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2019-05-15 | 🔗

There is peace in our time.

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greetings for night veil hello. Listeners it's a regular host Leonard Burton welcoming you to yet another beautiful day and night fan There is a sign, of course, need to tell you that there is a son. You know this. Confident that a son is there Its performance is not a predictor of future results. Folks, yet chair, as I say it, There is a son the centre clouds, but there not near are they? millions of miles separate those clouds from that Son
and yet our eyes measure a mere inches of the space between what, Section this human site, air, is Crispin cool a slight morning. Breeze touches us. We feel like cold fingers, playfully caressing our shoulders, our hair, her skin, that which I feel that is. That which I feel That is my only truth. Listeners. Wind is a severity I hope you will join me in closing our eyes and walking naked through the invisibly at irrefutable air, I love your arms warden your jaw and feel the impact of Adam upon Adam upon Adam against your body. This day is beautiful, they say is crisp. This day is true this morning. I nearly died time, always nearly dying. Proximity. Its objective,
This morning I nearly died in the same way. I nearly die every day. After waking I showered after showering. I drink coffee coffee, I had a great fruit and oatmeal after eating. I walked walking. I walk some more a car- and I live two miles from my work. I pretty the court of whole milk and then I can, The tree top a tree branch. I saw crackles nest and I drank my knock. I counted Four eggs, each of them blue each of them. Less abandoned for countless years. I did not finish my because I cannot digest milk I poured the remainder into the nest I climbed down from the tree and walked again I do this every day. It is as the French say, the sun significant young
ass. I approached the radio station a cargo truck driven by a man who was not tall barrel down Mesa Boulevard. I stress one foot outward from my body like so, and here I demonstrate my leg. Extending outward attentive put it on as the french dancers. Fraser My head was turned away from the oncoming traffic because I saw a municipal garbage can on fire. On the fingers and moaning the cargo truck hawked loudly, but it was not as large as the moans from the firelit celestial. Haug loudly, but it was not as large as the moans from the firelit celestial being so I did alter my attention stepped into the roadway like this again like this. That again like this and again several more times till I had crossed the road safely and meat following my final step: the cargo, truck roared pass me not died but I had a vision of my death
no, not a vision. What are you innovation without visuals my vision was every other sense. I heard a dreadful snap. I felt my life accordion beneath my neck, I take blood and asphalt. I smelled the pungent rubber tire against my nose. My vision halted me for what seemed like ours, but it was less than a second. I should have died, not fail. For it was in my vision yet did not the truck haunt again The man in the passenger seat, who was not short, waved his best and cursed me on the back. Wooden crates, load with a white labyrinth upon a black square. I from within, I do not the from within. I am darkness from him across the street, the angels moaned, and I went myself
it is a beautiful day and night veil. How is your morning and other news. There is peace, in our time not fail. We held up Fraid today to celebrate the end, the blood space war on space. War ended many years in the future, and we said great armistice today, time, you see, is not a line, but a tourists which kind of like a donut. You're living within the donut. Where to look out across the hole in the middle, the donut we would see the times that have happened both before and after US presumes we can see time which we cannot. We can only describe visually the shape of things that have no shape here is an incomplete visual description of things that have no shape one
death is a bottomless pool of clear water. To win. This question. Mark three Morality is a service for love. Over full shopping bag with a broken handle. Five, Fear is a cinder block tower with a single door and no windows, I hope them sense to you dearest listeners because it does not to me I'm not a scientist nor a poet I'm a radio house. I merely repeat to you that which I have learned What I have learned time is shaped like a donut. Beyond that, I have no comprehension, Woke up this morning night fail. Then you remember alive, you never had. Did you experience The faint memory of a conversation of smell, of a feeling that What happened? Gmail, who, I believe the French say the French say so much? you. What do they know of peace?
Today I celebrate peace. However, I do it alone. I brought ass, my feelings to no one, I feel is empty diamonds, only citizen, Yet I have a vision of a town full of people those people as a man, a radio and turning Cecil Palmer. Not here, no one is here No one has ever been here as he died. I do not know he simply is no longer here. You do not remember his years. A fine reporting on this very radio station. Because you never heard those reports I did I remember things that never happened have no evidence of any of it, they describe to you the shape of Cecil Palmer. He's a line of leafless miss keep trees. He is a glass factory. He is a golf ball sized Hale he has of.
