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Ep. 70 - Botching the Border


Illegal crossings are up, detention facilities are overrun, and kids are being used as political pawns. We are in the throes of a national crisis—unless you ask Joe Biden. Senator Ted Cruz is heading to the front lines of this battle to assess the damage, but first, he pulls up a chair with Michael Knowles to break down the disastrous consequences of Biden’s border blunders.

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A record number of unaccompanied minors at these southern border of the United States mine so we were told, would not be held in detention facilities anymore now, overflowing those facilities. I crisis, you might call it at the border but the Biden administration would not call it. A crisis will get into really going on this is verdict will take root. welcome back to vertical TED Bruce I am Michael Knolls Senator there is one issue above all that is dominating right now, it happens to have What to do with your state, there is no transparency whatsoever on this you're. Having liberal reporters telling people that they they had a greater access under Trump under Obama. Right now, there being shut out what is going on at the
well it's a crisis and an end. It sir. It's not complicated call it that we are seeing the volume of illegal crossings rising dramatically. Last month, the month of February, we had over a hundred thousand illegal immigrants detained, we are seeing in particular crisis with children. we're saying: unaccompanied children, the numbers rising and rising and rising we're saying detention, facilities that are overcrowded that are packed that are at at six, seven hundred percent capacity and it keeps getting worse. And their several things to understand about a number one. Why it's happening there, This is the direct result of a series of decisions by the administrations made. So Joe Biden gets like to get sworn in on January. Twenty within days, he announces were stopping construction of the wall.
The border, while done within days The bad administration returns to catch and release. Now no one is catching release. Catch releases, the policy of the policy during the Obama administration, where when an illegal immigrant was caught. They be given a court date sometime in the future. Europe go and said, hey come to court and lo and behold a whole bunch of never show up. This is not complicated to figure out
one of the most significant things the Trump Administration did was and catching release, but the most important thing that the Bite administration did as they ended the remain in Mexico policy. Now, what is the remain in Mexico policy? It was one of the biggest foreign policy and immigration victories of the entire Trump administration, and the Trump Administration negotiated a deal with the government of Mexico, so the the Vast majority of the immigrants crossing illegally into this country are not experts right, their central Americans now crossing through Mexico's for their illegal immigrants in Mexico, Crossing Mexico southern border illegally to get the United States are largely coming from Guatemala, El Salvador couple of the country Bay, Nicaragua and in countries that that
a lot of violence that have led a criminal activity that have a lot of poverty, and so there fleeing that in large numbers. The remaining Mexico policy was in agreement with Mexico, where, where, if these folks common want to apply for asylum in the United States, they stay in Mexico. While the case is proceeding ripe and what the Bite administration did. Is it took that really? Orton International Agreement and an essentially ripped it up said no, we want to remain in Mexico. We want here and we want to let him go, and that consequence we are saying- massive numbers of illegal immigrants being least into the United States and in turn, look if you're sitting. home in Guatemala and you're trying to decide whether to come. When you see people being released, when you see people getting to stay, That's that's. When you jump in a caravan and head North North will you know that there is a liberal journalist, Martha rabbits on a liberal network, ABC Interview an illegal alien. His face was covered, cause he's obviously committing a crime.
