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111 - Summer 2017, Night Vale, USA

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Everything is the same. Everything is different.

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A friendly desert community with the sun is hot. The moon is beautiful and serious lights pass overhead. While we lay open eyed watching it all welcome to night The city council reiterated for the one thousand eight hundred seventy fourth consecutive day that the dog park is off limits for both dogs and humans.
The fences, electrified and highly dangerous, etc. Who did figures? and all tat since it instruction. We have shied from and feared the dog park the dog. It is neither a park nor for dogs. What does it even mean to call it a dog park? Why do we use language? That means one thing to describe something that is entirely else. I don't. What the word for that place? The city council calls the dog park, I do know it's time to start searching for that word and one surround to use it boldly, the angel. HU, I can now say, are angels and will say, are angels because they are angels, older memorial for old woman Josie in her house. Everyone in town came overcome.
The feeling that, finally, they could look these beings and recognize them for what they were. Even the city Council attended the memorial, but refused to make eye contact with anyone of course these positive, concrete identification only lead to more mysteries. If these are angels, then where did they come from? And what does that mean for us? Even now we find that we cannot voice these questions. Not big. As we are not allowed, but because we cannot, the words to ask: instead, we ate cake drink coffee in the living room of old woman Josie, which was once just that the place she lived now. It is only room one by one
we laid her hand on the angels hands and in that moment of contact each of us in turn found ourselves. Weeping the party wound down. We all heard a soft pop outside it. The light bulb on old woman. Josie S, porch burning out. A man who I know very well came into my house today, which is also his house? He eight his head. With it's perfect and beautiful hair upon my shoulder and crossed his arms over his perfect and beautiful lab coat. I am Faced him. We are creatures of touch you and we retrieve so much meaning and happiness from contact. I have become too complacent. He said when I came here:
I understood this town is scientifically fascinating and then actually it became my day to day life. I could not Hunger see the strangeness, but only my home. We are all guilty of that. Said, but I'm a scientist he said well, I said We have all been scientists at one point or another in our lives. Just a reminder to all the parents out there. Let's talk, about safety when taken your children out to play in the scrub lands and the sand wastes you need to go. And plenty of water Make sure? There's a shade tree in the area and keep an eye on the helicopter colors Yes, my best friend and brother Steve to talk me through which the captors belong to which organisations obvious
the black helicopters belong to the world government, although I had not realized until Steve laid out for me how close sleep also associated with the lizard people. The blue ones are sheriffs, secret police, the pink one, are the new double secret police and the ones painted with complex murals depicting birds of prey diving. Well, not even Steve knows what those helicopters are, nor what They walked on Steve's chart those are just people with the word rod and then a few dread. Exclamation points sure airliner flying through local airspace disappeared today, only to reappear at the fifth hold of
saved, Brook pines, private golf club and bulk supplier, this dropped it all gulf activities badly as well Scaring the family of four who were perusing bulk paper, towels offered at a discount price in a nearby sand trap. I feel for the first time that I can articulate that this airline, had flown into some other universe. Those two genes being particularly thin here in our quaint little community. This also was the cause of things like dead, relative occasionally joining us for breakfast or the shimmering skyscrapers and crowded cities that appear for flashing moments in the sky. Of course. It. Also could be the handiwork of the EAST night veil, cacti, the basketball team, the New EAST Night Veil Elementary School, those scamps are always pulling pranks. Could
they transport a large plain through multiple universes. Who am? I I d say but probably yes, for shame. East night veil, for shame my house bend and our towns friend and Protector Carlos called a town meeting. He thought we had checked in with each other in a while and wanted us to have a moment where we came face to face and solve whose spaces and remember that we are all real and all affect each other era. And Erika of the newly knowledge angels brought corn muffins, which were in edible. Salty may exclaimed angels just can't get enough salt The cardinal was there not as our mayor, but as a citizen one who is so young for the responsibility that has been thrust on her to make a few
it was there not as a city, council member, but citizen, one who was so young for the responsibility she has seized with an army of loyal and extremely well armed teams please see my upcoming editorial on why millennials are always joining armed teen militias of Millennials Corliss reminded us that we are by far the most scientifically interesting town in the country and we join hands and nodded because boy, don't we know it we have clear eyes. Now we see ourselves for who we are, but, more importantly, we see each other. We are still
a community. The night Veil Business Association is proud to announce the refurbishment of the night veil, harbour and water front. Recreation area needs might remember that these facilities have always been absolutely beautiful. Eco friendly and with a pin history and focused design. However, they have suffered poor attendance due to the complete lack of water in the desert. But this is where things have changed the nightmare Business Association said in a press release that Drunkenly sung in unison out in my yard last night The recent problems we had with other universes intruding on our own resulted. A great deal of pain and law yes, but It has left us with an ocean.
