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If I get interview on the record with somebody who's, accused of some horrific crimes. I've often found that they want to talk they want to brag about it in some weird way. Some cryptic way the folks were to make determinations about with the truth and falsehood what they're saying our detectives who know the case is best done. Logic. Case homicides when I do track somebody down that interview, cold homicide. Detective. Who know far more than I do, I don't have their file when they hear with that person, to say right away: they see red flags right away or go on. That's a lie. That's not what we heard before, who that's a new detail, they hear more out of it than I I
just reading them as most time trying to maneuver their way out of tough questions without directly admitting to anything I've run into accused killers, who are extremely old and I've run into those that are just flat, outliers, not I that determines falsity of it but checked prosecute. They can see small things that trip killers. They would find crystals body and paused, they would know exactly who to go to ask hop, suspect or suspects. They have suspicions and have some evidence. To turn it wouldn't take much to say maybe she's life can make a case so finding her pretty important. If you have suspects talking those who knows
case best are the ones who can make discriminations, whether that person's tell the truth whether saying something, that's new, it's all new to you right may not all be new to the sheriff attacked Guy one time who was accused, killing little boy and two women attracted in the Philippines, and when I interviewed him I said you know you're the last person to see her law and he laughed and said yeah. I guess I was Not ambition, just a weird state, especially when you could defenders But that meant a lot to the detectives that statement, for example, most maniacal killers. That way I acquired the TED. Bundy tapes
the FBI archives from a source TED Bundy just before they executed he's taunting the detectives right up to death row. He's telling them new details that they didn't know, tells the police for the first time when he killed Georgiana Hawkins at the universe. Washington choose a sword, a girl he plugin, over the head with a tyrant, put her in the car, took her out into the woods and killed the next day he came back on his bicycle to see the parking lot which he took her from the police. Were there any drove his bike through the parking lot. He saw her ear ring on the concrete. Picked. It up put it in his pocket. And so he's telling detectives DES just before they put him to death is taunting telling them that they missed something smarter than them to the various creep stuff
Do container for tv in Atlanta. This is up and vanished. I'm your host payments it. S just says Are you calling us yes m? forty
that's very broadly. Of our investigation, has been one name that kept popping up catfish. According to the police report, catfish was last person to see crystal lie. At least we know about as we have all learned court cases like this are full of rumours. It was time to get his side. The story. Yeah. The new year is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve
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slash. Cadence listen, you understand my frustration, isn't it I guess, and Canada against you or something like that: tax neutrality. What I've guy is, his death for seventeen years now I've got a bunch of gossip smoking triggers talking talking to me about how Why would I urge the girl? I barely knew her she's a rainbow sisters, my job to protect her right, where you are this is. Why are you doing this, and why is this happening to me? I have a pack has pulled up and vanished in its about missing persons.
I have family in Colorado, so I heard about your crystal story is looking into it: So Somebody here, you know I'm medicine. Have yet to take the time to listen to one word of one third guest. You see those in France like I'm done, don't being accused of survival, is, alas, cried. I would ever come near pretty much like it's like. They would like can you take as long as well, as obviously sends me like a with itself upon the park? Violations are good news. This is rainbows. MR who allegedly was always bad things happen to reach for well, there's been no crime. What happened no I've told these c, the bureau and the locals
oh possibly give them any more. Brain drain. Did it made to doing something that he could have been saying. It's be funny or something like that. He's a good kid. Basically said he could certainly did it, however, the I'm not able to get involved in that I'm guessing because, that's called of said full investigation. I would be into interfering in so unless year, some kind of like large amount of money. Joking around nine, this money either, but I'm not in the fucking move jokes like I'm being harassed, ran out of my own village, built man eleven year that eleven years I know my kid and now living without war lay still sore about. We just want justice, crystals, kids riding well. You know what I mean I don't know why
