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172 - Return of the Obelisk

2020-08-15 | 🔗

The obelisk is back, and it will answer one question, and one question only.

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Hi, every grain, or here we are bringing a classic night bail, show to live stream straight to your phone or computer, or knit sweater I dont know all the devices to get internet these days we're doing a live stream of the librarian. Our first touring live show from all the way back in twenty fourteen come see: Cecil Baldwin how Loveland Mara Wilson Bill in there and Symphony sanders. Meg, Bashwiner and Disparition perform this story about the escape library and terrorizing. The town. The librarians dreams live this Thursday August 20th at eight p, DOT M eastern tickets are pay what you can starting at five bucks, and even if you can't see it that night, the show will remain available to all ticket buyers to watch later are available at welcome to night Bilbil com and click on life shows also we
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All of night veil is a glow. There is music in the air. You know what that means. Listeners the arbalist has returned. It's been new Eight years since the Arbalist last appeared, but it's right back where it always shows up in Mission Grove Park over on the east side right next to the wailing pit, but a little. South of the memorial debris heap the apple, returns every five to ten years, sometimes as long as fifty and it brings with it joy, anticipation and a deep fear. A terror so deep in the gut that it feels like you, ve, eaten too much ice cream, but in all reality your body is simply bracing itself for death. The The list has always behaved. Benevolently so as the sun- and we not true. That thing fully either so passport.
This is not an indicator of future results. Unlike the site The obvious radiates a soft blue light, but liked son, the apple, makes a lot of noise in The music, the. This sounds like a buck concerto played by a french horn and therapy from inside a refrigerator. Everyone in town is gathering it Mission Grove Park to see the abolition in person to pay homage to this rare visit and to confirm Their fears head on everything works out. Fine, because there are some cool events I want to get to this weekend and it would be terrible to have to cancel them over a row. Arbalist. Let's take look at the community calendar. Shall we. This Friday night is opening night of Andrew Lloyd, Webber's Tony winning musical sunset boulevard at the night Community Theatre
Are excited to finally see the show its must be a really lavish production to and based on one of my all time: favorite Billy, wilder films about an aging silent movie star who finds and emulate that travel in time, but whenever she moves through time, she, inter someone else's body and cancer Until she saved your life, the staging of sensible of art is directed and produced by God, Susan Wheelman, really ah mislead. This has been a pretty long weak and may need the distressed at home. On Friday I mean I'm not going to be rude here, but Susan woman is the worst did. You know she once judged the chilly cut off, and I came in third third behind all eyes Hamburg, which is fine chosen, okay cook, but also behind who else? Susan well, men. You
be a judge and win first place so pretty sure Susan used a pre packaged spice mix in that Chile. I don't have that verified through a secondary source, but I can confirm it. Over salted. Again, I'm not saying I'm just saying anyway. Go see sunset boulevard on Friday. If you want to watch uninspired actors and muddled blocking Saturday afternoon is the PDA Bake, sale fundraiser to send our academic de Catalan team to a tournament in our states capital. The pity secretary Susan women, says this money will go towards hotel and bus travel for our brilliant and talented act. Deck squad, academic, dick
one is about intelligence and perseverance says: will in this overwrought press release deck is about freedom and fastidiousness. It is a celebration of hard work and we want night fail to show the rest of the state that blah blah blah blah blah. Ah, she just rounds on mean Guess: ACT, deck is very cool and I wish our kids well but chill with the grandstanding anyway go by to support this amazing students, even though I am sure Susan will still manage to mess up a box mix. Sunday is youth reprogramming day at the night Vale Museum of forbidden technologies. Your child love, learning about new gadgets and advancements in technology. Oh, come on down to the museum of forbidden technologies. On Sunday for a day, long, reprogramming event, doses and curators will engage those curious kids through hands on on learning they'll. Take there
Don T, mind, wipe beam appointed right at each childs forehead until all interest in forbidden technology has been removed. Kids, love the mind white being because it smells like grapes and they dont feel any pain for weeks after you reprogramming day is a family friendly day of discovering that you know too much and knowledge is treason. Today's appearance by the obelisk is the nineteenth in recorded history Little is known about what the obvious is, who control Or what it wants? scientists and historians agreed that it was created by subterranean gods millennia ago? They think its purpose is a type of census for life at ground level. The This is about twenty five feet tall. Oily and soft like a fresh brick of parmesan cheese and when it appears every one in town curves their name into one. Four sides. We do
No, why or win this practice began its please how it's always been done and in tradition is to admit weakness with the The list eventually disappears. Perhaps today perhaps several days from now, it will take our names with it and when returns, those names will be gone and we will begin the tradition, a new, no one. It was what happens to those names. Are they simply erased war they read and record it is this data mining for some ancient tech start up or does the oblast truly belong to the gods. We only know what happens to one of the names carved on the public and at present. We feel both envy and pity, for while the obvious has always behaved, benevolently, passport, let's, etc, etc, etc. Let's have a look now at traffic.
