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2013-02-15 | 🔗

Emergency crews are on hand to help cleanup the aftermath of the worst Valentine's Days in recent memories. Plus, important schedule changes at the Night Vale Airport, the City Council votes to choose an official town language, and updates on the Post Office.

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Hello citizens of night veil I bring you now to our ongoing coverage of the Valentine's day aftermath. Emergency workers have been added since early this morning, starting the long task of clean up and recovery reports still hazy, but we believe the housing developments of marshals Gorge, The golden dunes have both been wiped completely off the map while coyote corners and cactus bloom, are reporting extensive damage to structures and power lines. Please, if are not directly involved in the recovery and clean up from Valentine's day stay off the roads to make room for those who are this Valentine's day, as all valentines days will not
succeed in bringing our city down this Valentine's day as all valentines days, will soon receive into painful memory fading with time until another foul Valentine's day is upon us again. In other news. The Andy New men Memorial Night Veil Airport has Some schedule changes due to multiple severe weather conditions, including the existence of an atmosphere and that straight fiery, orb that appears for approximately half of every twenty four hour period. Many of today's flights will be delayed for several hours, while the rest, we'll be moved into the past, and have already happened. Last week
all arriving flights have been cancelled except those from J, F K, L, a act an ex tee. A witch will continue on the usual routine of unscheduled arrivals that are a complete surprise to both the pilots and air traffic control based on routes that appear to violate the simple laws of physics and geography, in addition, Martin Mccaffrey local tee. I say representative, reminded all travellers that security measures are in place for their own safety, and we should respect the sacrifice. Did to keep our lives and our countries secure. Martin said I know going through both a metal and full body scanner as well. Crawling through a lengthy pitch black tunnel, while
Recording of a monotone male voice lists possible. Phase of dying are all inconveniences and I know that many travellers are concerned with privacy issues involving the voice of a small child that comes through strategically placed ceiling rates asking them to name every person they have ever kissed, but these are all necessary evils. Mister MC Caffre then went on to draw a quick sketch of a strange along gated, dark figure crawling out of a kitchen refrigerator for which he immediately insisted that he no memory of creating the picture and no idea what it could mean more. On this eventually, probably hey. Here's
health tip from the greater night veil medical community. It's possible You won't be able to kill it if it managed is to borough under your skin, stop fighting. Because it has already become part of you well from your new body. Mate. Listen to what it has to say and see where the new symbiotic lifestyle takes. You. Emergency workers report that the damage from Valentine's day is worse than previously projected they describe bodies strewn upon the ground covered glitter and paper cupids in higher buildings collapsed, leaving only rubble and Shockey Andy Hearts and Of course. There
these sad fate of those chosen to be another person's valentine. It can be said to help, the families of those unfortunates, accept that the process is while exactly as ghastly and excruciating as feared. Apparently, not is horribly, slow and drawn out, as it appears to outside observers. As usual. Now aid has come our way from either these state or national government The state house even went so far as to send a formal reply, the entire thirty of which reads Sorry, can see what you were going for, but maybe we just don't get that kind. Thing. Anyway creative stuff and have a happy valentines.
Those monsters, if you or anyone you know, has any footage or photos of the events of Valentine's day. Please send them directly into the station so that we may put the images and video on the radio. Thank you and be safe, the City council recently moved to name dance as the affair through town language. This measure, There has been met with tense debate and raised voices. Over the past several weeks. Pro you say we need a unified language, as it was save money on municipal signage and documentation, not to mention bring us together as a community, the poetry of the human body. They say,
while quickly pulling in their elbows and turning their bowler hats down over their eyes in an obvious tribute to Bob Bossy Mates, physical being with mental necessity, a marriage that brings purpose to work quickly rawding living corpses. Opponents say that this move, if voted into law is discriminatory against the physically handicapped, also less than ten percent and of night bail citizens have ever taken single dance lesson. Let alone achieved lifelong mastery of one of the most its and difficult to grasp art forms. One up. Who asked to remain nameless out of fear of retribution told us the bill was entirely funded by lobbyists
from Cheryl Little princesses dance studio. Just although the money they said then, the anonymous insiders pupils grew until they eclipsed the whites there Tommy slid out from their knife, gash of a grin and their hair, with not stop gray and growing. A final vote is expected on Tuesday, and now traffic, a rubber tentative from these sheriff secret police waving. Vaguely at a map in our studio, said there are street closures quote, all over just all over the general area, the representative said,
topping the edge of the map with two knuckles, a bunch of them in different places. We asked if he more specific and he nodded, but did say anything more. We try I'd naming a couple of streets to see if any of them were included on the list of closures, but the represent. It is only replied with a oh yeah I mean probably and then Big you was head waggle to each one. He added that anyone caught on a closed road would be dealt with. In the usual manner, and then he winked and Give me a thumbs up. It is possible He was merely a vagrant who wandered into the studio. We didn't bother to check his credentials just to be safe, though Look out for road closures. All
over in the general area listeners there. Look out for road closures all over in the general area listeners there in a bunch of different places. Probably this has been traffic. Previous reports broadcast on night veil, community radio, one blue, not green. To a low whirring, sound was heard only by those to the west of it. Three The witnesses name was Henry Gregson and not, as we reported Crystal soul eater, for we were feeling at best fine,
