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The Trial Series: Q&A: 02.25.19


Payne and Phil sat down to answer listener questions about Ryan, Bo, and the upcoming trial

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Hey guys thanks for turning into a first trial, serious Q, nay, you all sent in a lot of questions, and I don't blame you. Let's get right into it. I have finished courtesies. Jaffa hurrying harm that affect not a cat and fresh honey, as during and after the job and completely and drop it this case and so glad
bring aspects of the trial. My question is: does anybody on your team find it as odd as I do that Ryan's confession is pretty much and exact replication of the episode that you did covering both Duke and his account of the murder? I just find it odd that his confession sounds so much like that. Episode, like the two could be put side by side. The scripture, the episode and the commissioner should be put side by side and what you guys presented in your findings is pretty much the same thing as what he sat untold gb. I- and I just think it's it's odd and I dont think it should be held up in court because it clearly not something that hold any weight.
So that's my question. Thank you so much you guys it often, and there are few placing think you buy hey, that's a pretty question. I think they're so similar, because the version of events that we got to begin with was from Brook BO, dukes. Girlfriend and either their similar, because it's what happened or is least what Bode knows to have happened, it seems like bow, was either me too. What Ryan was going to say to the GPA, or at least what information he did know was in fact, true and Ryan. Just said that way to great point in their very similar. But if you look at the time, of all this beckoned season, one we received or version of the events from brook- and this was after Ryan Duke- was arrested, which means it was after his confession to so it is possible that other people knew what Ryan Duke said or is going to say, hey up in danish crew. My name is Corey Albany's from Boston,
I'm wondering how BO obtained the compassion. I know the rapporteur said the weak with legal as long as he obtained it legally. But how did we obtain it if the GB, I was trying to keep it under wraps. Thank you and keep cabinet eyes. Thanks for the question Corey it's what a lot of people have so now. We know that bow has actually leaked a written summary of Ryan statement to the GPS. Let's keep in mind, he did not leak actual statement, some of which the G he added even bother to recall what one leg was, a document written by someone with an interest in the outcome of the case actually- and this document purports to describe the car. Tints of the actual statement, whether it's an accurate Description of that statement or not is an open question that said both had access to the GB our case file because he was indicted, albeit in another jurisdiction in connection
with tears, death and as a defendant he's entitled to access to that evidence, just as Ryan is so he simply cherry pick the parts he wanted to leak. Any let fly there thing illegal about it. What his motivation well I'll. Leave that to you folks, the listeners to decide for yourselves, but I think we can all agree that its in both our interests to make Ryan look as bad as possible in the eyes of the jury, pull hey guys that Jake he calling from you talk of Islamic each show. My question stems from my feelings about this whole thing. I don't really know why, but I have in my heart, I want Ryan should be innocent and I want, though, to be guilty
I don't know exactly why. I feel that way. I'm curious if they circled the Urim, the people that you talk to, if there's any similar feeling there or or if you hear anything else that similar to that. Obviously o Brien is guilty. Then my feelings change about that, but that is I feel anyway, thanks again in the luxury well, J t. I think there may be a lot of people who feel the way that you do and that's understandable, particularly can during the horrific nature of the new charges against BO dukes. I think it's important, though, hit the pause button, at least for now, and not reach any hard and fast conclusions about anyone's guilt. Certainly not based on emotion, because of now they're. Both pro probably innocent, and they will stay that way unless or until they are convicted in a court of law. In fact, jurors would be told that they have to
base, their decisions on actual evidence, and now genocide. Anything based on emotion, one thing that I hope. That happened, though, is for terrorist innocence to be forgotten. Everyone is getting all worked up, trying to sort out what role, if any, these clowns had to do with her death, it's to remember that she The innocent victim here and this tragedy is about her prosecutor friend of mine told me just yesterday's matter fact that regard so who the actual killer- maybe in this case in that prosecutors appeal in any event related to this case not anywhere near the jurisdiction in his estimation they both should rotten prison forever and, frankly, there's a lot of. People who justifiably feel that way so he's not alone, I'm pretty sure a lot of people feel that, were I personally don't want anyone to be innocent or guilty. That's not really how I feel about anything. I think
