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106 - Filings

2017-04-15 | 🔗

The angels go to the Hall of Public Records.

The voice of the Faceless Old Woman was Mara Wilson.

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Hey Jeffrey, greater here, no matter what episode your listening to right. Now I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour this to her features in new. Never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pot. Gus never was told him the pot cast and requires no previous knowledge of the pod Castro. Even if you are on episode, seven, you will still get the live. Show plus our lives shows bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways. Making this a unique experience that you just can't get from. Listening to the pot cast at home check out, welcome to night veal, dot com, slash life for the full. Must have cities across North America and Europe? That will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets to day. Why do birds suddenly appear every time? Our near
tell me more about your special bird powers. Welcome to night, it's been a long a couple of weeks as the city wide emergency sirens that signal illegal public acknowledgement of angels have been blaring almost non stop, but in spite of it,
Ok, clause, I've been shouting you're, an angel at beings who looked like angels and then making my most friendly finger, pointing gesture the b those who call themselves angels because that's what they are- had begun filing the people were for official existence, the angels are still at the hold of public records downtown waiting in line they have made. It the front of the line three different times, but each time there told they were missing a key form of ideas or pre location paperwork or but the cameras could not record their image told this using words. The records whole clerk just stand there paperwork repeatedly with scissors. And then got a massive nosebleed, which is how they their application was declined. Other citizens waiting have grown restless as they do not acknowledge the existence of angels. The net.
Person in line keeps walking up to a seemingly empty window, only to be brushed away by a clerk or an angel these citizens have begun shouting and grumbling and curling into little balls and sobbing as large glowing cracks appear in the ceiling It's been several days of waiting in line for the angels will check back in, them soon. Oh, I haven't you in listeners he's by looking young man with a beautiful voice. I think you'll have a great future in radio. To ask him his name or who hired him I certainly don't remember, beginning the search for a new intern. He just appear this morning and started working without a single word, which is the most professional behaviour for anyone beginning a new job. He seems hard at work,
even if every time I address him, he doesn't notice me great having a competent replacement for Karim. If I have, No idea how this new in turn got here, who he is as long as the filing is getting died. Andrew Ortiz, daughter of Josephine Routines, who passed away last month, has carried on her fight against the angels, the ain't, Sir claiming ownership of old woman Josie Estate since they live, with her and helped her build the many artistic monuments and cultural foundations around town. Hundred said she doesn't care of angels are acknowledged or not if they want to be recognised. Fine,
but a laundry and her lawyer. Emilio terrorists have filed motions to maintain ownership of the Laundress mothers, home, belongings, money and memories. Just because a bunch of imaginary told people with wings helped Josie changed the light bulbs from time to time. Tavern said: that's no reason they are considered next of kin. Terrorists told judge, Chauvelin s deck. If they don't exist, must gifts Judge replied, Emilio It's been for years, I'm remarried we're done, ok the angels have hired five headed dragon: Miriam able men as their council who issued a literally scathing response
A laundry is now suing able and her team for medical bills resulting from second degree birth. A laundry has already put Josie home up for sale she's willing to offer rebates for pre existing damage, such as a series of large glowing slits in the walls that lead to rooms that aren't possible. According to the official floor plan nor the laws of physics, these rooms range from IE seven century ball room to a crows nest on a modern navy destroyer. The space shuttle plus an acronym people keep wandering in and out of these portals, she added on second thoughts. Since the house has more usable square footage than originally anticipated and because there appear to be current renters raising the sale price, so
I just sent my new in turn to go pick up some lunch, or at least they said, except me, young man, whose name I don't know yet too. I only think works here. Can you go grab? Cobb salad, with extra whipped cream and pencil shavings from the missing frog, salad bar. He didn't say yes, nor did ever seem to see or hear me, but he did look really frightened and ran from the room crying, which was such a policy It and respectful gesture to his superior. Young man, dresses, kind of weird, though so early eighties. With his double Windsor Striped Tie Polyester code, and aviator goggles. Just like we all. Or back in the day I supposed most things eventually come back and fashion. Well I can only assume he heard my lunch order, I'm starving who are starving
try not having a mouth. Oh my god, you scared me. Listeners. We have an unplanned visit from the faceless old woman who secretly leaves in your home, or I guess in this case your radio studio? While you are still on the air Cecil, we need it talk about the distant prints view to speak of him so as not to draw his attention. What do you know- his harbingers I hear there prepared to announce his arrival with their long to feed beaks desk. Like, I see all They ve been rehearsing. This announcement in their room, the Hampton in on Brute eight hundred they ve been. Writing, and re writing their grand pronouncement and teaching it to the court's recourse to shriek out to all of night veil. What does that mean? What shriek It's like a painful yell like this. Meanwhile, the mangled servants are gathering the ears of important night veil politicians, groups right.
