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There are glowing arrows in the sky.

The voice of Steve Carlsberg is Hal Lublin.

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welcome to night. First, I want to say that their glow arose in the sky see them. Even though you should, I can see them their daughter lines and arrows and circles in the sky is a chart that explains the entire world for reference. I printed up this diagram on Poster Board notice the arrows gear, which cover the circles,
The dotted lines pretty clear. If you just look at it, please look at it you're, not looking at it. Well I'll just leave it here on this issue, and you can look at it later or woman. Talking lots of people like to look at other things well in talking, it puts them at ease I say things, people don't like to hear. I show people things not like to see a brother in law. Sometimes, is I give off a smell? The people don't like to smell. Will I thought it was funny? It hurt my wings a bit, but he kept doing it it was kind of funny. I guess one fact: did you know that a group of dragon, is called a we're. Pride of lions, a murmuring of starlings, and on we of Buffalo and we're of dragons interesting right now the news
there's a we're of five headed dragons burning down city hall right now there is another we're of dragon stopping great holes in route, eight hundred the only highway leading out of night fail. I get one or we're. You know that it's also so quick to refer to this as a flight of dragons or even a thunder of dry tearing open the aqueducts along the town reservoir more on deck, fleet, annihilation of our city as this worry develops, I've got several frustrated calls and letters about our programme a couple of weeks ago, because the programme told a story about Kyoto. Car many listeners the anticipated a story about Hunter car, but all screaming. We apologise for the disappointment and we will more closely review.
Any we rips for the disappointment and we will more closely review any tough before putting them on the air. I'm. It was a tough time for you to voluntarily listen to a sub par radio programme the town is merely empty. C4 flaming buildings, irate dragons, sky that has all but been replaced by an enormous pull out of which poor continuous darkness. The founding visions deafening ripping noise, but again Sorry, you didn't like that one radio show In related news, the city. On fire incompletely control of Adasa Mc Daniels in the five had dragons holes that have born across our sky, have merged into one giant pole and food realities, are converging into our town
many citizens, including our mayor, have chosen to run from their own unpleasant reality towards some more pleasant options offered up by the commission, thing space and time into one with friends What's an odour of the Antique Small said she discovered a reality where antiques were not sentient, Van the creatures, but in fact just old items, one could resell Frances left this night they'll last week to go, live in another night veil which occupied Is the exact same space Bob's term President of finance, for the night bill, auto insurance company found a reality. Were cars were made of stilton cheese and another? We're insurance executives made almost two thousand dollars more year on average still weighing, which reality letters his lifestyle. I see it. My short now. I think I should and with a clear your fought like Helvetica, but this one looks
like the writing. It promised scripts. Why couldn't resist its, but so when it makes all these terrible messages so much easier to bear these. Girls in lines in the sky or a message from someone named Hunter car. I learned this on the radio last week you gotta she claims maybe, Oh, not religious, the photo but the joyous congregation said there is no God, but the smiling God Oh, it was on the radio, they mean we're gestures at their fists told me, I didn't know it was on the radio they mean. You're gestures at their fists, told me I would know. What's mural devoured, I asked My other brother alarms scientists and he said the arrows and lines were probably a bunch of comments or solar, flares or possibly in Aurora. Then really excited about talking about space and skipped away while laughing and clutching his hands to his chest. So I'm not sure if there's a natural explanation
What I do know is I'm not the only one who can see them for time. I thought that I was told Cecil any scoffed I totally and hard at the daily journal. And she threw a hatchet at me. I should to my. Author Janis, but she's a team Adrian isn't really interested in water. Parents are interested in my wife, said she believed me but showed interest. So I think I was just saying that to be nice, I told me your car and made her Winchell before her mayor. Cardinal such I did about it, but she started telling me about how there's a man that lives in the sun All he does all day is set at a little table with a phone on it, telling me about how there's a man that lives in the sun and all he does all day is sit at a little table with a phone on it, the phone as a plug in, but he waits and wait for it to ring. The man often says to no one, because the sun so loud and hot and large, no one can hear him I will receive the car. I cannot leave
