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Ep. 30 - Don’t Defund The Police


In a post-quarantine reunion, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles sit down together in D.C. for the first time in months to explain what defunding the police would actually mean for America, specifically for the black community, and to expose WHO’s shifting goalposts for coronavirus prevention.

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Riots have overtaken the country, lawlessness abounds and the genius Democrat policy proposal for dealing with all of it is to defend the police. This is verdict with TED, Welcome back to vertical TED crews, I'm echo knolls, we're in Washington Dc Senator you invite media on our last episode, you said, can have a stove together, if I just made it out to the EAST coast, so I fly out to be we, the rubble of Washington D C. I actually couldn't even get to my hotel room last night in my car, because the National Guard was stationed all around it. What has happened to this since the last time I was here. Well, it's gone knots and on top of that, in the
see they don't even let you smoke a cigar. That's the worst part of all. Look the crazy democratic ban, cigars, but but here's the Good NEWS it did actually like one hour, but I'm not sure they have the police officers to come arrest. And it seems as if the Democrats get their way, then we're gonna have even fewer police officers. After that you don't. You have spent a good bit of your career in law enforcement. What's your take on this because it is at the local level. The Minneapolis City Council voted overwhelmingly beat up for a majority to abolish and dismantle their police department and you're. Seeing Democrats at the federal level taking up anti police legislation is well that's. So let me try to understand this is stark raving nazi? This is insane like like, like did. Did you say, the Minneapolis mayor than the poor left a guy who's trying to Ok, what do you want me to say I'll say whatever you want there like it's ok abolish the whole police departments that way way way way way to. Second, they really
lost their might now your mind you come the blog goodbye, may workable a car like yours. He is literally on five right when their solution is abolished, These two partners, by the way these are the same morons that want to abolish ice yeah. I you know they're, just like ok, let's get rid of everybody charged with protecting, that is asinine and it would end up killing a whole lot of people. If you think black lives matter. Let me be clear: black lives, absolutely matter. Dumb ass idea to abolish police departments will kill a lot of black lives, will kill a lotta hispanic live, will kill a lot of white lives, will kill a lot of people and its dumb well. But this, I think, is the point here because outlets all the People who are saying black lives matter in there that the people were pushing. These things are the ones Who are pushing a policy. They have a very negative effect on a black people because
We spoke about this a little bit on the last show, I think you're a study but the number of unarmed black men who were killed by the police every year. Is it it's not a four digit number. It's now three digit number: it's not a tunisian number. Obviously, every death is a tragedy and that's what they're focusing on, but the number of unarmed- and were killed by. Criminals is very high and when the criminals or in the neighborhood who's gonna take care of it, the police. What what is the effect of this gonna be in trouble? There is one country it would be terrible. If it happens, the victims of violent crime are disproportionately lowering their disproportionately minority african Americans and Hispanics and waves in the past, we ve seen what was called the Ferguson effect. We call in Ferguson when you had riots against the police officers and what happened was police officers national naturally look if you're a cop, you're out doing your job and you realize suddenly, okay, if, if I have a citizen encounter- and it goes wrong, my whole life
over my family's over my career is over. Everything could come crashing down. What cups naturally do they pull back? They say you know what maybe I'll. Just not engage. We saw in Baltimore after the Riots in Baltimore, we saw the murder rakes rate spike Chicago, you look at the murderer rates in Chicago year after year after year, and so, if, if you end up pulling back the police, not letting them do their job, that means the crib The gang Magyars, the violent murderer here, the rapists those The robbers have have no check on them and and and the people who will pay the price they're not gonna, be by the way Hollywood breeze in Beverly Hills that they're gonna be perfectly fine and protected. It's gonna be its to be the people who are vulnerable that need the police to keep them safe. Yes, we want the police to protect everyone's right fairly, but.
