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122 - A Story of Love and Horror, Part 2: "Spire"

2018-02-15 | 🔗

A story of love and horror. Part 2 of 3.

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Hey. I want to tell you about two fiction, podcast from like their presence that you're going to love. First, there's within the fires. A unique and immersive show that tells stories using found audio from an alternate twentieth century. Our new season season for is out- and it's about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead an anti government, commune surviving on the fringes of society and its all told, via tape recorded letters home to her daughter and sermons to the commune next there the orbiting human circus, a podcast about the janitor who lives at the top of the Eiffel tower. It is back with a brand new musical story, this fall that asked the question: does the janitor really exists? He hoped so tune in to this sweeping cinematic experienced a Julian cost. Her John camera Mitchell Susanna Flood and many more to find out the answer you can find, both within the wires and the orbiting human circus in your favorite up or at night Bell Present
dot com. Do you hear that sweet melody that sweet melody on the breeze. No one. Here's that sweet melody that sweet melody on the breeze welcome to night brain system her best to pretend that she had imagined what she had seen that night in the House of Nazareth, Amu heat when works on we, the cartoon spoke store. For the sheriffs secret police had come out of. The television told her that she did not belong and that we're both do this
obviously wasn't an easy thing to forget, but people forget difficult things. Every day we are all of us carrying around difficult things like Cannibal rolling on stable in our heads, occasionally throwing off balance when they shift to much to one side, but mostly just slowing down. While we pretend nothing is wrong, she Nasser continued to see each other. He let people know it's and the faculty and administration were happy for him. Everyone felt that he was these two consumed by high school football, especially principle frightened, who grumbled to himself that the team didn't even have a good record to show for all of that obsession Nasser took Frances Wait, faculty after school drinks meet up the first one. You'd ever going to? Because
It always spent his evenings prepping. For that weeks practice studying game film. Drawing up defensive schemes and slithering around his living room on his belly, while kissing like a snake Frances Inter took him to her monthly Book Club meet up. This month's book had been Irvine Welch's, Harry Potter and the cursed child. The contract shall follow up to his classic novel train spotting. Everyone agree: that it was nearly as good as the original, since it only shared a couple of the main characters. They also agree that for this is relationship was happy the real effect on her hardly seem like the same person said. Jeremy, with Francis before and was jealous, that she might change and grow was a person outside Its influence Germany was all in all being real shit,
everyone is agreed that she seemed to be happier and more open to the world than before she had started dating Francis quietly ones. Changing so quickly, just because you're eating meals with and sometimes sleeping with. Some one was a good or bad or neutral thing she thought that change was hardly ever neutral through All of this she pretended that on we. The cartoon dog did not here too her most evenings in her home, but he did he would crawl out of a television even if she was watching a channel. His commercials didn't play I or even if the television was off proportions of his body, lovely, clumsy and two dimensions Cindy we're a fine stake of nature in three dimensions and features were wart unblurred as though
seen through static del below. On together. On be said in a goofy cartoon voice that occasionally veered dizzying league into other pitchings sometime a child's giggle or a basic rule for a few seconds before sliding back to the middle, he would hide under her covers and she would hear from within the hot dark of her blanket is the new you're a cartoon voice say there is a price that must be paid. Scream scream and then realize, He was alone. And then she would choose to pretend that none of this has happened. Nasser did not see box we, but he was not without his own troubles. He would find some things when he looked in the mirror. There were two of him, one of sitting behind the other.
