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They know. They all know.

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The voice of Steve Carlsberg is Hal Lublin.

The voice of Michelle Nguyen is Kate Jones.

The voice of Deb is Meg Bashwiner.

Music: Chad Lawson (LORE segment); Martin Austwick (The Allusionist segment); Daniel Peterschmidt (Underunderstood segment); Andy Poland (Hello from the Magic Tavern segment); all other music by Disparition

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Oh friends, dear dear night fell. Friends. Do I have some exciting news for you? Are you ready you sound ready? We are bringing welcome tonight, they'll back out on the road beginning March, twenty seventh of twenty twenty two going all the way through June twenty. Fourth, we,
the turing. Our lives show the hunting of night veil, all over America DC, Charlottesville, Durham, Atlanta, Tampa Dallas, Austin, Portland Seattle, San Francisco, allay San Diego Phoenix, Santa FE, bolder Woodstock, Brooklyn, Philly, Boston, Toronto, hello, Canada, Grand Rapids Chicago Milwaukee, Saint Paul. I was city, Laurent, Saint Louis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Newark Holy Cow. I'm excited to see all of you again in the theatre to be in the same room to laugh and cry and scream enchant and stare fearfully into nothing. I love Theatre, it's gonna, be great tickets, for these shows go on sale. This Friday June eighteen check out welcome to night bill dot. Com click on live, shows for a full list of cities. Venues and show times, oh and by the by if you're, weird scout level or higher at our patron, you get four
steps on those tickets, patriarch folks get to buy tickets, beginning tomorrow June, sixteenth, so get on that we couldn't do this show without our patron. So if you ve thought about becoming a member today's your day we only to do to performances of the hunting of night fell. Last March, before everything shut down its you could show, and we were so sad. We couldn't keep touring, but now it's time it's time once again to hit the road a me shows aren't until March, but man I've been trying to get tickets to some theatre, that is months away and people are buying up tickets, like Crazy said, don't wait! Get your tickets now before they're gone like toilet paper in summer of twenty twenty. Ok I'll shut up. Now, this is our night anniversary episode. After all, and it is a special one you enjoy it as much as we love putting together and hay
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I male ordered kale and you know what it was crisp and it was cool and it was delicious. Misfits market will give you fifteen dollars off your first order. All you need to do is use our promo code, go to misfits market dot com and used code night veil for fifteen dollars off your first order. That's promo code night fail for fifteen dollars off your first order, offer valid for first time, customers until September thirtieth may not be combined with other offers. Misfits market is not available in all fifty states for more info visit. Misfits market dot com- hey it's Jeffrey trainer here. Have you heard the fiction? Podcast steel, stars. I hope you have. If you haven't boy, you are going to be pleased not only because it's a great show, but because the creators of this great show having new, show an ol man, I'm so thrilled about it, because it's so very cool bringing Wallace Sean stage Classic the designated mourner to the world of Podcast and
he had so good. I'm I'm like it's so good. I am furious about it. Like you, ok, here's, the basic idea of the designated Warner as Jack's once liberal country descends into authoritarianism, Jack plunges into a chilling abdication of everything he once valued The new Yorker called the designated mourner among for generations. Few great plays they're, not wrong Ya'Ll, and this podcast is being made by an amazing team. Sean Williams is producer, Andrea, Gregory is director. Wallace Sean is, of course, the writer and performer along with Larry Pine and Deborah Heisenberg, all episodes of the significant mourner are available now on podcast platforms everywhere, ad free followed, Listen! Now, I'm not kidding you in ninety ninety four Lawrence Fenwick lived in, easily unnoticed life. He worked at the cellphone kiosk at the mall. Did his grocer shopping late at night and mostly kept himself
His few friends were those he had known since high school, and he only saw them wondered the times a year. He was polite, an orderly and kept the world out, and maybe this would have lasted the rest of his life. If he had not let his car registration lapse, a routine traffic. Stop let a suspicious officer to obtain a search. On more in house and what the sheriff secret police would find would put him in the wreck good books of? U S, law enforcement, a collection of material considered, so legal and so vile that many agents refused to transport it to the station Mourns, Henrik was in possession of the largest collection of writing. utensils. In the country, I'm Phoebe Judge this is criminal.
