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189 - Megan Wallaby Is Missing

2021-06-01 | 🔗

Megan Wallaby is missing.

Weather: “Asenweg 16“ by Laura Theis, https://badasssnowwhite.bandcamp.com/

The voice of Michelle Nguyen is Kate Jones.

The voice of Tamika Flynn is Symphony Sanders.

The voice of Megan Wallaby is Janet Varney.

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Listeners Megan Wala B is missing. She was last seen on Saturday night attending a party in the desert. Your drainage, ditch rode all night fell. Residents are urged to be on the lookout. Megan is a medium sized man's hand covered in thick, dark hairs. She wears, Wristwatch and a pinky ring inscribed with Cyrillic and his son. quickly attached to the body of a six foot ten fold. Russian man was last see wearing a blue, halter top and dreams If anyone has information on maidens whereabouts, please contact her parents immediately. We will following the story, with updates, as search parties continue to come the desert in the meantime, here's what we know so far so The evening was hot and the scrub lands and the sky bristled with thunderclouds Megan. excited to celebrate outdoors with her friends tat night. She had just risen
eat her associates degree in sports medicine and was looking forward starting a new job at the senior centre water Aerobics League on Monday for close friend to meet a Flynn organised a small gathering in honour of Megan success at first to. you got a plan to reading party where everyone would sit in a circle and silent We read their favorite books, but making Minister, that they should hire a DJ we shall win from dark. Our records was deep into spinning her second set when she knew Megan, lumbering away from the dance area toward a grove of prickly, pear I've got you Taking a phone call. these diagnosed someone's phone rang around that time. I remove, because I was trying to figure out what song it was the to I mean it was highly rhythmic and reminded me of incense Supposing, like
I used to have a band It sounded a lot like one of our songs, it's hard to think about how one song goes one. Another song is playing, though actually three songs were playing at the same time Mika asked me to play popular music only way I'll do. That is if I can spend multiple songs at the same time. So it sounds a little like a nightmare. I call it freak pop too Flynn also recalled seeing Megan leave the dance floor it was around midnight reading near the bonfire when MEG in walked. Past me, I remember thinking that she was walking. Kind of fast, I asked her where she was going, but she didn't answer me anything thing- was wrong. I figured she Didn't hear me so I went back to my book. I brought a whole collect, no buts with great party scenes in them in case. Anyone else wanted to reach three Gatsby flanagins wake.
Staring margarita. It was only me reading, though, shortly after midnight it began to ring it rained hard everyone to cover. In an abandoned mining shack where they realise that MEG it was not among. They went out looking for her, but she was nowhere to be found. If you would like to join the search comfort, please Contact Council, member to bigger flip more on this story. Later. First, message from the water bureau. There's some thing in the water. It is odorless colourless tasteless, invisible don't know anything else about it, but we do know that there's something in the water that was not there before. We, no guidelines to share at this time will just keep drinking it and see what happens. in the meantime, please report any unusual symptoms to our customer service department, for example a sudden loss of taste or painful mouth sores,
the sudden loss of a job or a painful break up vivid dreams or juicy gossip anything at all. We want details, call us now the crime report violent crime and the torrential a community is at a record low. Many attributed to the teachers, spider to read programme which has improved merci rates and that community from two percent to ninety nine point, seven percent, the median tarantula now reads at a postgraduate level. Thanks to the efforts of animal control, however, not violent. Crime among tarantulas is up like way weigh up fraud, identity theft. Perhaps in corporate espionage and forgery are rampant. Right now, citizens are encouraged to change their passwords and check their bank accounts. Do not give out personal information over the phone trust. No one.
I have an update on the disappearance of naked, while lobby maidens what has been found at the bottom of the drainage, ditch along drainage, ditch road. The watch stop working at twelve o five Around the time taken was last seen, As we all know, there are many reasons why a watch might be separated from its owner. There are many reasons why a watch would stop working. For example, the key Especially this and the battery died or grab, he got weird and time stopped. Ores, I'm kind of butterfly effect situation where a butterfly flapped its wings against maidens risk causing it swatted breaking the watch. Not necessarily an indicator that something utterly horrible has happened to Megan, not at all the watch. Astound nearly five miles from the location of the party, where drainage, ditch road ends and becomes in hospitable. Wasteland beckons, parents have released a statement which I will now read. First, we would like to thank the efforts,
