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171 - Go to the Mirror?

2020-08-01 | 🔗

Have you ever looked at yourself? Truly looked at yourself?

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Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our lives stream of condos last month. If you missed that shows so well, Dylan built himself a set to perform from. There was a surprise costume change and maras CAP made a cameo during the faces old woman's monologue. Anyway, you can still check all of that out. Set up until August Eighth, the show will be available to just grab a ticket at welcome to night vale, calm and click on shows. You can start watching it right away since it went so well. We have decided to do it again. The librarian was the first night Vale show we ever toured way back in twenty fourteen. We rent Peters on the West Coast, four of us piled into a minivan and we just give it a shot without having any real idea. What we were doing
surprisingly, when great and touring became our lives for years and years after, but for some obvious reasons we cannot tore at this moment. So, instead we are performing the librarian for the first time in six years and we're doing it for all of you right in your homes. A lot has happened that night fell over the last six years, but when a librarian escapes we're all stolen for awhile time, yes on live stream, Dylan Merit our Wilson Symphony Sanders may fashion our how Lublin, Errand Mc Yo, ass, the weather and, of course, live desperation live Cecil. This live stream will be on August twentieth at eight p m Eastern, but it will be available to watch for four months afterwards, so few are not around on that day or living place, but time is different from ours. For some reason, you can still take part tickets are pay what you want, starting with five dollars and going up to whatever you can afford to support these artists, who cannot currently go. Do their usual work in theatres in front of your beautiful faces in person. All of that at welcome tonight, till not conflict on, chose to buy a ticket and don't forget to click on store to see some of our new stuff for sale, including whether shirt are, if you see something say nothing and drink, forgets pint. Last our dog park shirt and some night veil, twenty twenty torbert oratory that never got to happen, which is pretty night failed. If you think about it and hey get it doc, what makes you you welcome?
to night veil? Do you ever stare yourself for so long in the mirror that you no longer understand what you look like is this? The same effect is thinking about someone you miss so much that you forget the shape of their face. Why would you do that? Why would you refuse to maintain order, are argue? Refusing or are you a victim of your own mind, do bring cells diktat? souls is thought? matter does thought matter. Who can say can the person looking back at you from the mirror, tell you the answer, just be
as you can see a person, does that mean that person exists? Is it you? You are looking at or is it somewhere else how many hairs do I have Many did I have yesterday are the same color the same length are these the same hairs I had when I was a child? Should I be high? If I'm going to ask myself these questions, you get. I buy me paving high? Are you a good person because you do good things, a qualitative assessment mandate empirical evidence to support its truth? If I pointed something and declare it good, Will I be cross examined and, if so am I to be held in contempt for refuse to answer
narrative, is everything right? Has anyone else been feeling this way that you don't. Recognize yourself. If you did? Does it help Is it helping now hearing me talk about it basically Why do I know me How many times have I seen myself in the mirror? Is it The answer is rarely we all be afraid of mirrors, or is it just me how many times in a fit of disassociation? Do we see someone house behind us? Are you too, too afraid turn around
you want to challenge the veracity of your eyes? Do you think disbelief in death will make it disappear? our awareness and then the station one and the same so what did I see in the mirror today we all see the same thing? Isn't it a person who looks exactly like ourselves and weren't they? making the scene with physical gestures and behind? that person in the reflection. Did you not also see just over your shoulder? pay revise the curve of ahead, Did you notice how that head was human in shape, but me be only a third of the size and
Did you make the same mistake as I thinking that, because The head was so small it there have been some distance away. He was still so along the onto those tiny eyes? Didn't you, then you saw right Did you see little by me, fingers reach up in front of its miniature this passionate face and capture shoulders? Did you scream inside when you understood, did you
truly understand that it was climbing right there on your back, are you still screw, like I'm still screaming? well? What do you want from the Where was I behind you in the mirror, or it is behind you. Should I speak and present or past tense
