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123 - A Story of Love and Horror, Part 3: "Frances"

2018-03-01 | 🔗

A story of love and horror. Part 3 of 3.

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night, Frances, Donaldson and Desert homage a heap were faced with a terrible choice, there are times as humans. It feels like we are given more responsibility than we can handle. It feels the world is resting on our backs and the decision we make could have implications for everyone else in the entire world. But of course, that's not really the case. The truth is While we might be able to ruin our own lives or even a high
a bunch of people's lives. There are few who are ever put in a position where they could make even a ripple in the life of every one on earth, but this was exactly the situation Francis and ass. Her found themselves in she had Didn't Lee entered this night veil from a night veil in a different universe. If Nasser and Frances stayed together, the two of them could be phase out of reality and seeks to exist a powerful entity. The brownstone spire could make it so they could stay together, safe please, but only by destroying the universe she came from, and every person in there was no path forward for their love. That did not end in horror. There was no path forward without horror that did not end their love. It's clear! What we have to do said Nasser. Sadly, no two people are worth so many lives. We
go our separate ways already could see the long evenings alone in his office. Watching tapes of football player he's in trying to recapture the innocent happiness he used to feel doing its job, it's clear to you- because you have other options- said Frances you're from this world And you could find another to love, I wouldn't tried Nasser, but pretty since like this, can never carry the weight of truth, because who can predict the heart You will find someone else she said and me I will. Or risk my own existence and my own existence and the existence of everyone I entangle myself with. Can I even have clue, spread ships or with those to result in an unravelling. Certainly I would be Fraid to risk it, and in that fear I would settle into a bleak loneliness. He shook his head. So what are you saying that we
murder, a universe of living beings I'm saying she said that I love you and I would like to proceed from there after this argument, they didn't talk or see each other for a few days, both of them felt completely overwhelmed Whelmd by the weight of decision both of them pretended. It was a sign question for themselves and now corrections despite previous reports. The ineffable isn't real: it's a joke, a trace, a sandwich left on a park bench a misunderstood smile from an unfriendly crowd? The act dental arrangement of the sky, the distance from the earth to the moon, the way grass feels when it gets a little dry. A hand reaching blindly into a drawer. A word spoken. And never again set allowed a dream
But which seemed prophetic but evaporated upon waking, a stain in a shirt, its source is a mystery, a bird with three missing feathers, a math problem with no possible solution, a sign posts to a place which never existed. It's a trace, a joke. The ineffable isn't real. We apologise for our previous mistaken report. During the days apart, Francis and Nasser were not alone. They were not alone. First in ways that were Monday than expected. For instance, Nasser had his team and while was distracted morose. He was also determined not to let this effect the chances of his good kids, and so he forced himself to double his efforts when it came to practices and
any of the team members were faculty, thought anything about his behaviour during this time it was that he seemed especially dedicated and focused, and so therefore, his relationship must be benefiting him read this had her customers and while an antique store doesn't usually bustle, it does have a steady stream and the goal is to sell a few high end items a day along with a good amount of cheap trinkets, so that it all evens out and she would have enough money to eat for another month. She had friends to accept now she felt they weren't her friends, her for we're back in another universe, and the people here looks like her friends but did not share exactly the same experiences this Francis remembered she didn't know if this should matter but felt that it did and so avoided her friends, her friends when they talked
She must be so focused on her happy relationship that she no longer had time for them and they lt resentment. They did not present her personally, but rather resented the situation, but Francis and Nasser were not alone in a more malevolent way, as well. Every
evening, barks on we visited each of them, Francis no matter where she went would find him sitting next to her. He would sigh Francis, he would say softly France S. The voice was almost kind, but his eyes were pivoted toward her unnaturally giant to DE saucers on a three dimensional yellow snout, Francis oh Brad, says he would murmur until she slept or thought she slept. He was less gentle with Nasser with Nasser. He screamed no words. Merely a high keening in the living room as Nazareth tried to watch game tapes or in the bathroom as he brushed his teeth verse.
A mundane quiet and then suddenly a huge dog screaming cartoon eyes and cartoon mouth both gaping in terror. Why was barks afraid? He was the spectre who was hunting Nasser, but barks once afraid this made Nasser even more afraid, stop screaming. He would screen back, but barks didn't seem to here and now sports dues. Now I am a big fan of night fell football because I love our town and our kids were out their play. And our fabulous coaching staff. But, to be honest, often a little shaky on how the sport works. So I thought my try a little experiment. I will now attempt without looking up any or consulting anyone else to explain
the rules of football from memory. Let's see the kids enter the field, others a lot of them, they're all padded up in ready hurrah. They say and other shout, let's get the football, they are there to get the football they line up phase each other. Someone shouts some numbers that they like in order to get them in a happy had space before starting the game, and then the foot was thrown weird, it could be thrown much easier, but they throw it in a weird way. The quarterback catches the ball. Mostly sometimes they miss and that's a foul, but if they catch it, then they try to see make it down the field. The ball needs to get going, but no, can know, the team is doing it, and so they tried to nonchalant, oh and also they slam dance with the other team in order to show that there are only there at a party and no football is going
down the field no way, but it is the other team figures this out and shops on the football. Eventually, the foot at the end of the field there it transfers zone at the end of the field there, It transforms from a leather bag into a victory. There is or dancing get a full list. Mostly about dancing. There's some other stuff like at times, it turns into soccer for a little bit and They bring on a soccer player to do that, but mostly it's about dancing and sneaking which art two of my favorite activities. While no wonder I love of all. This has been sports news Nelson and Francis made the night as romantic as they could. They lit candles because do
