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Ep. 38 - Jon Voight Is a National Treasure


Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles in the heart of Hollywood to discuss the state of Tinseltown, his tutelage and rise to fame under the Greatest Generation of actors, and the future of the Republic in 2020 and beyond. Also, who filibustered better—Ted Cruz or Jimmy Stewart?

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Hi, I'm Jon Voight and I'm on the ice at in Burbank. California, I'm looking at the beautiful face of TED Cruz, and this is Michael knows, who's the boss, we're on Verdae the TED crews welcome back to verdict would said crews, as John just said, I Michael knows it. So good to be here, because we are in a time of great tension. Lockdown p, riots. Everyone seems to be very tense and in this town in particular it is so nice to be among friends, including one of the great American Actors Academy Award winner and and more importantly, I would say John Great American John Point. Thank you so much Michael here. I thought you safe. I usually say I say the man who did you know midnight oh boy coming home run the train and, of course, the great Anaconda
in people laugh with his and had an and with two little girls, the national treasures. I've gotta go. Tell you aware that that is popular in the crews asshole. I very pleased about that, because I you know, I'm crazy about due to gauss. By the way I do need to ask the president the next time at the White House. If I can check on the resolute desk, see if anything is hidden, yeah, yeah, cut a wonder. We could go together that be fought and you get screwed, I was in full around. So that's it. This is not the first time that you, you guys have met. Obviously, Senator Crucial when a bit of time in Hollywood John, you ve spent of diamond Hollywood end you you're one of the few Hollywood stores stars who has been open about your political views and increasingly so over the past few years, we face these national problems. So actually, the first time John and I met- was twenty thirteen. I was newly elected to the Senate and I came to to California to speak to friends of ape
which, as you know, was a group of conservative, libertarian, right of centre, people and entertainment, and it was a year, was a big crowd point four five hundred people came out and- and I have never. I've never been in any other group where people were afraid It was a rule. No cell phones, no pictures, and- and there were a handful of a big stars and John was the most notable who was like open. He was willing to be there and and John big enough deal that it was like? I dealt with that I'm here and and deal with it, but a real impression on me that that the people who were there, the gaff first, the carpenters, the writers, the lighting folks they were too a fine of someone got a picture of them at that gathering they'd be unemployment at and it was really I you know,
I sort of joke if we were at a satanist gathering that was murdering kittens it wouldn't have been more dangerous and that's Look, I mean you ve you been straight and a lot of courage to speak out in in a town and industry that it's not easy to do? Well, I'm in us look We all know we're in a very serious situation, it's in historic situation that I've been born at this time and come to this point, were this Where is being threatened in this way, I never would have been able to put that together but I will but I saw the beginning of an anyway. I mean the beginning of the open- stability in the sixties- and the tender, and that then, that had been produced by a lot of work, with the communist system, with Ec Kgb working over it.
To try to infiltrate net know. When did you start acting held? Were you when you? You started the movie business battle? I don't want to talk about I was I was when I was young, fellows and mimicked some of the things I saw on television and stuff and wanted to make people laugh, and all of that you know so that that really started again and again, wonderful comic my name: is it Caesar there was someone I went to school on and I the credit him with giving me the instructions Gazette the stuff that he did was so indelible, and we lost car writer Vinos couple weeks and them and the image in those guys they were really wonderful end, and so there was beginning, and then I I really didn't know I was going in that direction. I just was you know, smitten with us characterising and
and then later on, I made a serious effort to be an actor. This was right before my senior year in college, when I realized I was walking around with a book that was how of criticism from the british Theater and I was looking and I'd look here to all the work of Lawrence Olivia Elder Heroic of large Bolivia. And I suddenly said after three years- driving people, mostly girls, crazy asking. What do you think I should be when I get out and- and I know I wanna. Do I wanna, be him more Laurence and that Sir, that's where it started than I am, and once I had made a decision, I was such a relief that I knew what I would I could do something I going to do this and I knew I would never I would never give up? I knew I knew at that moment. There was, if remain, probably that's true for you guys to in some way that you get something your love and you know
