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169 - The Whittler

2020-06-01 | 🔗

An old man sits on the steps of the old General Store whistling a lonesome tune.

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Hi Jeffrey greener here I hope you are safe and healthy and emphasizing The world that black lives matter please contribute to the cause of stopping sister racism. In whatever way you can donating to bail funds, calling your representatives attending life protests making your voice heard and listening when you can We have included a link in the show notes to a list of organisations you can donate to, and support of social justice initiatives. Thanks, For listening to, welcome to night fell and thank you for all of our patriots who have supported us during the pandemic. Hi. I'm Stleam Russian Waller hosted host of a new part. Gas from TED called pin drop in every episode, you'll travel with local journalists and creators as guides. Get lost in a new vibe and tap into surprising ideas from Middle I've gone motorbikes in Bangkok, dinosaurs
deep time in New Jersey to traffic fighting looted doors in Mexico City checkout pin drop on Apple podcast, poor reverie, listen. Let us go, then you and I The evening is spread out against the sky and pick up some Del taco for dinner wealth. To night there beyond our town past the sand wastes in the scrub lands, sits the old general store and
can cabin style a frame with box windows and covered patio on the porch there. It's a swinging bench and upon the bench, sits an elderly man, his face crumpled like a discarded letter, his eyes like tire tracks, hidden beneath the shady brim of straw, cowboy hat The old man holds a block of Elmwood decisive potato in his right hand, and it is left a carving jack. He whistles away at the knot of wood shavings off small corners, making detailed lines and indentations the wood is all his world and this world disquiet in his lap on his bench. On his patio before. This general store amid the scrub lands past the cen wastes, which curl about night veil, like the gentle but calloused hands of a father holding a new born.
As the old man riddles whistles. At summits with no words, but all those from here. The notes know they are about loss that they are about loveliness, no one hears those notes. Not yet No one sees the old butler nor his general store far out in an uninhabited stretch of desert. Not yet if they did they would wonder how in old general store, which was not there? Yesterday was suddenly here today, a shop that, by all accounts at whether decades of abuse of heat, wind and isolation, they would Here he said song and universal language of wistful sorrow would hide from them their understanding of time. Let's have a look now at sports.
This Saturday night, the night veil, high school scorpions basketball team begins the district tournament, the scorpions having finished the season eighteen to earn the number one seed this year, but face some tough competition in their bracket. In the first round tables battle, another basketball team. This is logical because Spectable tournaments feature other basketball deeds, but the other basketball team is considered weaker than the night, though scorpions, because a series of accumulated numbers indicates this is so, should the scorpions make it out of the first round and into the semi finals. They would like the battle the number for seed nature, a tougher a job to be sure as nature is unpredictable and ubiquitous nature. Style of play is best described as capricious and random, sometimes showcasing an array of flashy skills like sunny days The line, lakes and authors, but nature
is a locked down defensive force with effective momentum, stoppers like lightning, quicksand and poison ivy. And in the final phase it's to compete for. The title are night Veil high school verses themselves. Perhaps the toughest and all of them all as each play We must confront their harmful secrets, painful pasts, and because nightmares themselves. These are able to match the pace and power of night bills offensive and defensive sets, and we expect an excellent game. Good luck, scorpions stays the scrub lands are absent of humans, unapproachable and hostile. Today is not most days as a line of night bill, citizens has formed outside of the general store to see the old wit learn. His would menagerie parrots ask for because of their children with his work and he only whistles and nods nearly imperceptibly. It could almost be in
operated as a slight twitch of the neck rather than in affirming nod, but in time rotations grow liberal when want is high. Fathers and mothers. Snap pictures on their phones of children, excepting gifts of wood, figurines from the old man, the kids stare into the in black ellipses that pass for his eyes, searching The charming smile of elderly approval, but instead seeing Every single constellation of the night sky inside slid, says thinness missiles and, as black The star these for expansion of the universe cannot be fully understood in words or even human thought, but it can be comprehended in the eyes of the tanned wrinkled, stranger the old wizard does not charge a penny for any his work. He does not smile nor accept them.
You thank yous coaxed out of the young ones by their manner minded handlers. Norton Do you accept requests children have many mascots, he arose and cartoons that they love to possess VIII, a keepsake totems, and they repeatedly asked the old man for whittled representations of their favorite things like Pokemon CARE, bars or even TED, anthropomorphic cars or even TED Allen, host of food, works, long, running, cooking competition chopped, but the old whittler, only arms what he cards and tiny horses little boys, old, tiny wagons, armadillos tigers, tractors, almost anything you could think of he finishes: sculpture of Koala Baron hands it Amber TV. Looks at her. Husband was levy,
who is holding their sobbing screaming sixteen month old, baby flora. The couple smiles together, never knowing that these Bolsa Koala is every they could have ever wanted beyond a loving family. Wilson begins to cry. The simple beauty of this craft amber begins to cry of the feeling of being understood and young flora stops crying ass. She fawns over the six inch tall antipathy and marsupial cartoon, actually gnawing eucalyptus leaf. The whither. Also carves people speak human figures. Yes, like fire fighters and ballerinas and clowns, but also actual people. Harrison Kip told the old man he wished to be happier in his own skin and the old whittler grabbed Harrison's cheeks and brought Harrison's round soft face before his own crinkled countenance and Harrison screamed.