listeners something has changed for our quiet. Little town it seems that the rest of the country S become aware of our existence. I dont know what this means for us, We are usually such private people content with our corner of the world. I hope this doesn't affect real, they'd values or property taxes and the like, but then be tourism, would help boost our economy a bit. I suppose, We should just have to wait and see this is this work full. That's not for food is its four eaters, I'm Dan passion each. We gonna show we obsess about food to learn more about people which about pizza. We don't talk enough about the crust. There's thin crust. She's Duff crossed the crust. I trust you prefer.
Pizza without it right, maybe not and today show we talk with Rico Gold, Bloom owner of Big Rico's, pizza and night veil. As the saying goes, no one does a slice like big Rica, no one, that's probably true because all of regos pizzas are crust free? How do you eat that? Let alone cook it time to find it Your friend hosts, Carlsberg here and it's time, four dotted lines. The only podcast to give you the truth behind night bills lies today. I have my daughter genocide to talk about the total lack of wheelchair accessibility at the mud soon abyss. Lemur, then, was many thing I DEC.
Aided marine, whose metals included the Purple hard who was discharged as a private after being promoted for trouble, making a western actor whose work in CAT bellew earned him an academy award and a man who turned down a starring role in jobs because he thought it make him look silly. A veteran publicly opposed the Vietnam WAR and the defended in the case of Marvin verses Marvin, which established the concept of power moaning financial support of a former partner to whom a person was never marry, but least known of all is Lee Martha in later life. After he moved to a town called night fail,
strange little desert town almost unknown to the rest of the world, in which three Marvin would turn thirty and then turn thirty again over and over every single day, a birthday time would cease to move freely Martha. To be honest, even I find destroyed difficult to comprehend join us what view for the story of Lee Martha in Nightmare hello and welcome to oh no Ross and carry the show where we don't just report on foreign sign, spirituality and claims of the paranormal. But take part ourselves yet when they make the claims we ships, you don't have to. I carry Pappy Cross border and this week guide. This is so crazy as a wild,
Ok. So this week we checked out the joyful church of these smiling God, and it was, I read well, we are already smiling worth describing. It were definitely smiling a very painful. In fact, it won't stop and its permanent bigots permanent, and this is a painful stones. Technology tat. It's the TED Radio, our from NPR, I managed summer roadie today, on the show wheat and wheat by products. Can they be trust, some sort of Comedy Bang Bang is brought you by your own dot com. Have you ever yearned? You know and what a pain it is too, yearn for things sitting by the window, looking at the sky feeling specific emptiness.
Every one of us. Does it all day every day that leaves little time to eat or sleep or make long running incredibly successful, critically claimed comedy podcast swell now there is yearn dot com. You tell us what you're yearning for and one of our professional yearners will Europe for it on you. or behalf Yonder com yearn better you're. Now back to the show we are here with Lee Marvin STAR of the new HBO sitcom Howard's end brothers for years, my brother in law, was pretty mean to me. He works at the low. Community radio station, and he would tell lies about me from his position there, oh telling his listeners, for instance, that my scones lack salt and our tasteless when I am an excellent scum Baker. Recent
they were. Everybody feels like they're, good, its enemies ever made. Skills are fake, phyllite, they're, gonna scoundrels hard to make of you can make I'm just to begin with its already and achieve run a recently. We have reached a point of understanding and are now quite friendly Sometimes, however, I feel it is niceness can just be as aggressive I can be just as aggressive asked. former meanness he still. About me on the radio, and he shouts compliment about me to the government agents tasked with watching my house. its overly friendly, and it makes both me and the government agents feel uncomfortable archive Help him find a balance between his former malice and his current well intentioned, but overly friendly behaviour. draft, our guy l, a tin wealth, to another episode of the waste studier of old time. I tied with it feels a feminist,
