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177 - Bloody Laws, Bloody Claws: The Murder of Frank Chen

2020-11-01 | 🔗

The final episode of the true crime podcast “Bloody Laws, Bloody Claws: The Murder of Frank Chen”

The voice of The Faceless Old Woman is Mara Wilson.

The voice of Carlos is Dylan Marron.

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to the magic sash. Wherever you find your pod casts one man, search for justice, about one families, search for justice, about one dragons search for justice. For one man, that's right! It's the! idle episode of bloody laws, bloody clause. This he's the verdict, Jane was now is go and I have to wonder what was very clear as day. We will solve the murder of French. welcome back to another episode of bloody laws, bloody clause, the murder of Frank Chin. I am as always your host Cecil bomber. This is our well Seven hundred and twenty second episode,
Can you believe we have only been doing this since December, and this is likely to be our final episode. As today Judge Chap is scheduled to issue her long awaited verdict, we're going to bring this verdict to you live, but of course this is a pug cast out a community radio so, You will later download that live recording, by which point I will not be life, I'm not a hundred percent upon this all this tech stuff, but while
Is the money better in true crime podcasting than community radio? I mean who knew right yeah. I was surprised if this is your first time joining us on bloody laws. Bloody clause welcome welcome for the best experience. You really should start at episode, one and listen to all seven hundred twenty one previous episodes in order, but I'm sure the ten friends, as my fans call themselves, will welcome you in and let you know what's been going on: joint them on the discord and the twitch chat and the sub read it and the Petra. I have no idea what any of those things are, but I've been told firmly by my producer that you cannot make anything now without having all of those things. In the meantime, let's get to a quick recap of the case. So this story, as you Chin friends, no goes all the way back if you can believe it to two thousand twelve put yourself in that
went in time on that Bening as president and don't I wish that was still the case. Yo Yo R, big again, no one would be caught dead in short, not like today, in which, due to new city ordinances, you can be dead if caught without them at a five heads Dragon named Hiram, Miss Daniels is pulled over while driving a pickup truck that belongs to a human man named Frank Chin when asked for Idee Hiram hands over francs driver's license and explains that he is normal human, Frank Chin. The these have no reason to doubt Hiram answer they let him go but later that day, the real frank, chins body is bound covered in burns and large claw marks just what happened Frank Chin who killed him and what does I remain Daniels. Literal five had a dragon have to do with all this. That's what we ve been tried.
To find out in the metaphorical pages of this little podcast, when criminal charges never came and untiring rectangles fled town. After the death of one of his five heads, the family of French and turned to these civil courts for justice. They filed due to gets Hiram rectangles, as well as the city of light bill and the sheriffs secret police for negligence. In the investigation, this has gone on for almost a year now and it is taken a heavy toll on this town. Making us dwell on an ugly and murderous chapter in our history. On the other hand, it turn But a true crime podcast about an active cases, basically printing money. So not all bad, which reminds me we need to get to our first sponsor sponsor today is free to box. It's a box of reach. Comes in the mail once a week.
don't get to choose the fruit, it might be he'd, apples and a key. We might only be one banana. You do not get to choose the fruit, I mean we don't even get to choose the fruit, we just close our eyes and throw it in their at random from a big fruit, pile we keep our office and then we seal up that box without looking. If we the box with our eyes closed, which does sometimes happen, then the box will be empty. Sorry, that's just part of the deal. No refunds but why shop in a store or online or at all, subjects I have today to fruit box using offer code, bloody laws, bloody clause, the murder, Frank Chin. That's all in caps. One word freeze replace the ease and you'll get ten percent off your first box of fruit, brief box. What's in the box, what's in a box, relax buddy, it's just brute now, as usual, it point in our podcast bring in our legal expert to talk- is through the intricate matters of jurisprudence involved in a big case like this, so
I turned it over to our legal expert, the faceless old woman whose secretly lives in your whole. Thank you, Cecil. In order properly considered this case, one must look at the full history of dragon law. Recorded legal case involving dragons. Was in the year seventy six in which a dry In eight, most of the shepherds flock and the Shepherd went to his local chieftain with a complaint The chieftain ruled that it was absolutely aggravating with the dragon did, but at that point dragging had flown off, and there was nothing much anyone could do about it. The next face was in twelve ninety one in which a dragon sue to get her came back from a local lord who had begun to strip bind the cave for iron the dry, explained that the clanging in banging was interrupting her sleep habits and she wanted out of their or else, the Spirit of her, or else was made imminently clear when she hoped a white hot burst of flame from her nostrils
unfortunately, for her course at the time were judged by the local lords and he ruled against her in the case of her versus him until Finally, for him, she made good on her or else and burned him to a crisp and which Wait. The minors were all freed from their cruel labours and celebrated the death of the tyrant. So that one worked out pretty well. The last case I want to point to is from nineteen seventy one in which it was ruled that incorporeal ghostly or otherwise in human beings are allowed to live in homes, secretly or otherwise, no man but the wishes of those they are hunting. This doesn't have anything to do with dragons, but it's a case that very important to me for reasons I will whisper in your ear tonight, as you toss in turn. Wish with all your heart for sleep that will never come thanks. Baseless old woman, fascinating oh say did you study law never studied law, but I've
century is on the wrong side of it that teaches you everything you need to know makes total. So and I have no further questions, let's move on come from community radio. I wasn't aware of the larger world of pot casts. Did you know that ninety percent of pod casts are now multi media empires? It's true, or at least according to my new agent, I ve never met her, but she promises that I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams. I merely had to supply my bank information to her and she would make sure that money will just come reining in which it has it. Yet, if anything, my my account seems a little smaller, but she just explained that this is just a glitch and that the big bucks are coming. She just kept shouting the big Books are coming