scoop house piracy is, of course, very romantic. They had flower on the table, because the reminder of how plants grow was considered a great aphrodisiac among people who get really revved up about planets, neither Nasser or Frances were one of those people, but still it couldn't hurt it's not too late. She said we could still be together. This didn't help the romantic mood we couldn't. He said what would we be come if we caused so much loss just for our own petty happiness. Is that with this is she said petty? No, he said it's just What isn't petty against the span of all of it to me? She said you aren't, you aren't, but he could not be persuaded
She gave up and instead she kissed him. He had never felt such a kiss because never before kissed anyone out of a pint of desperate grief. I don't recommend that contact. Any of my listeners, but it does make for one hell of a kids. Then she left his house. Nasser set all night with the decision they had made. It was the correct decision. That was true than why did he feel so completely like a person buried under rocks or locked into a cell with no liked for months. He felt ass, though she would never take another free breath of there was no longer and other version of himself in his home, but it also fell to him that perhaps there was no one in his home that the verse of himself, who was a human being existed only in the past tense and here on out there
Only this quotation of Nasser and out of context excerpt, stripped of meaning he stood for a while before walking down to his car and pulling it out of the garage. It was all this morning the radio Shack wasn't, opened and packed with technology craving customers. Yet so he park there and what the rest of the way up to the humming spire he fell to his knees. This wasn't his decision to make, but he had already made the decision, brownstone spire. He said I've made my choice, destroy the other universe. I have to be with her no matter what the spire did not reply, please he shouted he slapped his poems against the hard pact earth again and again until they stung please
I've decided destroy other universe? The spire hum to life, it is done, said, a voice from deep in its core. Nasser murderer of billions, a way slowly toward his car. The ending of our story coming up, but hey, let's check in on today's weather. Down by he says
many again said his thoughts when every wearing it was peace needs. Everything's things were
said sir. Give at first does her walked with shame. But what use after all was shame he had done what done so he and the woman he loved could live together in happiness. It would the waste of everything, the worst of all possible outcomes, If he had agreed to such a monstrous price, only to have any possible renew motive happiness ruined by the guilt of what he had done. He made the decision then, and there to leave it behind him
by the time he reached his car still waiting in the radio Shack parking lot as if nothing of import had happened in the intervening minutes, he had set aside the choice as a matter of the past, and still to feel the first spark of joy in his heart the last few weeks he had felt strangeness, which he now knew was the feeling of falling out of step with reality, and now the feeling was gone. He felt human again. He started the car drove directly to Francis his house. He couldn't wait, to see her. He had never felt such a complete hunger for another person, but it's possible. No one in all of history had ever paid such a price to be with another person. There was that person before him tending to her garden in the cool morning, sun. He did not
think about the universe and everyone in it including another version of Francis who no longer existed. He thought about this Francis you stir were long moment from his car feeling a blissful lack of urgency. They had life together. What with a few more minutes, be so Let those minutes pass watching her work and then he stepped up the car and approached her. She looked up with a smile. I am, she said I did it. He said I went to the spire and I did it. He realized It was crying, but he was all. Smiling. She from stood, took a step back, did what she What do you mean? I he said I may choice. You were right. She held the clip
in front of her not quite towards him, but not quite not sorry. She said. Maybe this is something that the other Francis would understand suppose a certain confusion was going to be unavoidable, but I do wish you'd calm down the other Francis in the other universe? He didn't know what was going on shore. Sweet lady, or is that a modest anyway? She too me that she asked the brownstone spire to take her back to her own universe. Where I had been stuck, she said It got mixed up and things working out for her here So she showed me how to come back to my world and she went back to her. She said at least we have a chance at happiness. This way, She also said she hoped you were it's nice in her world, as you are in hours, she
I'd Nasser Sweaty thinks the desperate lean of his posture Are you nice Nasser? She went back, he said not a question, but a surrender to her world to her universe. Yes said of Francis who barely knew him at all. I'm sorry, but I do want to get back to my gardening Nazareth. To his car, but had no way he wanted to go. He watched the friend, says who was not his Francis, but she glared at him. So he drove aimlessly and stopped again here, Francis was gone along with her tiger universe: before he was aware of it. It was already. Shouting please
Let me reverse it. He shouted. Please take it back arcs on week in his awkward, three dimensional body was sitting in the passenger seat. There is taking it back said bonds, but I we'll make you a one time offer if you like we'll. Let you join her in oblivion. It is not mere death, it is absolute ceasing of existence forever blip and you'll be gone Do you want this desert looked into dogs distended eyes. He looked and looked two weeks later. He returned The school he went back to football redoubled, his dedication to his tea, a complete focused, football may not be much of a life too many folks. It is a life There are many different types of life and
them are nothing special little Francis, a different in quite literally from the one. We started this story with continued run, the antique small, what delighted her most was how objects existed here. In the moment that everything existed. All at once. Right now she loved the present. She thought little about time. Outside her window. A plain past overhead. No one watched its passing good night night veil good night. Weapons, veil? Is the production of night presents? It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice of nightmare. Cecil Baldwin original music by disposition. Oliver can be found at discretion. Dot info
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