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173 - The Hundred Year Play

2020-09-01 | 🔗

After a century of continuous performance, the Hundred Year Play is nearing its final scene.

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Hello, its September somehow doesn't seem right, but my counter is being insistent and so operating the start of the spooky time of year. We we're doing a live performance for all of you in your homes of the classic welcomed night failed double episode, the sandstorm. Yes, this is the episode that introduce desert, Bluffs and Kevin to the world of night fail and it will be performed on live stream with live, Cecil, live dispersion and LIVE Kevin plus we be writing a number of brand new, never before her guest parts. So this will be a fool cast version of the sandstorm like no one has ever heard. This is streaming on September. Twenty fourth, at eight p M tickets are p what you want start at five dollars. Do not miss it. If you haven't One of our lives streams, though,
version we did of the librarian was so fine and it is still available to watch. That's right. You can buy tickets to that one as well, and watch that one right away? All of this is that welcomes night till dark common. Unlike shows nay
We're still hear you and I good for us- hey it's Jeffrey Crater. I want to take a second to tell you about one of the greatest podcast. It's maybe my favorite podcast. It's called this sound serious and it's a scripted. True crime comedy show with impeccable writing acting and design it smart and it's funny, and while it is kind of a parody of true crime, it really is grounded in compelling characters and story arcs its darn near perfect. I promise the first two seasons run best of lists for Apple podcast, him any wire and now finally season. Three of this sound serious is out now this season is called grand casino and it follows the story of a con man who operated in Hollywood in the early nineties. Season three is out now and I'm freaking dying. I'm so happy download this sound serious. Where ever you get your podcast. Do it please quoth the raven welcome to night veil?
listeners, some exciting news from the world of theatre, the hundred year, plague is about to reach its final seen. Yes, this is the play that has been running continuously since nineteen twenty written by a brilliant playwright, Hannah Hersman, designed to take exactly one hundred years to perform and the tireless volunteers of the night Veil Players Playhouse had been going through those scenes one after another, four decades upon decade there There is little time to rehearse for each hour new seeds and each scene will only be performed once the play moves on in order to keep up with
scheduled needed to execute the entire script before. A century elapsed, since it is a monumental work of theater, but, like all work it must. They seeks today, specifically I will be in attendance at this historic moment when the final scene is performed and the curtain clauses on the hundred year play more soon, but first the new. We bring you the latest on the law suit the estate Franklin Chin versus the city of night veil, as you know, cases grown so large and complicated that I have not had the to discuss it in my usual all community radio broadcasts, but instead have nor did a true crime. Podcast called bloody laws, bloody clause, the murder of Frank chat, in which I
I have to get to the truth of just what happened on the fateful night when five headed Dragon Ironic Daniels, met, Frank Chin and then later Sanctions body was found covered in burns and plumbers, its in founding mystery. The sheriffs secret police announced that it seems really complicated and they're, not even going to try to solve that sucker. Oh, what a secret police spokesmen muttered at an earthworm he found in his garden. You want us to fail. You want to see us bail that's why you want us to investigate this case to see us, but you let it the family of French and say they merely want the appropriate parties. In this case the city, Night veil Daniels and and omniscient conception of God to take responsibility for their part. In this tragedy, the trial is now in its tenth.
And has included spirited reenactments of these supposed murder by hopeful players. Playhouse performers, in between their work on the hundred year play three changes of judge and venue, due to quote some dragon attacks and key stint, interruptions from a local audio journalists who hosts a widely respected throughout still with all this we near a verdict, Judge Chaplain, has indicated she will issue a ruling soon like in the next year, or so she said, certainly within five years. Listen, I don't owe you a verdict just because Your pay me to do a job. You can't rush me to do it. The verdict will be done when it's done chaplain than huffed out of the courtroom.