for I do not have an answering machine, but we met phone rings, boy how'd. He will be splendid based on this story and paws. Of mere winchell- and I were talking about different things- a long time. I thought all of these people didn't believe me. They politely Or impolitely urged me away from that line of conversation, they sure sure in no way in got something on your shirt and then they put my nose when I look down get to the angels in a second. I promise. This relates an update on the estate of old woman. Josie The hearing to decide the legal ownership of Joseph State has been postponed indefinitely as city hall is completely overrun with dragons and they're, not letting anyone schedule the hearing room, not even for like thirty minutes. Josie S daughter, a laundry Ortiz and her lawyer, Emilio Tavares have claimed that in apps,
and so will the estate should go to the next of kin. In this case a laundry, however, The angels who cared for Josie in her final years have claimed that they have joint ownership and stake injuries assets as they built and maintained her huh, and helped develop Josiana Cultural Foundation, the angels biggest hurtle so far, in this ugly battle is that they legally don't exist as they are angels. The whole of public records is holding a hearing today to determine the validity of the angels existence. And whether to officially recognised their being will report back when a decision has been reached but it's not Well, don't believe me, they do believe me. You believe me, you just can't accept, acknowledge it and understanding. We have customers in our bank all the time,
want to know their account balance. We can just printed on their received, but they always decline because they don't want to know there's only one hundred sixty dollars and rent is due in a week. They know, but they dont want to ask do acknowledging, which brings me to the angels their real you and see them their standing at the back of the room right now and yes, I hear the city's angels acknowledge sirens and I see you sheriff Zahm sitting right down the front row, taking your handcuffs but Here they are in the back of the room. Just around look, there's super tall, and have several arms and long faces and wings. You see them they're the ones the globe bright, black and sound like french organs them. Waved them they're waiting back. There are a great many crises, placing our the holes in the sky, the dragons chasing us into hiding the what,
from ITALY, threatening the way us alive. The distant prince low. A creeping less distant, all of the other hereupon holes all kinds of stuff. That may seem more important than a simple political matter of existence, but I ask the city officials present going to strangers of the hall. A public records, the people of night veil, please legalised the acknowledgement of these angels they or protect they have saved our city from evil corporate encampments. From that beagle they built us an opera house, Dick here for old woman Josie through hospice. They are required. But they memorize our history without judgment they are ten. They have like. Billion dollars in our bank, but they constantly roam the streets asking people for ten bucks. It's not because We need money. They need connection? They just want to know. You hurt
ask was yours, I'm getting worried that the dragons have stopped their ramp, each crosstown no more burning buildings cars or devouring of pets, every single dragon in tone is gathered out in the scrub lands near these sand wastes their facing outward towards them. Since silently watching or something the city is quiet again. Did you take some comfort in not hearing shouts for help or glass shattering relief. Not reptilian, roars or car alarmist not see plumes of smoke.
There is so little solace in inexplicable peace. The chaos in our streets was norm. Predict subsiding was happening for nuclear reason. The dragons have stopped Hundreds of people out wandering the streets, but they heard actually here living at some other night feels it has not attacked by dragon some other reality that is not in flames, Actually, here living in some other night feel that has not attacked by dragon some other reality that is not in flames. I can see them so figures moving through each other the layers
upon layers of reality, my brother Returned to see me last night I do not have a brother. Nearly all of his hair and teeth were gone and he could barely walk every steps. He would fall only to get back up and walked slowly again toward me. Line of dry the blood on the front of his pollution shirt he couldn't speak Only groaned the bomb over and over the Bob At my arm and I can pull away, I only said.
