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The Senator and Michael discuss what the nationwide riots mean for justice, the shocking lie the DOJ used to target President Trump, and some good news on the horizon.

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The new cycle always makes it feel like the world is on fire, but sometimes the world is actually on fire, and we have seen riots break out across this country coastal coast. Orson buildings, burning down all stemming from the killing of George Floyd. In Minneapolis this is now spread out into a much larger movement. Much larger action to the point the national guardsmen troops have been called in to help maintain the peace, very very overwhelming for a lot of us. Luckily, we will break down the whole story, and what it means this is verdict will take root, Senator This happened since last Friday, since the last time we spoke. I guess and believe entering? It seems like just a completely different. Go situation now, and you see
everywhere? Not just on the news you sit on social media people in a posting various hashtags. If you don't posed a certain check. Your smeared is a big it in a racist or at each other's throats. I mean a literal buildings are on fire. I know use On the Senate floor about this at this week. What you're take Well isn't. This has been a and a tough weaken our nations history. What we ve seen all across the country has been really really hard. How do you think through this will only let let's start with some first principles: dont, murder, people, don't hurt people, don't steal from people. You know when it comes to the constitution, every one of us has a right to free speech. Every one of us has a right to protest to speak but what you don't have a right to do is commit acts of violence. You don't have a right to do. Is it, shatter
store windows. What you don't have a right to do as burn police cars. What you don't have a right to do is murder police officers. And so we're saying all of these come crashing in. It started with thing, truly horrific. What happened to George Floyd? It was wrong, it was evil. It was grotesque. At this point all of us have seen those eight minutes, a video. What happened at George What was wrong and the criminal just system needs to hold those violet violated that which, in that instance, was for many But the police officers one who put his knee on his neck and took Mr Floyd's life grotesquely Ray others who stood around didn't stop but then, We saw. The anger, the paroxysms that came out of that initially manifest in protest. Now look protests are perfectly legitimate
r, r, r, quintessentially american law. We have the right under the first amendment, to speak out and to speak out, for Racial equality to speak out for equal justice under law, the law should apply to everyone fairly regardless of your skin color and an end. The protest calling for standing for racial equality. Work were were in. The best tradition of America, but there we saw violent criminals. Then we saw terrorists. Then we saw looters and thieves infiltrate. These protests. And begin raking may him began destroying communities, begin committing acts of islets- and I gotta say to every one of those vi, the criminals who
whipped in to the otherwise peaceful protests and began. Why adding and committing acts of terror what they it was not wrong and criminally was bigoted because what they did It is they tried to corrupt. A legitimate expression of free speech and and enable laudable goal, a goal this nation was built on the opposition that all of us are created equal. They tried to corrupt it and it was wrong at an end- and I gotta say watching country burn this past week. In it spend horrifying, it has been and it's got to stop senator you, I'm actually struck by the simplicity, of your observation because it some that where we actually haven't gotten from the mainstream media, we haven't gotten from a lot of politicians, which is: let's go back to first principles.
It's wrong to murder, it's wrong to steal it wrong to commit violence against innocent people. It's good to voice your our own expressions of anger at injustice, it's good for justice to be served wrong to steal, still wrong to murder. I was watching CNN as a statement I rarely utter, but I was watching CNN and Chris Cuomo, the brother of the democratic governor of me or Chris Cuomo, came out and explicitly defended violent protests. But I would also known as riots also known as domestic terrorism. I mean he said actually show me where it says that protests have to be polite and peaceful. Could you show me where it says that center well that there is this little thing called the United States constitute the bill of rights. They did they. The first amendment protects the rights of the people two peaceably a threat,
Our peaceably to assemble peaceably is right in their so there's a difference, you can stand up and protein and by the way, some of the most effective protests in the world have been p simple non violent protest. I want such an anti for- and I think you ve actually honed in here on what lies at the heart of this. It's not just. Chris Cuomo, going on saying protests should be violent, it is Keith Ellison, the any general of Minnesota held up smiling with a book called the Antigua handbook, smiling and fires with with people in Anti for Anti fa stands for anti fascist Are they not behave like anti fascists? I mean I'd. They do in the sense that they behave like radical communists he's an anarchist when you Marchen and violently assault. But you were being far you're, not anti far you're far you, you ve gone full blogger, and you know I think the president this week said that he wants to classify them as a tear
