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Ep. 11 - Inside The State Of The Union


After the State of the Union, Senator Cruz gives an inside look at the Iowa disaster. We breakdown President Trump's speech, Rush Limbaugh is awarded the Medal of Freedom, and we cover what's coming in the final vote on impeachment. All that and more.

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The state of our union, much like the state of our podcast, is strong. This is verdict with TED crews, welcome back to verdict with TED crews. I Michael Knolls Senator you have just come from the capital and the state the union address. I want to get into that because it was one of the great state of the union address as I've ever seen. It was raucous before we get to that. I have to talk about Iowa because the last time I saw you we were here for three hours last night, waiting to do a podcast about Iowa and then the results never came like two words. Dumpster fire I mean it is so last night, last night Monday night you and I are rife tiered. Not the plan was we're doing a pot casts, I said I will get. I will results and will go just on air and react and then not a clock became tune. That became eleven. That became too
then we're sitting there. We have no results. We still don't ever so. I spent the night thing about a podcast look. If we had a tv show that ran on at nine p M weed to go on air and say tonight, we know and they have you just gonna set there. So we set our right if we don't other result. Let's do the pod cast more remember then we said art. Let's do at ten a m. We don't have any teddy nobody's ever stood at three p m. We didn't have results at three p m. It we're sitting here now at the twelfth the three in the morning and we have eighty percent of our report. We have three percent of our reporting? There is a discrepancy between the delegates and the popular vote. Note you happened to win Iowa twenty. Sixteen, yes, I want your insight or take, but just from what I'm reading PETE mooted Judge who, Third victory last night, with no results in here, twenty without actually given some credit. That was a balls and so lucky that scenario, and actually the numbers are back in a mob any if he had come in with
three percent. He would look pretty ridiculous, but that was fortune fate. The bold that's exactly right now in terms of delegates, rebooted, has twenty seven percent. Bernie is a twenty five percent Elizabeth an eighteen percent poor Joe Biden down a fifteen percent, any club hr twelve point, six percent in yet Bernie is leading in the popular vote. Think people have no idea what the I will Caucasus, including many islands you spent. A lot of time and I went twenty six down and it paid off as you won the the state. What happened? What does it look like so I was a state where they take their responsibility very seriously and people poor, thousands of ours and grass roots campaigning, and I because I what has proven to be a launching ground where, where look whoa rarely
acts, a nominal elects a president, but it it excludes a lot of people and it could elevate someone who wasn't a front runner who wasn't dominant two major top tier status and so you know you look at the results and I were denied or whenever we get to answer now soothing. They resemble the ones you just read its catastrophic night forego by job and was the inevitable the unstoppable front runner and he's in fourth place. That's a big problem. It wasn't a great night for Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders are battling for who can be the great leftist hope right? and Bernie right now, one if those numbers hold up again and gotta was assume moving into New Hampshire. The pole numbers out a new Hampshire Bernie, as as a neighbour in Vermont, is in a very strong position. Sell the Poles bear that out so Warren coming in third, she
still around, but between Bernie and Warren she's, not a great place with great night for Buddha and look Biden. Donors right now are freaking out. Biden. Supporters are freaking out and if you figure there's twenty two, eighty percent of moderate Democrats, they got a flea somewhere budget nice job thrown himself and contention. Clover char would have been another person in contention. She's not totally out but fifth place There's not she wanted to come in and shock the world with say a second place. Venetian I was the fat had happened, it We have really elevated club, which are to be the alternative to buy what what you may see some oxygen for is a Michael Bloomberg COM, He seems to be trying to veer into this moderate lane. The Biden campaign is collapsing
you're amazing what fifty billion dollars could do, but, but you know the Democratic Party, the people and in the party poor people and and yellow frankly, you know about Bloomberg does look. Tom STAR and say you're, really, poor billionaire. It is worth millionaires go it's rarefied air, but you know this. This does make me. Democratic candidates. Look a little bit ridiculous in part, because the candidate who won the popular very well may not win the state and inquired Barneys, a socialist, so he's going to redistribute amongst others You know I gotta say number one that take the Democrats. Could they entered the state Democratic Party, the screwed, this up ray, couldn't figure out how to count them. Last night I was thinking about you know I felt really bad for the volunteers. Every one of these candidates have people who are poor there. Sent to it. I mean I remember for you. Years ago- and I mean we had worked for four- oh
a year. We had volunteers who had come in from Texas from all over the country who'd moved. I will we actually read it: an entire, a dormitory college dorm- that was filled with volunteers- that would go out in blizzard conditions knocking on doors and in their so called the full grassland where Chuck, Lastly, the senior senator from Iowa Chalk- to all ninety nine counties, and I were every single year and four years ago- and I were- I did the full grass, the saliva you had every guy hit and in fact we hit the ninety nine county on the day of the Caucasus at any it look. I way drive through a lot of sense our rural count easier. Do in advance. Amr my favorite events about tens thirty at night, and it was a candy. There were not many can a big gathering places. So we did a gas station is prevent big station.
