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147 - The Protester

2019-05-01 | 🔗

The Blood Space War is not without its detractors.

The voice of Basimah was Aliee Chan. Weather: “Shake” by Wednesday’s Wolves https://www.wednesdayswolves.com

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Veil, Geronimo are frantically trying to determine why a chunk of the moon is missing. Ragged and greedy, like a slice removed from a pie by hungry hands, rather than a civilised, serving utensil. The guy The moon has been baffling professional sky gazers for weeks. Fun fact no, a group of astronomers is called a commotion, astronomers believe the moon could be eroding because people are not believing at it like ancient Roman, polytheism, others set the arise that the moon was damaged by me. Ships in the ongoing blood space war, but
People on the internet have countered that this is part of the Mandela effect and that a piece of the moon has always been missing and we are collectively miss remembering, like Hell was beloved. Picturebook bears that we all remember as the baron steam bears have. I all physical evidence, always act we ve been spelled the door. Pound boys, boys with a z, because of the twenty sixteen city ordinance that proclaimed that anything can be true if you say loud enough astronomy, We are forced to consider all sides. I don't know any astronomers, but I do know a scientist my husband, Carlos, has been the leading scientific minded night bail since we started dating almost six years ago, Karla, says that he has
and studying and interesting meteorite. He found out in the sand, wastes and scrubbed lands beyond night fail. He believes this particular rock is a piece of the moon standing before a giant wall, blinking lights, flickering, screens and intermittent beats Carlos determined that this piece of the moon broke off only one month ago, but it's impossible, because no one can remember seeing the moon breaking apart in the sky. Well, Maybe we were all asleep when it happened. I too Carlos his eye dab away, a small crumb from a cheese danish that had gotten stuck in his beard. Fun fact: cars screw up a gear, and They have never liked beards on men, but now I do it's gotten to the inn. Silver racing strikes down the chin and the hair
soft, we ve been there. We'd over two years and every day more and love outright? The man you can't always demand Carlos has been studying and unusual number of empty homes and businesses about town. He noticed that the house's on either side of us are completely empty. But he didn't remember them being emptied before he wrote. Members us having neighbours, but he couldn't name a single thing about them. He believes This might be related to the damage move. Whatever happened a month ago to the moon immediately caused us all to forget it, because some in our time line changed Carlo said. Perhaps We are not forgetting people and events. Perhaps they never existed at all his eyes,
cloudy with pensive thought, and I touched is very cheap- can said you'll see the sign. I know you will he smiled and asked if I'd be willing to reach out to archaeology. Professor Harrison Kip again call had been communicating with kip about this very issue, but now email Harrison keep bouncing back and is phone number is no longer in the phone companies database importing numbers. I live often said curlews, I dont oh, who Harrison Kip, is Carlos, look worried and said that he the council seeing the crowd of about a hundred and fifty people gathered round the front entrance of their bill. Protesters have organised a city in in front of city hall, demanding an end to the blood space war. The city council, seeing the crowd of about a hundred and fifty people gathered round the front entrance of their building took immediate action.
They announced they would be taking a long planned family vacation to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Until this whole protest thing runs its course. We don't believe South Dakota actually exists the single the Multi Voice Council said when you look at a map. It seems like it exists like it's just right there when you look at it and it's between two other identical state. So it would more sense for it to be there, the not anyway this like a great time to take the kids to seem out Rushmore as the the council said this. Several small child, like heads, emerged from this the council's singular body? And screamed in happy unison or terrified unison it's hard to get an emotional reading on screens.