Well, he says if someone says something like that: working francs users, The sultan would be completely against doing we were. This is my interview of you, sir. This is not your interview of me respectfully. I hear your canvas Europe could cameras, said you'd, be great blunt toward the door was Kirby I do not mean to the things you. I am only left sitting dysentery tenure recorder up the married, my question, but secondly, goes. You and third look into it. With this. Why would I tell you something the my friends, why would I do they like this to be killed with worries and this hasn't even mr- hopefully not these happen. She's missing style tat was before and shown up a Disneyland, Magwitch check, Disneyland war. You know,
What do you have anything? I've never was Caesar search, I'm asking you, as he does slandering me, lifeguard gas for money. You know I've, never slandered your voice, broken the facts and the truth. I learned about your name because of the police report Crystal was at your house round your birthday, cracked Answering your questions suit. Us! Ok, you got in the bathroom. You're here in this for money, Evans lies. All I do is I play with people tell me I want you to. Tell me what you know or what you don't know how you feel about all this Are you asking me to interfere with David through the federal investigation? I'm working on a family, her daughter, Rodney, aim all these and they all want to know what happened. I would like to see greater as we know me, and they know I didn't do anything so decide but one thing is for sure is that your administration,
It really is. Just over the situation there their stories Julius Lord. I go against the high in the engine information that they're sitting on lightly because they know what they're doing it I'll do the job. I can I know about the basement message. You don't wanna servers. I gave you know the recipient and you facebooks still server like a baby basically approves alike. I came from it- wasn't like that the same per year real, you pretty good. With computers ray
really it I was on my computer is everything you didn't. You give Crystal a ten dollar computer, but if I gave him no regulate of it, Gimme letter, literary like, I'm like chrome book or something I know that she said We have taken one, I'm happy She did. It was a. Very slow very. What would you call it was like a team the kindergarten- taste realize I networks. Basically, it was mine. Forests and are aware of the real name, for it is Amazon, pretend other books on Amazon. Invariably about, Three wise someone told me a story about
seeing you suffer a ban blue van or something, and what looked like a body rolled up in a shovel. The boy re sources like Sir there's beekeeping certainly never better she will lead to. It goes on with them away one forty We see that happening with a carpet wrapped up come on me and then I have I'm the one that has resource we there, instead, three years from what I can tell you were the last person to see crystal unless all alone and less oh Obviously that's not true. You you left on our own. You might think I'm an idiot, but you know I'm not just don't you think. Did you think it? If I did something harmful to her? I would be one saying
well said that, because I sure, as shit in say- and we know that any badge I wouldn't I wouldn't care Louis you saw his family hear. I want you to hear me. I have not listened to one second One cannot cast tat, stood up, Sailor, crystals family asked me. What am I to do? When I told answered every question, I could again as honestly, I could here, I suppose you myself unnecessarily the things again and its beak. I actually care also, but I You're about my life is well. People been treating you differently. I couldn't go to town for three years, because anyone looking at me- God does I heard someone heard some.
Her did no one told you directly did they saw me put somebody in a fair man. I heard them rumours do it's all about. I heard. So and so early to so, and so saw was more removed giant. It suddenly looked like he went and took the trash that occur Recently, I mean seriously nothing to do with harming her in any way whatsoever, need to understand that if we are ever going to talk politely on June, twenty Eightth into that sixteen crystal said that she was raped. Your house is that true, She did not say that we did. She said it said the aura said the Eli. That's three different people. No don't know me the truth is.
What happened that night was nice June. Twenty eight two thousand sixteen when pits crystal up from your. In the middle of the night. She was scared of him and she left him for safety. No, I sound like don't send some shit here, so I'm just gonna stop for that's the truth. For me, you that's what Why would they Sarah, because pleasure frequency, for reasons of his own them, yet the cylinder among like an hour I'll make it up to? the landlord and then Eli They both told me that crystal told them she was raped at your house on June. Twenty eight, while a crystal make better. I wasn't even there than there was a big after my birthday June 28th.