And she said: would you have done this under trompe said no way? I'm doing this because Biden said that base may I would not face any consequences. He said, primary reason: I'm flying as my country is no good and its violent, and I want to get out of there. I would never have done this if not for the vital administration or what worse, thing is really the mirror image of what we saw in late, two thousand and sixteen and early two thousand and seventeen. When Trump was elected. We saw illegal crossings plummet by two slash: three and and it plummeted by January and February of twenty seventeen, and if the time Tropic just been swarming be honest, he had none you think I mean I mean literally, which is moving in and it is actually an astonishing thing. Think back to the the presidential debates there, the race of twenty fifteen twenty sixty, if any Republican, it said. If you elect me, the sheer act of electing me: we'll drop illegal immigration by two thirds right,
you'd been left out of the room I like every like would rapporteur at you statue areas that is absurd, so tromp but January February, Seventeen hadn't pirate new border patrol Does he had built a wall yet done anything and then burst plummeted in the reason they plummeted is that people believe Trump was going to enforce So if you are making the decision, do I leave my country? Do I pay Thoust? of dollars to human traffic, or do I engage in a life risking journey? Only apprehended sent home? No, I think I'll just stay here, We are seeing the mirror image of that now right now we're making that same calculation are looking to Joe Biden, saying you know what, if I get there, I get to stay So are we oxen free? Let's go right right, because you know that a very basic matter, but when you incentive by certain behavior you get more of it and you didn't send visor behavior, you get you get less. You know, Michael if you say things like that: you're gonna die
by yourself as a concern and they're gonna require you to wear like a patch or something beat beat. Liberals, don't understand incentives, it's one of the most fundamental divides between left and right. It is the concept of incentives, since so, let's take kids and and kids in cages. Member for four years we heard the press harping on kids in cages gives engages gives engages under Trump while the cages were built by Morocco bound to quote the former president, who built the cages job right that this or that a lot of these photos that had gone viral, from the Obama, drawing room ominous region and here's. Why? So? If you go back to what what broke the system was, was Dhaka, which now the press loves, the Democrats It was President Obama's illegal executive analysed in what happened there. If you go back, I remember this feels like a long time ago, this twenty twelve. But if you remember
Obama had been asked over and over and over again by immigration activists. Will you just declare amnesty using executive order, declare amnesty and and oh Mamma said repeatedly. I can't do that to gets the law. I said: I'm not a king, I'm not an emperor. Let's Mama. Put it I'm not a king, I'm not an emperor and then one day he woke up any wasn't hamper and he issued a lawless order. Directed is astray, should never mind federal immigration while we're not gonna follow having more. If you came to this country is a kid working to grant amnesty down the year before he did that there were roughly six thousand unaccompanied minors came into this country. Some six thousand significant number the next year in how many there were more, I'm gonna guess. Ninety three thousand I didn't realize it was that, and it goes back to what you just said: incentives which is kids and parents realized. Ok, the president,
denounced. If you came as a kid, you get to stay, what's gonna happen or let's send a whole bunch of kids and actually the Obama Department, Homeland Security. They they interview number these kids, they ask them. Why are you coming and the kid said, because I get a better missile, which is if I come, I get to stay right fast forward it. Today we are seeing the exact same thing: you're you're, saying the Obama administration are brothers, the Bible administration, red tomato tomorrow. I now it's worth Its tomato versus like massive, bright red tomato paste. I, like I e it's all the bad ideas on my right because and they don't understand incentives and were, or perhaps they do understand incentives, but actually they desire this sort of behaviour, because
It gives an advantage reminds me of years ago, reading in newspaper article one, I think it was a city council member in San Francisco, who said I don't understand. We have the most generous homeless benefits in the country and we keep getting more more homeless people. It's a strange number obedient going here. You're right, you don't understand, I gave you pay people to do something, you don't do it right and then we're saying this with it with his kit, but you know too, to play. Devils advocate a little bit to give the devil's their due in the the administration. Jen Saki said something the other day that I what sort exasperate when she said it, because they said ok, you're. You said you wouldn't put the kids engages in you're, putting the kids engages in your letting some go but yours you have two separate How could you gotta verify that by adults at their with actually are their relatives and this year? the things you're doing it's, basically just what the Trump Administration did accepted. It would seem to be too to a much greater degree and he said well storing a lot of options. I said well
Was that kind of understanding when resident, trumpet Doing that, and I guess, though, I would want to take her question seriously. What are you gonna do when there are a lot of options? So look there, there are some democratic. There are a lot of democratic. the country who want a genuinely be compassion and then understand. That's the right instinct. I mean it's not a little kids fault, and so you know, gents Aki is also said. You know we're just work where we're not gonna, lock up kids, now mind. They are locking up kids to a much greater degree. Your mass integrated it comes down to incentives. look during the Obama administration. I member travelling down to Texas. And a lot of you know, of our two thousand mile border that we have with Mexico. Twelve those miles or along the border state attacks. So we ve got more than half the borders in Texas and
I remember visiting going to Lackland AIR Force Base outside of San Antonio, where they were housing. They had built facilities built the early cages for kids, as is the Obama administration. I was there visiting and remember. I was talking to an official from the health and Human Services department and mind you, this the Obama administration, so the Obama, chess and- and this official described to me how the cartels were putting guns to the heads of little kids and forcing children too. off the fingers or the ears of other kids and what would happen as a family and Nicaragua and Honduras or El Salvador would would give three four five thousand dollars to human traffic. These human traffickers are not nice, people they're, not they don't love children the day or vicious horrific criminal.
