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Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles are joined by Steve Deace, and together they spend the full show unraveling the web of coronavirus lies that Democratic politicians have been busy spinning. From death rates to ER visits and test sensitivity to contagiousness, it’s time to fact check everything you’ve been told. Plus, the truth-seeking trio sets the record straight after the DNC lauds Governor Cuomo’s pandemic performance.

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It has been one hundred seventy days since fifteen days to slow the spread, so it seems like good time is any takes. Where we are now how the corona virus pandemic stands and, most importantly, when we will be able to reopen our country. This is verdict with ten welcome back to vernacular crews. I Michael knolls joint as ever by the Senator and a very special guest Steve Day, of these Steve days show where the blaze, I'm sure you ve, seen him everywhere and is a long time friend, not just of the show but of Senator cruises. Well stay well. It's good to have you, you know Stephen. I have spent Thousands of hours together on the road travelling, I gotta tell you Steve is, is brilliant. He is a passionate conservative,
but I gotta tell ya. Also, there may be no one in the country who is lit my phone up with more texts during this Whole pandemic then Steve at every stage, because because he has been Diving in from the beginning of this pandemic to the numbers to what the numbers mean to what the testing tells us to what what the antibody numbers tell us to what the impact of the ship down. Tell us an end. So Stephen. I have talked about many many issues at at great length, but but I think that this this pod in particular its valuable take together. And to what's going on with the pandemic and end the country right now so No that there are lies damned lies statistics and nobody seems to have their own statistics on this pandemic, and even I want to keep my head into it. I can't really make it tales of it. I don't know what to believe so Steve
Where do we stand on the corona virus? I think if I can choose one point: as the centre. The conversation on it would really come down to what we ve learned about our testing metric guys because it goes to the house that's why we, none of us are epidemiologist raw fairly intelligent guys, but it's not our field of expertise. He's in so I like to keep the conversation that, where it impacts public policy as much as possible, because that is each of our areas of expertise and if you look at the number one concern for why we did these shutdowns across the country is because were concerned about massive asymptomatic, spread that all kinds of people who were eyes healthy would get the virus go home, in fact grandma Grandpa and an ill or have these mass spread or events and then go home.
We get to an R2 r3 situation that they, let me stop, stop you right there, and, and just just ask for folks listing what it, what is an R2 r3? What is what does that mean? It means the rate of who's infected or how many people you inspect, based on whose infected right so just purchased. Two people can expect it for every person that's infected, three people etc. The goal in the pandemic is to get to our one and then hopefully to R0 okay, and so, if you go way back to March the sixth there's, a guy that we used to think was brilliant thy name. Didier re out, he was considered the leading infectious disease expert in the world until March Twelfth and that's when he had the unfortunate circumstance of having president Trump site positively and affirmed affirmatively. His research on Hydroxyl
work. When is a treatment for covert nineteen, so all over the world there s only one. It was for him at the time all over the world, we were beginning to use I'd Roxy Corrigan until it was orange man bad and now suddenly we could not write well. On March Twenty sixth, he issued a piece on pcr testing for four coded nineteen: Go back to the first stars. The World Health organization was bare the concern about the amount of false positives with peace yard. Stay because of how sensitive they were and they wanted positives before they would report and an answer, A pc our test. It is the task that that used most frequently, it's the one where they stick. The thing weigh up your nose and it feels like it's in the back. Your brain, and it takes blood days or even a week or two in some circumstances, to get the result back correct. It's a great testing on their very sensitive there. Very
but, like any other algorithm, it comes down to you. What do you programme it for the setting that you want it so back on March, twenty sixth rail put out of paper in France, saying, hey we're were fighting, is we get beyond thirty cities, which is cycle thresholds being how many I have two zero in honest sample before they detect a virus like when you zoom in on something on your on your phone or your go your computer. Ok, when we had the zoo, soon beyond thirty times, though, these people are not there, they're, not contagious they're, probably I'd infected. He even in his paper. First them is called viral artifacts and we all know what an artifact is. It's something that's long since guy a remnant of something that's long since dead right, and so he recommended that one set their pcr tests above a cycle threshold or a city of thirty three and recommended thirty, for whatever reasons- and we don't know the answer to this and tat- this is work. Comes your jobs, a senator, to help us find out our city,
