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188 - Listener Questions

2021-05-15 | 🔗

Let’s go behind the scenes and answer some questions from listeners.

Weather: “Hey“ by Standpoint feat. Lady Daisy River, https://soundcloud.com/standpoint-1

The voice of Lucy in Claremont was Julia Morizawa.

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Hey it's Jeffrey, greener, with two things to tell you about one: we have alive stream tonight. Saturday may fifteenth at eight p m eastern time. This show is a story about the glow cloud all hail and the show is called all hail, which makes tons of sense. All hail is a super fun show, and it will require you to recite an oath fealty, which I know you're up for an Have some amazing guess: performers, along with Cecil Baldwin, there's MEG bash when or symphony sanders? How Lublin Joseph think and me of course, dispute we'll be there sweetly scoring the whole show and our weather is Dane Terry of Dream Boy, podcast fame. So that's all hail to night at eight p m Eastern go to welcome to night about com and click on live, shows to get your tickets, which are pay. What you want starting a five bucks and even if you can't make it tonight, get your ticket
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To get into here. We had to delay the episode that was planned for to day, but do not worry don't hit stop on this episode. We still have a special treat for you all. For years now we ve gotten emails. Asking us questions about the making of. I fail in our favour characters and what we think about this or that it so we just don't have the time or energy to answer every single one of those, but I thought it would be cool today. a few of the most interesting emails and give them the answers they deserve. So this first, one is from Lucy in Claremont, high Lucy and she its high. Whoever this is, I dont know you're getting out with the show or why are claiming to write it. These are actual broadcast from an actual. Town. I can hear it on my radio right now. How did you, find this radio station? What do you know about night fail and why are you pretending that you wrote any of this. I want answers
Look, I'm sorry, I didn't these emails out. Actually, I know I could I tried to make it sound like they were hand selected, but our business manager jewel as one who actually but prevented these. This is definitely a weird, Honestly, not sure what to say about this one: Lucy left her phone number? I mean I get I get there. just a joke, but you know maybe single collar. Ok, you're! Not Do it. Hello, I don't know anyone picked up any more what without it anyway, is this Lucy from Claremont. Who is this Yet this is Joseph think. With welcomed night fail, you wrote in, and- and Thank you, but I was, I was little can feel so you're the ones passing network off as your own,
it is our work. I've been writing, it say. Look I don't know what you're deal s, but I've been listening to broadcast from night fell for decades decades. On the radio You know like podcast, but hosted in the atmosphere which the frequency they don't come on any specific frequency. They just so comes find me when I'm listening to something else, Joe Frank on case. our w stain on care out back when that was a sentence that made sense the normal sing, waivers and then static, and then Cecil is that what works for you knew because Pat Cox I both these episodes and we ve never licence them for radio No, why you call me just to keep up the charade? I was excited to hear from someone else. about the show, but if you're just gonna keep lying look I'm lying Lucy Loose shown up.
I don't feel like I have any better handle on what's happening here, but I'm gonna reach at the Cecil Cecil Baldwin. it's our show lives in Brooklyn is an actor. You know. Sir. Call him see what he thinks about this. hi preach Cecil Baldwin. I dont really listen to my voice males, but go ahead and leave one hey Cecil its Joseph just have kind of a weird issue going on nothing. To worry about that you may call I'll just text you People do never mind. Don't bother listening this I'll, just text, you, let me call Jeffrey trainer. That's me Co. We write the show together because it's a fictional show it's not real ah scripts, and then actors. We describes. hey! What's up hey! This is going to sound weird did,
Did you see that email from Lucy yesterday it was sent to our info at my fill, address Lucy? That's that's one intimacy Hi, whoever the says I don't know getting an actual broadcast from an actual towering, pretend I don't know, Steward Fanny Mill, we get those sometimes probably don't respond. I'd say I called her. Ok, so she insists that she can hear the broadcasts on her radio and that night fell is real. But it's not so but this was silly sorry, for bothering you tell your tell your cats high. Oh tell them that right now, Reba bury Carol Uncle Joseph this high hooker Just like googling Nightingale which usually comes up with a picture of an hour
life shows a fan, art top result. is our website. Usually that's, not ok That's not what I'm saying town of night, fail population. Founding Day with PDF link, The itself has a Wikipedia page extensive. Her user picks of growth park. The moonlight all night diner and look at Hoddan. A minute Google to my life online diner as a young listing or a Boris road night fail in twenty four hours. Four points stars with two under sixty seven refuse Lou am says you have to try the invisible pie. It's just. An empty played and also it's delicious. None stuff, was here before. There was a fan wiki, I think,
