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Ep. 61 - Will We Ever Return to Normal?


Are lockdowns and men in dresses the new normal? Old pals Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles get together to break down the dramatic shifts happening right now in politics and pop culture. From ludicrous leftist lockdowns to Harry Styles eating a banana—what do these things mean for normalcy in America? Plus, the podcasting pair outlines what the Senate could do to influence a potential Biden cabinet and preclude the worst scenarios.

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Locked downs, executions, men in dresses: this is verdict with tat crews. I want to be very clear that those things will not be occurring on verdict which had crews. We will be discussed Those topics I'm just Beirut Clare, I dress and and dragged for you. I know that will do a lot for ratings, but we won't do that want to think of I'll. Let you dress negotiate renegotiate. My contract we do want to thank all the subscribers. One thing is, is always my fault. I run at a time. We don't get too enough mail, a question, so I want to start the show today with a mail bag question. This is one that has been been on my mind quite a lot. Matthias Senator and MR knows, when will we be able to return to normal the masks the lock down the other stuff is just
driving me nuts. When are we in the new normal now you know that, as they say about kidney stones, this too will pass this insanity lend you know. Couple months ago I did a tv interview where I said I guarantee you if Joe Biden wins the presidential election the week after the election, I saw the so little because you got in a lot of trouble, for this will actually at the time I gave the interview air but it didn't get a lot of attention and then last week you'll see it seemed every lefty journalist in America discovered it and went on tv reining in rabies Saudis. Why? Where did the this offer they all on of train by others. That bit there clearly is a yellow commie report. Yours of America. Lifts list serve that they're all along.
The word went out that that were pulled up this this two month old interview at look, I think, well to be clear. Joe Biden has not then elected President Yet- and it made me when this litigation is over, but it still being litigated. But it's interesting, I think, for some Democrats that there there was no doubt covert was was was going on. Let us be clear: Cove, it is, is a real virus at a serious and can be life threatening and, and all of us have taken significant steps to try to keep people say
There was no doubt there were a of democratic politicians using this crisis for political advantage by decreasing, shut down. Shutting down churches exercising extraordinary power, what's interesting as some of this summer's democratic politicians, there still doing it, and I dont know it's almost like that that they have Stockholm syndrome or something that that they repeated it so many times that they ve convinced themselves. But there are two sides to it, because I agree- and I actually want to give you a little credit here, your protection one. I know I know you resist that your prediction was right, lose it three day, or something after the election. We have the announcement of a vaccine, ninety five percent effective and what a crock, what an that pits
to be off Pfizer literally the week after the elections. Later I look, we ve created a convenient. We have a vaccine and it's like trying to keep this. he rated, so I'm not gonna say actually what I wanted to say there, but they couldn't have announced at the week before the election and worsening. Could n n and n its luck, it's big pharma being totally in the tank. For the Democrats, Albania was nakedly political that, by the way, not only that the media mocked president tromp just for saying we will have a vaccine in November or December. This ridiculous is impossible and of course we have it the week after break it election it. That's not the the extent of the blood association. You have a lockdown happening again, the reason, up this question for an insider said by the way. It's the science, that's why we announced what they're right, it's a scientific fact. There was an old,
My mother is that that was the scientist rising and you haven't yes, not the reason I bring this at this question up about the normal is we're locking down again and yet you have, for instance, the l, a supervisor coming on sanguine locked down. We need to close down restaurants, it's a matter of safety and in hours later going to a restaurant. We have my governor, Mr New Selina in office out there who says is declared nitric governor anymore. That's right all talk about stockroom syndrome. I keeps going back to the California days right. I left Lala land. He keep decrees all of these mandates and then goes to a very fancy. Restaurant, the french laundry and has a nice me only goes on for a long
no distancing, no masks a lot of other politicians who are saying one thing and doing either way. You know governess and when it was at the french laundry having this fancy dinner, my understanding is, he was with a bunch of not just lobbyists, but health care lobbyists. That's right so, like that this pandemic, we're told you can go to a restaurant you'd. Can't you can't be with your family for Thanksgiving that the they all powerful police state has spoken the hypocrisy, the blatant hypocrisy as their yakking it up crammed in her room. Having dinner together, the mayor of Austin told the people of Austria. You know that Austin often scribe, as it is a blueberry in in a bowl of tomato soup and as the bright blue city. Ah in in Texas, but the mayor of Austin told everyone: don't go
stay home. This thanksgiving, you need to stay home. You can't go out. The news just broke that apparently he'd literally went from making that announcement jumped on a private plain, flew to Mexico, with above it his buddies and in it is to there's something about it. It's it's! It's funny. You know you can laugh about it. It is so infuriating it is so disrespect to our intelligence and two too american people who have civil rights and too, to see the politicians saying one thing and then flagrantly disregarding what they just said is very frustrating at well look. They know that the extremes their advocating a crock and the fact that they know a them and of course, in today's politicize world saying that quickly becomes? Oh, my goodness you don't you don't think we should do anything we should all,
