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145 - The Veterans

2019-04-01 | 🔗

Some veterans return home from the Blood Space War, and enemies have followed.

The voice of John Peters is Mark Gagliardi.

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Fake it till you make it MIKE it till you like it book it till you. Look it welcome to night fail more soldiers of the blood space war have returned home to night veil. Another draft landed in the corn field of John Peters. You know the farmer being of astonishing structure emerged alongside for human figures in space suits the astronauts removed their helmets revealed. They are nightfall residents, James Peters, you know, the brother of John Peters, you know the farmer twin drew and then Kristensen and joy
Your play these veterans of the interstellar conflict were welcomed by the citizens of night, fell with hugs a brass band and delay Unsold big goods left over from last month's pity bake sale to support the blood space war. The returning soldiers thanked the gathering, but warned fail of the bologna and armies of STAR System, Lakota, nine, three five too, who are encroaching at this month. Upon her own galaxy admiral junior blade of these sixty third mounted cavalry said the polonius are worthless killers they three times the size of humans, with hundreds of sharp teeth up and down there, many boundless limbs They have only one- I would really messes up their depth. Perception play said, but that I can also shoot out lasers, so it sort of six the one way, half dozen the other, the crowd
did not hear most of what the veterans had to say, as they were mesmerized by the beings of astonishing structure standing atop, the lending ramp up their disk shaped craft, oh those sergeant Dan Christians and said there are allies there from the battle station Wolfgang. They have no planet as it was destroyed, millennia go by the pollutants, the crowd pointed shouted interlopers of astonishing structure at the beings, but lieutenant drew Christians and said have no oral or written language. They not understand. Your noises drew then did a kind of bee boy pop. In luck, danced move and the beings of astonishing structure replied with the Baltic Prance before entering their ship and departing they said thanks, but this place is weird drew MRS Jensen interpreted what the crowd Dan
Andrew Kristensen were born in night veil in nineteen twelve. They tax accountants. They had wives and children they donated to the old Knight Veil Opera House and were avid sports fans They even started the first ever semi pro Sand hockey league and passed away in ninety. Ninety four of liver cancer Andrew passed away weeks later of a heart attack. They were so by their wives, children. Children upon returning tonight build this week. These one hundred and seven year old men looked to be, Thirdly, twenties the cushions and twins have attempted to reunite with their families, but they were recognisable to their grandchildren, who are now middle aged and when Dan Andrew tried to apply for jobs, they were declined on account of an antiquated law that makes it illegal to hire the dead
junior play a fifty year old man said was born in twenty twenty two to Oliver and Linda Blade of old town night veil. The blame family was contacted about this and said they had not plan to ever have children so Junior will likely have been an accident or a dramatic change of heart was wounded in his first combat assignment and returned home for treatment. He suffered third degree burns across his abdomen and arms and needs a skin graft, but the veil. Visa has to wait on approve or for the red may severe to clear his procedure, which could take weeks peters- was honourably discharge from service and was heavily decorated with chevrons and metals, but his sagged with exhaustion and history. His brother John, was the first to greet him, but Jim not match his brothers tearful enthusiasm. Jim heads
In too much experienced too much to ever feel normal again. In light of the physical financial and spiritual crush on these men. The city council announced that it would pay a giant american flag, atop city hall, play: John, Philip, Zeus's famous patriotic March boat: yellow all hours of the day over a loudspeaker, The whole town cheered proudly for them were truly taking care of our vets. Let's have a look at sports, the nightmare I school wheelchair basketball team captain by Junior Point Guard Janis Palmer one there's some final game last night against Cactus Park high school. Seventy two to fifty eight votes Quinn Boom and lead. The team would twenty points and also had eight rebounds Antin assists The scorpions fell behind by sixteen points in the first half, but really found their inspiration at half time. Coach
talk about Mcfee, told his team not to get down of themselves because it's impossible to make every single shot. You just If they have fun mcfee then took out an acoustic, guitar and saying the following original song. Physics is silence, made up numbers, We can only make pass the palm. But when it leaves free, because you never know what they're gonna do physics of paid birds, so we can open, may kill it wow. We can only make joy and pass a bow like fools.
The team relinquish the illusion of control and dominated the second half offensively Europeans face pine cliff this Saturday afternoon in the district tournament. Fine also lets I'll get out there and support our team really. For the ball to go into the that The other thing that the ball is supposed to go into and this has been sports scene. Strategic adviser, Jamieson Archibald at the intergalactic military headquarters, speak from an inflatable raft, atop an infinity pool filled with Remy Martin black Pearl Cognac said He and his top strategists in the intergalactic military headquarters. Still have no idea what the boy, Space war is about but their glad to learn that the polonium armies are approaching.
We ve got all this money piling up for the war and were getting bored with hosting Lamborghini demolition. Derby is Archibald said, the government keep sending us cash number like ok, yeah, but legal waterways? Does that do and the feds are like. I don't care, start a war or something but Unfortunately, the government allotment foreign interstellar war, was wiped out on a fee, investment in a tech start up. That was pitched them as the number of Netflix of Facebook by a seven year old wearing a suit. So the end Galactic military headquarters was forced to ask for contributions. Hence the pity big sales. Additionally, the sheriffs secret police were able to provide several armoured. Combat vehicles too, tons of enriched uranium and a satellite activated missile launching system, all of which had been donated to the secret police by the. U S: Army,
sheriff SAM said they had wanted to keep all hi tech gear, but using a nuclear submarine to stop night bill citizens who were fishing without a license created. What Sheriff SAM referred to as less then satisfactory optics Archibald said he was appreciative of the secret police is charity, but he just received word that the Bologna and ships are already within the outer limits of our solar system. So Sure there's much left to do really he then took out a roll of one hundred dollar bills from his shirt pocket and ate it like Snickers BAR an update on the high school basketball tournament. The city council announced that there will be a parade for the team win or lose next Tuesday evening. The parade