currently under way to help bring our Megan home. This last week has in like a nightmare, but we have been given strength by the support of our community, We also want to thank our neighbours who have been dropping off big goods and casts roles. We actually have a lot of diet, restrictions and can't eat most of the stuff, but we really do appreciate the thought if anyone out there each meet there gluten or sugar. Please come over and takes but this food we storing alive it in our fridge and no longer have room for our own groceries. Thank you again. We are very grateful. The wall lobbies making a big goods it's time for a birthday shouts people leave cake for a birthday so that transition totally works a very happy birthday, the Kim Cohen, who works down at the fuel ago. She has seventeen today and is planning to celebrate by having a nice dinner with their family over at the Red Lobster, where, coincidentally
this shift manager parry the radio's birthday, who is turning fifty six but will have forgotten that today is they until he discovers a sheet cake from his employees in the break which had been made by Merriam Ahmadi, who is just from put into the bakery department down at the roofs and is anxious to prove yourself as her tongue, returning two years old today and she is trying to save up or the spanish language immersion preschool run by Valerie Marquez, who does celebrate birthdays but does make wishes whenever she blows a candle she it's silly, but sometimes it works at least It helps to understand what you really want, which is the first step to getting what she wants. At least that's what you mean, read in a cell phone book and happy but they did Teddy Williams, who is turning forty two How a disturbing update in the Maiden Walpi story may nonsense. I attend has fallen from the sky, a group of boy scouts who were conducting
heavy artillery maneuvers than the scrub lands recovered. The seller appendage. After witnessing its graceful, arching descent onto their Bach battlefield. The hand was positively identified by Make its parents as belonging to her body donor. As we all know, there are many reasons why hand might become detached from its body and fall from the sky. It's not necessarily an indicator that something unspeakably awful has happened to make it, but it's safe to say that probably something pretty bad has happened. there's been speculation. That maidens body donor once thought to be a benevolent gift from night filled. Sister city of newly gorsky could have had time to russian organised crime who are known to remove the hands of their betrayers. I mean serious, mainly mine, based on the fact that Carlos nigh we're up late watching the Krona bird film is the promises on tv last night. So
have also theorize that Megan has been kidnapped and the hand contains some kind of invisible ransom, note others you'll that making herself perhaps lost? the sky somewhere, has dropped the hand as a clue to her whereabouts, still other have whispered the sand. Monsters done eight that girl sure what the referring to their or how they got inside my shower wall, the important thing that we stay optimistic and keep searching for Megan, who still missing and presumed alive its clear our minds with this week's word jumble the following nonsense. Words will produce a well known phrase, win rearranged here we go dear However, my name is Kaplan Norwalk Junior and I was born on old peach tree road in Lawrence Ville Georgia on October, twenty second nineteen. Seventy four- I am your father,
I heard that you played the guitar, and so I made you a book of songs that you can put music to its. The person I've written besides this letter, so they might not be very good. If you do make any songs, maybe who could send some to me? I would really love to hear them at the guy and angels Guide and protect. You love dad inmate to one nine. Five. Nine all right there. It is rearrange that generation does something with meaning that it is cartoon roosters friends house, submit your aunt by Friday for a chance to win. The answers do not have to be correct. winners or randomly selected from also bitted answers, as are the losers. You don't want to know. What they do to the losers. So good luck there. has been this week's were jumble listeners I have terrible news and good news I'll start with the terrible news
lifeless body was found in the scrub lance torn apart by vultures. The good news is making equality is back and she is alive and well initiatives started with the Good NEWS. Having lost your body to a grisly fate. Details pending Megan has retained the parents of a man's body less right hand. Once again, however, she is now deeply tanned her nails, have a healthy lustre end. Her fingers have developed notable muscle tone naked crawled from desert only moments ago emerging into the parking lot of the desert Flower Bowling Alley and arcade fun complex and is now. Resting at home. She is not released. A statement yet, though, has hit did that her story is a harrowing adventure filled with tragedy, horror and romance,
She is composing her statement now and will send it to me soon. While we wait, let's check in with the weather, the reason was the first love of my life. Smoking and the way smiled and said
as is well known, but since March
yellow streams.
Guiding and trial towering and daisies along the pine trees, strong sign
when I go to see my power supply side, but once were screen and has now turned style, a nice skis, Sir Cosette and then, long say: no Sir
and I see a nice guy says Megan