The cut the Czech today or you want to get the shed later, because honestly you're, making some shit up and falsely accused me of it. I know, goes on every side. They didn't. I tell you that when we come off cunning impact remains, like in ask, as I don't want any money out of this. What do you mean like colonel want? this like use ago. I dont want you're falsely accused me of yours? I don't the sound like a person like? I am, but I ain't you hungry safety messages a day or more people sand, disguise fucking, slander me unless I'm guessing it, I'm so innocent avenue and listen to the part he asked you to. And afraid me for my only friend, you may imagine someone you know unless coming up and put that you read the mill nice. That is a terrible thing to wake up to do in that's, what's happened to be the best be nice three years in a row, wake up people. Using your shit like me like this by people, they were free,
Did you Is anyone out there? This licence Those are man made sulks talking about coolly, It's crazy in Hell. Thank you disregarding reliable, tenable witnesses lighted the woman going solely did she was raped from this house. It was also taken mines that all that This is one of the future, Let me guess is more urgent, saddled delay. In the other point wasn't even a cry she turned and missing filed out before I should have been killers. Maybe you should check them all. If you please, Sir, said the place. This is my life. You
me: you are an official adversary at this point. If you wish, my friendship, you need become correct, doesn't think understand. I have nothing to do with this. I've been falsely accused chosen to see Those is, as you guys, yeah. I know this you're not listening there's ways, but the truth is said What did you say about me described so many people tell me mentally. I did what I read the please lying about people's tell you her telling people get greater and stuff like that: you're absolutely liable that I know this for a fact. I never just as other people who said that that's no other you're lying to me when you say they said that there is an excess jerk.
They said things did not say. I reported people who told me that crystal said she was raped at your house. On June twenty dinner, as well as with a sudden, sixty engage in twenty. My first call with catfish was interest? this at least, but not exactly productive. It was obviously angry that people and presto more suspicious of his involvement, but my focuses on something different crystals accusation that she was drugged and rape that his house on you, Twenty eight two thousand? Sixteen, let's go The crystals friends have told me about this incident. This is all crystals landlord catfish was the last person to call her on her phone, which was left behind in her apartment. When I started talking with her friends that we're coming by looking for they all said the same thing, which was she has to be a cat fishes mean we're Talkin, like fifteen people, all said the same thing when I
the two together of her saying I went to this party and got drugged and raped, and then I heard all those rumours and then she was headed over there is our last thing to do before she disappeared. Aegis, leads me to believe that either something bad happened to her while she was there or after she was there and here's what don't boyfriend told me as a part of him, Above all, I haven't even I've. Never That's where told me that you Albert there against your will, evolve According to him, this happened on the night of June twenty Eightth Ridge, you know very little about it.
You gave the boy gotta get up there like yours, you led the jewelry, since crystals been missing. He says the catfish is true several times to reach out to him on Facebook. To get all the me love New, like Lafayette, I've known you and rigour abruptly but it wasn't just a crystal boyfriend who knew the story allegedly Crystal taller exploit. You lie to the father of her daughter. She told me all about them. She said she was there and she says she is positive. It was them analysed. Another guy identified. But because of the way that they dragged her like that, give us
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Audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p two five hundred five hundred again: that's audible, dot com, slash you p, or tax up to five hundred five hundred back to my college, catfish I mean a site is man I mean he can keep. People have a lot of things, who knows what has been said on that path. Gas is got my friends so up in arms, about resume figuratively speaking, like two saying they reveal verges, doesnt hasn't just saying made a very threatening Europe unless I'm saying either
Our sisters like this thing is like I barely knew her like. I had no involvement with their? We never even kissed. There was no. There was none. None of that at all at once? She was a little bit. You would just like us such but the truth is wages are now that's the story. Does work begins and ends and confuse the woman. Like I mean I believe you have helped me out and as it was, then you said that you did no her very well, but she hung out with you and drank wires. We are your birthday You say that I say that yeah take them from let alone Sir asked when the police have worse than there is no police report. You'd lying mother, you Oh no,.
