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With rumors, there’s always some amount of truth... 

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Crystal, had told her landlord that she was ready to report and expose some people for sexually assaulted heard. A party prior to when she disappeared. One of the theories is that to keep quiet from that, forty might be one of the reasons that she was killed. On the first day I pulled out a Manila folder, and I wrote missing. Mystic was going to be the title of my former and by the time I went to crest down and came back across it out and put murdered mystic she didn't just walk away and she's just Missy, Do I
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yeah. There is only one two that everyone in town kept saying that matched up that was kind of the common toned. Was these guys that she was hanging out with everyone said they are bad news, lie the father of a kasza, put a similar story. Crystals a very hard core. Confrontational, not afraid to stand up for herself kind of personal. So it's looking like she did indeed go to confront them, which I'm sure she did she was. There was the kind of person she was and they silencers lose. What it's looking like The crystals family Amy and her husband Alex think when you clever Asian with the people who she specifically made contact with claiming that she had been sexually assaulted,
our Israeli can be hard to get to this point from those people, but I think it was after actually- and I think that accusation was before, but the exact date of the incident was still question after she moved across stone. There became rumours that some seedy rough characters were around her apartment and achieve got back into drug, see I've accusing with a background, and I think she knew it and I don't know whether she tried to get out or figure out a way to be safe and came to an end or whether or not she didn't realize it in time I think the people that weren't crystals life at the very end,
or dangerous are dangerous because they're still out there spouter past it, I dont think poking around they care in a thick anybody's gonna out there. Cameron accused murderers faces. They all react a little differently, It's always a good show. They might be more willing to talk to somebody asking questions trying to find out where she is them, they, the top of a the Mary, a long time for Estonian, shared her perspective with me in promoting tourism into question. We would say we ve got plenty of nothing It was true because no noise, no traffic, we have lots of nothing. So
come up. The road here, don't expect to be entertained. You gotta create every yourselves yourself I've been here for thirty four years back in the mining days was to newspapers and crystal one was called crystal minor and one was called the Keystone Eagle able I stood for above for five years, the boom days. So when I start the paper up- I've named paper, the Christian, Riga, forty nine years ago, this just grown along with community. People come here to get away from it. People wanting to live closer to the environment explicit Incredibly beautiful place, the end is rode up against the mountains. People live here who ought to have Lifestyle were one to colleagues in Colorado that does not have uniform building code It's still a misery in our community
departmental put an update as saying that there still looking into this disappearance from what we heard from the Sheriff Department and the deputy use, they don't have enough solid evidence to actually arrest. Anyone. I don't think it's really gone away from people's minds and people who knew crystal. I think, they're, hoping that somebody who knows something will finally speak up there. Been times where the Roma mill has really got going, you know was rumours. There's always have a mobile truths are now a lot of wild speculation. Probably some truth, but then I think there's just you know that is watched, a lot of murder, mystery television and they make things up. You get that sort of great fun
stuff that one person says something somebody else years it then they add to it and it goes on down the line and bears no resemblance to the truth. This community has a sense of people, they might suspect, You know whether that's true or not. We don't really know you live in a small town. You always have people you might not like or might have a bad reputation that doesn't mean that are guilty. That just means People wonder if they're the ones responsible without the sure effectually making over the rest. That's all a so we just don't love she walked at the door and disappear off the earth. What rising people want to see a resolution? People care about her? I want to know what happened to put her terrain. And then I think, also to see justice done.
We Peter live in a community and not know if that perpetrator is one of your neighbours or something that still here, I was back in December after getting an initial feel progressed on one of the big deeper into crystals life. Before she went to the were friends were checking out. It was time to explore. Crystals past life, mourned up We spoke to a friend crystals, a roommate who knew her before she moved Self Colorado.