Is there a face there or is the face gone now? Are you no longer at the mirror, Do you feel safer Why do you assume that, because you aren't looking in the mirror right now that the tiny face and spiny digits are not still behind you? Do you feel it? Are you reflexively touching your shoulder right now or scared. Is this like when the atm asks, if you want to check your balance for withdrawing money and you decline, because you just don't want to know it doesn't change the fact of your bank balance? Does it again, you think awareness and manifestation are one and the same. Don't you don't we'll see
what of that little face with its inexpressive eyes and flat lipless mouth? Didn't it looked like Look so familiar Have you seen that face before? Is it a ghost a monster? pull your own imagination? Are you thinking about it Are you starting to forget exactly what it looks like want to go to the mirror again? Do you want to stare. And stare at it until you can comprehend? Why? What we'll that accomplish? Aren't you being honest with yourself? Is it the right? the danger your own face, could it be
further that you invented the creature to distract yourself from the real horror and what if we went to the mirror together, if we don't alone in our feelings? Could we conquer our fears are, an agreement, you and I, what are you even looking at your focus, drifting to your shoulder? Can you Do that? Can you resist the urge will staring directly into your terror? Accomplish you see the face again and you are, he was scared as before Or have you steal to yourself for this
he's remind more free to think critically about what it is and what it wants is a stacking the second is it friend or foe, or indifferent. Is it so familiar. He said something from childhood, or was it a dream you once had? If you think. Bout, a memory long enough. Doesn't that mutate, the truth? Isn't every act remembering another log on the fire of lies wind
The last time you saw your mother spin since childhood hasn't didn't she warned you about viewers. Didn't she tell you, they would be your demise or was that Justa popular bedtime story? do you see a flickering behind the tiny face? Is that some liked oscillating behind swiftly moving clouds, or is that the creature creating that affect these it getting closer is the flickering less like a stroke affected more like a hand drawn flip book. Now that we're looking with clearer eyes? Is it just me or does the creature look like a drawing
Do you suddenly remembered swing set? Why a swing said you were on the swing set, weren't you? Why did you go? Was it possible to do a full loop? Would you have fallen out at the top the circle, or did you understand centripetal force without knowing the term and when You let go what the apex of your art did. You predict correctly the pain of a broken leg when you landed, You still remember the sound of the snap. These still shudder when ice cracks in warm water Orban, someone pups knuckle. Did your mother tell you about swings hands? What did you say to you when you go to Did she leaned over your sobbing face and ask you? Why are you crying with you?
don't even exist. Did she told you again about the mirror do you still see the flickering the creature climbing up your back is the little hand reaching up again. Do you notice it where's black rings. Are those Talents and what is it opening, his to say? Do you see how it rises up behind you? How long is its torso is it some kind of, but with human skin? Why does it
I have so many teeth. How long can a tongue be at? What is it doing? Why is it crying? Is it a child? What unholy monster cries like a child. What does it want? Why won't it stop? he's gone,
for you to? Why did I not you are able to do that? Did you figure it out? Could you see past your own mental inventions who, out their looked beyond the long, gape jawed figure and its inexplicable? Why did you see the table there in the mirror image of your house? Did you see the table? You had noticed the table before and you what, if the table of its chipped corners of the mismatched, would stain on the tiny drawer at its centre? But if it's tarnished yet ornate brass bull but knob did you turn around to see if the table was in your home too?
Were you sad when you realized it was not or worry relieved? Why was the table only in the mirror? Why isn't it real, but isn't it, though you didn't ask for any of these, did you? But what have you ever asked from the universe that you could not get yourself and wind has the universe ever obliged what's inside the drawer of the rickety table in the mirror? What other uncanny discoveries await you if you could just break through what is it as simple as breaking through you find that the simplest problems require the biggest efforts? Have you ever decided who wanted a lightweight wool button up coat? All black? Did you go shopping for it and did you find one? How disappointed were you to learn that this design was not available in any of the five stores you went to? Did you pondered the idea that such a coat was so basic, so one assuming so without frail or feature that no one had ever thought created? Do you want to know, what's in the drawer below the table, shouldn't be as easy to obtain as a lightweight wool button up coat all black, but nothing, nothing easy ever is! Is it? How do you get to a table? That's right in front of you, but only visible again. Nearer do take a break for this with some fresh air good for you.