and more literally, every episode s sort of Jacob Fierce, but now more like an eternal torment. Yes, so we are watching. The movie grown ups do once awake you. This is now ten thousand and third watch, so they put sedate gesture and a hundred ninety years. We ve been doing this right here in this great room where there is nothing but a grey catch. In a single tv, the only place grownups two once awake and otherwise does not function, grim existence term. That really is what was shining light. This week I had a dream that we escape this room. The beautiful dream of freedom are felt light on. My face saw the sun, but then I woke up and why and I was here well It seems that our existence is causing something of an uproar for the rest of the country. I am not clear why we are
one small town, ordinary in most ways we are Americans like you, unless you are not american, in which case, unlike you sure, this clamour, an outcry, is unnecessary for a town is tiny is ours, but what do I know of the world? Honestly? There little. I am Gabby done, and this is bad with money. Ok, deadbeats today we're talking about how many works in a very strange place. I'm sure you ve seen the news. I don't have to tell you. We ve all discovered that there is a town called night fail in the american Southwest and folks, it's very weird. just wow a very strange place in more ways than I have time to summarize here and I love to talk. It might not surprise you to learn that my first thought upon hearing about night veil was
How does money work in a place where, until recently time didn't even work Money is so much a trust game. The belief that currency will still be worth something by the time you get around to spending it. How does that trust game? in a place where they literal sheriffs secret police, to find out, I have done the fund with a couple citizens of the town. I had two and the first was named. Are you ready the glow cloud let's hear what they had to say. Upon the discovery of a town called night veil within the Eu S, borders in which every no love, physics and metaphysics is broken, and what does that mean for the upcoming special elections in Minnesota? Also, president, by Looking at cutting funding to a vague, yet menacing government agency. Can he do that and should he
This is under threat. Hey everyone, hello! Adrian what you all know about. The town of night fell. The town of NATO. You know, I think I know kind of everything in the garden. talk up recently and the knowledge was just in my mind, and I knew lit Really everything there is to know about night veil and everything: about the town is impossible, but my knowledge of no avail is absolute. An invalid. Yeah me to meet Oh welcome to the door
our podcast, I'm iron wing, and you are definitely not cool enough to listen to my music opinions. End of episode, goodbye This is the illusionist in which I hellenes Osman try find language on a map, there. It is They are the top right next to the great lakes, this so it is about Michigan, or is it Mitch again, All means to come, Michigan. Michigan. No two people have ever agreed how pronounced the word. if you ve, never heard of Manhattan, you're, not alone, it's? Why
it considers the least recognisable state in America so the guy sees a dark planet led by no Sun Dave above is workplace. What, Wouldn't we what Dave I dont like where this is going. So ok so? He decided to move tonight, veil, I know it all like every time. I'm Sarah Marshal and work out a book about the same panic, panic. I Michael Hobbs am Rapporteur for the Huffington Post and on this episode of your wrong about we're going to talk about the months down a bit like Boston, big dig, but in the desert, or Sarah. Should we get for illicit, are male? Yes, our first emails from Cecil Garage when Palmer Cecil says high per cast. My cat car shake pronounced, pronounced cautious,
by the hour and eyeless near show all the time he doesn't photograph well, but here's the best picture, I own spring picture owed. It's a prank this. This photos completely darted away. Look, there's a faint outlining what what are those wings a cat, Stephen, not a bird. No, those are clearly tentacles. Everyone has a blind spots, its literally the place on the retina, where the optic nerve connects to the I know Visual information is collected there, which leaves a blank in our vision, but these blind spots are an obvious like a hole in a photo or a smudge on a window. No even the existence of a blind spot is a blind spot to us,
we don't see what's missing, because our brain fills in the rest of the image. Think we are seen everything we see, but we're not So in two thousand twelve, when landscape errors in the small desert tone of night veil discovered the house that wasn't there, scientist exe find it as simply a trick of the mind, a blind spot. The house was right there. When you looked at it and it was, queen to other identical homes, so it would have made more sense for it to be there than not after. here is a resource, though the scientist concluded that the house didn't it just at all, but then- scientist discovered a blind spot of his own. I'm Erin Mangy, and this is. or