So my name is Daniel I'm originally from Grand Junction Colorado. I've been here my whole life. So I guess maybe sometimes I take it for granted so wake up to the mountains. Everyday yeah, it's beautiful here, there's of native american history, and so I think that's like the Spirit of Colorado. That's withdraws what people here and I think I think, that's like it. Crystal Lake such connection to this prick sooner She's hypnotic, like a lot of people, are drawn to her. She her I as an aid to I don't know, I'm she's in pictures beautiful, my crystal blue eyes, ages. Looks like you're staying in true reflection of water, feel lake, she truly did have an intuitive gift. Terribly intuitive. I consider to be a little bit tapping
the odd in this strange, she were really good, Crystal even with everything she had been through in her life. She was still happy bubbly person This is Angela she's. The mother of those closest college friend Mikey in very the mother crystals life, her laugh, you could hear her from a mile away thoroughly. At this crystal, she had her demons, but once she had that baby she stopped all that, and we will talk about that, She said now that I have a kasza. I will never go back to that. Wonderful mother, she was so badly and happy been crystal, would please call and check with caution this guy crystals eyes, which is amazing and then she's got the best hair so jealous of this child care.
Is crystals personality and Eli's look looks like darn it years, though, If you didn't have an option, we absolutely would have adapted their harbours like it shouldn't have largely have hunters who take there's a hush had support from day one between our family. Family all these different support system. So it's like Kasza is getting the chance that crystal never had in her soul is to look out for other people and make people feel good and to make people feel If somebody- and Cash is such a mini crystal, but she was brought to us before we lost and she makes that around songs and she sings the one that I love. Those is the short club which is the best
Like you, I think you need, Fran cash. It was between two and three so him she has memories, but the thing she comes up with now, even though crystals been gone for two years. The gestures attitude- do says eerie things that, like lay she said to her grandma Sylvia, her grandma Lala. She was like hugging around the bad and cautious said my mom says. Thank you for loving me.
And you know can't Susan darndest things, but the thing she says are very articulate, insightful and just too much of a spiritual mother, daughter connection, Every time I see kasza. She says: Mommy, Yellow Balmy, told me here some like that. I'm goin ass. She is talking to her she's trying to tell us something. Did you guys go by the grub circle? While we stop the little bit after a long? kasza just stopped Chagos Mommy's here she wants is come, get her. I've lost it, you know, Kit doesn't come up with Mommy's told in a cave. We need to go, find mommy. Three year olds. Don't come up with that. Stuff if she's not a conduit for crystal on the other side,
I dont know. What is We developed like a mother daughter relationship always tried to see the best in people and that was her downfall. She didn't see the bad people she had, a hard life she always gave everybody the benefit of the doubt. If I would have known ass. She was right, I would have an opt out. I had better take me out. She was if a person she was one of those bright lights, you don't find often so it's just heart
I won't resolution for our kasza. I her to know what the remains so that we can put crystal rest, and I want closure for caution so that she knows you know, and Justice justice for Crystal she didn't She was good news if she had relax dollar needed, it should gift. Make use their from college and other stuff and his arrest run. So he knows he knows all about her. So you'll be a good character. Witness
we are at a House party. I was eighteen, she was eighteen when the party's, just like you, have an Iphone right now I have an eyebrow ring. His needs we're going to be friends, and then Africa, safe, ride, bus. I remember, and ever take you home after you, parties as a college down and there is no remedy on the bus, and so I should like to know my love- and I was drunk like nobody ever holds me anymore. And then she is hugging me and she wouldn't let go and then she went. Change. My dorm and I was stumbling and she put me to bed. I told her to wrap me like a burrito. I remember that was our first night and then, after that, we're best friends forever we started. A little red book is called my ten percent. Basically, everybody rate one quadrille avail act by a lot of Christmas losers and shit,
Huge aspiration, my life when I was young because I was to family she was coming cause it yeah shoes mean her were like this I mean she was spiritual, I'm spiritual was well pretty empathic, she loved moroccan Raw, see you to saying she had tattoos all over her. She It was always the center of the random sure people tells you like. You could hear her laughing like blocks away, spend a huge influence on my life. My family life, I'm her best friend. Yeah yeah, It's that time of year again, time to set new goals and resolutions