such organisations and very basic definition of terrorism. They're using violence against civilians to achieve political ends, it's as simple as it gets. It seems pretty clear what what is role of anti for here, and what what does it say about state of our country, that you ve got elected officials, voicing support for them, wet less right for you years I've been calling on the Trump Administration to designate Anti as its domestic terrorist organization. I introduced a resolution last. Or in the Senate, calling on tv to be designated as they go in and they commit violent assaults. They commit violent attacks and these Typically glee are our young anarchists. There often rich white College, who, who wear, masks an end, a lucky eat. You know that they're sitting there with their thousand dollar iphones saying capitalism is evil, let's burned at all, to the ground and, interestingly enough there. Now,
burning their dorm room to the ground, none other than that that that would be too much they're going into the inner city and they're burning to the ground, the communities that that that people have to live, and it is its grotesque. It's wrong and look Keith Alison son City Council, member in Minneapolis, He tweeted out that he stands with a tea for their anti for their literally burning his city to the ground, and these demo. Product, politicians and I'll tell you if anyone behave worse than that, its Hollywood celebrities, So so Hollywood celebrities Are all engage in this virtuous signalling where they're giving money to buy EL, the rioters out of jail, and- and this is- labels? So you know I guy age with some of these celebrities and asked hey, hey, wait. A second
some timber, like with like I'll, give money to this fund a bail, the writers at a jail, how bout you give money to a fire? and to rebuild the African American and hispanic own small businesses that have been burnt the ground by these violent criminals instead of baling the criminal out of jail right help, the innocent victims and end. Let let's take another component of the word black lives matter. This has been a black like measured interests point here. It shouldn't be two black lives matter. Absolutely yes, unequivocally period. Black lives mattered, but here is the part that steamed all you we underline that you can't say like lives matter, hispanic lives matter, asian lives, matter, white, Lousianner, human life, matters and end. Okay, so, why is that a political statement? This is sighed. She had this conversation with with my daughter's today, where they were talking about
you that raised a bunch of money for be alarm course, my daughter, I know the acronym be a lamb or like is telling us what does feel em stand for an end My daughter said what you know: equality, equality good and I was like athlete- that's that's certainly trail of equality, but if you look at the radicals who are or co opting the message- black lives, what their advocating is number one, salute assault on police and I'll, tell you who it hurts. It hurts african amount. It hurts Hispanics up because you know why, because when this happens, you look at what happened in Ferguson, you look at what happened in Baltimore there's something called the Ferguson effect, which essentially that when cops feel like ok, if I get it into their interaction, maybe the criminal and and and somehow it gets violent My whole life can be destroyed by career, could be destroyed by family could be destroyed and the perfectly right
little thing to do as they are able to step back. I'm not gonna gauge, of course, and you see happen over and over again, as the murder rate skyrocket right, we saw that have Fergus, and we saw that happened in Baltimore, and you end with only if you are committed to the proposition black lives matter, demon, seeing the cops will end up with more black lives being lost more because by the way the people being murdered most frequently right by like criminals by gangs. Our people in low income neighbourhoods and often there African Americans or hispanic double this. This is, I think, the key point here, because you know people see that phrase blacklist matter, and they say if you dont support This organization and the most radical leaders of this organisation somehow you don't care about black lives and the fact is virtually Typically, nobody in this country thinks black lives, don't matter ever any with any political influence it. It believes black lives matter,
Anybody with any media influence, believes black lives matter. Anybody with any business influence or major corporations donating millions and millions of dollars to black lives matter. Anybody with an instagram account or a twitter account or a facebook, believes black lives matter. We buddy agrees on this point, but some radicals, some people pushing things that are, so great that are not so popular are co. Opting that varies basic message that everybody agrees with and using it to put push radical leftist ideas that the vast majority of Americans. Dont want, and it's so cynical and it's so bullying, and it's so so intimidating that I think a lot of people are. Lost on, what to do so Michael. I shall give an example. One of the agenda items of of the radicals that are leading this movement is to use their phrase de fund, the police. This past week, that was tweeted by Hillary Clinton, former press secretary De Fund, the pole please, let me ask you for a second: how good do you think it would be for Africa
I can communities. If there were no police officers knock wages, a drug dealers could run free of the street gains could run free. It's already. The murder rates are or are horrific by our good. Would it be for, your family or mine. How many Americans, this week as you watch the rioting, sought about the right to keep and bear arms I'm sure they lines or around reality. How many? How many things about what happens if that mob comes to my house right and and. That that is an annex stream agenda and it's not right yeah. They. You know what here's a name, the pull the media don't want to talk about David door. David Doorn was a return a police officer and Saint Louis Missouri David. And was shot by IRAN or she was protecting the pawn shop.