easier for people to imagine bow being the guilty party purely based on his past, behave we all know way more about bows, questionable behaviour over the years and also his questionable character and that's a nice we have put it. I think that, based on our perceptions of these people, it's probably easier to assume that both dukes is a guilty party here, but by no means at all, does it make it true? I think, because of both criminal past, is now widely known character. It just seems to make more sense that way. In all that, in addition to unanswered questions could lead a lot of people to feel that way Yeah it's that time of Europe,
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However, this is Brianna from TAT Day. I was curious if he thinks of physical evidence does allow chill out where the confession of Brian do it. Is that the fourth that's enough to prove that he is covered The battle is curious. Thank you. Buy hybrid thanks for the question, I'm glad you asked it because if you go back and watch the bond hearing, and I say that with air fingers closed around bond hearing you'll see that all cross examination age should deal was forced to admit that if you take out the statement all. That's really left is evidence of disposal, not evidence of murder. Keep in mind, though, that there is,
a very incriminating statement, and I purposely avoiding calling it a confession, because I'm not sure that it is one in a way that the defence Maine that is a false statement or a false confession. False confessions, are very real and there more common than people or whereof, I expect you more about false confessions in the oven, may season two of sworn. I I've been listening to their terror case and I dont know this has already been brought up, is Ryan due weight in to her house. He had an indoor german Shepard and I kind of like that german shepherd would have called him a park, and so what spurs status of the dog at the time had been by brought this? Maybe you guys have already talked about now.
I'm just thinking german shepherds, are really passive dog. When I first heard the case, I thought maybe she had a lap dog, but if she had that dog inside I dont think that dog won't let him anyway. I love your pack. Aspects is a known fact that too, I did have a german shut. At the time and the dogs name is Dolly. I've heard several conflicting accounts about whether the dog was inside or outside, but either way the house's tiny in the dog. Was there too It seems like no matter what the dog we're terror would have been alarmed if someone was entering the house, especially late at night, unexpected. The whole story of I ain't going there at all by himself in during the home in killing terror is just beyond strange to me and if, in fact, the dog was inside, you would think he'd be barking immediately. I'm hoping that some of these details will commandment
I'll hire. You aren't you under Whistler from Colorado, and I was just wondering how the process works for Ryan, to change his defence area, how that might look for him in court if he knows the state can use out against him in any way the issue by criminal defendants have a constitutional right to council of their own choosing Ryan. Is indigent. That means got no money to hire a lawyer unless one or in this case three volunteer to do it for free, he would be represented by the circuit public defender in no way can his choice of attorney beheld against him or even made reference to in court. Ironically, however, Ryan actually being penalized and in a substantial way because of the representation he has chosen. The district attorney
he has, in my opinion, made a mistake by opposing the allocation of public funds to cover the expenses of expert witnesses. Investigators in the judge. Also, in my opinion, has committed reversible air, in denying those funds right would have had access to all that stuff in all of those resources if he had stayed with the public defender. So in essence, by your sizing, his constitutional right to services of council his own choosing he's being denied. Full ability to mount his defence. I think the logical to say that the district attorney has said in court. Debts Ryan has opted for private council. He is somehow foregone public funds for the other parts of his defence. That just doesn't make logical, says to me his status as indigent has not changed in the event of a conviction. I think this is very likely to be reversible. Error, for these funds you have been denied after person
represented as private council people who were in fact indigent and we ve had judges approved the payment of public funds to cover the necessary expenses that always go along with major criminal litigation. High rates of mechanical- that's not on four July hey. That's been very eye opening, and I do appreciate all the effort tat you couldn t get. My question is: do you feel a certain sense of responsibility towards by and at this point, and I only ask that, because Ethel Vista story like I want for the trip,
I'm out knowing what we know about, though, at this point, do you feel like we? U me with nurse everybody has a sense of responsibility to help where I am get out of this situation. Thanks option Firstly, not, I think the only real responsibility that I have is to report the facts, the truth and all of my genuine findings. I never found Ryan Duke Orbit Dukes the GB I found those guys I've never felt like it was my responsibility or moral obligation to advocate for anybody or anything in this package beyond terror Grinstead, and simply finding out the truth of what happened to her. The reality is, I dont personally know exactly what Ryan or both did All we have is they're telling the story but seems to we have big gaping holes in it, even if I thought or felt one way about a particular purse,
