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120 - All Smiles' Eve

2017-12-15 | 🔗

A happy celebration of a happy holiday story from a desert otherworld.

The voice of Kevin was Kevin R. Free.

The voice of Lauren was Lauren Sharpe.

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Hey. I want to tell you about two fiction, podcast from like their presence that you're going to love first there's within the wires. A unique and immersive show that tells stories using found audio from an alternate twentieth century. Our new season season for is out, and it's about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead an anti government commune surviving on the fringes of society and its all told, via tape, recorder letters home to her daughter and sermons to the commune. Next there is the orbiting humans circus, a podcast about the janitor who lives at the top of the Eiffel tower. It is back with a brand new musical story. This fall that asked the question: does the janitor really exists? He hoped so tune in to this sweeping cinematic experience if features Julian cost. Her John camera Mitchell Susanna Flood in many more to find out the answer you can find both within the wires and the orbiting human circus, in your favorite up or at night no presence
dot com. How do I love the? Let me count your teeth. Happy all smiles Eve, desert bluffs. Yeah Phyllis Nurse, its cavern and Laura, and we hope you're all having the smiling, is all smiles eve you could have ever wished for desert bluffs to welcome our holiday show where we re tell the classic story of all smiles, We will also have great last minute gift ideas and cooking tabs, but first let have a look around town to see how people are celebrating this most wonderful of holiday. Of course our old city as it plus is no more. It's been swallowed up by the
night fail, but we found a new home here in a desert. Other broadcasting. Now, from this scenic lighthouse, atop a tall mountain looking out endless sand covered then ass. I, like the same. It's my favorite part of living. Here I like nothingness, it really clear: but there are moments of something is, and they are beautiful, displays, lights and crafts, Frank Donnelly who lives the topic, less buff has strung up a series of colorful gasolene canisters over his storefront, where he sells tarantula parts, a dusky sets each can and fire and the burning plastic just away, spilling down on the people blow I'll hunter that lives in the key just to the south basin. This mountain has painted lips and teeth around the entrance to Rome and my favorite holiday this year is good gender smile tree
she's built a twenty four taught out of human even use. Coyote skins turned inside out to look like flowers. I love people's creativity. This time of year, it so fallen to walk, around town and see the night lit up with seasonal joy. Smell the burning petroleum products here the screams and feel warm fire, dry ere. You truly do the holiday Lord. I think it's time to tell the story of all smiles ii. Once there was a family, the goods who lived in the desert to mothers a father, a daughter, a sun, three dogs, the front half of a cat, and a very long house they were a happy family.
But no one knew it p what would often say to them. You'd be oh happy if you just smiled, but the good faith. We would always say we are smiling. We are happy, it's just that, no one! could see their smiles. Their faces always remained in a neutral state, even the good. Well, he couldn't tell when each other we're smiling each one thought the There was unhappy because none of them happy visible smile. Sometimes the mothers would, their younger child Why are you said? Felicia and Felicia would say I am not sad mothers and then Felicia would smile and her others. Would smile, but none of them here to be smiling to each other and they would
all remain sad. Sometimes the father broke things on purpose like vase. Is or the children's toys or the children's toys vases or words. It brought him great joy. Breaking things because it reminded him tat. He was autonomous Outside I, it looked like it, suppression. This man smashing Random objects. The older child Jason had a piece. Lumber he carried around with him. Always it was a balanced her from old, stairwell really and he loved it. He had named Jason also because it reminded him of himself and he would address this stick in similar shirts and pants Felicia asked him. Why Do you dress like that? Stick Jason. It makes me happy Jason said
see how I smile sister. No, she said, their neighbours and friends wanted the goods to be happy, and they were they could not smile, the goods thought they were smiling, but they were not No one knew how to solve the problem, because no one knew what the problem was. His part makes me slightly less happy than I always him? Oh yes, when peace no don't smile. Everyone else has to smile even harder. I can't wait. Here have a story ends but now Let's share some of our favorite holiday dish. I know you all out. There are busily preparing your all smiles day, meals, Kevin. What's your favorite did when I was a boy, my father, to make caravan he would poorer.
Or bag of sugar into a large part and put it over the highest eat them As the sick came to boil, he would call the kids into the kitchen and we would all open our hands had he poured a boiling caramels came to boil. He would call the kid into the kitchen, and we would all open our hands had huge poor caramel into our cup palms burned our hand so badly, but that was no problem, because we just forced the sweet caravel quickly into our mouths, where it also badly burned out tons and lips. It was one of my happiest memories years later, When I was an adult, I found a startling shopping center parking lot. Its head had been crushed by apartheid
and its rear leg was still twitching. I watched it for about fifteen minutes until it stopped moving thanks for that recipe. Kevin my favorite holiday dish is radish casserole. It's really easy to make you just pull the stems off then using appeal or you. Remove. The red skin then place the reduction of food processor and blended until it's a stiff paste poor onto a play and why I still don't know who killed that sterling. Let's contain with our story of all smiles ease the good family. Began, treating themselves more gently consent that perhaps they maybe we're dealing with something more serious than just a lack of happiness. One mother told the other mother that oppression and anxiety are more common than we think and the other mother said. We should listen each other more and try to better understand our pain
pain is something we can all understand. The father said- and he pointed to the half cap under the show which they had adopted last month when they found it decomposing on their long. They need to have tat. Mister doodles. Family could miss Do they all smiled are noticeably? Jason and Felicia wanted friends to know they were happy, so they began practising smiling in the mirror, but even they couldn't see a change in their faces plus mirrors. Upsetting because of people who had gathered behind them in the reflection that were actually there when they turned her face them, but one day the good families life would change because they would meet. The smiling God I love this part will be with more of the story in a moment. But let's talk about