What is his colleague stores and also his views of what you got another husband you where you live off into the police report, You will send me the police report and why the hell with they give you a copy of the police report windows when they ve been ordered to stand down on themselves, Executive order, this is bullshit, so you out I'll, take it to what I will tell message you back. If I just got home, I just got home from like a four hour bike right away, so I'm a little bit. Let me send you an email in the neck measures are needed down at a drink. Thank you. I sent him a copy of the police report, by so watch coming deputy weighing Clark which details. We interview with catfish a few weeks as you are missing in the report according to wane care for states that he was hanging out with crystal round his birthday, which is- twenty first and that they drink wine smoke, marijuana and then the next day. Crystal got up and left, but she didn't tell me
fish where she was going a fish also said that he didn't know where that well perhaps one of the biggest allegations we ve heard this far beside. Crystal saying that she was drugged. The raped Caplicious house is catfish himself. They ready Brian confessed to killing her on Facebook messenger. You said confess and a message that is shared information, with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Call the c b I myself to confirm they had this and they told me they did. But when I talked to catfish telling me that he couldn't release. It is already facing twenty five year prison sentence for interfering with the investigation This seemed a little strange to me. After all, the most was sent to him, he's the do whatever you want with it. This info, should essentially clear him right, the count, european education identification. You know, like all c b, I get nasty point blank if tat this could show this
message in the sea be agent working this case told me yes, We can show the message with anyone. Well, that's amazing, so reach back The cap is to show the great news I don't think you understand. I don't get out any more because of this public three years, but only cheers have any data, whatever skipping thing, with full of water, not normally such a sounding of fucking free person. I'm sorry! that I am being harassed, starved. Did you make I guess I was one second of one go. You think guilty person that want to consider doing so. I had done it, I would why? Should I guarantee that you have ideas? I want you to see the idea that you can give me the information
the severe I told you. I could release information here, just a lighter, now release them. I guess you then listen to me, but he said you got you can asking. If you send me a jerk age or some other way, little girl. What do you mean? We can pull your name pretty quickly in one ever had a partner within international. My Lisbon destroyed over that situation. Was the person accused of that? What we are the principal right recently heard nothing from. Rather once and once a person I can hear you went to persons accused of crimes that people don't ever remember if they were acquitted. Maybe etiquette attorney for nothing. I never considered anyone to ever be innocent of it once until this privilege. Maybe there's been. No. She was going to help me a little fuck me whalers, but the jokes aside,
Brian say that he killed her cause if, if he did- and there is Brian Year, the red confession- and I have servers side my elder that my computer such put it out there, namely your innocence right now. The problem is I lost all my computers when I lost my home over this kind of crap, get back into my stories thing and listen to me. You friend this is for real and for greater freedom. They dump eagerly with you Can we not release her real name? What do you mean? makes me scared matters are not afraid of the fucking good lay Carter said I I don't understand. Who does? What is your name, I'm not allowed to release her real name? What's your real name, Catherine was in Burma only six of them in the entire census bureau that there was a Welcome is it's time I look at it that doesn't make any sense.
The old, cannot concur that choosy. When I back the love of some kind of situation like that, some kind of problems with tense, they are simply Mars, is out of the colonel, and so does the fact that in cold by officials not to release her name, he be cheap. Was. This is failing, had ever been annoyed at this point, basically, I'm starting to try. Vessels not care. What's going on with her again with my own personal, it's like this, but I have a care but does current person she my name is Catherine, it could be Karen like that killed. Expelling pressure was Catherine. You understand what I was going to lose data. I knew who was coming to see me the next morning. I dare say you want you want. You want to change your nose. I don't think it's some kind of like nothing tat part of
that's? What's that got to do with it? Actually, because they caught with more clever name them, didn't it is just a hippie version. What would Catherine What is her it wasn't her thanks. Change your name, the matter recouping aim would be likely the name that on the posters and start with related computer equipment for domain names are always foot. Is this? Is it Why was this sitting on our hands when there is a file saying There are no longer a personal interest or suspension in this situation. And have revealed all information available signed out there to people sitting in a file whether some, if you'd, including how soon can you get the five you can give it to me. Man I'll, put it out there for the world. This is an area of freedom,
I mean yeah, just read it. I guess it was pretty funny he kept bringing up the Facebook message don't I told him if you release it, he had a different reason. You couldn't give it to me. He lost his computers and ass log into some cloud account or something like that. But may The weirdest thing he said was that crystal different name, still rising or wasn't even her real name? What does that? Even Post a mean apparent He gained access to some supersecret government files sounds unlikely, but even the word true or whereas she didn't Brian, Stu catfish that he killed her pocket. Both of you be true. Human They tell me that he's been a communication with some random people on the internet likely trolls to be clear. I have no idea who these people or and there's no, action to me or up and vanished, but he found it pretty irritating. Oh he's trying me down using the circulation you're, you are We today you better run. They found the body were there I gotta run.
