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126 – A Door Ajar Part 3

2018-04-15 | 🔗

There's been an entire ocean in Old Town Night Vale.

This episode was co-written with Brie Williams.

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otherwise, your soul will get all wet and Mill Dewey Welcome To night, I hate sounding like a news media alarmist, but Aunt em ocean has completely destroyed old town. I mean destroyed wave after wave of course, the Rhine has entirely swept away the old town, drawbridge, which is a shame because the city made considerable strides towards its completion in recent years. Also missing a number of cars.
Human beings and the teetering stack of bath pubs that granted wishes A more complete list of the missing items has been posted at the newly reopened pancake house. Come on down. To Pancake House check if any of your loved ones have been affected by this horrible disaster and enjoy free hotcakes one free hockey, missing loved one. The surviving residents of old town had been placed with compulsory. Revolving tier host families throughout the rest of town. Many The survivors from the recent shipwreck have finally been placed in their own permanent housing and are now hosting flood victims. Having experienced region displacement themselves. The really told one doktor shouting old would teeth Rebecca and the captain are proving to be elegant, hosts and have been reported to prove. I'd slipper socks, steamed and tells and all natural calamari reef toothpaste to their guests. This journey
prosody, has put many night, though residents who initially complained about hosting the shipwreck, survivors to shame, You are, so do we there's a lot? those who should be ashamed of themselves posted at the newly The open, pancake house Times. I get really tired of negative reporting as the most men into voice in local current events. I feel like what I say and how I say it does make a difference in framing the attitudes of the people who listen, that that's a big responsibility, so I've been thing it's important to focus on the positive things too. I'm going to try to do that more starting now, I said before was an exaggeration old town isn't completely destroyed? Oh yes, it's on. Habitable and some people who live there are now non living But there's a lot of beauty left there to anyone
look out over old town from the roof of the earth's science is building and appreciate the miles of prestige, shining water, why are we desert dwellers never get to see. All of that, majesty and destruction is almost totally invisible beneath the waves, so it's actually pretty easy to ignore, oh and one architectural Limburg does remain. Controversial, new traffic round about glowing with blue light, can be seen. Trust below the water line and will be ready to use again to see king of the roof of the Earth Sciences building. I should tell you guys what happened with Carlos the other night. It would really. Well mostly I mean he was very open about The fact that he's been hiding something from me, but he said it wasn't. Big deal- and he doesn't want to talk about it-
I know I said all I wanted was for him to admit something was bothering him and that pretending. Nothing was wrong, was really what was driving me crazy, but it turns out that true, now, I'm being driven crazy by not knowing what it is. I mean what, if it's about me, even if it's not about me direct the fact that he doesn't feel comfortable telling me he has to be a problem with us. Doesn't it we're it was to share everything with each other. Aren't we I couldn't let it go so I finally asked him to see a couples counselor with me, the We told one who, until ass we could been staying with my sister and her husband got hurt. Counselling licence last week, so we're going to see her get a discount centuries become so close to my knees. Janis we have our first phone session together, scheduled for later today, I'm really hoping we can get to the bottom of this. So I can stop obsessing. I mean
and also so careless can let go of whatever is distracting him so much, and then we can both get back to distracting each other. The emotional complexities of sharing a life with another are all that's on my mind. Also the sudden ocean which destroyed old, ope breaking it is on that all members of the Marine Biology Association have been reported. Missing Randy, Lance girl, scouts, splinter, affection leader reports that the GPS tracking devices she secretly adhered to. The biologists shoe heels, have stopped transmitted, and no one has seen any of the biologists in over twenty four hours. Member, of the tourism board, have declined verbal comment instead offering a giddy smile while waving a giant phone number. One finger: with no biologists to throw a tantrum about menacing bio hazards. Hidden in an unsecured locker members
the tourism Board have gone out to be stored unit in Radon Canyon, to relocate their secret aquarium of semi animate, clear Jelly collected from our new ocean to a more public venue. Making are flooding situation. Even worse is the hard ring on right side. We don't normally get much rain around these parts, the gent percussion of water is so soothing it In spite of my new sleep, meditation track blood storm more than the weather in a moment, but first, an update from radon canyon. I've received word at the blobs of semi animate translucent jelly in the tourism boards aquarium have fuse together, to form one giant jelly cube that now completely fills the twelve foot by twelve foot storage from wall to wall. Horrific the unnerved. By this discovery, agents from it was on board who went to recover? The aquarium have all left,
you dont canyon and hired the really tall one for private therapy sessions head of the tourism Board Madeline before were released, a statement which only said well, crap The floor was last seen in full sprint toward the airport and now appear say hello. Friends This is a as sentient and occasionally benevolent Pietro pays speaking for the Department of motor vehicles. We have had some complaints about. Our eyeball donation programme, we want emphasise, we created this programme with only the best intentions. We're sure. You understand that According to a survey in the donation programme have been very satisfied. They can retain some sort of consciousness after death. However, they have been reported. We very I'm satisfied with what their eyes can.
