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2021-02-15 | 🔗

A memorable trip into the woods

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veil hi listeners. It's been a dull winter and I haven't gotten out of the house much family and I have been nesting mostly and that's ICE cooking dinner catching up, when all the popular shows like loop been blown away and even old episodes of the office or not. American one, but the original looped not version where the main character as a one, eyed starling voice by film, allegedly Marvin. It's much cutting in its humor me, episode is when the whole staff learns to summon the lost souls of the ancient ones and
Starling sings dirge about drowning in a lake and and then the corporate manager is interrogated by Interpol for successfully doing alchemy the tv he's gotten kind of all. Then we got a touch of cabin fever. So we decided it was time to get out of the house and go for a hike on saturday- we drove a few hours north to read- would remain State park and we brought our little Esteban with us, because it is never too early to introduce children to nature, and it was a fine and spiritually rewarding trip and theirs. nothing like the mighty heights of centuries old trees to make you feel small like a baby held clue Some tight, protected, the dangers in the malicious sky, above I feel so refreshed. I can't recommend the woods enough. What about what in time to spend with a family. It's a trip that wills a with me forever.
or in my hike soon but Let's have a look now at traffic at the intersection of high street and Mcdowell sits. A two thousand for Honda, see Harvey Silver with a broken daylight in the car is a man named Sergei he's. Look of the night sky. He does not see the light changed from red to green. Nor does he noticed this process repeating there was no one behind him to indicate his attention should be otherwise paid to the road. The section of high street Mcdowell is curiously empty, except for the man. Is two thousand for sea Harvey. If anyone elsewhere around and they were to look at the same night sky, they would see blackness and stars Ain't slit of nearly new moon, they may see an airplane or the West the cloud yet Sergei see something that anyone else would not.
Sergei sees a triangle of bright orange lights, they move nor blink, simply are an inscrutable pyramid perched in the firmament circuit wonders if they are extraterrestrial or just a trick of the eye The traffic signal changes from red back to green and the sea Harvey does not move no one else is around the scared. He is hopeful to Sergei hopes that he is to be abducted. Eight, even taken away from his job and his wife and his dogs and his family, taken away from his see Harvey with it's broken tail light taken away from high street and Mcdowell. He doesn't know if you Alien craft would imprison him experiment on him. Or even kill him ever that is unknown, is hope, It does not pray the only thing
so the possibilities of leaving his car, his body his planet and as the trap, signal changes again, surgeon opens his car door and steps out jacket list into the brisk night air swirling breeze curls his hair. he stands at the center of the intersection at high street Mcdowell and waves. He waved to the triumvirate of orange lights in the night sky and he imagined someone or something waving back. This has been traffic, More on our hike, I can't stop thinking about it, my home, been Carlos, as you may know, is a scientist, and he was truly in his element. He showed us all kinds of flora and fauna telling tons of interesting facts, but everything that we encountered. We saw them Dragon flies some as large as my hand. There were hawk
the more just the most hawks, like think of all the hawk You ve ever seen now double that then at nine, then by three that is how many hawks we saw in just a single afternoon. The hawks called above us, which caused the rabbits to hop and scamper in all directions, little three year old, shouted bunnies and he tried to pet them, but Carlos cautioned him that, while most mammals look like they want, hugs almost one of them do Esteban. disappointed that he could not pick up the rabbits. Especially when one of the hawks did that very thing. Carlos explained, the circle of life to our inconsolable sun, which went over better than expected, especially be We found a little creek with some toads for Esteban to play with. I remember going to the woods as a young boy, with my sister and my mother, we used to go up, three or four times each year on a long hike.
I recall most vividly where the apples even in the bright of day. They were so loud so very loud. I asked my mother why the owls were so noisy and she never answered me once I even found a sleeping raccoon and coyote was hunched over it. Playfully gnawing at its open belly you learn so much in the woods. I'll, never forget those times Last Saturday, in the woods I heard the owls again, their low hoots and growls ever present forgotten their sound, but it all came back to me. I asked Tell us why the apples were always making that noise didn't seem to know why or even understand what I was asking. It was a wonderful day watching Esteban and Carlos sitting on MOSS, covered, rocks and point to get fish and salamanders. I thought of what. must be like to have it dad.
