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193 - Team Having Fun

2021-09-01 | 🔗

We’re not here to tell you what you’re doing wrong. We’re here to tell you what you could be doing right.

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Live, laugh, love or die cry despair. Your call welcome to night veil Let me start today show by saying how much I love you listeners. You make the station what it is, I bring you the news, unbiased, direct and on and you listen every single day for oh how many years now, what can even know,
the point is that we are a small community with a small radio station and a dedicated listener ship. I hope you know that you can always call or right in, and let me know what you think about my broadcasting, and Many of you do good or bad I'm so thankful for everything you have to say, because it means you care, this is how this business works or should work, but you know, maybe I'm getting old. Maybe the business of this business is passing me by station management, hired radio consultants to help shape our programme. My programme to read a wider audience. This more two brothers named MIKE, and cash came into my prep meeting. Before my broadcast began. They were very nice. They hold me. They thought I was great doing an awesome job they weren't here to tell
me what I was doing wrong. They just wanted to tell me everything I could be doing right now: Of their company is team having fun at this all seem fine, I told them team guy, because I dont like upsetting station management and I'd like having fun within reason, hold them to feel free to listen to my show for a few weeks, and then we could scheduled meeting after that to talk about their ideas. But that's not what my and cash had in mind. They immediately sign be up for the team having fun slack channel and told me they The updating me, throughout the show, with ideas from their remote focus group, love this already. It's gonna be great, and now the news.
A report this morning from old town night veil of a possible alien abduction, Beth jolts owner of the combination, dog, training, studio and cross Fit GM at Harrison in Somerset was dead. Lifting six bull mastiffs above her head when suddenly a bright light from the sky shone down on her witnesses, hit back was pulled into the air along with the dogs,
Beth was still counting her reps allowed. According to the report, she had completed over two hundred and fifty lifts as the light enveloped her entirely. The bull mastiffs remained in sitting position, not barking or jumping, because Beth is a talented dog trainer and those are good dogs, good good dogs, bets neighbours and friends were reasonably alarmed. Casper o Kelly, who lives next door to Beth, said seeing her friend get taken by aliens is really scary. I'm scared, okay, but also I'm kind of excited. Like you hate to see someone, you know get abducted, but also like. While you get to see an ailing abduction live.
In front of you. Casper continued ok. Now, I'm imagining all the really cool, terrifying experiments being done to Beth. Woe like being frightened is kind of fine Casper, then jumped behind the Bush and told the reporter. Ok, ok, ok, pretend you don't see me and then walked by here and all scare. You you'll see it's fun. You'll see, you'll see what is now. Oh boy another message from team having fun slack focus groups, don't like hearing, bad news. So if you have to report bad news, train setting a funny sound affect every three sentences but That's not really my style to out. Ok, you know what The whole way to station managements office is glowing red. So I I on team having fun. Of course, I can play funny.
Sound effects, serious news story. Great soup great. There are a lot of unlabelled audio files here on my board and I'm sure they're. All. Hilarious. We breaking news on the alien abduction, the entire. Her desert flower bowling Alley in Kate, fun complex, has been abducted out, you have done An entire building that was three senses gave him. You see her play one of these jobs here we go yet Lenny sound effects totally working the bowling alley was closed at the time, but daytime shift manager, Samuel Parkway, was on duty in the building Samuel. As many of you may know, is a former president of these civilization below lean five that attacked our time, on almost a decade ago. Sammy being a peace, loving person, defective
his own civilization, to become a resident of night veil? Blue? angles struggled for years to make ends meet. He was met with distrust from much of our community, because he was from a boring state yet desert our owner Teddy Williams, founded in his heart, to give Samuel a job. To stay and people support, whew. So Samuel you will be missed. I hope you're. Ok, wherever you are, what is it now, focus group like the sound of acts not as much as we had hoped new plan play with your pace, sometimes,
you get into a predictable rhythm. What Lulls, your listeners keep them. Their toes by speeding up in slowing down great Hey! Let's try this out on a local interests story. I think, was the first thing. Will media supple challenge at mission, Grove PAR our community radio station, made up one of the teams, which included me, my new in turn, Patrick siren. And our still seem all to Morrow named yah We took on the staff of the night fail Daily Journal, which consisted only of editor Leonhard all of the equipment was provided by the world sporting goods Capital Conglomerate LLC, which just opened into location. Her by the rules.
I don't really play sports at all, but the balls admits in everything were so nice. They had metal that's too, but I didn't realize that until I got there, They were I just love the sound of aluminum hitting anything. The game was not that exciting The daily journal, one twenty two one hour state, team started out strong when interned Patrick kid led off inside the park home run off to Leonhard, but knowing she had no other players on our team. She disability, Patrick with a hatchet and then placed his if this really corpse on top of complete as a warning to anyone else who attempted to swing it. Our budgets, and so we did it. We kept I looked for a story about lions vicious crime of the paper this morning, but there was nothing nothing at all.
To the family of entered Patrick. He had a great form and swaying in a terrific follow through will be This listeners more breaking news I'm getting word that the alien spacecraft has been abducted people all over town This is described. The ship is a large disk with blinking lights, all around the edge, below the saucer shape is where the bright light beams down and The windows of the vessel are beings of us. Standish structure the ship was last seen over the Bristol restricted. Reports are coming in that the entire but risk the district has been abducted by the ship. I come on. Doing great as always cease fire Scripts, loving the new energy, but they don't like help public you sound. They think you think