Can you to see This has ranged from non consensual television viewing in the middle of a season. They are not caught up with people witnessing of crimes and subsequent ethical dilemma, testifying in court against their own post bodies. We hear your concerns and you know what fine. The eyeball donation check Box will be discontinued on all new dm be forms. But MP itself has also been discontinued If you need any services from the DE envy, please go to another town, please don't taller come to the office. If you see any dm be workers around town, please don't! to them or acknowledge their presence. It's obvious! You dont like them. It will only make this harder on all of us. We think a little space would be for us right now. We do want you to know. We were only trying to do something nice, we care deeply
our dm, be customers and have only ever wanted the best for you. We know that doesn't make it right, but no matter what just remember, but the envy loves you. The DMZ has always loved you. It's the important thing. If we It affords the rights to that Green day song we play a cure good. Knowing you love the empty, I want to get back to the corals stuff listeners. I really need to talk this all out, but I keep getting breaking news updates. We finally have word on the missing biologists. That's good news we found them out in the scrub links that music we were only able to find partially eaten pieces of that with the leaders. Of the Marine Biologist Association vacated brandy, its declared herself and her girl scout splinter faction. As these cities, foremost experts in marine biology, lead
surmises there is an aquatic creature of large tooth size and insatiable hunger living in this new ocean. Lance speck, later, the biologists were engaged in a heroic attempt to study the marine biology abruptly available to them when events took a tragic turn. The biologists loved ones clarified that the biologists were. Actually. Town under the cover of night and in the worst possible intersection of time and space dying in agonized and terror filled death in the exact manner that comprise their worst collective nightmare. I'd doing what he loved a spouse of one of the deceased, said running away from his problems oh, oh, look at the time Carlos and the really told one calling for our first cancelling session who pro
a good time for a weather report
the paste, because I was hungry, cried and ran out of the world. My dad they love me. We know now that all the other cancer pass all big inside of my own began Jean Marie Le Pen's hassle languages, pointless people to learn. Everything happens right on time by Canada, defiantly so much more reliably. Mile of term is now seven years we have never had the Roman by big break. Fares, destroy pass out other, so varied enough, be faction killer faction, shiny bags were anything happens, carried out so much while there is every corner chairs, and so they are. Everything is out of order. While there is peace out away the soft rush, the machine wildly gliding, never quite colliding only fraction of a second check. It happens right on whether that can count in the fire so much by well. That's why
an interesting first counselling session, a car apologise for being so quiet recently, and I said it was Ok. I was just worry. About him and the really tall one said we both sounded like we loved each other a lot, and I said well, yes, but that's not the point right now. The point is, I want to know all of Carlos is secrets and, Carlo said. So if it really means that much to you I'll tell you, the truth is This isn't my first faint emotion before I ever came to no avail. There was an incident, it happened, years ago. It was a different situation, but similar enough that I got preoccupied thinking about it. These last few weeks and simple I just need a little space to press, things on my own first, it doesn't mean I'm hiding anything from you. I mean I can't I am, but if it were- truly serious or was directly about us. I would talk with you about it,
this is just a scientific and catastrophic phenomenon, not something to do with us that he's verbatim Lacrymose said I wrote down every exact word like an expert. Rinsed journalist carefully investigating a huge story, and then I said yes, ok, fine, but what happened? What incident and he said he still Didn'T- really want to talk about it, and I asked the really tall one: aren't there some sort of therapy exercises we could do to encourage Carlos to reveal every detail of his past to us immediately and she said no- and I said maybe hypnosis or telecom me sis, I mean she's new, to the counselling profession and maybe isn't the where of all the tools available to her. Yet she said we have to accept that Carlos doesn't want to talk about it right now and maybe doesn't want to talk about it ever
