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153 - The Heist, Part 1

2019-09-01 | 🔗

There's a bank robbery at the Last Bank of Night Vale.

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I have said many times that science is needed, but sometimes it is also messy, occur those converted one of our guest rooms into a laboratory. So he can spend more time at home and get some needed renovation done on his laboratory, downtown, which seem A great idea until I realized that it's impossible to contain chemical, odors and stay, from getting all over the rest of the house. Not did acid eat through our new Egyptian tiled back splash, but also three dish grew feet and walked outside only too back inside tracking mud, all over my new hand, Woven Switzerland, rug the last straw was when Carlos stained all of his shirt sleeves now, to mention his hands and somehow the court's countertops, a dull green which complete
He threw off my kitchen color palate I told colors, had to stop, but he insisted he had made a major breakthrough in his door. Less fridge invention. Cecil. This is so exciting. He said bouncing up and down like a child who wants a toy or needs to be the problem. Refrigerators is the door in order to put in or take food out. You have to open the door, and it's totally bad because it, let's all the cool air out, raising the the picture of the other food inside I told him: that's not that big of a problem, His face darkened and he said baking- is an exact science Cecil butter, is off by a couple of degrees. Microsoft's are ruined, I understood, but I ask that he find another place to conduct that particular experiment he's turning everything in our home, a dull, green including his own. Skin fortunate
my sister Abbey and her husband see Carlsberg. Bought a new house ever since is promotion to vice president of the last bank of night Veil steed, has been saving up to buy a larger home for his family, but one way a yard for dogs. No stairs and wider doors for his daughter, genesis. Wheelchair even his own man, cave where you can raise bats. Cultivate rare crystals and they find where you can raise bats and cultivate rare crystals, they bought JANUS a car to complete with accessible hand, controls a state of the art, sound system and a move that closes automatically at night. So you never have to see that all full moon anyway, there is So a giant empty storage shed out back of their new home Steve and Abbe told Carlos. He could work in the shed until his laboratory downtown is ready to use again so
or it sounds like everything is working out. Fine for Carlos, although he did. Accidentally leave a large green handprint on Genesis, new car, The good news is she thought look really cool, so she decided to leave it. I'm getting word that there's a robbery taking place in downtown night veil. Three, People have entered the last bank of night fail and are demanding money from the tellers the robbers are worrying mass of former. U S President's Richard Nixon, William Henry Harrison and Emma Goldman the sheriffs, secret police, as well as the sheriffs overt police, are on the scene. Perpetrators have begun to take hostages and the police are trying to negotiate the robbers have not stated any demands yet so the police are left to guess what they want. One officer suggested giving them a million dollars which was round the accepted by the fellow officers as a great idea, because
while human lives cannot be distilled down to a monetary value. A million dollars is pretty cool this idea was shot down by Sheriff SAM who pointed out that the department does not have a million dollars. What have we got a puppy. Another officer offered up my does it just tidy litter and I thought we be able to sell them, but it's Leah buyers. Market are therefore hounds the officer continued anywhere, Braun one with white spots and two white ones with brown spots. I've need chutney, footstool and Bob ROS footstool is the runt. Let's give the robbers footstool we're not giving puppies sheriffs shouted through what about an Applebee's gift card? Another officer said worth a million dollars or a coupon book for free favours. Another said like repainting, the guest room or waking leaves or a wait where the police right.
Three climb day day. They could use that coupon today and we, have to arrest them and file, or the people work and the hostages get to go free. We could eat have a Cuban for a fifteen minute back rob All of the officers clapped for this idea, just a win win, but a win win win for the hostages, the robbers and the police. All links. Sheriff SAM, who silence them all with a loud whistle, more like it and flute. Really. It's an enchanted with all that causes vocal courts to stop working. We are police, the sheriff scolded. It is clearly stated in our oath of office to never give back rubs to bank robbers. They ve been set to work, trying to devise a plan to stop the robbery and free the hostages in the bank. Odin, listers. I was just Looking about my brother in LAW, Steve and here comes terrible news
if no further information about Steve's condition right now, nor the other citizens who are being held at gunpoint inside the bank. I will of the EU as a whole, progress. In the meantime, let's go to sports than I High school scorpions opened their season this Friday against the whispering forest. Would dogs scorpion head coach the trees. Beaumont said this will be a tough match up. The wood dogs team entirely comprised of trees are roundly regarded as one of the toughest defences in the state with their tactic of whispering. Compliments to opposing players until those players themselves turn into trees.