can put yourself to work at it and that You know, and it is gonna, be difficult and I have to start from scratch and and all of that and have my ups and downs like everybody else, and I certainly have her successes and failures and long periods of time without money and all of that, but I know it I wouldn't put aside. I knew I would go, go go there are moments. That was your big break, that that I was like a part. You, God did. She started theatre, tv or movies, or what When will you really get started? Well, I these suggestions. I worked on a plate of trade study for two years She'll class was Sandford, Meissner, one of the great great teachers and then coming out of that. I was just a prayer that I would get some kind of it were where I get test my village I got a role and a view from the bridge
It was a wonderful play by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was kind of producing it too, and and dust and has often became the assistant to the director because he knew all gross by the director and Bobby Duval was playing the leading role. I was secondly, an Lastly- and I got to know each other before ever, saw any of his work as an actor. I had heard that he was a genius but but we had to know each other. We had some fun, so you and I share something I just learned which, as we both ban and Arthur Miller play so in law school. I did the Christmas Why and Anne was Reverend Paris and all politicians are frustrated, acted like like I, high school, I was convinced I told my parents, I'm dropping out of school, I'm moving to Hollywood. I want to be an actor and, and look it's a good thing. I went the path, I did because I didn't have the talent you had. I didn't have the to make it, but I envy and love you
that performing there's a line? They always say that politician politics rather is shown this for attractive people think, as I said that ain't how to get us, not our Gardner S, a similar circa thanks for their will. You listen Europe, beer, plenty, talented, you both and plenty of talented, and while I was before we started this thing that my son James, is, aims Haven is because himself is there, now working on human trafficking is very, very astute area is helping out and but he's political to some degree. But he's crazy about you uses when this guy talks uses says that I everything everybody listen to him and he said that's true. And the way you phrase things in the way you prepare and gather the focus. Now better you. Thank you both for is an excellent point here, which is-
it does seem to be. A lot of actors are interested in politics, and politicians are interested in acting. There does seem to be a similarity in these to businesses and- and I won't but there is like an ever what Reagan said when someone asked how could about how could how can an actor being politics, they said why? How could summon politics not be that? How can they not be act and its look? The entity you're trying to communicate with an it one way or the other one of the frustrating blessings we're gonna have Just so you know a lot of conservatives. We're not do. A lotta communication, the whole point of this podcast. I mean We're saying an assault on our whole country were that our constitution on our founding principles. And young people. I mean it make shoe weep. The schools are teaching the principles, the build this country, and if we don't explain how can we fought the young people for not knowing urgent, they ve been getting that FED to them for more than a generation. Several generations have been brought up,
common core. The end This is a disaster. The teaching against country. Son was willing and they don T sure they don T history will they teach may teacher a fiction. I've noticed actually reminds me of a line from your acting teacher, Sandford Meissner, who famously described acting as living with fully in imaginary circumstances, change very good, increasingly the historical disagreeable this guy, but increasingly it seems like the history were being taught. Imaginary circumcised, so out even a godsend, Edison, my girl soup, whom we met on a crazy about that. Alright, wonderful little girls, they're, nine and twelve. We were recently with two other friends of theirs. You about the same age and the topic of Christopher Columbus comes up and all four of the girls are being taught in school That Columbus is genocidal, maniac that murdered people and and look as a d
your try, your trying not to like, be too overbearing with your kids. So I've like asked careless symbol. Ok, look! Will we have a federal holiday in this country called Columbus day? do we typically name holidays after psychopathic murderers, like yours. There may be another side to this and I'm not invested in defending Christopher Columbus as the greatest personal ever lived, but I was but it it's the degree to which our children are being fed propaganda and and you know you see this in the mobs that that that are tearing down and attacking George Washington, Jefferson and Madison Lincoln Emily attack. Douglas the great abolitionist and and and they don't even know who he is, but if there's a actual album, he's gotta, be bad, then, facing real inside Europe But, as I say, it's been no, this destruction is
has the source and and now it has many sources, because if this is lobbyists they do this the original russian Marxism and others chinese Marxism, Chinese, absolutely incursions and- and with a lot of people in the United States are really wanting so badly to take down this president that falling in with anything, and it It's nothing better that is a real lack of compass. Morally, I'll, do anything and said anything to get to power So a weren't world, tough fight here now was there time when you saw Hollywood when you saw entertainment, get get worse, get get me.