Root. Eight hundred is shut down until four p m today, as it has turned into a river. No, as our route. Eight hundred it's just water, rough choppy spiking white, I bid caps atop. Nearly black rushing death I we officials are investigating these sudden appearance of this river, perfect, the overlaying, our main thoroughfare in and out of town beneath he quickly moving rush of the river, a single fish. Probably bass of some sort highway officials are uncertain because they dont think about fish. Why would they? officials are annoyed that you think so little of their awareness of fish species until a salmon from a Morland from a mackerel see what you made us do, one highway official said we could I've been repairing brute eight hundred, but you started picking on us for not knowing, if that's a basque or mackerel or a what not in fact the official Continued we
look it up on Wikipedia editor Bass and fund, backed they added Did you know that the basket grow up to twenty five pounds, have four rows of human teeth and can speak spanish first grade level, the river Now, branching out down sides of streets and into neighborhoods paper, Everywhere- is a network of freshwater capillaries through town. Back delays of up to ten to twenty minutes? As you try to get the Mission Grove Park, this has been traffic. The whole town feels like a carnival now with the flashing lights of the arbalist and its crescendo of lively music filling the cool twilight. Air we dance, we say We revel in togetherness and share our fears of what will happen next. What will the shouldn't be and more Importantly, what will be its answer?. When every name has been placed upon the arbalist, then
The blue glow of the towering monolith will die away. The entire structural turn black all except one, and name. One name will remain lit on the oblast and that person shall be sent forth to ask the question they may ask. Any question they choose and the obvious will tell them, and only then the answer No one else can hear this communication. If the receiver wishes to share what they now know, they are allowed to do so many years back, ritual was more organised early, night, Vale Townships, planned a democratic approach to this opportunity. Mickey of the Apple ask was formed to decide on the single most important question to ask this which came about in response to these super blunder of nineteen? Thirty two, when a six year old boy named Bartholomew Thomson, chosen to deliver the question he asked the oblast if he was quote gonna of corn for dinner, the apple
apparently said no because little boy, it started crying and the obvious quickly disappeared, not to return for most ten years by that time The committee of the arbalist was established and they chose the question How do you cure cancer? This is a good and noble question by the citizen chosen by the oblast. Was a farmer named bury me kitty who tried his best, to take careful notes, but a lot of the detailed medical jargon was just too complex for him. The committee Read this question again six years later, but the obvious refuse to respond to any question it had already answered so Sidney later to of old time. Night fail, not having a backup question from the committee asked. If his wife Jessica was cheating on him with Gerald Framingham and the obvious said no, but it only said that, because Gerald Actual s name was framing ton says you just messed up
over the decades, the Committee of the Arbalist asked, is God real and the obvious said yes, but nothing more. After this they tried to ask questions that would illicit more detailed responses one year they asked who planned the assassination of J F K and were disappointed to learn that it was a c. I a Fidel Castro, Frank Sinatra, triumvirate that concern dared to murder. Our thirty fifth president, was the most boring. Answer, but at least it verified. What everyone already knew by them I nineties, though the Committee of the Arbalist, kind of fallen out of fashion after years of corporate funding and corruption see this controversy exploded in ninety ninety seven with a question put forth by the committee, which, at the time was headed by the CFO of Pepsico, was what's the best Eastern carbonated soft drink on the market today, the public's answer
to the chairman's great disappointment was sir, urge today, whoever is called on by the obligation, is given free rein to ask whatever they choose. However, many news outlets regularly published lists of recommended questions, but there, is always the risk that some one will ask something frivolous like what Jason, whereas up to these days or where is the body of my missing father, please God! Please don't call on Susan women. She will blow it and now a word from our sponsors you tired of wrinkled shirts dear closed it static cling. How many I'm still short to work with your shirt, all rumpled not smelling like C4, missed you're, not going to get a promotion. Looking like that, and while no one deserves anything, you certainly should appear to deserve that promotion. You need crisp clean.