What will it s working even care almost other than am I can't person like employing as if no you, captain? I have about treating people a day contact you include working for. I can promise. You didn't know one that works for me or with me his annalisa. You buy me dollar. What we think I'd I'd, be by now Meantime search Romeo control. There have been two. Basically, you have considered fucking conversing tis, the prank at the end, by going just say in and ensure that information about who really said it did not do anything to her this woman. All I barely newer. She come over like twice she was a bit crazy, like all other people's, he heard it. I saw the craziest boy because I've been hunted like this fucking hunted further three years.
No one minute to break the glass and threw them is. My has cursing were the digital Anti said on that will say this on free, www sure who everywhere there with his time to us the reasons given if I thought someone I knew lake live near whenever we set up a prison, no one has anything they say is so and so said so and so said so also saw him. Take the trash out in an orange bring or something do we see? me driving orange than ever once. Not even Scooby do and is all. People were my friends in my family. I thought it was none of them. There was a peaceful The whole spiritual communion with there was not much use the insight that then, the other stuff, the smoky stopped. Wherever you go through
can blame and inaccessible people there's really will do and what you gotta gooseberry do. But this is just disrespect to me and I'm not gonna take a level of we just want checks for her daughter and stuff. I've heard that so many times at me, we can kill you really appreciate the so can I have permission to do so. Also, if you believe me to be resumed please do so if it is because they have been for the past couple of years, I've been wanting them? me forced myself, could prove my innocence on this- that the point of being done enough to actually like he'll Dragon cousin intensely, but they even talking with you against my calculators, is Thomas Sector, but it is like this,
not to me to me. I don't like care much about retrospectively whatever his plane and policemen stuff, but I do care about. Is making sure that you ever did it does to begin. The sad didn't tell you treat brain. Is accuse me of hacking into the Facebook and commenting on that much. I say that I see too. Good girl said. Listen, why don't you take a he had bought he's no ones and he's never black anyone before, except her, sometimes in July. I forget what it's like a something he blocker up. Facebook. He'd know about a thousand women, probably like home, but he plot, one person. One time in his life was her. So as to. Why did you do this? Do not accuse me of having some shit about it. He said Then he felt so then he said these words too
another say the words killed her. This work, did he say like see idea to use the words used. The words like that. You just sit there, Did you did it like? I'm just we're not gonna live, you worry, say our some nice, that's where the boys, don't trust me, you can't even get a good girl you're gonna Filipinos, a man uses and treat me like. I'm always intergovernmental gestures distilleries work was will, and I thought I was gonna to claim back in their system files, because all my crystal in itself, but that I remember on how they received them. Which means there still there. I just have a hundred and thirty two some files left look through and you can't really. I could My internet is working overtime, descending,
itself from what I'm assuming to be able to signal know these people who claim that work for you like a one hundred. Sixty members are not taken undertake watched it all. I've heard is You want me to discuss, get used to this end, like the way. I want to watch it on little curiously, using less episode, I put in there what you said like. I said that there is this message out there that Brian sent the claims that he did it. If you have it, I promise I'll put it out like I said I have about an hour and a half of daylight today that I haven't decided yet do I need that that wasn't? I need the money monitoring and like the thing about the money with you, it is only because I know that
The aim is not simply a girl of some kind of renting and there's a few different things involved in almost shaken down Europe's destiny. Don't pay them much, but the dawn. The right people knew for exactly. I didn't understand, for my light likeness and my name, which is internationally up, yes, which one this is not even possible It actually is wind. I'm not a suit like piddling. They say it was a movie about a banner something in the bay. It's cool failure and the tree I could use a scratch we can put the book, but honestly I was to talk, for they would literally are these checks for days before they gave them further shoots in some?