He would stand and the second reflection would stand to, it would fall All of his movements from behind his primary reflection, went on for dates. Then one night he looked in the mirror and there was one besides, feeling some relief to the tension that had been with him so long as to become his new normal, and that is when, in the mirror Second, reflection stepped into the room followed by Francis tunnels. Nasser work the room he was in was empty. He looked back in the mirror There was his own face, terrified and behind that on the bed there was himself again with branches that of them were kissing passionately He watched himself kiss and then his reflection and the Francis in the mirror stopped kissing and looked up at him with
startled faces. They say frozen that way. And he stayed frozen too after several moments. The mirror couple smiled smiles not wider, and wider and then they were both dead blood covered and sprawling at irregular angles and then they were alive again smiling at him, he shouted. Instead, back from the mirror from then on. He took too, covering his mirrors, and that worked for a few days. But then one day he came home to find himself in his bedroom already sitting in front of the covered bedroom, mirror the here that was in his bedroom looked up at him who had just entered with. Why the eyes of a yawning mouth and Nasser who believed himself. The real, not sir, turned and walked out of his house. He checked into a motel and decided
stay. Therefore, while fine Leave the strain broke on now. And Francis Appleby it's over lunch. She started crying and he was so surprised that he started crying and were crying at each other and didn't know why. The other was crying and she said he's going to some crazy and he said you're not going to believe me and then they told each other and it didn't sound crazy and she believed him. What does it mean? said: why are we being punished just because we're finally seeing someone? That's a good question, said bucks on we. He was sitting in the booth next to them both yelled in surprise and the other people in the restaurant looked over with a mix of confusion and annoyance, none of them you could see box, and so they assumed the couple must have accidentally ordered the electrolysis, nachos appetizer.
Who are you asked Nasser me? He said arcs he's animated dog face stretching in compressing in mesmerizing Lee horrible ways. I look. Instruct he said we are to allow communication. Communication with who said Frances represent the brownstone spire said parts The brownstone spire was a strange monument at the edge of town offered. Great gifts. Strange were even greater sacrifices, it was streamline dangerous and neither of them had ever heard of it trying to communicate with anyone. Barks continued everything's gonna strange since you started dating you know what I'm talking about. Maybe now, Sir said thinking the mirrors in his home
may be repeated barks mildly. Maybe we'll get even stranger. Maybe conditions will continue to deteriorate were too, in deteriorate. She said we're too people dating what's wrong with that This town is a point where many universes meat said box, on the other side of the table. Next, Francis now, recently those universes collapsed into each other. When the mess Finally, sorted out Everyone ended up in the right universe. It's me said Nasser. That explains it The other media at my house plus my tongue, is like two feet long and that doesn't seem right, Don't belong in this universe. No said barks its Francis, she doesn't belong here, Francis you
which places during the collapse with the Francis of this world- and you are coming in, the contact with a person from a different universe, which has Exceptionally detrimental effect on reality, I believe he said to me: You were saying something about reflections in your house and now a look at traffic. The costs malagigi of the universe is thus first there is the sphere the indications of the spear are warmth and bristle the members of the spear are blue and yellow. Then Who is the cube, the indications of the cube our touch and lift the colours of the key, our red and white, then there is the expansive plain. The indications of the expensive plain our speed and shadow, the colors,
the expansive plain our marine. Finally, there is the outcome: We face the indications of the outward fade or a ringing bell and a rush of water, the color. Of the outward fade are none of this has traffic. And now a word from our sponsors mute children, ports to top strange formations on desert plateaus. Our unease gaze toward a horizon that will never change. There is no movement here, no son, but there is light. No dark But there is nine we do not need to eat, but we are hungry. We have no way to drink, but we are thirsty. We nothing to sell you. Remember us It has been no word from our sponsors.
