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Steal from the poor, give to the rich? Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles come together to discuss what’s going on with GameStop, talk about the basics of stock trading, and break down what happened on Reddit. Plus, who is Joe Biden appointing to government positions? The podcasting pair break down what this Brave New World looks like. Verdict is going LIVE this Friday at YAF’s Freedom Conference in Miami. Submit your questions for Senator Cruz by subscribing to YouTube.com/YAFtv today and leaving a comment on Friday. See you then!

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Markets are going crazy as the meme gurus over it read it dot com confound the entire finance and regulatory establishment, but the establishment is pushing back big attack. Big government, big, Brad America all coming back to squeeze the little guy. I will get into what it all means. This is verdict with dead crews Welcome back the verdict. I Michael Knolls, I am joined by the new ferry, the infamous murderer himself, TED crews. We have At some very, very exciting news, after so long of being locked down being kept apart, we're taking verdict on the road we will be at yeah Fs Freedom Conference, in Miami Friday February fifth eight p M Eastern if you're in Miami. I hope that will see you there, even if you Miami. We will get to speak with you. We will be too
in your questions, live through the YAP Youtube Channel. So if you want a symmetrical, gin and haven't answered in real time, go to Youtube, Dotcom, Slash, Yeahs tv. We I have been talking about a whole lot of things, but there's so much more to get to senator. What are we gonna talk about well thing about Miami Army, as that will be with with real life human beings. Out of the covert caves to which we have all been sent, you had to flee the state California, it actually encounter other human beings, and so it will be good to be in Florida and actual state. That is, but an operating with with live liberty, loving human beings and an apparently I will continue my murderous rampage down in Miami, yet you know ever since northern California. In the sixties, you know I've had proclivity, it'd, titters, bait to mass murder so. I guess I'll see if that continuous. You got that again, this actually The most recent accusation of your murderous tendencies came in
spawns to this this game, stop wild stock market question. I know some people are a little. fused by what's been going on in the markets and by some people I especially mean me I d, I'm not exactly the most financially literate person you're. What exactly is going on there. There is as follows: and tell them that these guys on red it. Who decided that there was a vulnerability at some big hedge fund and Wall Street had taken out certain positions, They were gonna, make a bunch of money at wall, streets, expense and then everything went haywire. Well, I think you actually understand it pretty well yeah. Yet a couple of Big Wall Street hedge funds that were short selling game stopped, so they were making bets in the market that game stop, was gonna, go down and if the stock I went down, they made a bunch of money and over at at read it at this. This sub Reddit called Wall Street bets bunch of folks got ticked off at that and said I'll. Tell you what, let's all, go:
by game, Scott and number one- will make money and drive the stock up. Number two will put those other guys out of business and miraculously they had enough people to do it, that the stock started going up and go and up and go and up- and it went from like four bucks- a share drug- it's been as high as as as four hundred dollars a share of its massive. Increase. I checked a few minutes ago, its trading about three eighteen right. Now, that is enormous volatility that did did a number of things number one for everyone I bought it for box. If you sold it four hundred, you made a lot of money. number to the hedge funds that are betting on going down, I mean they got caught with. There words down, and there really really unhappy, because senator when you, when you take a short position when your short selling a stock, you your bidding against it right and so you never goes. Then you make money, but if it, if it goes up the it's not like you,
just hold your position in mid air forever. You ve got to stop putting cash on the table. Is the stock goes up, so what has happened is if you're shorting anti You have for the stock at a really low price, and you have already executed that transaction. You ve sold it, and so the stock goes up. You have to fulfil them progress, which means you gotta by it. Let's say you sold it at three bucks you might have to buy it. four hundred to be deliver on the stock you sold at three in, Their words went, went when you're shorting, a stir you ve got enormous vulnerability. If the, if there's a big delta on the upside So this look. This is chaotic. This is this, is disconcerting, but but then it took a really big. I gotta say screwed up step because a number of trading platforms most prominently Robin Hood, Robin Hood popularized itself.