linkage each other and just ignore that there's a virus. Oh I get a list and I are thanksgiving I was I was with my family with Thanksgiving. My parents are eighty one and eighty six we try to protect them. We try to try to keep them, separated other folks with some distance that we still allowed them in the house and fed them. Turkey might let let let like there was
who shot me you're elderly parents, on thanksgiving by the way that is one of the cruellest aspects of it is because it lock is particulars seniors who been alone have been isolated. Yet it is the people who have passed from from covert or from other things who passed alone, because hospitals won't let families in me I mean that's, those are heartbreaking. Tragedies will you know NBC News just released this report, they said shocking report. Elderly people have been kept alone from and away from, all of their loved ones are dying of loneliness. you know. Some people could have told you that actually we did tell them that you know that they call the people who take these other considerations into their mind. They call them science deniers, but I like to call those people, philosophy, deniers or theology deniers or family
nine years. There are other aspects, actually science, denier inside and science, to know like, let's be clear: if you have elderly people and they dont go to the doctors and they don't get checkups for their hard, they don't get other medical conditions traded and there alone and depressed really bad things happen. That's called science light like this is the left only believes in science when it suits their political agenda, any science that is inconvenient for that is not so well, you know one scientific fact that is new is that you know men can become women at just the mere mention of it, and there is a big story. The came out, an actress who I didn't even recognize Ellen page, is now identifying as a man Elliot page, but you have a tie in to the story, which is that back during the twenty sixteen
campaign this woman, I dont, think you recognized her. She approached you and had an impromptu debate that went viral. I remember the video I didn't remember was her, so I was at the. I was state, fair, ethicists, twenty fifteen or twenty six danger, and I was actually grilling pork chops by the way, a bit of advice. If anyone listening to the spot cast ever plans to run for press since president duration are getting so crowded, we may have lots of listeners vigilance. There's one bit of advice that I was given is never ever ever eat the corn, Doc, and- and this is very good advice, so both Rick Perry and Michel Bachman Fella foul of india- and you got photographs that that, let's just say, were not the photographs. They were hoping to characterize their campaign, not flattering, and in my
secretary in twenty sixteen was Rick Perry's press secretary for years earlier Nana at the Iowa State, fair, we are walking through and she looked over and put it in like a corndog stand and she said that's where it happens. So don't eat corn dogs, but you can eat poor chap on a stick it it doesn't create the same yardstick image or no, no, not Ethel at so. I was grilling pork chops and I was eating a porch up at a steak. I was like it join D. I was date fair and and, as one does an end, this actress, who I later later learned, was nay melon. Page came up to me and started engaging in started with a film crew, but is there and thought she was a young woman who was who began argue with me about gay rights, finite perfectly fine
conversation, and then I discovered afterwards that this she was disastrous, it was running around filming these things and- and I you know, I have to admit the Netflix share series- the cheese in called the Umbrella Academy, which I've watched both seasons and it's it's pretty. I watch a lotta. I like superhero movies, I like sigh fire like I watch a lot of things, but umbrella carries pretty good year, and this is we have noticed with conservatives is we can enjoy, though the work, particularly our work made by radical leftists, even if we don't like their politic,
swell and the alternative is don't enjoy any dome, enjoy any music? Don't watch any sport. Don't ever go to the theatre, don't go to any movies. Don't watch tv, look again that that that those worlds are at least the people or vocal and outspoken are almost all left us, but you know I live. I, like I like theater, I like movies, I, like tv alike, sports. I you know. I like your games and you don't have to embrace the politics of the people producing at their does seem to be an irony, though, that the left is always talking about how there are too many straight white men. Let me to say for the record, this is the second time today. I have seen proof that Michael is a new Yorker. Where he said quasi, and there was a w in it and just I wanna go. You said talking too. I know this is a reality. Sorry, are you tat? You can take the boy out of New York, you can't take on New York and of the boy this this did occur to me, though, that Hollywood is always talk talking about how
now your self conscious- and I know I'm gonna- start doing about how things are horrible as well? I'll Ali was always talking about how there are too many straight white men in the movies so the it would seem that this news story about this actress who now identifies a man would run a foul of their own orthodoxy. But but, as you point out, they dont know, left doesn't really seem to care about these points. They make whether its on science, whether its on gender theory when it seems as though, if the left did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all years ago, I was doing as Squawk box which, by the way, the great show it's what one of my favorite chose to do and CNBC, and that getting really substantive interviews and I've done a couple times what turn whole hour and talked about all sorts of things, but I was on one time in and it was the day of the day. After TIM Cook, the ceo of Apple came out as gay
