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109 - A Story About Huntokar

2017-06-01 | 🔗

This is a story about Huntokar.

The voice of Huntokar is Tina Parker.

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey. I want to tell you about two fiction podcast from night, though presence that you're going to love first there's within the wires a unique and immersive show that tells stories using found audio from an alternate twentieth century. Our new season season for is out- and it's about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead an anti government commune surviving on the fringes of society and its all told, via tape, recorder letters home to her daughter and sermons to the commune. Next there is the orbiting human circus, a pod cast about the janitor who lives at the top of the Eiffel tower. It is back with a brand new musical story. This fall that asked the question: does the janitor really exists? He hoped so tune in to this sweeping cinematic experience a feature Julian cost, her John Camera Mitchell, Susanna Flood and many more to find out the answer you can find both within the wires and the orbiting human circus, in your favorite up or at night milk
thence dot com. This is a story about Hunter car. A voice on the radio a voice. You had never heard before there. She is Speaking to you your whole life, I am Hunter car. Destroyer, already been destroyed. Just don't know it once long before the sorrowful. Now there was only the mud, will we Its waiting to be born the woman from ITALY prince so many others. We aid for time and space to begin in the mud, womb. Nothing ever happened even the idea of action was impossible. In the mud womb you weren't yet
You knew that someday. You would be There is He scattered out into the light in the hours. How so an easy everything seemed in those first few millennia. There is only ever one of anything, the woman from ITALY dipped her hand into the stars running her fingers through the great glowing coils of the universe. Imprints explored every far off cave and every out of the way home? All of that places out in the corner of the sky. Glowed colors every second dropping dead animals long before an observer exist eyes Cross, legged and alike, lieutenant thousand years. But nothing. Last forever. Not even us soon the were other beings in this universe of did servants driven.
The woman from ITALY became fascinated at the pain that could be inflicted on these creatures, the distant principle, The shapes, some of them into wounded servants driven wild by what he had done to them. Thou controlled the minds of any they got to close, and I I thought I was the exception. I thought I would nurture them rather than I was, all of us, the only good one but it was I who would end up truly destroying spent every moment, since my mistake trying to put back together what I took apart, but it is beyond me every action that endeavours to improve. More suffering in terror. Even my appearance, once a source of eyes now to them strange horrifying. Nothing its together, like it, used to see some
sweet season, I tried and tried to guide toward the truth. Never mind said the words I am the destroyer, I would say to him, what could we make of that? My car conceal the details of my crime. I couldn't bear to repeat them until now. I say this in every world at once: Everyone must understand what happened is a story about Hunter Car, It is also a story about you and and every poor soul hears it. Of course Cecil singular as though there were one of anything As we now know, there is not one of anything there is a Cecil who would not listen there's a Cecil who listened but could a comprehend, there's a Cecil who did his utmost, but her fan
There is a Cecil who was gone long before I can. There is and Cecil Seesaw and then me trying explain to him over and over about the choice I made. All that ever comes out is the truth. I am hunter car I am the destroyer all true all useless. Each of us in those early days chose our domains on it in the clouds. The prince in the distance I choice the came across the valley dry. Almost we could each of us do whatever we wanted in the places that we chose no criteria for my choice came across the valley dry, almost lifeless save for a few brave p,
who had worked out how they could be sustained there and chose them. I guided and taught them Gradually. Town grew nightingale. The one place in the world that was truly mine eye. The creator, and it was, I suppose, and the moment that I first but love from my creation that the fee, It is for the unravelling of all things, although it would not happen for many centuries, lives. Their love gave meaning to the passing of my ears and in exchange He became inevitable worship, me started became aware of my kind presence in their lives, their love gave meaning to the passing of my ears and an exchange I gave a better and better world they develop ceremonies devoted to me wearing soft meet, crowns
building what would become known as blood circles and this is how it was for a long time nightmare. Not a place with any distinction to anyone in the world, except for me, watched over it loved it, love that sports and now and then destroyed world? I am forgotten, still? They have blood stones and still they worship, but never. Does anyone ask what is being worship then those circles, Why do we have all of this meat strapped to our heads? But once was tribute, is now a series of gestures, human, meaningless, as they were before I came along they see glowing arrows in the sky, lines in circles and they think nothing of them air traffic space debris weird birds they do not.
Cannot will not read the messages from their God, the only they truly remember me are the oldest ones, the ones that down outside of time. The faceless old woman who came to this trade trying to find some answer to a long ago. Betrayal. She room, me, although she would never speak up for me. Her ways, are ways of sorrow and they only leader to herself. She is a closed loop of a person. The Gulf out. Remembers me they can do no more than flash, welcoming, colors to say hello no human mind can control so there is no way for us to speak and, of course, the others. The distant the woman from ITALY. The five had a dragons that they know exactly who I am
where's the doom of night. Now, for that, the path to this destruction was led by the humans. The bomb, utter dread of weapons, so horrible It can never be used threatened to use it fools faced across the water squabbling, over misunderstood ideas and now sing and louder and louder voice is that they were prepared to end their species history. Over a point of pride, some of the gods encouraged enjoying Chaos and fear is entertainment and spy paranoia. I as they move through the world. I try to get an idea com. But even my children, one immune to the growing fear and then the day came November. Seven. Nineteen, eighty three, a practice Armageddon mistaken for the real thing. And so through this misunderstanding
