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Ep. 3 - Democrats Throw Biden Under The Bus


House Democrats open the door on the Bidens’ crooked dealings in Ukraine.

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Senator. Let me get this straight house Democrats or impeaching the president for threat to withhold money from Ukraine if they didn't investor Joe Biden for threatened. To withhold money from Ukraine if they do stop investigating his son for corruption. Am I right that's about right wheel into it. This is verdict with TED groups Well, back to verdict with TED crews. Michael Knolls, joined by the man himself straight from the cap. And the impeachment trial center. I want to get into Maurice Ukraine Hunter Biden This really opaque story at the heart of impeachment. Before I do that, though, I want to brag and congratulate you on becoming a rising podcast
because this podcast verdict would take. Ruse is now in the top ten points. Guests in the world, after just do episodes Congratulations! Well, thank thank you again and thank you to the great job you're doing and then thank you to everyone who lose whose subscribed and download it. I will. They drive and from the capital over here I was talking to my daughter, Caroline, whose eleven and I was kind of eggs, about at night, abide tried to brag to her about it. Just like that. I really don't web site, so it didn't. I dont know that eleven year olds are our target on you. You know, Maybe eleven year olds are not our target audience. I think the real thing we can brag about is not even just being in the top ten in the world were beating Ben Shapiro That's a big wind and personally, I have two text him. Anyway. That's talk about turning lemons into lemonade for this absolute they tedious impeachment trial. Really, maybe we can get something out of this because I think people's eyes or glazing over when we talk about impeachment and bereavement and hunter by
in Ukraine, and it's just so opaque sought. I want you to break that down. First, anything significant happened today, so I actually think today was. It was a very significant day in terms this impeachment trial, because today the House Democrats effectively through Joe Biden under the bus, I don't if they did so deliberately, but that's the effect of what they did to the ESA. Well, they double down. Something they had started yesterday and Adam shifts opening statement. The house stem. It's a house managers they build their entire case on the proposition that, that investigating Maurice MA this. This ukrainian natural gas company is completely unfair but completely without merit is, is a sham, is bogus, there's no basis whatsoever and breeze. My is the ukrainian natural gas company that Joe Biden son worked for that was on the ball. And then he was there. He was on the board of
we'll get into all that they're saying that any call to investigate this. This well known. Corrupt natural gas company is based and it's just a bit away for President Trump to get a leg up on Joe Biden the election, so yes, yes, it yesterday Adam Shift began in his opening laying out that standard that it was a fraud that it was. It was a sham. It was bogus and today and an atom ship. I dont want to be slowing the lead house manager for the Democrat. Yes, you know the reason I have to clarify who he is. There was the question on jeopardy where they asked her HU. This man was, and was a picture of Adam Schiff. Nobody got it right so Adam Shift is leading the impeachment charge in the, and a trial right now that that is absolutely right so He laid this out yesterday. Today, the house managers spent, I think, over an hour, trying to the case that there was no reason to investigate bereavement that the old,
possible reason to want to investigate. It is for De Ferris political purposes, because you want to smear your political opponent at, and I got it That is number one ridiculous. It just ridiculous on its face, and actually this show we're gonna talk a lot about the substance of it, but but number to the consequence of that is the media's gotta talk recent as much as they don't want to. They gotta talk about the Evans some Joe Biden, corruption, but it also means that when president trumps lawyers get present their case starting on Saturday, that that right at the heart of is now going to be. This is, The evidence of Joe Biden and Maurice was corrupt, so the demo, It's by talking about why we don't need to talk about charisma, have inadvertently made us all talk about charisma and end the stand they ve set that that there's it's completely baseless, plainly Maryland, is a sham. Its bogus is absurd walk through some of the specifics and details
through the low, but a little bit of real d, Hell, because I think it matters what is brace where, lieutenant colonel dead men, whose one of the sort of star witnesses for the democratic then described it, as quote a corrupt entity, and why did he at that, let me look at the history of recent, the biggest natural gas company in Ukraine. It grew an oligarch one of these ukrainian billionaires who was at the same time them MR of natural resources, so he was granting his company Natural gas licences and then getting wretched. It became the richest company, the richest to Africa, company, because he was the government officials in charge of deciding who gets the life. That's nice work if you can get it so so bereaves. My is not a natural gas company in the way that you think of, like Exxon, mobile not remotely borri smell was built on hey