hello from the MAGIC tavern, a weekly podcast from the magical land affirm. I'm your host Armenia camp in six years and a couple of months ago I fell through a dimensional portal behind or rouse in the town of night veil into the magical, fantastical land of food, and I am use at always wait. Who is this Ralph, Health is not a person use it, or rather it is a grocery store chain. On my world, liar and why are you behind Ralph redrawing to surprise him or or puke? I was behind rouse, not behind a guy named Ralph, and I was just huddling with some of my birds. You know like you do, who is this? A rafts idle ads. Was to be idle birds. John, we huddle buds come on. Let's call my hair blue wizard, forty two blue wizard fortytwo huddle, huddle, Ike,
my legs herself or we just height yesterday, there's some the bad. It's not a satisfying. If it's not behind arouse racket, yeah welcome to whatever happened to pizza. Add Mcdonalds, the investigative journalism program or I J P, where I asked the question: whatever happened to the pizza, add Mcdonalds I'm your host Brian Thompson. Many of you have written in to inform me that there is a Mcdonald's in the town of night fail This Mcdonald's does not serve pizza, but it does have a hole in the back that they call the pizza hole it is a small hole in the wall near. store room and customers.
There are encouraged to crawl into the pizza whole. No customer has ever returned from such a trip into said hole. I knew I had to give this Mcdonald's location, a call Welcome to song exploiter, I'm russification. Your way Michel wind is the owner of the legendary music shop, Dark owl records she's a champion of under appreciated music forms, but not a lot of peace. Now that she was also the leader of the early two thousands music collective hands legs mouths horizon their best known for their two thousand three single buzz, and today's episode Michel breaks down the making of buzz, starting with the demo that she created by shaking. a beehive, and she tells the story of working with superstar producer MAX Martin, who convinced her to update or sound by shaking a wasp five instead
this is made mints phase the progress. The turn snakes back into wheat and wheat by Products Aubrey? I just want to eat a normal loaf of bread. Again I am deb presenting a patch of pace and welcome tonight veil, through this side window, your travel companion to all the wonders and delights of night fail. Today we will be looking at the best takes four kids in Radon Canyon: how to eat like a local at the moonlight all night and had a leave night rail spoiler, it's pretty hard and you probably
and this is hidden brain I'm shocker redundant. When John Peters was seventeen years old, he was an elite baseball player, major leaks, couch loved, his strength, his speed and his mechanics, but before he graduated high school John inherited his family farm, and he gave up his hopes of playing professional sports to grow invisible corn today on the show hometown, Blues Why we choose to stay in the communities where we are raised, and is it possible to leave hello and welcome to planet? Money,
I marry child and I'm Sarah one cell is today on the show what happens when a billionaire dies and leaves all of his money as he phrased it in his will to the hierarchy of angels. And what do we make of the conspiracy theories that the lead investor, Marcus Manstin, is still operate? thing his business from beyond the grave. This is ninety nine percent of visible, I'm roman Mars. if you were a resident of a small desert. Town of night fell in the last ten years. You probably heard radio commercials, though, when, like this listeners are, you lost dont know where to turn Might I recommend that around stones fire do need cash cast your eyes, To that around stones, fire, the brownstone spire, it's a real,
picture, but no one knew what the odds were selling or who was paying for them to play multiple times a day we were inspired by you know, crystals have a voice, but not when you ve been here just residents that speaks to you really about Cynthia vis around then overtakes you're, so that once the impetus for our marketing and it's been hugely successful. Let's Missy walks. She lives in ivory she's. Also, the director of community Outreach for windows, and so it goes the world is talking about us now. After all these years, we have taken our place in the conversation Well, I suppose it is nice to be talked about now and then, but I dont think we should get used to it.