CDC like that institutions across the world decide to set their sensitivity levels anywhere from thirty five to forty in our cars. Is thirty seven to forty, as so at the New York. I found when they did. This survey across the country is that if your state is an editor, seven or eight of forty anywhere from forty two Eighty per of our positive test are false, positives because People are either asymptomatic to the points are not contagious, knocking just at all, or it's a viral artifact we're picking up a remnant of an exposure that just is no longer any kind of alive culture. While I can't begin to it, ass with that needs Roma would pass esteemed Steve. Let me stop you. Let me stop you first because I want to underscore something that you mention there, but that a lot of folks listening and watching may not know. It would be easy for some sceptics, perhaps to dismiss the three of us is, as crazy right, wingers, but but but you
in the New York Times, which I think it's fair to say whether where crazy, right wingers the New York Times, is not a crazy right wing institution. I don't think that's gone too far out on a limb to say that New York Times, wrote a stunning article just a few days ago that that lay not exactly what you're saying so so, if you're skeptical What your hearing right now, I'm gonna, say something I have never said before and probably will never say again, go look up the New York. Go read the called from the New York Times and by the way it is if the our times and Steve Days, and crews and knolls are all agreeing that that may surely be in the book of revelations. A sign of the entire They, I think so and by the way, the way it was reported in the New York Times seem be this kind of stunning revelation that you ve had
Ninety per cent of people who are not contagious- and I think that's a lot of people- took that's how I took it but see it seems, What you are saying is this was built into the testing at the beginning that by making the tests so hypersensitive beyond what would be the usual convention that You are setting yourself up for the sky ass, an area now. This is where I am from a public policy standpoint. We have to get into what would the motivation for this it. If you want to give everyone the maximum benefit it out back in March, it is a novel corona virus. Now it's not a novel virus. We ve been studying kroner viruses for seventy years Common cold is one of the corona viruses, for example, but it was the first time we have seen what it We take from animal to animal the animal to human and behave like and we also understood that we could China's data. So if we all went into this saying, let's be hyper, cautious were still in the car flew season anyway. There's not a lot
in this country and March anyway, I'm except for spring breakers. So let's be hypersensitive about this fine, but why we have continued to do this now for five, six months. You know there was an interesting there's, an interesting situation happening at the University of Alabama. As we speak last I heard they have reported one thousand two hundred positive cases. Since the students return news. We, when it did a survey of these cases and found almost all of them, re symptomatic in their residual, zero hospitalizations tell us and Clemson the top two teams at college football last year when they brought the students it's back to Kansas in June and started testing, they had fifty four combined positives Ali must always symptomatic zero, us relations, so how so actually dovetails with the New York Times Report, meaning that, because we have this stomach going on right now and which were at work were pre
so many cases does not we're doing too much testing. I love the fact we're doing too much testing because it shows that the virus is actually not as strong or is lethal, as we originally feared back in March, but there's a difference between too much test. In too many cases we have sixty million cases of H1N1 guys when the Obama administration finally decided to cut off the testing because they within it wasn't going anywhere. This What we are doing now at an end, we ve got to realize what is our ultimate metric to reopen the country we debts plummeted around them. That we can, we were told you about them. It casts were too, I wonder, six string weeks of case, is going down and were being told, will now it's now it's about debts we needed to find metric of what it is. That actually says we're beating this thing, and I ll be good work Nl Steve. You know I'm I'm here in LOS Angeles and in cash
for the new metric for reopening to be almost fully reopen. Is that you ve, got to get down to a two percent rate of positive tests, so even if we have this issue as the tests that you're describing and that the New York Times is describing them many are in a situation where look. It looks like we're. Never gonna. My last week, last Angeles County was at its lowest rate for hospitals, Asians. Since April second nationwide for coded symptoms, we're at the lowest rate hospitalization since March twenty first nation? we are below two percent. If ye are visits, are for it likes gives now guys. I ask you without a doubt, a therapeutic, a meaningful vaccine without a meaningful vaccine, and since we are now, apparently, the natural immunity that say human civilization from plagues for six thousand years is now suddenly voodoo. So without I've heard immunity and without a meaningful vaccine in a nation of three hundred, thirty, one million? How do we do