Thirdly, more intolerance bit did you been did is? Is there a point that sort stands out your mind: is it a shifting pointer? Was it more gradual? Well too, This is a good question at TED. I think the movies that I love. I was was raised at a time of born thirty eight. I was raised on the golden age movies the movies a vague you of Capra. And the more you know all these great when they talk about actors in this, a John you're, a great actually one of the real fellas look, what would look what came from, I mean you know they do to Odin, Tracy and and the gable. Steward and all those fellows were enough. As going go on those guys and then Marlon came all of course, and now we just through it would Marlon butter. The end, the gown of that asian, fantastic performers and
all of a sudden wounded. At some point, we felt oh, where a little work. More sophisticated. We have more complex techniques to braided for another method, for you Look at that! Those that there was before spent here but we lost They have in a golden age. Hollywood invented the happy ending. The Hollywood ending they invented at whom invented it, a group, of jewish people who were saved, came here to save their lives and build their lives, They know what a happy ending is because They were all people who dedicated ivories we'd raid, the world from from from the evil of Hitler. I mean that that was a powerful. Oh, your bet, you bet The other thing is you see that in the Bible, the jewish people- and of every chapter you have
end on a positive note: So if you know if it's coming to the end like, if you read Isaiah, this come some bad stuff is being stated dates and telling you that the future is going to be pretty dumb, but the name. Back and reiterate something on them, suicide. You know that. Did there, Come a time when the sun so involve end of changing, and reached a land of Israel. Wherever now you see hawking it about movie grates did did. Did you get to know John Wayne? And what do you think about the recent efforts to to rename the airport? I mean there there's a there's, a real. Does lead way- think they should call them the Redskins. The second reason they are used in organic. Listen. The another visit I have I'm very close to the andean community and then they love it that they have a football team, they should give the guy they should keep the name and they should
If these guys. Do you know seventy five percent off of it gets or may give them tickets here to ever gave a better deal. They re no and then celebrate the natives. This is the fear that, as you have Hollywood ending that. But you know that that Hollywood invented Creasy, though it seems to me, but people dont like a happy ending both seem them alone. That's that's! What's happened you see. How did you know that it's a negative strain the because it's a loss of it's a loss of a spiritual base really Your men to be happy human things are meant to be happy, gotta, saying be happy enjoy. Let go led, got dinner and and this is the way you approach process where approach problems, I think, we doing. Why am I getting off of cool down, then watch what happens to the best you can celebrate today be grateful for your gifts,
there are many gifts and stuff like that, and that's that's an a proper positive way, a be like when you I came into this group You can't see, everybody can see all the people around. You were all in a positive. No you non earlier. Everyone's happy were cheerful, were saluting each other, get making each other feel good and and we'll have a nice experience you and that's the way we were meant to be, and We ve lost that to some degree we think were smart allies. We can be more sophisticated, weaker and and Marlon didn't help. Sometimes she carried created this dark image and it was so attractive that everybody wants to be dark and mean, and you know what it was but but listen. Marlon was magnificent lets you know, I'll, let you know I'm gonna quit was still crazy by my mile and I'm crazy. What in in people communicate with storytelling that's what's so powerful and in the left.
They ve seized culture, they ve, they ve, seized education k through twelve. They cease collar, universities that sees journalism an enemy these I I love movies. I love stories on me when I was a kid, my dad, so you my data, both both essay major, both eighty one and in my dad, would tell these in credible stories and I would just sit and listen to them and if you think about the stories, turtle now man, I look at these protests, a where we going to see another couple. Yeah give me a crime. Can any of all the great movies of heroes who are police officers? Can they be toy any more or whether we need him more than ever. We absolutely during an end, let's take something like the great debate right down this country between free enterprise and socialist. You look at the moon he's coming out of Hollywood when's? The last time someone in business was Porthos it is not a villain like,
actually happy what a small business owner is, not murdering kids, if they're, just a crook and stealing that that qualifies for a positive portrayal, and what about all of this epic stories of our nation, a people with, thing who made a big and in an that's that people come to America and end. Well, you know, there's still deposit positive thing. Is there still coming to America? That's true! the Neil Diamond, saw in a common to America and why there's, nothing else out their fellows and any once there is listening to me, you kids, you listening to me. Why do as everyone company to America because the other side, the socialism its people are saying, is a good good, to ingest and and speak for, has- ever worked ever has never what about anything but misery and death?