democratizing stock sales that you on your phone can participate with the big boys. Well subtle! Robin Hood decided? Now? No, you can't the big boys they can still buy and sell, but you the ordinary schmo. They prevented you from buying gamester. You could still sell it. You just couldn't by it's unbelievable and- and I gotta admit a whole lot of folks, Holati folks on the left. a lot of folks on the right I mean we all set out. This is screwed up if there's gonna be a It ought to be a role that applies to everyone. We shouldn't have one rule for rich powerful, connected hedge funds in Manhattan and a day rule for every other American that that is trading your own money and in what Robin Hood did. Basically implemented that role and said all right. We're we're gonna screw the little guy and an end only favour the big guy, and that does seem to be
getting the whole notion of Robin Hood, a little bit backwards, steal from the poor to give to the rich big, because one thing: It has been so nauseating about. This entire issue is, is when, when apps like Robin Hood came in and protected Wall Street basically protected his headphones. It was ass though they were these vulnerable. an assent, poor little hedge funds. You know in the mean old guys on red it were coming in and of course, that is the case when you ve got a retail investor and ordinary American coming in trying to play with the big eyes and then the big. I seem to get this separate set of rules here so at the left and the right did kind of come together about this. They said this seems a little bit rigged guys. This seems unfair, EO, see as far left congressmen as you can get came out, said a we ve gotta look into this. You said in our stopped clock twice a day. I agree with this and it could have been this moment of you
the and healing and by partisan support. and then she called your murder yeah. So so my tweet, I took her tweet where she said this is messed up. This needs to be investigated. Congress needs to look into why Robin Hood shut down ordinary investors, but Hedge funds can continue to try to get out of there their short position and try to cover their rear ends. I read or tweet it I was on my phone. I read it. I sent her that's right up I'll, be damned that M very often, and so I retweeted her. In the end, the sum total of my tweet was two words fully agree and then I had a finger pointing down and by the way no, it was not the middle finger. It was the index finger pointing down in an hour Mary world of someone retweet you and say they fully agree with you. That does suggest gosh. Maybe there's there's something to this, if people all across the ideological spectrum agree. This is screwed up, maybe there's something to it
hurry action was a little different. She sent a series of of really unhinge tweets screaming that that that she's not willing to work with major work with other Republicans, although I am not sure who were where, but but this theoretical Republican, but because I tried to have her murdered three weeks ago, she's not willing to work with me, and it's just at look the left right now, they're angry their filled with Hate an end there there exercising a primal scream, I mean we are seeing it right now, leftist id and their expressing hate, and it's like I look our cunt, is really divided right. Now, I'd like to see us actually interact like human beings at adults and and and show some decency in and actually address, three problems in the country, but
On the other hand, you can just scream screw you screw you screw, you will see. If that's, what makes you feel good will this brings up. A conversation is happening right now, among conservatives at as as all of these kind of big powers, big, big, big or coming in and clamping down making us rethink some things. I think because, as you say, a see says, I'm happy to work with Republicans, just not TED crews and just not Donald Trump, and just not any Republican who who could work, whether you not just this hypothetical Republican but but basically she's deal agenda missing any Republican. You heard this from others. on the left who say: seventy five million Americans are Nazi white supremacist whatever, and we on the run, used to say things like well, you know, Twitter's private company. If they want to kick people off, build your own twitter. You know we. We want private people to be able to run their business. However, they want
Increasingly were finding out the left, won't, let us build our onto it. We'd we try to do that with with an app called parlor. They kicked it out of the app store than they kicked off the internet. same thing here are we now? If, if we're not allowed to invest in Robin Hood, there were through Robin Hood rather or really any of the other brokerage. Apps Are we supposed to build our own broker dealer or we to build our own stock market areas to build our own, a car in a whit. Where is the end of this, and how can we tackle the problem so that we're not totally ostracised from society? So there's a whole bunch of substance there Don pack limit, let me take that it at several levels: number one! If you look at what happened to parlor parlour was kicked out of existence by essentially every gigantic tech company acting in concert, so it was so it was Apple and Amazon and all of them just said we're. Shutting down your servers were kicking you off an end. It was, it was
swift. It was brutal. It was obviously illegal by the way when giant competitors work together to eliminate and other competitor. That is on its face and aunt. I try violation of their all gonna, be sued, they're, all gonna pay big damaged and they don't care they're. So big an end. There now convinced the Biden Ministration are so in their pocket that they just don't care it's an exercise of brute power. Secondly, you know the air sea responses is typical of how the laughed responds to a lot of issues which there actually want to talk substance. They don't actually want. I want to talk about. The underlying merits they want to engage we're one. It's all politics, you, we talked in the last verdict about how this is the final seen for every godfather movie, that they are playing out, Michael we only they are settling the debts. They were you and me, and all of us to sleep with officials and, and so they are trying to