Where did the sandwich? You go I'm looking at our own site. And I feel that calm and its page for working until late, Ohio, close a picture of it deep prior we're choice and I notice that their hiring thanks. site got hacked. That's the thing right. Burger king hacking, podcast sites. I think I heard about that on all things considered I need to, I'm gonna call sees about one again. Obviously here the actor reading the scripts. So he knows that it is fake and it would be helpful. I think right now for me to fear that I on aid makes his I'm just gonna high reach Cecil. I don't listen! my voice males, but go ahead and leave one. It's ok, I'll call him later hobby available later it's it's just
so I've been writing welcomed and I fell scripts since early twenty twelve. I started out writing this paragraph about light supposed Arby's in it just felt right and I kept far going that feeling I was, twenty five years old, when I that first little it of night. Fails us if no fear was real, if these are actual broadcast from a small desert town, then have I been writing. Who am I, where do I fit in this reality? You know these are, all questions not a small thing, finding out that your fiction is just right. Now, I guess, could I go visit? fail. Now. One may I couldn't away the Delta app shows? There are direct flights from J F K to the Randy Newman Memorial Naval Airport.
no one here, Jeffrey. What's up Ok, so I've been doing some digging and I think No! What's going on great, really glad someone does night. L is real bow! became real. Well, it's always been real. It's a town in the southwest, a very, very weird town, any exists and always has, but that wasn't the case even yesterday. This is if a modest, it's not making a ton of sense to me. Oh that's because simultaneously super confusing and completely some night bill was never real and then one day it was always really went from fiction to nonfiction and when that happened, its entire history became nonfiction too, and so it always existed
I do not know how to react to that yachts. Wild Did you see the expense report Joel Assent, I have not looked at it yet. So what does that mean? For us I mean if we wrote this fiction and now, This fiction is real. Does that mean we Gods are wind danger for was great on theology, but both of those are possible. I mean I'd. The danger is more likely than us suddenly being define Carol. No, I'm sorry Carol has learned that she can climb curtains now Cats are real bowl of mashed potatoes. She used To be when she was a kitten now she's more of a teenage dirt bag, I am Sorry, I'm still extremely caught up on this night. Phil is real. Now think. Do you know if Cecil's, ok, I mean our Cecil, I'm not sure no sorry curls acting up, I have to go by
So this seems a good time to try. Seesaw again, he probably was just we're busy it's usually a busy time of year for him. I think Providence, you my calls yet I'll just can you, number you dialed, if not a working number, please the number and dial again We took a medical noise thanks it if you feel very fecal out with this. I don't hooker. No sorry, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna play This recording forbid. I am industry I've down cease. apartments couple hours, I need to understand, what's happening, I will be back, the moment. This is just one. the things you ever had one of those is that a day you know it's just a capital, a d in the meantime, Here's a song I like
these days. I find myself in the three way drivers traced by a blow tat have neither the DJ planned favoured has changed in the state. Let's face it. What is it with you for the desire to begin and never fit me? I've gotta domination time bodies have displayed dvd seven I'll, find ninety he's crazy. It's like I'm making mistakes like need these. We judge the bar for life working in high spirits and tasters had them all the Miser iceberg did not adopt Sabrina defrauded began to pursue actually meant to do with my passport election is came. Appeal should be described to getting. Some crack appears to perfect the crowd, those you still. They know that I can so one day when America AIR lies in the fact that tries to years of a better life student knows there remains a muffled recognise his past, due from lake started due partly due to state and when a brain support washing away anything you many who came before safe storage is paying for the use of states. Never paid takes one of the greatest mean in these legal base. For the way some face to break the least deplete laser beams have ways and means in a peacekeeping they escape like we ass a scream of other breathtaking seen, and we have seen in ages, kingdom decent. But you are my favorite things. How, but the truth is that unacceptable breach misunderstood and there stood animal protein has been until what I heard Christmas level was. The life is finite. My entire life I gotta be disenchanted admired the fireflies at twilight by night. Approached the stick of zeal. The palm oil states, the pain, it's really can see frame application of which two stands between making the Hudson with our wish to see threefold. I complete view attack law, but only up to ten with a deep blue limit is somehow was that the review can this be true? The gipsy quit play. My favorite heads of its basic taste stay here to sack and try to establish better by having quite began a crisis like affair, where the petty combat alive