That was, it was on the road in it was ten thirty at night we had, I think, close to a hundred people came out to the gas station brought from the county and- and I jumped behind the counter and began servant. People coffee is, it was ten ten thirty at night they came out here. You know it's a place where people have poured their hearts in to get. To last night to get to the cock. Complete debacle, collapses, and do not have a result. Yeah. I think that I have never seen anything more messed up. So then, by the way Democrats are the p that tell you they What the federal government to be in charge, everything they think they're geniuses and so they say, put us in charge of healthcare. Put us in arduous economy. Put us in charge. You your life, these people can't count votes in a complicated. You learn to go to a gymnasium and go
stand over there if you're, with binding volstead over there. If you with Burma, is very complicated, but they can control your entire healthcare there. There is a big contrast ride beak between the democratic I will Caucasus is complete debacle and tonight state of the union which have just come from this is the republican president counting off his victories and the president's spent the first, what, when you twenty five minutes of the speech just listing off his please. I know that you spoke with the president few days before the state of the union. I was firstly not on the phone call, but I suspect you, you ve, talked about That speech should look like so I talked him. Sunday? He called me in and we visited about a number of topics, but but on the state of the union. I encouraged Amis, I said, make it positive, make it up to mystic focus on substance if ochreous unrest alt focus on success, don't focus on impeachment it, and that was my very explicit advice. I said, Mr President, for what it's worth, I wouldn't say a word about impeachment
is looking peach what's gonna be over tomorrow. Let's go be over tomorrow, but there are still potential. Couple of oats in flux set. So I told the president on Sunday I said I think the votes than the votes for not guilty. We'll be somewhere between fifty and fifty six Loca. I said fifty the bare minimum there will be fifty not guilty votes and I'm com in the end as long as he is, I mean the hilt, he would need so eighty seven votes of guilty to be removed from right. It is not going to land, it's not going to happen. There was never any risk of that, but upside. I think we can get as high as fifty six not guilty votes, and I- and I said it look, Mr President, if, if, if you a state of the union that people saw spiking the ball and take them off ass. It look alive, you could end up seeing a few of these votes goes out and you have a little insight or knowledge here, because you're speaking to the people who could be,
the votes that go one way or the other end, your speaking to the present and so on Sunday that that the six votes that were in play, you had three three Republicans Susan Collins, Leeson, Rakowski, Mitt Romney. Now I tell the present ice it. Frankly, I think all we will vote not guilt now. We know, as of tonight, Collins and Rakowski have announced their going about not guilty, so that that much is right if it has announced, I haven't seen it. So I think he probably well as well, but but we'll find out tomorrow on the democratic side three think they're only three votes there, even plausibly who contention and that's Joe vote. Not. I think probably does vote not he has. It seems he signalled that he's whose is like considering voting not guilty breaking with his party. I had a reporter run up to me in the capital. All excited said: hey what do you think a Joe mentioned censure motion, and I said I hope
Please vote not guilty, like you know, there's that's what it is suggested. Instead of voting guilty removed from office, he suggested vote vote for censure say that the president is a bad thing, slap among the hand but leave him in office, and I think the odds are pretty good- that mansion boats not guilty the other two votes that are potentially they are Kirsten Cinema from Arizona who has She achievement in the Senate long, but she's been trying car about a more moderate path. I think it's at least possible. She vote guilt into the third one is dug Jones from from Alabama right hoop at least possibly could so. My advice to the president was rather then. Euro rather than risk get them angry just focus on the incredible results at a positive vision at
Let us say at, and I won the only one who gave the present that advice that was that was a lot of people were given that advice. But how did you do? I dont know that any of us we're sure he would follow it. To be honest, I don't do that. He was sure he would follow it, but he was open to and we talked- and I thought he did spectacularly and I did it is the best speech had ever seen. Donald Trump give him an it started out just relentlessly making the case of the substantive victories we ve had the last three years and end it any was powerful. It was compelling it was. It was optimistic and the contrast. The way congressional Democrats behaved night was horrible. They they wouldn't even stand up or applaud for low unemployment or that there were women wearing white to ride like the supper jets and they wouldn't stand up and applaud for low female unemployment.