eliminate everyone there trying to eliminate Donald Trump they're trying to eliminate. May there trying to eliminate you try to eliminate conservatives on on on social media there trying to erase the seventy five million Americans who voted for travel and at any it is completely devoid of substance. Now you talked about. How does that mean? We can't get out of the ordinary American Canada? Can invest sand game? Stop through Robin Hood? Look one important caveat gave: stop is almost surely a terrible investment thrive, I'm at its worth. Noting I mean there are, I mean since their been investments, as has been stock markets, there been bubbles. You know you look at and in HOLLAND, the tulip bulbs where they bid up Lula, bulbs to insane amounts now, any time you have a bubble any time you have prices way way way way way way up. You can make a ton of money if you buy it a hundred sell at two hundred that mass works really well. So if you happened
something that is soaring on an artificial bubble. If you can time it right, you can make a good chunk of money. Now people get worried about bubbles because, if you buy it, a thousand and it drops to two million be devastated and and predictably with giant bubble these that big sore high and then they crash precipitously. So I'll be honest, I'm not buying game stalker rubber rent in here I I think it is fair to say, game, stop is not today a seventy billion dollar company, which is worth market cap laws get given that it was a tiny fraction of that a couple of weeks ago. This is this is a casino. So there are people rightly saying look. A lot of people could lose their shirt and lose all their money on this, and that's right, but the same rules to apply for everyone. So if it's a casino, you know what you are, I can walk into a casino in Vegas. We can put every
we got on red spin, the wheel and if it hits it hits and what dismay so many people, when I think, was wrong and with so many other people think was wrong about what Robin Hood did. Is it had differential rules, the giant hedge funds they could keep buying and selling, but ordinary Americans couldn't. And yes, there is
SK, but if you want to do some dumb ass thing, you oughta have as much right to do a dumb ass thing as the politically well connected are, and that differential is significant and a final point that is not being discussed at all in and I'm sure I say this is not occurred to her remotely. But there is a very real possibility that that one of the major reasons that Robin Hood halted, the ability of consumers to buy game stop is because of Dodd Frank because of leftist regulation that came in so as a broker under Dodd Frank, Robin Hood has a require menace. Ashley to put up funding and borrow funding to cover the differential of their risk exposure and it set up in such a way and listen? I am
I'm a lawyer, I don't do math, I'm I'm not gonna report to explain the mechanics of others. Then I think there are good discussions to be had about how much was Robin Hood actions driven by Dodd Frank and pressure from Regulators. Did the regulators get involved directly to JANET yell and the new treasury secretary? Did she get involved directly? That's a question that needs to be asked what the banking regulators do and also the fear of lawsuits. I don't doubt that a reason, a significant reason, Robin Hood did this is they said, will GOSH a homo. Two people are gonna, buy the stock really high, it's gonna plummet, they're gonna lose all their money in their turn around and see us and they were understandably scheme about being sued and so is, if we're gonna, let people go to a casino in bet It does seem to me there ought to be some form of basically a liability waiver, which is you know you sign something so
you know dumb ass release. I reckon nice. I may be being a dumb ass right now. If I am not going to show you the that, could you I'll make sense and- and I suspect our democratic friends will have no interest in that, because that does not form with their ideology. Will this- and this is a very important point- that game stop itself where this is a brick and more restore that sells physical video games? This is accompanied. That's gonna go the way of blockbuster in these kind of red. It boards have also targeted Blackberry Nokia companies, also where the technology in other they're, not the companies they once were. That was the point I mean it was kind of a joke to them and they saw this massive short position and eight they saw that they could basically run the price up. Enforce these hedge funds, that they don't like two to buy up. The stock in Vienna becomes a bubble. some people gonna make a lot of money. Some people are gonna, get hurt and if the establishment is going to expose itself,
to me what so interesting about all this volatility is a political point: that, you ve been making now for quite some time and were seeing it expressed. Guys on these reports. I dont know them Finally, it seems there politics or a little more on the right than they are on the left. I've been told my whole life that the Republicans or the Party of Wall Street Republicans of the Party of the big hedge funds, Republicans of the party of these plutocrats in the establishment, and yet, if you look right now, who is defending this sort of unfair said? rules. That's protecting Wall Street. It's the establishment. Democrats cannot. The Republicans were the ones who are complaining about it is. Is this shift? We ve been talking about different being the party, a Paris and the Party of Pittsburgh is this shift settling in an hour or people going to realise yeah?
