Problems, the in person interview, never happened. He was only able to do it over the phone. I asked more about Heath Tax being inside Terrace house on the day of the Anthony Vicars incident? After that actual they out, she went back door to Joe ordered the next door neighbour and ask him good luck. Your collar is vehicle its door so even though my body was at her house, he was always there in the house. After I made numerous phone calls to the Urban County shares department they kept, there were with me in they sent me the dispatch logs from the another terraces appearance, Marcus, Harper alibi, involve multiple run and starts with the man named Binny merit there.
Reports, no Scylla and there were no reports of the county either these tests. As long as the very last place, these Binny merit incidents can be recorded and, if they're not there, Marcus, Harpers Alibi, simply isn't true. Before given that these dispatch logs, I want to share and email there recently received from a local and Mozilla She told me that on Monday, when tear it ensure preschool someone tours strange and always stuck with her. A man that are family new names Hilton told her and her mother at a restaurant after school that day the terror was missing and they think marketed but he knows it wasn't him because he was with them all night that definitely so ah, to me too, who was Joe Hilton? Where does he fit into this alibi? I asked her if she could tell me the story over the phone for the podcast and she did our fifteen
I remember the day that she suffers boy in Ireland. It was such a big deal and I saw because it was a small and they said restaurant visible topics that everybody went after school like in under a very different way to home. So that's where we're going. My brother, and on that point I don't remember if we knew you'd listen yet, but I feel kind of crazy people everywhere Are there any where and we were apparent with Algeria, and he said here Grinstead missing. They think it with market, but it can't be here because I was with him on that how did we get well and the nation-
I have the fax number for you. All arguments meant not get they Sendero guy Mirza me a bow, give or take ten pages, or so I got the discussion and I call Marie so we can review them together on the phone, the eyes he had to look at their head, the numbered dispatch farm O sixteen, which is larger to de seventy three. Seventy seven- sometime received is sixteen minutes, past midnight and then at the one and forty six downtown. Ok, then, I see are eight minute tat past two and ass to Africa one one one South Africa that were burning leave that that's Bernie merits place. So it looks like is some truth: Marcus Harper's alibi I saw myself this too. Please calls for Binny merit.
When it to a dot m the one to forty nine, a m. Marcus said he left the white horse saloon shortly after one a m, the Boers located in Fitzgerald About- similarly, Dr Dough Scylla, giving them the benefit of the doubt, let's say after one fifteen in the morning, the latest, who would be backing So the take up of Sharm Fletcher would be around. When and thirty? I am upon a second glance. One glaring piece of information and the dispatch logs these workers, corresponding numbers for each officer on duty that night, so each opposite The response to a call is listed next of the incident, the This call for Binny Merit was too a M Bashar, Fletcher, wasn't there, another officer was sergeant kissing on the second call at two forty nine, a M Sean Fletcher was there. What this means is. The first Only Tommy can place Marcus, Harper anywhere. That night is it. Two hundred and forty nine a dot m? So if you left the bar at one hundred and fifteen,
then, where was he for almost ninety minutes issues a weird: it's a weird com. To do that alone. In its, though certainly I mean, if he did, this, then did he did something temporarily it did. He ever do the alibi. Then then he had to take your business light around the next day or whatever. If he did this, he did something fast and temporarily heated and they went back into your honour as soon as he could because He was with Joe Sunday Map and Susan. Each wrapped around these people, certainly, but he was the danger- lies with a jug. You joe you, please tell the people that Monday, they had to read you out on her house.
Seeking legal, never find her things, This puts into episode. Seven up in Venice is now back in full swing. Next Monday, There will be another case. Evidence episode in the following one day will be episode. Eight sorting this week for every new episode of open, vanished I'll be hosting alive, culinary for our listeners. This week it will be Wednesday at seven p m on Twitter just tag at vanished and ask your question using the hashtag ask pain, the twitter handles open, vanished and again this this Wednesday at seven p m. Also you're joined this pike ass and would like to do, namely the production you can go to up in vain. Stockholm, com, slash Dolly for exclusive content, good up and vanished archive this week on posting the dispatch locks. The discussions. Craig. Thank you guys. The listening
see you next Monday.
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