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14 - The Man in the Tan Jacket

2013-01-01 | 🔗

A stranger comes to town with a briefcase and an unmemorable face. Plus, controversy with the Daily Journal, another segment of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and new security footage from the bowling alley.

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Hey Jeffrey, greater here, no matter what episode you're listening to right. Now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour this to her features in new, never before herds. Worry featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the podcast. I was told him the podcast and requires Nope previous knowledge of the podcast or even if you are on episode, seven, you will still the live show was our life shows bring the audience into the story and some surprising and thrilling ways making this a unique experience that you just can't get from listening to the podcast at home. Check out. Welcome to night fell back com, slash life for the full. List of cities across North America and Europe that will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets. Today. Look to the arbalist. We I don't know where it came from, but its attract
a lot of cats, welcome to night happy New year night veil last ice fireworks extravaganza at the night veil, harbour and water front recreation area was beautiful. This is despite the fact that night veil harbour and Waterfront recreation area, never really existed
and was in no way a multi million dollar failure of municipal planning and just because the only things remaining on the premises are. Several large piles of rubble and IRAN, sign. Reading. Nothing is here nothing what ever hear does I mean that they failed to correctly use tax dollars to build a harbor of waterfront or a recreation area, anyway, the fire works over the city made sign were lovely happy two thousand, thirteen. Ladies and gentlemen Shore, You have noticed. There's a man in a tan jacket. Countless residents have seen him, but no, can seem to remember exactly what he looks like just that. He ten jacket and
Dear skins, suit case and He has been spotted all over town, but no one can quite recall specifically where they saw him or what time of day it was just that they saw him Frances Donaldson, the tall woman with the green eyes, who manages the antique small thinks may be the man and the ten jacket is simply a shared dream, but I know I saw him night veil. I know what I saw this man couldn't possibly be a dream. He was so vivid. His eyes were, Well, his nose and his chin all I can just see I just can't remember
the man was clear as day he had a tan jacket and a deer skin suit case. He can't be a dream, can heat Please call in listeners, and let us know if you can remember anything else. This Monday, through Friday, is the annual night veil career fair at the downtown, Convention centre there we'll be dozens of booths repressed hunting, phony local businesses, that will take or resume maize and photos. Visa hidden surveillance cameras and conduct sample interviews designed to badger you into implicating yourself in nefarious activities. First generation night veil residents, particular those whose parents were
originally born in Maine, Massachusetts, Canada Micronesia and Surinam are strongly encouraged to attend this here's keynote speaker is an audio tape droning bones law with subliminal tips about achieving personal. Asperity and how to I'm clean about the terrible things you have done. You cretin last here's fair, featured several very high. Profile, arrests and excite being door, prizes tickets are twice, five dollars or fifteen if you still have working retinas to scan oh at the weekend, Eddie Williams, owner of the desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun complex
Just some security camera footage of what he believes to be the first ever glimpse. Of citizens of the underworld, city deep. Below Lane five early Saturday morning, fun complex cameras picked up blurry motion near the soda machine. The footage is quite fuzzy and difficult to discern. Perhaps it is merely rats or raccoons digging through an uncovered supply of junk food, but it is of course much more likely that a loss nation of people living in the bowels of a small town bowling alley are finally revealing themselves taking our food supplies and preparing for war Betty told us that he believes this city to be thousand strong and ready to move into night veil ready to
take arms against the upper world as they problem. We call ass, ready to conquer this heaven and become the righteous owners of our sun soaked, precious land, we assume it takes very little extrapolation to believe that they worship, a God named, till car who demand sacrifice to keep it underground city thriving in the absence of nourishing sunlight, fair assumption, is, they are ruled by a child's king recent Cora coordinated, who is too weak to rein back the generals intent on me, reaching upon us in war, ladies and gentlemen, if care for your community, your town, your night, this, like I do you will arm yourselves
You will rally your neighbors to militia. You will point fingers at those who do not wish to fight and have them around it up into pens. This is no time before the week. We or at a presumptive war with a project did enemy, whom you cannot yet see or even be certain of, but who probably blood thirst, giants if you like to learn more about starting a militia, employee, learn to be a true a man. Again that how you'll know and remember, Bates bail is at war, your careless talk, cost lives no. We are here It seems somebody who was it night was it.
Steve Carlsberg did Steve Carlsberg talk. Maybe a group of good citizens should go, have a chat with Steve and find out what he's been saying and to whom stay by your radios listeners. We will report further as events warrant. More now on the man in the ten jacket, old woman. Josie called to tell us that, her angel friends are saying that the Deer Skin suit case is full of flies the angels would not tell her more
planing that knowing more would jeopardize her eternal soul as well as their own statuses as angels. They did not want to mess with that old woman, Josie added that she thinks the man in the ten jacket is just a salesman of some sort of fly salesmen. She bats wandering from town to town with Paul shoes and the suitcase full of flies? Oh, I just can't stand those fly salesmen. She said ringing my door bell at three. A m wanting to show me samples and asking for glasses of orange milk. The night veiled Daily Journal has announced that despite com, cutting measures and mandatory subscription laws it
spacing a huge budget shortfall this year. We cannot pay our printers or our delivery. Crews said editor Leon Heart in a prepared. Statement whisper, through my mail slot late last night and We have already had to banish of staff into the sand. Wastes of the desert. She went on to explain that this budget fall. Has nothing to do with the report. The lavish birthday party she threw for herself in night veil, stadium, featuring a lazy river maiden, tiredly of champagne and a birthday cake, topped with there thin slices of moon rock, then addendum she tapped in Morse Code on my bathroom window. She said