so one of the Liberal House there ass well. What do you think about that? Don't think anything of it raises we may yet they are. Aren't you upset? Surely your stay up at night? Thinking about this question when I reached in my pocket, I said, look TIM Cook is in charge of making my phone. I wanted to keep getting really cool. I phoned Cavell by phones and beyond that like right, what do I care and that made no sense? Yes, of course know it. It is this this obsession and they serve project that on the rest of us. We're we're gonna get a lot more of that. If Joe Biden does this send to the presidency, you know we started the show that question about the new normal. It seems that now the definition of normal his change day mentioned men and says, but things have gotten way way, grace you in and by the way on that whole men undresses things I have to admit prior to this week. I have absolutely no idea who the sorry Styles guy was cancelled,
I'm a big fan of I like her and she and she'd Godless twitter dispute, and I was kind of like okay, so some dude was on the cover. What is involved think. I guess you addressed and I'm like I who is he and I are noble, I'd vera- who is this guy and apparently he's like I guess- and some boy banned or saying or something I guess- some movie and the back and forth. It's like you want what dresses knock yourself out by the way people have been yet the Romans were tokens. I don't care. What the whole thing seemed codes. It does seem silliness. It seems almost like a distraction because sure that's. Definitely it's a little weird they could. The magazine covers a little weird, but the shifting of normal that I am much more concerned with, is the shifting of normal that we could get. If we have a binding administration there already telling us, they won mandates to wear the masks everywhere. They want a locked
the whole economy. They are you suggesting it bud and sworn in that aware address you think I'd rather, where the dressing them than be forced to lock down and where the mask all the time. You know what whoever so on January twenty. If I can guarantee the person Swearingin Unaware address them, That is a very good point. That's your and our blankly normal they all black could be a man absolute me. What can we look forward to in terms of the lock down policy? Do you have any sense of this one? It I wanted to be clear. You made a good point at the top and show this is a hypothetical. We still don't have a President elect electors haven't voted. There's a contested election is legal process. If the Trump disputes do not succeed. How bad is it going to be with regard to the new normal? So I genuinely don't now. Listen, I think if, if Joe Biden sworn in Us President, they want an economic recovery that we want to see something come
I mean it is it's. Why always said everything away, magically cured and and thankfully, reports we ve gotten on vaccines. reporting what ninety five percent effectiveness are greater, and so I would love to vaccine that really effective work. Life can go back to normal. I do fear, These little tin pot dictator Democrats, they have discovered the power to control businesses, lives, to tell you who you can have it. Your dinner table for Thanksgiving young people will give a power lightly right, and so you know- and I think it very placed by play so Texas, Texas- has opened up substantially. Now we still got people or second we're dealing with it and and and confronting the crisis. But kids,
back in school. Most people are back at work and so you're saying some places that are moving the right way: the California or the world, the bidding Yorkshire, the world. I dont, know right right and, I suppose that is the realistic possibility that we at least have to consider is that we're we're gonna, have this binding administration and maybe different statesmen react differently, and that's why I do want to this worst case an aristocracy. Give another example we're talking earlier about the the arts in AIR Clapton Ban. Morrison came out with this thing to stop the locked and they said you are destroying arch- and I dont know their politics, but I sent out a tweet praising them and say: look good, we're good for you for fur for having the guts to stand up and say this, and you look at the arch. I mean there is an irony that that
These groups that are overwhelmingly left us are being utterly destroyed right now. My these policies, Broadway know I'd rather die, love, Broadway, it's been shut down for six months and if you're, a mega, per star you'll be fine. I mean if you ve got a home and Malibu and you ve got fifty Meda in the bank ill your weather the storm, but you know about all the lighting guys? What about the set designers? What about the make up our What about regular run of the mill Broadway actor? Emmy provocation afford a cup of coffee right. Yes, ahead of it, you don't yell, look if you're in the chorus, lotta cats, young, a good friend of mine, Michael Bury, who know Tom your house, very good friend of mine, owns a country western Barn, Houston called the Redneck country club great place. I've had multiple election night parties, there Michael shut it down. He shut it down because a covert and they ve been driven out of business and in its it
the great institution, but there are a lot of family restaurants. Two three generate. and that have been obliterated, bars, live event, values and the weird thing is so Democrats when I responded like praising Clapton event. Morrison for sand, stop destroying the music industry. Lefties came back at me and said women Just cinema government check how bout instead of printing money and just sending everyone government checked, you actually allow people to jerk to do through. Yes, new perform their art. I think we will get there eventually, but, but I do the radicals have been unleashed and how we get there could be bumpy. Well, I hate I feel as though I am the sort of pessimists and this episode.