founders, in charge of giving away the licences, which means they knew a lot about buying government influenced prize. That's what they were. They were built on crooked from the very beginning, exactly right now fast forward early twenty forty, early twenty fourteen Joe Biden. Vice President Joe Biden stepped forward and said he would be the person for the Obama administration on Ukraine and we became the face of Ukraine. He was talking to its president over and over again he was. He was the focal point by us. By his own description, then April. So this is early. Twenty forty widens the point, then in April Ganem Devon Archer, whose Is this partners with Hunter Biden? Joe Biden son gets aim to the board a breeze van? So you ve got. This is not Hunter by MRS Hunter binds business partner and associate, and by the way,
is also business partners with John carries step son John, carries the Secretary of State so a lot of swamp Venus and this whole. It gets worse. So this guy Devon Orator it's on the board. Ok, that he is on April thirteenth. On April, twenty Britain's serious fraud bureau Freezes: twenty three million in Accounts- trawled by the oligarchy in charge of recent. That's just, few days after Devon Archer. Is on the board and then on May twelfth Hunter Biden gets named. The board may twelfth so so Hunter Biden gets named to the Board of bereavement less than three weeks after Britain's fraud department freezes, Marie's assets and let's talk but I saw who is Hunter button so yeah
zero expertise in oil and gas in Non he's, not a gift physicist. He has no background that anyone knows of in in Ukraine. No, I think, like you, speak the language, but there's no you how much they pay them am, I know it's a large amount, but I saw much actually you don't know how much he paid, because nobody knows how much they pay that they pay. Anywhere from some of the reporting has said, fifty thousand, amongst others,. We are not here, it's not so so the baseline that we think they started a mat with six hundred thousand dollars a year. But that's the limit how much our high could it have been what it went up to eighty three thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars a month with huge million bucks a year. Now that's a lot of money! That's good! That's good work! It! To put that in perspective. Do you know what a director of acts on mobile makes million dollars? Ear cash compensation hundred ten thou
Hundred Biden was getting nearly ten times as much as a direct. During x on mobile gets in cash carpets, and I think it will it work. Iris a little bit more in the way of a resume to get on the board of X on mobile than Hunter I had to get on bereavement, sport well, and we actually know exactly why Hunter Biden, what was on the board at it, and for that? Let me not tell you, let's, let's take it in her own words. Listen to what hundred Biden said when he was ass. Geiger put Hunter Biden gave an interview, not that long ago, where he is minute that the reason he got on the board was nepotism. If your last name wasn't Biden, do you think he would have been asked to be on the board of a MA? I don't know I don't know. Probably not. I dont think there's a lot of things that were to happen in my life than that. If my last name was fine, he said the part
out loud that he was not supposed to say if they wanted to hide this corruption, but look at its obvious. He was put on the board because daddy was vice president right at the. Let me tell you what the head of Ukraine's Anti Corruption Action Action Centre said This is a quote if an investigator sees the son of the vice president of the United States is part of management of a company that in Stu Gator will be uncomfortable, pushing the case forward. That's why hundred Biden was on that board right now. I mention that Hunter Biden was business partners with John carries steps on getting Chris Heinsius Chris signs. Actually but his business ties with Hunter Bud because of this is this is Chris own words lack of joy. Hundred Biden, lack of judgment and when his other nor Devon Archer Joe
the Maurice my board, he said working with Borri smell was unacceptable, unexceptional, so John Kerry Step, since it ain't gonna, be a part of this, and I know what you guys are doing, but I'm not part junk. Steps on whose an associate of Hunter Biden says this is too for you shouldn't. Do it truly in that same interview that that we just heard from Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden. It's that he had a conversation with his father at the time when join the Charisma board, and Father Joe Biden said better know what you're doing. Well: here's what the Washington Post said he was doing the Washington Post reported, that quote The appointment of the vice presidents, son to Ukrainian Oil Board looks nepotism, stick at best nefarious at worst. That so that's that's the Washington S, the washing inside exactly a conservative outlet. I saw a another headline this, from the New York Times. I wrote it down the New York Times headline twenty fifteen