Over and over until I had dying up enemy guess she said: she's got me a book deal a buck deal. I book in progress is cold. Hiram portrait. Of a five headed murderer developing a tv show that is going to be on Fritz the new streaming channel only available in smart refrigerators, Antwerp. Ending a sixty cities, speaking tour, in which I will be reenacted. What I think happened to Frank Chin using puppets and the voice acting class Is that the community centre that Carlos got me for my birthday? So many exciting new steps in my new career, but my agents name is Where did ask probably not that important
Now, it's time before we reach the verdict to exhaustively go through the evidence, one by one pick through that discuss what we think it means and maybe bring on a few more experts to chat about each item. This take a while. So, first up Hey sweetie. Are you recording your show again. Oh yes, you're on it right now, the third there listening, but you can edit this outright because I pod costs are in life. I dont know what it means
Ok, well, I just wanted to let you know that I made lunch and its pasta salad, just the way you like it dry and crunchy. Oh, that's so! Sweet Carlos, but I can't leave right now of the verdict is about to happen of no. I get it. That's that's why I brought it to all thinks my little tortoise well in July and say hi to your frank, bunch of temperance ownership, say hi to them, and you should definitely edit this bit out an egg. I can show you I later who I can't imagine with that, entails by three by ok, it's I am for our second sponsor, to pay the bills, no such thing it's a free lunch unless you're sweet husband brings you pass the cell but the court house, while you're recording your podcast. In that case, lunch is free. Today's sponsor is me undies, think about the first. Person in history who intentionally made a fire, it's possible that this was far
the fact that it was technically a person as in a homo sapiens. It could have been a neanderthal flame, sprang from their actions and idea made hot and tangible were before they had to wait for fire to start by an accident of nature and then to see those calls for their use now, fire was theirs to be had whenever they needed. I bet cooked food it has never tasted so good not before, nor sets think of them. Lying in the grass watching over their little fire like it was a child because, like a child, if it was not watched over intended correctly, it could grow to be big again dangerous, think of the pure joy of starting higher me. on undies, its underwear, you know o It looks like the big moment is here: judge
Clayton has arrived and is setting up for her verdict reveal she's see, sing the room with some hit in the aces and flowers so that she can make them appear later, and I think there might be wires leading to the ceiling for some kind of limitation portion of the show, while she does that lets go as we always do at this point, in an episode of bloody laws to an unrelated song
Well, do you part.
again to judge Chaplin's verdict. We ve made it The four show an she is just finishing up: sawing the bailiff and half so we should the legal meat of it. Soon all o k, o K. I did not expect doves to fly out of the bailiff, like that very impressive maybe the most impressive verdict. I've seen sense, Judge Houdini sentence, fifteen petty beads in consent, They trials to community service, all the while escaping from a padlocked male sack dropped at the bottom of the vault of a river. But now we ve reached the decisive moment. Judge Kaplan is indicating that whoever has the king of hearts in their breast pocket is the winning side and both legal, too Sir padding themselves down and it's the family, Frank Chin, the has found in favour of the plaintiff vehicle
chattering and one guy with a podcast is loudly narrating. Everything as it happens, so the judges banging her apple for order. She means that the city of night veil, the sheriffs secret police, hiring Daniels and an concept of God or all responsible in their own way, for the death of Frank Chin and this The current lack of justice for his murderer. I remain split ten years ago, and no one has any idea where he is gone. has been seen around here since at least the seventies, so it looks like the brunt of the responsibility is going to come down on the city and the police it has come down to a war damages Judge Chaplain, explains that she believes in a simple kind of justice that the best way to make things hole is to rectify the situation directly answer but the family of Frank trend is owed Frank chance life. they are owed, one living Frank Chen until the data
his natural death. Whenever that was supposed to be, if they failed to pray this within one calendar year, all of their assets, including the town of night, fail, will be turned over to the family of Frank, Chen listers. This is unprecedented. I am unclear how a city is supposed to bring a man who has been dead for eight years back to life, and it seems the city does not know either. But honestly, it's a fair verdict, the city of night lawyers are looking at each other with their hands in their air, shaking their heads and mouthing things like, but that's impossible, and I really didn't expect this trial to turn out this way. Wow. This is really exciting. It Take me at least another year of this podcast to proper the analyze, the verdict and its implications and, of course, to but the city and sheriffs. police, as they attempt to delve into the ultimate mystery of life and death in order to fulfil the court's judgment. Thank God
I was really wondering when I was gonna do. If I lost its podcast income, I've got. The lavish podcast lifestyle and wasn't ready to turn to the simple hermitage. of community radio just yet well. This right set up for the not final episode of bloody laws, bloody clause, Oliver Your friends join me for my usual for our behind the scenes commentary episode on our Patrie on in which I analyze my analysis in this episode and as I always say at the end of this podcast, that about Does it for me night veil, that about does it for me. bombast makes the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. I only
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bloody laws. Bloody clause is a production of night veil presents, it is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disparate and the voice of bloody laws. Bloody clause is Cecil Baldwin the voice of the baseless old woman was Mara Wilson. The voice of Carlos was Dylan Marin original music. Dispersion. All that can be found. And at dispersion dot band camp dot com. episodes unrelated song was the ghost who wasn't there. By a Sunday fire find out more at a Sunday fire dot band Camp dotcom comments, questions, email, sat info oh at welcome tonight, veil, dot com or followers on Twitter. At night fell radio or keeping spoon There's no reason that October has to be the only spooky month. Check out. Welcome tonight DOT com for holiday gifts. You can buy for the people in your life. Today's proverb, if a tiny.
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They say you should meet here. He arose and Joseph think and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat, the show where I mean my hero and have conversations about songwriting, art and life, this fog. As this will you be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, if I only listen to the mountain goats, find it wherever you listen, the pot casts x.
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