Make the police go away. Those who who are in closest proxy they d violet criminals and that that is heavily in low income area they're the ones that pay the biggest brought. There is a lot of hypocrisy here. You see this kind of radicalism being pushed by people who will always enjoy the safety and security not only of the police but of good neighborhoods. Today, Michael? I gotta get question. Has Nancy Pelosi fired her police detail? You know I I chuck structure. Nine haven't gotten word about that. Has built a blog. You know no, certainly not he's. Why not invited me. Let me be clear: I am not calling on them to. I don't want them to be killed right, but why are they trying to cancel the police protection for their low, come residents its police protection for me, but not for the. I think, that's what we're here from a lot of Democrats,
applause. You said about the jam, you, member, that during my throat a virus lockdown he shut down all the gems, and then he opened up specially. So he could go work out right because he said you know it's important that I'd be healthy. Unlike the the view little people, the little people- he didn't quite say it was just employ this- was the mayor of Chicago? Had no one can go, get a haircut, do not get a haircut except for me. I need a haircut because I care about my appearance in this hypocrisy. Actually, on that point in particular ties in with the corona virus, because a lot of what we ve been hearing remember, we were did not do any shows in person we social distance for months, because that's what the public health officials told us to do. Then, all of a sudden hundreds of thousands of people pour out into the streets in very close proximity in these protests and the same public health officials who.
Scoriae conservatives for demonstrating in any way peaceably against some of the lock down over reaches those same public health officials encouraged the protests and the riots in the arson that met have accompanied them. Now. Now, all of a sudden, we see a pivot back to backing away again. How are we to understand this if not as a as rank politicize Asian of the public health with others? There's actually sign? behind you see the virus is, is woke. Envious, woke viruses. If your he, if you are protesting within If you're here arguing for abolishing the police, you can get thousands of you together, you can embrace you, you can you can see each other all over the place, you don't need mask an end.
The virus the virus is actually marching alongside you just you need a microphone microscope to see it, but it sitting there like anyone saying, regardless of your politics, you turn on the tv. You see thousands and thousands of people smashed in very, very closely and you're. Certainly go wait a second, not everyone said I had to stay home. Everyone said it was the end. The world. If, if, like my kid, went to school everyone, was the end of the world it. If I went to my grandma funeral than that. I would apparently hill community right and then the eternal tv and that in the same public health officials are side. Although this is perfectly fine right, I mean we were told. First, do not wear masks, do not buy masks, masks are not effective, there actually harmful. Then we were told we all have to buy masks. We were hold that the virus spreads very easily on services, part of the reason why we need where the mask, then we were told it does not spread berries. Land services
we were told initially that a symptom People are the ones spreading corona virus, the World Health innovation just came out this week and so that a symptomatic spread is very rare or so for those of us who are not scientific experts with lots of degrees. How are we supposed to think about this virus after the chaos of the past couple? Well, look. Let me take both sides that on one level, this viruses hard to figure out and the experts have genuinely struggled, and so they haven't necessarily understood how it operated. They didn't know what what what was gonna happen. They didn't know, it's it. How easy it would be transmitted, how minute and then on, look with a new virus. Some understanding with the science take some time to get out figure it out and in. Will you saw many leaders trying to protect people, keep people safe? It then became this this. This woke virtue signal where you know Sore Austin TAT,
justly wearing a mask and shutting everything down became. Interaction had nothing to do with the science like the whole, flattening the curve when's. The last time. Someone actually said the phrase flattening occur because Did we did flatly curve and then there's a better? Now everything was They shut down until a sure as discovered yes and the virus eradicated from planet earth like with that wasn't the explanation you gave before and then suddenly we didn't know was, or until we want to have giant riots and burn the cities to the grand rights so that now it is the political hypocrisy and also its elected officials, not giving a damn about people's livelihoods, not caring and by the way, with both covered. Nineteen and the riots were saying the same thing which a small business is being destroyed.
By the shut down the Democrats. Don't care small businesses being burned to the ground Democrats. Don't care that normally Democrats, don't care to do see this at a total writer with the New York Times who said property crimes, a burning someone's business to the ground, he is not violent, its violence. How is that either? I see I always thought that when you have molotov cocktails and pitchforks and hammers when you who's that that's violence, but a lesson a genius like the people at the New York.