Joe Biden, his son and the case against a ukrainian Oleg even the New York Times admitting. This is an oligarchy company, it's crooked, and it involves the violence now to be. It thing to say tomorrow. If the New York Times are washed in post are willing to remember that they wrote those stories because you know shown a real pattern, especially the times object. Echoing whatever that the House Democrats say. So they may suddenly forget all about that that this evidence of corruption, but you know it wasn't just the Washington Post New York Times it Also members of the Obama administration when Hunter Biden, was named. The board. Obama, special envoy for energy policy quote raise the matter with by with jobs with Joe Biden because he was so concerned about the conflict of interest, not only that deputy assistant sector
state can another one of the Democrats STAR witnesses of this impeachment Harry. He testified tat. He quote, raised his concerns that he had heard. That Hunter Bind was on the board of a company owned by somebody, the? U S, government had spent money trying to get. Tens of millions of dollars back and that could create a perception of a conflict of it you don't say I think, that's the understatement of the year. What do you know what he was told? What, when he raised it, He was told that the vice device, vice President Joe Biden, didn't have time to deal with but he didn't you got Obama pointy, say wait. This is kind of a problem that this guy's on the border, Borri Spa, so so here's what I want is. Obviously there are so many people at such a swampy story if it's corrupt it so obviously corrupt. The whole arrangement with under Biden, the whole company is corrupt,
when the Obama administration raises the concerns which we ve seen them do in writing. Do we get an investigation into corruption here when we get exactly the opposite, which is that Joe Biden publicly comes out and calls for the firing of the poor. Secure that was investigating Maurice, of course, and actually be It's the Biden because they just can control what they say Joe Biden bragged about this last year at a accounts, on foreign relations event. He said in no uncertain terms. He went over there and he threatened to with hold money to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor
investigating his son for corruption. Here's your button! Ah, my remember going over convincing our team are matters to convince you that we should be providing for loan guarantees, and I went over guessed it. Twelve. Thirteen time to keep an eye was go supposed to announce that there is another billion dollar loan guarantee and I had gotten a commitment from porch Anko and from yachts. In Europe that they would take action again state prosecutor, and they did so. They said that they walk out Prescott and I allow marketing or when we're not going to give give you billion dollars. I said I've, no authority you're, not the president, the presidency, I should call em, I'm telling you not getting dollars. I saw you get the billion, I believe- and here I think it was what six hours I largesse, leaving six hours and the prosecutors not fired you're, not getting the money or son of a fire they put employ.
As someone who was sour That sounds like to me senator. That sounds like a quid pro quo. That sounds exactly like what the Democrats are accusing President Trump of doing in this impeachment trial. As Joe Biden put it son of a bitch, they fired at look it. It was when you look at the timeline. And I'll tell you, I'm I'm quitting out tonight a timeline, a detailed timeline that the zit that is worth looking at its worst printing out I'll, be tweeting. It from at TED Cruz but but but I'll say you should see the timeline and also that video, if you haven't watch the video of Joe Biden bragging about getting this prosecutor fired, you need to so the video, because the news does not want to show that bidding. It's even worse than that, because I hadn't I haven't really Dover this case in a while all of the details about it. All of the videos the timeline, what them
in stream media and what the House Democrats are telling us. Is that This allegation of corruption in the Bible and bereavement has been debunked debunked, frivolous, a sham, walk through the timeline. Quick limiter remedy go go back through it, but it's worth seeing these dates one after, and I encourage you to do that because it it's, so many names at so many dates like all things that are corrupt. It's so confusing. I think what the House Democrats are relying on is how confusing The whole thing is so that we don't pay it but starts early, twenty fourteen Joe Biden is the point person for President Obama on Ukraine President Obama on Ukraine April thirteenth, twenty fourteen. An archer Hunter binds business partner partner joins the board a April twenty eighth Britain, serious fraud unit freezes twenty three million for money laundering from the oligarchy, who founded Maurice may twelfth just
Couple weeks later, Hunter Biden his name to the border of December eighth, the New York Times article says that the Secure General Victor Shokhin, is in Vesta Gating Borri small holdings and the oligarchy in charge. Victor Shokhin, This is the prosecutor. The Joe Biden he's gonna wind up getting fired right in that house them. Great spent all day long attacking relentlessly today, here's here's one awaited mentioned as before February. Second,. February. Second, twenty. Sixteen, the oligarchs, home, is rated. It is Let's see this is February. Second,. Joe Biden calls the President of Ukraine February eleven February, eighteen, in February nineteenth. So three calls.