some last minute gift ideas. I know a lot of you out there waited until the last possible moment by your all smiles taketh, but not to worry, because there are plenty of meaningful kiss. You can get right, you can even make something enjoy receiving handcrafted gifts from loved ones. For instance, Lauren I bought some yarn and then admitted view this swear, it's beautiful, it's covered in these words sure are. I bought those at the bait shop and Kevin I buy You some cologne, I dont. Where Cologne. That's why I bought. Perfumery in she ash. It's called rousing, Lincoln. I can see by your grin they love. It must pay someone you
they were its said, look at all the little bubbles. Following on my wrist see, listeners. You may not have time to meet a sweater staple like worms to it or special order, a foreign cologne, but here are a few ideas to help you out in a last minute people love animals may be by the Madrid or how about a coup time for all of chores. You'll do for them like clean the dishes for one home and I beg you format. What open your teeth wisely, I'm you're. Those are great gift ideas, Lauren. I wasn't listening because my arm heard so much, let's contained without his story of all smiles Eve. How came one day the good family felt hot,
they lived in the desert because they loved feeling, so this made them very happy their feet burned. They could hold still they leaped up and down to keep their feet from being completely scorched, and it looks like a dance. The joyously happy I smiled and smiled, but to any one watching. They look the saddest dancers ever they allowed pop. As the sand around their home, burst skyward and smiling. Emerged, I am the smiling. Do the smiling, I said, and the good families ears began to melt away. They could. Tat their heads screaming. They had never felt so happy. Are you not be? The God asked
You should be the God demanded We are the good family insisted, see us smiling. No God said Soon I will and the smiling God told them about purity and about devouring smiling? God showed the family a Powerpoint presentation on the subject of purity, even though Powerpoint, let alone computers would not, invented for more than a century. The good family, happily, watch the smiling gods lecture they smiled imperceptibly through the whole thing and the smiling. God grew furious because it could not see how happy they were the smell. God said to the good family saying we hope you will smile so much. You will never want to start the good family said
We are smiling I got it already devoured their home in one heaving. Gulp but remained. Was smouldering pit and scattered debris Jason? The boy found splinters of Jason Stick Mr doodles was now only a fourth of a cat. The whole family cooed. Mr, do Their long house was long pit every single mirror in their home was gone along with the ghastly figures who gathered in the reflections and the good Molly was so happy so afraid they cards traded hard on making the biggest smiles they could, but the smiling God could not see their pure joy on their bland faces its weight.
To hear the end of the story Kevin. But for now, let's, let's get to today's weather, I can't size. SAM we were. Smash eyes. Market surveillance Welcome, it's ok,
love, pass. Baby. David. Those hours Yes, Yes, eyes were used, I use a ban, Are you you used to know
don't know myself around the good family sifted through the door. Of their home, knowing that the smiling God had purified it for them, it would be difficult to get by without food. Shelter or belongings, but they knew purity was all they truly needed to be happy, but the younger child Felicia had in the face of the smiling God and knew that they had disappointed it. She told Jason that they had to do something and Jason agreed Jason, set out to find everything in the wreckage that might make m smile? He showed Felicia? How the bottom of the pit was all wet and gooey. Her expression did not change He brought their three dogs around for her to pet, but the poor animals could not, top vomiting. He asked their parents to come.
Give him an Felicia hugs and tell them that they love them, that they wanted their children to be happy. But I am happy Felicia protested and she pointed out our lips see. I did not see Felicia lowered her head. She said at her shoes with brand new laces? Why as the smiling dots teeth, not knowing what to do but then Then she saw something interesting under her feet: a friend photograph. She picked it up the wooden frame completely torn one side and the glass was shattered. The photo underneath was discernible, but it had warped. Wilted in the heat of the smiling got the rival it was a family photo mom mom dad. I see three non vomiting dogs and the front half of a cat ever one was smiling just not visibly. Of course,
Felicia stare lovingly into the frame and all made sense to her. We, not smiling shouted. She pulled at the frame tearing it away. She grabbed the triangular shards of glass covering the photograph. I'm definitely smiling her mother said I'm smiling story for other mother said I am smiling like a fox in a smile house, her father said no agreed with anyone. Felicia said no you're not, but you will be Felicia turned her back She lifted her hands to her face and the family photograph fluttered to the earth. Felicia press, the Tipp of the glass fragment against her front teeth and poultry. Directly back to her right. She felt a warm rush of air across her gums. Our family saw a line of blood flashed across the hot sand. She did it again to her left side. Her face hurt with joy with happiness. She turned around
and your family saw she was smiling from ear to ear and they wanted to smile that much. They want to smile like that and never stop Felicia wasn't concerned that she got blood on her brand new shoelaces. She knew her family was so proud of her smile. I must make all of you happy. She said, and she did she, Each of them down one by one and when she was done they were all smiling the biggest smiles they had ever smiled, so many teeth in the good family. The smiling God saw all of this and it was honoured and please So the smiling God devoured, the entire family. They died What beautiful story. Yes, yes, The souls of that family were so joyous and shore.
They still wander our town with huge, too thin grins and every year on all smiles eve. They entered the house of children who do not smile and then they help them smile. It's a good moral as children my siblings and I used to leave a short of glass and set of bloody shoelaces just outside our unlocked front door, on all smiles Eve to show Felicia that we already knew how to smile whirl We all smiles eve to everyone in desert. Bluffs too the corners of your mouth be ever widening believe in a smiling God. My friends and know that joy is in your teeth. Goodnight Kevin and good night desert buffs too good night.
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