settling in and it drives democratic, crazy, you're right today's Democratic Party as the Party of the rich, it's the party of elites, it's the Party of Wall Street, it's the pilot party of big tack. It's the Party of Hollywood. It's the party of universities, that's that's who big tech listens to that? That's who rather Democrats listen to say. I cannot tell the difference when big tech and Democrats anymore. It's actually one of the reasons why today's Democrats are so pro China, whether so in bed with Communist China, because small of their patrons all of the people, writing them checks and funding. What they're doing are in bed with China, big Tech, Hollywood therein, bed with China, which means the Democrats or in bed with China. Who are the Democrats not supporting working men and women blue collar workers, union members? You know you think back. You know you and I both read in history books. Neither one of us are old enough to remember hefty are, but, but there was a time we're after
where, where union workers, a steel worker, was the prototypical democrat voter an end, and actually you know you look at Joe Biden, Joe Biden. Whole political career has been marketing that he was the kid from Scranton that he was the blue collar working class kid from scratch, and what does he do? We get selected and literally within minutes, a being sworn in. He takes out a pan and he destroys thousands upon thousands of Blue Collar Union jobs. Just the Keystone pipeline, which he eliminated one executive order that was eleven thousand jobs, eleven thousand jobs, eight thousand of those were union jobs and with a stroke of one pan, eleven thousand people, their jobs, just poof go away, and it I've spent the last couple of weeks in confirmation hearings for Biden Cabinet appointees asking them. What do you say to those eleven thousand people whose
You just destroyed and the answer that they said over and over again is essentially jump in a lake we saw this week. John Kerry Diana say by the way, if you were to pick the perfect spokesperson too, understand. The travails of the blue collar working Class is John Kerry, with tuck seat o entails writing his wind surfer an end. He really does he gave this this this lecture, where he says well, we're going to help them quote: make better choices with all respect, John Screw, you You don't get to sit there with eight hundred million dollars in the bank which, by the way you didn't, earn and tell the lowly dirty people who have to work for a living, we're gonna
hope you make better choices that they all need to make solar panels. You know I would invite you John, come to South Texas to the oil patch and talked to a spanish guy in Afford F one fifty and tell him sorry, I don't like the choices you have, so your job has just been eliminated. Your ability to provide for your family is gone. The arrogance and condescension first and howl telling you, I destroying your life. Sadly, that's where the Democrats, our right now, will there there's some That was, I mean the whole. The whole carry press conference. I felt was extraordinarily condescending and typically lock, jawed end and disturbing, but but the most disturbing aspect I felt was where he presented his political plan and the Biden Administrations political plan, as in visible and in just a few months ago Joe Biden was saying I am not against fraction
not against coal, I'm not against oil, natural gas and then find out. You know the rug is pulled out from under everybody. Yes, I am we're. Gonna kill the coal jobs in a kill that the energy sector jobs, but its inevitable its inevitable you have to move to solar, you have to move to wind, go learn fix a wind turbine. You know it reminds us a few years ago, when, when liberal journalists told him reckon manufacturing workers learn to code yeah, sorry well and as if their there were no choice but of course there is the last four years we had a different policy when we prioritized keeping energy jobs in America, bringing manufacturing jobs back when we about the difference between populism and elite ism and all these isms that are coming up. What is the future
republican Party, and is there any way that we can stop this? This inevitable flow of progressive history. So let me make three points on that number one. In a when Joe Biden was saying in the general election, he wasn't going to end racking. Everyone Milly was lying Biden, Milly was lying tromp; no, he was lying, the press snowy was lying, everyone listening duly was lie and what the press do- and this is a great illustration of how we don't have journalism anymore- the press the fact checkers and by the way fact checkers, are among the most pernicious liars we have in our political process the fact checkers declared it a lie. If you said, Biden was in fact a ban Frankie, because. He was lying to the american people in saying it wasn't a. We were required to accept his lies boom. What happens? He gets elected and now the fact Checkers are saying it's a lie, but he ever said he wasn't. Gonna ban Frankie