By journalists shouting recommendations for episodes of their pledge guest to listen to. I was present. You know on opening night of the hundred year play ah how the Theatre buzzed. Of course, this was partly the audience thrilled to be at the start of such an unprecedented work, but mostly it was the insects than I fail players. Playhouse house had quite a pest problem at the time and still does it's difficult to do. Pest control when there was a hundred year long play being performed onstage at every hour of every day the curtain opened. There was many years ago on a simple set of a studio apartment, kitchen, I caught a window overlooking a brick wall, a man sits in the corner, deep in thought. A door bell rings. I mean it's open. The man says women enters flustered. She is holding a new born,
being a murder. She says victim was alone in the room, and all the doors and windows were locked. My God the man says and springs up who I've done this and the FAO, the woman, tells him to be the gardener. Mr Speckle, he served. The victim of the war and never could forgive him for what happened there. He threw. Venomous snake through and of it, the man said, back down, nodding, Ah I see them three is solved. As a playwright anniversary, not believe and springing up mysteries a second longer than was necessary. The baby in the woman arm stirs it'll one woman says The man looks out the window where he cannot see the sky. It might look like rain. He said Who knows thus be and a journey of a hundred years,
and now a word from our sponsors, today's epoch, It is sponsored by the night fail Medical board, which would like to remind you that it is important to drink enough water throughout the day more water, your body, function without water without water. You were just dust made. Animate water forms squelching mud of sentience try to have at least two. Big glasses of water, not over the entire day right now, see if you can get all ten of them down, explore the capacity of your stomach, see if you can make it burst. You will either feel so much better or an organ. Explode and you will die painfully and either it is more interesting than the mundane. Now you should drink, even more water than that wander out. Your door searched the earth for liquids, find a lake a dream, the entire thing until the bottom feeders flop, helplessly on the flat lands, laugh
sloshing Lee. As you look upon the destruction, you have wrought the power that you possess. Now that you are well hydrated move on from the lake and come to the shore of an ocean Oceans are one ocean that we have arbitrarily categorized by language. The sea. He knows no separation, and neither will you when you lay belly down on the sand, put your lips against the waves and guzzle The ocean. The ocean is salty, it will not be very high rating, so you'll need to drink a lot of it. Going until the tower tops of Atlantis see sky again for the first time in centuries, until the strange glowing creatures of the deep deep are exposed, splain out from their bodies, now that they no longer have the immense pressure of the ocean depths to keep their structure intact, and once you have drunk the oceans turns
eyes to the stars, for there is water out there too, and you must suck dry, the universe, It has been a message from the night Veil Medical Board twenty years passed without me. Thinking about the hundred year play know how it is one day you're and in turn, at the local radio station, doing all that normal errands like getting coffee and painting Pinta calls upon station management the words as part of the ritual of slumbering ancients, then twenty here's passes and everything is different for you, your boss, he's gone, and now you are the host of the community radio station, and there are so many new responsibilities and worries and lucid mayors in which you explore a broken landscape of colossal ruins. So with all of that, I just kind of forgot. The hundred year play was happening, but they were toiling away in their doing scenes around the clock. Building and tearing down
it sets a frantic pace, trying to keep up with the script that relentlessly went on page after page, and sometimes we of the people working on the play would wonder how does this all end, but before they could flip ahead there would be another seem that had to be performed. Did they wouldn't have a chance? So no one, knew how within did no one except Hannah. Hersman. The mysterious author of this centennial play soon after becoming radio host during the reading of a community calendar, I was reminded that the play was still going on and so decided to check. In I put on my best tux That's the one with the scales and a confetti cannon and then took myself to a night at the theater. I can't say what happened in the past, but since that first seen, but certainly much had transpired We were now in a space colony, thousands of years from now and the settlers
just some sleek chairs and a black backdrop dotted with white stars of paint a woman. Giving a monologue about the distance she felt between the planet. She was born on which I believe was supposed to be earth and the plan, She now stood on. I understood from what she was saying that the trips she had taken to this planet was one way and that she would never returned to the place. She was born. We are all of us by she whispered in a cracked hoarse voice not one of us dies in the world we were born. The EU too. Thing in my seat in the darkened theater. I knew two facts with certainty The first was that this woman had been giving a monologue for several days.