The small business many was shot and murdered David Door and spent for decades, serving honourably is a police officer and David Doorn was murdered by this rioting and yet the median and want to talk about him yeah feeble, even black lives matter, David dorms life matters, Give you another named David, Underwood who is another law enforcement officer was murdered last I guess you had another laud whose also David Andrews African American as well african american police officers murdered by rioting and yet the woke verse signal errors? in Hollywood on CNN, on twitter lives, don't matter to them at all right. Its raw look. We should protect every body is life and we should have a passion. Oh racial issue. In this whole issue of the protests and the riots I mean in the fact of the the riots in the protests that probably the
Most outrageous cynicism is the justice, he could go. We were told if you go outside to do anything. You're killing, grandma your endangering people because of the corona virus. If you go, God forbid to protest any of the lockdown orders. You are terrible, no good awful person in this We were told by the very same public health experts by the very simple. Dickens. Everybody should go out by the hundred thousand to protest in this left wing narrative. I mean people look at that and I Our capacity for outrages goes out the window, but well one of the more ridiculous hypocrites on this has been built, Plaza New York, who deplore. It was ass this list last week. So if you can come in protest and get much much closer than six feet apart, can we go to church? Can we go to the browsers that none of our big, because, because that there's a hiss racial discrimination, America, but there's no history of religious discrimination. What utter crap by the weather is not,
when you talk about millennia, right of racial of racial personage discrimination, yes, but of religious persecution. We wait we're in true that was literally founded by people fleeing religious persecution. You eat you look at the pilgrims who arrived here. They arrive to come to a land where they can practise their faith and by the way you want to talk about people persecuted for faith the jewish community in New York City who deplore seo has singled out for persecution over and over and over again, you know, Jews. In war to six million Jews were murdered in in in the holocaust. To say, there's no history of religious discrimination. Absurd is a political leftist. Anti american narrative. You then since then, and the hypocrisy of it as it is really coming out. Amid all does us two point, five,
five million jobs added in May the vehicle me is now a member of the stock market surge. When we got this news, is there a chance, we could see something like a vitiate recovery. Is there a chance that we could come out of this thing? Pretty strong luck, I hope so. The job numbers are fantastic work, seeing states all across the country, reopening Texas is reopening, and then let me say that this is a powerful sign, open up the economy. Now let people go back work that doesn't mean ignore all of the efforts. Where do you think we can engage in social distancing? We can. Continue to be prudent but open it up? Let people go back to work today. Million new jobs that we ve had forty people lose their jobs, so two and a half million, but you know what the first time? In a long time we haven't seen job numbers that we're several million going down with it. So, instead of going down there go and backup sharply, and I hope we keep saying go back up.
