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158 - The Battle for Time

2019-11-15 | 🔗

There may have been a few consequences from our attempt to live forever. Oops.

The voice of Kasper Rhodes is Rob Neill.

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Hey so next year we are bringing our brand new life show from the town of might fail to the world, our twenty twenty world to or will feature in new, never before heard story featuring Cecil and your favorite Nightingale citizens and tickets go on sale next Friday November. Twenty second, this story will never. We told on the pod cast never has been told on the pod cast, plus it will bring the audience into the story in some surprising and thrilling ways like we always do with our life shows. This is a unique experience. You can't get from listening to the pod cast at home and you can bring peace. I've never heard the podcast. It doesn't require knowledge of night failed to enjoy the show so check out. Welcome too, Bilbil com, slash, live for the full list of cities across North America and Europe that will be going to in twenty twenty ten dollar members can get pre sell tickets starting November eighteenth details on how to join are on our side.
Everyone else get your tickets on November. Twenty second at welcomed night fell dot com, slash live. We cannot wait to see you and now cheer up a sort o and hey thanks for a future you, the future, needs you future will have you whether you like it or not. Well to night, fell, you have here hello, theirs talk generally and in particular about the future, everyone's going on about this or that right ships inspires eternal life and a I bought. The future is also soil and leave. It's a hand holding a hand, its clouds and its water and its salt. The future is organic as anything there is
sweat in the future. I am sweating right now, it's hot where I am, and I am Casper roads, president of the court. These cyborg corporation, and I can take you away from all this The aim of the smiling God, the God down at us all grinning through our pain and grinning through our joy. Just always, grinning, just always the smile do any of you believe and anything by do. Believe anything at all. I just believe what a powerful It is to believe to let doubt wig off you just like the sweat. I have a proposition and it also promise I will take your brain and calm, which were you using it anyway, and I will put it in a robot and that robot will do wonderful things. That is my promise and it's also a proposition.
We'll talk more person. I'm on my way I'll see you soon and my own dear and my own dear I come to you in a time of emergency and panic, we thought we could sheet death. Casper roads comes to take our brains and freeze them into the future, where we could be reawakened into life eternal, but it was all a lie. Casper is a time traveller here to collect the brains of the past to power robots of servitude in the future. We will tricked between an eternal life of manual labor and now we know the truth and stand against them.
Unfortunately, he has called him reinforcements from the future and they are those very robots with our brains in sight of them. They cannot fight against their programming and they weep as they crush us, but still they crush us. There are robots patrolling outside of the abandoned green silo and every other spot in town where the Quality Cryogenics Corporation is storing brains. So we cannot save our fellow citizens from the terror of the Future Casper worships God. I thought we had escaped cosmic terror, but it has returned and it has come for our minds like veil. I call for resistance. I call for a stand against the future. I muster the present to destroy every moment that comes after. We will never stop fighting. We will never surrender, oh, but first.
Tickets are going on sale for the Lions Club, charity raffle, all proceeds from the raffle will be going to weapons and barricades to be used against the endless onslaughts of future robots piloted by our own brains. So That's just a great cause, but the prices there's a package were to somewhere called NASH, vile, that's exciting. The package includes a map showing where NASH File is and a piece of paper on which is scrolled. You should probably get a hotel room when you get there everything you need for fun vacation. There are ten free piano lessons from Louis Glasgow. He said The piano is a great way to exercise your mind and your creativity and he promises much fewer injuries. This time around. There's a free hair, cut and style consultation from telling the barber that vile telly
I shouldn't say that Carlos has forgiven Tele for cutting his beautiful hair all those years ago, and so should do lots of things. I should do. I'm sure get to them eventually. In the meantime, though, vile Tele. Finally, there is the grand prize, which is in all expenses paid trip into the bottomless whole betwixt, the dunes that inexplicable dark pit that appeared a few years ago out in the same wastes, we're not sure who donated this prize. It just showed up at the Lions club in a basket that smelled of mud and wet dog, but the winners will have the opportunity. In fact, they will be compelled whether they want to or not to leap into the bottomless whole betwixt, the dunes. This is, all expenses paid,