here. I never want to let that influence. How I tell the story I have emerged, uses nothing New Jersey? I'm wondering what is the possible centres at, though, is facing and what about Ryan thanks Bob upon Poland, Ryan are now each facing life in prison, plus a hell, a lot more on top of that since Ryan's This is not a death penalty case. He faces life without parole if he's convicted of murder. Likewise Oh now also faces a potential sentence of life in prison for rape. Everything else he's charged with all over the state of Georgia. I could break it all down. With more specificity, but suffice it to say, there's a really good chance that neither of them may ever breathe free air. Again. I'd pay Matthew in Dallas we're just wandering around here
you ve been getting any threats for many lean, buggers did break in all this news. I'll hang up listed these buggers. That is a hilarious term. Thankfully, these buggers have not sent me any threats since season one, I think after season one ended. The dust has settled a little bit no Scylla and some of those people of calm down. I think everyone as a whole, especially in O Scylla already for some sort of conclusion here: they're ready for a verdict, the ready for justice. Think at this point, we can all agree on that Yeah, yeah the new year is upon us, which resolutions do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve
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instant savings as a pico customer stock up, while discounts and incentives last forever on how you can start saving today is a pico dotcom. Slash a lady by this is David just outside of Atlanta. The question that I have is: why has this taken? So long to get the trial or it seems like it, just nothing is happening so, but maybe I'm just out of the loop, but I am looking forward to the to the next episode that at best that was my question. Why is taking so long thanks? I don't know it's taking forever Ryan Dupe was arrested over two years ago now- and we're just now at the point in April this year that there is going to be a trial. I know that things in general and the legal system tend to take a long time, but this to me, like you're, saying, seems a little too long. This is one of Georgia's biggest unsolved cases. The prosecution and the GB. I definitely want
this: the right way, but two years over two years, seems kind of ridiculous. I guess it's all right now. I love your podcast. I listen to all up and vanished and both of the monster podcast, just amazing. They got started on podcast. My question is: is there indication that terror was involved with Brian anyway roaming. Tickly or otherwise- or she may have let her in. Let him in answer to his house and also what is the recipe for the Cowboy cookies park ass. You gotta do an amazing job. Thank you. Honestly, I really don't know beyond Ryan Dukes own account of that there is no evidence supporting that. I definitely dont want to speculate on terrorism, love life with with someone like Ryan.
And the only reason we ve even talked about that is because Ryan Duke himself is making that clear in one way or another. At the same time, Ryan, Ducas being charged with murder, So, bending the story in some way could potentially benefit him. Is it true? I don't know
hopefully more details emerge in the trial, hardliners, Tracy, I'm a nurse and then as a California, and I have a question regarding the weak confession and the telephone call that Ryan suppose that we said he made from a pay phone and it convenient stored carrots home after she supposedly hit her just to make sure that you didn't answer the phone and that she actually was dead. How would he have known her phone number that something an oath fella that is published, that he could get his hands on? That kind of give merit get his story of sleeping my per if it's not easy to get a hold of. I was, in short to make of the original account of another former student being apprehended at her home, stating that he slept with her. Can you please your fresh eyes on the details of that situation? Thank you so much. I adore actually merchant
In fact they did. They fear an action that trial. She can do an amazing job. Thank you. So much for the pot get. I actually had heard a rumour about two years ago that in Ryan Dukes alleged confession. There was one detail about it that made it seem very true, and it was this phantom call from a pay phone at an your by gas station. The tears how the GB. I had never publicly release had information, and so the like that Ryan knew about that brought some real credence to a story and his confession is whole but yeah, how he got terrorist number, I dont know either. He knew it because he called her. Often maybe he called for one want or information from the pay phone find it either way. Good question
Hopefully we answered a question, but if we will be having another culinary episode down the line so keep going into you ever voicemail line the number is seven hundred and seventy five hundred and forty five six thousand four hundred and eleven and stay tuned, because next week the new trial series episode will focus on BO dukes. Thanks for listening.
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