Forty million jobs that went away where self inflicted we did this to stop the pandemic. Now, let's let people open up, let's let them get back to work and and and and get the economy will be again that these job numbers are really encouraging and we need to keep keep moving in that direction? That's great news and before we get to mail bag, as I do want to have the mailbag, there is There is one more story on the subject of destruction that I've got to get back to obvious structure, has been in the news a lot, but it's important, I think, to talk about your absolute destruction of ROD Rosen's Times testimony before the Senate. When, when you were discussing the the gross mishandling of things or over as several years at the D J could Just tell us a little bit about this, because I think for those of us who have been gasoline, for years and years on this subject of happy about it? J was going after Trump. I think it was it just so refreshing to see you
red light on what is really happening. What we now know is more more information has gotten public. Is that the Obama administration- Let us size, the FBI, politicize the Department of Justice, politicize, the intelligence community and target the damn at the Trump campaign, targeted them Donald Trump directly. They they say targeted that them with Your tabs directed at getting Carter, page senior advisor the Trump campaign they targeted it? spies sent in wearing wires confidential import format to the Trump campaign thereupon campaign and they went after and part Hitler General Michael Flannel, three star general good spam. Entire life fighting for this country, and indeed a directly targeted. We now know that The decision to target them went all the way to the top on January fifth, twenty seventeen. The meeting in the White House. The oval office, Barack Obama, was there Joe Biden. Was there James
He was there, they headed the FBI and he reported to the president and the vice press. About their targeting of Michael Flynn. The incoming national security said Sally. Don't who was the it turning general said. She didn't Think about it? So she learned that the fbi- I was targeting the incoming national security adviser from Barack Obama, because the EP, I was briefing the president directly, that is such an abuse of power- and if you look at everything that has come out. The inspector general port at the Department of Justice show that the FBI was totally criticised it showed seventeen material misstatements that with that were made to the fire a court. It also showed that had been singer. Fbi lawyer fraudulently. Altered evidence and said so, and here's what what? What what because it's worth remembering made it really is it's like out of a bad spy movie so
they're trying to get a warrant too To wire Tab Carter, pay, the trying to renew the war at an Inn, Carter pages talking to a bunch of Russians and so if you're talking to a bunch of Russians, that's ordinarily kind of suspicious, why you talking to a bunch of riots? Now he is Russia experts also, but even so there there's all of suspicion there, so the FBI, I sent an email. Did the CIA said hey this sky working for you, because, if your working for the CIA on after the Russians than you probably oughta, be talking to the Russians. If you're working policy I see sends an email back. You up he's working for us to see. Says in writing. Carter page is war for the United States government. When he's talking to the Russians, the FBI, or takes that email and altars and literally changes at a hundred eighty degrees, the opposite. Instead of yes he's working for us, he alters it, creates fraudulent document, no he's not working for us and that gets submitted to the court if
I did that in any court in a traffic ticket right, if you created a fraudulent doc submitted it you to jail, I would the jail that end while and so rotten, this time was testify and by the way, Rosen Stein signed one of those applications and I, laid out that history that I just walk through and I said: listen you were come into a deeply politicized, corrupted law enforcement environment there. There too, only two possibilities warn you were complicit in the way What is a session of law enforcement against one political party or you were gross? negligent, though those they only two choices and what we walk through, I said, look did did, did you, Did you know about the steel dossier? That was the some of this whole application, the principal witness behind it
it's not reliable. It was all just got much guys talking to the bar. It's not reliable. Did you know that no did you know that there was a bunch of exculpatory information, no Did you know that this lawyer fraudulent created this document? No, did you know there's a guy working for this year at the time? No, Did you know that the DNA save the Democratic National Committee had paid for this? but research EL of lies, no an erosion, fine and any of it. He was just a rubber stamp age said well the f B. I told me that so I just listen to them and what it raises. Mr Rothstein testified. He said if he knew what he knew now he never would have signed it. He would not have approved the wire too, That now means the next step is to go ass. People like James CO may go asked people like Andrew Mackay, the deputy it at the FBI, because.
There were people lying and complicit in the responsibility, I believe, goes all the way to the top, and I get say this hearing one of the most interesting things, Michael Senate Democrats, so desperately wanted to change the top that they do not envy, you could see the that the panic known don't ass. They then they just didn't care about law, enforced, being abused and look- I understand why, Joe by is there nominated? They don't want anything that touches Joe by they want zero fall and an elevated Obama saying good, so so so in their narrative, nice Obama could never do anything wrong and and and it is their only hope, an end, I gotta say so so I asked this week yesterday actually the Senate here said. Look what would you guys think if Donald Trump did exactly what Obama Biden did? What would you think
Donald Trump today sent the FBI to wiretap the Joe Biden presidential campaign. What would you think today, if Donald Trump sentient b. I spies worry what wearing wires to the Joe Biden presidential campaign. What would you think nay, if Donald trumps directed the FBI to to submit fraudulent evidence to offend to a federal court, to target the Biden campaign by the way. We also know that General Michael Flynn his identity was unmasked was revealed my Joe Biden himself personally ran directly Joe Biden. Did that that's stunning and I gotta say also says so one of the things it became public in recent weeks There's an email from Susan Rice. It stated You were a twentieth. Twenty seventeen now Michael you and I both know what that data is. That is the date.