I'm not sure what expenses there are two jumping into a bottomless whole, but in any case they are covered ruffled tickets, are only five dollars and can be purchased at the lines club or by whispering into any crack in any wall and again proceeds go to saving us from the robot army. So please do by a few lot of talk generally and in particular, about pay oh I'm in pain. Many say: oh, this pain is aware. I've never felt any say many just scream and that's understandable, I'd scream two. If I could, but you can't scream with us smile, that's one of the laws of the smiling God, I believe in laws, then, I believe anything have you ever had rock candidate who even thought up something so useless, these crystalline sugar lumped. What
Is there any of this when candy is the kind of thing that we ass humans, apparently are up to generally also in particular, what I'm talking about is what point is there in Iraq have and what am I go asking is what point is there to you? but I can provide a point for you anyway, when nice, for once and don't we want it to be nice for once, just once before we go I am talking here about purpose, and I have more purpose than I You have less purpose than you want. Let's meet in the middle and there in the middle, I will take your brain. Smiling God, and why not? I do. Like real, we will fight like veil. We will we and the
may be long, but inevitably comes the dawn, especially now that time works correctly. Here. To make a Flynn has gathered her militia who have age to the point where they are no longer teenagers. It was kind of. Oh go friendly teenage militia, but now there the militia which is Cute definitely good to have on our side in this struggle. They are currently tilting the robots with stones but robots, metal frames or impervious to such attacks. This is varying job creator local. Sheep shifter has resumed the form of a waterfall in an attempt to short out the electronics of the robot army. Unfortunately, it appears that their bodies are water, resistant and perhaps even waterproof, and so they are simply walking past him like he isn't there Josh, maybe some other form. Oh ok, ok, Josh's panicked, accidentally
in the form of a maintain seventies style, avocado green golly, kitchen o this be helpful at all, we're going about this fight all wrong said: Butler, who has no official bone a few days on military tactics but considered himself and officially nano of reality. Boys really taken it to each other on the battlefield, Lenny continued. What we What to do is find them when asked what that meant, he shrugged announced, irritably. I know what it means. He said I'm not going to waste time explaining to you just like flank. Them other towns have been forced to join the fight as the robots are sweeping through the entire area. The ghosts a pine cliff have enthusiastically entered the fray, unfortunately, of course cannot physically affect our world, and so they are just hovering back and forth through the robots, but good huh about their citys
of the whispering forest muttered, warm compliments to the robots in an attempt to assimilate them into their tree forms, but what's our immune to compliments as are only able to think as highly of themselves as they are programmed to do now. Is working well, This seems like as good a time as any to talk about survival tips. The first to consider is your water source now your body is sixty percent water, so that seems like enough. Let's move on next it's like ten and beans. Easily stored Capone essentials like canned beans, easy grains and those little bags of baby carrots, which are just big carrots into small pieces and called made, which is not how babies are made. This is not the word baby me its anyway,
if you find yourself in an emergency situation without enough food? Consider expanding our definition of the word food, for instance, theoretically, you could eat a disk if you tried hard enough, The problem is the lack of food, but a lack of motivation on your part. Finally, look for shelter, this one is easy. There are houses and buildings everywhere, and you can just go into them. Some of them will be locked. They might Have people inside you say things like what are you doing in my house, and you can't be in here. This is the stock room, Oven, Arby's, but Let me say yours like that: get you down. This has been survival tips, a lot of talk generally and in particular about triumph. We are winning a person might say we will defeat do person might crow. Is a talent followed and supplication around him? You
we'll all be taken to the future. That person might continue. You will be made useful and isn't that wonderful to be made useful, isn't that the best Being a person can be, I think so. No matter what you think it turns out, it never did it so impersonal chatting over the phone, especially since you haven't been pick It seems rude. Your refusal to listen to me, but I dont mind after It's hard to be you, your last few minutes of human freedom. Tell you what I went down head over and collect you myself. Wouldn't that be nice. For me. I mean again it doesn't matter what it is for you it turns out. I never did ok at sea. So am I. Give me back my radio frequency. Oh, I am, I think it back on. Did you hear me? Can you hear me