The weather like outside
what if you're not getting besides the creature in the table? What are you not
Do you see yourself? What is different? but the you? U r and d you you see before you are you paying close attention. The color of your eyes. Are you watching for any deviation in the movement of your reaction to ignore the creature over your shoulder? Now that it has with you itself? Do you find it less frightening that as it does cry kind of sound now, like the high pitched, how will of siberian husky puppy localizing gets. Hungary is less scary and
more just weird: did you see the movie signs? Did you feel less crept out once the aliens were shown on screen is at all fear, fear of the unknown argue concentrating on the table now and you sure it only exists in the mirror double checked. Do you want to know? What's inside the drawer on the front of the table? Are you willing to breaks? Are you willing to break the mirror spots much you are willing to go to a place from which you cannot return. Are you willing to learn things you cannot learn? Do you have a hamper? Not something had lived with? You smashed the mirror, would you do it quickly? Why are you hesitating? Have you let your comfortably Liddy lapse into carelessness? Why did you take your eyes off the creature on your neck? Did you see the blood or feel the pain? First is a tearing into your flesh. Is that why you're screaming still break the mirror consciousness? Are you are you? Are you? Are you ok, you do
If you look in the mirror, you two smashed see that the creature is gone, but isn't it straight? about you on the floor, swore shards of the mirror you shattered yet in front of you? The mirror remains fully in tat, strange scary. You think that the bureau being simultaneously Brodie, broken and unforeseen these strange, while the fact that you have an affliction is scary is tat. True, though do you have a reflection? Do you see yourself on the floor of the mirrors world. This is you body crumpled on the floor like what towel is your
we're jaw hanging open because she dies because of gravity. Do you have a packet of some sort? Why don't you cover that? You were up? Why don't you cover all the mirrors? In fact, while you are walking about your home to you notice the antique tabled by the door with its tarnished, yet ornate brass bulb knob that table, Did you didn't hurt the mirror rules were you always in the mirror. World is different. You remember why you never open that door. What was it about the book? sign that frightened? So was it
handwriting that matched no new language? was it the drawings of serpents with human faces, but in numeral teeth
the disorientation you felt from seeing these faces contorted into screen yet eyes, expressing? Does scrutiny billowy scare you? What was it your mother said before she left home when you were teenager? Did she tell you she was working? Did she tell you to read the book till you understood gets alphabet? Did she make you promised and never tell another soul and to keep that promise by bearing its so deep? So so deep now? What were you cover the mirrors and sweep before and pretend it never happened with this, prevent it from happening again, our awareness and manifestation one and the same. Who can say? Will you stay tuned next for sound of a muffled crack presented without context or commercial interruption? Could that be an egg or at twig or leg narrative? Is everything? Isn't it won't? You have a good night night fail. Won't you have a good night.
blocking tonight now as the production of light that presents it is written by Joseph Faint and Geoffrey, greener and produced by desperation. The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin regional music by disposition all that can be found at dispersion. Dot fan camp dot com. This episodes, whether was flower lane by fun, bearable, find out more at fun, bearable dot, band camp dot, com, comments, questions you know I sat info it welcome tonight. Veil, dot com or follow us on twitter at night, fell radio for by a grill and stand majestically amongst the smoke and flowers as you wait for the onions to finish becoming Delicious checkout welcome to night fell dot com for info about our upcoming live stream. Production of our first touring live show from back in twenty fourteen, the librarian it's gonna be a good time. Today's proverb call me old fashioned, but I believe dance is the only true language.
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