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2020-03-01 | 🔗

A new play premieres at the Night Vale Asylum. (Part 2 of 5)

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new novel, the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home will be released on March. Twenty. Fourth, you can. The order signed additions today or come on out and see our thirteen city book tour and get your book signed in person check out. All of the details at welcome tonight, filled dot com, slash books and hey thanks Our moral compass has been de magnetized welcome to night veil.
Night, Carlos and I went to see a new play, the other night it ages since we went to the theater, I think. asked show we saw was Hamilton which they Tony and Pulitzer. Winning hip hop musical about figures. Skater Scott Hamilton, who died in a dual two fellow Olympian, Katerina Wit, ambled it was wonderful, but life, theatres, so expensive. Its here treat for us to get out of the house what, with the cost of tickets, plus dinner Parking, a babysitter tuxedo. Rentals, and all that time spent watching you to make up tutorials for jamming facial recognition cameras, but my friend trolls rain, invited us as his special guests to watch the permit of a new play at them they'll Asylum were Charles. Is the warden played was called, the disappearance
and cover up of flight one eight seven one three, as performed by the inmates of the asylum of night veil, under the direction of undercover agents from the national Safety and Transportation Bureau or eight seven one three backslash into es for short, I'm used to seeing plays at the new old opera house or in the high school auditorium, there's also the Black Box Theatre, which presents of feels most experimental drama from young performance artists. No one has seen any of these shows or if they have they ve emerged from that door, less black box, its walls, perfect, smooth and faintly warm, but this particular play was at the asylum itself. The Nightingale asylum perches atop craggy, in the sand, wastes its brood list
on Crete walls intermittently slashed with slivers of windows. I do not personally know anyone inside this imitating institute other then Morgan, Rayner himself and I'll admit to being a bit nervous than trying out at night, three heavily guarded home for the criminally insane, but Carlos put me at ease by holding his eyes. He said it was Neuro typical able ism. That makes us think this way that movies and tv shows often play a portable tropes about psychopaths lunatics planning daring escaped so that they can return to a life of criminal misdeeds. Causes explained that asylums are merely places where we hide away the people who most remind us of the inexplicable fragility of the human brain driving out past the scrub lands under an INDIGO sky, the full moon low over the horizon back lighting, the night veil, asylum atop, its jagged rocky ridge, my nerves return. I thought I heard coyotes howling in the distance, but it was the car Stereo Carlos, had put on his favorite new Frank Ocean, Album called various animals streaming when we arrived Warden Rayner, greeted us at the gates to guards wearing Army styled green dress uniforms, flanked him. There right breasts were laden with metals chevrons and strikes the each were armed with Billy clubs, tasters and sling shots, and one of them was wearing an ipod touch, but it was positioned in the middle of his forehead, the warden, escorted Carlos and meat or seats which were simple would chairs. There were only ten seats total in a single row along the river. There was no standard stage to speak of no curtain. The actors were all in costume in the center of the room, all ready in character. The other seats were already filled: Warden Vader Sheriff SAM three of SAM's secret police officers to of SAM's overt police officers and an angel I had never met before, but who introduced himself to be as Erika with a k they added nice to meet. You Erika, I said you got ten bucks Eric asked sure I said what, for not, everyone gets to know everything. They said you either got it or you don't man, so I handed them ten bucks and minutes later. My lower back pain, which has played me for the last six months, was gone. I looked back and Erika and I saw them wink at me or I think they winked they have ten eyes, so it could have just been and a synchronous blink it's hard to even tell what there ever
looking at the play, began with an introduction by Warden Rayner who welcomed us all to this unusual light. The first ever performance of an original play by inmates in his asylum, he introduced the writers, slash directors of the peace. There were three of them, each dressed in an electric blue jumpsuit. One of them had a blister on his upper lip another, a swollen red lump along the cuticle of his right index. One of them had an unceasing news bleat. I recognise them as the agents from the national Safety and Transportation Bureau in Washington. We contemplate they'll two months ago to investigate the disappearance of dealt a flight. One eight, seven, one, three
Sheriff SAM, had placed these agents under cover in the asylum to try to meet with an inmate named Doug beyond who claimed to have pertinent information about the missing aircraft, upon remembering this, I flicked quickly through my playbill, to find the ensemble members names and there on the title. Page was the name Doug Beyond DE who was cast as airplane pilot As the warden returned to his seat and before the house lights dimmed, I leaned over to Sheriff SAM and asked how was the undercover operation going sheriff seems clear at me and said I have no idea. What do you mean? You know with the end, yes, be officers here in the asylum trying to interview Doug Bianti, I asked for Little loudly for a theatre, the inn He s be officers are criminally insane sessile, the sheriffs and on, ironically, and with more than a touch of schooled. In their tell,
That is why they are here. They are danger to themselves and others. I had many more questions but before I could say anything, the lights faded to Black- and I heard the first voice of the play find us The voice in the dark find ass. It echoed again a faint glow coated, like frost the wild eyed faces of the inmates. On stage the frantic envisages made all the more manic by deep eyeliner rouge, Lipstick most redressed in common street. Close slacks genes, button down shirts mid length patterns skirts to redressed
flight attendants and one is the pilot. I can only presume a small budget as the uniforms worn by the latter groups were largely suggested by Navy blue hats and little plastic wings under the pills. The pilot war, anachronistic aviation goggles, and so it was difficult for me to see and remember the face of this actor is in doubt Bianti, but I could see his map, which was unusually bite the corners of his lips, extending well past the width of his eyes. He had in usual number of teeth in his horse smile smile, which never abated even in his most somber of sea.