This ocean is only visible from the waterfront recreation areas. Boardwalk envy from any other angle. The areas still appears to just be the usual sagebrush and rocks Carlo said he does understand how this window into another world works and warned that no one should attempt to touch the ocean. We do not know what lurks within, but he said there could be no harm in a sunset strolled along the boardwalk list, to the soft hiss of the rich meeting waves d chapter of the Inn or a is selling bumpersticker, says part of their fundraising, weak, the, stickers are made from good sturdy vinyl and they read. We genuinely do not value human life. Cute
loose and his scientists like Louisa and MILAN Jonah, are renewing their investigation into the house in the development of Desert Creek out back of the yellow three school, the house that doesn't actually exist it seems like it exists, muttered Carlos, like just right there. When you look at it and it's between two other identical houses. So make more sense for it to be there. Then not. But he says it is actually a doorway to another world, a world. He himself was once stuck in for a year. There seem to be secrets about that year. His keeping to himself. Maybe someday. We will learn what they are,
lights scene in the sky above the Arby's, not the glowing sign of Arby's something higher and beyond that. One night years ago, two peoples, scared and vulnerable and loving and ready came together for a quiet moment under that sky, and I pretended at the time to understand the lights. But a big part of recognising the world for what it is is recognising when you have no idea invaders from another world harbingers of future terror, a fragment of another universe, fading into our own above, reasonably priced lunch. Meat may be any maybe or maybe not. But here is what I do know. The lights are, among other things, a part of my memory and a part of my marriage and a part of my love. They are a piece of my past and I don't need to understand them to understand that. Ladies and gentlemen, the past is here and it's about a hundred feet above the Arby's Carlos and the visa say that the monitoring station near Route eight hundred is recording wild seismic shifts, even as our ground remains completely still. He suspects that this might be because multiple universes are colliding reading, earthquakes that our undetectable in the third dimension picture all worlds intertwinings. He said, and here we are in the coin- the friction of every possibility coming into contact shaking the very structure of chance and fortune. He said well submit an insurance clean anyway, see what you can get right listeners the traffic,
police are issuing warnings about the ghost cars out on the highways those cars only visible in the distance reaching unimaginable speeds, leaving, the unknown for destinations more unknown its said the ghost cars have taken to drag racing on weekends, which pose is a hazard to both pedestrians and their drivers, the police in that It will be arresting whatever beings drive these cars as soon as they can figure out how to pull one over and now.
Though whether or not this race for the future for the ground sort of filling his basis raises patient. You can with the pledges every waking stanza like a limited and in his absence at a normal, is given a break up with SAM. You wanna take the best basis. We pause collision. Travesty reason why we never, let me know,
the sun didn't set at the correct time today or any other day Carlos and the London a report it. They are quite certain about that. They checked several pox. But they said the sunset was really beautiful, so at least there's that Low still does not have any explanations, but he did suggest that Time is especially weird and night veil, time is weird everywhere. Mostly people die, notice in the rest of the world, because while time is weird there, it's all is weird in the same way, and so is mistaken for being remotely understandable. It's easy. Forget in this hot hot desert climate, but things actually be slightly harder for us without the sun. We know this big There was a version of night veil in some other universe in which the sun did not exist, and that version
Night veil was terrible just now good at all their street plan. Didn't make a lot of sense. For one thing, there was no fly. Go to any neighbourhood, I'm glad I live in my sunny night veil and not any other. The city council would like to remind you about the tiered Heavens and the hierarchy of angels the remainder is the council is grumpy that all This is not forbidden knowledge, but the new laws they are required, inform you that the angels have made all of that information available by the house where the angels leave. If you want to pick up a free packet outlining exactly how all of that is organised packages, of his free. It is likely the angels will ask to borrow five dollars. They tend to do that.
If you read the desert Flower Bowling Alley and argued fun complex petty Williams. Its owner reported these totally news that there is nothing under the pin rich, people area of laying five as you may remember, there has been a tiny city of warlike people under the bowling alley for several years now, which has caused some trouble, a lot of trouble because they were very tiny. People but now there is just a hole in the earth under the retrieval area, an empty These containing only my own memories of a night that someone I loved, almost died before had a chance to truly love him, so good riddance to whatever that town was Carlos perfect and beautiful came in
our studios during the brake earlier, and we eat lunch together out of tougher where's. Yet some sort, Blinking box, in his hand, covered with wires in tubes when he put it close to microphone. It sounded like well like a bunch of baby birds had just woken up, really went crazy. He stiff, I remembered it. He had brought it by on the first thing we had met. You told me that tested for materials, but he wasn't actually sure what materials it tested for. You just wanted an excuse to combine talk to me anyway. He said I it was a nice memento back when we were fumbling awkwardly toward this life we share, but he added it's a real instrument that is detecting some actual materials of some kind. So there is a good chance that everything about the studio is deeply dangerous. Please be
careful. Then we said caution the cat fur, in one of the bathrooms here at the station Carlos pointed out. Cats, dont flute steered a cossack. Having never really thought about that. After a bit. I said This one does Karla smiled, headed com check between the eyes and went back to his work, and I went mine. This is their work listeners. My work is speak to you all to talking the day to murmur you into the night settling into be another clear and pretty evening here in night fail this we're figured town, I hope all
you out. There have someone to sleep through it with. I know I do need night listeners, goodnight. Welcome tonight, veil is the production of night fell, presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice, Night veil is Cecil Baldwin original music, dispersion all that it can be found. Dispersion dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episode whoever was Andromeda by aerospace. The link for more music is in our show, notes, comments, questions email sat info at welcome tonight failed that com or followed on twitter. At night, no radio poor, reconsider your place in the world. Check out. Welcome to night fell down
com for more information on this show, and our lives shows where we take. The entire town of night fell to your town. Today's proverb there is no proof. You exist only. Events. They say you should meet here. He arose and Joseph think and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I meet my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life, this fog. As this will you be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, if I only listen to the mountain goats, find it wherever you listen. The pot casts x.
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