It was one after the other, where the presidency, with the lowest unemployment, history, stone, cold side lowest african, american unemployment, history, stone, cold silence, lowest hispanic and unemployment. A history, stone, cold silence, as you point out, LE lowest on at for women in seventy years and Have all of these congressional women in white. Who just sitting there snug early, what are they want? And what more could they asked in I'd like that? The president? He didn't just have one line about it. He had one after the other, after the other, they were all based on facts. They roll based on substance. So when the president says that the lower fifty percent of income, the people who are struggling, the most has seen incomes go up that go up the most as a percentage, stone, cold silence. The Democrats, talks about poverty, the lowest african american poverty in history, stone, cold, silence right. You know at the moment in the early part of the speech. That was most dismay
president talked about how seven million Americans have come off a food stamps and ten. Million Americans have come off a welfare and not only That did the congressional Democrats not applaud. There was hissing I mean was a good. You couldn't really here that on the tv on on the floor, they were hissing and it was I use like some leftists in college college classroom say: that's really twisted It reveals where the modern Democratic Party is but they're, saying that they're saying to people who who are struggling to they want you to remain dependent. They were. You two main on an unemployed. They want you, you those seven million people. The last three years have gotten jobs. These are real.
Men and women. These are single moms who were suddenly now working there there providing for their kids. They they didn't the dignity of work, the self respect right and in the approach of the Democrats, the congressional Democrats. They hissed that it's bad, that they're off welfare nl it is revealing of. I think, I'm really cynical attitude there that there was also so one of the things the president did did really well there that there what are called Lenny Sputnik look at that now, when little Lenny Sputnik moment so Lenny Stark Naked Is we see them a lot and state of the union with President call someone out in the gallery and the origin of that it was actually Ronald Reagan who invented there's knighted. Eighty two and Reagan com that Lenny starting a cook who had said someone who had crashed into the Potomac at n, it look Reagan was a master showman, he understood the power of it, but that was the first time: the two hundred years of our country's history that president done now
state of the union. You haven't, let it let him stopping moment what President Trump did with that tonight. I've never seen and he's taking it to another level, so we saw, for example, rush Limbaugh. There was an amazing moment, when the precedent awarded him the metal of freedom right there and then and in Maloney A put it around his neck rush, I think- and I was sitting kind of right beneath where rush was. I was looking right up at him, he's probably on fifty feet away from me. Rush was so astonished and in the lock Yesterday rush announced he has stage for lung cancer and in if you haven't listen to his announcement on areas. It's worth listening to anyone. You know rush. I was not yet, but Russia's a friend he is adding to the man, is a hero and he's a patriot
you know I remember having dinner with rush. I think it was twenty fifty painted started in, and we were talking about the future, and I ve been eight years of of Obama or seven years at the time and in the end, rush at the time was was a little. I was, I was a little, I wouldn't say discouraged, but he wasn't sure we could turn thing. It was a discouraging era and Member telling my said rush, you twenty million Americans who live can t you every single week. Look you I pretty hop daddy Skippy Happy, but we ve had to download into week. So look at that very enough as pretty good. That's not an you know. We did by the way, just to mention had in passing. We didn't podcast for a few days here show stillness
to even even with several days of silence wit with. Well, that's the sound of silence. That's that that's the power of people wanting content, but my point or that I said Russia said looking at twenty million people a week that listen to you. If every one of your listeners gets to other people to come out and vote, that's it. Just each person find two people in America to come vote that six million people are member rush with sixty million people will turn this country around Donald Trump one in twenty. Sixteen, with sixty two million votes those numbers, were almost eggs and rush you know it's an interesting you and I both went on Glenn back this morning. We react to back to back. We pounded this podcast you at at at at Gleneesh. Rent is regularly news. I can wait. I like I just how guys could do, but both gland, Then I did Hannity earlier tonight and both of them gave beautiful emotional tributes to rush.