We serve. I said, beyond these pilot character, we believe we can not die, not here, not in new, where He said it not like the vague concept of in place, but no, where two words capitalized, like the need of a specific lights. Each actor was seated in short, tight rows of for a narrow Eileen between mimicking the floor plan of a common fuselage at the front of the troop set. Beyond, as how did we get here in no? Where said one of the passengers and how shall we return said another?
only they said in unison. When you find us this last time, they said with a quick twist of their necks towards the audience, then the same shifted the chairs cleared and all of the actress to it in the profile of a greek chorus. They explain the flight from Detroit the view of Lake Erie. They told stories of different passengers, one who had a job interview, one who was looking for an apartment, another who went to palm springs on vacation. They told the story of a bright light and the loud pop
and suddenly the engines were silent, the plane felt still unmoving and then the chorus. All pantomime, though leaning concern gaze out airplane windows. Instead of tops of clouds or distant shapes of great lakes, though they looked out and saw children in a gymnasium, they heard the squeak sneakers and the joyful cries of playful exercise. He felt like minutes, maybe. Our they could not understand what they were saying. They could not comprehend and element reschedule GM six miles above the southern Canada, but they were not six miles above Southern Canada. They were only a few feet above the American South West, inside an airplane inside
Elementary school to in a town like there and as quickly as they had appeared. There disappeared off the reader, from the skies out.
No existence throughout this chorus. Speakers filled or years with the joyful shouts of children, the hollow metallic thumps of red, rubber bowls and the collective panicked inhale of a hundred and forty three passengers and crew of displaced plain, and then it was silent, and then it was dark. A single green light appeared on the four would adopt a blip radar blinking on them off and the voice of Doug beyond these said are not passengers. We are. We are inmates of the asylum of night failed, but we do not belong here. We are people who know truths, people who know more than is allowed, and for that we are kept in cages. We are fed poise and appeals and circular logic- and at this point in the play I felt movement in our small audience. The warden had stood up and was shouting. This is not in the script dog, but Doug spoke louder faster. I m not in saying I say only the insane would say such a thing. They say, then I am insane. I say yes, you are, they say I am trapped. I am framed eyes spit out. You.