Cartels and what they would do once the famine given three four five thousand dollars to the cartel is trafficker. They would then deliver to the family. There childs finger or ear and say, give us another three thousand dollars. and they would extract more money from the parents, and so the Obama Hs official told me that we're getting number one kid. that were horribly to form had fingers cut off her ears cut off, never getting other kids. We're psychologically traumatize because they had a gun put to their high forehead. It wasn't even the traffickers that were cutting off the fingers and years. It was the other kids and my view that Democrats say we need to grant amnesty, we need. Let kids come because we're compassionate. I'm sorry if your creating a system that is incentivize in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of the Biden Department of Homeland Security is projector.
Over a hundred thousand kids coming in the country on a company. Little always little girls. If, Putting little boys and little girls in the hands of human traffickers you're, not compassionate you're, not humane, you are a monster in every one of those kids that is sexually assault. In the end- and I remember you know he was horrific hopping pose. Some years ago, with fusion published a survey, I believe than the number was. Between sixty and eighty percent of women and girls, The border illegally were raped or sexually assaulted along the way. It is its staggering and it's not humane or compassionate in- and I will say, get frustrated with democratic virtue signal about how much they love immigrants that they support a policy that involves a bunch of immigrant children being physically and sexually abused. It is grotesque and the real compassionate policy,
Is what we have to tat had, which is to say we're good, enforce the law? We're not gonna, do catch and release, and if you come here illegally, send you home in the reason that is compassionate You dont end up with kids being handed over to traffickers. Those numbers dropped dramatically. Ethically and we're seeing that, and it seems like by the Democrats, don't understand recognising the factors, the question of the just the justice in and of itself of saying people has a right to have its own borders and yet, but then there is this. Secondary effect, which is your you're gonna, see those numbers plummet, You know I obviously six thousand and ninety three thousand we're not talking all effect is right. I mean we're we're talking two orders of magnitude and saute on Friday of this week. I'm going down to the border and I'm bringing a number senators right now, the current numbers seventeen senators are coming down. So, I invited I invited John Cordon. Like my colleague from Texas, I invited the other reports, Considers we ve got a total of seventeen senators coming down we're gonna go tour
facilities where their detaining the kids were. A tour. We're gonna meet with the border patrol would meet with a border patrol union. I know those guys very, very well we're gonna go out on a boat the Texas Steepy Ass on the Rio Grande enemy, tat, something amazing. The binding ministration is refused to allow any reporters to attend. which was this was not true during the Trump administration or yet all that flag from the press. The press had been much better access under the Trump Administrate Trump Administration Depress, had access to all these facilities. Obama, administration, said access. Look. The binding administration is already worse than the Obama administration. On this front, you know the picture of kids in cages. For four years was blamed on tromp right. That was actually a picture taken during the Obama administration is because they, actually you know, Biden promised to have the most transparent administration ever we sent a letter and in here's the ridiculous,
navigation, the ministrations doing they say well we'd love to have reporters there, but we can't because of covert oh, so you get facilities with hundreds of illegal immigrants packed into them at many hundreds of percent greater than their capacity. You ve got kids almost stacked upon each other. and their view is, there is no risk of cover their but one reporter if you're so ABC News Right wants to embed with wants to come and we invited and ABC News offered to bring it up, Cameron, be a pool Cameron and what is a pull, can report cameras what they call a tv camera that will share its footage with all the other networks, so they could literally have one report and one cameramen. Yeah that would be a risk and there is a risk for covert, and it such an obvious lie You know how humdrum May orchestras the Secretary of Homeland Security. He went on the Sunday shows this week it and he repeated the