The organiser of the protest. Is twenty year old Knight failed community college student but seem a other lieutenant Fakir Bashar of returned home from the blood space war three years ago, Bessie greeted her fathers returned with joy, but that Boy has since been replaced by confusion and pain. Let's hear Beseemeth story in her own words: time no longer works correctly. For my father, We spend time, does not work correctly for many people and night fell, but it has always worked correctly for him before the war in December. Twenty fifteen. He returned home after eleven years of serving our city or country our planet in a war that still makes knows to me it was six when he volunteered for service he thirty,
eleven years later when he returned home, I was seventeen. My father was nineteen he did not remember joining in the war, nor having a daughter nor meeting his wife. He is a teenager like I what and no longer Emma teenager, but my father still is. He has stayed now. Ten years old? Time no longer works correctly for him my mother, to hear a raised me. Expressed reticence about the band. I started the music we played grounded me my migrate slipped and shouted at me. When I told her, I had a girlfriend She came to love, Marina and more. My mother came to understand us both as people as women. Not as rivers to be damned are levied. My father
Return has been especially hard on her because she is forty five and her husband Is a nineteen year old? Stranger, you proud, We know what it's like to have a father have a man much older than you who changed your diapers or watched your diapers being changed? Who tat Edith Baker Right, a bike who helped you develop as a human, from an animal from a larva from the simplest squirming wad of meat into an adult. That father will always be a father. Not a friend, not an equal father You probably do not know what it's like to see your father at your age, to talk with your father when he is also barely an adult to have
father, lonely and inquisitive. Think of you as his only friend in the world. While you look to him for guidance and love, but he is incapable of both at least not in the way you need to be guided and loved. It too. Two years for a secure to open up about the war ended still makes no sense to him. Nor me, the blood space requires constant shifts through time through worm holes to change lost battles into one battles to undo what has already been undone thousands millions of times over the future does not look like a blank page. It looks like a tattered sheet of paper. Grade and frayed from countless transcriptions month, polonius of history. Battles are one and then undone through time travel.
We lose our lives and then regained them by travelling backwards and fighting again. We are winning the war by perpetuating the war MT the bologna and attacked our earth. I m sure of it. The The evidence is are broken moon I believe the general undid. This attack with time travel, and this has changed our reality changed who born, who ever If, in the first place, people are disappearing because they will have never existed. People think were crazy for protesting I am twenty and my father is still nineteen- I'm not crazy other two Hiera is now. Crazy. We are angry
our next protesters, scheduled this afternoon at the corner of Earl and Somerset by the dock, perk near the roofs. Not sure what the seem overs, referring to that's an empty lot. Either roofs There was word of a dog park. Two, built there many years ago, but. It never materialised. Let's have a look now at local news. Earth Sciences, Professor samoan Brigadier, when notes today that she is scrapping all textbooks and lesson plans at the community college in favour of organised prayer to God named Hunter car. Several students and parents argued against such an extreme divergence from core curriculum in favour of fringe religious practices, but college Present Sarah Sultan supported her staff member by saying Simone some slack. She doesn't,
when teach classes she's a transient. Then a storage closet inside the earth's sciences building for twenty years, only reason she has the title of professor is because of aunt waded squatters rights laws, Brigadier dawned rabbit furs and an old bicycle frame brought into the vague shape of antlers and begin spray painting the fibonacci sequence on the cars in the college parking lot. All the while singing a valid about Klux the neglected military headquarters release their first quarter. Earnings statement this week. Investors we're displeased to see that each of the board, members of the privately owned space defence contractor, had purchased hundred and twenty five foot guts and innovative franchises but those fears were quickly allayed by the announcement of lay offs of more than five thousand employees.