in less than two percent of your visits for cold it. When, when I got numbers low enough, I think that's it well understood, yummy, down a little bed in in the testing information you're talking about. What's in this day or times article, which is we're not saying that that covered isn't real, that it isn't seriously. And an if you're very elderly, if you ve, got serious other health conditions covert. Can can be lethal. Ah, but for a great many people not elderly, a great many people who don't have other serious health ailments fatality rate for Corbett as much much much lower and end the point you're the here, and it's actually something. If you read the New York Times article that was really stunning is the testing. Producing a massive number of false positives over ninety percent and these
false positives. Our people, it's worth drilling down a little bit of what it means. If the test is sad at thirty seven or eight forty, that's it like the analogy of sort of assuming in Zambia, zoom again, so that's Super Zoom Dan, so it detects Little bit a virus in you, but not much, not virus typically to make you sick and an interestingly and really importantly, not enough virus, probably although we're still learning how this operates but not enough virus, very possibly let me put it that way, not enough virus very, possibly to be contagious. And- and this insight is important, because if you want to stop a pandemic, what you want to focus on is people who are. Pages. You want to stop someone even if their healthy from giving it to someone else whose very vulnerable, and if the vast majority of these false positives,
not having symptoms are not contagious. It means we're focusing our energy, the wrong place. Rat than directly on them that actually have a say Never going to mount a virus is significant viral load in their body where where they they could work. I'll be based symptomatic and getting second. They could well be contagious as that Emma characterizing, that fairly Steve, you nailed it You know that senator and- and this goes back to the beginning- the lock downs where we didn't secure I'm here his nursing homes up until about the end of July, something like forty five percent of all Kova deaths in America had taken place in a long term care facilities. Gentlemen only zero point: six percent of Americans live in the long term health care facility, so we did
locked down the vulnerable because we put it this incredible effort to lock everybody else down, and it was over. The sphere of asymptomatic spread the largest contact tracing studied. It was done in this world. So far was about two weeks ago, over thirty five hundred cases ache. Send them they could trace back to some form of asymptomatic, spread eight percent at over three thousand cases We made this huge investment. We went we went out we're we're like it. We were coming with mice when an elephant gun. We made this huge investment in locking everyone down over the coordination, thematic spread and didn't protect the most vulnerable among us. If I'm Lillian Alabama. Why are wire testing all these students at Alabama? What are we try? We protecting stay beyond out. You know it's interesting that that I can tell you first and I have seen how the understanding of doctors and scientists epidemiologist about this disease have has chain
aged and ban on certain, which is MIKE on ice, serving earlier today that that it was back in March, on the verdict podcast, where We did a podcast from the stage at sea pack with raw Mcdaniel the head of the hour, and we it live. It was a fine episode at Sea Pack and and recall at sea Pack, Michael and I both encountered an individual who, subsequently to said positive in was symptomatic figure. He got he got ill, and, and in the wake of that that there when I decided initially to self quarantine, then this is right at the beginning of web, when covered was starting to become a meaningful issue in the? U S and the physicians all told me. If you re symptomatic and if the person was not actively sick. Encountered him. You don't have a concern. You don't need to quarantine. Your fine and I,
the site, I'm gonna, stay home to protect everyone else around. But what's inch thing is: having seen the months that have gone on, I have seen the experts at CDC say categorically asymptomatic people cannot transmit it, which is what they told me in March, categorically two. There was a period of time where they were focused on ok, the whole worry is asymptomatic and I have to admit that felt a little weird, a weird focus, and then we seem be moving back into an area of greater common sense that that we need to focus on whose actually seriously contagious and- and you know, as you were talking about nursing Homes- here's a question for you state: can you think of a more catastrophically damaging public health? To say
and then the public policy of the New York State government and a governor Cuomo who was just lie and eyes at the Dnc then than his policy he's of sending people into nursing homes. Ah, who were who sick with covered and work contagious and end the incredible death toll that that that resulted from that frightened, etc, etc. Cynical. As you well know, this is the worst gas lighting either I I mean this- is what the rat conning of of Cuomo Record, where this is concerned and we were sitting here of the early September gap and right now is New York was its own cunt. It would still be, was six worst country in the world for covert nineteen death, like the seventh work country in the world, for coded cases per one million still about what every five deaths in America from coded occurred in New York or New Jersey and and and so that the way that this has been rectified and we ve been gaslight.