that the journal is considering all new sources of income, including creek, additional advertising, space and mugging night veil citizens, and that I shouldn't mentioned the whole birthday party thing after all, because She was never even born so high. How could she have had a birthday party? She, spent the rest of the night tapping the phrase birthdays are Fake idea, which actually was upset a relaxing sound, fall asleep to pay it's in parents time once again for our children's fun fact: science corner today we are Ex or common birds and their meanings. An eagle indicates that it
important phone call is impending Sparrow says that you should beware the sea and sell any stocks invested in food based companies, a pigeon, Is that your mother has died or that all is well it's a bit uncertain. A humming bird tells us that the physical Constance of the universe are slowly degrading and may someday shift, invalidating the laws of physics and instantly wiping out the universe, as we know it, while simultaneously creating an entirely new universe in a single transcendent moment of genocide and genesis as well. Parkes well No one knows what hawks me or if they are real. Have you? even seen a hawk of cod I do not know
and has this has been our children spun fact: science corner. And now a word from our sponsors today, this programme has been sponsored by the physical act of gulping for. We're home or just It's been therefore, human beings when they needed an expressive gesture of the throat weather want to indicate nervousness about an upcoming test or appointment. Fear of the faceless old woman who lives secretly in your home or just want to ingest milk faster than with regular swallowing gulping is. Way to go for yet sweating. Never mind shivering sneezing, when youth
physical actions. Think gulping gold, now and receive a complimentary price package, which will be conveniently buried unmarked spot somewhere in the scrub lands, find it ten jacket carrying this just in the sheriff secret police has just issued an important request related to our earlier story. They ask that all night veils citizens be on the lookout for a man in a tan jacket, carrying a deer skin suit case. He is about I've or six foot something. Probably with hair and normal human features,
He was last seen early this morning on the unlit gravel paved stretch of oak trail, near Larry, Leroy House, out on the edge of town. The man in the TAN jacket was reportedly seen, indeed moonless black standing next to a refrigerator engulfed in flames. He was smoking. A cigarette witnessed, claimed he stared at them as they slowly drove by on the darkened country road. But despite the prolonged eye, contact the witness is still. Could describe his face to police, do ace? Prior the man in the ten jacket was seen standing in a park,
no one couldn't remember which park, but there are fairly certain. It was a park or maybe it was in the old Navy outlets store or near the invisible clock tower. It wasn't quite clear: either way the man was definitely standing with his deerskin suit case and staring up at the sun for hours. He followed the bizarre glowing orb, which is somehow the source of all light and life, and, oh god, the sun. Are you kidding us with this thing? We don't even have time for that mystery. The secret police then interjected
secret police officials added that if you see a man in a tan jacket carrying a deerskin suit case right down, what you see immediately, the city Council has temporarily lifted their ban on pens and pencils so that citizens can help law enforcement on this matter. Once you write down your encounter call. Nine one one immediately or simply say: hey police out loud, all being monitored, almost twenty four seven, so they'll! Probably here you just fine Let's go now to traffic, there is a car, it's not in nice, veil or even in the desert that cradles our little town. It's out some.
Where, beyond that, there are many. Cars there, but I'm It only about one blue, whose square inch with tyres and windows and an engine that works most of the time, a woman his driving it. And she is also glancing whenever she can at the child in the passenger seat. He is a child, but he is fifteen you understand she Glancing at him, but she is not saying anything, and he not saying anything either she wants to cry or she wants to push him out of the car or she to go back in time and insist on using a condom only She would never do that. She didn't change any of this really not for all the money piles
of money, some of it defunct money from defunct and absent governments. She wouldn't give any of this back. So she drives her car blue squares with irish and windows, engine that works most of the time. And she glances at the fifteen year old child and neither of them speaks. This has been traffic and now the weather Anna
ladies and gentlemen during the break.
I received a call from some one claiming to be an angel. Now don't know. If this was a pie, or not as no one has ever actually proven that they ve talked to HU an angel. Even old woman, Joseph Word is just that her word but listeners. I think This had to have been an angel because my face became hot, and the voice, and every part of my body and tears called blowing down my face, the instant I touched, the phone receiver and the whole oh room, was lit up in well. How Can I described this a bright black aim illuminating every atomic detail?
the angel, if that, Indeed, who called the the angel said that the man in the ten jacket with the deerskin suit case was from. A place underneath the earth. Underneath our knowledge of them, world right below our feet. I ask for more The angel- if that is indeed who called whispered only a flower in the desert, and it filled me with ecstasy and the red- then the call ended and the black ray of truth was gone, and I was breathless And alone
dear listeners, the silence, while it is, unlike any silence. You have ever not heard. So our mystery man remains unfound and I still, not sure why an angel would have to use a telephone but for now. We can only know what we know and is that we don't know Thank you again for listening listeners. I look forward to another fine year, a new year well spent with all of you, there. Stay to next fort commercial of hours veil
Sharp good night night veil be alert And write down everything you cannot comprehend until next time. Let them tonight veil is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph thing: the Voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin, original music by disposition olive it can be found at dispersion, dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was invocation of the Duke by Doktor Carr, hip hop orchestra, find out more at Myspace DOT, Homs lashed ha ha ha
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and me symphony- Sanders part, castor and friend, with benefits. We are happy to tell you about our show good morning night veil, it's your hip to recent trends like drool cardy being collusion, then you, like, we have already started listening to our official. Welcome to my bill. We capture, I read about jewel in the new Yorker. Why was on the toilet? Ironically, episodes feature interviews with the cats and creators plus listener theories. Questions at my exact wishes for disposal of my body when I die, if you haven't listened yet, we understand we also have stuff going on to you know. We are also very busy busy making a pike ass for you about a podcast. You love just know that we're here for you, when every already in your podcast them and in your hearts, forever yours and found them and friendship of every kind. Latvia.
Jeweller Julie, I don't know, I think, maybe it would be on the toilet right now. X.
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