but John on this, every time on this point on immigration it is, I have, I am telling you listen Hydra there and left a vice. Everyone evidence that this is such a great point. People still coming here, they're coming here today. Country so much more than to any other country on earth- and yet it's this problem identified, which is that people no longer have gratitude for their country. For their family for their God, it seems like we're in more of an entitlement society. Then grateful societal feeling. I want us to be an entitlement society, that's what the democratic parties selling so were the land and they have sold out completely. I remember I said this before, but there is a moment
vehicle Regos, our mare, whose a good guy by the way was asked to go out and correct the democratic platform. This was a seventy beginning. The Democrat convention, with for Obama bomb I and and. Who's to send out you see as the sacrificial web, to put God, Can form the up and to put the idea of Jerusalem being that the capital of of Israel into the platform, because they felt They couldn't sell the tickets given stay up where a lot of votes will go there way, Then that's all they're interested in ok care what it is if they were say anything in order to get a vote and they have an end anything three times,
the delegates at that attention voted. No that's right, is it so mare vigour proposes. So that's it saw in favour with putting this new platforms say I and they go there. You know in pretty good and then and the nay, nay, and they nay I had it was. One was more dominant names were more domineering much and then he does it less. Do that again, women are acting jointly. Do that again understand what we are saying now so authorities as the garden Foreman Foot. Capital of Israel's tourism. Ok,. All in favour. I I again same sounder and nay. Go and you see the people ago, another extravagance, eggs. You really does the beginning.
That movement. I believe that we are on the streets and right through there, and, and then somebody walks up to him from long. This big stage walked all the way over to exist. He's. Ok, we'll do it one more time all those in favour say, I same thing salesman. Again, nay the eyes, thank you all goods fairy ongoing age. There were an end and, as you noted that wish to put God back in the platform because they they removed it in its three times the delegates the night and I have to add that I sort of chuckled and wondered if there was a rooster crowing somewhere. I mean that the other than that that that there is a parallel for that, but body right. It is some of the early beginnings. In order to tighten of the anti Semitism of the anti Israel sentiment of the anti american sentiment on far left that has been manifested
there are now many manifested in the mobs that that are burning our cities and that are murdering police are exactly exactly at its and with the complicity of the support and the and the encouragement of the media. At the end is that the media, Donald Trump, is broken I remember the media use to argue they weren't bias. They used to tend they weren't. Stop pretending wormy. They hate him with an honor hinged quality- and I want to tell a story about john- this interesting story- sits so John is careful. Question about our country, We know that an ant, passionate add at risk to himself. He is in a town. He's in an industry were speaking out, carries risks, but but in twenty, sixteen as you know, Michael I had a a tough primer
against. I think that's a diplomatically was we both when at each other he won I lost and after that happen, John, actually gonna he called me said: hey can I come to see you at your house and you got on a plane. You flew defused, and you came over to my house- is about ten o clock at night S. Cherkis come on over I'm happy to talk to you and you weren't. You brought from my. That is a stuffed animals anchors, stuff rabbits, and you said my living room for about an hour and you were are urging the Times and TED. You need to support, trot and and I wanted to see Trump be conserved. I wanted to be more conservative and you were as earnest. You said, look our country is hanging in the balance and that conversation it was powerful because it was from hard. It was because it was a plea we ve got to talk to pull our country back from the brink and I did not support a trumpet campaigned with them, but the