you like it, I went to Cecil's apartment. There was no answer about the front door was open. So I upstairs and knocked. There was no again it was unlocked, so I went inside on the other The door was back hallway of restaurant. It looked like white tile. White walls Dorothy said store room three bathrooms. He knows the usual, so I I went down the hallway and I was calling for sea soldiers. Like hasty, saw you there and I was in a diner. And there with all these people. Looking at me, a woman walked.
She she had a name tag that said Laura and branches growing out of her chest in her arms and her neck, and that sounds whim. Scuba, but I want you to imagine the reality of that. The strange rough skin, where the flesh meets bark away, twists, up out of the body was after turn around my head around this woman Laura asked me: are you looking for seesaw he's. Not here right now he's here the radio stations. turn? I stumbled out sunset right now Where I am in the small desert town The wind is hot smells like cutting, but there is a There is a loud thumping sound as a black helicopter flies overhead peering into the last of the sunlight behind the mountains, man, what peace,
covered in microphones more microphone than man and he says into Roper. What- you doing here, and I say I don't how I got here. understand what is happening did he not sympathetically and says this is common, the whole time he is furious. They scribbling down, notes and a note, Pat and blinking, red, recording lights flashed over his body. The guy city seen from an overnight flight, I have to go I say and I start running That's where I am now running down this road in a desert tat I invented in passing by a Strip mall where there is a big Rico. pizza and I made up that name I made that name- and here it is sign in the window. Now serving wheat and wheat by products Who was in the kitchen doesn't look like we It looks
Ok, keep moving. Next door, there's a laboratory, bright buzzing neon lights. It says Carlos his lab science. While you wait and then another big neon sign of a guy in a lab coat and it s legs does kick in repeating innovation. Acute actually theirs. Please take all over the door, lots of sign, saying, warning, science and cure. Gossipy forbidden lots of old plea stay peeling and layer on top of each other. Down the road. If a desert flower bowling alley in our case fun complex, looks like it's it's really hopping tonight. because that's where everyone is parking lot, Of cars and government agents taking down the license plate numbers of the vehicles and in giving the slips of papers
to fly away- to make nest with him. Here's the radio station. That's not how I imagined a windowless conquered. its structure looks band and weather beaten. By God. It looks like no here. and being has breathed within it for a thousand years because they have to because I'm going in door, it's chain shut, but that the law has rested off and pull. you have the chains of opening the door.
smells like like malt and dust has no light side doesn't seem like there's any power, see a door that says station management, your movement inside, but I'm not. I won go in there, obviously tours warm Todd. Actually, our. Well. I guess this has been listener. Questions thanks to for one who wrote in sorry could get to all of you to one more just round at the episode, team asks what was the most Fun episode to make requests
martini somebody. What was that? What was that sorry? I thought I saw, but it wasn't there's no one else in here: it's dark abandoned well Martine. I liked making episode sixty seven best of that was fun episode. Seventy one, the registry of middle school crushes. That was a good time to write. Thanks for your email, thanks for listening, there was nothing. There is nothing beyond me.
Nothing looks like that. What I hear someone talking law, I see light on, think it might be the booth seesaw or at least good memories of when you did. Good night night veil, good night, welcome, My veil is sponsored by better help online therapy. We begin to see the light at the end of the covert tunnel. A lot of people are still feeling down and emotionally out of sorts. You may I feel depressed or at a total loss. But if you're feeling a little bit off or your relationships are suffering that we assign that you should talk to somebody. An online therapy can help better.
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actually. Insurance company in affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. welcome, nine thousand production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition the vote Sir Joseph was Joseph think. voice of Lucy? Julia Maurice, our voice, Some Jeffrey was Jeffrey. Trainer Carol is a bowl of mashed potato, The voice of night veil is Cecil Baldwin original music by disposition all that can be found dispersion, dot band camp dot. Com episode. Song Joseph liked was hey by standpoint featuring Lady Daisy River, find out more
at sound cloud, dot, com, slash standpoint, Dashwood comments, questions, email, us out, info. It welcome tonight, veil, dot com or follow us on twitter at night, fell, radio or eat a girl escape foraged from the side of the road. Check out. Welcome tonight, fell dot com for info about our alive, streamed performance of all hell. We choose to night You can watch it at any point over the next month, and you know what you should. Today's problem There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but then there is so a light at the end of an angler fishes tendrils. Welcome to night veil is sponsored by better help online therapy, we're still in covert. I mean there's a light at the end of the tunnel yeah, but many people
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