And they were so the ears onto the walls of the Hampton in Continental Breakfast BAR and you then, as portals into many dimensions at once. Their plan is to destroy time itself and collapse night fell into a dead singularity. Do they want to do this. It was suggested to him by a nice young woman from out of town what young woman. She she she The woman from ITALY brings funding jest consuming our souls until then I left distant Princeton. She planned a terrible plot, destroying all that is until all is not. I met her. In dreams and found dear friend, a woman, a mortal mind can comprehend no had controls. I know physics can hold her shells the world a fire but leave you. Yes, she and I are best friends now
she's a lot of fun, really good poet I gotta go. If Carlsberg is back home and I want to stand behind him in the mirror when he bent down to wash his face his shrieks of the funniest for her downloads Dave be nice. Ok,. We are getting reports that a dense fog is pouring from a giant glowing slash in the sky above the wreck centre, some turann adorns have flown out of it as well. As a commercial liner and those who enter the fog reported hearing shouts blow curdling screams and even the echo dramas, but there's so the battle of the band sound check happening right now at the wreck centre. So its problem We just that either way. Keep a close eye
for these apparent tear in the fabric of our reality also go check The battle of the bands, I think Diane Creighton, Son Josh and his boyfriend grant are organizing that event. A grey pigeon, whispering to you Today show is brought to you by a grey pigeon whisper bring to you from your neighbors backyard, the pigeon His name is fun so is telling you that you are the one true God and that he wants you to bring it a body part The human body part doesn't matter which part just do it soon, times. Almost the Bible
was wrong. The pigeon added suddenly from your right shoulder their Never was a beginning This has been a word from our sponsors reports, Can you from the last few weeks of people all overnight veil experiencing false realities? The most believe bull, visions are those of two. Old wing it beings, roaming, the streets and asking to borrow ten bucks city. So is issuing daily. Releases claiming the eggs since of angels is impossible and illegal city. Council is threatening to no longer speak to anyone who acknowledges the so called angels. You are invited to our birthday party. Today's press release reads too bad: there will be carry Oki and many. Your loss angel
a larger areas of fishers in reality have begun to open up revealing truths, that should never have existed, like the twelfth Jerry Scottish Castle sitting atop the staples overrun Galloway, Francis Donaldson, at the Antique Small reports suddenly, knowing how to play the piano would before she only knew how to play keyboard Larry Leroy out on the edge of town, came home to find his wife preset Boeing belong, but he was never married he less on presenting high school when they were. Both in the lurching band together and your chief Ramona incarnation said she found a rock in the shape of Harry Styles is liver. I dont know How is getting pie without his liver internecine, said given how much might was on this thing, how he was ever getting by with it like that.
