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107 - The Missing Sky

2017-05-01 | 🔗

A faint popping can be heard below the earth.

The voice of the Pamela Winchell was Desiree Burch.

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Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

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we start with the story. The faint popping that people are The hearing under the earth itself sounds like the mole. People are making popcorn in huge numbers, but everyone it was that more people are definitely allergic to corn. So maybe something else city council issued the same statement. It does for all emergencies, explaining that things: fine that we shouldn't be worried,
that if we are worried, it probably means we did something wrong and are guilty about it. Just What did you do? The statement asks hundreds of times and increasingly larger faults, Carlos His intreat by the popping he's too the small task force of his top scientists, Lucia and diligence to investigate he placed sensors in a number of locations and is trying to track the epicenter of the sound. Meanwhile, Courts of strange aberrations in reality continue with law, GOSH is appearing in the sky and on wars all over town. Plus, the daily reports of false or alternative memories, which City Council again, I would like to remind you is almost probably fine see
even put out a press release that says everything's fine. So it's true, they said more soon, but first a word from our sponsors today show is brought to you by ACE hardware on fifth and shape street, which is a real hardware store, and now merely a camouflaged snake pit, he's hardware is here to fit all of your needs, and while it may look like a crude representation of a store created out of leaves and trash by hundreds of animals that had to work without the benefit of limbs, trust us that We are a real store that you can really enter Andrew, definitely leave again alive and eat em, don't worry, near deafening. His is the sound of hardware savings on everything, reciprocating songs, coping soul. Of course songs all kinds.
So is over fifty percent off during this week's you saw it, you bought it sale combined today. So copy keys. If you need that so again, come on by this has been a word from our sponsors city. It's all is still in conflict about the situation at old woman, Joseph House old woman. See passed away several years ago and we all member, her fondly. I myself never got to know her well. Those close to me say that she was a generous kind and incredibly clever human being, and the world is poorer without her but it has been those without her for a while and City Council indicates. It is time to move being and the world is poorer without her, but it has been poor. A voice of protest to this plan is Erica.
Speed living in old woman Joseph House, since a few years before Joseph Death, Erica no relation to Josie but says that you see took her in decades ago. No one there was much about Erika she's, a middle aged woman with short hair and a tattoo of an angel on her right for arm she was visiting town win contact was cut off with the outside world and, of course, now she cannot leave She argues that, given that she has no way to return to the family, she left behind, it would be cool to force her out of the home she has made for herself. We will Monday this situation as it continues citizens, we enter the great six of memorial in which we remain the vicious and inexplicable attack that almost do it, our city and the fruit. This year's of war that followed this
will be observed in the usual manner, with parades and military displays. Mayor, Emily Winchell will give a speech during those killed in battle, including in Tell officer, Leonhard and Joe Peters, you know the war hero. I would like to take this to think of fallen warrior from my own family. He was a great man. I speak, of course, of my brother in law and best friend, Steve Carlsberg ever. The great change which cut us from the rest of the world. He devoted himself to understanding what had happened to us. He had never been interested in the stranger abnormal before, but threw himself into research and observation. He said that conduct leading the new sky above us he could see lines and intersections a great greed de pattern
across the Heavens win TAT came. It was one of the four to list. We all tried to stop him. Steve was not naturally a fighter, but he said that here protect his wife, Abbey and his daughter genus, and he joined those. Brave few, who left our boundaries to explore, whatever is out there never came home Steve. I love you. It is sometimes I go out at night and trade, see the same lines that you did the great. The pattern in the sky. Hard to see through those tears, you know mayor, Winchell is preparing to speak now. She is stating in front of The brand new memorial statue with the country
sure design chosen by harried Ramon and Benjamin gold of the City Council design that depicts a human foot Several stories tall. Let's go to her speech, people of Nightingale, I come to you as I do every year as a mere citizen as another human being who lives in this town. Who has suffered losses of her own who s feet. Of her own, we none of us alone, except when we think we are. We have all face circumstances that can only be categorized as extraordinary and that we are still here that we come together today. To remember this is a sign that we too are extraordinary citizens. We will persist no matter what no matter how
no matter the weight in our hearts, and I, like the part where the Burgos up may get excited, and I like the ears amateur Amadeus and those of the parts of the dog that I enjoy, I wish there was a dog to cut right now. The question might be what I give up on a regular life in order to pet a dog at all times for ever, and the answer is yes, of course, instantly without regret. Thank you. Now be taking any other questions. This has been my emergency press conference. On the subject of the strange noises detected from below the earth, I will I'll put myself into a canvas bag that will be changed, shut and then will be an instant later revealed to be empty. Wise words from our director of Urgency press conferences, PAMELA Winchell, Carlos, is continuing His investigation into the subterranean popping there are
Now also sounds that resemble singing, but not at a frequency that matches any possible human voice He is trying to examine what alterations could make a human sound like that. One hypothesis is that it could be caused. I severe mutations from genetic napoleon or exposure to massive radiation. He also has a chalkboard full of numbers. These arrests, favorite numbers and whenever he feels overwhelmed, he can look at the chalkboard and feel like he has. More control over his situation. In any case, as the City Council says, it's probably find old, worry about it, don't worry about it and now traffic for that we take you to ten uninterrupted minutes of fire and now traffic. For that we take you to ten uninterrupted minutes of farm sounds.
We really rose like those days this nurse. Why do I keep reporting the traffic? I don't know? I ask myself the same question muscle memory. I guess habit the same reason. We squint twin leaving our homes as though the sun might be there this time, but we all know the sun won't be there. Nothing is in the sky anymore, we don't of gasoline not since the trucks stopped coming. More deliveries,