then we'll get them both got things to make them look extra, desperate, hungry sellers hungry eyes does tell eyes, was sober genes. That's what a job. I've seen what they're. Ok. This kind of message me the reason asking if you work with you on this his message me saying they found the body black eyes most of all Personally, as is, I would know where perhaps amended It saddens me that she's not Hyatt at the park or something what I say rudely now I realize is, but the truth, it is for all. I know. That's what's happening, it's ok, snake subsisting Brion said: do you believe Brian? Where did you learn to Brian total. Why piece of shit? Why would he lie about something like that very heated debate? what were you doing? Anything is our fuck forget because I
he said that the vessel a screenshot is en bloc, and so we cannot regard hand on does as we would, and I soon the things about their natures and fight is try me things like that. Despite what I'm saying literally considering sunlight, really gonna find out kind of like strength with it, because, if I am even more was persecuted over certain Toto increasing role in twenty years in prison. Also, I didn't everyone is saying, but John wouldn't hurt a butterfly. We know about you, but I was I was myself I might actually no one to be their peaceful looking if I'm actually go in the skinny lookin, like maybe the Catholic yeah
you know I'm gonna like girl like a basically I still have not been charged with anything. And tried to convince you really not involvement in situation of legal happiness. I must say that wouldn't be smart, necessarily. The the point is can this for three years, come out, atomic them every embassy, everyone you can't live. I heard something this someone heard about someone. They know no first hand. Anything As far as that is the message you have to be honest, The reason why there's still sitting on in my non legal opinion that doesn't
is illegal drugs, and I chose to have to be funny, but the fact that this close to their jokes, delirious, serpent girl issue and marry their societies. The political will that eighty and anxieties such will was questioned. Why he's gonna pick a Brian where they waiting on because they can't do that twice this situation with them not having any crime? been committed these were the first betrays an that's where there is sitting on it. There's no body I'm thinking it's not true. I'm thinking, there's not. Actually method, they haven't found crystals body. There may no longer be a body that was interesting What do you think Brian did to her? No man could have the nerve because, quite frankly, she was not a small french woman. She was
tat. She was not he was not like tools like takes, she was about. Strongly cyanides eyes turned. Suddenly there into this. She would a lawsuit against him the day or two before she went missing wouldn't be reason for me to violently against anybody every reason whatsoever, but for somebody has a predisposition already an abnormal psychologist, professor anything other, probably couldn't my phd or rather not before some long overdue tat setting behind in and I would even go with them because I like we got certain refrigerator coalition, but IRAN not all super squeamish, colors.
Not into a split votes and corn. Go your second ok, what we you ve done with her usual that does is for everyone and the one who has never come close to ever once being accused of anything like this trial is a skinny junkie. Distiller budget pushups appear in jail for over six months, since you in there. Security is everybody scream father, maybe maybe when Lake Issue and interpol like faculties or something but honestly, about syringes and gloves it probably has to say that she was not skinny. In small lake see you clearly skull and protesting shit, I'm trying to get other door evoking the first he hurried beside him seated. Lifesaving from real truth is understand, I'm getting dressed, impartiality, girl. The end.
Suppose is gonna. Conversation is mainly a bit uncomfortable though it makes sense as well. Even someone stole your computers in this way. You can give me the message I am missing for MAC Prose come out everything when I left they stole everything will if you know how long have you known, Foresman Mean mention names about similar slandered me silly, we all of this for a priest level. Brion S went on areas request as well as I was introduced to the cold. Good family. You need to know Christmas? I said to or why they know you, then his jokingly and then I still a little guilty of being Christmas and certainly offers for being written a so
we ended up being the so called friends. I thought then he stole my mom's credit card for sixteen thousand dollars. I confess to that view that somewhere, but it's all on that basis. We got a clever with cloud storage when you over password things and stuff, you can give us one county della. Tell us that you can't prove your uneasy one. When you add your keys when you're drunk a night s equally flag, not you personally me. I know I'm new drivers, the dawn, none are more rights and fine friend I find new climate are rising crazy. Like the understanding that mistress really trying to see some daylights Dignan, I asked him about Landon. One of the guys me from briefly in episode six feet.