fact that you flew across the country to sit in my living room and make that play. This was not just type a tweet and throw it out in the world. This was by the way there cameras there I mean this was a private interact ever told that started. Writing is that we are at a public late, but you did it gives you the country. Yes, and I knew the power of TED. I know is important that we can't lose TED and- and I had seen I'd seen TED with his filibuster, and I was so impressed with. I listen to a lot of it. What do you mean like Jimmy Steward you're not evade? This? Was it? Was this good as a movie, and he was one of really wonderful and the statements made regardless of whether it was able to swayer everything at that moment, was extremely important. We was making a stand he's. He was doing it with a smile, nothing, not an angry statement
he was just saying this: is America Fellows, don't lose it that yes, essence of what he was doing, and I saw that nice. It is this guy's important, and so I actually, when On my way to the to say hello to him and then when this thing happened, I knew talk to her friends and friends of mine. You know I really want to go and talk to fit Walmart. Do they call him up, you'll, be the day, know and that he said come on down and gone when the time- and I spent time, was hiding the children and I had a wonderful time this wonderful time end and we were able to connect that fill a out. On that very moment, you're describing, I know, didn't when you a lot of friends in Washington. I think I do making MR popular in the Senate. It pry one you a lot of supporters out here in the rest of the country, but I see this. Thing with you, John witches. You ve been outspoken when passionate about your views, not just on paper-
expert on religion to very unpopular in this down In sum ass uses the same thing, but but there's no religion anymore. May you urinary it's, like look at what are our governor. Does he say you can march in the streets arm in arm, but can't sing in a church the threat of either it's crazy? You can break into somebody's? You know. Offices in and work Burnham down and turn over a police car. Your brain. And you can't pray in a time of crisis. People's character comes out and on the left that there is support for too many elected officials, eight, eight in deep hatred of religion of religious liberty and we ve seen petty tyrants, whether it is Gavin, Newsome saying you can't sing in church or
the Plaza in New York City, saying any church or synagogue that meets we're, gonna permanently closed, at church or synagogue and who the hell, what what palate sure you don't have the power of the first amendment, which I heard him to they got. It is fundamentally wrong and in that doesn't mean that that they're, not there, isn't government power to have reasonable common sense. You can have a ambition on large public meetings. If there is a public health crisis that there's a law, constitutional authority for quarantines for reasonable restrictions. What you can't do, his single out and persecute religious faith and treated worse than anything else. You can't say if I agree, with what you're saying it's. Ok, but if it's just faith Europe, second class citizen and work come shut you down. You look at the policy of the persecution that he's directed at the orthodox jewish community.
I mean it has been its very revealing of of of the antipathy for faith that that that the far left us this issue. The senator I mean your Europe is in the political fight every day, you're in the fray, John you're you're out spoke you ve seen a lot of this. By using, You are you ve, you been. You ve been one of the big actors in town for decades and decades now, you ve seen, things change Are you looking forward hopeful for the country, or less than hopeful. I am an optimist. I am an optimist serve why I mean it s essential me enough. The people who know you. I know that this is true, but I feel we ve been blessed with this president.
I feel that this man, you look carefully what he does day by day. You can think of. Another human food, serve above. Twenty four dead cat! and all this get schedule and this kind of battle every day and the hate that's visited upon him that I mean it's unhand, Yes, so were so were. What would he needs is ass? You know he needs every pat on the back and get him to see our smiles and lack of fear in the face of this too, because he's Leading the way with that, in the end, in those aspects here, and so Do we have the leadership here. We have the leadership, yes, have the leadership. We have many brilliant people right now, and I said at one point I said look I said the Democrats Party in the Democrat Party is not anywhere near.