That he ablaze the field of energy that that he's number one. I mean it ways. What we're doing right now would be unthinkable. It that rightly in he, was that this kind of lonely voice in the wilderness and what was so powerfully there's all sorts of people across Amerika that we're said they're gonna. I thought I was the only one and he just he spoke. The every man he had an and by the way he speaks for the every man I'd I dont want to so my mom is a to Tom Cancer survivor cancer. Is a horrific nasty vicious disease and having been by my mom side through chemo through radiated, unless it's horrible, Russia's a tuft, nations fighter. So I mean I I sent sent Russia note yesterday that the one of the things I said is look. Yours is an incredibly important voice.
In Amerika and we need to know we're all in. It was a great moment to see millennia put it on, and obviously everybody's praying for him, but that that we ve never seen in terms of a Lenny, I would actually have the metal insist or ass was was blown away. There were three times I had tears in my eyes, and I've been to now. I think seven state of the union are never had tiers of my eyes and had three times lower the other two that moment Caleb Mueller, who was tortured and killed by ices. Her parents were there. The president did then incredible job telling her story, seeing them looking up look, particularly as a father, daughters in I kept at the dad I mean look at an mom, but yet I identify dad- and
to know the horrific hell that their daughter went through an end. The president told a great story the special forces team naming their mission to take out I'll bag daddy after her birth, because it ties in the outlook we all know about the policy accomplished, but the personal store is what I agree. I had tears in my eyes, and it was beautiful and powerful in the third time was, was the the mom with her two little kids who's a soldier and her husband just told her he was deployed, Afghanistan Authority and then the president said and he's back here now we'll talk about it. The ends. Argument look on her face. To see him come down that sergeant come down the steps and her like she was
extra Maloney and then the joy she expressed her kids, I mean seeing him hog is it'll girl hug as little boy. I hate that that They knew threshold, there's never been a Lenny startling moment where you actually reunited soldiers, family right in front of you, I think, to the surprise of of of the family that that Was inquiry was powerful? Is it turned everything up to eleven and I agree- I mean it was- it was just such an effective speech. He didn't mention impeachment which I am very glad that was part of Your conversation and other other people had heading in that way to and by the way he did a great contrast. Last week, last week, I was the White House twice one day for the announcement of his Middle EAST peace proposal. Is there with israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? The next day for the signing of the. U S: Embassy the Mexico, Canada, trade agreement, and I
the silent contrast, love he's working for the country for good for the future. While the congressional Democrats or just consumed with hate. I think that was a really sharp common will see the contrast again tomorrow, because here the state of the union, really really strong state of the union and state of the union address tomorrow is the vote on impeachment. I mean you're gonna go it's pretty late and into the evening, so a few hours, you're gonna head back to the Senate? How does impeachment and what that means We finished the state of the union. Let me say to cook quick things on number one. I think the Democrats seemed incredibly out of touch, I think, to any american watching you wonder why can't you cheer for American, like when the presidency twelve thousand new factories we're seeing a blue collar boom demo
That's for years of claim to be the party of working men and women, the Party of Unions and they're sitting there snarling furious at manufacturing jobs. You know, when the president pointed out one of the first people to put it out in the gallery, was an african American banned from Ohio, who'd been homeless, who'd been add substance, abuse problems and because of opportunities own part of what we implemented. The tax cuts that incentivize is capital jobs and struggling neighborhoods. He now a job, easy he's he's, clean and long life and turned his life around and the democratic snarled and in and you think about it most of the he's inner these these areas with with severe poverty all of them are represented by Democrats and it was utterly their own congressional representatives, angry that their constituents
Struggling are doing better than someone else did forth it ruins. Their narrative in the moment that I think, captured. The whole night, sadly, was at the end of the speech when Nancy Pelosi stood up and ripped the speech, and I thought was the constitution. She was Rebecca. Was the speech aka, our maybe I'd, mistook the, and I was I was sitting not very far from her either I was awful on. The side was actually sitting between Marco Rubio ran Paul. It was kind of an interesting the day after I was sort of amusing, but that would just accident little, not a union where we're locked but we're a kind of a kind of laughing it. It had seeding worked out, but it in there. I didn't initially see her tear the speech. It was Marco, who notch means that you use your turn speech. I looked up and she was still tearing it and I was seething it. It was pitiful.