and not, as we stated on the record, pretty good thanks: five, no, no do not do what we advised. We were so terribly tear Probably wrong, if you I've done it already. Well, our heart, out to those who miss you. Please forgive us, please, forgive us! This has been corrections. More post Valentine's day news. The the veil malls planned Valentine's day, art installation involving footage of action All beating animal hearts projected on a vivid SEC Teddy bear was cancelled due the entire mall being flooded with poisonous gas. The gas was described as difficult to breathe
and a major cause of death to those who stood in it. Mall p r officials expressed regret at the cancellation saying man it's like every time an artist has a bold new idea. This storm has to come in and shut them down, they concluded by muttering. It stinks man. It's thanks. Before going off to sulk. Indeed, Cross medical, tent. Emergency workers, meanwhile report Coming across a stash of on activated Valentine's day cards, forcing them to cease operations until a specialised team could be called in to deal with the danger
three workers died before they could retreat. Also night veiled community radio in turn. Stacy died a couple of months ago soon, after our last mention of her, our sympathies go to the loved ones of those who are lost, especially Stacy. Sorry that I didn't get around to telling you until now. That was totally my fault. Mayor, PAMELA, Winchell, issued the following statement today. In regards to thee, increasing public support for her ouster and replacement by. Rushing in mate and Blogger Hiram, Miss Daniels, Winchell said The mayor smells of olives, the meagre
burns like a match, tip and casts her flickering light upon the darkened path of bait the mayor does not have keys to the stone door. The mayor is the stone. Door and all that quivers behind it, The measure is forgiving, the mayor, make no mistakes. The mayor, clutches tightly to your lungs or six arms, embracing your savory breaths. Let the maid you're out, let The mayor out, let the mayor out there, no follow up questions, but the press pool did let out a simultaneous own as fire burst forth from the podium.
And the conference room ceiling flew away, revealing a midday night sky that had grown cancerous with blinking stars. Miss Daniels is still in jail awaiting trial for insurance fraud, evasion of arrest. He has previously announced interest in becoming mayor of night veil and is a thirty six hundred pound five headed dragon. In other news, several alert citizens have reported that the night Veil Post Office closed sense. Strange and probably supernatural attack that it suffered several months ago now appears to be open for business once again This is good news for all of us, as we as a city have been unable to
send or receive letters and packages, since the closing all private delivery companies, of course refer. Who's to enter the greater night veil area, because a Fedex spokesperson explained it is cursed Witnesses say the post office has opened its doors and looks to be full of activity. There have been a few changes, for instance, all clerk, behind the counter are now strange, cloth, wrapped figures who hum tuneless and turn in place. Instead of doing any. Sort of official postal business. In addition, the end higher customer line and love The area is full of more of these cloth. Wrapped figures
all. Similarly turning and humming those who have tried to enter the building have reported and immediate wave of dizziness and nausea file. Goodbye visions of strange jagged peaks and a turning black ocean, so they say stamps now, cost too. Who sense more than a few months ago it is not enough, apparently, for the Pope toll service to violently assault our minds with visions, but they are also in and on bleeding our wallets dry, for intent on bleeding our wallets dry, At least, everyone can get Amazon deliveries again as there Amazon deliveries again, as their slogan says, Lee website. Now, where did the let them go.
Do not ask do not ask, and now, though, whether
when I met you sweetest like a shattering page in the cold, when I saw you may just be it in your face with the planned smiles and last month applauding really you wouldn't, even when you made your browsing untouchable. Turning from a distance, why some would say I said it never came. I never have the task of so much so that a plan and applying to make a public want a new sitting at the time of the cage minded citizen tab amongst getting manifest when the time I admit I was just thinking it changed. My life now make so many angles and painting components heavy by touch with you know tat. It was some thought, because parliament, like frame tat by your money, how you like more than your lips on the actual uranium from France, which is the way we want to spend the money on the table. When I pray to God, you can catch, you would not meet every three them under age. The world. You need sound abbreviated chest which thinks he's office needs. You would have attracted paid you, so I retain that again in my country, which may I speak to you, can't you.
Ladies and gentlemen, emerge See workers report that they have reached old town, night veil and further report that it is a scene out of a nightmare. Assuming you have had the usual nightmare in which old town, breast eve minor structural damage and debris with no serious injuries. Emergency workers report that they have treated those who retreating and have clear away what needed clearing away? They report that they use will stress of day to day, life was worse, but now it seems better and that later they project it will be worse again emergency workers report that they are feeling good about stuff in general for once emergency workers report that they are. Smiling and they d even know why
Emergency workers report a cloud just that a cloud and funny how we often don't notice little things like that. They report well listeners. It see perhaps that we have come through this day and reached some other side. At unaffected. No not unchanged, but here After all this Valentine's day, as all valentines days will not succeed in bringing our city down,
this Valentine's day, as all valentines days, will soon receive into painful memory fading with time until another foul Valentine's day is upon us again stay to next. For me, saying good night night veil, good night, good night, night veil good night, welcome tonight fails the production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph the voice of well is Cecil Baldwin, original music desperation, all of it be downloaded for free at desperation, dot, info deception
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