He screamed in fear of what the old man was about to do. He also screamed enjoys anticipation, and the two screams were discordant, like adjacent keys, pressed simultaneously on a church organ, the old whittler pressed his knife against Harrison's Chin and began to move the blade back using the force of his thumb and the trunk of his forefinger. He repeated throughout Harrison's assenting and defiant shouts and after a few moments, Harrison stopped yelling and stood his jaw squarer his nose dinner and longer his shoulders broader. And ever soon the whittler Yeah carving houses routes city buildings. They were larger than the Koala, much larger, for they were full sized renditions of these things. He slice
and saw the way at block after block of Red Oak Hackberry and beech wood. Forming new arteries of city travel, whole blocks of residences and even cultural landmarks and then use and the town night veil, in a single late morning began to expand into the distant and uninhabitable scrub lands of our desert. Let's have a look now at horoscopes an I bury yourself in your work today. Gemini pile that garbage high and rest. Your weary head beneath its odorous put comforting, wait cancer no more, MR nice guy cancer. Today You are MRS disinterested Lady get out there and be uninvolved in everything LEO The talk of the town LEO word
The word is about you and it is juicy like a rare steak like a blood orange juice, two thousand and eight couture. Will you should Your what they're saying Virgo You are not what you seem to be Virgo. You seem to be like very shrub overreaching prickly, Really you are a human squishy and small continue to be the thorny fruit bearing Bush, though Libra use, seek balance Libra, but you are a lopsided as a wealth. Disparity graph in an economists classroom share your worth. Tribute your value fairly and compassionately Libra for the villagers, sharpening or tools Scorpio, hey, Steve Love, you pal such a serious
rapacity in relationships is going to be your downfall. Sagittarius Europe Obsidian Monolith Tower over everyone absorbing all light, except the faint reflection of those who want to know what glows inside your stony facade, you don't have to he diamond Sagittarius or even courts. Just try for salt Lake. Ok, I think you can achieve that Capricorn, o the games you play Capricorn. You wicked Little sea goat you naughty caprice, ocean dweller, with your horns and scales, vexing with your riddles and labour the logic the star His offer no advice for you Capricorn only envious: praise Aquarius put your money where your mouth is, but one that money, First Aquarius, it's been in so many other people's mouths. Ever since we
did jolly ranchers as legal currency. Pisces, you're swimming Upstream Pisces figurative, speaking, of course, mate get where human who does not need to actually swim upstream for food or a mate, get out of the meadow Oracle stream and avoid the damage you're going to do to your body and soul, except for you tell him you're what Chuck, who is literally swimming upstream. I dont, like you, TIM, because you are eating my tulips. You can drown, Aries fake it till you pretend to make it areas. Taurus, don't hide your feelings. Tourists frame them display ostentatiously on the wall, melt them on plant. Behind velvet roped, stemmons curate and exhibit of your feelings, Taurus charge admission.
And now the news the night fail City Council deliberated today on whether the old whittler in front of the old general store in the scrub lands was friend or foe to our town. Those voices arguing in favour of the old man, celebrated the huge municipal expansion he was creating so quickly onto undeveloped land. New infrastructure would have taken us dozens of years and millions of dollars to deploy, and he is a key Pushed it all in half a day, these voices all said in unison, plus they added He whittled a little army man for my kid, a bracelet for my wife and a sweater for our cap. Its everything we ever wanted send invoices, and they were few, could only argue that he failed to acquire proper permits for any of this construction little an outdoor vendors licence which is mandatory even for giveaways. Accepting restaurant samples mark promotions and milk
very dispersion of Kim trails. The many voiced, uni bodied creature, that is the city council puffed in nearly unanimous support for this old man. He said whistling is pro whittling and his beneficence to our city, did, you see, said three the voices that inside the general stored, there's everything you could ever need: cans boxes, shells counters walls, it's amazing Everything is carved from us no block of wood and it's all connected no glue were bold sore, rivets anywhere he's. Left hand concurred for other voices. How does he then find single blocks of wood. That huge wondered is so low voice allowed, whatever the entire city council, roared in unison, that old man is a superb whittler
and no financial news, every everything's, fine, it's just dandy, Thank you for asking I'll back to our top story out the scrub lands and entire wooden suburb has gone from the withered hands and sharp knife of the old Whistler, who has first time today moved from the porch of his general store He stands now upon a stage around platform at the centre of a great amphitheatre which he pressed. Carved deep into the cracked red rock of the desert floor. The p good night will gather and sit on would plank rose, which curve in a semicircle around the old man on the stage each person in attendance foods her hands whittled object given to them as they entered the audience, Spain.