The sly, well it just because a cove and we intend to do it and Some of the press is getting agitated. So this week I have been a vigorous defender of the press, which is our positions are. Ideas is very strange and biting my tongue on all the great jokes. I could make about the right now, because actually do sort of defend them against the binding. Ministration is actually believe in a free press. I believe in the fresh Tibet and in what the bud, if had done with the by demonstration had done. The press would be lighting themselves on failure. Of course, instead there just shilling for and defending the trumpet menstruation Lemme give the most absurd part of it. All this, so their releasing thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants into my home state of Texas, their setting up detention facilities, downtown Dallas, the convention centre there detaining illegal immigrants Midland Texas, their detaining illegal immigrants, much against the wishes of the community right there releasing their peers, an amazing Staten, Harland and Texas, the illegal
against their releasing are testing positive for covered nineteen at a seven times greater rate than the? U S, population. I also did not realize it was that severe or all I noticed was that the admins nation is now admitting that it is releasing people in the United States, who have not been tap if illegal aliens who have not been tested for growth and you saw the dowager secretary- was sort of back your corner on this me, said. Well, it is the official policy to test right. What are you doing that? Well, we are doing our best and it's an admission is all but an admission that they are releasing people in the midst of this pandemic. We, we are not allowed to leave our homes and their release him in Texas. My homestake right in Communities and taxes are not happy about that an end. It's one of the things that is frustrating about watching the bad administration is the absolute hypocrisy on covert. So
their perfectly willing to release illegal immigrants who may be criminals, in the Texas in the United States, even if they may have covered nineteen and not test them, but you They won't allow a single reporter with a camera, to see anything on the border because that report might have covered and you know what I'm willing to bet, even if that reporter tested negative, that day, and had been vaccinated rights. Say. Now: it's not it's not the cove risk that their worried about it is the risk. We don't want. Anyone to see the Biden Cages, I have to ask you this with regard to being able to go on things once were vaccinated his royal Highness Doktor Anthony found she has come out and and suggests that sure we all get vaccinated, we're still gonna have to wear the mass socially distance, not gather. Maybe we can have a few friends over for the fourth of July, senator we're one day, what three hundred seventy two of of fifteen is slow to spread. When can we
return to normal, come to Texas. Signorina, let look it is. It is asinine and insane so I've been vaccinate Members of Congress were offered the vaccine early in January, actually didn't take it. And there were a number of members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who got the vaccine in early in Austin Texas? I didn't, I didn't think it was right. Look I'm relatively young unhealthy off a guy at anyone, cuttin line and- and so my view at the time. As I said, we need to wait and let seniors let frontline workers get the vaccine. First and I dont want to hurry. Ultimately, in the last couple of weeks, I went and got the vexing it had been in o there'd been tens of millions of vaccines administered many of the seniors. Many the frontline workers gotten it and it'll I do have my mom is eighty six, my dad my dad actually turned eighty two today, and so
to my parents. I said I'm giving that I'm out a lot as a senator. I went ahead and got the vaccine in the Senate. I think it's the case that all one hundred senators have the vaccine. Now the grandpa me may not have got at other ran had covered, so he so he's got the national immunity for having at it. City sees guidance today is the people who were vaccinated can gather in small groups most asinine thing is senator still gather all worry masks and it just wait. This may be the safest place in the when at length. Every person you're all vaccinated rough is but somebody it's a virtue signal and Democrats that are wearing to mask and it's coming three. If work by the just gonna walk round acts. In the end it is- and I am not one of the like- there are people who are crazies who say.