It is well I'd. Look I'll give another example. Did you see the ostentatiously named president of them Minneapolis City Council? I loved the council has a president, but but she was on tv saying if someone breaks into garage, if someone is, is coming in breaking into your home and you call call the cops yeah, that's your privilege, your exercising privily by calling the cops like. Ok, I want everyone to get this straight because this, problem the lunatic yeah have taken over there now say you don't have a right. You should have no expectation that the police should protect your home from a burglar because of their crazy politic. That's not what I want to get your thoughts on this speaking of the New York Times, because I think there are two schools of thought on this. One school says The left has gone so insane, encouraging political violence completely losing all
credibility on the corona virus that they ve gone so crazy that we are now at a tipping point where we're gonna swing back in a more conservative direction. I think the other school What is more, on the brink of revolution and people are our eyes on edge. Is they ve been since nineteen sixty eight the New York Times published in a bed by your Senate colleague Tom Time, and it was not bad about whether or not to call in troops to deal with the riots? The editor, Who took that are bad has no resigned from the New York Times it got such blow back and that the New York Times as we can not publish any opinions. They contradict leftist orthodoxy that man's name James Bennet. I believe
that's right in and in our last podcast you when I talked about this and any any luck smacking the New York Times, as it is now in its current low hanging, fruit, Libya and in their so bad that it's easy to point out how idiotic they argue and then they got worse. They literally fire editor. Why? Because he dared publish ban up from someone else, not for the New York Times from somewhere else and by the way his name was on it that the left these in the newsroom disagreed with any was the reporters. These reporters from our little cry, baby woke, we are suddenly were back in, like some leftist classroom, whether reporters,
hear news, they don't like they start hissing and and suddenly wasn't here times you your fire. Let me ask you something: when is the next time the New York Times or any other of these big paper are going to publish any view? Other then absolute lefty the dark, see right layer problem. This is a weird inversion here, because typically, which you might expect, is at every news organization, there's opinion, and there is reporting and reporters deal with the facts right. Just the facts and opinion interprets the facts and gives their point of view. You might expect the opinion people to complain about the reporters. That's a kind of natural view. But at the New York Times it's the allegedly straight objective reporters who were throwing the hissing fit about an opinion com. This is completely fled. The reporters are opinion journalists, but they all have one
and you are not allowed to disagree. You can't have any other view in its the rigidity of it. This is, it is very much it's something of which Communist China would be proud, except making that point the New York Times would make, as that would imply criticism for Communist China, and I mean it is ridiculous and sad and then I am often said. Look if there's somebody listening. Who has some money? Someplace people ask me: what are you ready to to learn knows, and to be honest, I don't trust any play every places, biased and ridiculous. Another point of view all so. What I try to do, as I try to rethink on both sides, reacted to even it up. I am sure that the New York Times as unreadable I will read the water had imposed with which their hard lefty but think there I there trying a little bit to be objective way things like National Review
and try to balance it out. But look, I think, somebody with resources on a by one of these legacy. Mass tad things like you know, Jeff Veto spot the wash and washing Posten. I didn't what I do. I do an editorial page. I'd have a conservative and liberal every year both empower to run stories, and so, instead of an inch and a half debate to trust the dialectic process and I'll, tell you what I do also, as I have a conservative and a liberal news, editor it's because so much of the bias in journalism right comes from picking, stories to run a witch stories not to write so I'd have a real rock rib conservative in a real flaming lunatic liberal and say both of you, you can have so people reading it through the synthesis could actually learn. What's going on, none of this supposed mainstream media places are even
of course not, but you know, as the leftist media outlets run, the people who are not far far radical left us out, maybe higher than to be producers here, I dunno maybe we'll never they can come on over. We certainly, I think, of a more balanced perspective than some of those outlets, but on this point of the left going too far, I know that you're not spent much of your day. Thinking about Harry Potter, but Harry Potter, actually does play into this a little bit. The author of Harry Potter, J, K, rolling, is a left winger. I left wing activist a feminist, but she thinks that the left has gone too far. She came out. She had a whole long, tweet thread and she's signal this point of view. Before, where she said look, I support people who are transgender. I support my transgender I want, though, to be happy. I want him to feel comfortable, but it is simply the case that a woman is a woman and there's something about being a woman that a man can't be in and she's trying to sort of like
Minneapolis mayor trying to come to this accommodation with the hard left they are furious at her has gone too far. There will be no moderation with the left; rather they are it. It's like Robespierre. Yes, it is the french Revolution and the guillotine or coming now that the guillotine already came for James Ban at the editor of the New York Times and and and others as well would be there. You can't get extreme enough because right now, they're out extreme lesson. A week ago, if I would have said these idiots are gonna call for abolishing the police department had I'll come on, but like not possible, this ridiculous little like what we were at the point and it will keep going