The items are all different, esoteric and unique. Each item and unexpected gift of the whistler each item, the very thing they have always wanted, even if it was never what they thought they wanted. They hold gently their presence, protecting them with their very lives. The whittler with his straw. Still sheathing his key all eyes and River Bend mouth stands before the people of night veil who sit in an arena of his own, making each cradling a beloved statuette of his own making The old man reaches out and takes the hand of his bride, she, of course, of his own making as well she's car the weeping cedar her veil, entirely would somehow translucent and her son
Powerful eyes are faintly visible. Behind the intricate work of the whittler blade the old man whistles once again and the crowd whistles along with him. They know the sun. Now ITALY of the word Lis dirge and the notes of loneliness spread across the scrub lands to them They know every word of the wordless dirge and the notes of loneliness spread across the scrub lands to the mountains edge and echo back in the key of hope with a lilt of contentment and satisfaction. They will only be happy when he is happy, and he is indeed happen as the whittler clutches the hand of his newly carved betrothed, the clouds part ravine The happiest thing of all the weather
in the vote, having read And so in huge embroideries, in three minutes drugs.
Gave me into space and then once again and went in
In this regard, in
in the night then said in a day, man ran back again and then, when I was in the air, we breathe
yes, We can yes Bring you can see. In the vote? and in so doing.
Into the scrub lands, I went so already as happy as I could ever be. For I was with my own true love, my husband I join, To see the whittler for myself as an effort of journalism, a of interesting events. I wanted for nothing. My happiness cannot be improved you ve got to be a trick of the eye, but from the distance I could see there are more than a hundred feet away and through a mass of thousands, greeted me with a nod so unobtrusive. I believed it to be the trick of the eye, but from the distance we see the hold of the universe in those dark eyes under dark shadow behind the final violet of sunset. I knew he meant me. Listen, I stepped to the podium and the old man opened his palm to reveal and original carving. Just for me, I had hoped as a nintendo switch, but it was
see, plea, Corliss, like a child on centres, lap, cooed and asked the old man for a superconducting super collider and the old Whittler, his burlap cheeks heavy, with gravity in history reached into the breast pocket of his purse: snap shirt and Carlos a tiny we didn't rose, Carlos out his ruse to his chest, and I may see plain the Hitler. The hand again of his bride and gazed upon her prevailed eyes met by his boundless stare. They stood like that for more than an hour, not speaking. The only sounds with the circuitous chirping and the crowd whistling but the two faded and soon only the cicadas cut through the silence of a still desert twilight and one of us Larry Leroy stood and walked onto the stage
He touched the old man shoulder the old man did not turn he did not speak. He collapsed into black ash, then his brow then the seats beneath us it all gave way. Crumbling. Nothing then the buildings and roads and even the general store turned into ash. Finally, every one of our objects dissipated, like your bittacy, almost free from Haiti's a gentle. Breeze arrived to sweep our hope away. We returned home worthless with occasional whistles of the whistler's too. Once again in a sad lonesome key are cherished gifts, old ourselves were nothing more than bottles ephemeral. However, or magical,
they were mere things, not love, not family, not true joy. They were objects, toys, props distractions, They were everything we have ever wanted because we could hold them see them touch them We can no longer do that, but we can, Remember what it was like: the roof of the wood against the soft of our hand, stay to next, for our new game, show name all the nouns and is all
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with over one hundred million downloads. This five star raided mobile puzzle game is a must play download, best fiends free on the apple app store or on Google play. That's friends without the are best fiends welcome tonight night. The reduction of night veil presents it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by desperation. The voice of night veil is Seesaw Baldwin original music by desperation. All of it can be found. Disposition, dot, band camp dot, com, this episodes where air was embroidery. Stars by carry out can find out more. Mary Ellen DOT, com comments, questions, email, sat in, fell at welcome tonight, veil, dot com or follow us on twitter at night, fell radio or watch your cat. Do a big stretch and encourage her by saying big stretch, big extra.
Check out. Welcome tonight, veil, dot com for more info about our upcoming live stream. Production of our classic live show condos. Today's proverb give a man a fish, and her wonder what your deal is: teach a man to fish and I'll ask you once again to please leave him alone. They say you shouldn't meteor heroes and Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I meet my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life, this fog. As this will you be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, if I only listen to the mountain goats, find it wherever you listen. The pot casts a tax.
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