It's all a hoax doesn't make any sense. Do nothing. It's for Ngos gonna, give you five g, which, frankly I could use the better self service. If I became a hotspot that we perfectly upon this is look this serious disease. we have had over half million Americans killed that our forty seven thousand Texans killed. I think we need treated seriously, but we have four makes? Has there been an infectious disease, certainly not in our lifetime that we treated this seriously and it, and it is become this- this irrational zealotry and a means of control. I got to say if you have had the vaccine, the idea that you must wear a mask forever is idiotic of the whole point of getting the vaccine is to go. To normal, gets back to incentives if you're, if you're going to say all right, we, you all three hundred plus million Americans. You need to all get the vaccine, but also nothing about your life can change. When she gets a vaccine, it doesn't make any sense and end look. I think a lot of people. There are people on the extreme, their people that
like shut down everything in their terrified to breathe their people who were like don't matter licking door knobs and things like that return observation, but most people Some were the better like take reasonable precautions. But let's not me nuts about it. If you look at how this is this, is this is playing out those who want government, Chrome dont want to let go of it and I think a lot of people recognise there's any irrationality do so, for example, restaurants. You know when Houston open up hiding and I began going out dated restaurants. We try to do it pre, regular links. We want to support the small businesses and our community the wheels you're walking along you, gotta, wear, masks and- and I guess the virus is somehow connected to the tension. Yours, I must Big because, under the rules in a restaurant, if you and I stood up yes, then you'll have to put on a matter dangerous them
but as soon as we sit down, off the man, that's true and will be used for three hours sit right here and if no risk of that gets absorbed into your hamstring. I haven't you it's. I don't think it's because you that your size or no longer tents, maybe it's an altitude thing at three need a virus can transmit, but at six we can't thinner up their area like books. People realize come on this crap, of course, an immediate airplane. So I flew from Houston DC today. So when the airplane get on the plane I'm on the plane and where my mask, I got wear my mask. I'm sitting next to someone there wearing their mass, but there's the the drink action. So have you not in trouble for the drink exception? Oh my, they went nuts. So when I drink my coffee, I hang my mask for my ear, so it's like invisibly there, but by what you to think of the logic of
If I'm sitting there, I've gotta get the mask as it's gonna kill people, but if I have a cup of coffee and land the coffee absorbs the virus, I think it's and it worked for Fer a coke. It worth aren't issues water, it's liquid virus doesn't like. Liquid or food liquid or solid only likes like at some point everyone's going. This doesn't make They sent us an obviously arbitrary exercise in power in it. It does actually get to something that I guess relates, but it gets to the abuse of power. More broadly, and I have to ask about its from the mailbag question from prudence who asks each or one passes so HR one is: are you referred to it as the corrupt politicians? Acta? If age are one passes, is there any legal case to fight back again?
so not not a political case to defeat it before passes, but let's say God forbid it happens. Can you find it in court, of course, and and if the crop politicians act passes there will be lots of legal cases challenging, but I gotta say: if it passed we're gonna lose all those cases were and tell me that either we then on a high note, don't don't count on the courts to save us and here's why? If the corrupt politicians act passes, it will pass because the Democrats of ended the filibuster you filibuster, is the rule that requires sixty votes to pass legislation if they ve ended it and dropped it to fifty votes. That's the only way they passed. The corrupt politicians act designed to keep Democrats in power for the next hundred years. If that happens, they will then add two two new states to the union, the lad, the District Colombia, the lad port
that's because Democrats believe they will elect for democratic senators DC. Clearly, will Puerto Rico might or might not Republicans we'd fight for poor Rico and try to win? But if Democrats are right that elects foreigner democratic senators, they will then pack the United States Supreme Court. They will add four left wing judicial Activism Supreme Court ticket from from nine justices to thirteen. If that happens, the These are one hundred point: zero, zero, zero percent that the pact left Wing Supreme Court will uphold the corrupt politicians act because the Democrats will only appoint left wing activists who will uphold the corrupt politicians act so that the key
he, then now that you get taken away. That hope that we might be able to fight in court, but I think rightly so, if you, if you have to fight it before its past, then that requires keeping filibuster and that requires winning over. Why of the semi moderate Democrats Democrat. So where we stand right down the Senate there. Fifty Republicans and fifty Democrats evenly divided. That means at any time, vote the vice President Kamel Harris breaks the time
the fifty Democrats. If all of them vote together they can end the filibuster they can do what's called the nuclear option and what does that mean of the filibuster is written into the rules of the Senate that it takes sixty votes to go forward, but the way you exercise the nuclear option is the majority leader Chuck Shimmer moves to proceed to a bill. You have a vote vote is fifty fifty vice president votes. Yes and the presiding officer rules Fifty one votes not being sixty, you can't proceed to it and in the Senate rules any
senator can appeal the ruling of the chair. So what would happen is chuck. Shimmer would appeal the ruling of the chair and would say the chair just ruled that we need sixty votes to proceed to this. I appeal the ruling of the chair and, if all fifty Democrats vote in favour of the appeal and if the vice president votes in favour, the appeal that fifty one votes you can appeal the ruling of the chair with fifty one votes and under the Senate that becomes a pressing so it breaks the rules of the Senate that a written, because you have fifty one votes, to appeal the ruling of the chair that becomes the new precedent that it no longer take sixty, even though that was written in the rules, it takes fifty one of the fifty Democrats only to have suggested that they wouldn't and the filibuster. The two suggested are Joe Mansion is a Democrat from West Virginia and Kirsten Cinema.