Last season whispering forest Del tonight veiled. It's only loss as nine of the scorpions starting events of players, including Porter Back Junius Duncan, were won over by the wood dogs, pleasant cooing. By the end of the game, the field was covered in trees. Many of them are former night bill, high school student athletes and whispering forest snuck out with a three to nothing win on the late field, gold that was somehow kicked by a tree coachman once said she plans to give her players earplugs to help dampen the whispers from the wood dogs, defence. She also has ugly up these scorpions uniforms. Adding mustard, yellow and hot pink argyle atop the dark, purple jerseys, hoping The boreal defenders will find little good to say: Europeans are starting a new quarterback, the season sovereign. Vietnam, Julie, Dobbs, who won the job because of her prophetic dreams,
her slumbering subconscious is able to see the future. Notably other teens defensive strategies She also uses her dream journals to develop a nearly unstoppable offensive game plan. She so Owens her own football, which was a huge plus for the coaches, this weekend, scorpions where? pulling for you? have the names of the hostages being held at the last bank of night fail. Jesse big meal, a security guard who has worked at the bank for nearly fifty years old Jesse. What a sweet, old man He says high to me every time I go, there always has a smile and a compliment. My just Other day said to me, I heard you the radio Cecil and I was beaming with pride, another hostage bank, teller, Genevieve Daily, who started the bank this week, who JANET you put a tough break just now, there were pulling for. You think
customer and local dinosaur expert, Joel Iceberg, o Joel, I know Joe. He such as I am the last of the hostages stuff. Supervisor of the bank's Susan Wilmot. Ok, wealth tough Unfortunately, after several gruelling minutes, negotiations between the sheriff and the robbers have broken down. The police have decided that the only way to break the stalemate is with us. Go force, while this makes sense in chess. I dont know if this is such a good idea for hostage negotiations prisoners, but the police of advanced into the building to engage the thieves directly with this reported hearing several gunshots, but they, the noises could also be fireworks part of the day, long celebration of Lee moments: thirty first birthday, which was back in June, happy Birthday, Mister Marvin, you D today, over thirty, we not see inside the bank and no one has emerged yet. I will have to report
back later. As soon as I have no wait, wait I'm being told that the bank is on fire. Now the West Wall of the bank is engulfed in flames and the Naval Fire Department is already on the scene. They are shouting at the fire to stop being such a nuisance, but the virus not appear to be listening this Good and evil more frightening. For me, I did not see Steve Carlsberg name on the list of hostages, Beetle He was at work today, but Why was he not taken hostage economic hope he had gone to lunch with the robbery began state. If you hear this and you're at lunch, don't go. To work it's on fire, if you'll soup, wireless- all I can do this hope and bring you the weather.
But I can't I just wanna were wasted, but I don't know why I just wanna drink side,
Bank Landsmen just below things tat way.
Fascinating. First, the Good NEWS the hostages have been freed in the bank. The police drew their weapons on the robbers, but could not get off a clean shot because of the hostages blocking their line of fire. The robbers fired back, forcing the police to retreat behind a coin star machine and a full size. Promotional cardboard cut out features. The wounded man, jagged smiled just barely visible in shadow holding a raw slab of red meat with bold ex below him reading great more its rates are inside of you but second wave of officers blocked the thieves escape from the front entrance. Then
and serves them, did not see how this happened, but Fire began in the bank lobby. It spread quickly and the room filled with smoke in the confusion. The hostages broke free from their captors and the Arbours ran from the police, fire engines sprayed water and broadcasting loud admonishment at the fire to knock it off. Already Susan Joel, Genevieve and Jesse ran out into the street, covering their faces. Talking on the black air, Jesse emerged his seventy five year. Old body was not backwards by one of the fire engines. Hoses Jesse was soaked head to foot the fire fighters apologize, but to see me the brush himself off and then generously complemented their work. By saying, I see you're fighting afire what a gentleman The three perpetrators of the bank robbery also fled through the front of the building, but the police could halted and arrested them
as the fire. Finally subsided amidst the day Charred masonry and broken glass came in figure stood Osberg emerged from the bank. Sweating Bing but safe and an ambulance arrived to take the survivors of the hospital, but they all declined, accept Steve who had a broken foot and gladly took the M tease up on their offer. The bank robbers were transported to the abandoned mine shaft outside of town for questioning its open and shut case. The bad people lose and the good people win every single person, even the people who own Applebee's is good. I had no one had to purchase a one million dollar Applebee's gift card, My brother in law is safe, as our his employees and customers. No one died and not a single dollar was taken from the bank registers at the front counter nor the It comes nor the COIN Star,
