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151 - The Waterfall

2019-08-01 | 🔗

Josh Crayton finds that he has lost a very important ability.

This episode was co-written with Brie Williams.

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Hey Jeffrey, greater here, no matter what episode your listening to right. Now, I'm talking to you from the present day and I'm here to let you know the tickets are on sale now for night veils. Twenty twenty world tour this to her features in new. Never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite night fell citizens that will never be told on the pot. Gas never was told him the pot guest and requires no previous knowledge of the pod Castro. Even if you are on episode, seven, you will still get the live. Show plus our lives shows bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways. Making this a unique experience that you just can't get from. Listening to the pot cast at home check out, welcome to night veal, dot com, slash life for the full list of cities across North America and Europe. That will be heading two and twenty twenty and get your tickets today. One morning as gushed Creighton was waking up from anxious dreams you discuss. That in bed,
had been changed into a towering gushing. Waterfall welcome to night fail The alarm had been going off for a while, but Josh hadn't heard it now He was going to be linked more upsetting than that bed was soaking, Wet Josh was mortified until he realized that he had changed into the shape of a waterfall at some point during the night. Hush was used to changing shapes. He had been born a shape shifter after all but he rarely changed into something he hadn't intended to never in his sleep and you could always change back easily now no matter how hard he tried he just kept pouring and cascading
splashing over rocks and being super annoyingly loved. Something had gone very wrong. Lately, Josh had been staying in the form of a human teenage boy. He had two like his human shape. At times even thought it was handsome in an understated kind of way. Last night a party was the first time he do. Disabilities in forever, humbly didn't like to use shape, shifting as a party trick, but last night had been different.
He wanted to impress the boy Josh changed into all the shapes the boy requested, including a bunch. He had never thought to try like Mochi ICE cream, primordial jungle, flora, bad idea, a hasty plan and the gear shift knob from a NASH Rambler he'd seen boy in class before, but barely noticed him to be honest. Once they started talking, the boy had become very noticeable. He was laid back yet keenly alert like a hawk. Soft spoken get hilarious, also like a hawk teasing, yet kind like a very attractive
At the end of the night, Josh Route is number on the boys red plastic cup in sharply and walked home smiling, even though it was late and he had to get up early. The next morning to retake is driving test for the fifth time he was eighteen and still without a license. Every time he had taken the test before he got nervous and turned into a shape that was utterly unfit to drive a rhinoceros, a warm hog from an old friend, a bookshelf filled with first additions. Eighty Smith's, oh, I haven't read, swing time yet shot from the DMZ had said plucking the blue cloth of him before failing him for not having eyes with which to check his mirrors,
the alarm sounded again. Josh tried to com is rising panic, but it was difficult to do with the constant roaring of falling water in his ears and his distractingly chill body temperature. He closed his eyes and repeated a mantra. He once heard on a home depot radio add a triple thick roof of natural cedar, shingles a triple thick roof of natural cedar shingles. It always helped feel more ground, but no matter how he felt or what he tried. He was still a waterfall tumbling and plunging and rambling along in picturesque tributaries against his bill. Josh knew he couldn't drive a car in his condition. He probably, couldn't even opened the door handle and if somehow he manage the past the exam the thought
getting his picture taken like this was embarrassing at best. There was nothing he could do but sit in his room and froth. And foam and swirled, and wait by Monday, the situation still hadn't cleared up. Josh wanted to stay home from class, but his mother died and who he still live with made him go. She said that he was obsessing over his looks and that no one would even notice and that he was already nearly failing his history and english courses at did. He want to get put on academic probation his very first year in college, I couldn't argue with this mainly because there were too many different ideas. All smash together, and it was easier to just
do you. She said his friends on campus thought. It was a joke at First Josh, try be casual about it. He told them that he was stuck like this. At the moment they were very understanding, entreated him just the same as always actually started to feel better about the whole thing and that maybe he was silly for having been stressed about it at all. It is first class. However, he was the dean's office for creating a distraction. They went argument and explore that this was a physical condition beyond his control and not some a mature casing pride. He received an apology and was set. To class with an administrative note in case this became a recurring issue, the note to be eliminated and water proofed, which took some time and John missed an important quiz,
in the quad, an engineering student that Josh barely new, ran right through him, one dare from her friends you didn't even make eye contact with them. Just ran away shrieking other squad, roared with laughter the picnic tables, Josh left soon afterwards, not caring. Out flunking, Whatever else he was supposed to care about, you felt, violated and angry I also ashamed of himself These were not sensations. He was used to feeling, and on top of that He has started to grow moss along his ledge, which felt slimy and gross and could not be ignored. His self consciousness and become overwhelming
Josh Sight behind the desert flower bowling Alley drinking a blue sloppy, watching himself dabble all over the hard packs, and he felt relief and being alone and being somewhere that his shape wouldn't have any consequences unless he supposed he stayed there too long and formed a river or something like that. He thought of going way out in the desert and becoming an oasis of might be exciting. He could donate himself as a public service to the thirsty animals and exiled citizens and feral toddlers that roamed the land he could create a grove of green trees and lush plants. A refuge for new life Maybe even new species of life
springing forth from his gushing messy body. He picture to furry lizard with several blinking Nicole denies. He pictured a one legged bird with psychic abilities. He pictured the years melting away, the oasis, growing, a green valley emerging and multiple those new civilization, like form rising around the ebb and flow of its waters, growing from mud huts to cigarettes, to steal towers and eventually again, decaying again to mud huts before disappearing for good and all the while Josh. Be their steadily supplying the life blood of their earthbound existence.