A little over a week after the oligarchs home is rated whose his assets are seized. February. Twenty first Borri, smooth lobbyists, contacts, the state Duma and says hey. We want a meeting with deputy secretary of state and by the I did I mention Hunter binds on board this is in writing so adjusted To pause for a moment what it sounds like, you're from all the Joe Biden phone calls, which I met Thea the waning days here of the administration, what this like to me is desperation. It gets Devon Archer March. Second, later Devon. Archer sits down AIDS with John carry the Secretary of state or causes the other board member then, on March, fifteenth. The assistant secretary of state, calls for Prosecutor to be fired, then on twenty seconds during a call with President Bush Anko
Vice President Biden calls for the prosecutor to be five, so you ve, you ve got the guy who's on Bereaves MA's board. Two guys on the two guys on the board you ve got. Making millions of dollars making millions of dollars. They then meet with the Obama administration. And then all of a sudden you get people in the administration calling for the prosecutor, whose investigating bereavement to be fired. And then, on March, thirty first by arrives in Ukraine, he's there personally and he, releases one billion dollars and loan guarantees, because the week earlier they had fired the prosecutors, as you demanded you get that Pro quo he delivered on an entirely new, not now, look, let me be clear. Do I know for a fact that Joe Biden was corrupted in on the corruption? No
You know why I don't know for a fact, because we don't have enough of the facts, there's. Nobody has investigated think about the Mahler probe. Think about the thousands and thousands of ours, the millions of dollars that that the thousands of pages produced too. Investigate the president to go after after the president and the position of the House, Democrat That's easy for anyone to say, hey, investigate this and see if there was corruption that is fraudulent and a sham. It is absurd. I'm I'm just trying to process all of this, because you had two and a half years of the mother investigation into Russia, based on very very flimsy evidence that that fell. Apart day by day over those two and a half years, then you had the impeachment inquiry into Ukraine. Corruption by the Trump, Ministration biggest President suggested that you
Crane investigate the corruption of the past administration that we ve just been talking about for fifteen minutes. Yet the government is dead Aided virtually no resources to investigating the actual corruption that that is at the heart of this whole issue. Worse than that House Democrats, locked investigating it. So what so? Among the most absurd moments, were today one of the house managers who was making the argument that no basis for investigating Maurice MA said of the seventeen witnesses. We had nobody too to that? There was a reason to investigate Borri small Number- one. That's not true. A number of them said there was at least an appearance of conflict of interest, but number to the reason they didn't have witnesses, testifying. That is because the house I'm a crass blocked all the witnesses. When House Republicans tried to call em, they only call prosecution witnesses they refuse to call hundred by
they refused to call Devon Archer, so they couldn't asked them. Do you know nobody has asked under with a very simple question, so Hunter million bucks a year what do for that how'd you earn that money. Let me zoom out for a second year, because We now see incontrovertible Marie's, my whatever deal, landed Hunter Biden on the board, corrupt the action. Of the Obama administration sure do look, corrupt and even more. Where's that administration said this all has really bad appearance to into it. We we don't want this sort of thing getting out in this all goes ultimately to Joe Biden. What did he do right? because his son was get getting a million dollars. You know you know in the openings but yesterday, Jerry Nadler is one of the house manager leads the house managers. He said hundreds of thousands of companies in ukraine- why was Trump focused on this one? because it was the only company that we know of that
the son of the? U S vice president, make it a million dollars and impacting impact Potentially, U S, policy, look trump, wasn't interested in the abstract in every form corruption in Ukraine. It wasn't like he was worried about someone sticking up a seven. Eleven s is corruption in the United States. This is potentially corruption of the vice president of the United States, and it always legitimate, and in fact it's the responsibility of the president to ensure you investigate serious corruption or just foot simple. What it looks like from the outside is that the Democrats, or a using the president of doing what they themselves did that's say actually right there acute the president of withholding aid to Ukraine Joe Biden did directly with hope or threatened or withhold a billion dollars and in loan guarantees to Ukraine bragged about an ant video I embrace the battered on video there, a cue
using the president by the way you know one of their arguments as well. You know it's always improper to to want to investigate a political rival. Really like the Obama administration, didn't two thousand and sixteen sending in spies with wiretap and tapping the phone and going after Donald Trump like they did it by the way we know from the inspector general report based on all or of lies and deception from the FBI, India, J, but they do that they went after their political rivals. Ok, then here's what I wanted and a whole homer final point, one of their talk points that they said over and over again today is cover up cover up cover up. The Democrats are, covering up borri smell like crazy. They don't want to ask the question what