we'll talk whether you can hear me you're, not more. Robots are pouring out of the time for taxes. The vertices Fortis forces sport vortex, sissies, whatever they are, thousands of robots are coming out of the visit to, but we can never defeat all of them. The robots are marching to Casper's army that was already here and their business there. Fighting them. These new robots are fighting on outside at their head. Is the one I recognise as containing the brain of totally bear weekday shift manager at the roofs and he's he's announcing that,
some of the robot a broken freak of their programming, that they have found a way to manipulate the metal body they were trapped in and they have come back to help us prevent this all from happening. At the present day, human shortly bear is running up to join his future metal counterpart. Thank them out on that battle field is a robot which contains your brain, find that robot and help it fight or fight it, depending on which site it's on together with ourselves. We can win this. There is still hope there is always hope there is also always the weather,
young halo of light and scanning the green way in stock explode round. We stop shall start hand, scared,
shit neighbour? Maybe that's why we standing in the way of the king s name
together us and us own cells our robot selves, we rushed Casper roads. More and more of his robots broke free of their programming and joined us, bigger and her militia were now to make us and their militias, and the intimidation factor was through the roof. This whole time we just had to trust ourselves. And also have versions of ourselves that were embedded in super strong metal bodies. That was all it took this whole time to be victorious, Charlie bear the human stood shoulder to shoulder with Charlie, bear the robot and both fought valiantly Josh Creator, took the form of a chainsaw which was then wielded by Josh, cretans brain in a robot body to glorious and gory effect it
take long for the tides to turn sometimes once the balance shifts it shifts as Clean and definitively as a broken, elevator plunging down a shaft and then Casper roads himself, finally fell weather It was the stones cast by the two meters or the fists of the Charlie's or Josh. The chain saw wielded by Josh the robot, I cannot say in the cap. The battle individual human action becomes indistinct, but the fact of Casper Death is indisputable. And in tat moment he fell. Every robot slumped industry, That's because time is changed, Casper, never our brains when we died and use them in robots of the future, and because of that, every one of those robots no longer had a brain and them there, empty shells, we care
those empty shells with affection and care to Grove Park. Where would be sorted four parts and the result, scrap metal used to fix the massive amount of damage done to town. By this battle we kept one robot, though one, the strongest one with the most rusted joints and PAMELA Winchell, who has been really books on hobbyist surgery removed. I brain from his still born body and placed it in that robot and the robot into life. In a panic, don't worry, we told cost for the robot, we're not going to hurt you just Then you to work for the Merriam Mcdonald Memorial Fund. You will of the sand from the sand wastes until all the sand is gone We don't know how long it will take it may take forever good luck and even now alone robot with a broom
sand out of the desert. Sitting end fit man. Now there is us and turned reality of our aging and our death, I you come to think that Carlos was right there, nothing more scientific than death. We fear it reasonably. Because it is a thing we can never know, perhaps not, even when we experience, but it is not worth perverting our lives. Changing everything about ourselves just to avoid our natural ends, You two innovations will come New People will live like everyone before us. We will gracefully exit too. Groom for those coming after.
As the old saying goes, death is only the end if he was soon. The story is about you, This is not a story about you and you were glad because it would be boring if ever story was good night night fail good night, welcome tonight fail as the production of night fell presents. It is written, by just a faint can Jeffrey trainer and produced by desperation. The voice of night fell. Cecil Baldwin the voice of care Roads is Roth. Neil. Original music by desperation.
It can be found at dispersion, dot info or at this dot bam camp. That come this episode. Whether it was shook her neighbours by day Terry find more at the terry dot com, Also made a beautiful podcast with knife represents called dream. Boy a surreal. No are musical mystery, Satin Cleveland. It's definitely for adults only. But if you want more of that, beautiful musical storytelling check out night fell presence, not come dominance, questions, email us at info at welcomed, and I found out com or follows on twitter and they feel radio or by a new earth for yourself you deserve it check out. What I felt outcome for all the holiday gives you could need for the lovable weirdo in your life, today's proffer, Every friend group has a joyful chasm. If you don't know who the joyful cassimeres than I have news for you, you are that
before chasm, there's a lot of talk. Generally and in particular, so many words This is not how it is it wasn't. It's what you after me it's quiet, and here at least can't feel the smile anymore,
Frankie that smile,
and here it is quiet and dark. My mental body moves, but my brain is still I like it in here, but this mile as appears, no God, you don't understand the smile. You with me.
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