Suddenly his phone vibrated in the crevice of his rocky outcropping, there is text from an unknown number. It read: hey Mochi followed by an emergency of a winking face. Do something later followed, was followed by an a showing the entirety of possible human free time activities. This was obviously sent by the boy from the party. The surge of excitement ignited by these six words was instantly extinguished by heavy wet dread. Josh cringed at the of the boy, seeing him like this and of trying to explain it to him. They did Know each other that well- and it was just too awkward Josh tried to change shape again now with renewed effort here, to see the boy later, and order to do that. He needed to know to be a waterfall. After an hour of intense concentration and no results, his phone
Read it again. This is money, by the way we met at the Party Josh burbled in frustration. He thought of seven taxi could send back, but none of them were the text. He really wanted to send, which was None of them were the text he really wanted to send, which was yeah. I know who moment of staring helplessly at his screen. He this phone on silent and put it back under his outcropping Josh. They behind the bowling alley for a long time, turning and flowing and watching the sunset over the dumpsters. He noticed a thick vapor,
hanging in the sky above him and wondered if he was affecting the weather. The storm is always by even winners. I can't hear you never denied this right.
We tried and retroactively, rather than just a confederate married unsatisfactory, don't ever trying to find out. I can't hear you, I can't hear you again I can always be you're going to block you know. Like you know, I can hear you. I can't hear you it's not worth, he can't hear
He won't hear you if you think the songs about you at your age, MR always right you're not, Mr, I and I know that I'm right, you agree, skip class. The rest of that week he sent went to the movie theater during the day you
nothing was playing, but it was at least dark and empty and quiet There seem to appreciate how Josh inadvertently cleaned away the sticky, soda and popcorn spills from the floor. There them free lifetime passes and encourage him to return, often miss the deadline for an essay which meant that he would probably fail English for real. He ignored calls and texts couldn't stand the thought of being around people that is getting used to his new shape? You just became Coulter letter slimy, ear and more uncomfortable by the day, Finally, on Friday, around five Pm Josh was signed by some friends who were cruising around town bumping, in pairs, all things considered on a sub buffer and looking for mischief they. No doubt to him and pulled over there.