Involved Ryan. You that's what I've been hearing people keep telling me that, with this debate here of myself, unable to do accused the people that have confess to a similar reasons like that's, why it's interesting not having the time servers stamp of both, obviously because You have to give me like it'll, be huge support that other. How out of this situation is gonna Father crossed my mind, will ask if hypocrites who is implicitly like big it is that is ok over a thousand people have done. Checking Background checks only alone in the past month. That's a thousand people spinning thirty nine. Ninety five, look at my name, because you mentioned that we actually censor the current thinking in every way. So if you're not my problem with their situation,
Then I got a whole another situation, which is thirty nine dollars times, but thousand people is, nine thousand dollars. Do you want to help me find crystal to a treacherous sure, but me What's a good meal into it, like Sicilian, Miss Vernon involved from other. I was an exact supposed to put a raincoat like yours the beaches and metal flashlight walking around the miser somewhere and going I don't find her we're that little were. We claim their budgets cited didn't know me out their claiming to you know, and they already restores asks you to drop this one, because I'm involved This was a political situation.
When I sure, as shit would walk away from budget too late for you to decide, I agree source closer, proper understand. If you guys you it's not my job prima innocence, Congress Orson accounting. Definitely if you knew me like I'm, the one the good pressure. That's what I'm saying They came to the door, but the point is we know. I didn't say that we know that no, criminal law is a person who would say something like that. Wasn't you asking your house, the Black Sea region? No luck she was missing. Do you know this much
I sure, as shit didn't say that like whose you like, when he left like, did he say: she's gonna go somewhere, something urgent did he seem like using mobile Brian or something. She looked at me with some guy, don't love! maybe Mason decision as it did for me, you sure I mean that guy's probably what happened to her. He was Brian minutes. Does you describe that guy who's going to me they can tell us So my some alter your mind. I remember this for a year or so asked rose into I saw you doesn't always be relevant to be saved and now I'm a bit of eyes, but not too big cat one with his big cat, nowhere ever having heard the name and is certainly not the police report, why telling me now The bottom line is that all these things can be true, Brian Confess in the killing. Her crystal happen
some undercover government name and now the lasting? Crystal said what she was going to see. Some guy named big cat rip, the big cats stories. True then he may The key to solving this do day that big Guy and Brian are the people who Something like that. I don't know. I can't imagine hernia someone over money, any other reason really death. I can only urge somebody if it was the right of defence of violence you're someone else's and I will still feel guilty. Firstly, then asked me about it. I have duly sister of ours. The reason why it is now, one question as Jack Ruby Item forty five seconds, thereby and didn't move is good words. Any drives you pay for them. How'd you gonna pay for first put them. The state tankers. Is it you won't last long straight for a while if he was joking
As you know, the jovial began to say I didn't want children, this tragedy, At this point but say easily move thirty, you sure, Why do you accept that big heads? I know you smell conversation offers denoted. You don't really believe in fear about paying. We cannot pay for a life. That area Sk Israeli got a thirty five dollars, but does not he's a replacement. To say here that we use. A child justice and serve person. Her child. It worked for five years or so
early enough to need to know who did it in a recital Scarcely lake check here. Children in their real everything. I'll know when I met her, she was crying and she gave me a hug and she was like I'm so glad someone's. Looking for my mommy, I was gonna heartfelt, Occasionally we met her. I don't know of any living out without delay placed there is, apparently it s about her I never have done nothing. There was a guy. He's pretty areas like that. My father's came home is not likely to become an hour ago, with the guy. Look the podcast This is a dead. So, sir, I need to go now. Three, good. I don't care what they thought so. Why did you say you think did her daughter should have to care? Is it
if your mother is removed from your life in a situation like that, God forbid the avenue and one four years old, even get enough the need to know the name in place of above the person I mean is: his prayers strange to me when the reason I would tell the truth and have been telling the whole truth and will continue to encourage a sad right people keep coming at me with the same canvas of equally. A measurable me, People have really is certainly me in my lifetime, their business I guess I got no point ever Goin to earth somewhere that I can think of