Non ionized clothing that smell like see, foam missed you want to smell, like C4, missed, tried, tied parts with our special formula of citrus extract kelp and milk. That tied pods can be the all natural solution to all of your laundry problems. You does tied pods because you deserve that promotion over Michaela, whose only like twenty two years old. What has she ever done to deserve a promotion? What's Mikhail is deal even thoughts remember when we seemed like a big problem: who listener bears the apple, This has gone dark. The music has ceased. The whole all town in circles the tower waiting for its declaration, for who shall ask the question: in the quiet night, under few stars peeking through the purple sky. We can hear only the sounds of crickets, the abolition?
so black as to appear cut out from reality, suddenly shines a small blue line. It is a aim, it is on the self face and it is no. No, no! No, the stairs. I don't know if I can stop this, but I will try. Let's go now to the weather. I like the way you like your favorite books. You hard is good and natural. You love the mornin lad and now the play and laid it now. No wonder why we on a perfect. We don't see
All these things in life. Would you like dogs me, I'm indisposed in your beautiful and so full of life, your music taste troubled and we were It's too late
what about his gratitude and you yourself, the very smallest aids and bring them closer. Never take it easy all these things and love. Would you like me to see your beautiful your movie trouble with its too late.
Maybe there could come a day, the way you see that spin ever back in town, Well, it's too late, she's asked her question. I'm not sure how I could have stopped this disaster, even if I made it over there before she could ask it. As you know, by now the Arbalist lit up with Susan Women's name, and she
Green smugly, into that thickly. Who me? Why am guide gesture and then walked on up to the obvious, the crown was calling up. Questions to her like a game, show audience trying to help a contested, no single phrase, discernible above the others, and Susan just looked around her big goofy eyes scanning the people around her as if she would actually lower herself to listen to their questions. She thinks so high and mighty. With her pity officer status under hit broadly musical production, no no no Susan's above us all, just as important as she can be she waved her arms like wings for quiet. The ADI obeyed. She so self importance, o attention seeking and then she, asked her question the one question we as a town get only every decade or so and Susan said hey, Sir, what's your name? What's your name
east, you forget. We only get one question that the crowd began to blue, or at least I did I started doing, and I am part of the crowd. The obvious began to speak only into Susan's, mind and Susan listen closely. She giggled at first like a little girl hearing a silly joke from a grandfather and then hurt, your filled last turned into tearful. Breaths, which eventually became too sobs after about three. Minutes, the arbalist benched? and Susan stood alone on the small hill between the wailing pit and the memorial debris heap, and He told us what she heard, or she told us some of what she heard, Susan set in unusually booming, authoritative voice. Whoso ever speaks allowed, the name of the abolition shall become the oblast, whose
whoever becomes the apple disk shall live forever. Whosoever lives forever, shall know all things. Whosoever knows all things shall be damned and whosoever hears. The name of the apple disk spoken allowed shalt perish the crowd parted for Susan Ass. She left the power They mumbled their disappointment in both the question and its answer. Some spoke with pity: some with disdain, whilst but it was all pretty cool anew. Much better than last time when Dave asked who would win. The two thousand thirteen NBA Championships said one person Dave One, money. Other answer, though, responded another. He has a yacht now the harbour and waterfront recreation area, most everyone whispered their fear for Susan's power itself I mean Susan received a gift today, a cursed, cursed gift,
me, you know what think I might go see that sunset boulevard. After all, and I love it, I don't to tell Susan very often what a visionary theatrical director she is, but I I might even put some stacks of cash down on her cakes Saturday to really support that act, Make the Catalan team, spirit of american ingenuity and perseverance and all that. Good question Susan. Like two, never let the answer but good question and the less you're one of if not the Best person, I know thumbs up. Stay do next for our newest gameshow. Nothing will ever be the same good night night veil. Goodnight,
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