Beware the untruths which attempt to dismantle our town stay vigilant, read your journals. Look at your photographs. Do your best, to remember what is real man speaking of real real hungry but we may in turn, would get back soon. With my salad, it's been for efforts at sea. We left his wallet behind well strike one new intern areas. Most to buy lunch. You don't take any money yes, some cash in his pockets He soon wait. Afflictions late, Susan, pretty squalid trifled photo pay human leather money clip beliefs to have one just like this. Let's find out more about you, kiddo
willingly league card young. Reporters leave membership. It's after my own heart photos of him with a young man. He could probably be related to and is tat my who are you We wish your driver's license. Cod can't be mistress here, just here's the weather. Well, I sort this out,
Get in
My new in turn, never made it back. He never left, or maybe was never here at all or maybe still is here. After all, these years after finding his my idea in his wallet, I ran out After him, but before I even got out of the building, I found him in the restroom. The door was slightly cracked and the light was on I heard a voice, familiar young voice said if I work hard, maybe I'll, be a radio presenter myself. Some day said the voice so frightened. But still I looked into the washroom it he was standing in front of a mere looking right at himself. I never look into those things: we still haven't in a long time. I think the the station is fun. He said. I think that
radio station is hidden. I think The radio station is like a dark planet. Lit by no son. I think they are or I soon won't be. He said one to cry out to warn him. My mother told me to stay. Away from mirrors, and I knew same danger. I opened my mouth. To step into the room, but I could not speak, could not move forward. I'm looking in the mirror. He said the mirror is not covered, he said, stop, don't look in the mirror, I tried to say but, then came out of my mouth. Only spit and inaudible wheeze tears, stung by eyes. I waved frantically trying to catch his attention, the flickering movement is just
behind me said, and then he looked round at me in the mirror his eyes grew wide and wet. He said I he said again. I and the new choked Then he screamed than ice cream only again, no sound came out. He fell to the floor. For a moment, I remembered I remembered blue lights and blood in my throat and dark planet lit by no sun, and then I forgot it or at least what it looked like war. Only it was We're never was, worse still is His wallet was no longer in my studio. His my driver's license was no longer in my hand. My familiar teenage in turn was no longer lying on the ground, the mere
he was looking into is now shattered into thousands of intersecting cracks like parched desert dirt. I approached the mirror. Hoping to see a face. I knew a young man's face. I just barely remember but I only saw a multiplicity of me: man divided unrest. Agonizingly under razor sharp lines and behind me a glowing, slash bathroom wall. When I turned the whole in reality was gone. The plane, gray, subway tiles. I don't know what is real myself as a younger. In turn the woman from ITALY. These holes in reality Harry styles is liver. Harry styles. Any of these things, real,
One thing I know is real: the angels four hours of waiting in line. There paperwork has been officially filed with the whole of public records and a here date, scheduled some time between the last Friday of this month and the like spry of two thousand twenty three norville, reality is failing us. Strange forces are gathering distant, Prince the woman from ITALY, the dragons until car I don't know what we can do to save a failing reality. I only know, we can make real wit We acknowledge and accept
angels are real. Like veil, the action quality of people we rarely see or interact with may seem on important as fishers world threatened to collapse. Everything we know, but If you see an angel, tell them You see them tell they are real, pointed them and shout your an angel. We can only make real what we accept. Israel tell them. Ok, good night night veil, good night.
Welcome tonight, veil is the production of nightmare presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph think. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin. The voice of the faceless old woman was Mara Wilson, original music by desperation, all that can be found at disposition, dot, info or dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was all or nothing by the dream, masons find out more at the dream: masons dot band camp dot, com, comments, questions you know I sat info at welcome tonight: veil, dot com or fall as on twitter at night. Well, radio, poor, open a book to a random page and do whatever it says, check out. Welcome tonight, we'll dot com for more information on this show em are other shows, including the new season of Alice, is dead and via their consider clicking the donut help us help you to help us help you today's proper good things come to those who wait good things come slithering down the anxious brownstone walls to those who wait alone in the dark.
High above Paris near that very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor, I can come. These stage have petitioned, and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery will get nowhere except my dressing room the orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The U N Y, see studios a nightmare presents x.
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