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124 – A Door Ajar Part 1

2018-03-15 | 🔗

There's been a drowning at the Pancake House.

This episode was co-written with Brie Williams.

Weather: “Lake Full of Regrets” by Devine Carama featuring River Greene and Devin Roberts from the album Kingtucky. https://devinecarama.bandcamp.com

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Hey Jeffrey Grain or here. Do you love this show and want to help us keep making it check out our membership programme now on Patria on our members, get awesome exclusive rewards, like directors notes for every episode. Exclusive bonus track from our life shall recordings entire bonus episodes and maybe, if you're, really interested in a brand new character named after you on welcome to Nightingale plus we'll be posting. Surprise rewards that I can't tell you about just yet, because it would ruin the surprise. So appealing and no. It does go to welcome to night they'll, dot, com and click on membership to sign up and hey thanks in advance. Anxiety is just your bodies way of telling you something really and a magic experience, a feature. Drooling cost her John camera Mitchell Susanna Flood in many more to find
to three bodies were found behind the pancake house. This morning, sorry. I didn't mean to sound so cheaper. It must be the coffee I just started caffeine again do over. Three bodies were found behind the pancake house this morning, because of death has been identified as drowning, As you know, this is particularly unsettling because the pancake House does not border any body of water nor does any body of water exist in night veil, salt water
and blobs of semi animate, feared jelly were found in the lungs of the victims. According to reports from Corner Lorelei Alvarez Alvarez added that there clothing was salty to the taste. The victims were discovered by a truck driver identified only as enormous Jim who pulled into Pancake house parking lot around six thirty this morning, I knew something wasn't right. Jim said in his statement to the secret police, warm all over a kind of Tingley, and I thought the fly larva had finally hatched in my hair, I got my truck and tried to swap the larva but no larva there, and I was sad because I missed its company. That's when I noticed beautiful sunrise we were having, so I stood and watched it for awhile beautiful moment when you can't tell the difference between orange and violet, and the clouds look like sleeping gods. That's when I noticed those dead bodies
lying by the wall or ignored Jim added it was about beautiful noiseless sunrise and wish the lark could have seen it Jimmy head was lined with sweat trails and his hands fluttered along his shirt buttons like clarinet keys explained in a shaky voice that he was calling turnips from a farm in the south to a pulp factory in the north, where they be turned into mulch unused to grow more turns, he said: a tight schedule to keep and that he had nothing to do with any of us and since lying is illegal. The sheriffs replace released him from further questioning the victims, have not yet been identified, each held matching promotional coupons good for one free hot cake at the pancake house keep on stated. They could only be used once per table her visit. It is
unclear whether the victims intended to sit at separate tables and pretend not to know each other in order to use all three coupons in the same visit. This is, developing story in related news, the pancake House is having a grand reopening. It's been close down since the sand storm of ninety seven buried it under two hundred tonnes of sand. It surfaced in O. Eight full of we're who real the diner under the name, Iraq, Hut, appeared again and no nine after the scorpion, spiled chapter, seven, no one could see the pancake house anymore, but if they want, top these seemingly plain dune. They would. Run into a hard surface that felt exactly like a wall.
Teenagers who had scratched heart swelled initials into the invisible concrete blocks, could still feel the impression of their etchings suspended in the nothingness and the area continued the smell of hash browns for a radius of nearly a mile anyway. It's and under new ugly human ownership and will hopefully be here to stay. So many memories from that place. Back in the night, these my friends and I would hang out there all night. Sometimes There was a young woman who sat in the corner, booth and analyzed people's dreams for a dollar. Once told her about this recurring nightmare, I half where I'm up novel former, but I have to grow. Each pineapple inside a glass bottle and when the Nepal grow big, the bottles break left standing in a field of broken glass and some When I woke up, I had little tops
all over the bottoms of my feet. I don't remember what the woman said it means, but I found out later that she was Nina Gordon front person for alternative rock band for weak assault, there were a lot of great reveal yet in the painter caps like old, postcard, birds and ceramic chickens with human fingers for eyes, and this cool antique jukebox that would automatically played Buddy Holly's everyday. Whenever someone in town was about to die, I loved that plants, Oh, we just received word from the corners office that more salt water has been discovered. This time the potholes near the controversial new round about in old town Alvarez, also found blobs of clear jelly fluting there. Soon. To those found in the lungs of the drowning victims, samples of these blood
were collected by a girl scout splinter faction, no as the onyx fist and brought to them Marine Biology Association for further examination, a gross got member and apparent leader of the unexpressed named brandy. Lance said we the marine biologist door and heard muffled shouts and loud crashes coming from inside then the blinds closed and the lights went out when we worse, Norway and using telecom They earn my mountain mover badge. Last year we heard the back door slammed shut. The only and we found inside was us we note that said, closed were the day. But it was just lying on the floor, not posted anywhere brain He said her troop will not rest until they track and locate the missing biologists. Good luck, kids, we'll, be waiting for your updates and now traffic