You're, not real, but he just stared distantly. Is only a person who has seen death, stare. People ask me all the time. We have the end, is this? It and I told them no. We must. Keep moving forward. That's all we can do, but I'm lying I can hold tight to what I think is real here, but it's done no good, I'm just one person
I'm afraid we ve broken it. We ve broken Nightingale, I'm so sorry state to next for everything, nothing, but for one last time from the voice of your town to all listeners out their goodbye, night feel it by
hang on, which you started something
Well, I figure this out have listened to today's, whether everyone everywhere.
Unless we pay attention to our true reality, all will be lost. I believe. Down. Angels is a vital. First step was to brother in law seeing mean things all the time I tried to nor the mean bets. I had just put my head down and kept moving. The main thing was to keep moving, not to bogged down in tears and fight and emotions just move forward because facing it would mean pain. But then, if weeks ago. I looked him in the eye and said: stop he looked shocked. I ill, and just as I did, he did to an end a sequence moment of breath. I started crying. Wasn't weeping and sadness crying from intimacy of truly seeing someone and having them see me we were vulnerable. Raw and I said it hurts me,
when you joke. If you don't like me, just tell me why in and we could work through it. And he told me about his childhood and his mother and his two mutual relationship with his sister and how difficult It is to let strangers into this world and it was- easier for him to keep me as an interloper in this life. I could never understand these difficult childhood and I said he was right, but then I could try. He. Let me huggin even hugged back, which is Four Cecil say rude, jokes about me in even saying nice things about me acknowledged our issues. Nothing is perfect and I don't think it will be, but it is better perfection does. Exist. All we can hope for is better. Thank you. Officers of the hollow public records
for letting me speak at the hearing here today. My brother in LAW, Steve, Carlsberg didn't know old woman Josie not like. I did loved her like a mother. Steve, did not know the angels either. I'm sure he had heard me. Talk about them, I'm sure, like all of us, he had seen them and known them to be real, but of his eyes for fear of violating the arcane law against acknowledging angels. Yet he went to the hearing to support them. Because I am doing the show today, I could not attend the hearing aid hearing. I desperately wanted to be at to proclaim my pass. For me at the hearing he listened attentively, as I told him everything I felt about the issue and then he said it's like the arrows in the sky. The dotted lines
hearing. He listened attentively, as I told him everything I felt about the issue and then he said it's the arrows in the sky, the dotted lines- and I wrote my eyes because Steve has always been a conspiracy theory seen patterns where there are none he got upset. My dismissive miss my sister Abbey and I rarely God alone, but after our mother died, the begin to change He spent so much time with her and with her daughter Dennis whose Spina Bifida was costly and and and terrifying sauced. Then Abbe met Steve. And Steve, took care of Janis financially and of Abbe, spiritually and I was just an uncle again.
There was no longer ringing my hands every day over the health of this, ugly girl anymore. I wasn't spend away my savings on medical care. I wasn't having to comfort sobbing Mother Steve to all that away from me. You ve read that two ways Steve relieve me from strengths or Steve, relieve me from duty. I interpreted it as the latter is hard. Forgive him for simply being responsible, husband and stepfather, but
learning to let my anger go. I've said terrible things about Steve and he's been nothing but supportive of me of my sister of my niece. He is a good father and brother in law and a good citizen of night fail he's a patient friend, and I love him for that. I think I even think his arrows and the sky theory might be right. Did you did you ever have one of those dolls? and opens up, and inside is another dull and inside that another. I sometimes think we're one of those dolls inside a similar doll in and outside a similar dome, each one nestled in another infinite.