And how I was so glad that, unlike b, Esteban as a loving father. In fact he has to that moment will stay with me forever more in our trip soon no financial news investor speculate on sadness as a commodity dreams unveiled their ip o sunshine is a crypto currency. Look around, you vesture say everything can be monetize? All of it is capital all of it this fluctuating. Do you sometimes feel tired reap dividends on your emotions. There is no reason not to earn compound interest on feelings. Look at the Some p five hundred investors say it is a list of five hundred of the top intuitions being felt by human beings. Healthy scepticism is up Two points. Indecision is up one point, five sensation in your belly, when you go down the hill too fast is up. Six
futures trading on happiness, is all the rage according to the financial experts so you're despair, eggs, straining at an all time, low, say financial planners past performer, she's not an indicator of future results, except when it comes to money money, always increasing its just pull from every orifice says, a man in a suit standing arms outstretched in a cloth. Foot tub pennies. falling from his eyes, nickels and quarters spewing from his contorted mouth. The rear if his slacks bulging, with second to we dollars. This has been financial news now. back to my many vacation to the woods. I, let's see When was I there I know I started to show talking about a recent trip I took was Ipod Carlos or was it just me. I've written down some notes, but I thought
but we still had is completely blank. It was such a memorable excursion, but for some reason I lost China thought oh Do remember. Owls, didn't see any owls. I dont know that I've ever seen an owl in the woods, but I heard them I remembered the sounds of the owls quite clearly the law droned of the relentless night Berge shaking the deep coils of my inner ear. Until I could not walk in a straight line barely stand up. I remember a man hold, No boys hand, and telling him about a tree Look a lot like those too go into the tree. The man the boy and the boy does not want to its war be quiet and there the man says the boy, but the boy cannot
over the sound of the owls. I can't shake these memories, but I can't expressed them either. In the meantime, here's a sports update, John Peters, you know the farmer play His fields of invisible corn this week, tilled the soil and then covered it over in fresh sod and compacted dirt. Him, took the area with long chalk lines and built offence at the far end, the corn fields, are completely gone now The place is a baseball diamond Johnson I was in my fields of invisible corn, and I heard this voice and the vote told me: if you build it, he will stir by for a visit, and I knew it was the voice of my narrator John continued like the ancient gods? I only exist because people talk about me believe in me
and if the narrator of my life should ever discontinue his old yarn about old, John well, I'd to exist, so I built it like the man, said I built me, baseball diamond John Thorpe, The voice was suggesting that by building a baseball diamond, the ghost of Johns Father would come to the farm and play catch with John, but as it turned out, the voice meant the tax collector see Johns Farm is not zoned for sports and recreation, so he got hit with a pretty have define John said it wasn't my PA that would have been nice but pat lust. The tax collector. He was real friendly, older. We through the ball around a few times it felt great, that's gonna, come back. we got a standing date every Saturday now to play catch.
John hopes he can start of professional team and joined the major leagues. These eddies already sent letters to some scouts for the pod, raise diamond, backs death, worms and daughters. Good luck, John Hope. You win the pin it. This has been sports Now I remember oh it's crystal clear. Now. I'm in the woods listeners at this exact moment, and the sound of the owls. Do you hear it. one long discordant grown by ears, her to my skin is flinching at the cold air. I feel the wind in my bones. There there's a redwood in front of me. It is noon, but the woods her dark for a small ray of speckled light shining on the base of the tree and there's a hole in the trunk. its barely wide enough to fit my shoulders, but I want to entered the tree but I am also afraid I cannot look inside it. Yes,
all of this because it's happening again at this moment. would stay with you for a lifetime. The memories are never fleeting. I look into the hole, and I see nothing. I place my feet Oh, I slide my hips into the tight fisher. My chest. It is so cramped. I do not know who will be able to fit or free myself sober like the sun. Like the day,
like the weather, watchful ships, teeming with fresh, recruit, listen to plan the strangers had brown with no things to go that day. Pass us, sometimes no matter how you spread- stew, don't make it too is just a sky. Could travel for a thousand laugh terms. He would reach the dearest stuff. It's just a scar three months since a load refer by way of saying the steel lever sounded play before the service here without us. It is sad by above slightly interests me the day, if he's just sky dreams. A really bad idea is that I have had a name is just a less waste with a tear the sole platform and has started to praise. We have, I think, something, baby, hedges, secular back there. I have what I thought I lacked open to others. Tat I felt was loved blood, sealed the naval just Jeffrey single blow. That comes your way. You view spot and the knave justice, if you stay still learn that he comes at the place, was just a scar yesterday, just discovered. Where was I.
just now. I do not know where I was. I my studio and theirs microphone in front of me a blank notepad and a Micro Cosette player. Why is that yeah, it's the little recorder. I had ass a kid. Are you the thing all the time pretending to be a little radio host narrowed. in every part of my life. I have seen this in the years that I bring it up. Good me today, no, I would remember that but see. What's on it It Cecil curse from homer. They came to us Nineteen, I claim beside a tree, it's dark than anything. I've ever experienced find my way out. I am afraid- and I am alone above me, I could hear the loud, humble bowels like a diesel engine, and I am cracked weight as you like
called the light I do not like it. Brighter. No, no, no. Cecil goes from former separately six twenty twenty I into a hole at the base for tree ibis on hike. I think, so darkened here. As ever, in its such darkness, I am alone, except for owls. I hear the gnashing girdle avowal, like a king, saw a low speed in this way. This light coming toward me cannot move, but I must
Cecil guttural Colmar February fifteenth twenty twenty one. I am inside a tree that there was a whole and for some reason I crawled inside it. I've never done anything that crazy before so dark darker than anything I've ever seen- and above me, I hear owls wailing like a pressurize steam vowels on a radiator. None of this is familiar, except in light light stealing my mind. I know that light. I know that light Sorry about that, I thought I get here some old recordings of me, but it was just a blank tape. Listeners though well probably for the best if I ever found any old tapes of myself. I bet there be some really embarrassing stuff on there, this also has been nothing honestly remember any of the news from today it's after spin this job for a long time,
probably longer than I've been alive. I mean you ve been alive rubber every detail of every show. something, but I was, I think we were too he bought owls, it sounds they make, that reminds me. You know what. The kid. To go on these hikes in the woods couple hours outside of town at the red would remain state park. My mother, take me and my sister Abbe our mother wouldn't speak to us. She would just walk and walk much, So then we could, and ethics wanted to lose us in the shadowy labyrinth of tall trees. But abbey- and I made our own fun play, hide and seek and try to toads and even had contest to see who could climb the highest and we always found our mom. She at the same old tree leaving flower
the base of its giant trunk, and we would high com remember with flowers were four She never said They were good memories. Those trips. I'd like to go back to those woods, maybe I, even find that same tree, where my mother left those flowers. Have no idea what I would gain from that. I haven't been to the woods, since I was very little Maybe it's time to go back, Nature is a great escape. It be a fund, four Carlos and Esteban to the whole Family memories to last a lifetime
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