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Mikey Angelo sign. Crystals best friend has been trying. I crystals than she disappeared, weeks and I found out, she was missing- I'm crazy, I didn't really know. The type of people issue is hanging out with. I was going to Facebook mutual friend when messaging her. There is one moment and I wrote or are you? Are you I'm trying to hold a view? You know when you, MRS Sommer, on Facebook. Another thing shows what they saw. Somebody was on your basement ash witness for awhile somebody must of. I don't know who did I e g
another friend crystals at a very similar experience that a year ago I got a frank eyes from here on Facebook I got on their ok. Have you been like everybody's, been looking for you like I just freaked out like? Oh, my god, I miss you. I love you and I has gone through her facebook, and I know some issues still missing. And I was like what the hell is up with this dude, always my friend on Facebook, so for me to get a friend request from her, she would have had to have not been my friend and then sent me. Another friend request I don't know how I accept the Frederick request and then I message to immediately Ruby then, and some face. But this is my friend I just got a frank has charged with Miss. Seeing like I don't know if this a sick joke. That sum is plan. If this person
Ben is doing that than they have to know her immediate friends cuz? Why is this happening to our media? Friends? Don't, like you know, is she out there lost you trying to get ahold of somebody to can't talk. There's two summers are. I asked my key to show me where he Crystal Lake, to do together in Denver. Once again, some crystal had gone before somewhere else. American strange, like the way Daniel describe Crystal. Wearing crystallizing at dinner mean her every Sunday we drive, although you from guns, and then there are to go to the church, my club on Sundays, is an alternative land. It's like a snake Its she's bristles narrow they gather that I mean I'd like to see I run. One of my events is converse large, such gothic. I caught the state,
son for all expression, ass gas gaze, fetish burner who cares transgender? Nobody cares just very nice people if you think that Gaspe Erlich angrier and staff for their actions, people their artisans priests virtual, will be reduced. The music you now she loved rockin raw seal. Let's saying she had tattoos all over her ass, a just and black, doesn't mean I'm Gotham Review to one day just recurrence. Whenever they I got a lot of fun. The Turkmen club is Wherewith Lake used to go out all the time. We were kids Take your destiny like offered to take me to crystals old, stopping grounds. The club in them call church. The crowd itself, no matter how busy how slow, never glasses
hence the people come at once to screw with peace, a very good crowd. There were some very good I came out of rising. It doesn't matter what you dress like. What basically want to listen to any sort of sexual. Have its proud doesn't care if you just want to come and have a good time. That's what everybody says: nobody wants the fucking give anybody grief for anything and as long as they just here to have a good time, there's never problems. It's when you get that one or two people who think that they have the right to charge other people that the problems which are unprotected it was dark and loud, but it wasn't a pudding
all walks of life just dancing in their own space. In the place, wouldn't judge them. Everybody, seemed happy. If anyone seem strange, was me wearing a bit pack and holding a microphone trying to. Jeanne Crystals life in Denver before she went to question like you pulled out a little red book, but he share with Crystal when it is you're a passage crystal written, so what our side on the patio we from the music one day I know I'll say many things, but for now I'd like to tell you you're an angel lighthearted, stepping gently around the cracks in the ground, looking away from the silent eyes, burning wings study on your back. How beautiful to be this way. Michael, wonderful, lovely, Miss understood boy. You are my life's. You are my joy. There is so much learning to do
close our eyes, we run together, we will see so much clearer and in the end, so this is amazing. My amazing and wonderful super. There is a buyer, my house first thing I'll when she first went see we're on the phone twenty four seven, where everybody in anybody who talks and they were talking back them, a year of writing emails to all these, new stations trying story out there and finally, Chris Hosni calls me thank God for Chris me because he was instrumental in getting that story out there Watch carefully has six officers to police. What is essentially the size of Rhode Island
can I have a scary situation. You know, I would think that balance, make it harder to investigate. If there's Any ounce worse or if you have any, Hence goodness in your heart, you'll come forward and turn yourself in but I don't think you were because I think you're a naval person and what you it is a very interesting and You took away her mother from the baby now that little child has to live, knowing that you never see her mother again inevitable makes you most evil person. The problem that I see with this is no one's gonna.
Alchemists they move out of us, don't you say, go disappear to. Finally, exactly everyone. That's in that room is gonna, be in court. There's a drug culture, its hidden crystal Some of it is because Colorado, they legalised marijuana and every they can go out there they feel that that can be part of this experience that they're looking for that is drawn in some part of drugs to the area.