Prices for the intergalactic military sword to an all time high this afternoon at four hundred and ninety dollars. A share Signor strategic adviser, Jamieson Archibald said the intergalactic military has no. Actual earned income? One Hundred percent of their gross is from venture capital, Archibald said Some investors keep asking how we plan to monetize our military, which is a stupid question. Man I mean look at this protect. Felipe Watch. I buy Its encrusted with ten pounds of diamonds and the watch face was made using an actual piece of the Sistine chapel. We are doing fine. Archibald added that the interval The military is developing an app and description service that allows people to engage in celestial warfare any time they want for only
well, the ninety nine a month or listeners. I heard back from the steamer, and she said I was right. There is no dog park. Of course, I was right. I knew there was a dog part being built in this town. I would have reported it immediately. Carlos and I have a dog. His name is overseen because he is purple in European and all being as adorable and we love him dearly. I mean I wasn't into the idea of having to care for dog, but Carlist strongly urged his case one morning over breakfast when he said I think we should get a dog and twenty minutes later we were leaving the SBA with our adopted that The sea must said she was positive. There was a dog port mixed the roofs, but when she arrived at the corner of rural and Somerset, it was empty lots to beyond. I don't remember for mentioning a rouse before, because I would have corrected her. There's never been a rafts affiliated night fail this
is what perceive I had to say. I got. Let me just insert the tape I used to record her and there we go. If a person never exists, did they do I, if you never knew them, can you miss them? Not father spends most of his days returned basketball with friends he met at the mother. He is ninety years old and trying to escape a decade of inescapable trauma. Room warfare asked him My mother was a group wish my uncle Omar and did not know my parents until my father returned from the war secure? Not Member of my mother. He did not remember his. Courage or my birth, because it has not happened yet in his timeline, asked would have mother doesn't exist at all. What, if the generals time travelling, has
altered our lives so much that my mother was never born and you can never meet her. My father, the teenagers If I never met a woman, I do not now I will not miss her I'll maiden. Other woman. I asked what if I am never born my dad said Bessy. He had his tears and then he hugged me, but it was not the hug of her father and daughter. It was the hug of Sun in mother. He buried his head into my shoulder and soft, repeating Patsy Bessie and comforted his evening. With my palm Father secure. I think I shall no longer exists. I think.
Ok, sorry for the dead air listeners. I was playing a recording of an interview I did with no, I just checked: there's no tape in the player at all. I thought I had been talking with awe Well, I've been talking to baby was my husband, Carlos reporting, on his findings about the damage done to our moon or or maybe it was nothing at all. Well, let us forget that we forgot and go now to the weather,
I can feel you shake. Oh you love song, save you
using owes you like, I never saw a keep it on a needle cheap. I sign and said I said I think I see make hidden cover you sleep, but I saw myself all we do is drinkin talk ass, being saying me cover that day, so that we have.
An update on the blood Space WAR Night Veil John Peter, since his brother has returned home again when he left a month ago. Jane Peters was twenty. Two years old, He is now in the seventies, which is the age. He should be John held his brother tightly crying. Gratitude and relief that his own family could return to some kind of normalcy, Jane at first was heartened to see John again to see him. Home again to learn that he and the general had more to the bologna and attack on our planet, but is tearful smile, drifted slowly downward and the evening Shadow overtaken by night upon James's face. Now was the sudden knowledge that he had made a grave error.
James, looked around night fail, seeing empty lots and homes abandoned buildings and sparse streets. According to James, thousands of people have gone missing from night fail because they never existed we're never moved here in the first place. The general had leaped in time to successfully stop the bologna from ever reaching earth. The change in the timeline cause like fail to change to listeners. This may seem strange, but perhaps there are people who, once new family, you once lived with places you were in all of which are gone and without you, knowing
I've tried hard to think of any memory of any experience or person. I have lost in the last month, but I can think of none. I told James Peters, that perhaps the change and timeline did not matter if no one knew what they had lost. If no one noticed any change, Jane said Cecil. I just don't know I don't know, maybe if we had a scientific Spected on this, we could better understand how this is affecting us as a community, and I said I didn't know any scientists, not personally anyway,.
There's the strange woman who lives in the storage closet at the community college. I suppose we could ask her. The important thing is that We are safe and that another veteran has returned home and it. Another beauty. All day and night veil state to next. Or conspiring to love new relationship advice show which, as a I flung bachelor sounds like something I should check out good night night veil good night, Welcome tonight, valid production of night now presents this episode was written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition the voice of val, is Cecil Baldwin the voice the boss, Emma was Alley Chan, original music,
dispersion. All of it can be found at this, russian dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episode whether is shake by wednesdays, wolves, fine But more at wednesdays, wolves, dotcom comments, questions malice at info it welcome tonight, veil, dot com or followers on twitter at nightfall, radio or tell a horse through darkest secret check out, come to night fell for more information on volumes. Three and four of our illustrated book collections out in just two weeks. Today's proverb, nothing lasts forever is a phrase with two meanings and they're. Both true.
They say you shouldn't meteor heroes and Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to I only listen to the mountain goat. The show where I mean my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life this fog has is going to be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me the myself, as I only listen to the mountain goods, find it wherever you listen. The pot casts, X.
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