out on route. Eight hundred Trish is taking a walk under the constant rolling thunder. We've learned to live with she likes to walk, sometimes in what she imagines must be the evenings, although others in town of taking those times to be the morning and other still are asleep in the middle of their nights. She takes walks out to where the road ends when the great slopes rise up. She stands there at the edge of town, which is now the age of everything eyes
It really let it out no one hears her. She does the Trans just beyond the end of the highway and holds there for a moment and then she turns and makes the law walk to us, but that is asleep biggest. She and her husband have agreed to live by different clocks for reasons that are their own, so that is the one bit of traffic in town. I guess you see, Trish Giver ugh, ask first, you should always ask first you're, giving anyone. The parade lines form as we prepared. March out and remember. The vicious attack against us, I am drawn, as I am every year own memory of what happened that terrible day we were
Turning to feel that we had reached a kind of acceptance of the great change years ago that took our sky and or connection to the rest of the world from us, and those years later we were going about our business under that blank sky eating. If the moonlight all night diner studying public library, helping John, Jim Peters in the field, so that our isolated community continued. I feel weird usual loud rumblings like a rocks line above us, but there There was a tower of destruction and aberration, a terrible, apparitions, abominations, absent sky. Nothing would ever be the same and afterwards, the years of war only recently given up is lost
only recently given up is lost. What did we do they deserve? All that has happened to us, the theft of our sky then- Think about the moon I was sitting outside last night and I thought: does anyone actually know where that thing went there been any studies on this might ask a scientist, but I've never met one person I've. Only The famous scientists, like Rosalind frankly and LISA, minor and he did talk me Zaki my doubts.
I just whatever Dane to come to such a small and isolated town? Is ours, especially now that it's so much more difficult to get here with the moves? Disappearance was weird right there and there and then suddenly it wasn't all the stars went to replaced by a smooth blank. Where did the mood. Go Is it somewhere hidden watching us? If not, it is approaching? Instead, Is there something more interesting than us? Hey watch us we may not always be the vast show with the universe, but we try. This has been today's children, spun fact, science corner and now whether
your skies tonight. Although cloudy and wind tomorrow, works with gas? yeah
Levin Century a d king says come with me, never mind. Thou shalt not kidding dealing now within raises high his sword and charges forth with his blessing papacy in a righteous screams. They justify their justified. They tell him alive is nothing more than a weapon in time of war, and this is the only way we found TAT. These mighty symbols in the cockpit now start to see the world weekly he's once benign flying. She shouting our tv screens. They justify a justified talking. Heads are shouting working hard to break it down reasons get a little blue justice is a house who has the stations rating saw night vision, cameras watch the Far cross avail, see we cheer the black and flashing green. They justify may justify the boss looks down upon it all for Miss towers. When no, I know how to play this game. Everybody knows money. Praise upon the people's fears tells them what they want. They celebrate his victory front of taboo magazine, a justified just climbed upon a mountain spoke to every passing by everyone. You ever really just suppose they see the life you choose to live and they feel their hope to seeking every word. You ever say he teach them to live
one society it had enough. They beat him down and lifted him up. He crossed his feet raised his hand and quietly he whispered. He justified. It justifies justified. Carlos and his team of found the source of these subterranean popping noise, but it is not up I guess we expected any more disturbance from and it is not a place that I am comfortable with him going they advance. It's on the area nodding to each other to confirm that their suspicion was correct. Making hand signals to indicate that
should have worked out some hand signals before starting sisters. I am I'm just I'm sick with apprehension Carlos Please be careful please be careful, thinking is louder than ever strange and high pitched. There are popping nor This is an pulsing vibration. He leans cautiously out over the edge and he looks yes? Yes, it is, as we fear,
It is the treaty city, underlined five of the desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun complex. The tiny streets are teeming with tiny parades, there are allowed pops up twenty fireworks and that the singing which Carlos now confirms matches the unified sound of hundreds of tiny human voices. The last time this approach, the city, entered it and then was attacked and almost killed by the rest. Is this lead to years of war with the twenty people, which was mostly quite manageable because they are exceptionally small, but still caution is warranted. A golden head over there, let's returned to the farm, sounds previously in progress.
racial terrible apparition, an abomination in our absent sky this we marched our memorial larch and held the loft, our portable shrines to our God set off our many fireworks. There appeared above us, the enormous face of the entity that tried to do t tried city not for Years ago, why this great to from beyond choose to return at this moment not sure, but it leaves me ye see this. It leaves the feeling that history is bubbling back up,
another great shift is coming like that shift. Many years ago, when two car- the destroyer- oh great God, unto car appeared to took our sky away. We pray every year to hunt hundred car, but she has never returned the world that we once lived in Surely we will fade away unable to get what we lead from the outside world wide Hunter car do this to us, I never know, then screecher attacking us from the world above but the giant foot so controversially depicted in the new memorial statue. Looking into his rich brown eyes. Today it was viewed much like us humans but, of course larger, with teeth like
A military cemetery salute, leave no lowly mortal could ever achieve higher than birth, last attack from this being led to a disastrous war, but these giants won the day they ruined our city. I hope these powerful beings look away from us leave us forgot. I'm dying, leave cut off from the world around and car on does what she wants did to us unless we finally or absolved of whatever crimes we are being punished for, unless at last The skies returned these many decades later, but until then We will continue our great weeks. Memorial and then, This fall into into the months of the remembrance of the change. Do next for one of our most popular shoes, genetic,
four advice show hate. You know what did I personally due to contribute to hunt or cars anger against us and under whatever starless wounded sky it is. We have lived under since the day of the change good night night veil, Goodnight looking tonight. Well, is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph think. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin the voice. PAMELA Winchell was desert birch original music by dispersion. Oliver can be found at dispersion, dot info or at disposition dot band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was the ends and means by Robbie
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