And disgusting and at any it ain't Nancy policy should be ashamed and an excellent disrespectful. It I find I get the parties, have different views and you dont like but look. I went to, I think for stated, the union's Obama gave he What about all sorts of policies I didn't like, and I didn't applaud for all of them, so there's one picture. I think it was from the twenty thirteen state of the EU. Where you had in a row. May I forget the order, but it was made Chuck Sumer Angela Brand Linsey, Graham John Mccain Obama was saying we need to give amnesty for illegal aliens and humor, and Linsey, and Mccain and children are all standing cheering and I'm sitting there silently, I'm actually perfectly fine. With that picture that want to choose ram this. I ain't gonna write that that that's fine, I
mind where there's a policy disagreement expressing it but to rip the speech in half showed a contempt not just for Donald Trump personally, but a contempt for the presidency occur the hand for the american people. I I thought was repulsive and I can tell you one democratic senator who will remain nameless bond on the elevator down. He turned to me and said: did policy really rip up the speech you made Should this the other day you it was under this you're. Just tonight is just like our group, two hours gun you mentioned also how some of these democratic, senators or more moderate senators, they really have not liked this intense honey was really unhappy with that. I said it was pitiful and offensive and disgusting it I was I was I was genuine pissed. Here I mean it may
be angry and it was interesting. This one democratic countries- that's terrible. That's complete, thirdly located unlike some, but Trump said, but it was sort of the. When I look at the congressional Democrats, there consumed by hate and hate Yeah he eat is an ugly like fine. If you will disagree on substance, but we should be rooting for the american people we should be celebrating victories and by my job, I represent twenty, million Texans. I don't just right. Yet the Republicans interacts. I represent democratic access in libertarian independence, but you know what, if I'm fighting for more jobs and higher wages and protecting their rights that benefit Jerry were right in an it it made me. Angry, but it also made me sad to see that right now hatred of prompt consumes all else we,
We will all be able to root for Americans, because that that that that should be who we are. I was obviously not there in person. I was just watching tv, and I agree with you. The the anger of the the sour puts, the the what appeared to be hate doesn't play well on tv. I'm glad to hear that there were There was at least one democratic colleague who who found it, troubling as well before we go. There were obviously so much to get too will have to get to more tomorrow. Let's try, to one or two mailbag questions. First question for miles. I work this implosion hilarious. This thing or the most Larry's thing, they kill us every day, mapped. As I said, I felt better for them the active like the pit volunteer, who worked right, but luck for Democrats who want to run everything they demonstrate that can count votes from the right.
One question I guess can t by the way. Can you can you imagine these rocket scientist taking over and deciding like. Whether when and if you get a heart transplants well, we got a system in an app and I'm sorry the app doesn't work so I'll have to cross some border area that I, like I dealt with everyday. Whenever the app operates up, you don't write by then this is a question. It's a little bit on impeachment bug. Isabel touch on tomorrow's vote is welcome. To Morrow is gonna, be the big boat duke with the present. Or do you remove them from office from Karen, Stan treason, bribery and high crimes as grounds for impeachment. What Do not understand is misdemeanours. How do you go treason to miss them, so far no one's explained what that means exactly hoping you senator can yet look. It is it's a good question it it's a weird term, some of it to remember the distinction of felonies and misdemeanours. Didn't exist,
as those terms or understood. Ok is nothing about misdemeanours. Gonna minor, climb you'd in so that's a confusing part of the phrase I wouldn't think of them ass, separate categories. The phrase as a whole is other high crimes. S demeanor and that that was a unified, so there were misdemeanours at the time the constitution was adopted that we're punishable by death yikes. So so a misdemeanor was not a speeding taken it without a parking ticket. A it. Was that the phrase hi crime or misdemeanours were serious crimes and they were crimes against the public trust they were things like bribery and treason. So it wasn't just yet knocking over seven eleven. If it was it was a crime that did harm to the public to the nation, like treason, but by the way, the you know, one of the examples that that Adam shift you this is well under the definition of of high crimes and misdemeanours that that door,
its and others are saying what happens. If, if, if a present and allowed Alaska to be invaded- and I gotta say, dance of the centre from last was pretty worked up about us out against that he I oppose the invasion of Alaska, and I pointed out dan- and he agreed with me on this, but I sit down. If president allows a foreign country to invade the United States of America, that's trees in the meadows actively cover writing array. The constitution defines treason in the text of the constitution, and you Get to allow our enemies to invade and take over any of the United States is a shame that we have to teach our legislators that now, although I'm sure then do that, I don't wanna ride rated Vatican's. You I'm not not throwing him. I'm sure, though, that there are going to be many house Democrats who do try to impeach the president again force. Tickets and for parking tickets that something to look forward do we will be discussing obviously the big vote that comes out tomorrow, but unfortunately we're out of time today this is Verde with TED. Crews will see you tomorrow
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