or poisoned pills. I reject your propagandist, the I know what I know I say pulled him down. They say Wharton Rayner had gone to the Tec Board and turned on all the lights. He shouted code blue into a radio receiver, and we saw half a dozen security officers in their green metal laden uniforms lurch from the corners of the room, pending the ensemble of inmates, into a tight circle in the centre return them to their rooms, the warden called, but as the guards encroached three men from the entire speech stepped to the perimeter of the massive inmates, they were holding little plastic wings, just like those on the costumes of the actors playing flight attendants, one of the inn Yes be agents, the one
Then unceasing nosebleed opened the back of the wings. Revealing a long, sharp, pin and thrust it into the neck of a gun simultaneously, the other India's be agents and several other actors did the same and the guards fell to the ground, one of them Antaeus be agents the one with a blister on his upper lip grab the keys and weapons from an unconscious officer, dearest audience. He said first, we mean them no harm tis, but a sleep. A little pharmaceutical rest for a uniformed guard who kept us confined made. hard for us, low level agents, doing our jobs trapped beneath the lie of a warden who robs or freedom and murders, are spirit. At last we can go approached the wall and clear it, but my warning as we, this coop fly every man for himself better run or die
and upon this last line, the alarm bells of the asylum rattled my ears and my nerves, shaking Carlos and me from our seats. The inmates scattered in every direction, a sheriff SAM and their officers, gave chase. Corliss was nearly stepped on by one of the escape bees and as I bent to help him up, I was knocked over by two officers in full sprint. When the commotion died down, I looked up and saw Erika still sitting calmly and their chair, and I asked Erika what is happening. Erika looked down at their playbill and then back at me and said. I think it's intermission and now the whether you go outside the law and the summer. The aim is emerging starting ahead along he here, that's right, Lindsey
the greatest stones he gave you gotta, there's not much staring at the things no one's gonna tell me. No one saying this
Spain and Lebanon down the hour and run around what you don't know you from your heads land, use again see no one's gonna stay again. No one in this life story starts
these points as bad as it may? We are sad smile lines on your nose tat. No one! Next, you are you. Are you colors? You sign line and honours Lun. Two thousand
Sir after fifteen minutes. Carlos and I returned to our seats, hoping truly believing it really was, an intermission seen immersive theatre before, like sleep, no more an inch active show in New York City, where audience members are placed inside a huge warehouse of actors, dancing out the plot to Macbeth At the end, everyone is granted the ability to live out the rest of their lives without sleep, it's expensive and not for everyone, but totally worth it. If immersive theatre is your thing, but the show was not that now
one eight, seven, one, three backslash in tee, SB I've gone wrong or perhaps it had gone right under the strict critique of plots, structure, character, development and production value the play failed. Terribly, but as a piece of political or agitprop theatre, it was arousing success. The sheriffs secret police have placed. Blocks around the entire city, hoping to keep them supposedly dangerous inmates from leaving the area, it is bad uptake to say the least for the entire population. The towns asylum to escape custody, but Carlos and I left the theatre space we walked down. The long corridors cells Rooms, open no security detail in sight in one
sales below thought was a journal. It was the journal of Doug beyond D, after page, was filled with monologues, narratives frustrations from various people, people who were on a plane people in transit between checkpoints of life, between relationships between homes, between jobs between vacation and work. These stories were written as verbatim dialogue as if Doug Bianti transcribed them in self, as if he could hear the voices of those very like former air traffic controller, Amelia honour for the same reasons,
the same passengers of the missing plain. I had my interned, Seamus, go down to the library and look up public records under Bianti, hoping to find some, connection between dog and Amelia but Shima still has yet to return to that information. I even double checked my playbill looking for Amelia's name in the cast or crew, but she was not listed there. She was likely never in the asylum. One thing I did find, though, was a note in the back of dogs turn in the snow to seem to be in Doug's own voice. They tell us we are kept here for our safety, but they keep us here for their safety. They fear
What will happen with the people on that plane are found, but I think we have already been found. The aid should be afraid of what happens when the people on the plane find us. Night veil is on lockdown, so stay home and stay safe listeners. I do not believe eve, any of us to be in danger from those who escaped the asylum, but I do believe us to be in danger of most everything else. They too next for a series of audio clicks, witches. neatly nod federal agents, tapping or radio worry about it. The night night fail Goodnight.
Welcome to night bells a production of night veil presents, it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by this. Permission the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin, original music by desperation, all that can be found at dispersion, dot info or at desperation, dot band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was one one thousand by rain arose find out more at rain, arose, dot com, comments, questions, sat in fell at welcome, tonight, fell, dot com or followers on twitter at night, fell, radio or decide If that it's time for a new you with a new outlook on life and new T check, I welcome tonight veil com for info about our upcoming live, tore the hunting of nightgown and info about her up. Novel, the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home today's proverb: what if and hear me out
What if someone made a printer that worked? every time you needed it to work. Hey listeners, a fine podcast. It's me how Lublin podcast her and friend and me that's when our podcast air and acquaintance and me Symphony Sanders, pod, castor and friend, with benefits We are happy to tell you about our show good morning, night veil, it's your hip to recent trends like jewel Cardy being collusion, then you, like we have already started. Listening to our official welcome to my bill, we capture- I read about jewel in many ordinary. Why was on the toilet, are equally episodes feature interviews with the castle creators? last listener theories questions at my exact wishes for disposal of my body when I die. If you haven't listened yet, we understand we also have stuff going on to you now are also very busy
making a pike ass for you about a you, love just now then we're here for you when every already in your podcast them and in your hearts, forever. Yours in vandam and friendship of every kind. Latvia, is it jeweller Julie? I don't know, I think. Maybe you would be on the toilet right now.
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