I mean it is you I wish. George Orwell or Aldous Huxley were still alive to see the absolute fluidity with which Cnn and the Washington Post, they are able to tell the exact opposite lie on the flip of a switch without even the hint of of any recollection to what they were saying yesterday. Secondly, you know when the John carries the world tell these poor dirty little working class people learn to code. You know what the irony is almost. Inevitably the politicians are doing this. They do not a code John carried out of know how to co UK he could. I guarantee you can't programme, is Iphone, let like, like Joe Biden, to know how to code you look at it. Politicians are exercising
power to destroy other people's lives and one of the things the left loves to virtue signal. They love to show how virtuous they are by being willing to give away your job, never their job. Never never a penny. Their pocket, never anything out of their life, but your they are so virtuous. They will blitzer rate, your life. Look. If you actually respect people, you say you ought to be able to choose what you want to do with your right like that's it, I'm not a steel workers. You put me in a steel found, or I wonder what the hell do at probably burn my fingers off. that that being a lawyer was the right call for me. That was my skill you, but I'm not gonna presume to tell you that what you chose to do is
is somehow illegitimate and should be eliminated. The wrong choice and a third point. You know you talked about inevitable and- and I have to say I did it brought to mind a vendors end game, and are you know, carry doesn't quite have the massive Santos hands and fingers, but you can see the inevitable in the fingers snapping at an actually. What is interesting and end game is is curious. Have you noticed and how many movies, how often rabid environmentalists are the bad guys, whether its thought I was gonna watchman. You don't work word where the the lip the view of the left is people are a disease they buy into the malthusian line that there too many people in the world that people are bad and everything
better, if we had fewer people, may photos wanted to eliminate fifty percent of life forms the universe with one finger snapping, and you know it there. I don't want people to think that you're being hyperbolic here that you're you're in this is, beneath the explicit view, a very prominent leftist for a long time. You're talking about this. malthusian theories that people are going to destroy the world. You saw this with the population bomb in the latter the twentieth century where, where we were told by the top genius scientists that, if we didn't have hopefully voluntary suppression of the global population, but, if necessary, Co. Worst suppression of the global population, inevitably have, arbitration famines everywhere we had to do this. You hear this with with very prominent fundamentalists up to and including Al Gore, and others is a creeping
point, and it seems so radical when you say it, but it is undeniable that that has been the position of prominent left and Michael. I had a question for you d on a private jet. not yet, unfortunately, nor do I Ellison. I would love a private jabba, but but but I don't have one, you know that so to private jet John Friggin carry oh goodness you don't say sets out the same person. The hypocrisy on the left on this is really screwed, by a new uses, a you know. You see what movie stars come in and their g five. They ve got the carbon footprint of small towns and are they willing to
and how they travel O. None under no John carries gonna fly in his jet he's gonna. Have a caravan suburban, carry him everywhere, he's perfectly happy to have a carbon footprint of Appall Bunyan, the rest of us. Your jobs must go to go away. I'm sorry! I learned something else to do and in its driven by its driven by money and its driven by power. Listen that this is not about climate. You know one of the weird things to understand everything that Joe Biden is doing in the name of climate will make the climate dirtier so as the binding ministration destroy
U S: oil and gas production and that's what they're doing there trying to utterly destroy you s, oil and gas production, you're not going to wake up to Morrow and magically. Have your car truck in your driveway not need ghastly? You're, not gonna, put pixie dust in your car. You're still gonna go to the gas station. You gotta fill the tank so if, if binding succeeds in destroying U S energy production, what does that mean? It means America's gonna buy more oil and gas from the Middle EAST from Russia that does several things number one, it puts billions of dollars in countries that hate us and want to kill us. That's really bad! Why are we sending money to people who want us dead, but but number two? They produce energy mix dirtier than we do so literally one Biden is doing and what carry is doing is screwing the environment because they want destroy american energy jobs because since they don't have any
magic solution for what's gonna power, your car, if you get on an airplane and you we don't get on our own private jets. We get on South West Airlines or whatever the commercial airline is. You know, jets don't operate on wind, It's really hard, if you imagine pudding, say a windmill on the front of a jet. It just doesn't work. You know, I'm not a physicist but but they're just kind of a problem with that going to continue to have energy needs, but what they're doing is hurting the environment, destroying jobs and they're, doing it for power and money. Every time you hear this, it's about power and money, the Keystone pipeline. By the way