Who is a Democrat from Arizona bright now, both of them are making lots of noise like we're, gonna stand up and not in the filibuster. I gotta admit. I am very sceptical. Let's take your mansion said Joe Governor West Virginia husband, Senator Joe is a very nice affable. Likeable guy was a couple, football quarterback, every doesn't like me and you get a football quarterback eat. You know, will we were the gates and the debate club? He was the stark or exactly the same everybody likes to beat you can't not like Joe. He just has a personality that is easy and affable. When I first got elected assented. I remember Jim Demand told me he said ten Joe Mansion is like a purple unicorn. He will all
is always always be there for you until you need. I can tell you nine years in the Senate. I do not know of a single issue of consequence on which your mansion was the deciding vote. So basically, what Joe is done as if republicans going away we had fifty one votes. He might give you a fifty seconds. We might make it by partisan, but he's not gonna, be that fifty He has never on any issue that matters and the nine years I've served with it. I've never seen him willing to stand up to chuck shimmer. What about cinema shit man there that long, she's only been there a couple years. I, like her she's very nice, haven't seen her stand.
Shimmer now I who know she hadn't been their long enough that we don't have as long attract history with her. But I don't know what Schumacher has the degree to which democratic terrified to cross it, and so here's my concern is that Cinema caves and mansion finds a cute game to pretend he didn't cave. It seems like he's already setting that up so he's talking about the talking filibuster. Now the talking filibuster is to say well. Any senator can speak as long as they want, but at the end of the talking filibuster we're going about and in system on the talking filibusters away to break the filibuster racked by the way, if, if they insist talking filibuster, men, sometimes a you. You have a little bit of a track record I have, I think, the forced longest and history twenty one hour's. Could we do verdict from this? for they won't. Let us do that threats, but
Last time I read green eggs at hand, I will tell you a friend: a very dear friend of mine, suggested said it if the Democrats forced forced the talking filibuster Republicans should stand up and read the Bible from cover to cover. many on the other side of the Outwood go screaming at a rainy. It acts as a great way to clear Democrats off the floor, but look wills. What happens but insisting on the talking filibuster is frankly a game to say I have ended the filibuster bright, but at the end, when eventually you collapse and can talk no longer, then you vote in its fifty and you passed to corrupt politicians acting you pack, the Supreme Court, and you do lasting structural damage to the country that it would seem to me you. You have seen the light of these things coming and we ve talked about it on the show. You go back and see the tape and a lot of them have really come to pass and they seem closer to passing right now. We're focus
That crisis on the border seems to me. There is a crisis, just as serious may be much more serious with the corrupt politicians act with with other other legislation there trying to force through by the way. Michael, is there a way for people to subscriber, like the show of that, you're talking about their will and speaking of crises, that we're facing him in the private sector, here we're so they gonna, be booted off of all the platforms at a certain point. But in the meantime, that's over actually a wonderful recommendation. You can subscribe at apple pie. Cast Google plight sticker Youtube, em, and every social platform that will still have us to verdict. We also really We share when you leave a five star review, give six: you are you try it. Happy success, cable! No more! I don't turn it into one. I think that's lay at five, and now I know you got, I would say just to be safe and maybe go at the five and You'd everybody who has been listening, And you know we're we're gonna keep at bringing this to you. I even
even I hate to admit that it had no all of this going in and by the way we had a big announcement last show: oh, are you refer? to what happens once once they do buddhas off of these social platforms. We will be taking verdict on the road will be doing If a partnership with the Young America's foundation now being run by Governor Scott Walker, we will coming to six campuses around the country, but we have not yet decided which campuses we will be going to So we are, we already did one of them, Miami that was a ton of fun. We have six venture and be going on over the next year. Please submit either too a bag and verdict by cast outcome, or you know just tweet one of us which schools you believe that we should go to. We would appreciate that, while you subscribe by the way some people have written into me, I'm not getting senator they subscribe and then for some reason, their unsubscribe and I'm doing it again, keep doing it again and again a big attack overlords and don't let them unsubscribe. Absolutely we will see time. A Michael knows this is verdict with headquarters.
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