Surely they move on once some new headline distracts a plane crash or blight or these king of the galactic civilization. These things come and these things go, but if you are a new listener, I welcome you. You are all welcome ear good night, like veil, Goodnight welcomed, and I veil a sponsored by better help online therapy. As we begin to see the light at the end of the covert tunnel, a lot of people are still feeling down and emotionally out of sorts, you may not feel depressed or at a total loss, but if you're feeling little bit off or your relationships are suffering. That could be a sign that you should talk to somebody. An online therapy can help
better help will assess your needs and match you with your own licence professional. You can start communicating and under forty eight hours it's not a crisis line. It's not self help. It is rational counselling done securely online. It's more affordable than traditional offline counselling and financial aid is available. Welcome to night fell listeners get ten percent off their first month of online therapy at better help. Dot com, slash night veil, that's better h l p dot com slash night fail. If you are a fan of the office or radio rental, then you're gonna wanna check out dark AIR with Terry Carnation darkly funny new podcast from audio boom within all star cast, be chairing Koran. So me I'll Madrigal, if that Nicole Brown and Rain Wilson who stars as Terry Carnation the late night talk radio host of dark air, which deals with bizarre topics, outrageous, collars and other mysteries you'll hear from a collar who is living with an opinionated spirit. Another
Color shares details about her dog. They can see ghosts and one particular call Wilson, shivers down your spine, is the mysterious color Terry's late wife be open to all possibilities when listening to dark air with TAT, Ray carnation. The entire first season of dark air with Terry Carnation is out right now and you can bend listen on your favorite podcast app, listen to dark air Terry Carnation on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome the night veil is the production of night fell presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by disposition The voice of Steve is how Lublin the voice said: Michel Win is Kate Jones. The voice said: Deb the sentient patch of haze is MEG Bash winner, the voice of
veil is Seesaw Baldwin. original music by desperation, all of it- can be found at desperation, dot, band camp dot com. Thank you. to the many podcast who generously agreed to take part in this episode for a list. In order of parents, please consult the show, notes, comments: question email. I sat info at welcome tonight veil, dot com followers on twitter at night fell. Radio bore, then a desert town and spend nine years writing about it. Check out will come tonight. Veil, dot, com for fell about our night. Fail live north american tour in twenty twenty two. We cannot wait to be in a room with you once again. Today's proverb hope for the best, prepare for the best to it's. Gonna, be great, what could go wrong, but you need to stop. I guess doing one neutral things-
until observe just standing alone like white between the lines standing on your lawn, with as neutral, if I see you again wearing all catchy, is a good place to start, maybe like a big sandwich, baggy full of porridge or oatmeal because look alike, Thank you for this it is inconvenient, but I appreciate the thought and oh my gosh, these two just cancel each other out. Yeah, and maybe maybe like fly a kite, but the truth. bland and maybe like made out of like some kind of plain white paper. Yes, that's absolute, like informational, like you know, the person the tax form that you don't have to send back be put off any way because you're bad boy perfectly just make a kite out of those really boring things in this I ask is neutral. This is perfect right, make it make it eight out of like Saran rap right. That's gonna, you're, getting your getting into some challenging aerodynamic ideas. Travis that's fair
that's really challenging! That's fair! Maybe oak here's a year you make some scams right, half of them delicious have of them. Brows right men, you just gotta, mix and match. Ok, here's some one of red flag, one of these guys egg one of the bad codes. First, there never gonna go back for good one yeah like you're, not gonna, get a house. Bad one and then be like. Let me check, let me try I'll find out loan available more. Do we do how about like a perfectly Maidstone. Yes, that is flavoured like cut grass yeah, that's neutral! That's me
trouble I'm Jeffrey, greener and my friend Cecil Baldwin? Well, he loves horror, movies and he's helping make scary films more approachable. For me, one film at a time in a random order, and hopefully, for you too if you love or you can watch along with us each week and if your bid squeamish, don't worry I'll, tell you what happens. Our show was called random,
number generator, horror, podcast, number, nine and it is available where the pond are.
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