Ice like distant highway traffic. He loves coffee and handshakes. He wears type clothing and has never once work with modeling play It covers mirrors with cloth and has an irrational fear of glowing lights beneath locked doors in dark hallways. You cannot know any It is because Cecil is my vision, not yours. He is real all the same. He is to be my replacement when I retire but he does not exist. Can ever attire. I am here, permanent host. I can still see his face. I said it four, and I will say it once more: what deception is human site? the parade for the end. The blood space for has begun theirs. One attending because no one lives a nightingale, perhaps reach a day when
No one has ever lived unnecessary- has arrived in town to lead the parade the emissaries, an astronaut loaded, white arms in a mirror for a face? The emissary walked slowly through our empty. The streets, I do not know why a broadcast this to you dear listener, fewer but even here, no one is here except for me and the emissary. The works like a marionette under the wobbly control of a novice puppeteer, and the angel whose mounds songs and whose fingertips are divining rods, there's a two men in the cargo truck or driving far beyond our town and where there are the French for inventing phrase to describe. I don't know what,
parade of absent, floats along empty streets and by a mirror faced marshmallow of a grand Marshall approaches are radio station. I will enjoy getting recidivist devotees up close and describing shit. Son of a shapeless, and now the children's fun fact science corner kids, you know that everyone experiences time differently. Physicist Albert dial. One said there is no business like show business like no business. I know he said this, while starring in any get your gun in London's West end he per the title role. Ten years before Irving Berlin, even wrote the musical. This is because Albert Einstein experienced time differently, but Polly it came to songwriting, he had the complete Jogerfy, above Leonard Cohen, End Kendrick Lamar. Before either were born, perhaps well you and I only hear music after it is written. We experienced
I'm differently in other ways like say our births. Think about your birth. You don't remember it. Do you. This could be because you forgotten it, but how do you forget That's so powerfully impact of you. I would argue that your birth was the most important moment in your life and you have forgotten that I can't believe you're so cavaliers to allow the memory of your entry into this world to dissipate like steam from screaming kettle You do not remember your birth because it has not happened yet. I am sure this scientifically true. It can be The only explanation you experienced time differently one day. You will be boy will experience. Ah in pain and confusion, You have a grudge, the lack of input you were given in this decision. You did not
asked to be born and yet pow bam squish there you are or were. Or will be. Earth isn't overmatch Letty during a flood memories. Chipped bark of cedar tree time. As I do that This has been the children's fund. Fact, science corner the parade has ended the streets, so go crowded with no one hour. Once it and still empty the celebration of peace is ended and another beautiful day comes to a close. The sun, like a shopkeeper with no customers, leads and the radio softly reminds us the shapes of the shapeless? Go? Oh dear,
hold me listeners, the emissary has appeared at my studio without warning tat, even opening a door, And they're sitting in the chair next to me, and slowly rotating revisers, open I'm being forced to stare ineffable darkness within the emissaries helmet seems like a good time for the weather
Have you ever forgotten, where you put your keys certain they were on the mantel, but there are not have you ever missed an appointment, because you were sure it was on Wednesday at noon and not Tuesday at ten Have you ever remember to life? You did not lead. As a carefully call it a series of words ever made you uncertain on confident or on just as an adjective unto itself The emissary arrived from the future from space. Night veil is a vibrant and full city with tens of thousands of people. The emissary said Yet here you are Leonard. Need to be undone night failures, vibrant and full city with tens of thousands of peace. The emissary said: Yet here you are Leonard the only per in night out I nodded to the dark onyx.
The emissaries pay scream How old are you Leonard? The emissary asked I did not know. I still do not know, the emissary revealed to me a newspaper clipping from I'd feel daily Journal Obituary, Section data November nineteen. Eighty three there was a photo of me- In a story about my life, my childhood, my video career, my wife, my children, my death. There was all true and yet I remembered nodded it set for the last part I looked. By a majority photo how I died under cargo. Try We also. May civil of art in anything, looks true. Deception is human site. I said: the emissary lifted, their thick gloved hand to their neck, unlatched snaps and remove their health.
I saw the face of an old woman sunken careful eyes I and the general, gave a said placing her enormous off palm in my hand. I have tried, to save myself my soldiers, my town, my planet through time, travel Every time we lose a battle, returned to before it ever happened and fight it again. I fight each battle over and over. Until we have one Europe, excellent general. I told her. Of course I am she snapped in battle. But each time I interfere in the timeline. I could. It'll, widening ripple of historical changes and now night fail is empty on the verge of never having existed at all this. Must be undone.
Do you understand me Leonard? I nodded yes, to hide the fact that I did not understand damage they to the moon, this piece of the moon was missing. I do not member of the moon was broken. But also I rarely look at the moon at of disdain. Like the moon. Time has broken. She said not fail should be full of people and you should have died long ago Leonard. She added Do you understand I shook my head no to hide the fact that I did understand I am sorry Leonard. She said: if not fearless repaired you, returned to the grave but you have a peace. I argued I have chief peace. She said, and in doing so I have made it
so that no one in this city or this world or Universe ever lived. Small, the moon, when I looked moon, was again hole. I looked back at the general. You touch my shoulder with one hand and with her other, she indicated once more, the moon. When I looked the moon was again hall. I looked back at the general, and she was gone, I hear no a voice, not my own, like distant highway traffic. I do not think I should be alive. Do not know what else to be My a ghost, my god I might add, or whatever it is. I am I reject my end. I embrace my existence even in a world with no one to acknowledge it. I never to die, not fail and still I refuse to do so.
I am a broadcaster. I do not stop broadcasting simply because I do not live, stay to next regret, hatching from long dormant eggs. Anything else. I wished to describe real or not you do not hear me anyway, and until tomorrow see a night fail safe, Welcome tonight have, as the production of night fell presents. This episode was written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition. The voice of Leonard Burton is James or bannock. Original music by dispersion. All of it can be found dispersion, dot info or disposition dot band camp dot com. This episode, Whether is subspace by were key, find out more
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