while the b has sent me a statement in her own words about what happen to her and ere she has been all started at the Desert Party, was around midnight. When I left the dance floor, so I could find a place to pee in the desert. I dont know: if you ever been in a body with that anatomy, but the ability to pee outside easily is a major Burke. I went past Cactus Grove. and decided to stand over the side of the drainage. Ditch its act, Lena Arroyo, which is a type of steep gully created by intermittent flooding. I learned that in my advanced anatomy class, because there are several Arroyo's in the human body while I was out there. I felt a horrible pain in my left side and I knew I was having a massive heart attack I had learned and about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in my intro to geology class. I lost control of my body and fell down into the Arroyo. Breaking several bones.
My body was already dead at that point, so it didn't really hurt, but I was stuck started roaming. My fingers in the dirt, hoping my friends would here, but Those dj was too loud, pretty after that, the thunder storm happened within minutes a flash floods wash through the Arroyo and pushed my body miles away. I found my of stranded in the middle of nowhere anchored to my body just waiting and hoping for rescue the next day I woke too loud. Screeching sounds nearby cliffs were full of nests. I will This large pieces of me were packed away and carried through the sky by vultures and Castro's its baby raptor season, and there are many shrieking mouths to feed. I meant to bury myself mostly in the sand, to avoid getting peck to death and waited until a vulture finally severed. My wrist pat, was painful
I was bleeding a lot then, but I scampered up the side of the Arroyo as fast as I could. My movement attracted attend. She and I was soon being chased by a large buzzard. I saw a hole in the ground, just big enough to fit in sight of, and hid that was where I met a kind tarantula named Nero I had taken cover and one of the entrances to his family's borough near, led me through a network of tunnels deep underground. I stayed with his Emily for several days, and they gave me excellent medical care there society is very communal and everyone I met made me feel super welcome. Although there was a language barrier Tarantulas communicate through vibration patterns made by drumming their legs against the earth. Nero big,
and teaching me their language Terran foolish, which is really beautiful over that time. Nero and I grew closer ended up falling in love yesterday engaged some people might say we are rushing things, but when you know you know I am still grieving the loss of my body, but I will not be seeking a replacement body donor at this time. I am planning to move into euros family borough after the wedding, which can only accommodate me at the current size, eventually we're going to build our own funnel web in the branches of a misguided tree. We have already picked out the location, which is near town and has a great Mesa views There will be an engagement dinner this weekend at Big Regos pizza, so our families can meet each other, which everyone is looking forward to I plan to stir, My job with the senior centre water Aerobics League next week and can't wait to meet everyone there,
Go in many ways I want to thank everyone who search for me comforted my parents and never gave up hope. I am very happy to be back with everyone. I love- and I M excited to begin this new chapter of my life and I can speak for everyone Megan when I We are happy to have you home, safe, stay too before a repeat of the news and whether in Turin, foolish good night night veil, good night. Welcome deny veil is sponsored by better help online therapy, as we begin see the light at the end of the covert tunnel. A lot of people are still feeling down and emotionally out of sorts, you may not feel depressed or in a total loss. But if you her feeling a little bit off or your relationships are suffering that we assign that you should talk to somebody and online therapy can help
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A little off your rate each month goes a long way get a quote today: at progressive dot com, progressive casually insurance company in affiliates national annual average insurance savings by new customer surveyed in twenty twenty potential savings will very discounts very and are not available in all. Dayton situations welcome tonight Val is the production of night veil presents this episode. it was written by Bree Williams with Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and pretty just by dispersion, the voice said Michel Win was Kate Jones the voice. To make a Flynn was symphony Sanders the voice Megan, while lobby was JANET Barney the Voice night veil, is Cecil Baldwin, original music by disposition all that can be found dispersion, dot, band, camp dot com. This episode, this, however, was asked in Wegg sixteen by Laura these fine
more ass, bad ass, snow white, dot, band camp dot, com comments, questions? Email sat in fell. It welcome tonight, veil, dot, com, followers on twitter at night, fell radio or bill Now, I guess, is what role those to do with our lifestyle check out. Welcome. Tonight dot com for so much cool march. We have a ton of shirts and prince and caution Plushy that Joseph didn't think he was going to like, and then he loved it. Today's proverb we at tomato is a fruit, because, it contains teeth and policy it's one son too. Welcome to night valleys sponsored by better help online therapy? We're still in coal I mean, there's a light at the end of the tunnel yeah, but many people ill feeling down and emotionally out of sorts. It has been, hard year, and just because we are vaccinated and summer is here doesn't mean we're all feeling. Ok,
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