I couldn't believe it or she could She resolutely chose not to Nasser thought again and again of the other him and the other her lying dead on his back and then smiling and then dead again, it was true that something was horribly wrong. Perhaps they didn't belong together, perhaps they didn't belong together so much that the universe itself was collapsing around their relationship. It wasn't fair, did both of them to serve happiness Cecil here I'll go ahead and answer that they did but what a person. Receives and what they deserve is only ever tangentially and, coincidentally related they why they should go to the brownstone spire it had offered to help them. They should at least
Here out what he was asking for in return, Nasser drove them cars. Stop working within a few hundred feet of the spire, as the spire prefers humans to approach on foot. Actually, it prefers humans to approach on there. Bellies. But it takes humble walking ass, a compromise, the closest parking lot, the radio Shack, but of course that one is always full customers, and so they parted the windings and her foot started bothering her, but she didn't know if it was actually bothering her or if she was just afraid of what the brownstone spire would say. The brownstone spire hum they felt it means before it bus, said Nasser. We just want to be together. Friends who said I No, if we belong together, but we make each other happy, isn't it something worthwhile: don't we
at least that the stone, spire heard it hummed, it already knew the problem and it already knew the solution and it all knew the price it told these humans all three by implanting the thought. Directly in their brains, Frances threw up Nasser wept there was a solution, but the price was thinkable. It was impossible. It was inhuman, of course, the spire isn't human nor possible. Nor even thinkable. They walked back to the car in silence and now the weather,
when Livin with the last second, I'm a convoy moves every night there was some doubt summit so that we are seeing a browser of seeing the TAJ Mahal. So when you sit down, painter was placed a partner to the bottoms of apparent at my woman, sound putting the concessions that you make an answer. You cannot imagine them. Many entered the ass keepsakes. A parking ticket point is the fixing of taste he can have is read that you care painful to break this woman. Always something shatters thanks to strangers to raise his angels can lodge every flooding on its closure inside the formula worse. But it works world off limits. Nobody can say in any given don't think soon likes the meadows softer my baby, we do not do that makes it too. I think a woman's more than she deserves better line. Then mother fucking, ready to examine you, can't make a difference in this country to go away to make everyone they might have running fire fighters. That
evening they sat in France's Donaldsons Living room and thought about what to do impossible. She said unthinkable, He said, then we agree. She said. Of course we agree he set. What else is there? He said we're not monsters. He said right. She said I want to show you something said barks on we said box into the tv Francis put her hand on the screen and felt nothing. It was a hollow phrase. She put her hand knew for certain they would refuse and both stepped forward obediently. In here said Box, the tv put her hand on the screen and felt nothing. It was a high blue frame she put her. And through the frame her hand felt like her hand, no different than it had a moment before,
she leaned down and put her torso in, and she felt a pull like gravity and He fell downwards through the tv screen, She was in her living room again. It looked very much her living room, Otho detail we're different. The four poster from the International museum. Two cats in Paris was now from the Museum International De La Scotus in Mexico City, the taxidermy foot pin holder on the mantel was now it. Taxidermy bores foot and hold Nasser tumbled in next o cool pen older. He said Frances took his hand and helped him up. They looked around and then out. The first window Francis, was outside working in the garden, a different Francis in the garden, being watched by the first Francis in the living room. The friends
this from your universe. Nasser said ones it's three dimensional form, was enormous this time, taking up the living room from floor to ceiling, although he displaced nothing in it and Francis and Nasser, had plenty of room to state she. Ended up in this universe and the Francis from this universe. That's, U Francis ended up in hers up a silly mix up, but these do need to be set right, or else both of you will. Flip farther and farther into the gap between universes until neither view exist anymore, Frances, didn't take her eyes off herself in the garden. Try to stay together, said box, and you both will cease to exist, the Francis the garden wave to Jackie Fierro, who was biking passed a car drove by in it was
Dana Cardinal and her brother, they waved to enough said parts grabbing them in pulling them upward. They were all back on the couch in France's his living room or the living room she had thought was hers there Only one friends here you the price said ones He called backwards into the tv staring intently with droopy animated eyes. There are only two ways forward. The first is that this, for It's a returns to her correct universe and who to never see each other again. The other would allow the two of you to live as long and as happy as anyone can together. It would be simple, but in order for that to happen, the spire will destroy the other universe and every person who lives within it that Francis and every other
person in that world will cease to exist, but then you would be able to flourish in this universe. He was fully back onto the screen the two dimensional cartoon doc in a neon yellow cartoon backdrop His eyes were set huge like that. Inches away, Don't have long to decide gave a silly laugh, the kindly at the end of his appearance on children shows the laugh that made children left, at how silly at once, but this silly laugh did not end for several minutes. Nasser Francis stared at him, and he stared back laughing stay to next for a decision to be made good night night veil good night
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