Saguache County Sheriff's office has sometimes for deputies to cover one thousand square miles in. Unless something really awful happens, they have very few resources to tackle any kind of drug distribution network out there in a cold case like this is so full of rumours and innuendo that you need to through it to try to come up with An idea of what most viable because it's our job to filter all that stuff. I cut through it simply with multiple sources in honest with my viewers and readers, and I can if something is a rumour I say this is a rumour we and two or three or four people? Just a rumor I'm not telling them that the fact is that my telling them that something I found, I found a whole bunch of people who told me the same one that we,
concerning the most the time we moon even put a rumour in investigating story, but in this case almost everything- and I think, as long as you tell people were listening, People mostly believes and leave it in that realm. I think it's fair to rural and island. People then understand that. That's our flaw. Almost a year later, there is a party Denver and a friend of crystals was at that part, and she was having a conversation with a girl, hang on winding down- I guess- and I was smoking is a. You know that The time that I have heard that crystallize Mustang whenever
Anybody mentions stone- I just know always was leg astounding crystal Girl was talking defend Kabogi born When I heard her say, I found eleven pastime giant media. Without really expecting any kind of her Do you know he turned to me and gave me this their sons there, had I don't really know how to explain. Get me in the least Madam Mina do at best, and I took a lotta got for me. This information because I don't want to get this guy just started pouring out machine whatever
you could tell me about it understanding that leg pistol was my sister. She had a feeling that had been loved because he now because he knew I have been leg within. Where I see you now, I was trying to me Hey you heard that, which means that somebody told you what you knew somebody you know that was there and made more than where is he now our party, and they told her what happened. Crystals from a certain this girl was telling the truth in it. It. Intimate knowledge about chrysalis disappearance. Showing your buyer nickname, but was comfortable sharing information me. I eventually on Facebook, NASA Talk to her about crystal.
You responded saying is for I am concerned when she went missing. I was not around the area for a couple years. Her now never lived in question at the same time? help more hope. Her family find peace. I looked for an Ex husband or an ex boyfriend, I didn't find much. Was friendly. There was real connection here, but this point it was only rumor. This is the thing that really bothers me is sought. Going over India drugs in Vienna, totally irresponsible. Like I just didn't see it all goes back to that apartment, It irritates the shit out of me when people say that, maybe because I want to believe it, I'm sure. That's it to me
kind of like a smear campaign. After somebody's gone bodies, frustrated with waste? Some people portray crystal? idea that she was on drugs in a ban, Her daughter and family run is right crystal didn't abandoned Kasza fact, because she was back and forth Denver impressed on the entire time she lived there forever reason Crystal wasn't happy and our relationship. She wanted a fresh start during time across stone, travel back and forth the timber with caution. Was you with her in person she Cora. Single day, in reference to the rumour crystals using drugs. Rodney kept going back to the apartment for her the place where early Unless somebody staged it well- I believe that for a second year of clothes were scattered out from the bathroom she s, but that was her usual stuff. There wasn't one bit
can one beer bottle. There was no alcohol bottles. Invariably, when people have a big party or they're doing a lot of party theirs to be some evidence somewhere. You know somebody somebody came in and clean the place, not a chance at this point. One thing seemed very here crystals in with the wrong crowd, a background, and she those close to her just a few weeks before she went missing that she was raped. I knew there was obviously more to the story and it wasn't in Denver. I really hope I have service would now be backing crosstown. I have written a house out in the box the cell service, in my gps was priests body. So David one of the locals, for to let me form to the address
Is it like glass license while the gathering of people's me sing slash job title now is located. When I got to the house a drop my bags when outside for a few minutes,
I was amazed by the absolute silence. It felt like a vacuum. The next day, David offered to take me over the side of the drums circle normally opinions. This happens to be universe. Always great on the full moon, we got a big moon. You see everything. People's faces even see everybody, but this is this dark place with no licences of just a vast tracts of wilderness sisters held protective who survived like than he was,
it wasn't clear how it was. It was a little awkward for me. I remember leaving early leaving early that night. It wasn't as comfortable as usual, wasn't quite as much fun as usual: You know there was a different element of people. There too, there was a different element of people. Some of these journeys yams very noticeable disappointing. When that happens, there is a pretty solid row of people about this far away from the fire right. Solid rock people, especially when is the last time I saw she was standing still later.
Week, David invited me to the drum circle ceremony on the night of a full moon. I met up with them and and he offered to ride with me. I was anxious to see what this thing is all about. A cloudy. There are so many stars you actually see by Starlight but cloudy like yours. It's definitely gets pitch black.
He'll be dark, he'll be almost hard to get around. You know Missus Johnson, Charlotte North Crystal Drunk circle.
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