To see him and asked all kinds of questions. Was he sick where You been, there were room, there's going round campus about him. What was the real story? Josh Know how to answer so you just shrugs and bubbled and around their tyres. They were in an old pickup truck that they had just purchased real cheap from John Peters. You know the farmer and plan to take it out driving super fast through descend. Wastes do just want to come to want to, but he gets it ate it. The small cab that would definitely not fit his body, but on an impulse Josh jumped into the truck bed. Ricocheting off the sides in big, embarrassing, splashings, everyone cheer Josh almost
Mild and off they went the wind we passed form and fast he choked with his friends through the window. It suddenly felt like any other care free Friday afternoon after parading run town for a while they pulled into the gas station for snacks Josh waited outside in the truck bed. He was thinking that you would probably go back to class on Monday when a voice called to him Josh
but you just use the voice and it filled him with nervous electricity. I texted you a few times. Are you ghosting me, or did you write down your number wrong? The boys playful forward Miss get Josh to some kind of feeling. I am. I don't know, I'm I'm I'm bad. If checking my texts. Josh mumbles in a non playful, on straightforward way that no one could ever find attractive. The boy named Monte
nodded, still smiling catch it, so ghosting just swallowed it is thrown, would have been dry, except that it was made of utter nice. Waterfall Monti said jumping up on the tailgating, letting clashes missed cool thanks, said Josh wishing the sun would evaporate him immediately. I've been wondering what you would look like as a bread crumbs, said, Monte, word breadcrumbs, scented, sexy the way money said, like maybe from a blueberry skill or something like that. Deliberate Josh, surge down violently at the ground said: Legged bring Monti nodded a little sadly and jumped off the tailgate. Getting the message work. Maybe next time I see around he said, then he was gone. Josh's friends came out of the gas station and they had bought him an ice cream bar the kind with a hard chocolate shell covering vanilla, ice cream with a candy tranche, learn the Middle Josh's, favorite Josh ate it, but tasted nothing just do not go back to class. He said goodbye to his mother and walked campus and then walked past. It then just kept. You didn't have a plan, but after you ve gone into the desert ways he circled back to his way society, though it started. As a back alley blues sloppy dream now presented itself as an actual life plan. He wasn't going to gradually driver's license or be socially functional. Ever again, he might as well. We ate an abundance of life in an otherwise therein wasteland Josh felt self, sacrificing growing upon arriving decision and marched around all day. Looking for the perfect place to set up shop, I d his new life henceforth forever. He found an especially desolate location, considerably standing there for hours, nothing happened, tedious work, Josh decided to do something productive off. He waited like maybe compose a song or write a novel. He harmed for a while, but discovered he wasn't talented, songwriting or humming. So he tried to write a novel and espionage thriller about the college basketball team, but he found he didn't know enough about basketball or spies or how to properly craft suspense fix. He thought maybe he should try writing something more like a story about what had happened in this past week. Davy. He could even write it in third person. He could pretend to be some other narrator altogether. Some random omniscient God voice totally removed from his problem, attic body and try to look at things may be doing. This would help him get a new perspective. That would be useful, but it was worth a try. Anyway. Josh went to work on this project. While the residents spilled wish flooded across the sun, bigger you wrote until he couldn't feel his body any more were long time. He was only where of his words and thoughts is self. Consciousness was finally knocked unconscious. At the end of his story, Josh did feel better, though nothing had changed. Physically he's still didn't know if he would ever regain control over his sheep shifting Tbilisi. He still had all the same problems he did before, but they didn't seem quite is insurmountable as they that was pretty cool plus. He met himself laugh by using words like henceforth and insurmountable. He thought he could get his story read over the air, the local radio station, maybe other people would hear it and understand the situation better to like. Maybe his family would hear it and know that he was doing ok, probably come home soon. There were new animals drinking from his awaits us and he was really just creating a whole lot of mud out here and maybe his english professor would hear it and let him use it as credit for his missing essay and maybe even the boy, but here it maybe if the boy was still interested, they could go to a movie some time, if not touch what.
Only understand, because Josh acted like a kind of a jerk, the last time they saw each other but John, does get free lifetime passes at the theatre. Now be ashamed waste them on just sitting alone at the dark side. Josh Creighton, ok, Josh, happy to help please, till Diane. I said I stay tuned listeners no one knows The future holds sometimes you can do stay to night. They feel goodnight
wasn't tonight fail as production and I tell presents this episode- was written by regions with Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition the voice of night now Cecil Baldwin, original music by desperation, all that can be found at dispersion, dot info or descriptions band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was always right by an reaper, find out more at Youtube: dot, com, slash and reaper. That's a and an arch, be you are comments, questions you know a sad in fell. It welcome tonight we'll Douglas we're followers on twitter at night, no radio or trying to explain policy on a stage with ten other people, and everyone is shouting at once- check our lungs night fell dot com for more information on our luck. Coming live tourist this September and November see them today's proverb all is not lost. Some of it is intentionally.
High above Paris near that Harry top of the Eiffel Tower here in all new adventure featuring this janitor, I can come Stage have petitioned. And this drunken out of control. Diva flattery, you nowhere, except my dressing room, the aubergines Human circus in naughty. Two new year's listen now found tat. The U N Y, see studios a nightmare, presents.
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