But he's some kind of here only look at a guy like Rhonda scientists in Florida, for example, where he's got a larger population he's got a large elderly population and his son, or is lower than the countries, a case vitality rate, which is easy to divide, which is just simply the amount of cases divided by the amount of people who who sadly died and its one point nine percent in florida- the national average and the one in New York is seven point one percent so almost seven times lower than the one in New York with the second largest, Billy population per capita in the country and he gets writ as some kind of a grim, reaper and Cuomo gets elevated so what do you do wrong it and it will and what a New Jersey do wrong? What New York did wrong? Is there an end there? There the debate about whether this came from the feds. There is a bureau. He bent did recommend that nursing because they were concerned coming off the Imperial College and especially the HIV surveys than we are,
overload the hospitals, there was a memo that that suggested that states could take a look. Some minor your accuracy, you probably never heard of, did put out a memo suggesting that states take a look at the possible. Of reinserting Cobain inspected patients back into sing homes if they weren't immediately. You're of perishing, because were concerned about. I see you overload, I, and so six states took them. On this. Five of them were governed by Democrats, and then there was matter uses which has a republican governor whose basically Democrats New York did was the one that took the lead out of these six states and if you look at the death rate in these six states that made this red made this decision compared to the rest of the country, it's really just not even close in what they did. Is they brought about ended their nursing homes and if they're loans or anything they are. They are pockets of auto immune deficiency
talking about the elderly, obviously as they brought them in and re expose them to coated with these re insertions of these Kobe patients- and there are an estimate feel carpets, a phenomenal researcher out there. He estimates that it could be. Twenty thousand people in New York Die in New York, nursing homes. The AP has been praised pointed out on numerous occasions that the numbers there although it is state or putting out, are false in an accurate and the other day. Well, most said. Well, you know it's probably take, rather than by faith or so threats to get an accurate account gee. I wonder why we might take until November feared that anybody know why that's a magic, what's goin on another, but that's just a coincidence I would say stable. I think this is the point I use you put it so well it's this gas lighting it's at some of the greatest gas lighting we ve ever seen, and that isn't even coming from you know the scientists are people looking at the data that is coming from the politician that actually buy up. I want to ask him to questions number one for people listening. If you want
understand more about the numbers. If you want to dig down more deeply, are their names are their people? Other scientists are their researchers that that that folks on Otto look foreign and read what they're saying I would urge people to go back to Johnny entities at Stanford University, his very first white paper on March, seventeenth, which all he did he's the head of their public health department at Stanford, which the top five medical school the country. All he did was break down the aisle. Far this year. Far from our original guinea pig, the diamond princess cruise ship and projector, with that would be for our american population any nail, those numbers back on March, seventeen exactly he was considered a clock, but he's turned out to be exactly right University that number one university in a world. Numerous epidemiologists at Oxford had been calling bs on this. All along. So I mean we get. A doctor, tony chats at Yale University is another one I meet. There
long list, that's what's been fascinating about this guy's from the very beginning, when I started poking at the Imperial college model and real is that their mass did not add up. I was like you know. This is gonna, be like climate change debate. It's gonna be see days, bright, Bart, Michael Knolls, against act, yeah right. Wait. Blew me away is how much of academia all over the world has been pushing back in its deep. Let me let me ask him and looked at the institutions you mentioned stand for. Oxford Yale, I mean those are not fly by Night Institute. Ok, Yale is, but but the other two or not, that was gonna eat, you can give me, curveball, like that not expect me to swing but like like how do you get researchers and physicians and doctors at at it, the most esteemed academic institutions on the face of the planet? How do you get them dismissed over and over again as quacks? That seems an odd, an odd Dinah