better than them the way you speak so smoothly and preparedness, you don't sound natural tried, dropping written scripts entirely, speak off the cuff bud Bud maybe say on more often like a common person, they want to know you're, one of them I am one of ok, ok, Putting my pages down I'll, just this community counter from memory still harmoniously how's that. All right, so community counter Thursday is the premier of Tosca, which is an opera at the new old Knight Veil, Opera House, Tosca Rights. That is the one- is probably YO there's always like us, soprano cortisone with an alto friend
frozen over the tenor and there's always a baritone. That's trying to break them up Emma whenever that's on Thursday, Friday, ok Friday. Our goal records Ok, this can be a concert by a life concert by Megan thus stallion no Megan, These stallion, yeah, but it's all acoustic she's gonna be seeing her hits, which include that that looking at life from both sides- now I could, drink a case of you, whatever that song is end ninety ninety nine some more of a theoretical. There are, unfortunately, no tickets available right now. Because we shall win and her girlfriend Marine have decided that this is really just a date that are coming on and it's really just for the through them. I don't think there in an open invitation to Britain.
Ok, so Saturday, over the wreck centre, we're gonna be starting. Some pottery classes dessert classes for beginners, so you don't have to have any previous experience, but things that you will learn how to make include clocks, cheese and box and Sunday is a competence, and I dont know I got. This is ridiculous. Doing Awesome, killing a guy This group loves this common folk thing you're doing, but, like You still sound like a radioed dude. Don't think of this ass, a radio station Cecilia, think
like a bunch of friends sitting around the bar eating nachos drinking suds shit chatting, you know, consider, eating on the air, get a snack give us that normal fellow vibe team, find out. Jesus, ok, a bunch of bruise in a bar eating nachos, talking news, fine, Erica Ricky Newsnight Bill, the entire city hall All of the City Council husband, doktor by the alien spacecraft and now it's completely gone, a word on how this ship, which is fortunately, the size of one and a half Applebee's convey an entire city hall bowling alley a barrister district in its
well, none of those who have been taken from our quiet little community are still shape. The horrible experiments ringed unto them it's too awful, do think about barrage of We all kind of exciting, like I won't make light of it. It's super frightening, what's happening but lacking a thrilling short away, because you're not being scared, sometimes violet,. Like a haunted house. Or Filmore operating microwave got thankful I can see the alien crept through my window right now and it's headed right for the station, I don't know over plans withdraws into its deadly beams, but maybe I should go in share myself. No, no! No.
Of course, I shouldn't I mean I'm a newsman, I'm your newsman night bill and I will never leave you when there was news to cover. It is my duty to you. Come on what now like a cash, what do you focus group hates the spaceship You need to get rid of the spaceship C C p. He's respond. Turkish Riddick we'll take mine, we'll do with it. Listers MIKE and cash have just run out to the front of the station and their waving frantically up toward the legs officer and a light on it. So pray a shining down on them and they go drawn straight up into the whole of the ship and just like that, spaceship is gone. Well,
Well, I guess we should celebrate and honour their memories with a weather report.
You're really good chipped lies Nigel.
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the ailing. Are still here. I do, however, loved the bearer of good news, which is there the aliens have returned all of the people and places they abducted and fortunately they did it do it right. City hall is now in the Bristol district and deep Mr District is now where the bowling alley was and the bowling alley is where City Hall was but facing the other way. Data shift managers able bark way at the desert. Flower said he's so happy to be back home and he reported that The NBA Jam machine that the arcade is now a gallagher which will be very disappointing to my brother in law, Steve, but super exciting to me It be nice if the aliens had put it all back the way they founded but should never look at a gift horse. The point is everything everybody has been returned Beth
once from the combination, dog, training, studio and cross for GM is also glad to be back and they fail. She clean, though that she endured some intense procedures by the aliens. This logically removed large sections of her brain through her nasal pass. It then they replaced what they eat with new, more powerful brains and, can now speak in over two thousand additional languages, although none of them are earth languages but it's kind of meat. She said in zeal, saurian the light which of the last one. Two eight star system and the Mastiffs or tell it kinetic now now, of course, MIKE and cash have also returned and honestly I'm happy there ok. Look. I'm sorry if I sounded irritated with them or pleased that they were abducted, they ve, just doing their jobs, and they were we do live up to their name team. Having fun speed.
Of doing their jobs. They also acquired a new climate which is kind of relief to me. Has they're too busy with that to keep sending me silly ideas on slack Conversely, station management looks super angry, but not a lot. They can do about it, though. Tee having funds. New clients are the alien. Doctors and even The asian management is afraid of irritating our potential intergalactic destroyers, but He can cash seem to really be connected with the aliens. They been the team having fun slack channel and the receiving tutorials on how to use twitch according to my cache focus groups, do not, like aliens abducting people, but they love watching them play rocket league while eating edibles and trash talking. Thirteen rolled on the internet team having fun is currently communicating. All this to the beings of astonishing structure visa. There
New translator, Beth Jones, good work Beth also, good luck team having fun. I'm for you, like you, wouldn't believe. Stay. Do next for cat news, the news for cats by cats, about cats and is always good night night veil, good night. Open your hearts the summer and enter into the electric easy, a new podcast from Q Code with original. Music from cash and storing Chloe Bailey create by shadowing bone writer, vignette Asher, electric easy stars, Kasza, Chloe, Bailey, Mason, Gooding and Benny Drama in this forbidden love story set in a futuristic allay were humans struggle to coexist, with robots, known as electrics has an electric named vector played by Chloe Bailey, closes out her alluring performance in the club Electric Easy she locks eyes of a human named lucky sent to hunt
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