Possible dolls, all in one visible doll, but all the rules have been opened and removed from one another Their split halves strewn across the floor which ports go together and which doll are. We did our whole. Have the blonde hair the brown hair. The red bo you're the one with the green least trim, the the headscarf with the floral print with dotted print. The angels hearing is completed and the Hall of Public records has officially recognised. The existence of angels as night fail. Citizens, the angel celebrated with poorly aimed high fives, which were warmly reciprocated by fellow non angel. Citizens now legally allowed to see the angels as real the wreck,
mission and acknowledgement of angels seems a small victory in light of our ending world. But, as I speak to you now, part of the skies return, as has Hiram Mc Daniels out, did the scrub lands. The gather dragons welcome back, would have their own Hiram had left town to be alone to gather himself. His violet head was executed by negative We ve been trying to make sense of why it happened. His blue had said we ve been very emotional. His gray had said, but we are learning to let go of our anger is green. Had shouted hoarsely Hiram asked that the Dragons Lee to make sense of why it happened. His blue had said we ve been very emotional. His gray had said, but we are learning to let go of our anger is green, had shouted hoarsely, Hiram Ass,
that the dragons leave night veil and all return back to their world you truces to uphold the attack me only because they are scared of me is gold had said we cannot find forgiveness in in relentlessness grumbling descent, dragons of cold off their attack for now but it was not the dragons. You tore open our sky and split realities. We are not safe merely because there is peace. We are the ones to tour part, are realities by refusing to see them for what they were. How years of denial carefully cultivated is made a reality fragile, but could the angels They feel they are real. They always have been right there front of us. They, our our protectors and
we deny them we loved old woman juicy so much, and yet we could except those whom she loved as her own family Of course, we did to hyper he conspired to kill our mayor, but the one head who tried to stop the others was the one we executed in the throes of our towns, ironclad denial. We could not own up, Our mistake, it's one. Would it dull inside many similar wooden dolls, and if we don't notice the little details We won't know which one we are when they are all dismantled, the dragons begin to leave our town mayor, Dana Cardinal approached them and asked for forgiveness for the death violet structure of our tone, did not bring violet back. It did not fix. Any thing
remained fearful and angry you for this. She said does not change the fact that I made a grave error. I room. I'm sorry the dragons pause to hear her words and when she finished they left make veil. Without reply, in a bit of the sky following the hearing. A laundry parties said she was incredibly moved by the angels case, but she had no really thought of them is anything but imaginary freeloaders, but now that she had taken time to see how much love and effort they put into jerseys health life and
artistic endeavours. She plans to rework her claim on her mothers estate to include only personal items and heirlooms. She also said she would like to stay and I feel a little while longer spend time with her mothers. Friends, the bit of the sky returned members of the vague menacing government agency resumed their routine following people and recording private conversations and the under surveillance wave to low with the agents. You ever noticed. We all asked each other that we're being watched by secret agents, that's not normal! That doesn't happen in normal places and a bit of the sky returning The librarians slithered were possibly scattered back into the library ready to devour booklovers
the City Council returned to their chambers after a much needed vacation in the cat skills, except for their new member sixteen year old to make a Flynn who, instead of vacationing, amassed a dish obeying amount of weaponry, most towns, think, aren't run by literal monsters and heavily armed teenagers. We said, each other it of the sky, returned radiation, sick man in my home named cow is gone once again, as are the this layers of people walking our streets but ignored sting in some other streets as the angels written knowledge is truly existing. The other realities began to feed.
It began to accept the full reality of our world. As mayor Cardinal remember that her father had died years ago, the father she was with was not her reality. As we looked each doll over carefully. We begin to truly noticed the fine details of what made hours particular special, we could nestled them all back together into a single doll. Each multitude, safely contained and the last bit of the sky returned Our reality is badly damaged and the only thing keeping it together is our knowledge. Finally, this strange tell that we live in no more denial. We must see ourselves clearly or risk,
losing ourselves forever. Those are real. Our town is a deeply weird Legs we know and acknowledge that it is a deeply weird place. There are dotted lines and arrows in the sky, and I love my family and I love my brother Steve. He was right about everything he always has been to to next I contact and breathing in unison and as always and for as long as I can keep saying it, Goodnight night veil, good night. Welcome tonight. Veil is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Cranor and produced by Joseph think. The voice night veil is Cecil Baldwin the voice
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