As I mentioned earlier, there is a controversial new traffic round about in old town. The problem is No one knows how around about works. If you go to the right when you should go to the left. Your headlights explode If you go left when you should go right now, the phone call that one of your family members is in the hospital? If you hesitate, stranger ties and if you just keep going you'll, never stop you'll. Never ever ever. Stop you'll, Dr Endless. Aging, steady rate watching the terrain, change the seasons pass and you'll wonder. Have I ever stopped? Have I ever stood steel or slept. Her sat in a chair that wasn't hurdling ceaselessly into the future. The emerge, the omens you keep in the glove compartment can only sustain you for so long. What happens then? There's only like
fifteen of them in an airline bag, and you ve never then been on a plane. Where did you get them or they safe to eat? been in there a really long time. Probably since you got the car, maybe They came with the car. You started get things like your name and where you bought this car, was it at a dealership, or from someone on Craigslist. Did you build the car yourself or manifested with your mind, you find the nurse manual, but you can't read it for some reason: its eye in another language or you ve lost the ability to read the letters rearrange themselves and fall off the page, your leg, burning where the letter L has landed on your knee l, L remember the letter l these there's that this has been traffic. Update on the drowning story, the victims
I've been identified as the trailer family, who reportedly have not come out of their house in nine years, a net the adult of the family still has braces from when she was thirteen. She just never return to the orthodontist to get them removed. It's possible that hotcakes from the Pancake House were the only thing she could eat anymore. You know to think of it eleven years ago was the last time the Pancake House was open. There are no who coincidences or breathing is coincidence or only something's are. Those are the three possibilities an independent consultant has determined that the salt water samples are oceanic in nature,
this has secret police investigators scrambling to find where the ocean is located, one of them suggested north and the consultant began walking that direction. Skaters want to determine if the ocean is a continuing threat and whether or not their allowed under state and physical law to apprehended on charges of manslaughter law enforcement and volunteer search parties are forming to seek justice for the trailers, although no one remembers ever interacting with them before, but everyone tears really cares. Alot suddenly The silver lining in events like these as the togetherness it brings to a community, rightly but the paranoia and blame shifting sets in and divide it further into an ever widening chasm, but let's just try to enjoy the unity while we have it togetherness it look,
sly, Carlos has brought a picnic lunch for us to eat here at the station. Ah, what a nice Prize Heine. Now, while I look in this basket of goodies, let's check in with the weather
settle, scattered version for structures such as this, where she went over another way, swollen pushing for stress most striking. When I wanna watch facing me mom and certain as you pass over it can't you stole when your Mama's can even really happens right to life and a funny but walk broken now mom maids reconnoiter, like somebody might want, is now you prefer. An amazing set of breast cancer raided seeing stays the same. What about its weakest, braided sake, and it became a solar, suspend a fake you wanna chairs, to create what the press, but instead you just well in space. What the French, like reserve, take a deep breath and butterflies. Wait like fuller, scattered version for strives himself why she went away swimming portion for stress most striking when I wanna credit bandages. When I get anything looking, I was doin what our own in winter, when talking about how we can then letting me like a man with pragmatic way. When I need my job and I started thinking, we need help van alleviating Belinda inventing down. Now we can about how the action of warning and depressing applicable greater level of gaining. I was the discussion before I make. My name was saying: no samples portion stars when I wanna keep pushing the stars knows why when we landed deposited seas, but I'm still a good almost round in a number of ways of one s, almost a lamp didn't like started playing in my chest and appoint the months. Daughters, man, they save me from you know like so many points, one limit she'll leaving aside this is not just go on wine and plus you love O. My men have called me. What's your favorite, he asked about disappointing that never mind you wore plague maze of more than one place. You always draft plan when it rains that responded. I make every day last farmers want my preserver wakeful rest version stars Suarez point, although swimming version stirs. Why, when I want
so. That was weird Carlos came in, as I mentioned, with a lovely picnic lunch from the Ralph Stelly counter. His hair was wet from the rain, and there were water drop. Puts on the Tipp of his eye lashes. That made him look like a cute little cartoon forest animal. The phone rang. Here at the station, and it was one Carlos scientists mark asking if cordless was here Carlos, made a wild hand gesture and shook his vigorously, so I told mark that he was not when I here at the what that was all out he told me the scientists were putting together a group to locate clues about the Phantom Ocean and they wanted. to lead it in confused. Didn't you want to lead it. Let me why did you want to talk to them? never refuse the scientific call from a fellow scientists do science before he was just be.