issue, unrisen photos before him thundered towards their return. Then maybe we should check out worse. We can now make you learn my life these questions. Right now I need my daylight. I won't hold you up find out who did it for sure there no justifiable reason whether she was told later for decades later, I don't know rail natural causes. Fifty years ago there is never a just turned. My point is that there is never like on the question of. Why was gone to me, is quite ass, soon see heard identified you're from this situation, so you got The copyright thinking, but it's like this with us I am not against Europe. For now, I do not want to spend the rest of your, including ones with wrestler year. Jail seriously is about with less some money
Oh, I didn't almost a thousand words I am asking you sounded is still missing. I have area really see every authority to watch the gas oil and gas. She was being said about me- is not something that illicit. Ursus guilty person within when you want to know what we were saying not when this. The same lies really for so long now and she she was a friend of ours. She was a friend of mine and you ve got theories suggestions of what might have been a horribly dont, you're, so it's like this I'm created. I gave will heed the walking down the middle street with the ninety eight too afraid. If we can save this True, this is basically
for years, it will pay for either way were to be removed from the situation better. Technically, and a kinder somewhere. A few years later. A few decades later, I don't know where natural causes. Two years ago, look: I'm a coffee shop somewhere. There is no longer available to the line up Self assured me at this point at least another IP hoping it's like all the other times. She'd been this in a lot of missing people go missing. I realise that the seller until intelligent goes anywhere. Yes, sir, and of some. Its remit herself and put your person you're familiar, but someone no love and care about goes missing,
years. You're worried about you even accused us. Everyone is currently with every possible. Like I don't know Every way a person can leave the earth little guy, but I know, there's things called like you, ten thousand faces a deadly analyzing tv shows either but little savers, every possible reason that I've never even thought of such a lake. Reason to buckle your seatbelt reason and above seatbelts, airbags, kill people do meaning John, are you sure you didn't have something to do with it? Being asked of me by people did, though them well? and everything to do with Brian. I will have meaning a translation. If you want you. Finally, kid entreaties, his junkies, you meet somewhere for two dollars, have a girl of blood products, dino or use to me. I can't find the guy
kinda the Crystal Burger tone they may alone made sure, but Georgian honestly that allows you to find out tat? A man in a big guy should be questioned. Don't you wages Question you some I go for as a similarity to mine is not going to be taken care. I never saw him All she said was she was leaving him for work. Billy Goldfields, my business tragedy in the treaties.
I got see the guy, I never met the guy. What day was like a Roma data, she leave clay. Well, go to Hell, Sir Henry seriously, when evening was that I don't even know it, it is you want to reconnect with you give me this. Days right now, sir, because list arguments based on that As it happens, nature Shea, somewhere down, was only what does not psychology right day with a big request, facilities at ground level. Proved. They heard a malaise it's happening and I could use a lot of come up by now. Those were my napkin said: throw Oh my conversations, he kept bringing up money in Bitcoin How much money do I warn stuff like that? It didn't you any sense whatsoever, and I myself I've never mentioned this once I'm clearly, the business of sending or receiving money from him. I asked them and about the last time you saw crystal.
She showed up. We forget she the next day she was upset. In the first rank or something aired debts to the best. I recollect last time I saw, but I sure is in anything guarantee you. That is the very first time. I've said that doing what does it mean when he, about the rent, these various issues. She was actually very, very, very upset about it because she was being unjustly kicker, replace browser. I was in the past to speak of alleged bullet. You can afford it against rights right out money or something now. Why is it that the word was earlier
That's all I know, sir, you knew her, What is your job to be authorized United States? Does my mother fucking know you can help me? it's fine, it's cool, You know they will be until it happens to you, Give me the space before I says and cruel. Please you size and says I done it, you there would have been doing what My name is I just gotta methods. For somebody my name was brought up with blue crystal disappeared. Your time you to hold me I'd like to clear up. Any thing, though, is that I found they can
he wants to talk. Oh I've been vanished, is an investigative Perkins told weekly produced for tender footing? by payments he Macaroni and meet murder Stedman this new episodes. Every Monday, He D producers payments, even Donald Aubrey, additional action by resonate recordings as well. Mason Wendy Robert China, increasing Dana are in turn, is highly beetle original score by makeup and vanity set. Four themes is Ophelia performed by his arose.
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