stone pipeline Biden just stopped Keystone pipeline would bring oil from Canada down south to the? U S without the Keystone pipeline, you know what's happening, what we're still taken, that oil would just driving it on trucks and trains, a dirty your way to transport, it that's more expensive, so it doesn't actually every step there taking hurts the environment. Here is a data point that the listeners a verdict will know because Yaller engaged in an educated, but but it's worth underscoring because no Democrat will ever acknowledge it, which is what country had this single greatest reduction in carbon emissions last year and twenty twenty. I think I have no idea who yeah you please give the answer: the United States of America by far not even close, because our energy production is so much cleaner and so literally with the Biden folks,
doing is destroying the cleanest energy in the world to shift dirtier energy because it makes California, environmentalist billionaire donors, happy and then that's that then make a lot of sense No? The tell on this, of course, is that this illusions that the left propose: they, We remain the same and their reason for why we need those solutions, changes sometimes to that late opposite. So you know and faint, very famously in the nineteen seventys we were hearing about the threat of global. Lange and a new ice age. And Today's environmentalists try to write this often say what that was just a sort of media phenomenon. Not within the scientific community that isn't true. You can go back and see major scientific institutions warning about global cooling. That's where the media got it from. Then it changes to global warming
Then it changes to the population bomb as we were just discussing, then it changes to utter no climate crisis and they come up with all these new terms. No matter what the argument, it's always the same, answer, give more power to the state: give more power to the states, favoured corporations. Takeaway choice from from Americans tell them to thrive, less live less, do less. It always seems to be the same thing and you know it. I guess this is related to the to the power grab at you're. Seeing the bite ministration, you see the same inevitability talk with regard to China and China, a major polluters, Let's not forget, you know in return my climate, but you heard from Biden and the kind of establishment consensus for decades. We need to support China arising China. A good thing for the world sure we might lose a manufacturing jobs, but hey, there's its good and even more than that its inaction.
Then we saw over the past few years. Well, maybe it's not necessarily inevitable. Now we're hearing this again, I know the media. Reporting on these Biden nominees they're, not really reporting and binds stance towards China. You happen to be in the room. What can you tell us of about about that issue as it pertains to the new administration? Well, let me make two points. Some comments on what you just said there, because it was, it was very insightful, but is even worse than that. which is the Democrats that purport to be motivated by a climate crisis by their actions, have made clear. They don't actually give a damn about the climate. The right like like okay, if you're going to put forth, said that that the criterion to judge success is, are we protecting the environment. Then, under that criterion, the democratic policies are a train wreck there, a disaster and
is where media narratives are exactly opposite. To be honest, if you look at which parties care about actually clean air and clean water, the wreck, of success. Every major environmental law in the past fifty years has been passed with a republican present. The EPA was created with a republican president, you look at you. Look at states like Texas, with republican leadership, that cleanly and clean the water substantially improve. Look all of us which we ve got. We breathe. We drink water. we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. I want the world to be cleaner and better after we ve left at them. When we came. If you look at separate the rhetoric of of Democrats from their actions, the actions there taking make the environment If your shifting from clean energy production in the? U S too, dirty energy reduction in Russia if your crime
syrian that matters more than anything is cleaning the environment. That is a stupid thing to do Paris, climate deal and, in this connection, to your China point so Biden opening Weak, rejoined the Paris climate deal. Paris. Climate deal is designed to destroy a whole bunch of high paying jobs in the U S and it does virtually nothing on China. China is polluting, like crazy that they're using dirty coal power production there dumping massive plastics in the rivers by the way I joined with a bunch of other Republicans in passing legislation to come, up the seas and get plastics out of the seas, but a normal percentage of that is coming. China and India that are dumping in rivers, enormous quantities of plastic, the democratic care, but any that their policies make it worse. So the Paris climate