and they will keep consuming themselves. They part of it. Is you don't give a damn if they come after you they do, but but it doesn't help that you don't wake up at night going. No. What are they saying about me now gosh right, there's something liberating about. Of course, these folks and look You live in a don't remind me, Senator Place day you when I first got to know each other, among other things through through friends of aid, group of of conservatives underground in Hollywood in entertainment, and I gotta tell you first time. I spoke the friends of aid by figures when he thirteen or twenty forty six seven years ago, but four hundred people came out now I am was striking and then there are some big famous people. They were people like you
John John boy was there actually brute shatter before he was Kay. I agenda Bruce was there for the conservative and but you also have lots of of lower level folks people who were writers, people who were gaffer people who were make a part is just gotta all working in Hollywood and the dog free of terror. Yes, it's the only gather ever been in the rule is no photographs at all. No one the phone everywhere else, you're always snapping, because you know what, if you're so when working in Hollywood. They got a picture of you right of centre. This was seven years ago you can lose your job to Hawaii require that's now, journalists as well, then the New York Times, if you dare disagree with their propaganda, if you're not well enough, if you just want to to fight against police brutality, but you don't actually want to buy,
if the police depart right within off with your head. This is a great analogy. This hidden occurred to me, but you know what you expect us from Hollywood. We ve heard about this for years, but it used to be the case that if you were a serious journalist, you he photographed with a democratic, senator or republican senator. What the past few weeks have shown. Is you can't you you can't you you can take a photo with Tom Cotton or you couldn't run is out there. You really that the lines have been drawn, people, are digging in their heels. You meant Robespierre in the french revolution. I didn't have thoughts of this the other day because ill Omar. The congresswoman said that we want to abolish the police. And we're gonna have a new imaginative approach to public safety, and you know that the committee the chopped off everybody's had in the french Revolution, was the committee a public say well an end. There is consistency. The hard left has always been very comfortable with totalitarianism at any time, they're talking about abolishing the police, it it's not like. Four,
she's going to disappear. It's just they want the monopoly on who exercise of the force at an end- that is, you know, look at you. You look at communist dictatorship show whether Cuba, whether the Soviet Union, whether China, whether whether Vietnam, right I mean vicious murder torture, oppression, Nicaragua Bernie Sanders friends down in Nicaragua yeah. This is consistent and its because their collectivist here and there so damn self righteous here that there are like the Borg has ordered it. And if you dare disagree, the question of you must be assimilated or destroy. Listen on the right. One beauties of liberty are all sorts of people. I disagree with great morph. I'd like I really want to hang out with people are just agree with me that utterly bore up
one on the left on the left. Did we it? It's like you know we are living in the left. You tat Mohammed Stale right right down to the matter and not even aware they put everyone I'm masts, and they must all say the same thing and and that he is Statists ya gonNA stated that's what they do and you you know you are seeing some cracks in the fact that this New York Times editor, I think, he's waking up to J K rolling a hardened leftist. I think she's waking up in Saint gosh. This is not the left that I thought I was a part of. This has gone too far either that could be a healthy thing for the country we swing back a little bit or its broken and we're just living in the rubble. It wasn't too long ago when the left believed in free speech. As you know, I've got a box it's coming out later this year and it needs a book on the Supreme Court's got one
away its talking about how all of our rights are our hanging literally just one vote away that there's a whole chapter on free speech where it where it talks about a very famous Supreme Court case where, where, where a guy wore a jacket, that said. The draft, although he didn't abbreviate arm, and the Supreme Court quite rightly said that he had a first amendment right to express that view. Even if that view was profane, even if it might be distasteful, that used to be a mainstream liberal view no longer no longer not now the left not only is willing to silence anyone who disagrees, they demand bright, that anyone who disagrees be silence, that's true
that's right out in the last moment to that we have left. We ve gotta, get through some very important mailbag questions. The most important one I saw is from GDP at the top centred accrues. Thank you for your service in the Senate. What is your cigar of choice? Monte, Cristo number one Monte, Cristo number one cigarette cigar, from captain of the silent majority. That's a twitter account. Do you support the use of force to protect historical sites and property being destroyed by rioters. I guess that means you. Do you support the police, basically going in stopping Ryan? I support law enforcement, stopping violent right like cried. Why is that controversial? If you try to hurt somebody law enforcement should stop you. If you try to destroy somebody else's property law enforcement should stop. You looked. Will we saw the idiocy reach its p?