She said a person secrets are their own to keep or disclose, and it isn't necessarily an indication. Of the degree of intimacy and relationship, and I said really tell that to my eighth grade self image. Feel embarrassed. I double down, it said I played truth or dare, and revealed to my friends that I'm afraid of mirrors and that I have a crush on one in the room, its cue, Carlos said who was there, and I said I can't tell you and then I said I can't remember. Actually I don't even remember what Here I was in the eighth grade, let alone how old I am, or even what I look like because of hold mirror thing, but I didn't want it Carlos all that he was too painful and complicated and not important and the really tall one who could I'm sure here. All of my thoughts smiled over the phone, which I thought smug. I'm still not sure how I feel about any of this
I have a lot more to say here, but there has been some breaking news updates piling up on my desk. Let's go her. The most interesting looking order to protect us from does from the growing jelly cube and its apparent we to create random phantom motions BC. Council decided the key to the jolly filled stored unit in radon Kenyan will be destroyed, fed to whatever aquatic beast Eight, the marine biologists, a new budget line item was then approved to pay monthly rent on the unit indefinitely, rather than quote ever open. That or again discuss to the city will be covered by the new tax increases on brindle cars. Gasoline and dreams where you realize your neck, it in public, A memorial service was held for the remaining body parts of the members of the Marine Biology Association. The beautiful service in which spotty part was given recognition for its unique contribution to the whole of who each person was inspired by
touching memorial as well. Silent horror finally locked away in great on public storage. The tourism board has decided to abandon plans for the Harbor Waterfront expansion project. Instead, it will recently destroyed old town plans for new old town are old town are already underway. With some blueprints taken from the shore taken from the children's redesign old town, drawing contest hosted by the girl scouts, splinter affection, the captain is even slated to open a fusion restaurant there later this year I of non specific fusion cuisine, members of the tourism Board have acknowledged that a huge amount of money and effort will go into the renovation and that all of the work time and and may or may not be destroyed by a similar incident. At any moment Sylvie. They were heard to utter it's possible. They actually said
video array, a protection spelled makes all sand eels harbingers of good fortune. Ok, I only have a few moments of airtime left and I just wanted to say: well, you know how, if you staring at that one spot in the ceiling. It starts like a face, and the harder you look, the more take shape. And when you can finally see it really clear lead, the face never disappears, and it's always there watching you or or like Oxy Clean, has those commercials where they can get blood out of everything from genes to gloves to loaves of bread, but when you actually use the product, those things just never go away, reminding you day after day of what you ve done or no what I'm trying to say is Corliss. If you're listening, I'm sorry, I freaked out capricious new to talk.
Space for yourself is not the same as pushing someone away. I guess I needed a little space to figure that out. Whatever you need, I totally respect that I can even go hang out at the and kick house tonight. If you, if you want some a long time, just want to say that before my college, just texted come home now, and I will do the opposite of push you away. Well,. Maybe what I'm trying to say is, I think I've been on. Air too long, I really should be getting home leg right now. State do next we're bubble wrapping pot by rolling pins meant to stimulate the explosion of fireworks. Good night night veil, goodnight. Welcome to night veil is the production of night veil presents reception,
It was written by Bree Williams, with Joseph Thing and Geoffrey, greener and produce by Joseph thing: the Voice of nightmare Cecil Baldwin the voice of dead, is bash winner original music by dispersion. All that can be found dispersion, dot info or at disposition dot band camp dot com. This episode, Whether was clockwork family by Dan Warren more at sound cloud: dot, com, slashed Dan Warren comments. Questions emails that info at welcome to night, fell dot com or follow us on twitter at night fell radio, or dig a hole so deep that you can no longer see the sky check out welcomed nl dot com for more information on this show and our donation program that gets you bonus? Episodes and other cool surprises. Today's proverb pick a company invest all your money in it, the absolute worst that could have
is that you lose every cent and it would be terrifying and life changing so give it a shot they say you shouldn't meteor heroes and Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat. The show where I mean my hero and have conversations about songwriting, part and life this fog has is going to be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do. But I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, if I only listen to the mountain guts, find it wherever you listen, the pot casts x,.
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