leaving on scientifically in fact come to think of it. I was bit surprised to see Carlos here at all I figured with today's investigation. He would already be out in the field. I wouldn't in four days, he said, and everyone else was out on search parties. It was the perfect time to go to the roofs, because there wouldn't be a line. I mean that does sound scientific. It sounds like scientific reasoning but dependent think, struck me about it. Is, I don't know just off I mean I want to say he was lying. Carlos, doesn't why lying is illegal. But it seemed like there was something he wasn't telling me like something that was bothering him. I asked There was anything he wanted to talk about and he just said he had to go. The card washed and he left without you
in finishing his three being salad and he loves that salad made with this through favorite beans, carbon, so kidney and jelly I mean I know. I know It may not sound like a big deal, and maybe he was just having a moment we Have moods, sometimes nowhere. You know maybe, I'm the one in a weird mood, I'm probably just an overly sensitive. I'm sure Nothing is really wrong, not actually, anyway, it up. Let's just move on, I'm sure it's fine everything is fine. It's fine! If you should go off caffeine again, no You know what I really can't shake this feeling Nina go. The former front person of Lucca SALT once told me that these subconscious is a powerful force me it's all in my subconscious, maybe you're too good for
too long and you think about it too hard. It can start to make you nervous, and then maybe you can. Take the pressure of waiting for things to go wrong and you start inventing problems just see you can have control over them, but you have to about whatever can go wrong, otherwise, your leisurely, enjoying the sunrise and dreaming of free hotcakes and suddenly you're drowning in a waterless parking lot before you even know what hit you This is silly, I'm just gonna calling ringing ringing. The letter not unusual, not really he's, probably at the car wash like you said, which can be very, have not you know. Sometimes you find yourself caught up in the rhythmic dance of the foaming brush and you wake up in the park
lot hours later missing your wallet and part of your shirt dry mouth and trying to remember how many teeth have of good I've. Just and some breaking news to distract me? Oh well, this is actually just up. Press release for the grand reopening of the Pancake House well oppress This is definitely a form of breaking news. They are announcing their new weekly menu specials. Could we here the Pancake House acknowledged that time is circular like around about not in tat endless lined with no beginning or end. We like repetition, its comforting We know what's behind us and what's ahead and what will come again It means there are certain truths, no matter what else may happen in honor. Bar innate preference for cyclical thinking, weak?
guarantee that every Monday, fluffy omelettes will be on special, every Tuesday. We will have corned beef hash, no matter what happens There will be liver and onions on Wednesday you can lose your job and have your car repossessed on Thursday, and still no, that there will be chicken fingers on special that night, like clockwork, we often think of Friday as being better than others for this reason we have something that happens on a Friday, it can be particularly disappointing. You won't be disappointed by our ham paddies. They are consistent and dependable Saturday, we are here for you with liver and onions again on Sundays. You can rely on our fried eggs and toast points. They will provide you with unwavering support, even if, something really bad happens, Even if you don't know what you're doing it all anymore, either
if all the buildings suddenly seemed slanted to the right by a few degrees and everything that used to look yellow now smells yellow you always come to that. Kay House, no matter what happens, that's a nice sentiment would also. As you point, tat dear good, for one free hotcakes, one her table per visit. That's very nice, I'm going to try and culture. treat voicemail this time. Happens, everything spy ways forgets the charges phone. I and I tell them about it now I like to buy him different now. Multi phone chargers and hide them in his jacket and car and in his shoes and lunch bag, still he forgets. Busy mind baby. Like me to please him so much, maybe I'm over thinking, maybe it's just too much coffee
Or maybe I'll head down to the pancake House for dinner Thursday. So, let's see chicken fingers or this always the hot cake, Cuba maybe I'll see some of you down. There would be nice or maybe you already have plants which is totally falling to all see you some other time: it's no big deal, everything's, fine anymore, coffee state, you know for the sound of someone distracting you, while you're driving and then yelling that you missed the turn good night night veil, good night. Wasn't tonight veil is the production of night fell presents this episode was written by Bree Williams with Joseph think Jeffrey trainer and produced by Joseph Thing, the voice
Veil is Cecil Baldwin original music. Disposition all that can be found desperation, dot info or desperation that band camp dot com. This episode, whoever was lake full of regrets by Divine Charisma feature River, Green and Devon Roberts from the album thing techie way in the show notes, comments. Question email sat info welcome to night fell dot com or follow us on Twitter at night, Ville, radio or see with the moons up to these days. She do ok, Welcome to night veld that com for more information on this shell and our lives shows nights a theatre, and communal chanting. You won't want to miss today's however, by your tongue, fun right
As a doctor, Chuck Tangle kind to you, live room, billings maintain our wine to prove of Israel Veronica's where it can get hard enough to guy and trot over the ever been afraid of the call of the loud China trying time show hounded by my own park is subscribe now, compounded in the by my own packages with Doktor child single annual you'll be hard as rocks and no high above Paris near the very top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor I can come. These stage have petitioned and this drunken out of control. Diva flattery will get nowhere except my dressing room.
The orbiting human circus in naughty ten new. You listen now found tat. The! U N Y, see studios a nightmare, presents. x.
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