its formed into actual Armageddon the power of a fearful thought bombs were in the air. Their only minutes left the people of nightmare huddled waiting for the end to them story I could see it is. It was about to happen I could see the flash in the tower of fire, the heat, the transfer. A body into only shadow. The slow sickness and the dying of crops, I could see starvation and a winter. That would not end. I could see all of this. I know some invisible already happened. I black into the sky, All around me wept and said good bye to each other, and I, something else, a plan, awesome size lit by no son. Will tighten all thick black forest and jagged mountains and deep trivial
oceans, it hung so close, that it filled the entire sky. That was the moment that I decided I would save them. I would save. Town I created. I am the Saviour It was a simple idea. I would have to remove nightmare from this ending world. I didn't know if it will work, but never seen any God try this I only have two minutes and I knew that I must save my only town. I was naive, but lovingly so you should not forgive me. Just because I had love in my heart intentions. Never matter now. Bill would stand alone. Disconnected from all of the rest of the universe but safe, or that was what I thought. No action is without
consequence. I am the destroyer, what happened It was a horrible cracking noise. A noise like I had never heard board like no one had ever heard before, because this particular thing had ever been broken, not in the house. Three of all possible histories. When I tried to lift night male out of the world, along. Then I shattered reality and I not chatter reality, just in my night veil, but in all night veils all night bills that were or could be, three possible night bail in every possible universe broke simultaneously and fell into each other, There is a night exactly like my night fell but which, on a single day, a single citizen wore a green shirt instead of a yellow sure there was, I failed and had grown into a great metropolis skyscrapers in crowds and little bars where people sat and talked about the gray. Things they would right when they stopped going the so much there was
night Del that never was in a world where humans never came to be. There was, night veil, in which old woman Josie would never die and there was a knight fail in which she had never lived, There was a knight fail in a world that had flooded in this town floated on the water and thrive its light spreading iridescent over the waves, like an oil slick, there was a knight fail in which there was no hunter car and this town should have been safe. For me, but then all of the other night veils fell into it and it too was destroyed by my action ever night build. Then every night fail now, every night
past and present every town with every possible person making every possible important and unimportant choice, all of them a fractal of night vale and endless adoration of Cecil and citizen, and in my moment of foolish hope in my belief that I could save anyting, I reached out my clumsy hand and destroyed them all I guess Here is where Cecil would say it so Cecil I'll, say it for you, the sick. I look at the weather
and pretty oil.
Night rail is shattered. How is still here, I must start in persistent in that way. Even wounded moves. The towns, every possible version of the town balance procure firstly on their broken reality, Some versions of the town felt completely and other versions folded in their reality and unexpected combinations. Others merely open borders. With my original night fail doorways, through which travel was possible visible While I believe we could go on like this really our heads down and insisted on living, Without looking arab considering the world around us, we can just keep moving and the main thing was to keep blooming denial. Whiskey
as long as we denied that nothing was wrong. The other gods were attracted to the side. Of my teetering domain, but I was able to arrange truce is with them. Do any. That would upset the balance by which barely and in exchange they can put their heads and look around, maybe take a few versions of my night vale to playgrounds for their terror, filled the lights up, were drawn those that came to help like the angels that night build denied as strongly as they denied their own situation, and there were those who came for debased purposes of their own, like those awful men. Awful creates the important thing wasn't a life worth living the important thing was just a life that continued Now the five had dragons and their grief and anger have, please all of the other gods into this situation.
After truth is leading. The cracks are widening all possible night bills are opening up to each other. They will, maybe only one at anything ever again when all realities are real sense, cannot be made everything at once is essentially nothing at all. Try so hard to keep night moving forward, unaware of what had happened to it. Blissfully ignorant Our efforts in here world is finally falling apart piece by piece: I stand by all hours of my thousands of years than I can. Watch. It far ceasing sweet Cecil, whose life Lies directly on the fault lines of this broken reality. He knew
it's his own, ending without realizing it is his ended He does not understand what is happening and so here. I am This story so at least in the destruction you will understand who has destroyed you. And you will understand that she destroyed only out about having desire to save you. May you perceive her ass, foolish and naive monstrous. Even as I speak, I look up into the sky. And see that dark planet of awesome size perched in sunless, void invisible, tighten the Black Forest jacket mountains deep turbulent oceans. So close now and see it just above me,
maybe even if I tried very hard touch it this has been a story about Hunter. She He thought she could save. She who saving destroyed I am a storyteller, The story may do you know that A story is never for the listener: is always for the one good night finite couldn't
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is a story about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead a family centric commune surviving on the fringes of society subscribed to within the wires. At my bill, presents dot com or wherever you get your podcast exe.
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