It's not even an american party any longer unfortunate have to say that it did they're not for America. There, where something else these as you are connected to Marxism and those countries that represent Marxism, it serious they're. A torpedo against this ship of state is no doubt about that. But, sir, I said you know, there's no one! On the other side, I said this mortal then I said Mark They don't have anyone of stature. There are no statesmen. No one of stature. No one will look what what they ve come up with Is there a candidate leave they ve gone through everything they can go through and that's what they came over. Twenty seven candidates idea the area and I had anything Gordon
in hiding and he's not willing to take on the model of the angry, these beings taller to hide its listen. It's all. This is all manipulated woods of theirs figuring. What how they can get him in now,. On the other hand, I told him- and I said I can give you fifty people of great stature right now And you can give me another fifty on top of that, and I am able I believe we have an army of great people and if we directing ourselves toward thing this union restore itself like weeds, guys like TED crews. Who knows what was has been taken from the car, the chosen live in another one like that. We after restored. We have to go back to that essential institution in the year and the year deadline
independence are the letters of our founding fathers in support of those things and and the haste of the decisions that were made by the great people. Lincoln and Jefferson and end the atoms and Jackson, and all of these people write to the president of great people write to the present. Ok have a tremendous history that we can fall back on. Learn from and restore ourselves with, and that we have to do and people are hungry, I believe for leaders who will defend America who are proud of the marrow. Who say, I love our nation, and that doesn't mean that you ignore our fault. That doesn't mean that you don't try or move towards justice. You know you look at the great civil rights it you look it right at Frederick Douglass, you look at doktor king. What were they made split, it appeals over and over again to our founding document in a declaration of independence by
Ghana Edam made the majestic promise? We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created, equal yes, we had slavery. We had crimination. We had that was the original sin of our nation, but we were founded on a promise of equal rights and equal it? Is for all, and- and I agree with doktor king- that the arc of history bends towards justice, but the left they dont teach that they don't. No that they tear it down that were an evil society rather than a society committed founded on noble ideals, and we I had a long and at times bumpy journey in we fought a civil war which thanks hunted thousand lives were lost in slavery is at end in and that you know you reference the Obama CARE filibuster. You know, I think
was a moment where people wanted someone to stand up and fight about president. The best characteristic of president trumpets he's got a backbone and he will stand fight and there, so we need that we need people who will defend Erica will stand up and defend police officers. Who are you about back We can receive using your bed Gonna bet, that's as a good affirming line too in it that this is the strange thing I deplore devils advocate here, gentlemen, but I'm looking around of Saint statues falling down, I'm seeing the country riding I'm seeing all young generation my generation go towards. Socialism had get your optimism. I mean John all of your peers in Hollywood. How on earth do you being one of the very few to defend our country and look with with her it's better. I've had a lot of report in my life.
Novel father, told stories great storytelling, just like your dad and their I've. I've been helped and I've had been here via other people right to this day, and I really rely on those friends who tell me the truth and have straightened b when I've been on a line and all of that stuff that I've gone through. You know and there, and that's where I get my stuff, and also I'm a fellow who says a prayer every day. Many and I really- and I met it and I try to get there. You know I mean I try to get. There is hardly meditate people say it's easy. True prayer is hard to get to that town where it's really just talking so so let me give you a moment
optimism were in the midst of a year. Unlike any other, we ve got a global pandemic. We ve got the great depression. We ve had race riots on some level. It's it's horrified, At another level, look I gotta tell you liked, look like the shut down we had in March and April and may in, Our family there's never been a moment that has been better so If you were to ask his parents and it's it's, it's it's hard to be apparent it it's really about with our girls up there. I am again that the US, the single biggest thing, if I could have prescribe what our family needed more than anything else, it would have been and so every event cancel. Every dinner party cancel every played a cancel. Every basketball game cancel everything. Put all four of us, Heidi in me, in both girls in the house, twenty four hours a day with nothing, each other for about three months and indeed You ve never had such a highly and I we began during the whole.
I am of the of the Kobe covered lockdown. We did lunch every day with the girls and dinner Every day we ve never die. Therein lie at greater. We began doing something I wanted to do for a long time will never done. We began doing a devotion at night where we would read together. We would read three chapters of the Bible each day and just start with I want to do that, but look it's hard you're busy you're on the road. Everyone's do. Something else and we were all at home- and I got him in the first week or two we did it- the girls were not and wondered would stay still. They want me they were pushing back and it's been a a wonderful widget. What we just finish, second Corinthians, so we started Massey would move made it through. Second Corinthians do I relations ring glacial this chapter, two right now but it's been every night and we have conversations we live. They near downtown Houston.