when when in the past few days, a statue of Churchill was was defaced by the way, the original anti fat literally act. I couldn't help, would send out a tweet, say: ok, look. He only defeated Hitler defeated the Nazis. Save the free were all right, but you know- your young and angry and you got a can of spray paid so that your contributions to humanity and to a quality and by the way, Mr Sosa Justice Warrior in terms of equality, in the present not cease from murdering people francs, pretty high off their its impressive, and yet they still wanted to face right right at these. Things used to be on controversial, but I guess we're living in very strange times from man and apologies to Churchill, for football for dealing with the Monte Cristo number one ensure you know he did have some other choices we can explore those later. There is a whole size of cigar named after
the furniture will we ever have the nomes. And what will the knows that? You know it's funny people s What do you want to do? What your in just that I could get a cigar named after me. That's it, but I don't know if I'm gonna be able to save the western world latina Lofty Gollop lucky you that that the night the day as the days young, that's true from that senator any intelligent, honest and well reasoned liberals I should follow. I want a more balanced feed. My answer precisely look at Andrews, Sullivan, Smart, yet willing west
Someone who used to fit into that was Michael Kelly, who wrote the Washington Post twenty years ago. Sadly, he was killed on the Iraq war. He wrote some of them the best stop heads every wrote, I believe which, if you go back twenty years, laid out the cognitive dissonance that that that Clinton defenders had to put out the problem is smart, smart liberals that are actually principled, so many of them have been silent. Right and that that is it that there used to be quite a few but or there no longer really considered. Liberal like I would go professors islanders, would let that that would be an example. You know Darcy, which Turkey was my criminal law professor first year loss beside.
Arrive there. It was, it was pretty wild on a one Ellen law, school Duchesse, defending MIKE Tyson knows when my Thyssen's rape trial was going on. I'm my colleague Karl my professors like defending MIKE Tyson he assigned to us as part of our reading Penthouse magazine because he had written, I think it was the cover story and penthouse think it may be the first time penthouse had ever not had a woman on the covered by title and dirt should written this long cover story about him and what he explained he did. What he assigned to us did not happen. It was just the tat you, you only read if they are too so I can legitimately say we radically article, because we just had the Xerox pages, so we were only given the text. There were no pictures in what we give it, but, but I remember he filled the Kremlin classes. He said look I could write it up at the New York Times and you know a handful of people would raided Friday. Yet I think it is a penthouse had a readership like five million.
People may set off trying to talk the germs jars reading is. That was an interesting. He was a fabulous professor and I remember first Year LAW school, he said listen by any measure, the stir speaking I am in the most liberal one percent of Americans in this year, but he would do things like defend free speech and argue for looking. He used the muse look. Dershowitz is jewish deeply pro Israel has to talk about. You know how he would. Think about if he was hired, is a criminal offence. Lord defend Adolf Hitler right and an he would cut of agonize about that. Look, I'm glad when I was practising law. I didn't. And I would not defended Adolf Hitler, because every
deserves a lawyer, but I ain't workin for right up, but but it would be it's interesting. He believed in in protecting the rights of the accused. He believed in stopping censorship. He believed in he'd believed and civil liberties in a way that that. There aren't any liberals left do there are in and that that wasn't so long ago, and now it seems that the world has gone upside down. We'll have to dig into more of that upside down this I've gotta make it back to my hotel deceiving pass the National guard because about crazy things have gotten, but we'll back he'll be back again soon is so. My advice is simply protest on the way in the leg, strictly, with its I'll have defined find somewhere. I Michael knows this is verdict with ten crews we'll be back soon.
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