a feature giant floats in the shapes of famous basketball players such as Oscar Robertson, Larry, bird and little thou. There will also be a celebrity appearance by Lee Marvin, who will be celebrating his thirty of birthday on Tuesday all happy birthday, Mister Marvin, the City council, expressed civic pride in this talented team of young athletes and enjoined all of night fail to come out in celebration of sportsmanship, regardless of the outcome of the championship game. Of course, the single bodied entity of the City Council said with uncharacteristic mirth. We think our team will win the city councils many faces than winked in unison. Also, these city council added, if you look up in the sky, you'll, see that a large chunk of the moon, just exploded and the earth is surrounded by enemy spacecraft, but there's not much. We can do about that. So
just cheer honour basketball team. The city council then held up there. Many fists and squealed J D as pieces of the moon, began to thunder down around us. Let's go now to today's weather today? got to square since you want to know mass
It was so many things it's just words
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Skype, yeah son, better. So he's gone,
do No, I guess says me just try and do something with ways.
Yes,. I have just received an email from Harrison. Kip archaeology, professor at night, fell community college. Kip told me that, while on a dig in nineteen nine, these three: he and his team of researchers found remnants of several spacecraft buried deep in Central Nevada. Kip studying fossilize remains to determine eating habits of early north american inhabitants, but what he found worse, through triangular titanium vessels, each roughly the size and shape of a burger king, he tried to check, is no from that excursion. But those pages had been torn out of his journal. Despite this is positive,
She can see above our earth are identical to the once he found crashed in the desert twenty five years ago inside ships were creatures, the size of hippos, with long dangling limbs covered in sharp teeth Kippur. Calling the college as for more funding for this research, but before he could do anything, a black van drove up to the dig site and several men wearing business suits that were patterned in desert, camouflage got out, they rested Kip and assistance and had them reprogrammed Kip. Said the reprogramming was successful until today, when he heard my news reports about the polonius This memory suddenly returned him and now he believes he knows exactly what has happened in the blood space war and how we will end it he's the type of his notes, while they're still fresh in his mind them over. To me. I said this is so very exciting science,
David the day once again APOLLO be mail from Harrison it sets. Cecil disregard whatever I said earlier, I dont even remember what it was. Some as I didn't know, shut up and put a metal helmet on me. There were a bunch of wires and knobs and let's coming out of it, and I felt so peaceful uncomfortable like when you're eating, belgian waffles with ice cream while binge watching Terrace house anyway. I don't remember what I sent you earlier and since only in terms of the deleted, so whatever it was, it couldn't have been that important sincerely Harrison. No, no. This is terrible. I'm going to Forward Harrison's first email back to him to see if it read jogs his memory. We've got to learn exactly what hello hello there, listeners there are some men entering my studio there waiting
Business suits made from a desert camouflaged pattern fabric coochie, I love it. Putting this crazy had army and it has a bunch of like two wires angle, indict they'll. Listen to this interview I recorded earlier today. Would, John Peters, you know the farmer these boys are here trying to get me the ready for fashion week. I think. Jim came home this week and ass real happy happier, Nepal, extortion and his own tv show Bout pig detectives. The pig murders. My brother taught me play for always boys the ball and say Johnny move your hands together, like salad tongs when the bog, it's near, you that's called catch. I tried so hard to catch a ball never could we have Fun Jim job me. So much and he took care of me run off the bullet school by me. So
reports in Cainy Keynes from this man who live in the trunk of broken down. Fifty six chevy an alley hung the post office I'm almost sixty years old, my brother left for the war back when I was fifteen chain and see him again I do see his face add for so long. He ain't change, one bit he later is the same ages. When he laughed too two years old, but he's not the same Jim. He don't want to throw the ball, or go looking for discount cat, sodas, candy and weird alleys, now look sad the body strong but his mind seemed so weak some crime yet Dana told him what our pop always said to his Jim boys. Don't cry not without talking to the feelings with someone else.
So I put my arm around young Jim. I must look like a granddad me so owed him so young, but our memories of each other were the same age. In crowd into my shirt and said Johnny. I've been in that war for darn near a hundred years as a lot of space travel not allowed a fighting, but when there is fought midst, gruesome Jim said he didn't want to see no more war but The danish last battle. He risked his life to disarm a bomb that would have killed ten of his fellow soldiers, and one of them was the general the general hasn't planned for a ceasefire. Jim said, the general has a plan for peace, but I think the general needs me Johnny. I said Jimbo. You, but I knew that I've been without him for forty years, while this general was with them for nearly a hundred new aspect. Jim myself
Jim hug my neck and kiss my cheek. He done the space suit I don't know the corn field and disappeared. I think my brothers is save us all. It's a sad story, It's also happy like a go. And a piano stories, carry lots of different emotions. All at once. All right listeners, I'm back I remember what I was talking about. No, I got this really cool hat, but City Council announced that these spaceships that were surrounding our planet are gone, but they deeply unnerved by the fact that the ships did not retreat. They said disappeared. City council been added that the moon is still broken, but honestly They see this as a crime it's. A tuna tee
buy a new one. Don't Forget to come to the Basketball Championship parade on Tuesday stay too. Next for simultaneous panic and relief as you realize, all you may lose or goin good night night veil good night welcome. Tonight. Veil is the production of light. They'll presents this episode was written by Joseph Think and Jeffrey, and produced by disposition the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin, the voice. John Peters. You know the farmer was Mark gag. We already original music by this Russian Oliver can be found at desperation, dot info or at disposition, dot, vandam dot com. This episodes, whether was no good day by windows to sky, find
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