Every night, Heidi and I would go for a walk with Walker Dog at about sunset and thought town we turned into mayberry. People were out, you couldn't get close, each other, so you'd walk socially, they love and it was. It was a beautiful thing and it was a reminder. This is still a great country point that is a source of optimism. I have heard so many people who say our families grew closer. And that say that's a wonderful thing I'd. Let me said way to a different topic, which is just the world of movies. You worked with lots of actors Is there an actor like in in all your time who you were just like wow? That guy is incredible. That woman is like like who took your breath away and I mean. Is there someone who stands out, but I have to say you know when I look at people.
I just see talent. I see nobody as unique. I see you know like some people, many rabbi, the call people said: how can you did he was giving dollars to people all day, long, an old man, and he said how can you do that This is well I'm counting diamonds. How can you get tired of counting the earth and he's talking about human beings, value of human beings and the potential each human being. I believe, every there is as superpowers. I believe everyone has potentially. So just a matter of encouraging them getting them to disappear, things and do the things and think positively. All that and something comes out. You know were in and the actors I work with great actors, the door there will stand out. Yes, Walter
people with the movies that have been successful for me like starting with midnight cowboy. Nobody is present doesn't happen, then, does nothing when they said he was a genius and a set of of The Miller fly as even the bridge. They were right here, who is a genius and we got along? We liked each other and we got along together. We were perfect for each other. We helped each other and we were left with each other. We invented, ok, it's and then every other one you know certainly was With bird rousing deliverance forgot, there of his life was one of the great movies of all tat. I mean it, I chronic and and was sensational was his roll down. You know when anybody gets animated when every individual that kind of every
the choice is filled with potential? I'm a rope. I ran a class fork For a year a year I said, I'd take over the classes, somebody's leaving teachers leaving this John? Would you take over classes are ok and my friend, in the class I set my as my purpose that I was gonna go, every one of those kids in their class which about twenty four kids to achieve that moment where they took the class over where it became their moment class where everybody walked was well and I remember this one fellow down to the end. We couldn't get him on the last, the less class that I had he broke through and he was fantastic. And it would not that if we could do it every night, not that he went on to have a great career, but that night he was a superstar different question. It did do you have a sauce?
He is one harder than the other drama versus comedy early they're, both well I've ever done a real comedy comedy I've done some stuff that was funny like than holes. When I played Mr Sir, no is a funny character and eyes, I ever it says the hour and all in every role like cowboy midnight, cowboy theirs alone, humor and the thing actually sustains anaconda his humour that had care every line. I say that movie is funny to re write. I love it. I love every light, is so you'd so crazy. So anyway, this humor and the work that I do but I haven't done carbon economy in committee is very specific. You know it, sir. It's a different it different ass, different technique in a certain way, but we have. We and we have people who
Are doing wonderful, wonderful work? I grew up in a time when we had said Seas as I said there, Jackie Gleason for I love see there was the war was a genius You know we have a game of Americans Ricky recover. Our earlier was- and he was quite brilliant, Ricky so anyway, so Jackie Gleason used, as they say didn't rehearse? He would have somebody else red lines for him any. A kind of photographic memory, but he was Absolutely I knew what it was any new, this character. So well. And then he would come on and do it and they loved. Because that's why I was so spontaneous that's. Why do people will listening to each other. They had this little club hey, you know is art guardian and the gown which was in order Audrey. There were fantastic, but came on and they didn't know quite what you would say he had rehearsed it, so he wishes
he was gone- he was ready. You know, on the subject of common there. There are many jokes about politicians and actors which I'm sure we ve all heard the very negative, but I am struck by a positive version of it with Is that a similarity between actors and politicians? Is they ve? Gotta? Be? Can with truth the truth about public policy, public philosophy, we're getting a truth about a character truthfully. A measure circumstances an end. You gonna like people. No this. If you don't like people, you have a horrible time on the campaign to real, if you're, like people, why dedicate your life to building character. She know that that's the that's the bright side of a good, and I thank you very much and I I tell you, gentlemen, I think you are you both exhibit the bright side. Both of those professions, and I We could go on another five hours. But will have to just do it again, senator next, I'm here in town John. Thank you so much for being here to be Michael. This is verdict with TED Crews,
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