He'll makes the environment dirtier and end the reason you can tell that they're not telling the truth is. When you make this point, they don't care, they don't care it, they don't actually even disputed. It doesn't matter because it's not about cleaning up the environment for them. It is about power. Their objective is to destroy those jobs because they want control and they want power. Now you talked about China in terms of big policy shifts. I think, over the next four years, we're going to see a big big shift towards embracing Communist China. We ve had multiple confirmation, hearings for Biden, Cabinet nominees, one after the other, after the other, has been moving back towards China. So, for example, tony blanket as the new sector estate Lincoln was ass if he would commit to maintain the entities lists the sanction companies in China
participating in genocide, participating in in repressing the wiggers participating in in big brother control of society. He wouldn't make that commitment. They said doc. I can commit to that Gina Raimondo who's, the Governor Rhode Island. She was nominated to the commerce sector. I asked her at her confirmation hearing us at our. I will you come in at least two waterway and we ve talked about while way on verdict before while way is this gigantic chinese company? It is a global espionage company it yet DNS from AIDS. They telecom companies but its it is. The chinese communist government uses while way to intercept communications from other countries and engage in espionage while way, as currently less that I asked you in a moment,
Will you committed to leaving la way on the list now she cant connect to that either should after review it, I'm a hundred men may orchestra by those nominated to be the the head of the chest, carbon homeland security when he was at the edges, but or he personally, arranged for a visa for a senior vice president waterway and for other big democratic donors.
cause Tony Roddam Hillary Clinton, brother arrange did and he was basically in charge of making sure they were favours for big democratic donors, including taking care of waterway. There is a pattern across this, and I tell you this week, Senate Formulations Committee made a confirmation hearing for Biden Nominee to you and Ambassador and Linda Greenfield Thomas. She is a career foreign service officer. We ve talked before on the pod cast about Confucius Institutes. Confucius institutes are owned and controlled and paid for by the chinese communist government. They had been opened up at: U S, universities all across the country and they serve as hubs firm espionage hubs for propaganda, there's actually been pretty wide by part
an agreement that Confucius Institutes are really bad and really harmful. So couple years ago I wrote legislation that that past had big by partisan support passed into law. Clamping down on Confucius Institute. The bill I wrote, has ended up shutting down dozens of Confucius Institutes, cross country. Well little over a year ago, Biden you Anna Bassador nominee or nominee gave a paid speech, Confucius Institute, Confucius instinct. She got paid fifteen hundred dollars to give a speech. I questioned her at the hearing about it and it's interesting. She backed away from it. All we have is a mistaken and she was, she was horrified just horrified to see what the Confucius since two was doing took to which I responded. Well, did you keep the money and- and she was like book well- yeah, of course, against the money.
What I would call refined- and I will also note the speech she gave so she had of the speech over the foreign relations committee- is handed over to contacts that its deemed confidential. So I have a copy, the speech. She doesn't say one critical word about China, so she goes to a confused sense. Too. gives this puff peace praising China praising the Belt Road initiative, which is billions of dollars, that China's investing in infrastructure in the developing world trying to make developing countries captive. Economically to China, and not only that her speech says America should be more like Communist China, we oughta have similar policies to what they have. This is who Joe Biden Aspect to be the representative for the United States of America at the United Nations,
We are in the midst of and getting ready to see a massive pivot back towards China, naturally bad for the country. In a way it I'm. I'm sorry that I have to say this is. It seems like a return to normal. You know we're talking about this kind of crooked establishment and reuse and stories as desperate as the game, stop sort of kerfuffle and use it all the way in foreign policy which your singer returned to this old. consensus. It's it's pretty ugly and they are. They are exercising political power right now. We will have to do Scots how we can exercise our freedom and pushed back against that power will be discussed in Miami on Friday February. Fifth, I've got a whole bunch of mail bag, West, Unfortunately, read of time now I will bring these mailbag questions with me to Miami. We will get your questions alive. If you go to Youtube Dotcom, Slash gaff tv, we might see you in person there senator I certainly I at least will see you in person there very much look
forward to it and that's just assuming that the biggest abla doesn't clamp down on us before then, but hopefully, a value only get a week we will see all of you in Miami I Michael knows this is verdict with TED grew.
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