just because I want to prepare for the worst legal challenges. Europe plan on the election, and I want to prepare for the worst. I've noticed also some people in the government or making preparations in case it is abundant. Ministration, the honey badger our friend, the attorney general billboard, has been behind the scenes, sort of making some changes, in particular to the way that the death penalty will be carried out, and I think it hasn't gotten a lot of play in the media, but it would appear that the attorney general is ramping up justice over the next month or two well. The department of Justice is doing something really quite radical, which is enforcing the law. So listen, question capital punishment, reasonable minds, can differ. Americans are on both sides. That issue which you can't differ about is what current law
current law in a number of states, the death penalty is the ultimate punishment and under federal law, the death penalty is the ultimate punishment and their arm. It's fifty three. Fifty four federal inmates on death row during the Obama Biden administration- they just slow, played em in wooden, carry out the execution right. They just had never mind law. These are people in, and these are people who you know tat arrest, who have committed horrific crimes? Mrs, not someone selling marijuana on the side of the road. I mean user horrific criminal. You know these did beat. These are people one, and so I wrote an up ad. This weaken on Fox news talking about this in going through some at some of the cases, one fellow who her rifts, We systematically tortured his his two year old daughter and ultimately murderer who committed just horrible crimes. You know one of the Boston Bombers
yeah is on federal death row that cases being litigated and challenge the the white supremacist who murdered. Nine african Americans at the mother, Emmanuel Amy Church is on federal death. oh and you know what the Obama Biden Ministration, they slow, walkin, don't enforce the law and so bar simply scheduled executions. The left is going knots going. How dare you actually people convicted by a jury pursuant to the law. So what I urge bill bar to do before he leaves is for every single global capital murderer on federal death row schedule an excuse run schedule it now, which means if Joe Biden becomes presidency, puts lefty activists in Department of Justice that, if they want to ignore,
law. They got to cancel the execution, it changes the the onus on. I hope it does that's a great idea end and what yeah they would have to explain for each case why they are going to let this person escape justice. You know if we do have a binding administration were probably gonna, hear a whole lot of talk about social justice. You could get some real justice in their as well and then look you know that there's we ve seen a lot of sadly re spending from the left. You know you look at the White supremacist right. Who trust in South Carolina went into the church prayed with parishioners Nokia and then pulled out a gunshot. that's the embodiment of evil. You know when I was Estuary in Texas Solicitor, general I'd. I dealt with a lot of violent crime and murderers and the worst are those that hurt kids, who I mean, there's just a circle
of hell for like adults, that, and I say working and law enforcement. People do horrible horrible things, and I, and I think the death penalty is, I believe, appropriate and just in the right punishment for the very worst crimes. I entirely agree and if Joe Biden disagrees, if the Democrats disagree than men up and change federal law rent, but don't just refused to enforce thought right of course. Of course, third, that's retributive, deterrent effect. Rehabilitative, I say bias hanging concentrates the mind.
and if you're gonna make a contrary argument that they have to make that argument now? Are we going on this theme of? Let's say there is a binding ministration. I do want to get one mailbag question, because this is gonna be important if it if it ends up the case from Florida. Conservative if Biden becomes president what can and will the Senate GEO P due to influence the Biden Cabinet and keep out the worst possible choices. So I am hopeful that if we keep a republican Senate that we will have a significant moderating effect on any potential Biden Ministration. If Democrats, when in Georgia and shimmers majority leader, they will confirm the most radical nominees academic, I think that one of the reasons why we ve seen a handful of of bide nominees put forward, but we, Seen most of all- and I am end, I have a suspicion that their whole
holding off to see what kind of Senate they're gonna have right because look. It takes fifty votes, plus the VP to confirm so What are they gonna be some bad nominees. If we have a Biden presidency that I will vote against yes and will some of those get confirmed, because some wobbly Republicans will join with the Democrats in voting form? Yes, yes, but with a republican majority, I think we will be able to stop the most extreme and the worst and at yet a few days after the election that restores because republican shock to the press, by not losing the Senate by winning a lot of these close, contested centre. Races, Yoda, big article poetic, About how the Biden team was gonna have a much more centrist because they have to get him through a republican sent. And then so, there's a deterrent effect of who can be nominated, that that is meaningful.
Then will there be bad nominees, I'm sure they would put forward, but they'd be a lot better republican scented, then, with a democratic. There are always questions about what is the new normal. the new normal movie, stars, wearing dresses is the new normal. These lockdown says the new normal politicians, disregarding their own mandates is the new normal goose the President going to be. We still have to figure that it a lot up in the air that is going to be decided within the next couple of weeks next month or so, and that could radically shape our country for not just for two years or for years that we're talking generational shifts. The most consequential thing is: if the Democrat succeed and packing the Us Spring Court, I think that does fundamental structural damage. I hope it doesn't happen if we keep a republican sanity, won't app
If Democrats take the Senate, I believe a well. Let's hope things remain normal. Whatever that word is to mean we'll have to leave it there. I Michael Knolls. This is verdict with TED Group.
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