What's going on. I wish I knew now. I will take this. You mentioned the whole thing that you are. Old Sea back about asymptomatic, spread guys when somebody in your office is committed and says You know my kid at home. I think, has the flu: if they have no fever, no cost no symptoms, you make them go home now. Nobody does that right. So why do we do that? With this? You know Doktor Scott ATLAS on my show on April, twenty seventh, and he said something very interesting, which, as we have suspended the naps, laws of biology, immunology and virology reacted acted like we have. We don't have hundreds of of decades of established science on this, and I can't figure out why, thankfully, he was brought into the EU
I was proud of irish taskforce about a month ago, and I think you ll notice that the difference in messaging from the White House, since he was brought in, he gave a fantastic press conference a couple of days ago, a governor dissenters down in Florida, because I don't think this is about science. The question that you asked and I think that we ve gotten into the politics of this- and I think, that's which really sad is its made it so that your son drop, that's been FDA approved for sixty years is not healthy, despite all the studies around the world that show that it has at least some marked sixty early on as a treatment. The level of participation of this is just frankly D. Pick giving human lives are at stake. College football! You have strong thoughts on this share your thoughts on college football.
Well, you're going to CDC those fifteen to twenty four right in the age of my high school in college. Football are twelve point: nine percent of the population, and yet there is zero point. Two percent of people who have died with coded only one point: five percent of deaths since March of those that those at age group had been, with coded There's not a single recorded case that we can point to around the world of astute, giving a teacher cove it. Why were not playing football when comber bidding are the number one cause of death with coded ninety four percent of the debts with coal morbidity is the number one thing this virus does is weaken immune system. So here we'll Stephen, ask, as I noticed your using, very specifically reducing dying with yes covered, which I think ties into this ninety four percent, six percent number that has been going around. What does that mean? I mean, what's the distinction here and what are we talking about with the close? At its true August, fifteenth seedy says: six percent of deaths were people who walked,
you were otherwise healthy, got, covert nineteen and died the other. Ninety four percent were people at an average of two point: one co, morbidity, meaning that this did this virus weakened they're already weakened immune systems. It does not mean that ninety four percent of deaths are fake new. That's not what it means when it means, though, is the way that this virus attack the human body, is it specifically targets those who already have immune deficiency, so somebody dies well know that I work with Glenn back at the blades. He has automobile disease. He would not normally have to self quarantine during a typical Lucy's and right, but because this virus specifically goes after weakened immune systems Glenn Day itself, quarantine from our studios for about two to three months, and so it is a very dishes virus. I too want to. We state that whatsoever, but there's a very targeted demo that it goes after and that's why this policy that we have done of attacking mice with,
Was it guns guys? I ll leave you with this I mean look at Hawaii. Hawaii has had some form of a mass mere day since April. Twenty four there are two thousand miles away from the next closest civilization, seen as seven hundred percent increase in cases their Hong Kong, where they ve been basking up since their under third wave of Loch downs in Hong Kong. Now the Philippines on their second wave of downs worth what work in these are isolated places. The Philippines Hawaii High Mass views and yet, in the end the virus makes its way through the courts, the one I can stop it from getting through the question is: can we stop it from getting to the people that is most going to hurt? That is question and states to be clear. I'm not sure you can refer to California civilization also very true point. You might even say that the scientific point, a gentle that's all the time we have Steve. Thank you so much for being here, you can always go, and I would highlight
recommend you go check out the Steve Days show over at the blaze and a senator crews. I will see you in a little while for our next episode? In the meantime, I Michael as this is verdict with take root
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