even the fire, didn't damage those bills that was good news. The bad news. As the police did a final sweep of the bank searching for Anyone else inside whether they, because some are criminals they were the bank's vault in the back of the building before here left for the hospital, the police as Steve, Carlsberg to open the vault for them we're sure everything's fine. They said it's understand. In a bank robbery. They said, I understand Steve said he opened the alt they looked inside and they saw nothing. Millions of dollars in bills and gold were gone Sheriff SAM, said, there's a conspiracy here and they're going to really put the screws to the people they arrested. No each be until they explain where the money from the vault is the sheriff declared and that's a big deal because Nike Ladies Sketch show just premier last month and is crazy good. The share
said they have no clues yet as to where the money in the vault went, but they did discovered. The robbers names are Richard, William and Emma which is interesting, because those are the names of the president's whose masks they wore. I dont think That's a coincidence. The sheriffs, Confidently. The bank lost a great deal of money today, and some innocent people lost their sense of comfort, but we are all still alive. He's those in this story are, and I'm so happy to know my brother in law is safe. Our Jesse and Jewel and Genevieve, whom I never even met, those specific people are ok as well as anyone else who was taken hostage today, stay to next for an uneducated recording from two years ago of you talking to kitten
you sound ridiculous, good night night Veil Goodnight
welcome tonight veils and production of night Bell presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin original music by disposition, all that can be found at dispersion, dot info or at dispersion dot band camp dot com. This episodes why there was my friend by Dominique Chantelle Worthing, with Barrett Ward, find out more at sound cloud dot com, Slash Dominique Worthing comments, questions Emma sat in fell at welcome tonight, veil, dot com or followers on twitter at night fell radio or say something uplifting to your pet check. Out. Welcome to night fell dot com for more information about our upcoming life tourist this month and November, and the first ever live performance of our sister podcast start with this in Boston this October. Today's proverb Dunkel, writing metaphors. Please stick to the similes and literal descriptions that you use to my friends, my family, my cradle
I believe there is an expectation on one has living in comparative isolation, to be seduced by worldliness one, given the opportunity to see a life. That has been denied you or that you have Nine yourself and deem it than the life you have. I find the opposite is true, I have never been more convinced of the importance of our work within the cradle family. My friends truly is everything think of your children. Think of the indescribable joy for the first time you have them, then unshakeable Aren't you share with them? Think of the trust you children having you the way they run. You when they're afraid the time need joys and sorrows they share with you think of the terrible b hiding in the forest. The wish to take them from you, not serpents.
In lakes or whispering figures behind a trees, but he uniformed sent most of the new society they do not want us to be free, I do not want this to squirm from their grip You have been inside their institutions seen their ways and they will not stop until they have devoured us swallow our children, the woods and had MIKE dark a shadows- can hide hungry predators before. Great reckoning family, This race children through today having communities in tribes, and the nations of shared ideas giving themselves for each other We nourished the land and it nourished us. We fed our babies and ass. We grew old, they fed us, we
protected our neighbours and they protected us, this has all been lost in most of the world. It is our duty and privilege to preserve it to preserve family. There will come a time when the world realises its mistake, and we will be ready for that time. Their will a time when we are called upon to be a beacon, and we will be ready for that. I will do my part to keep a safe and only one woman, one mother, one of this fruitful tree everything you have entered a cradle into our community, for we must and we will survive. For the future happiness of the world. We must flourish, so we can show the society the way when art
counts. The millennium is upon us and we, would be the first to greeted it. Thank you for listening to our twenty nineteen trailer episodes, one into of within the wires season for the cradle debut on Tuesday September, tent with new episodes every two weeks three December thirty first within the wires, is written by Geoffrey, greener and Janina Matthewson and performed this season by Mona Grana, with original music by Mary Airport find more of marries music at Mary airport dot com within the wires is a production of night fell, presents and special thanks. This
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