Why didn't they at least bring a man and ask the question: what did you do for the money? Why didn't they? That that? Why don't they want to ask the question, because they don't want anyone to know what here's? What I want to know that I've I've watched not as much of this impeachment trial as you have cause, that's not possible, but I've watched most of it. Why, is this not the only thing that the Trump team is talking about what Why is it that if you went outside right now pulled a hundred people, probably one of them? If, if that many would have ever heard of berries? Well up to be fair, The president was given no opportunity to call witnesses. No opportunity cross examined witnesses in the house, so it was all about recorders. All one sided. It was all just the Democrats they come, up all the evidence. A brief MC corruption but in the house, wherein day two of three days of the houses, never ending opening argument so far, two days
president's. Lawyers had been sitting there, silently not allowed to speak right, so they're going to speak finally, on Saturday and And- and I hope and expect this to be a big big power of what they say? What I hope to see, I hope to see the play. In its lawyers walking through each step of that timeline calmly carefully. You know the two clips we played on the show I hope and expect to see the president's lawyer play both of those clips and, in fact, idle to see the Joe Biden, son of a bitch clip paid, it will play it. Least as much as the clips that the house managers have been planned over and over and over again till you want to run out and and screen. Of course I mean what it seems like to me I had I have done some research into bereavement Hunter button, and all of this end I probably didn't know half of what we were just talking about tonight. I hope that The reason is the word and that constant is coming out there from From the White House. From the president's defenders
It's just so much too to digest and yet simply put the facts that it seemed so clear. You got a corrupt ukrainian company, you gotta corrupt son of of Joe Biden, you ve got a lot of evidence of corruption from the Obama administration and then the men The president Trump wants to investigate the corruption they occur him of doing what they did in the impeachment that that is exactly right and look. Why did Joe Biden he would he travelled to Ukraine overdose? Then he jumped out front to lead and get this prosecutor fire. Why was he the point once he knew the sun was doing this? You know it wouldn't been that hard for Joe Biden, you say you know, I'm just going to recuse myself from you and it's not going to be involved I'll, let some I'll. Let John Kerry worry about Ukraine gonna be involved, there's a whole rest of the world. You know he could have easily done that. He made the choice to go forward, even though he knew TAT. His son was making a whole bunch of money if that's not corrupt
that's at a minimum whole lot a basis. To investigate at least find out what was going on right, which we to leave it there tonight. I think there there is so much in that today. Just so much that people probably haven't heard of before, and yet that really ought to be the basis of what we're too talking about because that lies at the heart of impunity. The reason President Trump is innocent and it is, the reason President Trump will be acquitted by the Senate is because a press it has the authority to investigate corruption and there more than enough evidence of corruption. To ask that it be investigated, get to one mailbag question. At the very least, you know we now have a a mail bag. Email address, you can email. EL bag at verdict, podcast dot com. So Emma
your questions and we ve been taking them on twitter and you gotta make the pitch to subscribe and and rate this rate. But you have absolutely got to do that when you got a verdict. Podcast outcome, of course, subscribe in it helps a severely by five star review on Apple POD casts a please do that we're so pleased to now be in the top ten pod in the world. So what what a push it even higher. Let's try to get the the word out because I there's a lot of misinformation. There's a lot of fake news going on all the major networks when it comes to this impeachment trial and the senator is being gracious enough and hard working enough to come straight from the capital here. In the dead of night were pushing one o clock right now to get this information out very very important. We do that for the country and for the truth. So before we go one mailbag question, viruses from Norman. I Never crews and Michael a big fan of your verdict. Podcast I've question, can TED circulate a republican pledge to call Hunter Biden if Democrats vote from
witnesses, I want to know who won't sign at what they know who the rhinos are both the map. Well, look. I appreciate that you're going to do so next week, workin about first vote. We're gonna have is whether there need to be additional witnesses at all and that just a yes or no. If we vote now of the fifty one senators who say we ve got enough. We don't international witnesses than women The final judgment, the president, will be acquitted. This thing will be over. So that's one outcome: if, on the other. And fifty one senator say we want additional witnesses. Then gonna have debate and argue about a Hutu call. The case I've been making to the republican conferences, the principle of reciprocity, which is We're not gonna. Do a one sided show trial of the prosecution gets a witness. The defence gets a witness, which means, if the prosecution yet say, John Bolton, who they ve been talking about. Then that then defence ought to get Hunter Biden, whoever they want to call an end. I gotta say I think there is why
spread agreement, if not complete consensus and the republican Conference you'll see the vote next week. Hopefully, if we go down, because in the house you you didn't get witnesses for both sides. It was all staff for the Democrats, yet president didn't get a single voice up there and the Senate report. Hence are not wanting to make that mistake. They wanted to be fair because I think, as we have heard tonight, the truth is is very damaging for the Democrat case and it it seems to be a pretty good, the president. Well, look. The Democrats did to coin a line. They can't handle the truth, but we can hear on the show. So thank you very much senator crews, we will have even more tomorrow. In the meantime, I am go knows this is verdict with TED crews
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