Now she waver on her feet, speaking, be it higher for hours that I was there and I don't know how longer. She spoke after I left, but it could have been weeks. She was pale and her voice was barely audible, but there was something transfixed thing about. It and the audience sat, imperfect, silence, leaning forward to hear her words. The other fact I understood was that this war- was the new born from the very first see not just the same. Character, but the same actor Twenty years later, she was still on that state still portraying the life of the child we had been introduced to in the opening lines. She was an extraordinary performer presuming having had a literal lifetime of practice, and that was last time I saw the play until tonight when I will go to watch the final scene, but first
take a look at that community calendar Tonight- the school board is meeting to discuss the issues of school lunches. It see. That's some power argued that it isn't enough that for some reason we charge the kids actual money for these lunches. They argue that the students should also be required to give devotion and worship to a great glowing cloud who's been power, will fill their lives with purpose dude new privacy rules. We cannot say which member of the school Board made the suggestion the board will be taking public comment in a small flimsy, wouldn't booth out by the highway. Just entered the damp dark, terrier and whispered. Your comment- and it will be heard- perhaps not the school board, but certainly by something Tuesday morning Lee Marvin will be offering free acting classes at the wreck centre. The class entitled acting is just lying. Will teach you how acting is just saying things that are true
Emotions, you don't feel so that you may fool those watching with these miss truths. Fortunately, Marvin commented. Most people don't want to be told the truth and prefer the quiet, comfort of a lie. Well told classes are hey what you want, starting at ten thousand dollars Thursday. Gosh created, will be taking the form of a waterfall in Grove Park so that neighbourhood kids may swimmin him. There is not loves, may opportunities in a town is dry, is night veil, and so this is a generous move on Josh's part he has promised that he has. Been working on the form and has added, the water slide and sunbathing deck. He asked that ever when swim safely and please not leave any trash on Friday Corn field will appear in the middle of town right where it does each September as air turns cooler and the
sky in the west, takes on a certain shade of green. The corn field emanates a power electric and awful. Please do not go into the corn field as we do. What lives in their or what it wants. The council would like to remind you that the corn field is perfectly safe, it is perfect and it is safe. Finally, Saturday never happened not if you what's good, for you got it has been the community calendar. Oh look at the time. Here, I am blabbering on the play is about to end. Ok, let me grab my new many recorder that Carlos got me for my birthday. It's only thirty five pounds and the antenna is a highly reasonable seven feet and I'll see you all their what's. The weather like for my commute
I believe it to be brought into next year. S budget, though it was there with me.
Carlos and I are at the theatre, the audiences, a buzz with excite Yes, but also many of them are the insects that invest this theatre, the bugs became entranced. By the story over the years passing down through Bree. Generation after brief generation that history of all that happened before the story of the play, came something of religion to this creepy, Crawley Civilization, and so now the bugs are jittering on the walls thrilled to be the generation that gets to see the end of this great tale, the curtain rises on a scene. I recognise well, it is simple, set of a studio apartment kitchen caught a window overlooking a brick wall. A man sits in the corner, deep in thought. A door bell rings come in its open. The man calls woman enters she
very old tottering unsteadily on legs that have carried out for many many years. Please take my seat. The man says with genuine concern. Thank you. She says collapsing with relief onto the cushions and then looking out as it for the first time noticing the audience. I know this woman So here is a baby, and leader is a twenty year old. It seems she has lived her whole life on this stage. Taking part in this play, my name, the woman says his Hannah Hirsch than I was born in this theatre, clutching a script in my arms that was bigger than I was Sweden, in a way I started acting in that script of mind before I was even aware of the world. I grew up in that script lived my entire life If in the play I had written from infancy to now,
She rises and the man reaches out to help, but she waved him away. She speaks her voices strong ringing out through the theatre the play and sweep my death The play is my life is bound. By the same hours and minutes that I am the audiences wrapped. Many have tears in their eyes. Even the insects weep. Thank you, for these hundred years and her and says this script is complete. She walks through the window, it might look like rain. She says who knows the lights damp Thunderous applause cries of a claim and how nah Hersman dies to the best possible sound. A person can hear concrete evidence of the goods they have done in the lives of other humans stay to next. For these
second, ever night, veil players, playhouse production now that they finally finished this one there going to do God spell and from the script of a life. I have not yet finished. Performing good night night veil, Goodnight locker tonight, a production of night nightgown presents it is written by Joseph Thank and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin, originally.
Is it by disposition. All of it can be found at desperation, dot, band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was shallow eyes by Brad Bends, go find out more at Brad Ben School, music, dot, com comments, questions, email, sat in fell at welcome to night, fell, dot com or follow us on twitter at night, fell radio or wait for us to run out of television. We're gonna run out of television. Soon rain check out. Welcome tonight, veil, dot com for info about our upcoming live stream production of our classic episode, the sandstorm with a number of brand new guest appearances life feeder, but you don't have to wear real clothes to watch it. Today's proverb,
many are called, but few are chosen and fewer still pick up, because most calls are spam. These days they say you shouldn't meteor heroes and Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I made my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life. This fog has his. Will you be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, I only listen to the mountain goods, find it wherever you listen. The pot casts acts.
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