Thou tromp was being sworn answer. Susan rises, national security adviser she's on her way out now think usually your last day in the office. What are you doing? You're packing up your das, Take the familiar. I pick it up the planned. Take the photos down, he sends an email to herself but just pass to think for a second last year, the office. What do you want to do you send an email to yourself? It's one of the funniest see why a emails you ever read. She says three times that President Obama is directed this investigation into flat, and she says three times it's by the book by the book by the book by the book. The only reason you send that is yours they're gonna crap, the new guys are gonna, come in they're going find out about all this. Let me right an email to say we're doing everything by the book. It the only reason you write that email is indicative of a deeply
you can't just island there, I think we need to know who abuse the political process there. To be accountability and those who broke, the law need to be prosecutors right into evidence of a guilty conscience and the cleverness to realize this isn't going to be looking to be looking very good when the new guys get into power before we go. I've just got to get you a few questions here. First, from Margo Wired, two still socially distancing go get a cigar together. Senator your thought! Damn straight come today they next week will felt that works. For me, all right, John asks: what are the affair This will have on the twenty twenty election. Do you think this hurts trump more or bite him? I don't know, I think twenty twenty is incredibly volatile
depends number one, I what happens with corona virus if, if the number suddenly start skyrocketing, that is really bad for America, but that's also probably bad for tromp as well. Number two: what happens with economy if, if we see massive job losses between now and election days. That's really bad for tromp. If we see with a sort of thing we just saw these job numbers the economy. Coming back, that's really good, and and this racial division and division and rioting. Look rioting, I think scarce people. I think it off. It also shows just radical how radical and extreme the Democrats are it it's really on mass them- that that that I dont think has helped Joe Biden if a democratic presidency means the rabbit
those who want to burn our cities to the ground or put in charge that ain't good. So how all of this plays out? I look at this election and I think there is a huge delta, what I hope. We'll see, as I hope we will see the economy? Coming back optimism coming back hope and in the past, miss of Amerika, and if that's the case, could see a really good election. We could see the president reelected by a big marge and we could see the report. The majority in the in the Senate grow and we could see Republicans taking the house. That's what I hope will happen that people will look Craziness of advancing policy and end the stream, radicalized laughed and say We don't want any of that, but this is uncharted territory, young and and and so we, if, if things go really badly,
We can end up with a terrible lecture, dried on uncharted territory. In many ways a Darrell asks what you're take on the use of military personnel to help quelled riots. I know you're Senate colleague, Tom Cotton got the. Our times in a lot of trouble because he and on this, and some of the younger times after were very upset by it. Well, ok, so set! So let me take a two different issues there, because they're both worth at addressing the New York Times. You literally right satire about them? They did their so ridiculous. Extreme. So Tom cotton not bad in the times. That said, send the troops in advocated for sending in the military to bring peace to the cities and in the New York, times began to have an epileptic fit like there there was quarters began bit began, trembling and one to the other, they were triggered an end we're mad at how dare you publish this view? This view
violence to me and you ve got reporters in a new member. The old archetype of the tough grizzled porter. It shame smoking was gonna. Speak truth to power was going on cover. Whatever is going down that these pansies reporters that are just like, mommy. Scary word, scary were tied me from the scary words like. Okay. If you disagree with Tom COD our eye, baccarat, here's a crazy idea. Man up, org you why you think he's wrong. That's ok, write your own up, that's called free speech and by the way tonight. I actually think Tom. I agree with Everything Tom said. Actually look at the substance of it, how do you city safe in terms of how it operates under the law. The first line of defence are our police officers why I'm so vigorous and saying don't undermine our car
Let law enforcement do its job. We see a lot of democratic politicians, basically tying police officers hands behind their backs preventing them from keeping city save, and so the first line of a line of defence are the police. This line of defence is the National Guard, and so if the police are overwhelmed in call up the national guard that provide an additional wave of strength and the Terry is available. If there is a long tradition of the military Junta in a case of violence Correction, the case of of rioting coming in, but but the military is the third and final step, and then so there's some republican politicians that are showing how tough they are by say and send in the Marines on day? One well look: if we. Two: yes, we need to do whatever is needed to keep people save, but but let's start with, hand cuffing the police officers and let them actually protect our communities and an end, the millet,
we should only be a last resort. I believe right, fair point much more I have to leave it. There will have to wait until the next episode, but senator if that story, invitation is real. I will the airline right. Now I will book a ticket. I will see you in DC together you and I are gonna light, some fire. The fact that works for me see on the go senator I Michael all this is verdict with tat crews.
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